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  • doesn’t matter anyway says:

    This store and the way they conduct there business is horrible,, they lie to there customers, they don’t take care of they customers, they will Robb and customer in there face the district managers are rude and ghetto.. they have no phone ethic the staff stay lying to customers while making faces they don’t never have anything but press to take people money

  • justin white says:

    yalls albany ga store is no help at all i been tryin to get me a set of wheels all week all they say is they will call me back

  • Nick says:

    Still waiting on a response from the Corporate office. We post on all site with a resolution.

  • Melissa Todd says:

    Roderick at your Irving, TX location came to my house and vandalized my property. I came home from work to find my vehicle, that’s not drivable on all 4 flat tires. Payment was due Friday. Today is Tuesday and I called and left a DETAILED MESSAGE before they opened. Apparently they don’t check messages. Came to my home and was banging on the doors, screaming in Spanish to “OPEN THE PUERTA” to my heart-patient mother. My message included me asking if I would be able to drive the vehicle to the shop to have tires removed since car was being repossessed soon. Also wanted to find out if there were any “trash tires” I could buy to put on so it could be repossessed from the shop. Again THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL WAY OF HANDLING BUSINESS. I KNOW THE MAIN COMPANY SOESMT GIVE A SHIT BUT THINK TWOCE BECORE DOING BUSINESS!! I WAS IN CONTACT AND STAYED IN CONTACT!!!

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    I purchased tires from the store in Southgate. I told the manager I wanted all terrain tires put on my truck. I was very clear that I did not want a mud terrain tire put back on my rims. The mud terrain tires I had on wore to quickly and were so fucking loud I couldn’t stand them. Daniel manager of the South gate store took it upon himself to put mud terrains back on my truck after I specifically told him I did not want mud terrain on my truck. Daniel quoted me a price on all-terrain tires with 60,000 mile warranty. He then sold me a set of wheels with a 45,000 mi warranty at the same f****** price. I was on my lunch break and had to get back to work so there wasn’t much time to express my feelings.
    Since your manager Daniel decided to put whatever tires he wanted to on my truck I’m letting you know now I’m going to pay you what those tires are worth and I’ll be done if I receive any harassment from your f****** company I promise you you will be in a class action lawsuit faster than Daniel could have found the correct tires for my truck. Very disappointed. Jim Wilson

  • Daniel Ferdinandus says:

    I purchased a tire and rims on February 2023 front one was already rip and one of them pop I had to go to American tires to get my car fixed I went the day before to RAW and ask them about it they asked me if I did alignment and I said yes I I did because they prefer me to go to Pep Boys and they did an alignment there. Then he said oh because you didn’t switch your tires I don’t know anything about tires, but this is all common sense so I took it to American tire told me that the tire your guys gave me was the wrong size and then he put his tire in there was a huge difference on how the rims fit in well instead of popping out it was such a hazard driving the tires and i paid double for tires this year I had to change all 4 of them at American tires

  • Angry Customer Florida says:

    Threatening someone to theft charges when their car was repossessed? Are you kidding me? This is civil not criminal. You can’t have someone arrested over a set of wheels in Florida. I spoke to the sherif who informed me RAW can sue and possibly damage your credit but they cannot have you arrested or a warrant put out for your arrest.

  • Rent a tire is a scam says:

    Rent a Tire are A bunch of thugs , Location at 2395 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32804 This is how they did do people now they are liable for damages on my vehicle in which I will be speaking to a layer if no response from cooperate this is link to review of that location with pictures https://g.co/kgs/QysZZd

  • Shirley Everett says:

    The Arkansas RAW location is horrible… try not to get involved with this company. It’s like borrowing Juice Money from the street gangsters. Very little of your payment goes to the principal balance, and there is a so called insurance / protection plan that is forced – added to your payment, and cannot be removed until the contract is paid off, which means you pay for it whether you like it or not. This is a class action in the making!

  • Rahim Jones says:

    If this is corporate …I need to know why the price keep changing Everytime I’m making my last payment. You do know that is illegal. I have all my receipts.

  • Bobette Wilkins says:

    The Rent a wheel in Inglewood are the must rudest ass people Daniel, I was (1) payment late of $145.00 do you know they called me and I called them back but I kept getting the machine so I would leave a message, do you know this fool called my reference like I am running away with some DAM tires and rims, so I called him and told him you do not need to call around looking for me this fool tells me that your number wasn’t working I told him he is a DAM LIE, so I tell him that I will be taking care of the payment, do you know this MF had the nerve to call up to my job that I am working as a Temp, I told him don’t you ever call at my job after I have told y’all never to call my job and I stated that when I first got the tires and rims, do you know that he got me in trouble i got a verbal, I told him that even and curse him ASS OUT I told him how would you feel if I call your job after you telling me not to you get you ass in trouble he is a BITCH. So I told l him that someone will be lending me the money til my payday so I will take care of this on Saturday this fool called me Saturday @11:42am and I was at a funeral, I called him back and of course I got the voicemail so I left another message. Well, the person who was going to lend me the money wasn’t able so I called this first thing Monday morning 1/10/22 and had to leave a message, this fool called my cell phone leaving a threatening message so I called him back and he has me on speaks phone telling me that I need to either make a payment or they will be coming to get there merchandise and I told him that I get paid tomorrow 1/11/22 he told me that he cannot wait, now keep in mind I only missed 1 payment, so I have to borrow the money from someone till tomorrow. HE IS A RUDE ASS BITCH!!!!

  • Dominque Petty says:

    These ppl are rude and obviously don’t communicate with each other about people accounts. I talked to a sales representative about my account and I was gonna return the wheels and no charges were supposed to go to my account but I check my account and these people have taken over 300 dollars out of my account. Bunch of scam artists that honestly do give two shits about the customer. I will never do business with them ever again nor will I recommend anyone purchase anything from them unless your ready for them to drain out your bank account and leave you high and dry

  • Jaee Guerrero says:

    Once again I am a female and the manager which is a whole grown ass man tried to box I had to be the bigger person and step away because clearly RAW hires scam artists and rude ass violent people that like to call Hispanics spics but he can’t tolerate himself saying the word nigga and have it reappeared back to him last I checked it’s 2021 I’ve heard a lot of different races say nigga in reference to “guy” or “dude” when pointing them out. But it’s a selective word and I guess that day he decided to make it a reason to fight a female.

  • Jaee Guerrero says:

    I decided to try out rent a tire because I felt it was very convenient and reliable for me since I travel for work I went to the location in Plano texas and I have never been so dissappointed with the fact that I spent the little amount I did on this “corporation” or franchise. Not only do they threaten you after they come to an agreement with you but they sold me a really cheap type of rim it cracked in half as I drove on one of the busiest intersections. I complained and all I got was left on no wheels due to the fact that they lie about their own policy and they’re customer service was rude not only did I get kicked out the store for stating my opinion but he went outside taking off his sweater wanting to fight me and this is the manager at that location no wonder they hardly have business because they harass the clients and they damage vehicles not only did I record him doing this but he put my life in danger selling me some cheap rims I know a lot about rims and I trusted this rim shop to know what they’re talking about I drive my kids around I asked so many questions before purchasing because I like to reassure my self that everything goes smooth and I don’t have to worry about a thing. But they made it absolutely impossible for me to not only go on about my life but idk what’s so difficult about collecting payment I could’ve paid the rims off right then and there which I planned to do so I just wanted that rim replaced or if anything just a used set of different performance rims under the price range of the caballos I wasn’t asking for much but my life got threatened mine you I’m a female and I had this tall black man getting in my face wanting to box outside in front of all the customers claiming I said the N word when I just repeated what he said he said “I’m the nigga that out you on wheels I can take them away just like that”
    Me being used to speaking street slang with people that use those terms I repeated “ you are that nigga that messed up my account because you don’t ever answer or communicate and when you do you yell and don’t let me talk “ mind you all I needed to pay was 90 I tried showing him my bank statements and he said “I don’t want to see that shit” continued to holler in his store so I walked outside as he yelled “GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY STORE” I looked at my vehicle and it was sitting on rims mind you I have a Jaguar xe 25t 2018 premium they damaged the rotors on my car doing that cuz he put it down hard on the rims causing a bend I’m sorry but I’m filing a law suit for assault and fraud. Not only that distress for leaving me on rims after I didn’t owe anything on those rims anymore just had to pay 90$ for some replacements that he went to go pick up and I came back to texas from my job in tenessee just to be left stranded mine you I live in Houston texas. This is the black manager I would honestly like a refund and my lawyer will be getting in touch all this is reviewed by a lawyer also so I honestly say this in the kindest way but aren’t customers always right? Especially if I back up my side of the argument with paperwork that he refused to see. It’s not right the lies he said and the money he pocketed from me knowing damn well I didn’t owe him no 500$ but only 90$ but he wouldn’t listen and claims he never spoke to me or knew I worked outta town when I explained everything before I even made the purchase to make sure everything would go smooth I think it’s completely unfair and I feel cheated very unhappy and cheated I feel lied to and played with and I’m only 26 not ever had I ever head these issues but they won’t take no responsibilities and when he speaks he speaks at u not to u in a kind manner very rude belligerent and loud wouldn’t even let me speak and cornered me at one point

  • Patrick Jake Yarns says:

    My name is Patrick Yarns. I’ve got a complaint about one of your District Managers Mark in Tucson. He’s rude and unprofessional. He sent me an email from an application online for a collection job I applied for on indeed, requesting an arrangement for an interview. I asked him multiple times to give me the address where I can meet for the address and he kept playing childish games and took forever to finally get back in touch with me. He also refused to commit to a time, after I told him multiple times a good time for us to meet. He pissed me off so badly, I told him to damn forget it and I decided to not pursue the job anymore. I’m a military veteran to who got shot at.

  • Samuel says:

    The store in 2016 N Main St
    Kissimmee, FL 34744
    United States is absolutely ridiculous. I have told them many many many many many times that I get paid on Wednesday and I’ve been paying on Wednesday but yet they refuse to work with that. They call me non stop 5 to 6 times a day even tho I’ve sent a letter to stop the calls. All I want is for the days to be changed to Wednesday. That’s all. Then yesterday I receive a voicemail at work. I put my phone to my ear and non the less it’s a guy from the store YELLING and talking in a Authoritative tone in a way to just threaten me. I have the voicemail saved and I need someone to get in contact with me ASAP via email or phone.

    If I do not get a response I will be going after the store in accordance to violations of the FDCPA

  • Cathy says:

    If everyone who has used rent a tire check yalls bill especially the ones in Santonio Texas off 823 se military dr. And check if your paymts are over the total amount that was owed. And if you were charged for Vip and paid more then you were supposed to initially and no mention of extra pay charge. Always look at yalls bill with this company from here on. Because looks like they are scheming off the top and also make sure your paymt that you paid is correct because my actual pymts were 379 that is what the company received from me, but they took 385 a month . I pray that alot of you did not get taken as I have. From here on I will seek for attorney representation also report this to the BBB. And I will make sure all my family and friends and fb know what is going within this company if I don’t get to bottom of this being I’m given the run Around you will hear from my attorney . Cathy

  • Rich says:

    I had two payments left I caught covid-19 I called them while I was in the hospital made a payment they told me don’t worry about it rich we got you take care of it when I get out of the hospital they try to make me pay double what I owed before I went in the hospital then I tried to work it out with them and pay them three installment payments for the next 3 weeks they denied it basically telling me they didn’t care that I had covid we want our money

    • Patrick Jake Yarns says:

      Rich I dig where you’re coming from. This company is a piece of shit, with sorry ass people working there.

  • Rich says:

    They are liars and scam artists

  • Unknown says:

    Manager needs to be fired! Came in owing $153 and only had $125 to my name. She absolutely refused my payment. She started cussing me out instead of trying to work with me. Claimed I never made one payment on time. Complete bullshit. Told me my excuses are a lie and no one has that kind of bad luck. So..she tried her hardest to pick a fight with me. I asked for the corporate number. Her reply, I don’t give a fuck if I lose my job! So I called corporate. Corporate told me they would look into her actions. Complete bullshit. I know they won’t say a thing to her about it because this is the kind of person they want as a manger for their store! This company used to be very easy to work with. That’s all the past now. All they do is harass you constantly with phone calls BEFORE you’re due date.

  • JESSICA says:



  • Ashlee DuPree says:

    Ok so we came to the Greenville sc store been here since the store opened paid for our rims…the “manager” of the store kept putting people in front of us his employees kept telling him it wasn’t right but he told my husband he was getting everyone riled up it’s now 5PM est and our car is finally going back this manager made me feel very unwelcome

  • Michelle Vasquez says:


    I wish to complain of how displeased I am with the service from your Moreno Valley store Located at 23848 Sunnymead Blvd. Moreno Valley, Ca. 92553 (951) 601-3500. I have had 2 tires leaking air that need to be repaired, my spouse had taken my car in for service back here to where I had bought my tires and rims. I needed to have one tire replaced along with a Rim that also needed to be replaced. My vehicle was brought in for service in perfect condition I had no scratches or any damage to any of my current rims and when the work was done with the new rim that we paid for in full was placed back on my car with damages on it along with the back rim was also damaged with scratches and had scrapes on the outer rim after replacing the new Tire. When I got home I went to check my car and that is when I noticed the damages to the rims, my spouse called them asap to let them know and they asked for the car to be brought in the next morning. The very next morning my spouse went to show the manager and tire tech the damages that had been done and they stated that we did the damages ourselves on the way home. The Tire Tech did inform my spouse that the machine used did to complete the work to my need to be serviced, my spouse got absolutely nowhere with management extremely unprofessional. The only individual that we would give any recognition to would be an employee by the name of Delilah. Since day one with this Moreno Valley Store we have had multiple issues, from extra payments being taken out of my checking account after I have already made my monthly payment. I also paid my tires and rims off early and they still continued to take multiple payments out of my account to where I need to have them blocked from my bank so that this did not continue. This has been a very frustrating experience with this company and I am hoping to hear from someone soon so that this situation can be resolved.

  • Jeff says:

    Rent-a-wheel in Sanford is a fucking joke I picked out three sets of Wheels Saturday never got a call back Monday went up there Wednesday spoke with a manager personally told me that he would call me back when you figured out what was the problem was and I still haven’t caught a call back good old Sanford Florida rent-a-wheel fucking

  • Destiny says:

    I get harassing calls not just to me but all the references and the pymt is not even past due it was due on the day there calling. Not only i removed for automatic pymts would not be deducted and they manually put it in without authorization this has been going on serveral times

  • M.4.0 says:

    These guys are absolutely ridiculous. I got tires Feb 2 2020. Just before that I had my whole front ends suspension done which means I had an alignment done. So here we are in June and my tires are completely worn. I call the Chandler location because it is closer to my home then the original one I purchased my tires and rims at. The manager there informs me that the reason my tires have worn is due to the alignment. Which im like no way I just had one done. Come to find out I was suppose to receive a voucher for an alignment with the purchase of the tires and rims. She says call where I purchased them from because they were supposed to give that to me at purchase and they dropped the ball. To make a long story short the manager at the original location refused saying I was offered it at purchase and declined it. Which was a lie I was never offered it. He goes on to say the best he can do is give me 10% off. Thats just ridiculous considering I have already spent $1300 and have done less then 4 mths of driving due to COVID. Wouldn’t recommend.

  • Treasure Britt says:

    Our store hours changed hours around the 14th of March. I only have monthly income until this pandemic is over with schools closing everything in my normal budget has changed. I offered what I have, I was told I couldn’t not make partial payments despite never making a partial unless I was putting it towards the other account to make it a full monthly like I was told I had to do. I have tried to make my payment but was told to put it towards the other account. I have had to deal with reps coming to my home 3 minutes after hanging up with me misrepresenting himself, reps mishandling my personal information all of this is on voice or video. I was threatened by field investigator when I asked a question told I had a motive but yet I have never asked for anything not even an apology. I don’t lie to my kids, parents, pastor, mate so I have no reason to lie to any other human. Yes there are discrepancies in the printout I was given but without receipts it is just arguing when I ask for receipts for telephone payments I am denied when I asked about this it was stated it was not Rent a Wheel policy to email receipts. I have paid over $1400 the only time I have been late is when it didn’t match pay periods or my hours changed. Instead of my payoff going down it goes up. In a time the economy is failing apart hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs, lives, this is how Rent A Wheel is doing business. I pray GOD has mercy on this company if North Little Rock location is following policy I was even told not to tell anyone but for customers with good standing that has been laid off with proof can have their payments pushed back a week.


    Man I have never seen or felt with such unprofessional lying people in my life. Even the manager has not regard for you all they want is money at any cost and will break what ever law or rule to get it. I will be seeking legal advice to seek a outcome

  • Sonya says:

    Salinas store sucks! very unprofessional in every aspect. manager there needs to be fired and needs to go back to school for something different. customers is not his forte. He cusses at customers, he threatens customers and this he has his other employees try taking the call and cant manage because they dont know what there talking about they all need to be retrained by someone that knows the regulations and sole purpose of running a successful business and having good things to say so they recommend others I will never recommend anyone there POOR VERY POOR

  • Lucy says:

    Mcallen location has poor employers that give out wrong information and the manager is rude and doesnt let customer talk very poor service would never recommend this location for anything.

  • Noel says:

    Can someone form HR give me a call I’m having some issues with my contract with you and an employee as well.

  • Rodolfo Escobedo says:

    Your Tucson store really suck .They have attitude and wont even give you a price over the phone. WOW!!! I’ve had better service else where… wont recommend anybody to that store. You really have to retrain all your store employees…bitch act like I owed her something. Called twice never had my calls returned. I had to call this morning and answered like “what do you want”…wow what kind of bs is that. And that’s how you guys conduct businees. Surprise your still in business. Was looking to get wheels and tires for 2 cars ….now after this BS….I’ll pass and go to DISCOUNT TIRES where there be very friendly with a positive attitude. Need to fire and group your whole staff in Tucson on Alvernon way…now there going to act like we didnt anything…if that was the case…then I wouldnt be bitchin about there attitude.

  • Tonya says:

    I need someone to call me. Very very bad customer service at your local business. Email: tonyabowman39@gmail.com

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