Where is RCI Corporate office Headquarters

RCI Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 9998 N Michigan Rd, Carmel, IN 46032, USA
  • Phone Number: 1.800.338.7777
  • Fax Number: 317-805-9335
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1974
  • Founder: Jon & Christel DeHaan
  • Key People: Gordon Gurnik

RCI Headquarters Location & Directions

RCI Headquarters Executive Team



Gordon Gurnik


Peter Giamalva

Chief Executive Officer of Europe & Middle East and President of Europe & Middle East

Mary Mahoney

CEO & President of Global Vacation Network North America & Japan

John Paul Nichols

CEO of Global Vacation Network International and President of Global Vacation Network International

Pat Connolly

Senior Vice President of North America

Fiona Downing

Senior Vice President of Business Development & Operations for U.S., Canada, and Caribbean

Philippe Guionnet

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President

About RCI, History and Headquarters Information

Rci which stands for Resorts Condominiums International which was founded in the year 1974. They have their headquarters at Carmel, Indiana, United States. Rci has a unique concept, but is quite interesting. Yes, they propose swapping of vacations and if you will try to learn more about this, you will love the idea for sure.

The situation above is just one of the problems that sometimes happen to those who plan for their vacation early and RCI comes up with a solution for this. Yes, and that will be possible if you will become a member! Once you become a member, you will have a chance of owning a timeshare.

You see, when you own a timeshare, you are guaranteed a vacation every year. However, if by chance you happened to book for a destination in which you don’t want to push through, you can swap it with another timeshare owner. He can go for your booked vacation and you can go for his. This is basically the concept of Rci!

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  • Dawn Lussier says:

    Due to pandemic and travel restrictions within Canada and the closure of the Canada and USA borders, we were unable to use our points and RCI is refusing to extend points without paying a fee.
    I should not be penalized for the coronavirus and orders to stay home. RCI should be offering a reduced fee for membership and no fees to extend points.
    RCI shouldn’t be so insensitive to it’s customers during this
    Calling in to talk to a supervisor truly gets you no where. They basically are repeating script that they have been given and are not open to discuss.

  • Linda Blankenship says:

    I should not be penalized for the coronavirus and orders to stay home. I should not be charged fees to reinstate. I should be credited for the quarantine year+.

  • Linda Blankenship says:

    Arrianna (Abr), the supervisor in your Indiana call center was extremely rude and disrespectful. She refused to connect me to her supervisor. I was on the phone for more than an hour. I am extremely unhappy.

  • Noah says:

    Crappy F* service ever. My wife booked a trip to San Francisco for $383.00 to go spend the weekend on the 4th of July this year. She got to the hotel a couple of days later and they didn’t have the reservation. She had to pay an additional $391.00 to check in. After she checked out a day early because of the bad experience on 7/6/2020 we’re still getting the run around on getting the full refund of the original reservation they “made” and the money she had to use out of her own pocket. What’s funny is that they are so quick in taking the money but taking their sweet time in giving it back. We’ve had not follow up emails or phone calls on this matter. I’ve been calling everyday for a status but for some reason they won’t transfer me to a manager to escalate the matter.O

    I’m very tempted to go to Las Vegas where I got this time share and get the proper permits from the city and stand outside their resort and protest with a sign that shows the examples of their bad customer service and to tell everyone on how much I really paid for a time share….needless to say I didn’t pay full price because I was patient.

  • Kathy Daugherty says:

    I have been attempting to contact RCI for several weeks to talk about my upcoming plans for a vacation in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Connecticut – where I live – has now just instituted a 14 day quarantine for those coming from certain states – South Carolina being one of them. I called immediately when the governor signed this order and cannot get anyone to help me, I have emailed as well twice. I should not be penalized for not being able to go to a state that has such dramatic growth in this virus considering we are traveling with a 8 week old and we have a person in the medical field that would not be able to quarantine after our vacation. Everyone I talked to states they are working from home and cannot help me. Will someone please understand this issue and help!!

  • Leo says:

    Mr Smith did you get a contract? This should outline what you purchased

  • Richard Smith says:

    I signed up last year while staying at a resort in Kissimmee Fl. I was told that with my purchase i would get points and be able to book 7 day stays in a 1,2,or 3 bedroom hotel or condo for $250. For the last year I have called, emailed, and called the corporate number just for them to tell me that they can’t understand what has happened and that it is very “strange”. I still have yet to get an answer to why what we purchased we do not have. Here it is coming up to the time we are getting ready to vacation again and I have purchased the right to say I am a member with no benefits. This is rediculous

  • J Miller says:

    I, too, have had my May, 2020, reservation cancelled due to this virus. I received an e-mail stating the reservation was cancelled and promptly called. I was told by the RCI rep (female gender) that the points would be extended past my expiration date of 5/30/20, and I would receive another e-maul. I did receive another e-mail from RCI stating the resort we were going was closed. Today (5/20/20) I received a phone call from an RCI rep (male gender) letting me know I had points about to expire 5/30/20 (in 11 days). I asked to speak to someone to complain referring to the phone conversation I had with the previous RCI rep. The supervisor (Natasha) told me RCI was a business, and RCI was lowering the cost of the fee for extending them for another year because of the situation. NOT A USER-FRIENDLY COMPANY! I will be telling whoever will listen not to deposit their vacation timeshare with RCI!

  • Nelson says:

    RCI is a horrible company. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they are promoting and suggesting booking time during weeks when the state of New Hampshire in is complete lock down mode [state of emergency], travel is forbidden, and she told us a week can be booked at a particular location. While on the phone with the agent, Arianna from Indiana], we called the resort. The resort told us, given the state of emergency, no reservations are being accepted, any current reservations, RCI was to contact the customer and cancel. They have not.

    When we told the agent [Arianna] from RCI, she denied this and told us to call back at some other time. She refused to accept her information was not correct [and frankly borderline illegal]. No compassion for those of us suffering through the worst deadliest virus in decades.

    We will work with our home resort to move away from RCI. We have also contacted our state Governor reporting this incident and have a call into our US Senator.

    Worst company ever.

  • Cindy and Erica Mullenix says:

    This is the worst company we delt with ! If anyone get a call from RCI don’t buy any package from them. They gotten over $3,000 FROM us and still nothing ! I am asking for a raincheck due to the Virus I still waiting to hear back. No one answering the phones ! This is Not a honest company if so they be contacting us back. It shows how bad they are. Please Mr.Gordon Gurnik President of RCI Corp. I like to have you call me back. Or Fluna Dowing USA. Or names are Cindy and Erica Mullenix fighting out from Mechanicsville Va.

  • William Stevnson says:

    Does anyone know how to contact the corporate office? Can’t find a number.

  • William Stevnson says:

    Just cancelled a resort stay for April 12, 2020 and RCI refused to extend my points without paying a fee during this pandemic experience. They are the worst, planning on selling my timeshare just get rid of RCI!

  • William Stevnson says:

    RCI insensitivity to its customers during the virus epidemic

  • Eden Popo says:

    Ms Fiona Downing, I recently had to cancel a reservation (I am a Hilton Grand Vacation member) with RCI due to COVID-19. I am told that I get my points back but the booking fee I can only get in the form of a voucher which has to be used by June. Really? In a time of global crisis, that is how RCI is treating it’s customers? Contrast RCI with Hilton Grand Vacation which is giving full refunds to its customers. And Oh when I called to ask to speak to a supervisor, your call center agent kept on telling me that the supervisor will not change the policy. Lo and behold she came back to tell me that the supervisor (Kent Mayfeld) said that the policy cannot be changed. He would not even take my call. I promise I will disparage RCI on social media until I get my refund. I do not care how long it takes. It is not “just” the money but the core values and principle. You have to do the right thing for your customer. These are times and situations that define who you are as a company.

  • Eden Popo says:

    Mr Gurnik, I recently had to cancel a reservation (I am a Hilton Grand Vacation member) with RCI due to COVID-19. I am told that I get my points back but the booking fee I an only get in the form of a voucher which has to be used by June. Really in a time of global crisis, that is how RCI is treating it’s customers? Contrast RCI with HGV which is give full refunds. I promise I will disparage RCI on social media until I get my refund. I do not care how long it takes. It is not “just” the money but the core values and principle.

  • Tasha Mandley says:

    I need someone to contact me, and give me a fund for my trip. I was told they are only issuing credits for future vacations. I think it is very heartless for an organization to keep people’s money for trips that are cancelled due to a National Emergency. People need to save their money during these times, and worry about future vacation after this National Emergency is resolved. I am asking for a full refund of my trip.

  • CINDY I Mullenix says:

    I need to talk to a Nicole,Ceo or someone for Cruise. Not anyone with booking but Corp. The News said No cruise line are going any where ! Customers are supposed to get full refund ! I paid out $2949.00
    For package I was not told about a 10 cancel. I was told it good up to 1 month before my trip.My trip is May 16-23,2020 plus trip insurance, port,custsea fee. $514 +259=773.95
    Which =$3,673.95
    My package was
    7 days for 2
    3-4 day plus 3-4 days =2
    7 days Resort
    Me and my daughter are handicaps and we used or disabled check to go. I was told due to my health this might be my last journey. I talk to Danny in Manager he said he call me 3-16-20 within 1 hr. Heard nothing back. Please I like to have my full refund back and when this Virus clear then take our trip again if I get clear from my Doctor. The New’s telling the people on the news that travel agents are refunding their money or if customers agree for a certificate for the same offer next yr.up to customer. Please call me. 804-304-4402
    We are members of RCI#571132902

  • Veronica Robinson says:

    It was shocking to be notified yesterday by RCI that a long planned and reserved family vacation at the Wyndham Palm Aire resort had been canceled. Not only was this barely two weeks before the travel date, but was due entirely to a construction related event that should have been foreseeable by Wyndham and it’s RCI subsidiary. Since the family has committed to several thousand dollars of non-refundable air fares, there is the potential for a large amount of financial damages. This financial detriment is something far outside the bounds of reasonable risk and demands RCI and Wyndham find the means to avoid this financial harm.

    We have considered RCI to be a reliable partner when we have made travel plans, however, this situation leaves us to believe there is a lack of ethics and integrity in your organization. When you create damages that could be reasonably anticipated and are solely due to your irresponsible behavior, and organization as large Wyndham and it’s RCI subsidiary should bear the burden of full accountability.

    It is additionally egregious that RCI has made no attempt to rectify their wrong. No additional, accommodations or solutions have been offered. Several members of the family spent hours on the phone yesterday, after the abrupt notification, trying to find someone to help. Apparently, there is only one person (Beth) who is in charge of the situation. I have left several messages. I have not received a return call yet. And when asked what other supervisor I could speak to, I was on every occasion sent to Beth’s voicemail.

    Is this the manner in which RCI conducts it’s business? I have never experienced such callous and unprofessional behavior from a company. I eagerly await a call from RCI to rectify this wrong. Thank you in advance for your attention to this manner.

  • pauline seeger says:

    STOP CALLING ME!!! I have told you for years that I do NOT have a time share and would NEVER be STUPID enough to join one!!! When I ask for a manager, you HANG UP ON ME! You laugh when I tell you to stop calling me! Your manager just told me until I change my phone number I will continue to get the phone calls – I CALLED THE POLICE! LETS TALK TO A JUDGE!

    • R. Rae says:

      For over 20 years I have tried to have you stop calling me. Now I am receiving up to 5 calls per day. I have never had a timeshare, nor do I want one. I am not interested in vacations either. And if I did become interested, I would not do business with RCI. Your employees are rude liars. Saying they will remove my number, put my number on a do not call list and just hanging up, no matter how business like I am to them. My number is already on the do not call list…maybe it is time to contact local police, my lawyer and the state Attorney General.

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