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  • Address: 14400 N 87th St Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 480-627-2700
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1998
  • Founder: Rich Van Hattem
  • Key People: Donald W. Slager, (President & Chief Executive Officer)

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Donald W. Slager

President, CEO & Director

Charles F. Serianni

Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer

Jon Vander Ark

Executive VP & COO

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  • Berlee says:

    Republic needs to learn the meaning of customer service helping, answering customer questions and at a minimum be courteous to their customers.  My experience continues to be they don’t care, are unwilling to help and downright rude! They are in a unique position being a customer only ‘choice’ for garbage service so they don’t care how employee represents them.  I called to complain about a driver who picked up garbage at my new home (finally, it took months to get service started) I was coming home at the same time the recycle was being dumped.  My cans and the neighbors cans are together on the street (3′ apart) in a line, I waited in my car at the corner across the street as the truck was dumping containers, (note I could see the side of the truck only it was parked in front of the cans) once finished I pulled into my garage.  I went into my house to drop off my keys, etc. then went outside to bring in my cans.  I opened the lid on the recycle can and it was full!  So I ran to the corner and signed the driver to wait, I explained my recycle was full.  His response was, “no it isn’t, you just saw me empty it!” I again stated, I went to bring in my cans and the recycle is still full.  In a huff, he drove the 1 block over to my home, got out and looked in my recycle can.  He (the Republic driver) then looked at me and stated “You’re cheating!  I know I dumped your can, and you are trying to DOUBLE dump!” I had never heard this term before, and again tried to explain to the Republic driver what was in the can is what was in the can when I put it out the night before.  The driver then began yelling at me once again, and actually called me a lier!  According to the Republic driver, I took the can up to my garage and filled it a second time and then put it back on the street during the time he went around the block!  I was appalled!  Never would I have done such a thing and this person who knows nothing about me has no right to call me a lier!  Finally, after another lecture about how this would be the “one and only time he would ever empty my can again,” he emptied the can.  

    I went inside and contacted Republic Services about my experience.  Long story short I contacted the drivers supervisor who stated to me, the driver stated he didn’t actually call you a lier, and he did empty your container, adding he knew I was just moving into my new home so I had a lot of boxes so it is a concern that I would attempt to fill the recycle a second time!  I once again, stated I did no such thing!  But the supervisor said there really wasn’t a problem anymore because the recycle was emptied.  WHAT?  I was completely amazed at this response!  No, we’re sorry and will talk about the driver’s behavior, no nothing!

    This is the customer service offered where I live in Oregon.  Between things like this as well as a list of additional problems I would not ever recommend this company.  If I ever yelled, threw a fit, called a customer a  lier, etc. my employer would have a lot to say about it and I would receive a write-up, instead this Republic employee’s behavior was affirmed as fine because after all my recycle can got emptied.

  • Trinity Baptist Church says:

    Our Church…Trinity Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida has had a contract for almost 3 yrs. and we tried to cancel our service. We were told that we couldn’t because we missed the 60 day notice prior to cancelation by certified letter and will automatically renew for another year! We have NEVER delt with a company like Republic Services before!!!! This company has a built in SCAM in their contract to extend your contract automatically! I will only say….READ YOUR CONTRACT before this company gets it’s hook into you! Glenn Smith Trinity Baptist Church ..Lakeland, Florida

  • Nahed Saab says:

    This is Mrs. Saab, residing at 2003 Westwood Terrace, Vienna, VA. 22182. Republic Services is declining, they are always not picking up the recycle, trash, and yard waste. When we call to complain, the supervisor is very rude and defensive. No action is taken. The entire cul de sec has their recycle out, it was supposed to be picked up on Monday, June 24, until now it is not picked up. Everybody is frustrated, especially that they keep raising the rates, and service is declining rapidly.
    I called to complain about the increase, the supervisor was very rude, she even said if you want to cancel, you need to pay for us to pick up the bins!!!!!

  • Linda Willman Field says:

    I am attempting to connect with the main headquarters for Republic Services…. I am still not sure who this comment is going to within the Customer Service area. My father, Thomas Dale Willman, 11555 Eller Rd, Fishers, Indiana, moved to an assisted living facility in April. At that time, I started to make arrangements to cancel services and change addresses. Stopping the trash pick-up service was the easy part since his account was paid-up until the end of June. But, getting the two carts picked up has been another challenge. The first pick-up of two carts was to occur on June 7th…. nothing happened. I called again…. the second pick-up of two carts was to occur today, June 18th. They only picked up ONE cart. What is going on????? Tomorrow, June 19th, I will call again to the Fishers, Indiana customer service and ask again for the last cart to be picked up ASAP. If Republic Services Headquarters likes to pay for duplication of services, I do not see how leaving one cart to be picked up at a later date is good use of man power as well as poor use of transportation equipment. Would someone please explain why this is not being taken care of in a timely manner.

  • Jane says:

    Virginia I could have written the same letter as you did. Last year missed pickups were frequent and now it’s the same problem. I discovered employees were not documenting my calls so history was non existent. Because missed recycle pickups are so frequent I asked for a second bin since there are seven condominiums using both recycle and yard waste. This week the missed pickup changed to yard waste which was to be Tues 5/21. My experiences are exactly like yours with programmed responses. So it’s now the end of the day on Thurs. 5/23 and still no pickup. I’m going to write to corporate office and hope starting from the top will improve the poor service.

  • Virginia Conlin says:

    One week ago I called my local Republic Services office in Greensboro to report a non-pickup of my trash. I was told that it would be taken care of and a truck would be by to pick it up. No one showed up. I called again, the following day to let them know the trash was still sitting there. Again, I was told I was on their schedule and pick-up should be completed that day. I called again, since no one came, and was given the same old story, someone would be by. No one showed. The original pick-up was supposed to be the Tuesday after Easter, which was on the 21st of April. It is now the 29th of April and no one has ,picked up the trash. I pay my Republic Services invoice on time and you are more than willing to accept it but when it comes to having someone at Republic Services tell me the truth and do what they say they’ll do is unreliable. I don’t usually write to a company but thought you should be aware of what’s going on. Generally, the service is good and I hope I don’t have to write another letter like this one again.

    • BERNIE says:

      Virginia, I’m having the same problem in Locust Grove, Georgia. I keep getting recorded messages saying the pickup will be the day following the scheduled day or the day after that. They never call until the day it is scheduled, so I have to pull the containers back up hill to the house. This week the recycling pick up was cancelled altogether; so it will be a month between pickups. I call the number they provide in the recording but can never speak to a real person and the DO NOT return calls. I don’t think they even listen to their messages. I left a message for them to pick up the recycling with the trash and dispose of it since it is full and they will not be back for the recycling for two weeks. Today they picked up the trash two days late on Saturday 6/22/19 but not the recycling. Now it will not be picked up until July 5th. I don’t have stock in this company but if I did I would certainly be selling it. It is on the New York Stock Exchange but I would never buy into a company that I knew had such poor customer service.

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