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  • Address: 6312 S Fiddlers Green Cir, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 303-846-6000

  • Fax Number: 303-846-6073

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1969

  • Founder: Gerry Kingen

  • Key People: Robert K. Jakoby (Director of Restaurant Systems)

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Red Robin was founded in the year 1969. The company has been operational for 49 years now. The company’s name was coined after the ‘The Red Robin’ song, which was the favourite song for the company’s owner. Then the name of the company was changed to Sam’s Red Robin. The company was then bought over by Gerry Kingen, and the name of the company was again changed to just Red Robin.

In the year 1979, the first franchisee of the company was The Snyder Group Company, and the rights to open a new store at Washington, as provided. By the year 1985, the company already had almost 175 restaurants under its name and franchises. The company was passing through a poor financial phase after the year 1985, and then in 1995, both Gerry Kingen and Michael Snyder brought back the company into the profit-making ratio. The company had become a limited public entity in the year 2002. By the year 2015, the company already had about 538 restaurants under its name. The headquarters of the company is based in 6312 South Fiddler’s Green Circle, Suite 200N. The name of the place is North Greenwood Village, while the name of the state is Colorado, USA. The area pin code is 80111.


Red Robin is an American company that focuses on the production of various restaurant quality dishes and fast food recipes for its customers. The current CEO and president of the company are Denny Marie Post. As of the year 2018, the number of locations that the company’s restaurants have its presence is more than 573, around in the USA and Canada. The company’s overall revenue, as of the year 2014, was more than $1 billion.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to experience casual dining at the company’s restaurants, selling various kinds of dishes and fast food recipes. The company’s restaurants sell entrees, appetisers, burgers, soups, salads, beverages, sweets, and even has a special menu for children.

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  • joe m says:

    I am relating an incident which occurred last night (1/1/24) at your restaurant in The Village at Orange, which was very disturbing and traumatic:

    Francisco served 1st beer just after 4pm after I arrived to watch Alabama-Michigan Rose Bowl. About 45 minutes later my friend arrived
    Friend ordered food and beer just after 5pm – i was still only halfway through my beer at the time so I declined to order any food or beer when Andrea asked. A while later my friend finished meal & went to the restroom. While he was gone I ordered a 2nd beer from Andrea. Over an hour or so later, when friend finished his beer & decided to head out he asked for the check. At this point Andrea was on break & a different waitress presented a COMBINED check for both of us that had his food and four beers. My friend pointed out that the tab was off – he only had one beer. At that point we realized they had combined the check without asking, so we told her it was separate tabs AND only 3 total beers – 1 for him & two for me. New girl said she had to check with Andrea. She came back saying Andrea said I had 3 beers – 1 w Fransisco and 2 with her. This was incorrect.
    Mgr then came over & asked if we needed anything. So I pointed out the mistake which my friend backed up & requested correction – but mgr said Andrea stuck by her claim that she served me two beers plus the earlier one from Francisco. WE again told him she was mistaken and pointed out she was was not only manning the bar by herself, but ALL the tables in the upper seating area and may have made an honest mistake. So my friend suggested we could clear it up by reviewing camera footage. Mgr said they didn’t have any. So I asked him if computer showed the time for each beer I was supposed to have ordered. The register showed my 1st beer just after 4 from Francisco. Then it showed another at 5:11 and a 3rd at 6:47. So we asked what the register showed for my friend’s bees & food – and found that those showed up at 5:11. THIS was the ‘smoking gun’ – the erroneous extra beer for me was listed as being served simultaneously with my friend’s order. My friend witnessed, and attested to, that I did NOT have another beer at same time as him – that Andrea DEFINITELY did not serve us both at a single time – so she erroneously rang up 2 beers instead of 1. I still had half of my first left. I didn’t order my 2nd until my friend went to restroom after finishing his meal.

    Francesco never opened separate tab for me when I first arrived and ordered – long before my friend arrived. They just rang up the tab when my friend wanted to close out. If they had kept a running tab for me upon my arrival, it would have been accurate & avoided the entire problem.

    I pointed out to the mgr that an individual tab was nevr started for me & that would have avoided entire conflict IF they hadn’t waited until delivering the tab to ring everything from memory in a combined tab. The proof that they hadn’t kept a running tab was in the fact that they delivered a combined check even though I arrived 45 minutes before my friend. But that point was lost on the mgr who said it didn’t make any difference and accused me of ‘changing my story’ !? Three separate reasonable attempts were made to the bartenders & then the mgr by myself & my friend to amicably resolve the matter before the mgr’s unrelenting attitude made my blood boil & temper flare.

    At this point the mgr said I was being unreasonable. So what would he deem ‘reasonable’ – pay for what I KNEW I didn’t owe?

    I go to Buff Wild Wings at the same location all the time. But I decided to try something new this time & I was actually having a very enjoyable night with my friend until the mgr insisted I pay for more than I had.

    BWW bartenders ALWAYS immediately starts a tab & put it in glass right in front of you – so you can always check as items are added. I NEVER drink more than 2 beers in one sitting and most times only 1 – the only debate I have is whether to have a 2nd, as the BWW bartenders can readily attest as they’ve known me for 3 yrs. At 50+ years old with a family, I have VERY well-defined drinking habits at this point – my days of ‘tossing them back’ are long behind me. Having no interest in risking a DUI and all that that entails I take no chances ‘overdoing’ it – I ‘nurse’ 1 or max 2 beers over 2-3 hours of watching a game. If I want to have more than 2 I stay home to watch the game unless a friend is driving.

    Your mgr and waitress insisted thy were right – that no mistakes were made. Finally told them I REFUSED to pay for something I didn’t have. The mgr then said he had called the police. After initially waiting several minutes, I decided I wasn’t willing to waste any more of MY time on THEIR mistake, so I put down cash for 2 beers PLUS a generous tip on the bar (despite the great upset they caused) & walked out.

    Your mgr then told me i was banned – so I laughed telling him it was a moot point and asking him if he really thought I would patronize anyplace that tried to rip me off. The mgr yelled that he wouldn’t attempt to ‘rip me off for a lousy $6’. So I flipped that very sentiment around on him: Do you seriously believe I would fight this error so vehemently & vociferously just to try to squeeze a free beer!!! REALLY? I asked him for corporate contact info & he refused to provide it so I had to look up to send this.

    Red Robin and this mgr owe me apology for trying to overcharge me, calling me a liar, raising my blood pressure and ruining my night. I guess I’ll stick with BWW where I’m welcome and have never been overcharged.
    I am also owed my sweatshirt which I forgot to grab from the stool when I left and which the mgr then held hostage when I returned shortly after to retrieve it.

    Here’s the bottom line:
    Utilizing simple ‘best-practices’ of running a tab as soon as a customer sits down, with that check sitting on the edge of the bar in front of them, able to be checked and updated as needed – as is done at most bars, could have entirely prevented this ugly incident and the resultant disparagement & bitter antagonism of a potential long-term patron. Instead of retroactively ringing up my friend and me from memory when one of us was ready to leave – and then insisting they were right despite TWO customers insisting they were wrong. Without video support, or even coworker corroboration of the events in question, opting to take a hard stand & escalate the situation (including calling the police!) over one beer seems reckless and anti-customer oriented. Your mgr made a customer service misunderstanding antagonistically personal. That register time stamp of 5:11 for TWO beers was the smoking gun that confirmed for me and my friend that the bartender made an error since we were both emphatic that I had stated ‘I’m all set’ when Andrea queried if I needed refill or anything when she brought the food to my friend! Your establishment and mgr put a very sour end complete w elevated blood pressure on what had otherwise been a thoroughly enjoyable New Year’s day get-together w my friend

  • Steven g says:

    Hi there,

    I’m having a very difficult time getting a return message or a call from anyone from Red Robin’s to respond back to me. So I thought maybe this could be a good way to get someone from Red Robin’s Canada to get in touch with me. So I do apologize to you if I have over stepped the boundary here that isn’t my intention. But this is really important to me. It’s regarding false accusations and denied dining service. Like I said, I’m hoping this could be one way for me to get someone to call me back regarding this issue down below I’ve included a copy of the incident and email confirmation numbers to indicate that I have sent Red Robin’s corporate service contact us email on their website.So again I do apologize if your aren’t the right person or department to go through this regarding the incident, if it’s not you can forward this email to right department. Otherwise, I’m going to seek some sort of legal advice on getting dined service on the grounds of some kind human rights on the grounds and of violation of discrimination against me.this indecent happened at the Robson and thurlow street,Vancouver,bc, Canada location.

    (Copy of indecent and email to Red Robin’s corporate)

    This is copy of the indictment that happened as of October 27, 2023
    This is the 4th or 4th time that I’ve been reaching out to you guys. I’m sending this to your location because I think the thurlow street restaurant wherever this incident took place aren’t responding back to these emails on purpose because they know they are in the wrong and are trying to avoid this whole situation but I’m not going to rest until I get a respond from the Red Robin’s corporate office. I’m very upset the way I have been treated by your staff on October 27th and on October 25th. I was refused service on the October 27th and asked to leave because the manager said I had a done dine and dash the other day when I was there on October 25th. Which is a blunt out lie and the totally untrue because of your sever named Kylie said I did that because what happened on the October 25th when I was there last. On the October 25th,I was first approached by Kylie and another gentleman which I’m assuming was a manager where I was on the patio having a smoke before I was to come into the restaurant for lunch. I didn’t know that the patio was closed because there was no signage anywhere stating it was closed and I was told that I needed to leave the patio area immediately they were very rude about it and I just didn’t say anything back to them . They said “hurry up and get out this area” ,they were very rude to me . I then asked if I could go in to the restaurant for lunch they first hesitate and they talked it over I don’t know why they would refuse me entry anyways but I was finally told I could enter the restaurant. I then asked brown waiter or manager if I could get a table close to a electrical outlet because I needed to charge my iPhone and he replied rudely no we don’t have any outlets here, and you can’t use any of are outlets. So I then asked “if I could sit at the bar and put my iPhone on charge behind the bar?” And again he rudely (the brown server) said you can sit at the bar but you can’t put the your iPhone behind the bar even though i had put my iPhone on charge behind the bar last month when I there for my birthday dinner. Where I had asked the bartender (on my birthday night) if he could find a place where I could put my iPhone on charge and he replied yes, he said “he can put it behind the bar because we do that for all are guests when they need to charge their phones.” So I knew that the the server was lying to me when I had asked to have my iPhone put behind the bar but I just bite my tongue and had a seat at the bar where I sat there for 6-8 minutes with no one coming to greet me or give me a menu even when I had made eye contact with that same server twice that I need some sort of service. I was wondering why they were being so rude. I finally had an enough and started to leave the restaurant and when I walked out . I came back in asked the server what his name was but he refused to give it to me (brown server) but I then asked the other server that was standing there the whole time with the other brown server he responded by saying his name was Kylie and then thanked him for the rude and poor customer service they gave me today, those were my exact words to them, “I’m leaving because of your guys poor customer service , you guys just stood there and watched me sit at the bar for 6-8 minutes with no service.” I didn’t why they were so rude to me. I then left the restaurant without saying anything to anyone else or placing any kind of order. I just walked out of restaurant at that point . I was so upset at the way I was treated and disrespected I didn’t know why I was being treated with such disrespect.

    So I think because of that interaction Kylie decided to lie to the manager when I came back to the restaurant on October 27th that I dined and dash and was refused service and asked to leave. I demanded to know what I actually ordered and who I ordered from that day on which I supposed dined and dashed but Kylie said he couldn’t remember if it was yesterday or the day before, he then said it was so long. It was only 2 days ago I replied. I demand to see the footage of me dining and dashing if I did do such a thing. They both refused to show me any kind of proof .
    Which is because that never happened, he is totally lying and I’m not taking this matter by just sitting down but I’m demanding for a full investigation in this matter. You guys should have some sort of a record of me doing a dine dash, which I would like to see, there should be a police report made or some sort record kept by the restaurant of me doing a dine and dash for at least the restaurant’s records because that’s protocol when someone does dine dash that the police should be called. You can check the camera footage of me being there on October 25th sometime between 1pm and 5pm you should be easy for you guysto see me doing a dine and dash if I I in fact did one on that day which I didn’t do.
    There should be some sort of recording on that footage that would show you guys I never spoke any servers or ordered anything. You would just me sitting at the bar for 6-8 minutes without anyone speaking to me or ordering anything, I did not speak with any severs, I had no contact with any servers, you would then just see me leaving the restaurant after sitting there for 6-8 minutes at the bar without me speaking to anyone in the restaurant on October 25th . You would be clearly see me walking out of the restaurant and coming back in to ask the servers names and telling them the reason I’m leaving.
    I’m short East Indian male , I’m 5’5 feet tall , light brown skin.

    I would like a full apology for the rude service and regarding dine dash accusation.

    I will be posting this encounter on all social media websites because this is the most rudest experience I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life, plus that server is lying and making a fake dine dash accusation just because I complained about past bad service I received.

    I want to know what Items that I had ordered for that dine and dashed I supposedly did, there should be some kind of billing report produced on my order that I dined and dashed on and who my server was at that time that I supposedly did the dine and dash.There should be some kind of record that the restaurant would keep for any kind of a dine and dash for your accounting purposes that’s what I’ve been told by many other restaurant managers when I had explained what happened to me at Red Robin’s at other restaurants i went to after that day of October 27th .
    I need you guys to take this incident seriously because this is no joke because my character is in question. Im also going to be seeking out legal advice on what to do in this incident. I look forward from hearing back from you guys regarding this lie about me doing a dine and dash.

    I will not rest until the truth comes out.

    I would like a manager from your head office to only contact at me. I don’t want to be contacted by anyone from that Thurlow and Robson st. Location because I can’t trust anyone from that location.


    Steven G

    These are my previous email contact records of emails I’ve sent on your website.
    Red Robin’s case number #01810183

    Red Robin’s ?case number#01812918

    Red Robin’s case number #01817352

  • Andrew Heil says:

    There was uncertainty and confusion in me being seated initially, I was asked table or bar. I requested table and he walked away to clean the table then seat me. The server was very rushed and said it was only him. He cut me off to where I couldn’t give specific instructions like my cheese preference on my burger and had to resubmit my initial order 8 minutes later asking for the onion rings. Bringing the water was fine the first time, second time was slower, and third time was even slower.

    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers – 01760429 [ ref:_00Di0awLZ._5005d1sv81h:ref ]

    I reached out to guest service and spoke with Takiyah which only made things worse. Takiyah was not only rude, argumentative, and unhelpful on the phone. She made the comment that my account was credited a few times, and said that her supervisor would see my account of what’s right in front of her and determine my account can’t receive a service recovery for poor customer service. She not only had an unhelpful demeanor, I have reason to believe she or her passing my royalty account info to her supervisor removed one of my $20 coupons on my account, so now I am out at least $35 of credit my account should be eligible for. For her poor customer service to me and inconveniencing me further, it would be appropriate to give me another $15, so a $50 e-gift card would satisfy me to make up for my missing $20 coupon that was removed yesterday right after I called customer service, the continued poor customer service experience at the location, and my other $15 coupon that was redeemed.

    I sent the following email communications without a response and had to call to follow up multiple times without a proper resolution: You don’t have any right to take away coupons. You should only have the ability to give them when Red Robin falls short and you have demonstrated terrible customer service and lack the willingness to help resolve the issue. At this point a $50 e-gift card is the only thing that will resolve this for poor service there to replace the coupon, my missing $20 coupon, and your poor customer service.

    I’m still waiting to get the proper resolution about my missing $20 coupon which wasn’t taken away before I called, the poor customer service I received in the restaurant, and the lack of customer service on the phone to assist with my complaint and issues. I was given an estimated time for the supervisor to review the file for proper resolution would be Monday. Please let me know of the latest updates. I’m hoping my next experience is much better and doesn’t disappoint me.

    If you can’t add any credits on my Royalty account due to system limitations, then send an e-gift card for $50 to give me the $20 that was taken out of my account back, the poor experience at the restaurant, and poor service with falsified information on the phone about receiving resolution from a corporate supervisor by the end of this past Monday and past Tuesday. Just being given the run around that it is escalated to the restaurant and I can anticipate hearing back from them within 24 to 48 hours doesn’t make the situation or me whole. I’m in a worse spot/position now than before I made the call. That’s not right and it needs to be fixed.

    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers – 01762869 [ ref:_00Di0awLZ._5005d1svdSC:ref ]

    I then sent the following message to the supervisor Kiyona and she was equally unhelpful and unresponsive: Hopefully, the feedback will go a long way to improving service quality. I basically got back what was taken away from me which I believe to have been poor customer service to begin with. Guest service relations should be about rectify situations, creating not destroying relationships. When the $20 coupon was taken away from me it made my bad experience worse now I got it back, but I still had to give up a coupon for subpar food quality and service. The first time Takiyah and I spoke when I reported the problem there was argumentativeness a lack of empathy, and willingness to help, and she made the situation worse by taking away a coupon. I heard mixed stories from different people I spoke with on the phone and had to follow up multiple times concerning my issue. Giving me back the taken away coupon is a start, but I believe I should receive an e-gift card as well for my inconveniences that extend outside of the poor service at the restaurant. At the very least I would have expected Takiyah to be more empathetic and rather than outright refuse to help and make the situation worse state even though I do see that your account has been recovered several times, let me pass your feedback along to my supervisor and the relevant management teams and we will see what we can do to make this right for you. That would have made all of the difference.

    Thank you

    You can, you just refuse to help and find it ok for how the service was handled on the phone as well. You all are equally responsible for the bad customer service outside of the restaurant. The last part about what you said accommodating my wife makes no sense either. I would expect more from a supervisor. Please provide me with the email to reach out to corporate communications as this resolution is not satisfactory to me. Even if you can’t credit my account with another coupon, an e-gift can be given to my email address.

    If you do not want to assist me further by providing me with an e-gift card or the email to corporate communications, I will research it myself online and reach out to them and give them honest candid feedback about my experience at the restaurant, multiple phone calls with mixed and misleading information, and lack of full resolution to my problems through email communications. Hope to hear from you with the proper resolution very soon. I’ve definitely waited long enough.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a customer of Red Robin in Sioux City Iowa for a long time. I witnessed something on Wednesday night that was very disturbing to me. I. Eyewitness I assume was the manager that night a female and one of the waitress got into a fight verbally in front of all the customers. What came next was very very disturbing, the system manage came over to a young girl I assume she was in her routines and started yelling at her about this woman that she got into a fight with, what I assumed is that young lady was the daughter of this waitress. The young girl was almost in tears. I was so embarrassed for her for being chewed out in front of people. I think you should look into this manager that would fight in front of customers and treat a young girl like this. What kind of managers do you have. I told all my friends about it and they said I should contact you so this is what I’m doing. Hope you will do something about best manager

  • Michael Herrera says:

    The ad for an open position in San Antonio reads
    Reb Robin not Red Robin
    I had to look twice to see if it was a new company
    and then I notice the spelling error
    sorry for the bab news. JK! bad news
    Thank you
    Michael Herrera

  • P. Lander says:

    Having been in leisure/entertainment marketing for over 30 years, I suggest the Red Robin CEO and key executives start dining at their own restaurants to assess some very serious problems. They will quickly see why Red Robin will likely be bankrupt in the near future. In earlier years, we always enjoyed Red Robin. But, in the past three years, it has been a terrible experience. Poor service, dirty, long waits, etc. Last night at 5:45pm, we decided to give it another try since we hadn’t been there for a while. Upon entering, the hostess told us we’d have a 10 minute wait for a table. Half the restaurant tables were empty. We asked why the wait? She said several of the servers decided not to show up and we needed to wait until people left tables with servers. When she did seat us, she took us to a dirty table with food thrown on the floor all around the table. On our own, we selected a cleaner table nearby. There seemed to be only one server in the entire area. She was bringing French fries to everyone and apologizing for how long the food was taking. After about 15 minutes, she finally made it to our table with water. She was very apologetic, but given the circumstances all around us, we decided to leave Red Robin. We could see it was going to take a long time to get a simple burger. We decided we would never dine at Red Robin again. I can see by the online reviews many others have made the same decision. Red Robin will soon run out of people to disappoint!

  • Mike willson says:

    We just had takeout from the Red Robin on Bothell/Everett highway and we ordered a fried chicken sandwich and it was raw in the middle. This isn’t the first time either. The kitchen staff needs training on the importance of keeping the fryer oil at the right temperature. Raw chicken is sooo bad!!!

  • Theresa Lazlo says:

    I ate at the Red Robin’s on stringtown road, grove city, Ohio, yesterday afternoon, around 3:30. I placed my order. My food was delivered to my table. I picked up the ketchup bottle and noticed it was dirty. I opened the lid and was surprised to find dried up cheese and a price of macaroni. The waitress brought me a new bottle. I then noticed that there were little bugs flying around, I had to Agee them away while I ate. The second round of fries were cold and my burger bun was stale. I don’t think I will eat at this location or any location again.

  • Rachel says:

    My name is Rachel and I am from Edmonton, AB, Canada. As a long time patron, we , along with ALOT of Edmontonians wish that you would PLEASE bring back Red Robins to Edmonton. I am not sure how to get ahold of your head office, but if you could please pass this on, it would be appreciated! There is not one person that I have talked to, that does not miss Red Robins! It was popular here, but they closed the restaurant.
    Please reconsider opening another restaurant in Edmonton!
    Thank you,

  • Lydia Mares says:

    The worst. We went to the Red Robin in Scottsdale AZ as we were visiting from Colorado. It was a terrible visit. We were seated, our waiter was unattentive, took our drink order and vanished. Came back took our dinner order and vanished. Once the food got there 30 minutes later, we had to flag someone down for ranch dressing. That arrived after our meal was halfway done. We mentioned to the person who brought us the ranch we didn’t get our basket of fries. Those arrived after we did the table checkout pad and were leaving $59.60 for nothing. This visit was not during a peak hour and our area was bareley filled with customers. We tipped the hostess a few bucks, for seating us with a smile.

  • Shawn Stutzman says:

    We went to your Restaurant in Clifton Park on Route 9 last night. The hostess acknowledged us and seated us before 6 p.m. Your company offers at this location 50% off 3 of their appetizers’ listed. We literally were seated and basically forgotten about other then being given napkins and forks. When the waiter did come to our table we told him we would like to get the appetizers at the half off as we were seat prior to 6 and it was now 6:15 p.m. He said he would go check with the manager before taking our order. He went into the kitchen and talked to someone and came back and said his manager could do it for 50% the appetizers’ we wanted pretzel bites and fried pickles. He then took our order for apps, drinks and Meals. He got our drink order but someone else brought my husband his unsweetened ice tea, he requested some extra sugars packets. The guy gave him one. While waiting for my drink our waiter came back over and told us his manager said she couldn’t give us the 50% off rate now. Which he said they could and now within 10 minutes they can’t. I had ordered your rum punch drink which was listed on the menu. after about 10 minutes the bar tender came over and told me they were all out of Bacardi rum, now this the 3rd time I have experienced them being out of rum recently. She did offer to make it with Mauli a boo Rum which I don’t like. I told her I would get coke but also wanted to speak to the manager Note as we had at this time been there 35 minutes still had no food and only my husbands ice tea. The manager came out from the kitchen she was a white female, had her hair dyed with 2 colors, tall and came over flipping her hair around and kept touching it while I was talking to her. She tried to tell us that corporate turns off the 50% and there was nothing she could do. No apology. I questioned her on the rum and told her that having a product on stock should be the managers responsibility but she didn’t respond. I told her this isn’t the first time it has happened at their location. It doesn’t seem unreasonable if customer has a complaint that the manager should be apologizing or seeing what they can do to make things better. This lady didn’t. I got pisted off and told her you know what keep your food we don’t want it now. We left went right around the corner to the Mexican restaurant which welcomed us in and sat us immediately and we had our appetizers’ and dinner all within a very short time. Your restaurant was not full and had plenty of staff. But I must say we did witness another server spill a whole glass of soda on his tray and a female customer where it got on her clothing and she was wet. He came up with some paper towels but wasn’t offering them to the guest but wiping the floor area. There was a baby in a high chair and her mom was checking to be sure he didn’t splash her as well. I usually got report bad service feeling like ever place can have a bad day. But this is now our 3rd bad experience and it has left a bitter taste in my mouth.. But this time I feel I have to the last time we came they had ran out of fish now it was close to the end of the evening. My fish wasn’t breaded like it normal is and tasted off. I ended up not being able to eat it and only had bottomless fries. The inside cleanliness has also went down hill. The carpets are flilthy and sheading. I should contact the State and ask them to come in and evaluate your store. I am not looking for anything in return other then you to get a better look at what is happening at this location. You have lost a customer for sure. But I hope you can speak to your manager and properly train her on how to assist a customer who has an issue in her faclity. This one clearly does not know how.

  • Tawana says:

    2465 southlake Mall, Hobart, Indiana. Location is horrible.The Manager was rude an loud talking me over a burger that was Burnt. By her Employee! A she refused to give an a fresh made one. I never felt so embarrassed an hurt in my life.

  • Bridget C says:

    Tonight my family and I had dinner at your restaurant. have a nine-year-old and a five-year-old the waitress.Davina was not attentive at all. She even walked away, shaking her head is if she was bothered with the fact we asked for things.. she only came back to check on us twice, I literally had to get up and go to the bar area where she was socializing and standing around with a manager Jennifer’!! when I

    asked for a floor manager Davina became irritated and said yeah, I’ll get her she’s on break (manager on break Cassy made me wait 20 minutes with two small kids ) she left came back and said oh when you’re ready let me know cash or card and walked off.
    Thad to wait 15 more minutes before
    Cassy decided to come over and talk to me and when she did she’s like and what do you want me to do? I asked for the number to corporate both your managers, Cassandra, and Jennifer, both went to the back another 15 minutes went by and I had to go stand by the kitchen door until they decided to come out they gave me a number for corporate !! that is no longer in service. When I try to address the situation with Jennifer, she told me what look it up yourself online now get out and don’t ever come back. I said excuse you ! she repeated herself a little louder, and threw her hands in the air. get out don’t bother coming back if this is how you will allow your management to treat your customers there’s a serious problem, I don’t know if she was discriminating against me because of our nationality. Or what the problem was, but those three women were completely horrific to me in front of my your management to treat your customers there’s a serious problem, I don’t know if she was discriminating against me because of our nationality. Or what the problem was, but those three women were completely horrific to me in front of my small children. To even were one of the other waitresses who is pregnant, came over to apologize on her own because of their behavior.

  • Barbara says:

    Thank God I am not adding to the resturant bad reviews. Makes me think I will also never go back. My comment is abouth the 14oz. bag of Crispy Onion Rings I purchased aat Meijer’s in Rockford, il on McFarland Rd. I am sending ALL the numbers I could find on the bag: 690612733117:57 March 30,2023 expiration date, UPC 43301, 611193, 38001G/38061D. I was going to make these as part of our dinner lst night. When I opened to bag I had to hand pick through the bag to find the whole breaded onon rings. There were 5! Then I went back thru the bag to find good peices of ring with coating still attached. There was more “bare” onion rings and the crispy coating then edible rings. Thought you should know.
    P.S. Just so you know, we also were turned away from your location in Rockford, Il for lack of employees. With all the comments from others you will not be in business much longer. To bad

  • Gladys Johnson says:

    On 10-16-22, I had an unspeakable experience at the Trevose location. While having an early dinner with my daughter, the waitress, Alexandrea brought over army freckles lemonade. I expressed to Alexandrea that the glass containing the lemonade had lipstick on it. Alexandrea with an attitude stated, “that came from the bar like that. I didn’t give you a dirty glass.” After that conversation Alexandrea did not come back to my table. I watched her attend to five other tables. Alexandrea had the audacity to have an other waitress bring me my check 15 minutes after someone else brought over our dinner. I ask to speak to the manager, and Matthew walked over and stated that he was the manager. Without me saying anything, Matthew stated that he already spoke to Alexandrea and that he was not there for the interaction so he was unable to speak on the matter. I told Matthew that is was poor customer service. There was not need for the waitress to treat me and my daughter that way, ignoring us because of an issue about a dirty glass. Matthew did nothing about either issue, the dirty glass or the waitresses attitude toward us.

    I would like to believe that I am a valued customer. I dine at Red Robin very often with my daughter, that can be verified with my rewards (267-918-2560). I have never had such an awful experience at any restaurant.
    I have attached two photos, one of the glass with the lipstick, and the second one of my pants that have ketchup in them. The table we sat at, had ketchup on it. It appeared that the shirts were not cleaned, nor at least wiped down. Please feel free to contact me.

    Gladys Johnson
    424 Woodhaven Place
    Philadelphia Pa 19116

  • Bruce Stem says:

    The waitress told us we can use a free birthday burger and a 15% coupon on separate orders so we separated our orders and was told at the end of the meal not able to do that …poor training of staff and the manager blew us off at the Easton PA location …this is the 2nd time we had a problem at this location ….

  • Annette Sawicki says:

    I want to red Robin for a late lunch with my grandchildren we went to the bathroom halfway through our meal and when I came back everything was cleared off the table I told the waitress we were not done yet she knew we were getting Sundays for the children and all she did was offer us free fries I am so disappointed

  • Keith Elliott says:

    Interested your corporate policy on restaurant seating. I just visited a Red Robin with twelve empty tables but was informed the wait would be an hour. That’s not the problem I was fine waiting an hour but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit in a very small lobby on a four foot bench, there were four of us, when we could have been seated at a table for our wait. When I asked the Hostess if we could just sit at a table and wait she said we would have to sit in the lobby to wait. Needles to say we opted to not eat at your Red Robin. I really don’t understand not seating people with the understanding that there would be a substantial for service. I’m sure more people opted not to eat due to having to stand or sit in that area referred to as a lobby but probably would have sat at a table or booth for there wait.

  • Leslie P Martel says:

    Hello. I am a Hostess and customer at the Red Robin restaurant in Ypsilanti, MI. Since discontinuing the menu’s to a QR code, I have witnessed and heard complaints from the Older folks or folks that just ‘want a menu I can hold in my hand’. I pass on this information in the spirit of Quality of Service and toward the goal of customers to feel relaxed and have a wonderful, tasty experience at Red Robin.

  • Kenneth Landis says:

    We had dinner at your Fort Wayne location last night. Service was ridiculous. When we asked for our check it took them 30 minutes to bring it and it wasn’t even the right one. I had to find the manager and asked him to get with the server to get it straightened out. After another ten minutes I handed the manager a $25 gift card and said I’ve waited long enough, I hope this covers it. He replied ” I can let you leave with an open ticket”. Not only did I leave but I can guarantee I won’t be coming back. I give this restaurant 60 days before it’s closed.

  • Carol Sullivan says:

    When your restaurant opened in Rockaway NJ it was one of our favorites…fast forward… we were in the area last week and thought we would stop in for lunch – half the restaurant was dark and we were escorted to a spot that was lit – my first problem was a ripped seat with the stuffing hanging out …past that we ordered our meal – it was a bit of a wait however the food was good. The restaurant did not seem clean which bothered me then upon leaving I stopped in the ladies room – WELL – let me say that had I visited there first I would have walked right back out of the restaurant – I have seen “out in the woods” bathrooms and “gas station “ bathrooms much much cleaner !!! It looked like it had not been cleaned for a long time, it was absolutely disgusting and should be shut down by the board of health….although I have a couple of gift cards for RR I certainly don’t plan on using them. Time to clean up and fix or close up this location !!

  • Glennis Hodgkins says:

    My husband and I went to the Red Robin 6/5/2022 at The Forum at Olympia Parkway at 8227 Agora Pkwy, Selma, TX 78154. To start off, the windows were dirty and that tells me they don’t care about the restaurant appearance. The hostess was smacking her gum when she greeted us. The restaurant is dirty, booths are dirty with food, the tables don’t get cleaned, the menu’s were greasy and it was not a good experience. I doubt we will go back.

  • Vicki Woolwine says:

    What is a matter with Red Robin locations in Grove City and Hilliard Ohio? We have attempted to there to each of them several times they have never been able to seat people due to not enough workers. Even with only Two cars in parking lot you go in and they say 45 minute wait because they do not have staffing. What is matter with your establishment that you cannot even open enough to serve at least half capacity. It is sad because your food is good but, it is clear you are on your way out of business.

  • Rick says:

    This is concerning your Dover Delaware location. The last time my wife and I visited this location we were not happy with the food or service. My wife and I decided to give them another chance and visited them today, May 19th, 2022. We arrived at 3:55 and at 4:20 we were still not waited on. The waitress staff were all walking around not paying attention to guest. There were two other guest in there at the time. At 4:20 we got up and walked out. The waitress staff were all talking at the front where you checked in. The manager was at the bar talking to another employee. He noticed us leave and did nothing. My wife and I will not go to this site again.

  • Geneva Kirby says:

    First I would like to say this was my first and last time dining at your establishment in Dover delaware.upon being seated the waitress approached took our drink and appetizer order upon delivery she brought dirty silverware and no plates
    we had to get plates from the bar silverware that were wet. The waitress brought other forks and no knives once again we had to get knives from the bar. When our food came out it was like warm no exaggeration. The manager Mr Bowers came over we explained the situation he got two new meals and took 50 percent off the meals. That made me happy until the waitress spilled a coke on me while cleaning up. Unbelievable service but we still left a tip for her a normal one. When the waitress took the money we told her the rest was for her. Not even a thank you did she mutter. We shouldn’t have even had to pay anything after this experience after 43 dollars of embarrassment as the other guest watched on. We were totally frustrated as this type ody service is uncalled for. Someone needs make a visit to this store to offer important. As we walked out one of the guest said that meal should be on the house. I agreed with her.

  • Dawn Cross says:

    Received a Red Robin gift card worth $100 for my birthday on May 5, 2022. Ordered curbside pickup dinner for myself and two friends on May 6, spent $75 of my gift card, including $9 tip. One of my friends is vegetarian so he ordered a cheese pizza. Drove straight home with the food, which is less than 5 minutes away, and the pizza was terrible, it tasted like cardboard. I tried calling the restaurant to have it replaced, but no answer. I tried calling 20 times and still no answer. The time was 7:15pm and the restaurant is open until 8:00pm. I was frustrated because me friend end had nothing to eat, so I drove back to the restaurant to have that pizza replaced and the front doors were locked and it wasn’t even 8:00pm yet. I knocked on the door until the hostess finally came to the door and I told her about the pizza. The hostess response was “I guess you can come inside and talk to the manager”. So I went inside and saw there were still customers inside, it was 10 minutes until closing why were the doors locked? The manager came out and said “do you want the pizza remade or do you want a refund” not even an apology from anybody yet. I said “what I want is to know why nobody answered the phone when I tried calling to have pizza remade and why the front doors are locked” managers response was “we are very busy” I said “ how busy could you be with the doors locked, your too busy to take care of your customers?” Manager only responded with “do you want the pizza remade or a refund”. Now I’m upset because my food came s back at the house getting cold and o still never heard any apology from the manager. I said I want a refund, so she walked away and about another five minutes later the hostess came back out and said “they are going to refund your money but it will be about 10 minutes”. I was so upset because now I have been there about 20 minutes, so I asked the hostess “what is your managers name” her response was “I don’t know, I’m kind f new here” I said “was that your main manager” she said “yes” I said “and you don’t know her name” she said “no” I said “ are you going to tell me your managers name” she said “no”. I couldn’t believe she was refusing to give me the managers name, I thought I was having a heart attack, my heart was pounding so fast. I walked out of the restaurant and on the way out I told customers how rude they are in there. So my gift card was completely wasted $75 used and couldn’t eat anything because my food was ruined while I was trying to get my friends pizza replaced. Worsts thing was they got a $9 tip off my card.

  • Lisa Gustafson says:

    We busted Red Robin in Clackamas, Oregon. After we
    Ordered our drinks, our server told us the bartender left early because it was slow, and the manager would make our drinks. Our drinks came out and were not at all appealing. They were served in whiskey glasses, and tasted like shit. We were told by the manager that they can’t afford Martini glasses and to just “down” the drinks to make it taste better. When our bottomless fries came out prior to our dinner, the ranch dressing tasted watered down. We explained our dissatisfaction with the server and she smiled and said have a good day. NEVER AGAIN

  • Diana says:

    Why did you take away the zucchini fries? Those are the best ever!! My whole family loves coming here just for the zucchini fries. Our waitress even said she wanted to work here because of the zucchini fries. You’ve made a huge mistake taking them away. If I can find another place that has them myself and my family will go there! Matter of fact the zucchini spears were amazing too. People don’t always want potatoes.

  • Diana says:

    Zucchini Fries

  • Nancy Allen says:

    The Red Robin on Arapahoe Rd and Yosemite has great food and service. It is always very good. I suggest however, that the entrance needs to be cleaned. It is the first impression patrons are going to make about the restaurant. The outside concrete entrance is disturbingly dirty as is the trash recepticle at the entrance. I think first impressions are important, do you?

  • Sarah says:

    Went to red robin tonight for dinner. Ordered a chix salad, started eatting it, ate about half, bit into a piece of chicken that had an odd texture, spit it out to realize it was raw. Upon looking at my meal under better lighting i realized alll the chicken was RAW. When i got the waitresses attention 10 minutes later i was asked if i would like it taken back and cooked more.. Which was a resounding NO. I had lost my appetite .. This was insane to me as chicken is not something you can eat pink, let alone raw… I was very disappointed in my meal and how the situation was handled

  • Gayle H. says:

    Every time we go to eat at RR it’s cold inside the restaurant. We ask and they say, “It’s controlled in Texas.”
    Really. We’re in Colorado.

  • Mary R says:

    Went to Red Robin for my birthday burger in West Melbourne, Fl. We were seated in the bar area only to be told they had no servers or bartenders. The GM took our order order, also brought out our food and since a bartender had shown up the GM never came back. We were never offered unlimited refills as promised. Had to wave some one down to place a to go order. Then when we tried to pay using my rewards, message pops up… error something went wrong try again and then it wouldn’t let me get my free birthday burger. The whole experience was horrible, no apologies nothing.

  • D. Allen says:

    Before I begin I would like you to know I am expecting a response to my complaint.
    So last year, I received a RR Rewards Birthday meal, then COVID-19 hit & there was a lock down of restaurants. My birthday is 3/09/1954. I called at that time & spoke to a manager of the Palmdale, Ca site who said that he did not know for sure when they would be open. I called a second time & told maybe I would be able to use it in April 2020. Well, it never was used. So this year March 2021 I received another RR Rewards Birthday meal, things still on lock down. I was very cautious with this COVID as I am a high-risk 67 year old woman. So now that things are opening up again for sit in eating I thought I would try to use my RR Rewards birthday reward. On Friday April 9th 2021 I went to Red Robin in Palmdale attempting to use my reward. I was aware that it had expired on 3/31/2021, however, since I wasn’t sure about going into a restaurant before that date yet, I waited. I gave my RR rewards copy to Jaclyn (hostess) who called her managers. I believe their names were Steve and Amy. When she got off the phone with them she informed me that the reward expired 3/31/2021 so they would not honor it. Then she proceeded to tell me that they had pick-up in March & I could have used that. Getting pick up was not an option for me as I am only going out when necessary & anyways, the fries would be cold by the time I got home. I believe that with all that has gone on the last year due to COVID 19, there might be an exception to the 3/31/2021 date. However, I guess there was no thought to that or that management even cares. I have always patronized RR for years & years, however I am so very surprised at the customer service by Palmdale management. I would like a response from the corporate headquarters regarding my issue. I can be reached via email @ chiledeb@yahoo.com. Debbie A. 4/11/2021 @ 7:48pm

  • Marie Friend says:

    I live in Woodburn OR. Today ordered ( on -line) 3 fish and chip meals at 4.08 pm My daughter went to pick them up and waited until 5pm before getting the order. I live 5 minutes only from the restaurant.The food was cold – chips and fish batter was ‘leathery’ as if the food had been sitting out for an hour! The waitress apologized for the delay and gave daughter 3 free lemonades. She said that they were ‘backed up’ on their orders. I will think twice about going to this Red Robin again as I prefer hot well cooked food rather than free drinks! I an English and don’t expect Yanks to cook proppa fish and chips – but at least expect it to be hot and fresh! Terrible.

  • Connie Rinearson says:

    Tuesday, December 17, 2019, Evansville, Indiana. Was seated in the bar area, it was extremely cold, with cold air blowing down on us. Asked the waitress if they could adjust the temperature and was told that Corporate actually controlled the temperature settings. If this is true, it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. She also stated that the restaurant had tried several times to call Corporate about the temperature, but got no response. Why, with any common sense, would ANY company put a remote location in control of the temperature of any restaurant? Needless to say, we left since we were so uncomfortable. This needs to be addressed and changed. If you must have a measure of control, put a locking cover over the thermostat and give a key to the manager only.

  • G. Medawar says:

    We had a horrible experience this evening. We put our name in and they said it would be a 25-30 minute wait. After 30 minutes I went to check where our name was on the list and the hostess said that they called our name and since we did respond they took our name off the list and we’d have to wait another 25-30 minutes. WE NEVER HEARD OUR NAME CALLED AND THERE WERE 4 ADULTS. I said that wasn’t acceptable and lo and behold a table was available for us. The server was so slow in getting our drink order and all we wanted was 6 waters and one chocolate milk. Then when she did take our order it was another 30-45 minute wait. We waited 35 minutes for the chocolate milk after we asked again! She said that the bartender had to make it!? Really, since when does a bartender make chocolate milk?
    Our silverware came to the table like the drinks did. One at a time.
    I’ve been to a Red Robin restaurant only twice and I will never go to another one again!
    They never took my sons email so they could text him when the table was ready. If this is the service you provide then it’s awful. We had 3 children that had to wait 90 minutes for their food. That is unacceptable service.

  • Marsha Pitter says:

    HI HI..October 26.2019 .Went to your location in CORNER STAR Market..A very very disappointing and sad sad experience.Number ONE.An employees son was sitting in our seating area NOT A BIG DEAL..It appeared as if he was just waiting for his parents shift to end.It also appeared that he was finishing his food..bored..loud..try to get attention…number two..the interactions of the employees so so LOUD..(over the top for ME) quiet voices and a little professionalism works for me..number 3 It felt like we waited a long time for our food..My Burger was COLD..not cooked medium..fries were also cold..DID NOT send it back did not want to wait any LONGER.Number 4.watching a bus person wipe a table…did not wipe the seats.did not move the condiments from the back of the table to wipe behind them.and that stupid video thing on your tables OH MY THE DIRT on those just to my naked eye..wowow..and walking by another table just wiped the very very corner of the table top????When you wait a long time for your food YOU SEE A LOT of UGLY STUFF..WILL NOT be returning to that LOCATION any time real soon..The one IN GREENWOOD VILLAGE is the RED ROBIN to visit…CLEARLY THAT CORNER STAR location needs some attention.Our visit today was around 345-until 500 pm.THANKS for YOU time and attention to my comments.

  • Sherrie says:

    I went to Red Robin in Milford, Ohio. My Waitress never asked me if I wanted more fries. It took over 15 minutes to get a refill. I found out why when I left. All the waitresses were sitting in a booth near the front entrance. I would have fill out the survey that was sent but it would not open up the site.

  • Zip says:

    I had a coupon in the mail that said 20% off of entire bill, did not exclude anything but tip and taxes. Read it over and over to make sure. Only had 2.50 taken off bill, said alcohol was not covered. Read coupon over and over, no exclusions other than tax and tip? Chandler , Arizona. The other coupon for 50% off included no alcohol, etc. What is the information?

  • David Jones says:

    My family had the misfortune of visiting Red Robin in Evansville Indiana. Service was slow, a simple order of Tea with no lemon was brought to the table with lemon 4 times (refills). Unlimited fries to the table, not requested and abruptly set there with no explanation. It was almost an hour before the food arrived from the time we sat down. Most of the meal was “ok” once it arrived. The straw that broke the camels back was the last glass of tea for my daughter and of course it had lemon. This particular glass had extras. It appeared to have something white and dry (hard) stuck to the inside of the glass. The thought made her sick and she had to leave the table. I told the waiter about my daughter and the tea and asked to see the manager. This was after paying at the table and asking the waiter for a receipt and telling him about the glass contents. A man walked to the table saying “Did you ask for a receipt?”. He started the conversation, not knowing who he was, I asked are you the manager. He said yes, laid the receipt down and didn’t seemed too be very concerned to listen to my complaint and acted as though he knew nothing of the problem. I also told him about my daughter getting sick, and going to the restroom. Again he seemed unconcerned. Frustrated , I showed him the glass, scraped some of the hard content on the inside with a straw and stated my guess is it looks like hardened mayonnaise. He said it sure does, scraped some more and said I’ll have to check the jets in the dishwasher. I said is that it, he said again, I’ll check the jets????. We left before my temper got the best of me along with my blood pressure starting to boil. At nearly 70 years old I’ve visited 100’s of restaurants around the world and in my opinion this particular one had very poor customer relations on the managers part, very unprofessional and slow service on the waiters part. Believe it or not I left a 20% tip my mistake. Hopefully the young lady training with the waiter got some of it, she actually deserved most of it. Total bill over $75.00, not well spent and no intention of returning to Red Robin in Evansville, Indiana or others if that’s a sample of how they operate. I also posted a less detailed but to the point comment last night with a 1 star rating but, couldn’t find it. Go figure, hopefully this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

  • Ritchie Hutchinson says:

    When to Westland Mi. red robin. As I tried to use a ketchup dispenser it shot all over me. My shirt and pants were a mess.
    The manager walked by and when I told him what happened he said “sorry” and walked away. He didn’t say ” can I help” are you ok, do you need anything or anything else. Wonderful people you hire!!!!!

  • CAROL SPALDI says:

    My husband and I just had a nice dinner at our local Red Robin. Food was good and service very good. However when we came home and checked the receipt, there was a $1.99 entertainment charge! What was the entertainment? The music was terrible and we did not play any games on the table top computer.

  • Diane says:

    The burger I had at the monroeville mall pa location was the worst burger I have ever had in my life from anywhere, the bun was so stale and dried out that I could not even pick the burger up because it fell apart, and the sweet potatoe fries were cold and hard. Your restaurant also has a lot of nerve charging the prices they do for the garbage food they serve

  • Jan and Skip says:

    Red Robin in the district we ate there last night we had fish and chips a salad water and a died coke. The fish was greasy and so over fried that you could hold it up and the grease would pour out of it, the batter was burnt. The bar tender was so loud he had to be drunk, it was freezing, every body in the restaurant had their coats on and you had to yell if you wanted to talk to each other, they can not keep anyone employed, we asked the server to turn down the ac and asked to talk to an manager, it took for ever to have a manager come, we asked her to comp our dinner, we left without paying for our dinner the music was loud outside as will as inside, we would not recommend this location to anyone!!! We will never go back!!!!!!!

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