Where is Ralphs Corporate office Headquarters

Ralphs Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1100 W Artesia Blvd, Compton, CA 90220, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 310-884-9000

  • Fax Number: 310-884-2601

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 000

  • Established: 1873

  • Founder: George Albert Ralphs

  • Key People: Alan J. Reed, Mary Louise Wakefield

Ralphs Headquarters Location & Directions

Ralphs Headquarters Executive Team



Alan J. Reed

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Steve McMillan

Senior Vice President

Mary Louise Wakefield

Senior Vice President – Human Resources and Eeo Officer

Alan G. Gray

Senior Vice President of Administration

R. Alexander Detrick

Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development

About Ralphs, History and Headquarters Information

Ralph Lauren Corporation produces luxury fashion products. They mainly distribute products of fragrances, apparels, home and accessories. It was founded in 1967 by Ralph Lauren. The headquarters of the company is situated in New York.  The founder himself is a fashion designer.

The company began its journey by manufacturing men’s ties in the US. Later it entered the UK market in 1981. Apart from this, Ralph also opened restaurants next to their stores. These restaurants are quite famous in Chicago and Michigan.

The company manufactures watches, fine jewellery, polo sportswear, leather goods like belts, bags, footwear, etc.They also do wholesale products to department stores, golf shops, and specialty stores.

The company operates in 3 segments namely Wholesale – sales made to departmental stores, retail – sales made directly to consumers and licensing. Currently there are 493 stores operating under the company. They also provide sports sponsorship to USTA, Wimbledon and US Olympic team.

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  • Tracy Skinner says:

    I have lived in the area for 6 years that is serviced by the Murrieta store on Washington Blvd. I refuse to go to that store anymore. It is expense and the food is subpar. There are never enough workers at that store so you always have to stand in long lines. There is no one to bag your food and most of the time you find yourself doing it just to help move the line along. I am done. It wasn’t always like that. When I asked the cashier when they were going to hire more workers, she said they are not. Corporate determines how many workers and how much time they can work. I was appalled. Those poor cashiers work so hard it is not right and it is certianly not right that customers also bare the poor management of your store. This area is growing very fast and it is only going to get worse.
    I am with Stater Bros and Albertsons now. Stater Bros doesn’t have the selection like you and Albertsons’ prices are no better then yours; however both of their service far surpasses Ralph’s and Albertsons has a gas rewards program as well.

  • April B. Watson says:

    I am so tired of complaining about the same thing. This is the third or fourth time I have officially complained about the La Brea Avenue and Obama store in Los Angeles. They no longer ask if you need a bag for your purchases, they just charge you. It doesn’t matter if you have your own. To add insult to injury, they charge for more bags than you need. I am looking at a receipt that I was charged a paper bag fee for 3 bags, when if I had needed a bag, I only needed one. First it was .10, .20, and now .30. I HAD MY OWN BAGS! The cashier, Lorena A, blamed the cash register or some Ralphs code. I am sure there is a code, and she entered it. I am beginning to think it’s me that you are targeting through my Rewards card. Check out receipt Ref #10487; AID #A0000000980840; TC #A2A5AF2A088120F7; 7/29/23 @ 12:20pm. I purchased 5 items and one was a 21.31lb watermelon, that didn’t go in a bag. STOP CHARGING FOR BAGS WE DON’T NEED OR ASK FOR!!!! That’s fraud! That’s stealing! Are you looking for a reason to close the La Brea and Obama store….

  • Frequent shopper says:

    I shop at the Ralph’s store on Jamacha in Rancho San Diego. I got in line with a checker that I had never seen before. Her name was Sebastian. What was disturbing to me is her Ralph’s apron was covered with gay pride buttons and patches. One said “Trans men are real men too”. Another said with a rainbow background, “I was born this way”. There were other ones but I don’t remember all the quotes. Probably about 10 total. Why is this okay at her place of employment? My grandsons who were shopping with me even questioned this. Personal preferences should not be displayed in the workplace especially when dealing with the public. Unacceptable!!!

  • Noriko Low says:

    Unable to find link to give feedback on best holiday meal packs…smoked turkey…prime rib heated nicely…guests liked tasty green beans…easy side dishes…more than enough to serve 13 over several days. Next year include add ons cranberry-jellied and whole berries…sweet potato pie…and kit of pineapple tidbits mini marshmallows and brown sugar for sweet potatoes. A curry or rice side dish? Something with apples?

    Smoked turkey not baked turkey was a shipping problem? Smart&Final also restricted to smoked product.
    Ralphs Anaheim had no sweet potato pies- not available at S&F either. Finally found at Hemet Stater Bros.
    Thanks and we’ll be back. Have to find a bigger table.

  • Me says:

    I want to know WHY my husband did not receive his payroll check 10/14/2022???
    As of now we still HAVE NOT been giving any information as to why , when or if he will actually receive a check. This is disgusting! A billion dollar company and you’re having trouble meeting payroll. My husband is a 25 year veteran of your company and is dedicated to his work, his reward….Our health benefits being cut off “accidentally” per the company (and we were not informed they were cut off), now no payroll and wage cheating on Sunday premium!! Get your crap together Ralph’s!!

    • Noriko Low says:

      If they use a payroll service there may be data processing error. My 11/10 pay showed as auto deposit from Modern HR and not posted. 700 employees and my check was sent to Chase. After showing HR my last auto deposit they found out check had been returned…I don’t have a Chase account. How does a 5 year auto deposit suddenly get switched? Whose fault? Who do you complain to? Who revises procedures? Are there any penalties?
      I just received 11/25 payroll stub stating auto deposit restarted… But for pay period 11/1-11/15 for which I have another stub…2 stubs for same pay period. Don’t know if they can ever get this right. I don’t do cell banking so still need to go to bank to verify.
      Good Luck.

  • María vasquez says:

    Job opening

  • Shopper says:

    Regarding my previous comment, regarding 5601 Wilshire Blvd., it is not against the law to be rude – but it is against the law to be harrassed. The fact that the manager, Anna, refused to hear my side is extremely unprofessional. The fact that she has me followed to the pharmacy and then followed out the door making commets is harrassment! She should have pulled me aside to discuss what happened, but instead she kicked me out of the store in front of other customers which was embarrassing and humiliating. These so called managers need to actually take courses in management – if so, this situation would have been handled diferrently and more professionally. You hire people to be managers that really do not understand what that role entails. It entails being professional and at least allwoing a customer to explain their side. It does not entail being judge, jury and executioner! And, who actually reads these comments anyway?

  • Shopper says:

    Store at 5701 Wilshire Blvd. – manager, Anne, decided to ban me from shopping there due to what she perceived as me being rude to a cashier, when in fact, it was the opposite. Cashier was rude and I reacted back rudely. She also claims I have been rude to other employees in the store. Where’s the proof? I have been shopping at this store for 30+ years and NEVER had an issue until this manager, Anne, started. Ralph’s is also my pharmacy where I pick up my prescriptions and I have harrassed by Anna and other employees and security guard when attempting to get my prescriptions. Anna has had the security guard follow me to the pharmacy and wait and then “escort” me back. Anna and other employees have surrounded me, making comments, while “escorting” me to the door. This behavior is humiliating to say the least in front of other customers. In the many years of shopping there. I have NEVER been exposed to such unprofessional and harrassing behavior. That whole team needs to go! This type of behavior can very well lead to a lawsuit.

  • Child of God says:

    If you wonder why employees can’t be hired or kept it’s simple every employee needs to know their place and only managers should make decisions this hazing and bullying on jobs is a disease that affects peoples livelihoods

  • Don says:

    2250 E Carson St Long Beach, CA 90807 From 8-PM to 11 daily for the last 2 years – They called it SHOP LIFTING but ITS Nothing SHORT of a RIOT and full on LOOTING and its a constant FLOW they are Grabbing cart fulls of High End “Street value” Goods and walking out with Full CARTS – I am sick and tired of IT ! EVERY-TIME I GO – the Employees are threatened with termination if the try to STOP them — there IS NO PREVENTION LOOS TEAM EVER – and I have called the COPS but they will not come because it is not MY STORE

  • Christopher Sheffield says:

    I just wanna let your corporate office know that I visited your store today at 13321 Jamboree Rd., Tustin, CA phone number is 714-544-0491. Every time I have been in the store people are either cleaning or stocking which is led to the cleanest store I’ve ever been in in my life.
    every one of those employees in the store has been polite to me. They have greeted me with a hello. Whoever trained those employees did the right thing because they are phenomenal. Today Leah went above and beyond what the front office manager should do and she answered every question that she could.
    The only downfall of the store, and it is no one’s fault, is that the shopping carts are a mess. They are also difficult to get to and you have to back them out every time. I will continue to rave and go to the store on a daily basis. Thank you for your time, Christopher

  • John Spann says:

    Why is it that the Ralphs in Santa Barbara on Carrillo Street, in the mornings when they get here this supposed to be staffed. But it always seems like there’s nobody working in this place the the self checkout is never up and running I’ve been coming to this store for a long time I’ve been trading in this store for quite some time and it’s always like this. Either the managers or not on their game or nobody really cares. I would like to see cuz when you come here in the morning this place got a lot of people in it and no cashiers then yourself check out is never up you’re always got to stand in a super long line and one person taking care of people. I don’t understand why this is like this this is a big store but the people in here that work here are slow they don’t care the shelves are always empty there’s always something missing I thought there’s such a grocery store it’s more like a dollar store I think you need to revamp the whole store put some more American workers in the store cuz there’s too many Mexicans in here way too many when you ask him something to act like they don’t understand you then when you get the manager they want to talk I just wish that this was a better Ralph’s.. because this store sees a lot of people doing the course of a day and early morning soon as they crack these doors there’s people in the parking lot waiting for them to open but they never prepared they got people here stocking shelves you’re open till late and you can’t come and start these shows in the night time when there’s nobody here it’s very little people in the store this is insane that’s because your managers in this store and not on point the assistant managers are not on point they playing games like the people who the kids who work here I’m just a concerned customer who would like to see this store ran properly. And thank you very much

  • Scarlett Chérie Peavy says:

    Someone please contact corporate about this….. Seriously.
    I was having trouble finding an item and my hands were full. Like a dummy I went in for one item and started grabbing everything lol. I asked someone where the castor oil is, they said uh I don’t know. Then gave me the wrong isle. So I walked all over for no reason. I go back up to the front to ask for help again. This lady sees me looking confused/frustrated comes up to me and immediately asks if I need help. I was like “Do you work here?” She seemed too smart to work there honestly (no offense to grocery store workers). She not only shows me where the item was she walked me to it and helped me find it. Then, as my hands were full I couldn’t pick up the item. Literally without a word she picked up the item and very politely grabbed some of the things that were falling out of my arms and carried them to the front of the store with no problem. She was actually ‘happy’ to help me and I didn’t even have to ask!!! I haven’t ever ever…. received customer service like this, literally anywhere ever. The voluntary kindness of someone intelligent enough to assess and mentally process and react to my need in such an exemplary way simply by reading my facial expression, having empathy and choosing to care, communication skills and rationality to handle it quickly, as well as patient temperance not to be a jerk or act put out at all (as most people fail in one or most of these aspects) almost made me cry.
    This is truly a mental process many people are either ignorant of or incapable of.
    The world desperately needs to learn what this person has to teach.
    I hope she gets promoted, raised, and that she becomes the owner of a huge company and makes millions of dollars!!!
    She is a brilliant empathetic person that takes pride in doing well at their job and excelling at being morally decent. A rare thing, she truly deserves to be a successful happy human being.
    Oh “Amanda”… That’s her name. She is very bright and should be so much more than just a manager. She needs to be an owner! Incredible woman. Thanks Amanda!!! <3 <3 <3
    Please do something for this woman. Elevate her to make better companies! Use her ability for customer care at the highest level of organizations. She needs to have some sort of course or something where she can train all businesses on a national level on interacting with other human beings/customers in a rational quick witted polite professional way and with excellent temperance. I cannot reiterate that enough. She has a skill that the world desperately needs on many levels.
    If every company in the world had employees that use the same thought process and behaviors as Amanda this world would be a much much better place.
    "I dub thee Amanda of Ralph's… ~The Queen of Human Resources~."

  • Hayley S. says:

    I entered my first order for pickup. It was a nightmare. I waited 30 minutes for my order, even though I checked in online. I also called the number on the sign in the parking lot after 15 minutes and checked in that way too. Finally, I called for assistance to be transferred to a team member. The phone would ring and ring, and then hang up. I looked up the store phone number and called for assistance. I was met with a number of excuses for why my order was not ready and told it would be out “soon.” One of the reasons is that someone went home early and they didn’t have someone else to fill the order. Eventually I received my order, only to be told they didn’t know about my coupons and because the machine was broken, they would need to figure out how to apply them (if they would be able to at all). After 40 minutes, I am finally on my way. It would have been faster to cancel the order and shop myself. Terrible customer service.

    • L. R. says:

      The store is only as good as the ones who manages it. Employees say a lot about them how they work. They are only there for the paycheck.

  • Michele says:

    This was at the la jolla ca store.

  • Michele says:

    Ordered some hot food fried chicken .. when I went to pick up.. I was told my ordered was canceled!.I asked why. They said because they didn’t have any chicken cooked. It was still operating hours! Spoke to a lizzie who was the manager. She was rude also.. this was unexceptable considering they were too lazy to make more. Something needs to be done about this! Ralphs service is going down hill!!

  • Kathleen grant says:

    2nd time dealing with Elanda
    ? Who thinks she has the right to mess with my property while im getting my money out.!
    Resets the self checkout screen while calling me stupid.
    I have a large bill that i dont trust that machine to recognize!
    I tell her to stop but she continues to inform me that “she works there” so i should respect her! In the meantime she has other customers upset calling me a bitch!
    Cuz she created a scene!
    Tried to talk to manager but he was trsnsferred !
    No wonder she continues to assault me!!
    Culver city jefferson st store.
    Wake up Shes got issues!

  • Belinda Butler says:

    Last Saturday my son was verbally and physically assaulted in Ralphs store in Anaheim Hills while shopping by 4 people. As my son screamed for Manager of the store Denise , to call 911, she ignored my son and chatted up the OFF DUTY COP THAT assualted MY SON. They were friends of hers. She then let them go, drunk off their asses, get in cars and drive away. This store has become increasingly violent and the managers do nothing to protect customers and employees. Do not shop there, you are not safe. The police are investigating whether Raphs and Denise obstructed the law. Checking into lawsuits

  • Victim says:

    Store Director, Mike Cale of store 209 NEEDS TO GET OUT!! DISCRIMINATION AND EVIL!! 🤬😡

  • Jeff Doucet says:

    Ocean Ranch Store in Dana Point sucks ass!!! They sold me bad meat from the butcher and gave me attitude about returning it. Just lost my business and who ever else I’m able to share this with.

  • Bruce says:

    If you keep excepting the lies and following their rules, you are just as guilty as they are. Their final plans are to eliminate all retail, including Ralph’s. Yes, all grocery stores on are on the list.

  • Svetlana Berman says:

    Today I tried to make grocery purchase at Ralph store ( 7221 Woodman Ave, Van Nuys, CA ) with no result, Saturday July 17 2021 4:15 only 1 register open with a big line, I waited a long time when customer upfront of me started endless returns, cashier Ingrid was texting on phone and told me it’s will take 15 min. I asked for the manager and he never arrived, horrible experience, so I left unable to make a purchase, I ll be never back for this particular store, always problems, always 1 cash register working, it’s impossible to spend hours for grocery shopping

  • Grace says:

    I give rate this with a 1star.
    Kroger/Ralph’s pharmacies are contractually obligated to accept GoodRx coupons. I called Ralph’s Pharmacy (Los Osos, CA 93402; store #70300271) and spoke to the Pharmacist Joe about a week and a half ago. I told him the name of the medication I wanted and asked if I could use a GoodRx coupon for it. He said a clear and definite “yes” (not maybe). So I had the prescription sent to that pharmacy. I went to pick up the prescription this morning and I was told a definite “no” to using the GoodRx coupon (the drug was twice as much without the coupon). He had many reasons, all which should have been mentioned in my phone call to him.

  • Donald Feinstein says:

    April 4, 2021. 7:18 AM. I am outraged at the way I was treated at the Ralph’s Market corner of Wilshire and Barrington, Los Angeles, CA 90049, this morning. I did my shopping a little before 7 AM today. Only had about 10 items in my basket. When I got to the check out line, there two (2) people ahead of me and their baskets were piled to overflowing. I went to the auto check out area but ALL the machines were off-line. I got back in line behind a lady who as previously mentioned had a basket that was piled to about a half-foot over the sides of the basket. There was only one checkout line open. There was a man at in that checkout line with a similarly overflowing basket. Then he walked away leaving his basket in line. I asked who I assume was the person in charge if he could open another line. His name is Rico. At first he argued that line next to him was opened. I pointed out it may be open but the customer was not there and had left his basket in the line rendering it ‘not usable’. He obliged. I informed the lady with the huge amount of product that she could go to the newly opened line as she appeared to b unaware of her surroundings. I then said to Rico we still have only one line open. He said ‘not true’ and again pointed to the checkout stand next to him. That was the same stand where the person had walked away leaving his cart in the checkout area rendering it unusable. By this time I had waited almost 10 minutes to check out. In the meantime there was still only one checkout open, and the person who had left his full cart had not returned. This was a big waste of time so I informed Rico I’m leaving and left my basket and left. As I left Rico mocked me with – ‘you can’t wait a few minutes?’ Then he and other staff laughed at me. I was not amused. I’ve lived in Brentwood for 30 years and have shopped at that Ralph’s since it opened. I informed him I’ve been waiting 10 minutes and nothing is moving – and the stand with the abandoned cart is still waiting for somebody to return. I left, and guess what? The man who abandoned his cart was in the parking lot standing next to his car rummaging around looking for something. Probably forgot his wallet and was trying to locate it. In the meantime I had been waiting now over 10 minutes, the store personal had done nothing to alleviate the situation – and had laughed at me for being impatient. Impatient? I am 82 years old. I am disabled. I am a Vietnam Vet. The way I was treated was intolerable. Suggest more training for Rico – or move him where he can’t mock older disabled War Veterans. BTW I was not the only customer who left in frustration.

    Would appreciate a response.

    Thank you.
    Donald Feinstein

    • Larry Owens says:

      So, just because you are 82 years old and a vet and you claim to be disable, you can’t wait in line like everyone else?

      The customers with the full shopping carts just happen to get in line before you? Their time is just as valuable as yours..
      Perhaps you should try 7-11 or Am/Pm if you want faster service.. Stop acting as if you are more entitled than others…

  • Mr. Keith Berry says:

    Im writing because I going to bring a civil suit against the 3 store in Marina Del Rey, for harassment. I’ve been here over 4 month and they watch and follow me and my wife around the store. I have NEVER to anything nor broke.

  • John Vasquez says:

    Want to issue a complaint on a worker at 8626 Firestone Ralph’s not ringing up a customer at around 530pm check video customer push assaulted this is not right bringing to your aattention this is not

  • T. says:

    I want to start by saying this is my second time ever submitting a review to Yelp. However, given the horrendous treatment from KIRSTIN at this location, it is well warranted. KIRSTIN is one of the Sales Manager at the Fountain Valley, CA location. My husband had witnessed her one night chasing a man out of the store, while video taping him, and screaming, “If you come back without a mask, I will call the police!” Now, I understand most people’s emotions are running high given our current national/world climate, and regardless of our opinions about this-or-that, I personally don’t want my child witnessing a maniac employee chasing a man out of the grocery store while screaming, threatening and holding up her phone. So, I called the store the next day to ask questions regarding employee policies related to the incident, and she happened to answer the phone. She initially spoke calmly, but when I asked if there’s another way that the employees have been trained to manage customers who don’t wear a mask (which, by the way, this man walked out calmly), she quickly went from 0-10. She quickly became extremely elevated and SCREAMED and YELLED at me! She would not let me get a word in edgewise, referred to me as “Honey”, and eventually hung up on me. Her response was EXTREMELY HOSTILE and she acted with no self-control. I then called back to ask for a general manager, and again, she quickly responded by SCREAMING, cutting me off, I mean…she truly would not let me speak, resorted to calling me “Honey,” which… as a grown married woman with kids, is condescending. I don’t like to be called “honey” by another woman, other than my mother. She then turned to using the avoidance phrases of, “I’m sorry, Hon, but you’re cutting out.” “I’m really sorry, Hon, but I can’t hear you.” CLICK

    In all my years, I have never seen such rude, obnoxious, ill-mannered, discourteous behavior from a grocery store employee…let alone a STORE MANAGER! Wow…it is quite startling to witness such primitive and crude behavior that was freely exposed. Obviously, this message will be sent to Ralph’s corporate office. It appears KIRSTIN has had poor training, and from what I’ve read, so have other employees at this particular Ralph’s. It’s clear the issues start from the top. I mean…who trained this woman, and how in the world is she still employed here? It’s like rewarding atrocious behavior. Her behavior as a grown woman, and the fact she is being paid to “manage” in this manner, is appalling! Lastly, I was able to speak with the General Store Manager, BRIAN (thankfully someone else answered the phone), and he stated that no employee has been given the right, or authority to behave as “law enforcement.” He indicated that, yes, employees have a right to refuse service, and there are policies in place, however, they do not include the aforementioned behaviors. Given the history at this store and lack of skilled management, this Ralph’s should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  • JEFF BROWN says:

    Management: I had a complaint and I don’t want to join ask me!!! Your chat blows! What kind of outfit doesn’t allow direct feedback from a 25 year customer who was potentially cheated out of $146, if I hadn’t challenged the receipt. If this is a computer glitch it could be negatively affecting hundreds of people and not in a good way. Jeff Brown 4170 Ingraham Street #2 San Diego, CA 92109 Ralphs Reward Card ending in 6750

  • Lori says:

    I went to two Ralph locations and found them sweeping outside and using the carts we put our FOOD in as a trash can. Even if we weren’t in a pandemic i still think that is nasty. I DONE WITH NASTY RALPHS.

  • Mike says:

    Why are you guys even still open for business? You obviously don’t care about the customer you couldn’t care less what we think your stores are filthy your employees are filthy they are unprofessional they are dirty they don’t carry themselves well they don’t speak well I’m talking about the store in Palm Desert. That has got to be the worst grocery store I’ve ever been in my life and I’ve tried it 20 times and I quit how do you guys call that business what is wrong? Who is running your place why don’t you just close?

  • John Rhodes says:

    Having to buy 3, 4, 5 or more to get the sale price of an item is BS. Just allow customers (remember them?) to buy the quantity of their choice. They should not be weaseled and ‘nickle and dimed’ into buying more than they want or need. Just give customers the sale price without gimmicks.


    I was at the Ralph’s on Brookhurst and Ball shopping and came out to my car to find my window smashed in, they took the ashtray (which had very little in it) and some CD’s. I usually do not have ANYTHING in my car, but did this time!! I just want to warn you: DO NOT PARK ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THAT BUILDING, I actually ignored my gut feeling and did. I was only in the store for twenty minutes but that’s all they needed. I called the police but they don’t come out for that kind of call anymore so had to file it on line. The managers and a clerk came out to help me and they were GREAT. I suggested they at least put a sign letting people know (Maybe park at your own risk) or something. I’m sure Corporate wouldn’t let them even if they wanted to so I’m just warning you!! The area is getting so bad because the empty strip center is vacant and homeless people have kinda taken it over. Please be careful.

  • Geri says:

    Your Westlake Village store in Thousand Oaks Calif are not wearin MASKS WHY. Your store manager is not even wearing a mask WHY

    • Bruce says:

      Masks not only don’t work, they are the cause of this continued problem. Herd immunity can only happen if the masks are put away. Look at the science.

  • Mary says:

    Since mid March, toilet paper is the hottest item in every store. It sells out first, as soon as it arrives on tues., thurs., and sat. Every store has empty shelves. Yet no store manager acknowledges this shortage and orders extra product. No one converts their seasonal store section to toilet paper. No one carries disposable gloves!!! Why?
    I used to order for Vons. If a hot item existed, such as toilet paper and disposable gloves, I would move that item into the seasonal section, order extra pallets of product, and sell it as long as the demand existed! What is wrong with you people???!!! Don’t you realize you lose business when you don’t carry product? Get with it and order extra product. Convert every seasonal section to GLOVES, TOILET PAPER, HAND TOWELS!!! Sell these items now, while public still has the gov relief checks to buy and Ralph’s can make a profit, now. Lean times are ahead. You will feel it.

  • Robert Day says:

    You need to fire instacart. They are ruining your reputation. The groceries I ordered last week STILL haven’t been delivered.

  • Pam Goldberg says:

    Fountain Valley had no social distancing except in checkout lane. Way too many people in the store. You just lost a 20 year customer. Other stores are following the rules. What make you so special.

  • Clg says:

    You need to hire a guard or get loss prevention to watch store 700. You have daily shoplifters stealing cart loads and thousands of dollars daily from this store. If you really cared about your bottom line and being able to have the money going towards the much-needed raises to the associates that work the hardest to make those billions for you, you would provide security at this location and save a lot of money, not to mention safety is becoming an issue for the employees with the brazen lowlifes that come into that location. The manager is happy doing nothing about this.

  • Silva says:

    I was at Ralph’s in Encino last night and a checker told me that you’re not doing the lines anymore and practicing social distancing due to low sales? Do I need to report you to the CDC? This is very bad news and you are putting the workers and other shoppers in danger. You also need to provide masks and gloves to all the workers for every shift.

  • A Concerned Neighbor. says:

    When u see someone stealing ralphs crates from behind the store late at night after the store closes and call them they donot come out and check to see whats going on or call the police. Make me think they set it up.

    • Clg says:

      Ralph’s doesn’t care. That sit in their cushy office making decisions about departments etc. that they’ve never worked at a day in their lives.

  • Mr.First in line says:

    Wow i love getting to Ralph’s grocery store at 5 in the morning to be the first person in line,
    just to have a hundred or so SENIOR CITIZENS get first grabs and take all the toilet paper even thou there is a limited supply of toilet paper for “everybody”
    I even made a video about it

  • Laura Johnson says:

    I am an employee that had tried to call Ralphs headquarters to obtain a family leave due to school closures, a recent death of my father and now having to move this weekend. I need to file for a family leave, but no one is getting back to me. I haven’t been able to speak with my store manager or Comanager o the phone due to this chaise. I could be homeless soon. And no one cares

  • Dorothy Anderson says:

    PLEASE allow all Ralph’s to open for an hour early for 65+ and physically handicapped people (and perhaps people who just need less than 5 items) to shop without the horrendous lines. Some other markets are doing this, but Ralph’s is so close to me whereas the other markets are in other towns.

  • Patricia Wedehase says:

    Why has Ralph’s not doubled its store deliveries during this corona virus mania? Was at your Lake Forest, Ca store two days ago and the shelves were fully stocked. This morning the shelves are empty of FOOD and the panic it caused was palpable! One women was running around in a panic with her daughter trying to find things on her list. The check out lines ran to the back of the store! Keeping your shelves stocked would go a long way to reassure people that everything is okay and that food is going to be in the stores to buy. Hire more people, stock around the clock, keep food supplies coming. You should have responded to this way before now. Get going!

  • Veronica Taylor says:

    I love shopping at Ralphs my favorite grocery store for the last 15 years the managers are always so nice and helpful I never have any problems there but unfortunately I had to face a rude worker in the Meat dept. I have never seen him before he was not friendly and does not know the meaning of customer service. I don’t think that he really likes his job and sorry to say but he must at least get a warning I don’t like to see anyone losing there job.


    can you help? I was hacked saying my info was taken when I shopped at my local store ch isl Oxnard ca 93041

  • E. Taylor says:

    Question regarding your Store in North Hollywood, 6657 Laurel Canyon Blvd. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 33 years and there was a time when this store was well kept. Lately it’s looking shabby. Shelves not stocked as they once were. I kept hearing the Manager tell customers they are expecting delivery tomorrow. Other Ralph’s stores are much better kept. Are you planning on closing this store? Or are you planning on remodeling this store. I used to get the Kroger Brand Pineapple, especially the tidbits. Now they do not have any Kroger Pineapple, just Dole. I’ve been discovering that Smart and Final at the other end of the complex is well stocked and taken care of, though they do not have Pineapple tidbits…. Down the street is a new complex being built. No Ho West… It would help improve the neighborhood if you updated and updated this Ralph’s…

  • Linda Jones says:

    good afternoon, please i need to have an email address to request my work history in your office in Compton as i Plan to retire soon and as I moved to Spain some years ago, misplaced much paperwork.
    I worked in the accounts payable department in Compton, can not recall exact dates, or how long I know it was between 1985 -1988., my name Linda Jones. once I have an email address will send my social security no.
    Please I hope you can help me.

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance.


    Linda Jones

  • Soldier-Shopper says:

    Ralph’s in Tustin (Jamb./IVB) is
    the best place to shop if you would like a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful crew, with fresh produce, while shopping in a clean, organized, and friendly environment.
    Jose, the night manager, and his crew are extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable, patient, and very helpful. Here is the best place to shop when Jose, and crew, are working.
    Clearly, this store will suffer if Jose decides to leave..as evidenced by a drastically different experience, last night, with Drill-Sargent—Nichole.
    I recommend that you steer far away from closing time if Jose, and crew, aren’t there. Personally,
    I will opt to defer my shopping, or go to another store altogether should I encounter Nichole again. It’s just not worth shopping there until Jose returns from vacation!
    I don’t know who Nichole is, but.. she bellows over the loud speaker like a Drill-Sargent—“five more, soldier.” And then, she chases you down in the store to tell you, “five minutes more.”
    As if I haven’t heard Nichole’s bellows, every five minutes, during my entire 45 minute shopping experience!
    It was quite anxiety provoking, and felt bordering on harassment, when— Nichole tracked me down to tell me that the store is closing in five minutes, when actually, the store was closing in 10 minutes. (Nichole, we all have smart phones—we know what time it is—and btw—the store is required to pay you for every moment that you work—so there is no need to harass the customers.)
    I’ve shopped this store for 20 years—
    If your life will improve so significantly at 1am, when the store closes, as you told the customer behind me, why don’t you just quit and let someone who appreciates, and actually likes, their job work there.

  • Southernbell says:

    Ralphs on Western/Manchester Ave is so disrespectful to the neighborhood. There is a senior housing complex right next to the back of their store. We are being disturbed early mornings with all their delivery trucks slamming their truck doors or employees doing their outside work. For the past 2 nights they have allowed this man to sit in front of the store and play this extremely loud music while he beat some bongo drums from the back of his truck. For the pass few months there are never any shopping carts available or the few they have are being used so people have to stand around waiting for someone to come out with their cart. Since there are no carts available, the regular customers are using the carts for the handicap as shopping carts. People are parking in the no parking zone in front of the store and smoking their weed as they wait for someone. You have to go around these cars to get into the store.A homeless person hangs around or is sleep on the front of the store along with someone trying to sell you their wares.

  • Lisa says:

    The location on Ventura and hazeltine purposely shuts off their escalators to save electricity. They don’t care about customers. Stay away from this store. Conspiracy. Very dirty dealings to earn a profit this way

  • Patricia inise says:

    We have shopped at Ralphs in Woodland Hills on Victory Blvd for years. For the last few years it has continued to go downhill. Shelves are not stocked, carts with boxes are in the isles, and the produce department is a mess. I don’t buy much produce there as I prefer Trader Joe’s fresh, cheaper items. The carts are terrible, and the store is dirty all around the outside. My other complaint is your Kroger brand. I don’t want all Kroger brands. I want a choice, and now you are replacing way to many of my preferred brands with Kroger and I am going to other stores to get my brand.

  • JK says:

    Has Ralph’s pulled Fairlife products from it’s shelves? If not, why not?
    See this video detailing animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farm, one of the largest dairy farms in America. This was documented by an undercover worker for Animal Recovery Mission.


  • ANGRY PARENT ..!! says:

    Me and my son, which is 10 years old, shop for Toy hot wheels Diecast cars at Ralphs Market in Culver city ca. on Jefferson and Overland. they have the display of Hot wheels right by the employee’s entrance. a revolving door where ralph in employees run in and out of. The Hot wheels is dangerously close to the employee entrance, where somebody is going to get hit and knocked over. THIS IS A SAFETY HAZARD..!!!! and employee almost knocked over my son because he did not see him .. !! I filed a complaint with Ralphs Market staff but they are very rude and disrespectful

  • maryibrahimrx@gmail.com says:

    i’ve been cheated with my reward from us bank card ,iam spending almost $800.00/month me and my children on ralph’s card ,and i don’t get my rewards checks ,i keep calling every month and they give me excuses and promise to look at my request,there many supermarkets outthere cheaper in prices ,why i have to put up with that ,last call made today 12/21/18 spoke to supervisor again promises ,this need to be checked ,i am not satisfied and this way i am loosing money with you ,i have to alert every body

  • Charlotte says:

    Your Store 1233 No. LaBrea Manager Carlos is so rude. Maybe he should be off the floor and away from helping any customers.
    I will never shop at this Store again!

  • Aishe UMURHAN says:

    Some of your store managers are racists……please do some research…..please investigate…..
    We are the customers of ralphs store #44 on Wilshire Blv. We would like to have employee JOEY back in the store working; we are deeply saddened not to have him indeed. He was a delightful sentient being who always put smiles on our faces.
    Thank you.

    I believe in the essential unity of all lives. Therefore I believe that if one person gains spiritually the whole world gains, and if one person falls, the world falls to that extent.

  • Naheed hassan says:

    I am working at Ralph’s about 12 years. I ask my work schedule until 7.00pm but they always giving me late shift. This job is too much stress. I want to work happily but I can’t. My kids come back from school 4:30. My shift starts from 3:30 to 11 or 12. I could not see them much. I want to spend some time with my family. Some time my husband work late, I can’t leave them alone by self. I don’t know what to do, feel like quit this job

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