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  • Address: 310 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

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    +1 202-863-8500

  • Fax Number: 512.480.0709

  • Email: ecampaign@gop.com

  • Number of Members: 32807417

  • Established: March 20, 1854

  • Founder: Anti-Slavery Activists

  • Key People: Ronna Romney McDaniel

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  • Alan Kerr says:

    Dr. “Death,” aka Trump, deserves to be charged with MURDER and GENOCIDe. How many times has IMPOTUS committed treason against the USA?

    I am not a Democrat and I believe in capital punishment. Trump, Pence, Miller, Barr, Kushner and Pompeo ALL DESERVE the needle for TREASON and genocide.

  • Robert Hawtin says:

    Why are you negotiating with terrorist. realistically we need a new President. Gun control laws are useless unless you find the criminals that have them. In general terrorist and criminals that don’t get their way results in consequences and I am worried for our president. You all are destroying our country anyway, one day at a time.
    However, If President Trump wins re-election I will just have to accept it. Their has been to many issues and a lot of hate towards this man that has caused unnecessary problems. Pass on building a middle school to fund the wall? Why can’t you do both.
    Running the government doesn’t seem to be Republicans strong suit and Demos complain to much. This is confusing as it is.
    Immigration and migrants at the border, you guys along with the demos have disgraced this country. Yet we wont help the folks from the Bahamas and why is England not helping them.
    I am not voting for republicans or Democrats, we need new leadership with less drama.
    So a third party would be great.
    Good luck during the process of anyone running for the President of the US.
    Their was nothing wrong with John Bolton, president Trump did worse/ No one can still figure out the hurricane route to Al. story anymore than the Russians interfering with our elections.
    The tariff policy on China isn’t working so that’s why we need new leadership.
    I go to Indiana State University, a Major in Criminology, last semester I was assaulted twice by teachers and harassed during this semester while studying Criminology. Know one does nothing. You guys disrupt the flow of the rule of law with to many terminations of government officials, This is dysfunctional.
    So, I don’t think either party is doing our country any good. I wish and hope you all change your attitude.
    Thank you

  • albert,joann says:

    Please pass this to EVERY GOP,Republican in congress,other agencies,media. to show them that Trump is NOT for America,it’s people….And the World.

  • albert,joann says:

    Trump embarrasses the U.S world wide with our allies(ENGLAND,Germany,Japan,France,Canada etc) by praising Dictators,Putin and rejecting OUR agencies( FBI,CIA,DOJ etc)by doing this Trump is NOT an American.
    Trump wants to be a King or a Dictator ignoring congress both GOP,DFL.
    Trump has said he ” Knows it all !! ” and doesn’t need the congress,FBI,CIA,DOJ they’re stupid people.
    Trump loves it when a red carpet is out for him.
    Time mag cover photo showed Trump with a crown,red cape,a BIG smile.He loved it.
    Trump LIES,claims he has the best,is the best.comparing his crowds to others Obama had a bigger crowd.In England there was bigger crowds protesting Trump.NOT the U.S. but Trump.Trump doesn’t give the U.S. credit WITHOUT his name.Every speech Trump has to include ” Me ” or Donald Trump.not just Americans,America.” He ” alone did it.” which took congress,other angencies to fix his problems.
    NO ONE touches the Queen of England’s back or body unless she makes the first move.Trump started the Korean long range missile criss NOT Obama.
    Trump’s tweets,MOUTH got us there,had to back off claiming his victory which he started.Since Trump there’s been MORE mass shootings,more division in congress,races,religians dividing this country,the world !!!!!
    The WORLD likes or did like the U.S. (until Trump came in).
    It is Trump that the WORLD ” HATES ” not the U.S
    To Trump it is Trump ONLY not anyone else not even GOP.
    Trump is a criminal…Facts:
    Look at his dealings before he took office.
    Look at his actions as pres.
    IF I refused a subpoena I would be in JAIL.
    Trump tells his people to ignore them.
    Trump (Recorded )said ” If you plead the 5th it shows you’re guilty.”
    Trump tells his people to plead the 5th .ARE they guilty Trump said so.
    A GOP said Trump will NEVER leave office willingly will call every election ” Rigged”.
    And will have to be dragged out of the white house even if another GOP wins.
    Trump praises guns,white supremists,against LGBTs.He cares nothing about life of others.
    To SAVE America & the WORLD Trump needs to go !!!!!

  • margot witte says:

    Woman want socialism because most women get stuck bearing the brunt of responsibility when it comes to supporting herself and kits. I suggest that 25 % of an X husband shall be divided equally among his spouses. Whether he has one or any number their after. The man does not pay more than he has to and woman are feeling that justice was better served than having to live in poverty. By this new law, any political party would automatically half 50 % of more voters. Please let that be the Republican Party.

  • Robert T Gish says:

    Congratulations, you have made history for being the biggest liar; crook, big mouth self centered asshole president! You are not God. You are not a King. You are a disgrace and embarrassment to U.S. citizens! The only “father figure” you are, is to your own crooked family. If you don’t want to be a respectful President to properly represent us, then quit! You are a crybaby spoiled brat hypocrite who acts like a playground bully every time you don’t get your own way! Who the hell do you think you are?! We intelligent taxpaying citizens know you are a liar, crook, hypocrite, spoiled brat jackass! We are sick of seeing and hearing you!!!

    • Rick says:

      Dear Robert. In case you haven’t heard. Neither Obama nor Bubba Clinton are any longer President. But you were right about one thing when you said: “We are sick of seeing and hearing you!!!” That’s why we intelligent taxpaying citizens voted for Donald J. Trump, a real America loving President and patriot. Not one of those America hating, commie socialist, open borders, globalist, climate change doomsday, gender confused losers you will vote for.

  • wayne visauer says:

    republican party, dear personnel, do not join the green new deal,in the part of climate change because it is a lie. there are 90 volcanoes heating up in the artic pole do to changes in the energy from space. and the sun. don’t join this pile of bull, you will lose the backing of the smart American people. wayne

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