Where is Randalls Corporate office Headquarters

Randalls Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 9660 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 713-782-0982

  • Fax Number: 713-268-3602

  • Email: contact@randalls.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: July 4, 1966

  • Founder: Robert Randall Onstead, R. C. Barclay & Norman N. Frewin

  • Key People: Paul McTavish, Leslie Nelson, Ronnie Brennan

Randalls Headquarters Location & Directions

Randalls Headquarters Executive Team



Paul McTavish

Division President

Leslie Nelson

Vice President Finance

Ronnie Brennan

Vice President Marketing

About Randalls, History and Headquarters Information

Randalls was founded in the year 1966. The company has been active for almost 53 years now. The founders of the company were Robert Randall Onstead, R.C Barclay and Norman N Frewin. In the year 1970, the company had opened its fourth store as well and by the end of the 1970s, the company had 15 under its name. As of the year 1990, the company had 42 stores under its name along with generating almost $1 billion in revenue as well. In the year 1994, the company started to sell beer and wine in its stores. In the year 1997, the majority stake of the company was taken over by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co for almost $225 million. In the year 1999, the company’s 116 Tom Thumb store chain was bought over by Safeway. In the year 2005, Safeway was attempting to sell its 138-store Texas division. As of the year 2014, Safeway, which was the parent company of Randalls, was taken over by Cerberus Capital Management. The headquarters of the company is based in 9660 Westheimer Road. The name of the place is Houston, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code is 77063.

Randalls is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of food products and groceries, via its supermarket chain as well, to its customers all over the USA. The company currently has its presence in almost 42 locations in the USA. The current president of the company is Paul McTavish.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of groceries and food products, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include bakery, dairy, delicatessen, frozen foods, grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, liquor, etcetera.

Randalls Headquarters Photos

  • Yvonne West says:

    I had a 5.00 credit on my Randall’s account because I am a Fresh Pass member. The credit didn’t come off on my purchase, so I asked for a manager. The employee at the self checkout told me that the manager went to the gas station, and she said that I had to wait until she came back.
    I put the merchandise back and left. The store is located on 9660 Westheimer in Houston, Texas.

  • Jacklynn Smith says:

    I was shopping at the round rock location, store 2636 on Wednesday December 7th. At first I was not going to say anything but after giving it some thought I can not let it go. As I was checking out I overheard a heavy set Hispanic lady named Mercedes and another Hispanic woman with glasses and blonde hair having a conversation loosely using the N word. I am an African American myself and the amount of uncomfortable I felt was indescribable. A big part of me wanted to address them about it as I felt it was very racist of them to use such a word and while at work but then I thought of the consequences I might face had I reacted the way I wanted to. I will never in my life step foot back into this location. I can not believe this is how Randalls is allowing it’s employees to speak around customers.

  • Monica Gietzen says:

    Need help with getting my 2020 paystub to process my tax return audit. My name is Maria M. Gieten I worked for store #2554 on parker and inandescent and parker. If you xan send it to me for the whole year that would help me alot. My address is 314 Hilltop Ave B Richardson TX 75081. My number is 469-724-5377.Please call me at your earliest convenience.

  • Scott says:

    Randals Pharmacy have gone down on customer service . I personally think it because now the pharmacist cannot concentrate of filling prescriptions. He now is interrupted with having to give vaccine injection. My doctor called in a prescription for pain and antibiotics. The pain medication took 32 hours to fill well after I needed it. Again today my doctor called in a prescription over 24 hours for an antibiotic. I tried numerous times to call the store to inquire about it but know one answered the phone. I even left a voice message, never a call back. So today I called at 9:15 again no answer. I then went to the pharmacy. I was told it will take 5 min to fill. All this occurred at the Randalls on BenWhite Austin

  • Kate reitman says:

    I went to buy lottery tickets at the Randall’s on Brodie lane and the manager would not open customer service even though the store wasn’t closed to help me this is bad customer service and rude as heck as a paying customer

  • Alicia Taliaferro says:

    Why would Mesa store employee tell me to use raincheck at store that issues RC. That’s Crazy!

  • MaryLou says:

    Will this note even get to Corp.
    Bagels: it was great when the individual bagels were wrapped. Now they are just on baskets and at a low level to get germs from people (kids, short people) coughing them or touching them. Put the individual bagels in the same closed door area as the donuts. Use the other area for wrapped bagels.
    I do not want all the same bagels that is why I like individuals. Do yawl even see this or reply.
    Besides COVID – Flu – Sick people YUCK and people touching the food.

  • Antonio says:

    Will we receive our pay on thursday this week.?

  • Renee Williams says:

    Just sat down to eat the salad we purchased last night. The entire cut off end of the head of lettuce was in my salad. I took a picture of it, along with the label showing the date. I’d be happy to email you the pics.
    This is not my First quality control issue. A year or two ago, I purchased a appetizer vegetable platter, the large size, and the dressing (ranch dip) that was sealed inside was outdated by over a month, (use by date). The label on the outside had a current date.
    Not sure if both products come from same department, but I think this is unacceptable. Lack of care for sure.

    Thank you,

  • TW says:

    The new app is awful! Don’t know why y’all changed it. Cannot navigate smoothly at all. Hard to understand it. Anytime you want to clip a coupon, it asks for the quantity as if you’re buying curbside or delivery…when you only want to clip the coupon. Please go back to the old app…this one is not user friendly at all. Even the employees said people are complaining (as well as themselves don’t like it). I had to go to customer service to get $10 refund bc I could not find all of the sales on the app. Terrible job…y’all can’t do better.

  • Gordon Lynn says:

    I am a daily shopper at store #2672 in Houston. Randall’s has taken Pepperidge Farm stuffing off the shelf. I fail to see the logic in discontinuing an item that has a 97% Houston market share. This is one more item that I have to purchase at Kroger or HEB. I would discuss this with the manager, Cindy, but she is not visible on the sales floor. I’ve only seen her once since she was transferred here. Today’s date is May 23.

  • C klinkovsky says:

    Not sure which complaint to express first
    Have u Not heard the news – u r to help the elderly home -bound during this time of “Stay at home-please help me.”
    I am trying to use your curb grocery delivery or delivery to my home.
    For some reason this last month I am not able to access my account on line.
    I just want someone in customer service
    To access my account. Guess what I have talked to ten or 12 people in customer service and no help,no interest. You need to rename customer service to “don’t bother me,I don’t give a crap about your problem.”
    It’s not my computer or me,the operator.
    I know I will never receive a reply to this.
    Thank goodness there are other grocery stores that will help me.

  • sylvia says:

    Hello today I went to the Randalls in the West U area (Holcombe) in Texas. There was a display of candy on a table and I noticed a roach crawling in the candy I told a partner that was stocking medicine and at first she did not want to be bothered but when I continued she took the box of candy and threw it on the floor and went back to stocking. That was unprofessional and I did not enjoy being dismissed like that, first of all. Then how nasty is a person that will just throw an open box on the floor allowing the roach to escape and continue roaming and not caring.

  • P ADAMS says:

    I have tried to send an email to above email contact but it isn’t a good email address. I am tired of getting free items or discounted item ad’s sent to me on Sunday telling me they expire on Monday and then go to the store and they don’t have any and tell me they never did. That happens too often, it wastes my time and gas doing this, so will do be shopping at Randall’s anymore.

  • Eduardo Scheinfarber says:

    Today I tried to return a product and was informed that there were no returns nor refunds by what appeared to be a manager at the”Customer Service” desk. I asked the employee to dispose of the product however way she wanted to and to my surprise she said “fine.” We are talking of a glass far of Salsa “Signature Series” unmolested in any way and sealed.

  • Former employee says:

    I’m a former and trying to get information and none of your numbers online work! You really need to rework your web sight and company practices.

  • Susan Finfer says:

    This week’s Randalls advertisement in Austin, Texas featured products that required minimum purchases of 10 items in order to qualify for the advertised sales price. One such item was Pasta Roni.

    Requiring minimum purchases during this horrific time in our country, is unethical, immoral and represents Randalls as an insensitive, uncaring corporation.

  • Former Customer says:

    Today, the very day that the WHO has declared a worldwide pandemic, the Randall’s employee at the Service Desk coughed right in my face! Then she continued to cough into her hand(!) I called the Manager when I got home. When I told the Manager about it, she seemed more annoyed with ME than anything else. She never even apologized. When I told her I would never shop at Randall’s again, she simply said “Okay”

  • Joan Nering says:

    I don’t understand why your shopping ap does not offer “location” searches. I am 77 yrs. Old and find it frustrating to shop at Randalls when Aps at Kroger and other stores can tell me exactly where to find items in their stores.
    I have asked several employees who tell me that the AP they use does have this feature.
    Playstore offers only a delivery and pickup AP.

  • Mr. George D. Thompson /age 67 says:

    Why can’t Randalls corporation repair and maintain store computers in Austin Texas.I’m tired of always listening to store ee’s making excuses for bad systems . The key pads and the registers never working on same hand-shake software. I get tired of listing to hardened older women nag and talk, talk, talk. Telling me I didn’t enter my phone number bla nla and code for my debit card. That’s why old men get divorces from women like that. Atleast my wife of 44 yrs dosent act like that. BEN WHITE store Austin Texas 15 items/disabled which I am. Not going back……………..

  • justine says:

    can you tell me where in zip 77084 you can redeem 1.00 gas rewards as the Randalls fuel stations closed by us and participating gas stations either say they don’t participate or you can only redeem .20cents

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