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You may want to visit Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) headquarters to learn more about their vacation courses and programs that they offer or give a customer complaint or feedback to the higher officials. People looking for recreation and adventure end up in REI’s head office. Being an REI employee can be one of the many reasons you would want to visit there. Its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, ever since its foundation. There are many different ways you can contact the headquarters.

Recreational Equipment Inc. headquarters address:

You can use the below address to send physical mail to REI’s headquarters:

6570 S. 228th Street

Kent, WA 98032


REI Board of Directors address:

You can use the following address in case you want to send a package to the board of directors at Recreational Equipment Inc.:

6570 S. 228th Street

Kent, WA 98032


Phone Number:

You can reach out to them at the headquarters on working days at +1 2530395-3780

Help Center:

You can reach out to REI’s help center to get any useful information or file a complaint using this link. This link can be used for all of your questions and concerns.


You can visit their official website for more information regarding their products, programs, equipment, and other information. You can follow them on social media for updates and events. You can visit their official website here.

REI Headquarters Info & Photos

REI, Recreational Equipment Inc., was established in 1938 when five activists, including our founders, imported an Australian ice-ax for their mountain climbing adventure. It was a co-operative to help fellow adventurers fare better in the rough, adventurous conditions. The company first started its journey by collecting a dollar from each of the five participants, and the founders were given the card numbers one and two in the recreational equipment co-operative. The headquarters is held by its members, who each hold a single vote.

Over the years, the co-operative society has changed its headquarter buildings. It was just a shelf in the local department store until the founders decided to rent an office to improve the activities of the co-op. Today, it has around 13,000 active members who are also active participants in the company’s decision-making. Lloyd Anderson and Mary Anderson have established and run this company successfully for most of the duration.

REI Headquarters Photo

REI Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

6750 S 228th St, Kent, WA 98032, United States

REI Headquarters Executive Team

Eric Artz

President & CEO

Eric Artz has been with REI for eight years and 11 months. He took over the reins as the president and CEO in February 2019. He started by leading the finance and real estate departments in the greater Seattle area. He graduated with a BS in accounting from Albright College.

Kelley Hall

Kelley Hall

EVP, Chief Financial Officer


Ben Steele

Chief Customer Officer

Ben Steele graduated from Harvard Business School with a finance degree. He has been a part of the REI family for the past six years and four months. He joined REI as a chief creative officer and took on the additional responsibilities of vice president and chief customer officer in September 2018.

Name Title
Eric Artz President & CEO
Kelley Hall Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Ben Steele Executive Vice President Chief Customer Officer
Apple Musni Senior Vice President Chief People Officer
Cameron Janes Senior Vice President Chief Commercial Officer
Chris Speyer Senior Vice President Chief Merchandising Officer
Curtis Kopf Senior Vice President Chief Experiences Officer
Vivienne Long Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Shull Senior Vice President Chief Technology Officer
Susan Viscon Vice President and Executive Director Path Ahead Ventures
Wilma Wallace Senior Vice President Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer
Sylvia Wilks Senior Vice President Chief Supply Chain Officer
Minnie Alexander Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Michael Benkel Vice President of Merchandising Planning Inventory and Solutions
Ruchi Christiansen Vice President of Distribution and Fulfillment Operations
Michelle Cutter Vice President of E-Commerce Gear & Apparel
Patrick Fell Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis
Pardis Ghorbani Vice President of Customer and Brand Shared Services
Scott Jones Vice President of Customer Insights and Analytics
Michelle Kirkpatrick Vice President Controller
Analyn Nouri Vice President of Platform Engineering
Isabelle Portilla Vice President Co-op Brands
Mary-Farrell Tarbox Vice President of Physical Stores and Retail Operations
Kate Wendt Vice President of Strategy Transformation and Sustainability
Todd Wilson Vice President of Product Engineering

About REI


Recreational Equipment Inc. was founded on July 23, 1938. Founders Lloyd Anderson and Mary Anderson formed REI as a co-operative society with five members, including both founders, to help adventure enthusiasts with the rough hardships of mountains and terrains. For the first year, the co-operative was a shelf in the Puget co-operative store. In 1942, Lloyd moved down to the Mountaineer’s Hall on Pike Street.

Jim Whittaker was employed as the first full-time employee at REI. REI touched one million dollars in revenue by using Whittaker’s fame as the first American to summit Mount Everest. After this, in 1956, REI was incorporated as a company. It decided to focus on providing essential gear for climbers, backpackers, and other adventurers. Today, it stands as a company that provides equipment and vacation courses for families.


REI’s major services include clothing for extreme weather conditions, footwear for mountain hiking, camp essentials, backpacks, camping tents, climbing shoes, and many more. Apart from equipment that helps adventurers in their adventures, they also provide various adventurous programs for you and your family. Until the 1980s, REI was focused and dedicated to providing state-of-the-art adventurous gear to its customers. With a change of board of directors in 1980, REI’s focus included family camping and adventurous activities like bicycling, tours, kayaking, etc.

REI entered the recreation industry. They provide treks and other packages, which are essential in modern day recreation. REI has turned into a hub for adventurers to seek and get the required information for a good vacation.


    • The first employee of the company is the first American to summit Mount Everest.
    • Both founders lived for almost a hundred years.
    • The company identified itself as a co-op in the 1970s and still operates as a pseudo co-op.
    • On Black Friday 2015, REI shut down all of its stores to promote its campaign #optoutside, urging people to spend time outside. It even gave all its employees a paid day vacation on Black Friday.
    • REI is the first retailer in the history of retailing to forgo Black Friday.
    • For the first six years of its run since 1939, REI did not have a store outlet.
    • REI has vowed to become carbon neutral by the end of 2020.
    • It gives away millions of dollars of free equipment to its staff every year to encourage the importance of adventure and physical activity.
    • It mostly operates in the US, but REI once had an international store outlet in Japan.

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