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  • Address: 6312 S Fiddlers Green Cir, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 303-846-6000
  • Fax Number: 303-846-6073
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1969
  • Founder: Gerry Kingen
  • Key People: Robert K. Jakoby (Director of Restaurant Systems)

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Michael E. Woods


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About Red Robin, History and Headquarters Information


Red Robin was founded in the year 1969. The company has been operational for 49 years now. The company’s name was coined after the ‘The Red Robin’ song, which was the favourite song for the company’s owner. Then the name of the company was changed to Sam’s Red Robin. The company was then bought over by Gerry Kingen, and the name of the company was again changed to just Red Robin.

In the year 1979, the first franchisee of the company was The Snyder Group Company, and the rights to open a new store at Washington, as provided. By the year 1985, the company already had almost 175 restaurants under its name and franchises. The company was passing through a poor financial phase after the year 1985, and then in 1995, both Gerry Kingen and Michael Snyder brought back the company into the profit-making ratio. The company had become a limited public entity in the year 2002. By the year 2015, the company already had about 538 restaurants under its name. The headquarters of the company is based in 6312 South Fiddler's Green Circle, Suite 200N. The name of the place is North Greenwood Village, while the name of the state is Colorado, USA. The area pin code is 80111.


Red Robin is an American company that focuses on the production of various restaurant quality dishes and fast food recipes for its customers. The current CEO and president of the company are Denny Marie Post. As of the year 2018, the number of locations that the company’s restaurants have its presence is more than 573, around in the USA and Canada. The company’s overall revenue, as of the year 2014, was more than $1 billion.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to experience casual dining at the company's restaurants, selling various kinds of dishes and fast food recipes. The company's restaurants sell entrees, appetisers, burgers, soups, salads, beverages, sweets, and even has a special menu for children.

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  • Lisa Gustafson says:

    We busted Red Robin in Clackamas, Oregon. After we
    Ordered our drinks, our server told us the bartender left early because it was slow, and the manager would make our drinks. Our drinks came out and were not at all appealing. They were served in whiskey glasses, and tasted like shit. We were told by the manager that they can’t afford Martini glasses and to just “down” the drinks to make it taste better. When our bottomless fries came out prior to our dinner, the ranch dressing tasted watered down. We explained our dissatisfaction with the server and she smiled and said have a good day. NEVER AGAIN

  • Diana says:

    Why did you take away the zucchini fries? Those are the best ever!! My whole family loves coming here just for the zucchini fries. Our waitress even said she wanted to work here because of the zucchini fries. You’ve made a huge mistake taking them away. If I can find another place that has them myself and my family will go there! Matter of fact the zucchini spears were amazing too. People don’t always want potatoes.

  • Diana says:

    Zucchini Fries

  • Nancy Allen says:

    The Red Robin on Arapahoe Rd and Yosemite has great food and service. It is always very good. I suggest however, that the entrance needs to be cleaned. It is the first impression patrons are going to make about the restaurant. The outside concrete entrance is disturbingly dirty as is the trash recepticle at the entrance. I think first impressions are important, do you?

  • Sarah says:

    Went to red robin tonight for dinner. Ordered a chix salad, started eatting it, ate about half, bit into a piece of chicken that had an odd texture, spit it out to realize it was raw. Upon looking at my meal under better lighting i realized alll the chicken was RAW. When i got the waitresses attention 10 minutes later i was asked if i would like it taken back and cooked more.. Which was a resounding NO. I had lost my appetite .. This was insane to me as chicken is not something you can eat pink, let alone raw… I was very disappointed in my meal and how the situation was handled

  • Gayle H. says:

    Every time we go to eat at RR it’s cold inside the restaurant. We ask and they say, “It’s controlled in Texas.”
    Really. We’re in Colorado.

  • Mary R says:

    Went to Red Robin for my birthday burger in West Melbourne, Fl. We were seated in the bar area only to be told they had no servers or bartenders. The GM took our order order, also brought out our food and since a bartender had shown up the GM never came back. We were never offered unlimited refills as promised. Had to wave some one down to place a to go order. Then when we tried to pay using my rewards, message pops up… error something went wrong try again and then it wouldn’t let me get my free birthday burger. The whole experience was horrible, no apologies nothing.

  • D. Allen says:

    Before I begin I would like you to know I am expecting a response to my complaint.
    So last year, I received a RR Rewards Birthday meal, then COVID-19 hit & there was a lock down of restaurants. My birthday is 3/09/1954. I called at that time & spoke to a manager of the Palmdale, Ca site who said that he did not know for sure when they would be open. I called a second time & told maybe I would be able to use it in April 2020. Well, it never was used. So this year March 2021 I received another RR Rewards Birthday meal, things still on lock down. I was very cautious with this COVID as I am a high-risk 67 year old woman. So now that things are opening up again for sit in eating I thought I would try to use my RR Rewards birthday reward. On Friday April 9th 2021 I went to Red Robin in Palmdale attempting to use my reward. I was aware that it had expired on 3/31/2021, however, since I wasn’t sure about going into a restaurant before that date yet, I waited. I gave my RR rewards copy to Jaclyn (hostess) who called her managers. I believe their names were Steve and Amy. When she got off the phone with them she informed me that the reward expired 3/31/2021 so they would not honor it. Then she proceeded to tell me that they had pick-up in March & I could have used that. Getting pick up was not an option for me as I am only going out when necessary & anyways, the fries would be cold by the time I got home. I believe that with all that has gone on the last year due to COVID 19, there might be an exception to the 3/31/2021 date. However, I guess there was no thought to that or that management even cares. I have always patronized RR for years & years, however I am so very surprised at the customer service by Palmdale management. I would like a response from the corporate headquarters regarding my issue. I can be reached via email @ chiledeb@yahoo.com. Debbie A. 4/11/2021 @ 7:48pm

  • Marie Friend says:

    I live in Woodburn OR. Today ordered ( on -line) 3 fish and chip meals at 4.08 pm My daughter went to pick them up and waited until 5pm before getting the order. I live 5 minutes only from the restaurant.The food was cold – chips and fish batter was ‘leathery’ as if the food had been sitting out for an hour! The waitress apologized for the delay and gave daughter 3 free lemonades. She said that they were ‘backed up’ on their orders. I will think twice about going to this Red Robin again as I prefer hot well cooked food rather than free drinks! I an English and don’t expect Yanks to cook proppa fish and chips – but at least expect it to be hot and fresh! Terrible.

  • Connie Rinearson says:

    Tuesday, December 17, 2019, Evansville, Indiana. Was seated in the bar area, it was extremely cold, with cold air blowing down on us. Asked the waitress if they could adjust the temperature and was told that Corporate actually controlled the temperature settings. If this is true, it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. She also stated that the restaurant had tried several times to call Corporate about the temperature, but got no response. Why, with any common sense, would ANY company put a remote location in control of the temperature of any restaurant? Needless to say, we left since we were so uncomfortable. This needs to be addressed and changed. If you must have a measure of control, put a locking cover over the thermostat and give a key to the manager only.

  • G. Medawar says:

    We had a horrible experience this evening. We put our name in and they said it would be a 25-30 minute wait. After 30 minutes I went to check where our name was on the list and the hostess said that they called our name and since we did respond they took our name off the list and we’d have to wait another 25-30 minutes. WE NEVER HEARD OUR NAME CALLED AND THERE WERE 4 ADULTS. I said that wasn’t acceptable and lo and behold a table was available for us. The server was so slow in getting our drink order and all we wanted was 6 waters and one chocolate milk. Then when she did take our order it was another 30-45 minute wait. We waited 35 minutes for the chocolate milk after we asked again! She said that the bartender had to make it!? Really, since when does a bartender make chocolate milk?
    Our silverware came to the table like the drinks did. One at a time.
    I’ve been to a Red Robin restaurant only twice and I will never go to another one again!
    They never took my sons email so they could text him when the table was ready. If this is the service you provide then it’s awful. We had 3 children that had to wait 90 minutes for their food. That is unacceptable service.

  • Marsha Pitter says:

    HI HI..October 26.2019 .Went to your location in CORNER STAR Market..A very very disappointing and sad sad experience.Number ONE.An employees son was sitting in our seating area NOT A BIG DEAL..It appeared as if he was just waiting for his parents shift to end.It also appeared that he was finishing his food..bored..loud..try to get attention…number two..the interactions of the employees so so LOUD..(over the top for ME) quiet voices and a little professionalism works for me..number 3 It felt like we waited a long time for our food..My Burger was COLD..not cooked medium..fries were also cold..DID NOT send it back did not want to wait any LONGER.Number 4.watching a bus person wipe a table…did not wipe the seats.did not move the condiments from the back of the table to wipe behind them.and that stupid video thing on your tables OH MY THE DIRT on those just to my naked eye..wowow..and walking by another table just wiped the very very corner of the table top????When you wait a long time for your food YOU SEE A LOT of UGLY STUFF..WILL NOT be returning to that LOCATION any time real soon..The one IN GREENWOOD VILLAGE is the RED ROBIN to visit…CLEARLY THAT CORNER STAR location needs some attention.Our visit today was around 345-until 500 pm.THANKS for YOU time and attention to my comments.

  • Sherrie says:

    I went to Red Robin in Milford, Ohio. My Waitress never asked me if I wanted more fries. It took over 15 minutes to get a refill. I found out why when I left. All the waitresses were sitting in a booth near the front entrance. I would have fill out the survey that was sent but it would not open up the site.

  • Zip says:

    I had a coupon in the mail that said 20% off of entire bill, did not exclude anything but tip and taxes. Read it over and over to make sure. Only had 2.50 taken off bill, said alcohol was not covered. Read coupon over and over, no exclusions other than tax and tip? Chandler , Arizona. The other coupon for 50% off included no alcohol, etc. What is the information?

  • David Jones says:

    My family had the misfortune of visiting Red Robin in Evansville Indiana. Service was slow, a simple order of Tea with no lemon was brought to the table with lemon 4 times (refills). Unlimited fries to the table, not requested and abruptly set there with no explanation. It was almost an hour before the food arrived from the time we sat down. Most of the meal was “ok” once it arrived. The straw that broke the camels back was the last glass of tea for my daughter and of course it had lemon. This particular glass had extras. It appeared to have something white and dry (hard) stuck to the inside of the glass. The thought made her sick and she had to leave the table. I told the waiter about my daughter and the tea and asked to see the manager. This was after paying at the table and asking the waiter for a receipt and telling him about the glass contents. A man walked to the table saying “Did you ask for a receipt?”. He started the conversation, not knowing who he was, I asked are you the manager. He said yes, laid the receipt down and didn’t seemed too be very concerned to listen to my complaint and acted as though he knew nothing of the problem. I also told him about my daughter getting sick, and going to the restroom. Again he seemed unconcerned. Frustrated , I showed him the glass, scraped some of the hard content on the inside with a straw and stated my guess is it looks like hardened mayonnaise. He said it sure does, scraped some more and said I’ll have to check the jets in the dishwasher. I said is that it, he said again, I’ll check the jets????. We left before my temper got the best of me along with my blood pressure starting to boil. At nearly 70 years old I’ve visited 100’s of restaurants around the world and in my opinion this particular one had very poor customer relations on the managers part, very unprofessional and slow service on the waiters part. Believe it or not I left a 20% tip my mistake. Hopefully the young lady training with the waiter got some of it, she actually deserved most of it. Total bill over $75.00, not well spent and no intention of returning to Red Robin in Evansville, Indiana or others if that’s a sample of how they operate. I also posted a less detailed but to the point comment last night with a 1 star rating but, couldn’t find it. Go figure, hopefully this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

  • Ritchie Hutchinson says:

    When to Westland Mi. red robin. As I tried to use a ketchup dispenser it shot all over me. My shirt and pants were a mess.
    The manager walked by and when I told him what happened he said “sorry” and walked away. He didn’t say ” can I help” are you ok, do you need anything or anything else. Wonderful people you hire!!!!!

  • CAROL SPALDI says:

    My husband and I just had a nice dinner at our local Red Robin. Food was good and service very good. However when we came home and checked the receipt, there was a $1.99 entertainment charge! What was the entertainment? The music was terrible and we did not play any games on the table top computer.

  • Diane says:

    The burger I had at the monroeville mall pa location was the worst burger I have ever had in my life from anywhere, the bun was so stale and dried out that I could not even pick the burger up because it fell apart, and the sweet potatoe fries were cold and hard. Your restaurant also has a lot of nerve charging the prices they do for the garbage food they serve

  • Jan and Skip says:

    Red Robin in the district we ate there last night we had fish and chips a salad water and a died coke. The fish was greasy and so over fried that you could hold it up and the grease would pour out of it, the batter was burnt. The bar tender was so loud he had to be drunk, it was freezing, every body in the restaurant had their coats on and you had to yell if you wanted to talk to each other, they can not keep anyone employed, we asked the server to turn down the ac and asked to talk to an manager, it took for ever to have a manager come, we asked her to comp our dinner, we left without paying for our dinner the music was loud outside as will as inside, we would not recommend this location to anyone!!! We will never go back!!!!!!!

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