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  • Address: International Dr S, Orlando, FL 32819, USA
  • Phone Number: 844-755-3425
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1968
  • Founder: Charley Woodsby, Bill Darden
  • Key People: Kim Lopdrup (CEO)

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About Red Lobster, History and Headquarters Information


Red Lobster was founded in the year 1968. The company has been operational for 51 years now. The founders of the company were Charley Woodsby and Bill Darden. The name of the original restaurant opened by the company was named as The Gree Frog. The name was later changed to Red Lobster. The main aim of the company was to provide a casual dining experience to its customers, by giving various dishes and recipes related to lobsters and shrimps.

Around the 1980s, the company established its restaurants in Canada, with 25 to 30 restaurants in total number. In the year 1994, one of the founders of the company, Bill Darden, passed away. Then in the year 1995, all the Red Lobster restaurants were brought under the Darden Restaurants Incorporated. In 2009, the company established its Bar Harbor restaurant in New England, United Kingdom. By the year 2014, the Red Lobster brand was sold off to Golden Gate Capital for more than $2.1 billion. The same year, the company moved its headquarters to the state of Orlando, USA.The headquarters of the company is situated at 450 South Orange Avenue, Suite 800. The name of the place is Orlando, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The area pin code is 32801.


Red Lobster is an American company that focuses on providing the best seafood restaurant dishes and recipes to its customers. The current CEO of the company is Kim Lopdrup, while the president of the company is Salli Setta. As of the year 2013, the company has its restaurants present in around 705 locations all over the USA, the Middle East, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, etcetera. The company churned out an overall sales revenue of $2.4 billion in the year 2014.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to experience various seafood recipes, dishes and cuisines - produced by the company's restaurants. The signature dish supplied by the restaurant is popcorn shrimp. The company's restaurants continue to use innovative recipes and techniques to bring the best seafood dining to its customers.

Red Lobster Headquarters Photos

  • Jennifer says:

    Red lobster has gone down the drain. Service is terrible every time you go in. You’ll get cold crab legs rude managers and to top it off roaches everywhere. I’m calling the health department. When roaches are falling from ceilings in the dining room there must be a problem

  • Sakeitha Pierce says:

    We spent over an hour waiting for food, when it finally came out it was cold. My family didn’t want to complain so they tried to manage but I had to send mine back because the steak wasn’t cooked the way I requested and I could eat cold food. I paid almost $300 for our meals only for the food to get wasted because the food was cold. The server was nice but we had to keep asking her for items we ordered that she had forgotten. We actually got macaroni that we never received . My family didn’t want me to make a fuss about it but I’m not satisfied with the service. For that kind of money I certainly expect good service and hot food.

  • DJ ALibi says:

    btw the number above is for legal matters only, did not help

  • DJ ALibi says:

    I ordered online from the actual red lobster website, order never arrived, The order was cancelled by the driver, we were charged $54.00 , went through right away (not pending) called the store and were not any help, they think there will be an automatic refund but i have not seen anything.

  • Mark Irvine says:

    The review section for Fremont restaurant was disabled on Veterans Day.
    I found a work-around by pressing photo and posting photo of Red Lobster entrance, which then allowed me to register complaint.
    If local business is going disrespect veterans, this must be advertising gimmick by using military image to bring in more business.
    That would be Deceptive Business practice. How many other white male veterans were turned away?

  • Mark Irvine says:

    Denied service at red lobster during Veterans Day. I believe this was due to racism. There were no hours posted for the appetizer availability. Monica claimed to be supervisor who denied service.
    Red Lobster used to be one of my favorites. I was prepared to purchase additional food and drink, but based on the rudeness and disrespect, I left.
    Restaurant was in Fremont, California.
    I received a standard email which did not allow me to respond.
    I do not use Facebook, and therefore, could not reply. I already listed specifics on website. I do not use social media, especially Facebook, as it is a tool for political control, governmental and corporate surveillance, and censorship.

  • Sonyce says:

    I went to red lobster on Nov 12th 2022 for my birthday I ordered a grand Parton margaritas I was looking in the glass there was a big piece off glass in my drink I think that they need to train the employees better and not stuck the glass on the ice just imagine if I would of drank it lawsuit

  • Mila says:

    No salad, no soup, no crab legs, no appetizers, no shrimp linguine, no steak no nothing. What’s the point of being open if there’s nothing available.

  • Mila says:

    I visited the red lobster location in Harlem on 10/23/22
    And the service was terrible. The waitress appeared high or drunk and showed sign’s of tardiness. I was told earlier on that most of the menu options were not available and that the location was closing that night. I had just come from a funeral and thought I’d take my family to this location since I was so close in proximity.
    We were told no ultimate feast dinner was available. We were told no sale or soup’s and none of the appetizers weren’t available either. Already disappointed and ready to exit the restaurant, I decided to stay and prefer what was on the menu available. That kinda worked out but not entirely. We all decided to do the create your own shrimp but then was told most of the side’s weren’t available either. So then it was suggested from the waitress to order the endless shrimp deal, so we complied guaranteeing that there were no issues with shrimp and that we would get as many shrimp refills until we were ready to exit th premises after finishing dinner. We asked for more baked potatoes. There were no bake potatoes left. We asked for the orzo rice and she said it was available. She put in the order and went to the back coming out saying there was no more rice or anything and that she can bring us out double shrimp scampi refill’s. She came back with two
    Portion’s of scampi and said after that there will be no more. I was in disbelief. No sides and now no more unlimited shrimp when we’d only been there for less than one hour already disappointed and upset and then to be told they were closing and there’s nothing available to order in the back was by far unfair because if I had know that there would be no more endless shrimp why would my family and I have ordered that or agreed to the deal. I was told they were gearing up to have a party and that they were waiting for us to leave. I requested to speak with the manager and that took about 20 minutes his name is Keith and discussed with him about the service and the issue with what had occurred and happened and unasked him for a discount and that he did give of only $20 but when the bill came my party and I used two credit card’s to split up the bill and we’re issued two checks with gratuity included on both of the receipts. Not knowing it was included in the check since it was 7ish in the evening. I had planned on tipping the server a lot less and with cash but was added was the suggested tip and there was alot of miscommunication about the tip. There was no way that I was gonna tip her $15.00 for service that was awful, rude and disrespectful to me on so many level’s from the start. I was patient and understanding at first but the entire experience just got worse. I’m asking for a full refund regarding this matter or a gift card to pay for my next meal. There’s no way for me to call the store and complain because the location is permanently closed however the website states it’s still open for service. Please review my complaint and matter and consider refunding me or gifting me a credit or some sort. I will
    Not let this matter go at no mean’s.

  • John R Bukovac says:

    To whom it may consent…..,,,yesterday my wife and I went to Alton Illinois Red Lobster. Amazingly they were out of lettuce. Lol. We couldn’t believe, out of lettuce. We also wanted your delicious coconut schrimp. Guess what, out of it. Then on a reward program my wife said we get a dessert. We decided on the chocolate cake. Yep, you guessed it. Out of that to. I guess if we go to that Red Lobster we’ll have to call first to see if they got what we want. We thought kind of funny, but some people wouldn’t think so. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Denelle G. says:

    My daughter works at store location 0706 in Piqua ohio as a prep person in the morning. They make her pull out metal racks (that hold the prepped food) and clean all the mold and old food off with chemicals before she can do her prep in the morning, I find this to be absolutely disgusting! Having someone clean old molded food with chemicals before they touch the food to be made that day is completely unheard of! All cleaning should be done at night by the night crew not by your prep person this is just common since. I told her to say something to her manager about it but they disagreed with her. To this day she is still messing with old food/mold and chemicals before touching her daily prep. I myself and everyone I know do not eat at this location because of this very reason. If you would like more guests at this location I would highly recommend you fix this very serious issue. Thank you kindly.

  • Letha B. says:

    On August 7, 2022, We just had to have Red Lobster since Covid had us on lockdown. Went to three before we settled for our regular we had eaten at before. The Admirals feast was lacking. Like they just dumped the food right out of a box, was overcooked and hate to send stuff back cause you don’t know what you gonna get added to your meal. We mentioned to server which h said oh I’m so sorry about that. My daughter had the cajun chicken pasta which is one of her favorites. I took a bite and noticed I was chewing a little longer than usual so I thought it was the cheese so I kept eating, as we all did. As we were getting ready to pack up her meal, I noticed something that looked off but she said nah that just a noodle so I preceeded to pull it up and Lord have mercy it was a big ass piece of plastic. We had been chewing on bits of plastic. WTH no we are grossed out. So we asked for the bar manager, he never even came over snd didn’t even acknowledge us so the waitress got the back of the house manager, he apologized, immediately took our plate (wish I had kept it but did manage to take pictures….they stood there looking silly with no explanations as to how in the hell did pieces of plastic end up in my daughter’s food. Think we all had a bit of plastic that night… he did give us a $25 gift card so I asked do you all use plastic in this meal and he said no so now we are really concerned….red Lobster use to be on point but they have gone way down hill…even ataff looked like someone that just walked off the street. Was excited about treating my family to a great meal and regretted it to this day….

  • Carol Wylie says:

    We went to Red Lobster in Horseheads NY with another couple tonight. We thought we would give it one more try but were still upset about the food. We all ordered the flounder fish sandwich. Three of us had FF. My husband had a baked potato. The rolls were burnt. The FF were so salty we had to wipe the salt off with a napkin. We told the waitress and showed her the rolls which we couldn’t eat. We did not send the food back because of not trusting the retaliation. The waitress was wonderful and a lot of fun. We enjoyed her. Her name was Lece. She felt terrible and went to the manager. We did receive a 20% discount which was nice. It would of been nicer if the the manager Nicole came out to see what the food looked like and let us know that this would be addressed. I am not writing to receive anything I just think this should be addressed or you will be losing business.
    At this time we will not be going back. I grew up and worked in the food business for years. If my parents saw me putting food out like that I would of been in deep trouble. I hope you see this and address the problem so the restaurant will not continue putting food out like we received.

  • Jeananne Ventura says:

    All you can eat shrimp we had the all you can eat shrimp the bill was over 50 dollars we got the new Argentina shrimp which was very good but the butter was separated and mostly oil the second helping we received no butter at all and our baked potato was awful don’t know if we will come back

  • Robert Connell says:

    I phoned my order to North Las Vegas at 3:00 pm on Sunday for a 5:30 pick up. Got there at 5:25 and was told 3 times that the order will be just a few more minutes
    . At 6:25 I asked for a refund. Again I was told “just a few more minutes”. I demanded a refund and received it. I will not return and I am disappointed that their customers are treated this way.

  • Colleen says:

    I’ll no longer eat at Red Lobster after seeing your commercial. That’s definitely not appealing to me.

  • Kathy Gall says:

    Why in the world did you change the biscuits. The new ones aren’t good. We come for those biscuits. Please go back to the original.

  • Natasha Scott says:

    I live near Charlottesville VA and know April Miller Turner very well .I used to work at Red Lobster about 25 years ago..I asked her a job and was a server and bartender for many years..I went through 5 days of training and she harassed me the whole time…She had a rude attitude bartender named Yas that would not make my drinks for a table of African Americans .April approached me in threatening manner about another table that was not in my section and began to blame me..Yes had been picking with me since day one and refused to do any real work in this restaurant..I feel discriminated against and wish to to consult a lawyer.
    Natasha Scott…

  • shawn lee says:

    I went to the Red Lobster on 2625 International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida and the food and service were terrible. When we got there no one was there but the employees talking in the parking lot and as we walked towards the door the employees walked in front of us and closed the door in our faces. Once inside, it took us 2 sec to be seated and 10 mins to be waited on, which I couldn’t understand because no one else was in the restaurant. Our waitress was the same one that closed the door in our faces. She was rude and smug and didn’t know the menu. We ordered sweet tea and got unsweetened tea, we ordered the endless shrimp and were told we could only order two types and that we couldn’t share, and no to-go boxes even though we all ordered the same thing. She was very smug, and rude and watched, surveillance us as we ate. When we were trying to get a different drink and different sides she ignored us, and before we could request more shrimp she put the bill on the table, and at this point, I had enough. So before I catch a case I paid the bill and left the restaurant. As a veteran and a physician, this treatment was appalling. And I will NEVER go to that particular Red Lobster again.

  • Valerie MECCARIELLO says:

    Very disappointed that the crab cakes were discontinued
    I waited hoping they would come back. They were the only reason we go to Red Lobster. Please reconsider and bring them back
    We were told a lot of people have complained Thank you

  • Monica says:

    I went for a friends birthday.. Tue service was horrible.. Our table was still dirty and my seafood tasted and smelled horrible. The waiter manager was rude and refused us a refund. Im highly dissapointed.

  • Robin Rose says:

    We saw a commercial for Seafood Summerfest but our local restaurant had not heard of this special. Our Red Lobster is located in Lewisville, Texas. Also, they do not offer a discount for veterans. My husband is a decorated Vietnam Veteran. He has a special DL with this info. SHAME on you, Red Lobster!

  • Mystic Eyez says:

    I come to this Red lobster 8003 Golden Sky Ln Orlando FL there’s a manager Mr Evans the nicest manager and I mean the nicest manager that works there. For a fact there’s not one manager that works there is better than Mr Evans he’s kind he’s considerate and when there’s something really wrong Mr Evans fixes it, if it has to come out of his pocket he’s going to fix it, this is no exaggeration there are good managers but no one’s better than Mr Evans.
    There’s a girl that works host and her name is Ava and when I tell you this girl put you on hold she’ll come back she answer every question even if it’s a question that’s mixed up or not she answered it she will try to help you by going to a manager or assistant manager she won’t just tell you sorry nothing that we can do about that until she’s done all that she could I was on the phone with her an people was coming in I can hear them she did not tell me ma’am I have to hang up we’re really busy right now she says hold on please then came back continued with me and what I had to do an so on. Then told me to hold on please then came back to the phone she’s a back and forth girl and she don’t keep you on hold for long and don’t have the guests walking inside just waiting and waiting and waiting I told her I was gonna sit right on this phone and wait until she gets done take your time please, I said, plus I realized how sweet of a girl she was if she decides to be there for a while she should be one of the employees that up her position really fast…
    My real name is Angel 😇

  • Jerry S says:

    Why did RL stop serving their delicious thousand island salad dressing??

  • Christine Ouellette says:

    took my sister to red lobster for her birthday, we got lousy service. we did not get your delicious bisquits until1/2hr later, they brought us 4 we had to keep asking many times before we got any more., and my sister ordered fish and fries, she got the fish but did not receive the fries until she was almost done her fish, needless to say she got them to go, the general manager gave us $5 off of our bill, you got to be kidding me . we’ve always gone to this location and always had excellent service, the food was excellent as usual, but it would have been nice if she could have had fries with her fish

  • russellstillwell34@gmail.com says:

    I order online spent $51.18
    Food was cold some of the order was missing call to talk to the manager and was on hold for over a hour we will not go back

  • Diane Brannan says:

    Horrible experience all the time. I keep giving chances. Food expensive and not worth it. Potatoes microwaved and fish overcooked. Steak always wrong and tough. Cmon. I called ahead and got hung up on after a half response. I am appalled. No more

  • Cathy says:

    The Red Lobster at Tanger Outlet in Myrtle Beach, SC has a rude and racist manger name Susan! She argued at two employees within earshot and then turned down a party of 10-12 people. Red Lobster is losing customers and staff is losing out on tips!!

  • R. Cats says:

    Hostess seated us and for the next 20 minutes no waitstaff came to the table. Not even a glass of water did we get. We sat there and finally decided to leave. On the way out there were at least 5 waitstaff shooting the breeze at the hostess desk. We told them we were waiting for someone to take our order for the last 20 minutes and all they could say was “sorry about that”. If you’re paying your staff to stand around talking instead of doing their jobs then you won’t be in business too much longer. We won’t be back!

  • Annemarie Crenshaw says:

    I think y’all better take a look ay your Red Lobster in San Angelo Tx. Over the past several years the reviews have been awful or worse. .
    Including my review.

  • Sabrina says:

    Yesterday me and boyfriend went out to eat like always, we got to your restaurant they got us situated and ask what would like to drink, anyway now it was time to take our orders she took them and we waited for about 20 mins to 30 minutes which I didn’t mind.
    She bought our food out to us my forks was dirty my food was cold and nasty and not to mention she never bought my salad out so by this time I was upset because my food was cold Silverware was dirty and 100 worth of food was wasted due to her lack of customer service, she literally was messing up orders after taking them.
    I was in the South Carolina Columbia area off two notch!
    I’ve been coming to with you guys for 25 years! Never seen nothing like that.

  • Kenyatta says:

    A year ago I was racially discriminated against in the erie’s Red lobster with my fiance a representative for Red lobster contacted me and said they were reimburse me what I was spending it never came in the mail. So I guess Red lobster feel is okay to be racist to a black people in Erie Pennsylvania

  • Karen Lange says:

    I was employed at Red Lobster in Queensbury, NY as a hostess and was just let go due to managers turn a blind eye to a waitress that kept harassing me over and over again, until the point I had to confront this young waitress to tell her to stop running her mouth about me….and that is how I was terminated, all because I had to stick up for myself as the managers weren’t doing their job!! I’m also curious to know if 2 male managers, Derek Peters and Tim (forgot his last name) said to me as I walked out of the walk-in freezer (I could go there whenever I was having a hot flash) “Hey Karen! I turned around to look at them as they told me, “Come over here! We need to frisk you!” And then they both laughter hysterically!!! I did NOT find this funny at all!!! Does anyone else think that was a form of SEXUAL HARASSMENT?!?! It definitely seemed like it to me!!!! Shame on Queensbury Red Lobster!!’ I will be contacting my attorney!!!!!

  • Flore says:

    Hi I was to Red lobster at Boynton Beach today 06/20/2022) I m really sick can’t eat that much but want to spend time with my family.My husband place an order of shrimp and tell the server Elijah he’s gonna find out after the shrimp what he needs.After a few second the server Elijah came back and said:My manager says if I give you the shrimp you can’t share eat with your wife.I ask the question Why? Elijah answer :”because we gonna loose money” I was so frustrated and the manager came and she said yes ma “you have to” order your own shrimp your husband can’t share with you.I was so disappointed, take my baby and husband and go to another place.What kind of customer service you got there at red lobster at Boynton Beach.

  • Terrie Kiyotee says:

    I love Red Lobster since 1974

  • cherie D romero says:

    Well,I am very disappointed with the last two times that we went to your restaurant and had bad service and cold food. It was our anniversary and my husband loves seafood and now we are upset about this.we sent a complaint and was never answered too. Very surprised about it because we spent money there and now not happy. Please respond to this complaint and concern.

  • ZP says:

    Me and all my family and friends are frequent customers at the st. Joseph Missouri red lobster location, we bring a lot of business to this location with multiple large parties and outings even the occasional fundraiser party once a month or so. At this location is a manager named Sarah Harding who handles everyone’s person information and financial information such as paying our bill with credit card or other identification. We have recently discovered that this same manager Sarah Harding has been federally indicted on several money and credit card fraud charges yet she is still a manager at this location handling customers personal information. We find this very disturbing do to her charges and are so confused and outraged that the red lobster corporation would allow someone with such serious charges to continue managing this location and handling customers information, enough so if not rectified we will have to regretfully have to take our business elsewhere as well as publish several public notifications letting our community be aware of the risk they are taking by going to this location while under the management of such corruption. We would love to hear back saying this is no longer an issue and continue to bring our business as well as that of all of our community associations back to this location but until this issue has been rectified we can not in good conscious put those in our community at this type of financial risk. Thank you for your time and consideration and we really hope to hear this problem is fixed soon so we can continue to give our business and support to what we thought and would love to continue believing is a pretty great family and business location. We will be waiting for a response and have faith that the red lobster corporation will take the necessary steps to put this community back at ease and make us feel safe there. Thank you.

  • Roy kolb says:

    The manager at your restaurant 0480 10010 us highway 441 Leesburg fl 34788.is very loud and roud to your help we wear their to have a nice dinner until your manager started to talk very loud and mean to your help he did not care about aney one in your restaurant he was just talking very loud and roud to him we did not want to hear that and he did not care who was their.we said to are water dose he have to be so loud she sead she would talk to him.with that he came to are table and sead to us it is his restaurant and he will talk to his help aney way he wants loud or soft and if we did not like it we could turn down are hearing ads and then he smiled and laughed at us.that was not right for him to do that we will not go back there agane.

  • Audree’ White says:

    It’s “Mother’s Day” and my only Son brought me “Red Lobster” to go curbside in “Beachwood, Ohio!!!” He spent $81.64 and I have the “Red Lobster Rewards App” because we buy seafood from you guys at least once a month. I could not wait to scan in my points because I only needed 66 more points to get my free appetizer. We get to the house, I try to scan in my reward points and it says “Sorry, this receipt has already been scanned!!!” What? One of the workers had already scanned my receipt because it was $81.64 I am so disappointed I will never go to “Red Lobster” again in my life. Please help me try to recover my reward points and then I am done!!!

  • Tonya says:

    My family went here yesterday for dinner.
    N.Dixie hwy.
    in MONROE,Mi
    To say our experience was bad, is an understatement. 100%
    We were seated right away.
    When we were seated the room was nearly empty..
    The waitress came over to our drink orders. When she finally came back later without our drinks she took our dinner orders.
    We waited almost 20 minutes or more just to get our drinks.
    No straws to drink our drinks with.. we waited and waited
    We waited patiently…
    The room started to get more customers by this time

    The waitress said she would bring bread to us…we waited again patiently… still,no bread delivered to our table. As we watched her go to other tables, that came in long after we arrived, take over their orders, bringing them drinks, straws,breads etc and better yet,… their entire meals..
    We watched tables come and go before we got our food..
    As my family sat there basically completely ignored..
    I asked our waitress for straws, a simple request, and nothing…
    I had to ask a different waiter for help.
    Still no bread…no straws…
    Finally after sitting there waiting for well over 45 minutes to an hr…
    I believe it was the supervisor that began to bring out our meals.. Then the waitress tried to take over passing out our meals.

    We spent a lot of money there for our food yesterday … and the service we received was soooo unsatisfactory…
    As we asked for containers to pack up and our bill she said sure.. again.. we waited and waited.. then she started cleaning off tables…
    Finally she brought containers and wouldn’t you know, the waitress brought out a basket of biscuits. .
    Yesterday was was supposed to be a night shared with laughter with my family but instead it was a complete nightmare.
    I was and still am so upset over this..
    I hope management sees this.
    Because our experience and family dinner was ruined.

  • Deke says:

    Perry Georgia, Worst experience ever. We were there for lunch. It was not busy. That should have been a clue. There is just to much that went wrong however 2 incidents that really stick out .
    1. We received ( 2 )shrimp cocktail orders appetizer’s after our entrees were placed for us to eat.
    Well then , I guess to go.
    We did not get our separate orders as were ordered and were told pretty much this is how they are serving it to us .
    “Well can we at least get cocktail sauce and to go containers” ?
    2. The to go container had a odor that was strange, strong , and had a chemical smell.
    We asked for the manager .
    The manager said
    “that is the shrimp “ however none of us at the table smelled the odor described above before the to go container I used was at the table. One other party also had a to go to use for French fry’s and cheese sticks and they smelled that strong awful odor too.
    Needless to say the to go boxes never left your restaurant.
    So , if you go to this restaurant in Perry , Georgia just know this.
    Do not expect to get your ordered food on your own plate .
    Do not expect to have :
    Salads and or soups
    or entrees to come in any order whatsoever.
    In other words do not expect much at this place. Save your money and go to Longhorn!
    Orders come out in a timely matter, perfectly cooked and service is always exemplary! Or just stop in for their amazing chicken bites. Seriously corporate send out some people to see what’s happening to your restaurant’s. I used to go all the time in Arizona. We moved here and are solely dissatisfied and disappointed.

  • mary Dungans says:

    My husband and I have been enjoying Red Lobster for many years. He loves the snow crab. Today was a huge disappointment. We went to the Red Lobster in Pittsburg, CA for lunch. We arrived at 2:30 (long after lunch time and before dinner time). We were told there would be a 15 minute wait because they were short staffed. Over 45 minutes later when I complained, we were finally seated in a near empty restaurant. The server was nice, but clearly overworked. The hostess was clearing tables rather than greeting guests. The food was ok but really slow. After dinner we both went to the restrooms and came out saying to each other how filthy the bathrooms were. High school bathrooms were cleaner. There were used paper towels and toilet paper all over the floor and the dirt and spider webs were accumulated along all the stalls and walls. It was appalling. I wonder what the kitchen was like??? Red Lobster management should be ashamed. You advertise “Lobsterfest” and then you can’t serve your customers in a punctual and clean, healthy way! Shame on you!

  • Brenda Cameron says:

    I was at a RedLobster in Knoxville Tn and we had good food and a great waiter. We gave the server a $20 tip and he just kept thanking us. I asked what he made an hour and I’m ashamed to text it here.The Red Lobster Corporation should be ASHAMED that employees only get that much wages. So what if they get tips, God bless them. Some won’t tip. This reminds me in 1971 of my starting wages. I’m a former cosmetologist and if you have never stood on your feet for long periods of time, had achy arms and back hurting, just try being in someone else’s shoes for a day. SHAME, SHAME ON RED LOBSTER CORPORATION . I WILL JUST EAT ELSEWHERE.

  • Sherl Cotterman says:

    We went to the Red Lobster in Michigan City Indiana only to be seated in the corner and never waited on for 30 min left went to Buffalo Wild Wings across the street. You lost $70+ . It was my sisters birthday. Need better service there. Mgr shrugged his shoulders when we told them we we’re leaving and why.

  • Bobbie Sllen says:

    I ate at the RedLobster in Gadsden’s Alabama. First time in 30 years. My plate was 37.93 and it was awful, it made me sick. The food portion was less than a restaurant but double the price. I will never eat there again. NEVER!!!!. The lobster what little I had was stretchy and the shrimp was not good. The only thing good was the salad. I wanted to splurge with my friends but that was a big mistake very big. I could have bought a lot of groceries for 40,00

  • DeBorah Jemison says:

    The Family and dine at Red Lobster on 4401 n Cumberland ave Norridge Illinois 4-3-2022 It was the worse dining experience ever had the waiter had a nasty racist attitude she walk to us I ask about endless shrimps she said who told you about this I said I saw it on Facebook she said you can only have that if someone told you word of mouth from that point on she was hostile angry rude I ask about how was the setup with shrimps explain when my other guess ask about her ordered she loudly said I’m trying you now so don’t get mad with me I told her I’m already mad she shouted that’s your problem and walk away we request to see a Manage she came we told she gave us another girl she was nice took the orders we don’t know what happen her attitude change in midair she was obnoxious confrontation snappy clapping her hands while talking didn’t bring the refill in a timely manner she didn’t put the plate in front of me she put it to sides we pay all that money to be disrespect to the point the other dinners was looking and talk the way we was being treated so we left didn’t get to eat much okay I call Monday to speak to a manage now I see why the work are rude I spoken to a MR. RAHDER HE WAS RUDE TALKING LOUD DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR MY COMPLAINT HE DIDN’T TRY TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION OR ACCOMMADATE BY ASK WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE THIS RIGHT HE SLAM THE PHONE DOWN WHILE I WAS STILL TALK I TOLD HIM I WAS GOING TO CALL THE HEADQUARTERS HE DIDN’T CARE SAYING I TALK TO YOU YESTERDAY WHAT DO YOU WANT WE DISCUSS THIS ALREADY I TOLD HIM I FEEL I SOON BE ACCOMMADATE WAS WHEN HE SLAM THE PHONE DOWN THEIR ATTITUDE IS PLAIN TO SEE WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE OF COLOR OVER HERE I WILL NEVER EAT AT ANOTHER RED LOBSTER I’M POST THIS COMPLAINT ON SOCIAL MEDIA TELLING PEOPLE OF COLOR NOT EAT IT RED LOBSTER THEY DON’T WANT TO SERVE YOU THIS’S GOING TO REACH MILLION OF PEOPLE I TOLD HIM HE DO CARE NOW I DON’T KNOW WHERE GOING GO TO GET FRESH SEA FOOD IT WAS A PARTY OF SIX THAT DINE THAT SUNDAY AFTERNOON.
    DeBah Jemison 312 834-5762

  • Ena Neal says:

    Had a bad experience with the food which wasn’t hot. And to add the manager got my account information of how I paid and said that they would refund my money but 5 days later have not received it in my account..26320 US 19 in Clearwater Florida..My daughter and grandchildren did not receive their dinner until a half hour later and to add when the waiter went to the kitchen the manager did not come out to handle the issue would like so very much to be contacted as soon as possible thank you

  • Jr hernandez says:

    To whom it may concern:
    Hi my Name is:
    I RESIDE in McAllen Texas..
    My family and I have been coming to the red lobster in McAlle north 10th st location.
    This location needs a major renovation ..
    1. Ceiling is very dark and dirty.
    2. The wooden panels are faded and need to be re painted .
    3. The carpet is stained, dirty and filthy..

    Please have some one come out and to this location and do something about it.

    If hate to stop coming to our favorite place ..

  • Janna Barkley says:

    Don’t you want customers?
    Because of this turn over in serving Rocktail Lobster and Stuffed mushrooms only to those who dine in. Seems sort of biasised. That you don’t care if you have customers or not well you are going to lose 50 of them depending on your anwser to the question posed in a previous txt.

  • Janna Barkley says:

    I am house ridden in other words it is very difficult for me to leave the house. We have ordered rock tail lobster & stuffed mushrooms, my favorites we have ordered 2 Rocktail Lobster dinners with stuffed mushrooms for take out be fore. Why not now? I have always been a big tipper I believe the last time I visited your restaurant with a party of 7 I left a $300.00 tip after paying for our party of 7 with desert. Why are you changing the rules now? Main lobster not one of my favorites.

  • Daniel D. says:

    The manager of the Geneva, IL likes to be stingy in terms of portions. This location gives customers NOT EVEN the bare minimum.I will not go to this location every again. I highly regret tipping $5 for a $6 drink. Terrible

  • Linda Gambino says:

    Linda Gambino,February 11 2022 Poor service the waitress was not polite she never came back at our table see if we needed any thing. I told I paid my bill separately from my friend,she mess up our payment sheet I had a gift card she didn’t give me back my change she made my friend paid more she totally messed up our ticket we couldn’t under stand what she was doing her order was more and so was mind I even talk to the General manager.she didn’t do any thing about it the waitress name was jasmine R, was in St. Peter’s mo 63376,never had such bad service it was terrible my friend said so to. The waitress was trying to get more money by mixing our check up she put them both together we didn’t asked for that replay to 3148580880

  • Rose says:

    We went to Red Lobster in Conroe, Tx yesterday to celebrate our 30th anniversary and our daughters 25th birthday. It was the worst experience we have ever had. The food was cold and soggy. And had a horrible fish smell. Ordered an appetizer, it came after our dinner was served and almost over. My husband ordered the rock lobster and received the smallest lobster I have ever seen. It was a total waste of over 100 for dinner.

  • Linda Finnerty says:

    We were at the Red Lobster in Jackson Mi. Dec 30, 2021.
    As far as service there wasn’t any. The manager was a VERY RUDE employee! I’ve waitressed for years and have NEVER seen such bad service. We WON’T be going back to Red Lobster again. If there was a score of zero, that’s what I’d give this location.

  • Stephanie Harris says:

    Well and WOW is how I’d like to start!!! Lastnight myself children brother his children and my parents went out for my mom’s 70th birthday! It was the worst experience EVER! We first had to wait 25 minutes to be seated there was absolutely no one in the restaurant! We then get to our table to then to wait another 20 minutes for drinks and bread! My Dad has diabetes and was starving! Our server explained they were extremely short staff it was all inexcusable! Some food finally got to the table 1 HOUR LATER! They brought some food and the half of the table got food 20 minutes later the food was incorrect we were also told when you all have unlimited shrimp specials the servers just grab the 1st plate up no matter who’s waiting! What is that? Where is the order in your kitchen? Your restaurant closes at 10 we left minutes to 11!

  • Jackson heights says:

    Worked a red lobster in clarksville tn . To my surprise I couldn’t find clean utensils to serve our guest the millinial employees dropped the f bomb all shift every shift the managers allowed them to do it mike the g.m. for 25 years the employees also smoke vape weed while at work ..no wonder food was 40 plus minute wait times the drinks were 20 minutes plus the bartender Greg been there 18 years who often grabbed salad lettuce and ate it right out the salad station bare hands and all millinial employees not doing thier jobs correctly while smoking vape weed . Great staff ! Yea exactly a professional like myself lasted a couple weeks. This whole restaurant and staff need to be replaced . And I believe in don’t ask don’t tell if you’re a trans employee keep that to yourself I don’t know or care what binary him/her she /him ..etc..etc..not my thing. Bring these issues to Mike the g.m. and I’m the bad guy huh . Have fun in you’re future endeavors and keep the weed vaping in you’re restaurant to a minimum.

  • Charles Graham says:

    Just wanted to say your business is going down in a bad way. Please visit your sites in MD and u will see what I’m saying. Food horrible and cold and very small portions of food for large amounts of money. I use to love Red Lobster but its horrible now. Chucky Graham

  • Ebony Greaves says:

    I made a take out order in Dover Delaware and was told utensils had to be requested. I have no hear anything like this in my life. Plus my order was not complete what happened with the quality service that red lobster use to provide to their customers. ☹️

  • Susan Lee Lasher says:

    Me and my daughter ate at Red Lobster on August 29th in Mays Landing The service was great! Avery H was our server. The customers that came in right before, wanted salad. For some reason, Mays Landing didn’t have salad. Avery said he would check to see if there was any that came in. He had served them coffee. When he came back and said the salad hadn’t come in, the man stood up and s “never mind” and started to storm out. Avery said he was sorry and told them to stay and enjoy the coffee. It was free. They still stormed out.
    Avery H is a very good employee for you! He showed classed and remained calm. He continued to wait on us and because at 11:20AM there were any other customers in the restaurant, we were able to talk to him for sometime!
    Just want you to know that Avery H in the Mays Landing , New Jersey is a really good person and employee!

  • Stephanie says:

    Well my family ate at the red lobster in Columbus Ohio tonight. I was so disappointed to find out that you only serve cesar salad and only have ranch and honey mustard dressing. One of the reasons I go there are for the wonderful biscuits , regular salad , and thousand island dressing. Why change your signature foods????? Why…

  • Benny Rosario says:

    After more than 10 years of being a loyal customer of RED LOBSTER, today being my 74th birthday my wife and I went to Red Lobster the only place that I can get a extremely good Bahama Mama and my wife would order an excellent Mud Slide, now keep in mind that we have been doing this for over 10 years in Lancaster, Pa., New Jersey, New York and as far as Virginia Beach, but never ever did I have a waitress who had no knowledge what’s so ever about a mix drink and a beer all she kept telling me was about the beer’s they had and to add fuel to the fire I asked her to go ask the bartender and to my surprise he had no idea what I was talking about, and like that’s not enough you don’t have a whole lobster then I suggest you change the name because as far as I’m concerned you no longer sell lobsters, a lobster tail are not lobsters and I know things are hard but if I want a worker they must have some type of knowledge, don’t worry you won’t hear from me again.

  • Melanie says:

    My family and I have been enjoying your restaurants throughout the country for over 40 years. To relate this incident is just shameful.
    Wednesday July 7, 2021: My family and I were dining at the Downers Grove, Illinois location. A table of two females were seated next to us. My family and I were having great conversation amongst ourselves, as always, when the other table decided that we were white and racist. They proceeded to get up from their table and began to verbally assault and yell, cursing and belittling my table for absolutely no reason. My family is extremely diverse in the fact that we are multi-cultural. And this happening just shows the females lack of common sense and/or home training. In the world today, the way it is, this is unacceptable but you persevere with all of the hate and rise above it. My issue with this whole situation is that the manager at no time came out to address or apologize for being treated this way. The females came back a second time and chose to include another table, telling that table that we were white racists. Half of my table was Hispanic, but that is neither here nor there. The fact remains that the manager did not do his job. I am so highly disappointed with this whole thing and it is really sad to say that we will no longer frequent Red Lobster. The LOB as we refer to it. I know this doesn’t hold much weight due to the fact that we are one family, but this was just devastating. The only person that said anything to us was our server. She apologized and said that the manager took care of it. Clearly not or I wouldn’t be writing this review.
    Thanks for the good memories. 🙁

  • Lauren says:

    Dear Redlobster please bring back real vegetables like broccoli or mixed season veggies NO ONE wants your disgusting beans I repeat disgusting green beans there should be more of a selection for vegetables and sides and another thing your appetizers are very boring every time we get used to going there to the location in Toledo Ohio or Jackson Michigan the sides and appetizers are disgusting what happened to red lobster having the best of the best food to eat something has seriously gone wrong in these restaurants management is horrible and the wait staff is horrible. I love red lobster the best place are used to love going to. Please fix these issues please these locations need help desperately!!! I don’t want my meal for free I want good food!!! Also your crab legs are over priced at these locations and never cooked for perfection!!! What happened to the restaurant quality food????

  • Cyndi Leigh Gould says:

    Don’t bother going to the Contact Us option because when you type in all your information, etc. and submit it, it comes back try again. A bunch of BS. I hope reads my previous complaint on this site, I doubt it!!??

  • Cyndi Leigh Gould says:

    Dear Sir,

    First of all, I would like to start off by saying that approximately one month ago I sent a message on this site about our visit to the Red Lobster restaurant in Las Cruces, NM on 03/13/21 and got ABSOLUTELY no response or feedback and that isn’t how customer service issues should or are handled in corporate restaurant management. I know because I spent 12 years in corporate restaurant management. Here is a recap of what transpired on our visit of 3/13/21: Our server, Cierra was great and provided excellent customer service and only following the instructions of the managers Joy/Tammy who were on duty that night. I ordered the combination plate of Lobster, Shrimp, & Salmon for my mom and to split with substituting the Salmon for Shrimp Scampi. We have ordered this item the last 7 years since I moved back to Las Cruces, and have always split it because it’s a lot of food for 1 person. In fact, we ordered this same item approximately 4-6 wks prior to our visit of 3/13/21 because our state (NM) was open for in-door dining at 25% capacity at the time and then closed in-door dining completely until opening it back up at 25% when we visited this restaurant on 3/13/21. When I placed the order above on 3/13/21 the server (Cierra) came back and said the managers Joy/Tammy told her that we couldn’t substitute the Salmon for Shrimp Scampi and could only do Scallops. I explained that we have been doing this for the last 7+ years. This wasn’t the fault of our server, Cierra as she was only following management instructions. This was totally ridiculous of the managers Joy/Tammy when we have been doing this for the last 7+ years, where is their protocol of “Taking care of the guests and guest satisfaction”?? Nowhere obviously!!
    We had to spend an additional $5.99 to get the Shrimp Scampi that we wanted. In addition to this visit, I received enough points to receive a reward and it appeared in my App and now a month later the reward has DISAPPEARED, this is ridiculous as our bill for that night was almost a $100. Your managers at this location Joy/Tammy need to definitely improve on their customer service skills because they are obviously lacking these traits. I have a family member who is a Director of Operations for Red Lobster Seafood Company in a different area of USA, and I sure wish this was his area because he would have seen that we were taken care of. Sincerely, Cyndi L. Gould

  • Tisha says:

    I order my Mother’s Day dinner online and my order was supposed to be ready at 730pm Got to the restaurant at 715 to pick it up. When I got to the restaurant it was about 25 to 30 other customers that were waiting outside for there takeout orders as well. I waited 3 hours for my food. Cops were called to the restaurant due to lack of communication from staff at the restaurant and ppl waiting on there food. Long story short I never got my food for an refined for an apology. I’m beyond pissed off and will never again eat here. Worst customer service ever. Very disappointed

  • TYR says:

    No food as of 7:30 PM. I have called 10 times, no answer or put or hold for 15 minutes each time and then sorry try again.
    I got through once to a James who connected me to a manager – line just rang forever.
    I would like my credit card charge refunded and my food order STILL delivered for the ri=uin of my MOTHER”S DAY!
    My mom is 90 and I am 70 years old. We waited almost ALL day. I tried to call that Door DASH and it was not a true number.
    Awful way to run a business!

    Order Received
    Sun, May 10, 2020 2:36 pm
    Online Ordering noreply@olo.comHide

    9140 Roosevelt Blvd E., Philadelphia, PA 19115

    (215) 673-5750

    Order # 594622032

    ORDER FOR DELIVERY (Estimated Delivery Time)
    Order scheduled for delivery at 3:42 PM, TODAY (SUNDAY, 5/10/2020)

    Deliver To:

    Delivery Tracking:
    Refer to the link provided to get the latest updates on your delivery, including the delivery provider assigned to your order. Order Confirmation Details

    1 x Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs (1 lb.) (1 x $23.99) = $23.99
    1 x Rice
    1 x Rice
    1 x Maine Lobster Tail – Classic (1 x $13.49) = $13.49
    1 x Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs (1 lb.) (1 x $23.99) = $23.99
    1 x Rice
    1 x Rice
    1 x Maine Lobster Tail – Classic (1 x $13.49) = $13.49
    1 x Create Your Own Combination
    1 x Create Your Own Combination – Choose Any Three (1 x $24.49) = $24.49
    1 x Wild-Caught Whitefish (Golden-Fried)
    1 x Golden-Fried Shrimp
    1 x Shrimp Linguini Alfredo
    1 x Rice
    1 x Mashed Potatoes
    1 x Maine Lobster Tail – Classic (1 x $13.49) = $13.49
    SUBTOTAL $112.94
    TAX $10.79
    TIP $16.94


    Thank you for ordering Red Lobster To Go! If you are a member of My Red Lobster Rewards and were logged into your account when you ordered, you will automatically receive your points for today’s order within 24 hours (typically one point for every dollar spent, except tax, tips, discounts, delivery fees, the purchase of gift cards and alcohol where prohibited). If you were not logged in, go to RedLobster.com/rewards, and sign in to manually add your receipt.

  • Frustrated says:

    I unfortunately went to RL for my birthday in December. I will never go to RL again because of them pulling the ads from Tucker Carlson’s show. Media Matters a George Soros company and in the tank for the Democrats are trying to shut down the truth and this is not ethical. Shame on RL for bowing to shutting down free speech.

  • al says:

    yes I live in Chicago and use to love ur food but because u kiss the libs asses and are boycotting Tucker Carlson me and 100 friends and co- workers are boycotting u

  • >