Where is Ramada Corporate office Headquarters

Ramada Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 22 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 973-753-6000
  • Fax Number: 973-428-7658
  • Email: accessibility@wyn.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1953
  • Founder: Marion W. Isbell
  • Key People: Keith J. Pierce

Ramada Headquarters Location & Directions

Ramada Headquarters Executive Team



Keith J. Pierce


Mark F. Young CHA

Brand Senior Vice President

About Ramada, History and Headquarters Information

Ramada is just one of the chain of hotels owned by Wyndham. This hotel is founded 66 years ago and at the moment, they already have about 800 locations across 63 countries. They have their headquarters at Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. If you are looking for a hotel to book right now, you can give them a call.

This is the type of hotel every traveler should check, and it would be easy to do that with their number of locations spread all over the world. They prepare a lot of good things for their clients like some affordable deals if you book early. At the same time, they also offer the best amenities one will surely find luxurious and unforgettable.

You are bound to be near any of the Ramada hotels especially that they also have several airport locations. So, before you start your next vacation, you should give Ramada a call!

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  • Mary says:

    They don’t paid people when they should and they like to take days away from the works

  • Prakash Jadhav says:

    This is to bring to your kind notice that your franchise in Navi Mumbai India is doing lot business in cash without accounting for it. It runs into million dollars. Please investigate

  • Derrin says:

    My motel room looked like it was being ran by a slumlord! Nothing at all like the pictures advertised. We had our dog so I understand we were given a pet friendly room but it wasn’t even suitable for a pet! Way way way overpriced for such horrible filthy conditions. If this is the face of a Ramada or any other Hotel that is owned by Wyndham I will never stay at another one again! Took lots of pictures and will be passing it along to corporate to see if they even care or are at all concerned. Left after 1st night of stay and went to a motel 6 which was much nicer!

  • Jd Martin says:

    A/c did not work in my room . I go to the front desk and was told I can’t be comped or put in another room because I had been in my room for a couple of hours already. This is the worst hotel I have EVER stayed at, desk manager was rude and very unpleasant to talk with, how can u advertise a/c rooms, and u get a room that’s as hot as an oven and not be responsible enough to take care of there guests

  • Bradley Brumfield says:

    Ramada pigeon forge North zero return contact after 30 calls and emails. 10 yr customer same weekend every year

  • Katie Ekness says:

    I was defrauding during my stay for several hundred dollars and now am being kicked out with no money or place to go- Katie Ekness Kent Wa

  • Deaunta Mayo-Cherie says:

    I am at the Ramada North in Pikesville, MD and on top of the fact that the property is in dire need of bulldozing because it is so run down, the room itself is
    just filthy, the tub runs nonstop, and the room smells like “Ewwwww!”, the front desk attendant just told us we could only get clean towels two days a week. We checked in yesterday and are here until Monday. We missed the 1st day. We get clean towels in the morning. Something should be done about Ramada stealing peoples money because this experience is not good at all

  • Kathy Moore says:

    Staying at the ramanda in glendale heights Illinois all I can say is……stay away get a hotel that is a little more for your money this place is horrible

  • Tina says:

    I went to your Modesto hotel on feb 18 and got a room for three days . I talked to Edward very nice helpful guy. I had my daughter in the room also.
    I ended up needing three more days .At this point I just paid over $600 and I was good with that.
    I really didn’t understand why I needed cash deposit of $200 that was strange. I gave them two $100 bills to hold.
    Well I had to call 911 a few times my daughter was having chest pains and we felt she needed medical assistance to be a hospital. It happened two times.
    I had my friend come by and see me she is 56 years old and see my daughter. I also had my sister come visit she was in town on Saturday the 19th to come visit she is 50. I also have my mom come visit she is 73. And your hotel clerk Monica rude every time I would call and ask for the room number in the morning. When I checked out over the phone called her she told I’m not welcome back at the hotel because we had too many complaints was too loud. That is a lie very much so we hardly have a TV on maybe a couple laughs no alcohol beverages no drugs no nothing. Then she complained said we’re not welcome because I had to call the paramedics twice and had the firetruck and ambulance for my daughter. That is against the law she says I am not welcome back at the hotel. Nor am I able to extend a stay or anything with the Ramada in the winds.
    I don’t know what was wrong with this girl name Monica at work the front desk in the morning. Didn’t do nothing to her always polite to her even when I called is rest her by your name and she was always rude. Then told me a bunch of garbage lies no proof that we were allowed because that was a lie. We never even stayed up past 9 o’clock. So I’m really not sure what she’s talking about and I don’t appreciate how I was treated when we checked out our room was clean everything we didn’t bug nobody or anything. I would like a email I would like a call back I’ve left a message no one contact me my number is 209-815-8413. Very upset how I was treated by that employee when I was checking out and other times when I called because I was inconveniencing her by asking or I had other people call and talk to my daughter while I was at work. I had business calls coming in and a lot of times they wouldn’t even answer their phone at the front desk we just ring. My daughter lost her cell phone so she had no phone that was the way to communicate that’s what I paid for was able to reach my daughter in a room. It is their responsibility to fulfill that as a hotel guess that’s what I paid for. I will be putting something on yelp if I do not hear anything right away I want to thank you for your time for reading this I would like a response back I was Tina Huckabee

  • chris mason says:

    i stayed in prince albert saskatchewan and it was disgusting like long term gross. bathroom looked like an old garage toilet with big brown stains in tub and around tub just gross and rest of room not any better i will never stay at a ramada again.people partying in hallway half the night and door had been kicked in and half ass repaired just a getto

  • Joanne Austin says:

    I wonder if anybody from management actually reads our complaints or even cares. Seems like they have not responded to any of them – oh well I hope others see them and dont stay at the hotels. Money and times are tight at the moment however that is no escuse for treatment received and conditions that everyone has mentioned.

  • Joanne Austin says:

    I recently stayed at the Ramada in Port Vila because I had to do quarantine when returning home to Vanuatu. The food was a disgrace. Wifi was hit and miss. I was charged for 15 nights had to pay on the 2nd day of being there – only stayed 14 nights – was told by the Financial Advisor that I would receive a refund for the 1 night. Was charged 51,000vt which is roughly USD446 for airconditioning on top of what was gazetted by the Government for quarantining charges without warning – it just appeared on the invoice which I had to pay that day or the next. Numerous emails were not acknowledged and this morning I receive a email from a solicitor saying they dont have to pay me anything. What a big rip off apart from the financial advisor being a liar to my face saying I would get 1 nights refund. Would NEVER recommend the Ramada to anybody.

  • Elloraine says:

    I requested to rebooked and was told to pay again same price with what I already paid. Money grabbers. Never book with Ramada again.

  • Aalok says:

    Stayed at Kasauli ramada by Wyndham. All guests other than us suffered food poisoning. Had to suffer for 3 days hospitalisation. Interestingly the manager took the entire amount in his own account. Third class hotel. Shortly initiating legal proceedings for damages and for seeking closure of hotel

  • Donna Alexanderr says:

    I stayed at The Xenia, Ohio Ramada In . It was the worst hotel I stayed in . Thank God it just was for one night. There was many problems . The TV kept going in and out. They looked at it and said well its a old set. I found a baby roach in the night stand. There was trash behind the toilet . The lock was broke where there was only one screw holding it in I put one of the screws back in . Part of the curtain was hanging where the light kept me up shining in the window. But to top it all they tried to give me a apple and a yogurt as a continental breakfast . Thats not was shown on their web page. Plus the bar was close that was shown on their page as well. Need to be up dated if you ask me. My name is Donna Alexander 69 S. mulberry Apt 2 Wilmington Ohio. 45177. I stayed there Nov 16,2021 I paid 72 dollar for that room . I know I won’t never stay there again.

  • Guest says:

    My husband stayed at Ramada in Pueblo Colorado. The customer service is horrible! He says there were bed bugs and the employees ruin his iPad. They put it in the dryer and places the iPad back on his bed. He came back from work and saw it. He talked to the manager but nothing was done. They basically just said “yeah we dried it”. So terrible!

  • Melvin Mckenzie says:

    Ramada Wyndham in Newburg, NY was absolutely horrible! Roaches in bathroom. Killed about 10 out of 30. Took pics of them but manager did not want to see them. Whole building smells of smoke and mold. Buckets in hallways to catch water leaking from roof on 3rd floor. Garbage in hallways. Avoid this place!

  • Brian says:

    Every Ramada that I have stayed at has been a pretty nice experience. Not perfect, but good.
    Do you all inspect, in any way, location that are carrying your name? I can’t imagine that you would allow this facility, in Salt Lake City, to fly your flag, so to speak. This place is an absolute dump. Yes, it is posted behind the front desk that this place is independently owned, but don’t they have any standard to keep in order to use your name? I have only stayed at one place, in all my 60 years, that was in worse shape than this place and it might actually be a toss up.
    The bathroom was FILTHY! It took me over an hour to get it in a condition where I would use it. The walls are stained just about everywhere. Disgusting! The room door has a gap under it big enough for a mouse to stroll right in and a good sized rat would have no problem squeezing in. I used the bath exit mat/towel thing to wipe the bathroom floor and it turned the mat black! I was afraid to sleep in the bed because everything else was so dirty and nasty that I thought, surely they have bed bugs. Fortunately not. I was put up here by a company I was visiting and I am not familiar with the area. I wouldn’t recommend anyone’s pet stay here, much less a friend or family member. I wouldn’t even consider staying here again, under any circumstances. It stinks, all over here and I have a badly deviated septum, which negatively affects my sense of smell so I can’t imagine what this place would smell like to a normal person… This dive is really giving your company a bad name.
    Pathetic, absolutely.

  • Danniellebennett says:

    Hello, my name is dannielle. I’m currently staying at the Ramada in Saco Maine on north street. IV spend around 3 thousand DOLLORS with you guys already this month. I have employees at this location that are harassing me and employees have just walked in my room more then a few times with out knocking. I made a complaint and now they are retailating. On me because of my complaint. May I please speak with someone about my issue at headquarters. I don’t feel safe speaking with managers as I think he and she is apart of it. I’m paid to the end of November . And I promise I am not a crazy lady. I’m having a real issue here and I had planned to spend another few thousand DOLLORS but I may need to change hotels. Regardless I still would like to talk to someone because I feel this is a serious issue and I wouldn’t want other people to incounter the same treatment. Thanks
    -Dannielle Bennett

  • Nicole says:

    The Ramada of Grayling,
    Michigan is disgusting! I was injured by a metal beam that fell off a window and I’ve never stayed at such a filthy establishment in my life! The sheets were dirty and looked like someone used sandpaper on them, the shower was
    Filled with dirt and grime, it also didn’t drain correctly. There was dust and dirt all over the furniture and light fixtures. There was animal fur and garbage on the floor, it was nasty.

  • Daniel N Thomas says:

    I’m upset about my stay at the at the Ramada I stayed at in Grand Junction, Colorado the room was in need of repair there was tiles missing in the bathroom and the toilet seat needed replaced as I think the finish was coming off. I will give you my email but my email doesn’t work.

  • Gary and Marlene Robbins says:

    Can I say awful!!!!!! Our one night stay was horrible. We arrived to check in and the process went well. We dropped our thing in our room and left immediately because we had tickets to Universal Studios. When we got back to the hotel that evening around 9-9:30 not sure exact time, we were exhausted and wet from the rides at Universal so we were ready to shower only to find out there were NO TOWELS anywhere in our room. My granddaughters were looking for pillows and sheets/blankets for the pull out bed only to find that the mattress was disgusting and full of stains. My husband went to use the phone to call room service/housekeeping and realized both phones in the room did not work (one phone was actually broken. So, he went down to the front desk to get pillows, sheets, blankets, and towels. Upon further discovery the room had dirty mirrors. We didn’t even turn on the TV’s since we were needing to go to sleep for another day at Universal. We got up in the morning around 8, dressed and went down to breakfast only to find no food left – no eggs, no beagles, no clean tables, one choice of cereal, I can go on and on. The tables and ALL counters were sticky and dirty. The furniture in the room was completely torn up (I have pictures) . I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at such a horrible hotel in my life. I realize it was just for the one night, but really there was NO sense of upkeep at all to this hotel. I would like to request a refund for our unpleasant stay. If I do not hear from you I will post pictures and my personal experience on Facebook. I’m sure that wouldn’t be good for your business. Thanking you in advance for looking into this for us.

  • Pamela B. Finney, Ed.D. says:

    Ramada by Wyndham, Lyons Road, Sioux Falls SD. Upon arrival I should have known this property was not a suitable place to stay overnight. There was a used woman’s tampon on the pavement at the entrance to the hotel; a notice at the check in advised that “there would be an additional charge for soiled sheets”; the carpet was pulled from the wall throughout the hall and the property was extremely dirty; the bathroom door was locked from INSIDE. I immediately telephoned the number I had used to book my stays across the US (1-800-828-6644) and “Connie” helped me find another room/hotel for the night. This is a FLOPHOUSE. Ramada should be appalled that their name is on this property. In fact, this has completely made me lose confidence with the Ramada brand and I will never book a room with this company. It is more “by the hour property.” I was charged $142.86 for this room which I did not use.

  • Raul says:

    I had reserved a 2 studio/suites for 2 nights (9/22/2021 & 9/23/2021) at your Williams, Az. location. When we entered the lobby the building looked ok to for the stay but as soon as we entered the rooms all expectations dropped to the floor in a split second. Also when traveling with family you expect to keep rooms close to each other well this is a fairly large hotel and we were put in opposite ends of the wings having to walk thru maze halls. Back to the rooms the light switch were not working and when we got visibility carpet was dirty stained and the whole room smelled like mold and tiles in the restrooms were lose and broken. As we got in bed the sheets had that sour smell as if they were put on damp and the other a old sweaty odor. We were drained from driving across Texas so ended up staying for 1 night. Once we got up the next morning mentioned it to Lisa in the front desk as we checked out to see if I could get the following night refunded been that the rooms were in extremely bad shape but she could only say the rooms are not refundable. I did not argue and called booking.com but they couldn’t do anything but transfer me to the hotel which they were no help, I was transferred to the General Manager that did not answer. I did leave a voice may but till today I haven’t heard back.

  • Susan Kelly says:

    Ramada Wyndham in Newburg, NY was absolutely horrid! Mold, roaches, dirty towels and garbage in the hallway, peeling wallpaper, shattered window on first floor. Even the white sheets were stained. It doesn’t get any worse. This hotel should be shut down! Completely unsanitary. Ramada should be embarrassed to have there name on this dump.

    • Raul says:

      This happen us while visiting The Grand Canyon in Arizona last week. I was very disappointed I stayed 1 night 2 studio/suites and decided to check out the next morning.

    • Melvin 6 says:

      You aren’t kidding! My experience was similar. Roaches everywhere. I killed 10 out of 30. Have pics and videos. Manager would not look at them. Claims Roaches are brought in by guest. Not his problem.

  • ACEVES says:

    Me and my daughter were going to stay there and lady was rude as hell . And i just ignored it. After that when we were going to get ready for bed i moved sheets and they were peed on also pubic hair . Gross i have pictures of everything. And that front desk girl needs to have her attitude checked. This one was in BARSTOW CA 92311 …….

  • Garry Scheier says:

    We stayed at the Ramada Inn in Statesville, North Carolina the night of 8/15/2021, Room 154. We were looking for a pet friendly place to stay and we called a few days before our trip. The man told us the room cost with a $15 pet fee, however when we checked in the desk attendant said the pet fee was $20 and she would not adjust this even though we showed her a paper where we wrote down the information from our telephone conversation days before. With no other options we checked in.

    My wife was up most of the night because the springs on the bed made a loud noise every time she moved. We also stayed here because this facility advertised a hot breakfast. We were given a bag breakfast instead. I understand the COVID situation but the room cost should have been adjusted and the $5.00 difference in the pet fee should have been waived.

    My wife couldn’t pull the shower curtain closed on the end near the faucet so water got all over the floor. She did her best to try and jimmy-rig it but it didn’t help. The drain in the tub blocked up too. The room was not clean and with COVID this surprised me.

    We were very disappointed in Ramada knowing their reputation. We are not sure we will try Ramada again in the future.

  • Robert Hassett says:

    My wife and I stayed at the Ramada in Bolingbrook Illinois, on your website it said breakfast included, when we went down for breakfast we were handed a paper bag with an applesauce, a yogurt, a cereal bar, and a sweet roll, and a bottle of water, no cereal, coffee, or anything else, luckily I didn’t live to far from the hotel, and went home to have breakfast, very shameful on this particular Ramafa

  • michael u. says:

    Stayed at the ramada in Coeur D’ Alene, somehow the third party screwed up my reservation and did not get the sofa bed that I reserved for my kid. Thank God that the after noon attendant Dianna took care of us and found a rollaway for the kid. ATTENTION RAMADA/WYNDHAM,,, get the third party companies, hotels.com, booking, expedia, etc. to get their crap together and quit screwing stuff up.

  • Pam says:

    Upon entering the Ramada Inn at Strasburg, Ohio stale cigarette smoke was noticeable. When entering the elevator also noticeable. When entering the third floor very noticeable! There were a mix of non smoking and smoking rooms on this floor and the stale cigarette smell was terrible. Also it stated breakfast was 6-10 AM. Went down and no breakfast not even a grab and go bag as others have changed to because of COVID. Very disappointed in the hotel. Have stayed in the past few years but will not be returning next year. When I pay over 100.00 a night for a room I don’t want to smell or smell like cigarette smoke.

  • Scott says:

    Ramada Inn – Provo UT : Just spent 13 nights here and wanted to share a few things. After talking with the manager I get the impression owners don’t want to put any money into the hotel. You know it is bad when the lobby air conditioner goes out and they don’t fix it. Feel sorry for the front desk staff as it was hotter inside that outside.

    My understanding they had a bunch of homeless people staying there a while back and they took all the blankets and they have no money to replace them. Carpet is my room and hallway had big grease spots, dryer did not work and told been having trouble with it for a long time, even half of the lint trap was missing. Can’t afford to serve hot breakfast and can only afford to clean you room once every 5 days.

    Another big thing they glued some bath baths in but did a terrible job as middle is bowed up so every time you walk on it the matt moves. Also fell down couple of times because of this, luckily they have a grab bar in the shower.

    Normally I blame the manager but she can’t do anything if owners won’t give her any money.

    Out back owner has a old food truck parked that has not been on the road for 10 years, looks like might be working on it. Out front Ruby River Steak House has a trailer sitting there with 2 flat tires and no plates. I call these things eye sores. You would think Ruby’s would want to take care of the trailer since it has there name on it, guess not.

    On the good side rooms were large and the bed comfortable, staff did what the could to help. You might say you get what you paid for, but appears Super 8 chain is nicer than the Ramada Chain now.

    Don’t franchise owners have guidelines to follow to be a Ramada Inn?

    Sending you photos of the food truck and Ruby River Steak house trailer

  • Husam Malalla says:

    I am in the Niagara Falls Ramada hotel and the manager of this hotel has very rude attitude with his costumers. He didn’t respect us when we had given our ID to the manager when he gave it back to us he threw it. When he speaks to us he speaks with no respect and in a very rudely manner. What had been told to us was the check in time was 4:00pm, although he had told us the room would be ready by 4:30 for no reason. So this is horrible service and I don’t recommend coming here.I am just letting you know the name of this manager is Tim.

  • Kathyrn L. Peters says:

    Your hotel in Xenia Ohio is filthy. I couldn’t stay there. Had to go to the Hilton to find a clean room.

    • Gary Hout says:

      Kathryn – I am assuming that you made your decision to NOT stay at the Ramada on the same day as your reservation. Or is this a case where you did not have a reservation, i.e. a walk-in? If you did have a reservation, did you cancel your reservation at the Ramada or did you just walk out without saying anything?

      The reason I am asking is because I canceled my reservation at Ramada in Michigan City, IN upon inspecting my room and found it to be unacceptable and the front desk could not find a satisfactory replacement. We left and sought lodging elsewhere, but the Ramada management went ahead and hit my credit card and now I am trying to get my money back.

      What I am trying to find out is if there is any such thing as Ramada company policy when it comes to situations like mine.

  • Robert Parks (Tamara Parks says:

    We spent the night of 7/19/22 in the Ramada Las Cruces. Long story short, I (Tamara Parks) fell out of the super high bathtub and bruised my entire left side and found out that I had fractured the top of my femur. and yes, I did hold on to the bar!!! Since this happened late at night … around 12:00 -1:00am and I was unable to get up from the floor we called the paramedics and then cancelled that call when the front desk sent a hotel guest (?) who was a paramedic. She was was able to lift me up and put me in bed. The next morning when we checked out, a maintenance man rolled me out to the car on an office chair. (no wheelchairs available) No one bothered to ask what happened or how it happened to make an incident report. Can’t believe that is hotel policy??? I was given a sheet, assuming it was something to report this. When we got home the next day, I couldn’t find it so I called the hotel on 7/26 and spoke with Bianca … she said she heard about the accident and would email me a form. Got nothing, so called back 7/27, spoke with Bianca again and she had no idea what I was talking about???? Called Corporate Customer Care … spoke with Jasmine who filed a constraint #4626355.

  • Ralisa says:

    This Ramada in Reno was horrible sent pictures to Corp office with the issues of 2 rooms

  • Erin Ramseur says:

    The Ramada Inn staff was very rude to me when trying to explain to them that when I booked the young lady didn’t tell me anything about being with in the 24 hrs and I won’t be able to get refunded. The owner proceeded to be rude as well and hung up on me. She needs to be fired for bad customer service. It was the Ramada Inn in Statesville, NC.

  • Jessica Hartung says:

    Stayed in Cumberland Maryland no pool the cable didn’t work and paid over 800$ For the week REDICLOUS!!

  • Kay Wgle says:

    I have never dealt with a more rude manager ever. Ramada Jacksons Point Ontario Canada. He cancelled reservations without emails to people because he said they circumvented the system, they booked online with the seniors rate and received a confirmation number. it was legitimate. When contacted to ask for clarification he refused to answer my questions, yelled at me and when I politely asked him to take a minute to answer my questions, he said he was too busy and hung up. i am wondering why the Ramada has managers in place that are so rude and cannot handle stress or accept their own systems screw ups. Or is it because I am a woman?

  • B.J. Carré says:

    I recommend you hire a native English speaker to rewrite the text on your website.

  • B.J. Carré says:

    Ramada by Wyndham, Regal Row, Dallas TX

    While your cleaning staff does an admirable job cleaning the rooms, there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom. This means the carpet throughout feels constantly damp, and the floor in the bathroom is sticky and moist. There’s black mold on the ceiling over the tub, and the silver behind mirror is coming off – in other words, this is a long standing issue.

    There was a plumbing problem somewhere in the hotel, so they shut the water off, which is normal, without informing their PAYING guests, which is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Neither were we informed when the water was turned back on some hours later. No refund when we left the hotel a day early. No manager on site to speak with. No manager I could call.

    Am appalled reading the comments on your website. Looks like it could have been much worse.

  • Phil Rogers says:

    Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Marco Polo Beach Resort
    19201 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

    Terrible experience, including non-existent service, terrible valet service, could go on and on. Never again here! Rooms are old and dirty. Also:

    You can NEVER get the front desk by calling from your room. They simply do not answer.

    You have to go down to the lobby in person every time you need something and wait in line all over again (wasting your precious vacation time).

    You have to request housekeeping a day ahead of time (they do not come unless you request it), even then they don’t show up on time.

    It was at least 40 minutes every time we wanted to get our car from “valet service.” (wasting your precious vacation time).

    Drinks at the pool are tiny cups for at least $13.00.They have only 1 person working the snack bar and you will wait forever for your order.
    They simply can’t handle that many people. Need to hire more workers.

    The so-called “guest concierge” was also missing in action many times, when you needed him. No bell carts inside the front door so you could put your bags on them and wheel them to the elevators.

    When you enter the lobby, it looks fancy. They have a waterfall and smooth jazz playing, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. This place is a time-wasting, frustrating dump from top to bottom. Never again!

  • Joseph Nelson says:

    Ramada Wyndham Keystone SD 6-7 2021
    Guests have had their eyes burned and made to choke when getting in the hot tub. Was drained due to complaints, refilled with same issue. 3 days running so far and they wont shut it down. Despite numerous complaints from several guests, with little kids crying with burning eyes they continue to operate with zero concern for public safety. Never seen any like this in all my years of travel.

  • Tonya M. McCalep says:

    Keith J. Pierce


    Mark F. Young CHA

    Brand Senior Vice President

    My name is Tonya McCalep I stayed at your hotel in Rockville MD., the Rockville hotel. From 05/28/21 to 06/01/2021.
    Customer Service was very Rude!! They had an I Don’t Care Attitude!
    I was moved from one room to another. Because the room was filthy, including the sheets, mattress covers, phone the floors, and the tub. 2nd room was not better!! I was on the 2nd floor and I constantly smelled cigarettes/marijuana in my room and the hallway.

    Overall experience; Poor, Horrible, and Terrible!!!!!!

  • Dennis Fleming says:

    Ramada in yonkers ny is deplorable. Everything was disgusting and dirty. Cigarettes and ashes on the floor. Wallpaper hanging off the wall. And that smell was haunting. I have pictures

  • Donna Hawthorne says:

    We booked our hotel at Ramada by Wyndham in Williams Arizona because of the trust in your name and with past stays in other City’s. But was very disappointed on this hotel. It does not represent your company name well at all. I can provide a few pictures if you like. Even if it’s an older hotel it could be maintained so much better. Especially since it is in a well visited area due to the grand canyon proximity. There was cracked and missing tile in the bathroom. Water damage walls by sink that has missing chunks. The carpet was so stained there was no way I would walk barefoot or even put any thing like luggage on it. The chair was filthy and worn to the point of holes. Just unbelievable that it carries the Ramada name.

  • Stephen M. Rohn says:

    I am 66 years old and have been staying at Ramada inns for 35 plus years,,through my
    Company Service Master Clean,,,, Ramada Bettendorf Iowa should be closed,,,it a total crap hole…….including the manager who is never there

  • Stephen M. Rohn says:

    Your Ramada in Bettendorf Iowa, is not a good hotel for the Ramada name,,,Security doors do not lock,,,Ice machine does not work,,,,parking area and landscaping is filthy
    Front desk is not appealing as you walk in,,,and the Manager is terrible,,,, you should close this hotel,,,it’s making people dislike your hotel name..

  • Patricia Inoguez says:

    Im on Ramada Inn on Salt Lake City made my reservations a few days ago for a friendly pet Hotel and after driving from Chicago since yesterday the attendant Sam did not let me get I yo the hotel…
    Patricia Iniguez

  • Kelly says:

    OMG WORST FUCKING PLACE I WILL EVER STAYING AT I PULLED THE BLANKET OVER AND SEEN BED BUGS PULLED THE WENT TO BATHROOM AND SEEN cockroaches underneath the sink crackheads everywhere even in the casino I hope one of them accidentally sets this Motel on fire it does not need to be running no business especially with that fat guy in the office behind the scenes counter hopefully she picks up one of those hose off of 4th Street and get pulled over because he is a dumbass

  • Mandy says:

    The Ramada is the worst hotel to stay at if you’re on a business trip. Staff at the front desk were rude when asking to switch to a different room due to noise & the maid decided to set the alarm for 6am on purpose. Working a second shift, this was not cool. Horrible, never staying here again.

  • Paul Bradford says:

    The Ramada at Salt Lake City north temple. Has no wi-fi. When I contactacted the front office. I was given attitude by the employee. I found them to be very rude.

    • Samuel Nalley says:

      The worst (crack Hotel) I was shocked.. Needs to be torn down Please contact me at 318-381-1224 for pictures and details.. I don’t think you want to see them on Ramada fb page

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