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Regency Furniture is a furniture store located in which is situated in there states of the United States i.e Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The company offers dining room sets, living room sets, roomsfurniture, sofa sets and many more of the finest quality are designed brilliantly.


Regency Furniture offers its customers a unique range of products which are styled and crafted in a diligent way. Regency Furniture is on the cutting edge of the home furniture of shopping experience by providing its customer’s products at a very low cost and unbeatable price. Due to the great vision of the company, the business has expanded to another level and till now seven stores allow the consumers to access its products throughout the 3 states of the United States. The staff is working day and night for the betterment of the company and the company follow proper rules. They provide amazing customer services to their buyers. 

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  • Kelly says:

    I just read the comments and I too am having an bad experience with customer service. We order living room furniture the end of Sept (we were having family come in for Christmas this year) We did hold off until the beginning of Dec for delivery when they delivered it was the wrong set after calling the store and being upset the manager rudely, said what is the problem….I told your associate my situation but whatever I declined the furniture and had to wait until the furniture was checked back into the warehouse, ok two days later we went to the store to order the correct furniture (they did call us the next day but we had already had prior plans) we go to sign meet a different manger he was apologetic but told us after we signed the new paperwork we will call you later today or tomorrow to let you know how long the delivery will be, over a month now and heard nothing!

  • Shahzad U Qureshi says:

    I am also experiencing worst customer service. I opened property damage claim in first week of July 2022. I was informed that someone from Property damage department will contact me in in 24 to 48 hours and still no update. I call every other day and get same response that someone will contact me. They have no manager, no other number. Very frustrating. Any idea who should I contact to resolve this issue. Regency upper management should look in it.

  • Nicole says:

    Absolutely horrible customer service. Website offered free shipping or pickup. I chose pickup thinking I’d be able to get it sooner. Called immediately after placing order and was told it would still be a 8-10wk wait. I said well in that case I’d like to change to shipping. She said she couldn’t see my order but to call back Monday and the system would be updated. Called Monday and again asked for it to be switched to shipping. They said it would be $160 to ship. I said the website offered free shipping. She said there’s a minimum and you didn’t qualify. I said that’s not true, when I was done with my order and went to submit free shipping was still an option. If I go on the site right now and duplicate the order it’s still offering free shipment. They refuse to honor it. Don’t waste your time or money. ANYWHERE is better than here!

  • Kevin Gillespie says:

    I purchased 3 tables (Ashley Homestore)in February of 2021 and waited until April of 2022 for them and never received them. Requested a refund and never received it. The attorney general is investigating this issue for me.

    • Mary C. Anselmo says:

      Hi Kevin,
      We have a similar issue with them. We purchased furniture from them in Dec 2021. Our furniture is ready in the warehouse however they wont schedule delivery for us because its showing a balance on their end. We’ve provided tge receipt showing a zero balance multiple times and we are still at a dead end. Im just wondering where you are located because we are at the point of making a report as well.
      Thank you for any information you’re willing to provide.

  • Laura Whitaker says:

    This store need to be out of business. This is the worst company ever serving the hard working citizens of Prince George County. I was excited to purchased furniture in November 11, 2021. I understood furniture delivery would take until March or April. When April I was told June. On May 11th I got a call and it was now July. I said no more. This store don’t hold your items. I will never patronize this store. It need to be removed from our community something needs to be done about this company. I will never stop until this company owns up to the issue they causes us the customer.

  • Shawn says:

    Worst experience ever sales man didn’t add all my stuff delivery was 8 hrs late and looking for the manager Greg in the brandy wine store is no help at all , I’ve called several times they leave u on hold without no help of customer service now I’m at the store waiting on a manager for 30 mins now this is the last time I’ll be bringing my money back to this store

  • Amanda Birckhead says:

    The worst customer service I have ever experienced. They all lie, managers don’t call you back and even when I went in person to try and get my issue resolved I was lied to again!

  • Teresa Ruleman says:

    Ordered a living room set on 8/14/21 with an 8 to 12 week delivery. I’m still waiting with no answers on 2/21/22.

  • Chris says:

    I ordered furniture from them in August and am getting the same run around/lies from them. Every time I call they will call me back and the date of delivery keeps moving further out with no return call. This is poor service and customer relations. I can hardly believe even with the state of the pandemic that they can keep making excuses and lies.

  • Richards Madden says:

    Im calling my lawyer right now I’m tired of these people at regency furniture customer service giving me the BS they are lira’s I paid too much money for the Leather furniture and it’s peeling. I will never buy another piece of furniture from them and they will get poor business when I get done cause they have a lot of bad reviews.

  • Tracy says:

    I wish I would have read these reviews I would have never brought anything from them it is By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They are condescending and inexplicably rude. They even hung up on me! Will never do business with this company. And I hope the delivery guy get fired he was horrible don’t understand you don’t speak English

    • Shelia Franklin says:

      Yes Tracey I agree ..I been waiting on furniture since May 2021 in October 2021I Finally decided to go into the store and re-select furniture..when, the furniture arrived it was doll house size …definitely for apartment not a house…to make long story short..I been waiting on a refund they claim was mailed November 18th…don’t ever buy furniture from Ashley, Marlos or Regency they are all under the same come umbrella…The customer service is horrible..

  • Alejandra Wagner says:

    I want to complain about the quality of a sectional leather sofa that I bought at your store. After 3 years if started peeling. I went to the store , they told me “oh sorry, not my problem, I did not sell you that, the insurance you bought does not cover materials. I cannot believe that a furniture store will use such cheap material that will not last more than 3 years. The electric recliner looks terrible now. On top of that I realized they charge me hundreds of dollars more than the advertised price, I did not say anything at that time, since I did not realize that I was overcharged at that time. No accountability at all! poor customer service, poor materials!

  • Delita Ashton says:

    By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. No one returns calls. They give you the run around. They either don’t answer, you’re on hold forever to either get disconnected or they continue to say someone will be contacting me. I purchased a bedroom set with the adjustable head/foot base. My footboard keeps falling off whenever I use the adjustable base and last not I laid my head back on the headboard and that collapsed and the footboard fell off. I’m fed up and at this point I just want them to come and get the furniture. Of course they said I had 72 hours after delivery to return but ive been trying to contact them since it was delivered. Not to mention the deliverers are 3rd party and they don’t understand English. It’s now been over a month and I haven’t been able to reach anyone. I definitely do not recommend this company. I spent over $7k. The furniture is too expensive to not receive good customer service and good quality products.

  • Bobbie Capasso says:

    By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They are condescending and inexplicably rude. They even hung up on me! Will never do business with this company. So much for that $9k furniture order you lost out on.

    • Malisa says:

      Omg I’m livid right now!!! I called to get update on my furniture and the phone rang for 30 mins with no answer! I then call customer service and the lady tells me a bunch of crap! I’m over this place. No one wants to do their job as long as they get your money their done with you. This place is the worst!

  • Mr Tee says:

    The Worst place ever to buy furniture online to have delivered by 3rd party foreigners that can’t understand english. No need to go to the Regency store for refunds because they can’t do anything for you but they know how to take the customer money.
    It was a 3 hour inconvenience on my time going to the store for nothing. I couldn’t even get the furniture I ordered online due to the fact that the store and online are different entities, but they the money is in Regency pocket.
    Look elsewhere where they really VALUE customers. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

  • Ms Neville says:

    I purchased a dinning room set from Regency some time ago. Immediately after I purchased the set, I noticed that when I sat in one chair, a large sinking hole was in the seat.

    I requested that Regency replace that chair and they did. A few months later, I noticed all of the chairs had that sinking hole, which has caused much embarrassment when I have dinner guests.

    I went to the Regency store and found the same table set. I sat in the chairs and discern none if the chairs at the store had that low sinking hole, had a much stronger seat- and of course, no deep sinking hole.
    I asked the manager if he could replace my chairs with this stronger chair since I cannot use the chairs I purchased with my table, and he right away dismissed my request.

    So I have this same expensive set that just sits in my lovely dinning room, where no one dare to sit.

    I’ve had to explain to guests and family why we cannot sit at the beautiful table with unfit, unsafe chairs.

    To this day, I will never purchase from Regency Furniture ever again

  • Norma Shehadi says:

    Very poor service and quality of furniture….should have spent our 8000.00 else where.

  • tiffany N Harris says:

    I would like to start off by saying that I have been a loyal customer of the Regency store since 2016 and I have always been pleased with the products and service. Unfortunately, this was not the case with my recent order and experience on July 1,2021 at the 7740 Ritchie Hwy Glen Burnie, MD 21061 location.
    I purchased a floor model 3 piece sectional item numbers 900-10-0095-07, 990-10-0395-06 & 990-10-0395-03 I also purchased an ottoman item number 990-10-0095-06 & an accent chair item number 990-10-0095-07 from another floor model. As I was debating my purchased and speaking it over with my sales representative Quinn Street that’s when Cheryl Brown who later identified herself as the general manager of this location approached. I decided to purchase these items with the exception of the orange & blue decorative pillows I was extremely clear the decorative pillows I wanted were the once that matched the accent chair I purchased which were the same accent pattern as the chair, black & gray. After purchasing I noticed the invoice didn’t indicate the change in decorative pillows. I immediately called the store back to confirm that the purchase was correct at that time I was told by the same gentlemen that took my payment and Cheryl Brown was next to him confirming my delivery time and date “yes ma’am you will be receiving the black and white pillows, the invoice doesn’t list the pillows because the price is included in the purchase of the sectional”. I said ok thank you and that was it until on July 4th after the products were delivered I came home from work and saw the pillows I received were not the once I specifically said I wanted I called the store again and spoke with Cheryl she then told me she would send an email to the manufacturer/wearhouse and ask if the pillows can be sent separately. Once again I said ok and waited for an update phone call which I didn’t receive so on July 10 I called the store again and spoke with Cheryl. She then told me that it was some confusion on my part that she never said I could receive the original pillows that I purchased. When I tried to explain to her about when I called back that same day and it was confirmed that I what product I would be receiving she told me that it was no way it could’ve been confirmed and that i was a liar on top of that she started to raise her voice and speak over me. Then she told me that they’re was nothing she could do and she couldn’t help me any further which I find completely unacceptable being in a higher management position in the customer service/ retail industry. I was hoping this matter could’ve been resolved but with the unprofessional behavior of the highest manager in that store I didn’t see how.

  • Regina Shorter says:

    I will never shop regency furniture store, I purchased a dining room set and it was damaged when I opened the box at home. Corporate office would NOT refund or exchange. Never ever again.

  • Linda says:

    June 25, 2021
    I picked up a Chest and when I got it home there was no hardware to put the legs on the chest! The staff is uncooperative, nasty and uneducated! I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the Maryland Attorney General’s office. They use that line about inspect it for damages before you leave. Okay there are NO damages! But how can I use the dresser if it has no hardware to put the legs on??? Something tells me that this is not a coincidence but actually how they do business. I URGE you BUYER BEWARE!!

  • Brandy edwards says:

    I purchased furniture and was given a delivery date .I called the date of the delivery to get a time for the delivery .I was told my furniture was not coming but it had been pushed back 6 more months .and they was not willing to do anything for me ..you wait or pick something else and believe me when I say they have nothing the only reason I like this set is because I had never seen it before in that color..worst experience and corporate is a joke I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a family member taking the call from home very nasty and didn’t want to give a name .

  • Shannon Raymond says:

    Never ever will I ever shop there again the one in great Mills Maryland Ashley‘s/Regency. I ordered my furniture March 29 here it is June 10 they delivered it I got the recliner the dresser the railing for the bed and the drawers underneath the bed. No headboard no footboard. Says right on my receipt headboard footboard. I called Ashley‘s regencies according to them I did not pay for the headboard or footboard. When it states right there on my receipt headboard footboard. Three Months I wait! I cleared my bedroom out for the new furniture. Slept on the floor! Paid $2,100. For it, and they say it doesn’t include the headboard and footboard! Then Brandon at the great Mills store tells me no fault of my own, their fault, but they don’t want to fix the problem! Then on top of that I tell them come get their shit because I’m not holding it for them, they tell me they can’t get it right now, I have to wait at least til Monday and I am responsible for the furniture if anything happens to it! Tell me this isn’t BS! Don’t ever shop at Ashley’s/Regency! Customer service is horrible!

  • Erica Allgood says:

    I paid for furniture on 5/9/2020 and I have not received any of my furniture. The phone numbers don’t work and the store in sterling is rude. Ilham Darwah is so disrespectful and rude. It has been 2 months and no furniture. You have my money and I want my furniture or a full refund. Never again will I step foot in a regency store.

  • Lori Cheung says:

    The customer service department is horrible here. They are so disrespectful and talk crazy to you, don’t offer any solution and leave you on hold forever. If you ask for a manager they will not let you speak to one at all.

  • Upset consumer says:

    I went in March right before the pandemic, purchased a chair for $230 from their scratch and debt section. It appeared that their was nothing wrong with the chair other than it being a floor model. They would not allow me to take the chair home that day. The same week they closed because of the pandemic so I could not pick it up. Once they opened I went to pick up my chair. I was told they could not find it and I could pick out another. Well since I’ve been home, I have been furnished my home to match this chair. I was extremely upset. I went on to the floor to see if I could find another chair, and spotted my chair sitting in the show room. I was told that I could not have the floor model, and if they ordered it I would now have to pay $570 for a new one and it would take 12 weeks to get here. Now I’m looking at this chair and it looks like the same one I purchased with a minor snag before the pandemic. The store manager was extremely nasty. I asked for the regional manager and he said that he was the highest manager under the owner..yes the store manager. I have been trying to get in touch with the regional manager a Mr. Greg Roberts. I have emailed him and I’ve called several stores to locate him. It appears that no one knows how to reach him, not even the district manager for Ashley furniture whom I managed to speak to 2 days ago. (They are owned by the same people). Now this chair that he claim will take 12 weeks to come is available at other furniture stores. He said due to the pandemic, that factories being closed it will take a while to come. My question is so how did you get the chair over the pandemic break that is on the show room floor, since you claim it’s not the one I purchased. I will be looking into taking regency to court. One reason is, they sold a property of mine that I purchased now want me to pay full price for it in order to get it. They entered into a contract once I purchased the chair and now trying to cancel my order or make me pay a higher amount. Not right at all! I will also go as far as the media bc this type of business is unacceptable and the customer service by their own store manager is totally unacceptable!

    • Shannon Raymond says:

      They did the same shit to me! Tell me I have to pay an extra $500! For their mistake! I’m with you! They are terrible!! Wait 3 months for my furniture, and then when it gets here, no headboard or footboard, oh u have pay an extra $500! I don’t think so!

  • Chris Eubanks says:

    Zippers are or are not included in warranties on sectional furniture that have zippers?

  • Carla says:

    I purchased a living room set on Saturday, 11/9/19 and was told I would have a delivery date this week. I called today, 11/12/19 to receive a date and got the run away from the receptionist. She keep putting me on hold to talk with the manager. When I asked to speak with the manager he was busy with a customer and would call me back. That call never happened so I called back and talked with another receptionist and she said the furniture I purchased was already SOLD and now they were trying to locate another set from the warehouse. How hard is that to tell a customer? Why can’t the manager call me and offer to refund my money so I can locate furniture at another store? I wish I had read some of these reviews first because I would have never gone to this store. It sucks!! Don’t waste your time!!

    • Rennee Hubb says:

      I’m experiencing the same problem. I paid online and my delivery date is almost 2 months out.

    • Malisa says:

      I wish I would’ve seen all this myself. I’m having a time trying to get my furniture that I paid a lot of money for. They keep pushing my delivery date and tell me if I cancel I have to pay 10% of my purchase price WOW!!! I’m over this place

  • Rosalyn Coleman says:

    I agree that I was surprised that a big company such as Regency has such “shady” operating practices. First they told me that I would have 12 months to pay no interest…then after I picked out the furniture and got to the financing department, they said that since it was “discounted so heavily”, I would have to pay it off in 6 months. I wanted to cancel the order; however, my son really wanted the bedroom set we picked out. It is now November 4, 2019 and we still have no furniture. They scheduled delivery for 11/01/19 between 1 and 5…guess what???? No one showed up after I sat home from work all day. I called several time for a status and I got the run around from no one who wanted to take responsibility!!!! Please do yourself a favor and do not order from Regency in Brandywine, Maryland!!!!

  • Lynn says:

    The worst company ever I have dealt with. I have contact 7 on your side to resolve my issue that has been going on for 2 months.

  • Freddy Johnson says:

    Worst furniture company in the DMV.Recently I had the worst buying experience ever,I saw a furniture set that I liked,I decided to buy it in July and was promised that they will be delivered in August.After several trips to the store,a part delivery was made at the end of September.It’s now almost the end of October and I am been told that the rest of the delivery will not be made because they are completely out of stock.It’s been a nightmarish experience,I am left with half a set of furniture and I was told to get a refund for the other half that was not delivered.I am waying my options as good customers should not be treated like dirt.I have bought furniture from other stores and Regency is by far the worst.

  • Angela Hutchins says:

    Not trying to resolve the issue that is still a problem today but want you to continue to pay for the merchandise the manager at the largo store won’t return any calls since the furniture is no longer in the store just crooked.

  • Ivonne says:

    I ordered my set back on 4/1/19, It is now 6/10/19 and I received a call that my window for delivery has been added 2hr to it. At first it was from 10am-2pm, now it is from 10am- 4pm. Who in there right minds would want to order from this company. I have waited over 2 and a half months for a vendor that is locale within my area, which is in Waldorf, MD. I have went in and spoke with the manager and he is just nonchalant as he wants to be. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ordering from here. My whole day has been wasted due to this company. Keeping customers a priority is not within this company. I am unable to find corporate number so therefore I will be writing reviews in all places I can.

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