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  • Address: 14400 N 87th St Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 480-627-2700
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1998
  • Founder: Rich Van Hattem
  • Key People: Donald W. Slager, (President & Chief Executive Officer)

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Donald W. Slager

President, CEO & Director

Charles F. Serianni

Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer

Jon Vander Ark

Executive VP & COO

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  • Daniel Stein says:

    See feed below of sales guy going back on what he told me…it was $245 two years ago and is now $470 far beyond inflation and gas prices compounded.

    “I had let you know below on August 3rd which one I wanted and you said in the message before you could adjust the invoice. You wrote it and I responded(see below).

    I’m no longer interested and tired of RS. We are going with Edco for $285. Schedule pickup of the dumpster on the last date of the billing cycle please.
    I will be forwarding this chain to the regional office as well so they can improve their customer service.

    Thanks again!”

    “Let me know which one do you want to sign and I would send it by itself, yea I cant adjust your las invoice”

    “Just following up on this as I’ve been ready to sign. When I tried to do it, it wanted me to sign all 3 as it’s seemed they weren’t separated. Please modify my last invoice to the current etc. I’m ready though when you are. Sorry, this has dragged on so long but it’s on my completion list for today.”

    “I would like the dumpster pickup weekly and that’s it. I believe it was $325”

    “I can do your last invoice just let me know what quote do you want, I send 3 let me know which one do you want so I can add the rate restriction”

    “Sounds good. Can you have accounting reduce my last 2 bills and then I’ll pay it immediately and then sign the contract for you.”

  • Eric says:

    Huge waste management company that has customers waiting weeks to get trash and recycling bins. I live outside Las Vegas in a small town which republic services takes care of. I’ve been trying to get trash cans for weeks now and I’m told it will be another week because of where I live. If it’s to far to service your customers then you should probably cancel your contract with the city. Meanwhile I have weeks of trash piled up and nowhere to put it!!

  • Deanna Lively says:

    They Never seem to be able to pick up trash on the scheduled day, then try to call and no one ever answers. Worst trash service EVER!! Plus they raised my trash bill, it’s no doubled what it was! Do not recommend!!!

  • Guest says:

    Frank road Cols Ohio
    Females are having relationships with male driver and they are not business someone needs to go see what’s really going on there Julie , Liza .Lisa , Matt, Chrissy dispatch is overly friendly They play around in locker rooms gay relationships not clean they treat their employees like a peace of meat dating at the work place bad language, talking on phones while operating a truck and Boss lets them these ladies are there for games not doing their job go check it out and see this is and absolutely horrible place to work glad I quit those ladies did not ttreat me good cause I would not sleep with Julie the big boss

  • Gina Galley says:

    This company needs to be reported and closed!!! They are awful and customer service is the worst!!

  • Forest says:

    I understand your company policy is absolutely no firearms on any republic sanitation sites ,Merlin Oregon transfer has 3 employees that carry and have firearms in their vehicles,Rick nall ,a supervisor is one and supports this

  • James Salyers says:

    I can’t get anyone to answer the corporate office phone number. Everyone I have spoke to seems to not know how or are capable of getting me in contact with anyone. I worked out of Huntington Wv back this past summer. Been trying to get my W2s. If someone could contact me that would be wonderful.

  • shahid says:

    I called more than week ago customer service and complaint about my recycling container lock bar broken and they told me someone can come on monday 01/31/2022 since last Monday no one showed up today is another monday we pay the service we have call the problem and its not take care and this is not fast time happen it so many time.

  • Timothy says:

    I hate that we can’t talk to a drivers supervisor when scheduled trash pick up for bulk items are missed. We keep being told a different date and nothing happens. HOA isn’t to happy with mattress sitting at end of drive way. Customer service can only send them messages. They need to be able to pick up a phone and talk directly to the service manager. This is getting irritating.

  • Robert says:

    New Year’s Eve, Friday, 31st, 2021, when your company’s garbage trucks come to collect my garbage, and damage my garbage can, I report to your company same day right away,customer service Give me confirmation number#1388144 77 and told me will replace new trash to me on Tuesday 4th January ,But i didn’t receive a new trash can, so i called customer service the same day , The customer service staff told me that the person who delivert the trash can work until 6 pm, and I said thank you I will wait for it, Again I still haven’t received the trash can…
    So the next day, on Wednesday, January 5th, I called the customer service person again. The customer service person was very rude and said to me, “You have called so many times, you don’t need to call so many times.” I told a customer service I don’t want to talk to you please I like to speak to your supervisor,guess what? she hang up on me…Her service attitude is too abhorrent and unacceptable…..
    Finally, on Friday, January 7th, I received the trash can, but the trash came from the outsid to inside is was very dirty,I pay my bill on time, just like my neighbor, your company gave me a dirty and used trash can, which my husband and I can’t accept. So on the same day I called your company and told them that we don’t accept dirty trash cans that others have used. The female customer service staff gave me the confirmation number # 1393 04 502 and told me that they would be delivered brand new trash can on Tuesday January 11th. The situation is still the same, your company still has no action, I still haven’t received my new trash can.
    Well, onTuesday January 11 , my husband and I once again call your company , but this time my husband ask for speak to supervisor , But we waited a long time and finally the supervisor answered the call, supervisor DEBBY tell us very sorry i’ll make sure you get the new trash can on tomorrow which is Wednesday January 12th , and i’ll contact you to make sure you get it .PS.This call took a total of 47 minutes from waiting for the supervisor to answer the call until end the call.
    So the next day Wednesday, January 12th. Still the same old same again, Didn’t get our new trash can ,The lady supervisor DEBBY didn’t call to make sure if we got the trash can. SO I called your company again on the same day, The female customer service staff answered and gave us the confirmation number # 139 674 656 Butshe not sure when we’ll receive

  • Sheila says:

    Inconsistent pick up constantly. Calling does no good. They pick up neighbors garbage but not mine? There’s no reason for it. Absolute worst garbage service I’ve ever delt with.
    Do not use them!

  • D. Thomas says:

    Republic Trash assumed Tenleytown Trash a few months ago and the services have been a nightmare. Every week we have missed pick ups with either the trash, recycling or both.

    I was so desperate week of December 6th after 3 consecutive days of no service, I drove to the Republic office located in NE Washington, DC.

    This has been the most horrible experience I have ever encountered with a trash company and I have been in the property management industry for over 25 years.

    Republic has been the absolute worse. They pride themselves on the (5) R’s which is complete false advertisement:

    There is one very nice young lady who was very helpful and responsive by the name of Nina, and I believe she was transferred to another location or possibly is no longer with them.

    There customer service is awful and management personnel make promises that they simply cannot seem to deliver.

    Do not do business with them!

  • Barbara Thomas says:

    Republic Services’s… Inconsistent pick up / only emptying SOME of the garbage. Property Pick Up Disabled resident, I have contacted local ADA Office. Phone calls and emails have been a joke.
    0 Stars

  • John hughes says:

    I’ve had nothing but a bad experience so far.I’ve called 3 times.Ready to give up

  • Valerie Hardy says:

    As a customer of Republic Services, I am inclined to make you aware that you have a Securely, Valued, Humanitarian Loving Employee by the name of RICHARD BRAXTON, a Garbage Service Representative for the Hayden, Alabama 35079 area. I understand that you are moving your representatives around to other areas. Sirs (Misters: Donald Slager; Charles Serianni; And Jon Vanderbilt Ark), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, “DO NOT” allow Mr. RICHARD BRAXTON to be removed from representing Republic Garbage Services from our area.

    He is ‘THE BEST’ Representative-Garbage Individual we’ve had in our area ! He is CARING(Individual/Environment), Mild Mannered, Understanding and just all around a Great individual. I am a bed-bound individual, and Mr. Richard Braxton is aware of this, and handles ALL THINGS ENVIRONMENTALLY WELL !! Please Sirs, HELP OUR AREA KEEP HIS SERVICES !!

    Thank you,
    Valerie Hardy
    1384 Clevet Springs Road, Hayden, Alabama 35079
    205-590-0011 (Home)
    205-446-3709 (Cell Phone)

  • Jennifer says:

    Same problems as everyone else. Canceled service July 23rd and here it is October and I’m getting a past due notice for a bill on a service that was canceled. The only people I can get a hold of can’t solve the problem and the people who can won’t call me back or respond to emails. Does anyone have a point of contact (ph#, address, email) that actually gets a hold of someone that can do something?????

  • Michael Langford says:

    Over the last two months, I have phoned the customer service (CS) line multiple times regarding commercial account #3-09622-1317661. I was seeking assistance regarding incorrect charges. The charges are for line items I did not approve, nor do I need.
    Each time, I was told that the charges were a mistake, however the only way to reverse the charges would involve a telephone conversation with either “sales” or someone in a more senior position. I left my phone number and was assured that I would get a call. The CS person was not authorized to do anything. That was two months ago.
    Several calls later (originated by me) have not produced any results from either “sales” or from a “senior supervisor”. I have not received a call from anyone at Republic Services, and the invoiced charges keeps growing. I gave no authorization, I received no phone call or any attempt to contact me other than an email that said “pay your bill”. Unfortunately, Republic Services management team has “gone off the rails” in Sacramento. I have wasted numerous hours trying to get someone to listen, to call, to assist. I have been a loyal customer for 10 years, but I have had enough of Republic Services incompetence.
    I am terminating my account with Republic Services today, this date September 30, 2021. I have enclosed a check in the amount of $XXX.XX which accounts for the payment for service in the months of August and September 2021 at the rate of $XXX.XX per month. This is payment in full, and terminates my account.
    EVICTION NOTICE: We demand that Republic Services remove a 3-Yard Commercial Trash Bin and two recycling Toters now on the subject property. Those items must be removed on or before Thursday October 7, 2021, or Republic Services will be billed for rent at the rate of $45 per month for storing them.

    Michael Langford

  • Olea says:

    Rosemead, California is where this COMPLAINT is from
    Ordered a Dumpster for our home Paid over $700.00 was suppose to be delivered on Sept. 3,2021 and as of today Sept. 10, 2021 we still have NOT received it!! Or even a phone call to explain why?? I keep calling with NO HELP!! Or a REFUND.

  • Marci says:

    I wish I had read these comments before signing up with these jerks! They demand payment in advance, then don’t provide the service & refuse to issue credit!

    The day of one missed pick-up, I received a robo call (which I still have recorded) from them stating the the pickup would not happen & that a credit would be applied to my account. When the credit still hadn’t appeared after more than 2 weeks I called the MA customer DISservice # to follow up. The a$$hole who answered the phone was the most disrespectful, rude rep I’ve ever dealt with! She FALSELY claimed that my trash wasn’t picked up because the containers weren’t on the side of the road!

    I wonder if being an a$$hole is a job requirement for hiring or if they train their people to be that way.

    After reading the others’ comments, I’m thankful that we have other choices, sorry for those who don’t & fully intend to change to another service.

  • Eric says:

    Been hauling garbage to the Ottawa Illinois landfill. They have not had air conditioning in there office for the past two days, the poor people inside look like they are ready to fall over. It is 100° outside and has to be 95 inside. Whoever is running that place should be fired!!

  • Fed Up Customer says:

    They are the worst company all the way up to headquarters. Jon Vander Ark makes millions of dollars, and for what??? To run a subpar company with below standard service. We’ve been misled, skipped on our scheduled pickup for days, and rescheduled for missed pickups, all to no avail.The wealthy CEO’s pop champagne and live the good life. We need our trash picked up, for goodness sakes! Our contract isn’t being honored, which to me speaks volumes of the top people in charge. They are the trash!

  • Lisa Carter says:

    This business needs to hosed down and into the drain! They are garbage. I live in Conyers, Georgia. Their trash truck is so raggedy that is dropped oil down my whole street – and go figure- huge spots right in the front of my house. These are half million dollar homes and they have our street looking like TRASH!!! I can’t get a business rep to even return my call about cleaning. I DESPISE THEM AND AM FINDING A NEW VENDOR TODAY!!!

  • Maria says:

    Bad service ever!!!

  • Bob says:

    They need to change their name to just Republic because there is no Service – the worst company in the world

  • mike says:

    Worst service, their local location in brooksville Florida is run by a management team that does not care about their customers and does not communicate with the customers at all, they use a answering service that relays messages to them and tells the customer to wait 48 hours but never receiving a call only to call back and do it all over again, problems for over a year and still no communication, the management there needs to be fired and replaced as well as the driver by the name of Eric, I just had heart surgery and they would not pick up my garbage even though I am a paying customer, I had to chase the garbage truck to get them to dump my garbage , last time they left my container in the middle of the street blocking traffic and someone hit the garbage can they left in the middle of the street and are now suing me for damage to their car, and still I get no communication from your company, they keep sending everything to the local office and nothing is done about anything, I have asked so many times to speak to the executive office but they won’t allow me, im sure is violations of consumer rights on multiple situations they have created, i am left with little option other than to get an order against their company since they won’t give me the chance to communicate with them

  • Mary says:

    Republic is part of a Investment Group owned by Bill and Melinda Gates. Maybe we should all contact them.

  • Christine says:

    Try being an employee for the company it’s even worse. Here it is March 2,2020 and the employees still haven’t received their W2 for 2019 taxes. Tried calling corporate and the phones are not in service. This company going to crash and burn.

  • dpoole says:

    This company has a monopoly on service in our area. The county said we had to have garbage service and they have the contract. They change rules as they want – one week, you can only have one can, another week, let us know if you need more than one can – no extra charge. They tell you if you move, take your can and there won’t be a charge. Instead they come and get it from your new yard after you have gone to all the trouble of moving it and eventually bring back two cans. A month later they say there is a charge for a second can. I called and was transferred five times. I finally got a person, who was very nice and explained that a bill was a mistake and to ignore it. Then I got a call on Christmas Eve telling me not to ignore it. The bill was for more than one can. There is never more than one can put out and half the time we forget it and it is put out the second week. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. (They said they did a street audit – really! If they did there was no second can out there.) I hate this company but I can get in trouble with my county if I don’t use them, even though they are cheating me. Trying to find an address, but they don’t want you to write them.

    • Laverne says:

      Worst company ever. Cancelled the service a month ago because of bad service AND horrible customer service!! Cannot get anyone to pick up totes or actually cancel service. I have called at least 15 times since sept 9, talked to multiple people who all LIED!! I talked to someone in Az, who actually gave me his email so I could update him..no reply there either!! All want is to cancel and get their totes off my lawn.. no results!! Embarrassing for them!! In Arvada co

  • Angela says:

    I am having these issues now in Conyers, Georgia. Where is the CEO of the company and does he not see these complaints? Missed service last Thursday and have called three times since then only to say they could not send a truck so we will see if the trash is picked up tomorrow which is back to the regular schedule. What a huge frustrating process to get nothing done in the end. Invitation Homes you all need another trash service.

  • gerald Nystrom says:

    The worst customer service in America. All summer long they have missed picking up my yard waste. Repeated calls produce promises and nothing gets done. Eden Prairie, MN management needs a shakeup.

  • Berlee says:

    Republic needs to learn the meaning of customer service helping, answering customer questions and at a minimum be courteous to their customers.  My experience continues to be they don’t care, are unwilling to help and downright rude! They are in a unique position being a customer only ‘choice’ for garbage service so they don’t care how employee represents them.  I called to complain about a driver who picked up garbage at my new home (finally, it took months to get service started) I was coming home at the same time the recycle was being dumped.  My cans and the neighbors cans are together on the street (3′ apart) in a line, I waited in my car at the corner across the street as the truck was dumping containers, (note I could see the side of the truck only it was parked in front of the cans) once finished I pulled into my garage.  I went into my house to drop off my keys, etc. then went outside to bring in my cans.  I opened the lid on the recycle can and it was full!  So I ran to the corner and signed the driver to wait, I explained my recycle was full.  His response was, “no it isn’t, you just saw me empty it!” I again stated, I went to bring in my cans and the recycle is still full.  In a huff, he drove the 1 block over to my home, got out and looked in my recycle can.  He (the Republic driver) then looked at me and stated “You’re cheating!  I know I dumped your can, and you are trying to DOUBLE dump!” I had never heard this term before, and again tried to explain to the Republic driver what was in the can is what was in the can when I put it out the night before.  The driver then began yelling at me once again, and actually called me a lier!  According to the Republic driver, I took the can up to my garage and filled it a second time and then put it back on the street during the time he went around the block!  I was appalled!  Never would I have done such a thing and this person who knows nothing about me has no right to call me a lier!  Finally, after another lecture about how this would be the “one and only time he would ever empty my can again,” he emptied the can.  

    I went inside and contacted Republic Services about my experience.  Long story short I contacted the drivers supervisor who stated to me, the driver stated he didn’t actually call you a lier, and he did empty your container, adding he knew I was just moving into my new home so I had a lot of boxes so it is a concern that I would attempt to fill the recycle a second time!  I once again, stated I did no such thing!  But the supervisor said there really wasn’t a problem anymore because the recycle was emptied.  WHAT?  I was completely amazed at this response!  No, we’re sorry and will talk about the driver’s behavior, no nothing!

    This is the customer service offered where I live in Oregon.  Between things like this as well as a list of additional problems I would not ever recommend this company.  If I ever yelled, threw a fit, called a customer a  lier, etc. my employer would have a lot to say about it and I would receive a write-up, instead this Republic employee’s behavior was affirmed as fine because after all my recycle can got emptied.

  • Trinity Baptist Church says:

    Our Church…Trinity Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida has had a contract for almost 3 yrs. and we tried to cancel our service. We were told that we couldn’t because we missed the 60 day notice prior to cancelation by certified letter and will automatically renew for another year! We have NEVER delt with a company like Republic Services before!!!! This company has a built in SCAM in their contract to extend your contract automatically! I will only say….READ YOUR CONTRACT before this company gets it’s hook into you! Glenn Smith Trinity Baptist Church ..Lakeland, Florida

  • Nahed Saab says:

    This is Mrs. Saab, residing at 2003 Westwood Terrace, Vienna, VA. 22182. Republic Services is declining, they are always not picking up the recycle, trash, and yard waste. When we call to complain, the supervisor is very rude and defensive. No action is taken. The entire cul de sec has their recycle out, it was supposed to be picked up on Monday, June 24, until now it is not picked up. Everybody is frustrated, especially that they keep raising the rates, and service is declining rapidly.
    I called to complain about the increase, the supervisor was very rude, she even said if you want to cancel, you need to pay for us to pick up the bins!!!!!

  • Linda Willman Field says:

    I am attempting to connect with the main headquarters for Republic Services…. I am still not sure who this comment is going to within the Customer Service area. My father, Thomas Dale Willman, 11555 Eller Rd, Fishers, Indiana, moved to an assisted living facility in April. At that time, I started to make arrangements to cancel services and change addresses. Stopping the trash pick-up service was the easy part since his account was paid-up until the end of June. But, getting the two carts picked up has been another challenge. The first pick-up of two carts was to occur on June 7th…. nothing happened. I called again…. the second pick-up of two carts was to occur today, June 18th. They only picked up ONE cart. What is going on????? Tomorrow, June 19th, I will call again to the Fishers, Indiana customer service and ask again for the last cart to be picked up ASAP. If Republic Services Headquarters likes to pay for duplication of services, I do not see how leaving one cart to be picked up at a later date is good use of man power as well as poor use of transportation equipment. Would someone please explain why this is not being taken care of in a timely manner.

  • Jane says:

    Virginia I could have written the same letter as you did. Last year missed pickups were frequent and now it’s the same problem. I discovered employees were not documenting my calls so history was non existent. Because missed recycle pickups are so frequent I asked for a second bin since there are seven condominiums using both recycle and yard waste. This week the missed pickup changed to yard waste which was to be Tues 5/21. My experiences are exactly like yours with programmed responses. So it’s now the end of the day on Thurs. 5/23 and still no pickup. I’m going to write to corporate office and hope starting from the top will improve the poor service.

  • Virginia Conlin says:

    One week ago I called my local Republic Services office in Greensboro to report a non-pickup of my trash. I was told that it would be taken care of and a truck would be by to pick it up. No one showed up. I called again, the following day to let them know the trash was still sitting there. Again, I was told I was on their schedule and pick-up should be completed that day. I called again, since no one came, and was given the same old story, someone would be by. No one showed. The original pick-up was supposed to be the Tuesday after Easter, which was on the 21st of April. It is now the 29th of April and no one has ,picked up the trash. I pay my Republic Services invoice on time and you are more than willing to accept it but when it comes to having someone at Republic Services tell me the truth and do what they say they’ll do is unreliable. I don’t usually write to a company but thought you should be aware of what’s going on. Generally, the service is good and I hope I don’t have to write another letter like this one again.

    • BERNIE says:

      Virginia, I’m having the same problem in Locust Grove, Georgia. I keep getting recorded messages saying the pickup will be the day following the scheduled day or the day after that. They never call until the day it is scheduled, so I have to pull the containers back up hill to the house. This week the recycling pick up was cancelled altogether; so it will be a month between pickups. I call the number they provide in the recording but can never speak to a real person and the DO NOT return calls. I don’t think they even listen to their messages. I left a message for them to pick up the recycling with the trash and dispose of it since it is full and they will not be back for the recycling for two weeks. Today they picked up the trash two days late on Saturday 6/22/19 but not the recycling. Now it will not be picked up until July 5th. I don’t have stock in this company but if I did I would certainly be selling it. It is on the New York Stock Exchange but I would never buy into a company that I knew had such poor customer service.

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