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  • Address: 500 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95605, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-925-9989
  • Fax Number: 916-373-6351
  • Email: service@raleys.com
  • Number of Employees: 12000
  • Established: February 16, 1935
  • Founder: Thomas P. Raley
  • Key People: Michael Teel, Keith Knopf

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Raleys Supermarkets Headquarters Executive Team



Michael Teel

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Knopf

President and Chief Operating Officer

Ken Mueller

Interim Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

Bob Abel

Senior Vice President of Operations

Roger Bresnahan

Senior Vice President of Distribution & Logistics

About Raleys Supermarkets, History and Headquarters Information

Raleys Supermarkets was founded in the year 1935. The company has been active for almost 84 years now. The founder of the company was Thomas P Raley. In the year 1991, the founder of the company had passed away. In the year 1993, the company had taken over Bel Air Markets, followed by the take over of Nob Hill Foods in the year 1997. The company had also started Food Source in the year 1995 and Market 5-ONE-5 in the year 2018. As of the year 1998, the company had revenues more than $2.5 billion. In the year 1999, the company had bought almost 19 stores from Albertsons. The same year, the company had opened its stores in Las Vegas, USA. It had almost 17,500 employees during that time. In the year 2002, Kroger announced plans to purchase Raley's 18 store locations in Las Vegas, USA. In the year 2009, the company was awarded the Greenhill Partnership Gold-Level Certification by the USA Environment Protection Agency. As of the year 2012, the company had 128 stores under its name. The headquarters of the company is based in 500 W Capitol Avenue. The name of the place is West Sacramento, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code is 95605.

Raleys Supermarkets is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of food products and groceries, to its customers all over the USA. The current CEO and president of the company are Keith Knopf. As of the year 2016, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $3.2 billion. The number of employees working in the company, as of the year 2016, is more than 12,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of food products and groceries, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, prepared foods, etcetera.

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  • Carol Wyatt says:

    your digital coupons are discrimanating against the elderly and the mentally challenged people who do not have phones or computers and dont you think that they are the ones that need that extra discount on there grocerys??? If something isnt done about this issue i will have to because discrimanating against elderly and mentally challenged people is not right

  • Susan Bryant says:

    I have been exchanging e mails with Raley’s customer service for two days. How can I get across to Raley’s how low class and tacky it is to have a pop up window tell me only the big tippers will get faster service. Are you kidding me? I took a screen shot of it. That is so low and classless. They also do not know how to pick fresh produce. That’s another complaint I’ve made numerous times. I’m going to shop elsewhere.

    Tracy, Ca

  • Nancy Sebastian says:

    Well I guess I’m just another complainer. But Raley’s has become a very disappointing store. It used to be the best!

    I live in Sparks Nevada & frequent the store on Vista Blvd in Sparks. Its a pretty little store, but it has so many problems. Employees attitudes are the worst. They do not need to be in the service industry serving customers. It is so obvious that they really don’t care. There are a few that do, but they don’t seem to last long.

    Your Deli department is terrible. Produce is hit & miss. Produce used to be what we could count on! Not now. And your prices are the most expensive in town. Not competitive at all. Its ridiculous. Hardly any sales either. Green Onions, $1.69 today! At least the other stores try to put them on sale & their quality is every bit as good. It perplexes me. Walmart they were $.50 !! Smiths $.99. Even Safeway beats your price! Nobody has reached that price yet. There’s a lot of competition here in Reno,

    Today my experience was once again in the Deli. You make fresh Tortilla Chips in the Deli. They are delicious. But you never have them! When you ask, its always the same thing. “We don’t have any. We usually just make them on weekends!!” Why??? When I am lucky enough to buy them, they have a pretty long expiration date. Would it really hurt the deli to make a few small batches during the week to accommodate people that don’t shop on weekends? Instead, when you ask, the older woman who seems to be a senior employee; she just cops an attitude because you complain to her or challenge the way things are being done. I mean, there is a store in the vicinity that I have to go to, which is out of the way, that makes fresh Deli Tortilla Chips & they always, always have them. Same as yours. They are fresh & good. But I don’t go to that store, it is out of my way. To add insult to injury, the employees don’t care. Not even the people in charge. My problem, right? They shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes or give you dirty looks. Unacceptable.

    Just thought maybe someone at the top of the ladder, might want to know what is going on in their stores & why their sales are down. Raley’s is the worst. The other stores are busier, fully stocked most of the time & most of the employees are friendly & try to please the customers. Most of Raley’s employees seem very disgruntled & miserable to work there & hate customers. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it. When you could care less if you lose a customer & don’t think customer satisfaction is important, then your in trouble!
    Your not the best anymore!

    Thank you for your time

    Nancy Sebastian

  • Phillip says:

    Am tired of attitude of some employees at Raley’s on floyd Modesto

  • Liz Brodeur says:

    Now I am HOT! I just spent a considerable amount of time complaining about your poor inventory system with Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Always told we dont have control over the inventory! So I called the 1-800 service today, asked for a supervisor only to be told there weren’t any – highly illegal! Then the story changed they were all in a meeting. Asked for a call back – never received! I shop at San Juan and Gold River mainly but I did go to the new Eastern Ave store. There is never enough inventory – how many dollars and unhappy customers has this lousy service brought Raleys. I have complained for years, ask Will at the San Juan store – I like to know my checkers, not run through a machine that seems to always require assistance from some clerk. I am writing this because it seems that this is the only way to get through! Raleys service at its best!!!! Liz Brodeur

  • guest says:

    Hello team,
    As one of your loyal customers i would appreciate you if you listen to my request. I’ve been buying Choice Black tea with earl gray flavor for a long time from Rayles. But few days ago i noticed that only this flavor of Choice tea at Rayles is been discontinued which made me very upset. I called the store and spoke with the associate who does the product’s refills and asked for the tea. But she told me she doesn’t know why it’s been discontinued and suggested me to call or to write to corporate cause they’ll listen to their customer’s input.
    So, i right away called the Rayles corporate hoping to talk to someone that really cares but unfortunately an unpleasant employee picked the line and was totally not happy to help me about the tea request. I asked her to please send my request to the vendors but she was repeating herself over and over that if the item is deleted means it’s deleted and no longer will be there. So rude and not professional. I’ll make sure to reflect this attitude on rayles facebook and rayles store manager as well. Cause this is not a way to treat a loyal customer. Therefore, i’m writing to you this time hopping that someone who really cares for customers and their request would read this and do something about it.
    Please bring back the Choice black earl gray tea again.

  • Margarita says:

    Now that I’m back on my Meds, lets redo this. It’s shame how a company can still be in business with letting a lot people who work there slide with harassment, and discrimination. HR will do an investigation with the hopes of what findings “NONE” because they use this as an excuse to catch up with all the ones who are in GOOD GRACES with them like STORE LEADER, OTLs etc. They are good at putting their demons in closet and than saying they are following policy? What policy, oh yeah the one that only works on people they want to get rid of and not keep around anymore. Like how does someone loss their job after a manager said it was okay for them to do so? Super unprofessional with STATE WELLFARE, after having to go to seek for help WELFARE needed some info they make their own rules after they have stated they are not able to call a three person, I will submitting a letter to Better Business Bureau because they should not be rude to someone from the STATE or refuse to give out information to the state another company had no issue with providing the STATE with the information they were seeking.

    They promote the harassers, the cameras they have are not for customers its for the workers to spy on them and when the STORE LEADER wants someone out they will lie to your face about the cool cameras they have and what they can pick up. I did not know cameras can tell you want kind of drink you are drinking and how much of anything it has, it can tell the difference from juice vs beer and can tell you how much alcohol that beer has but when they bring up to talk to you they have no proof of showing it, and because this they will make someone like myself became crazy and have to now be on medications and have to on watch for my own life. I should of left when I found out about a coworker of mine passed away and they didn’t care about it all maybe for a good 2 seconds on their anniversary only I and another coworker remembered and the so called “LEADERS” did not care about it. Just like very business “ANYONE is REPLACABLE”

    This company will keep people who will advice someone who is a single mom to bring in her 2 year old son into work and put them in a room unsupervised. When I brought this up to HR, they said they all said that never happened, like really thinking like they are going to state the truth. Well hope this comment will make people speak the real truth. Same with positions that are not met for women.

    They tell their workers that union is not good and that they are not on their side which is all lies. They do not want union because they know they are doing things wrong there. I do not know how to bring the truth to light about this company and what they can get away with. I will not stop until I get the video, and everyone tell the truth.

  • Don Logan says:

    I live in yerington the raleys here is very poor. Never have anything all they say is well we’re the only store here. I worked for Bel-Air in Sacramento for many years. Someone needs to send one of your head people up and see what’s going on. We travel to other stores because they never have anything. Thank you.

  • David Gebhardt says:

    Raley’s Gardnerville has among the Worst mask compliance/enforcement of the three food retailers in our town… shameful, will rethink my shopping patterns.

  • Carmen Tomek says:

    To Raley’s Headquarter Team: I have been shopping at the Morada store in Stockton for over 10 years. Have noticed an overall change in the lack of checkers and baggers scheduled during prime times specifically on Monday morning when alot of people are in for the $5.00 deals. Many staff are stocking shelves blocking aisles and such. The courtesy that was once paramount in this store is nonexistent! As a senior shopper you have to tell the checker or bagger not to fill the bag so heavily. I don’t mind paying for the extra bags to eliminate the excessive weight carrying bags into my house. Lines to check out are lengthy due to lack of scheduling the staff sufficiently. Even during the evening hours when folks are shopping after work there are long lines waiting to check out. Management at this store should be more customer appreciative or be fired.

  • dave says:

    Never before have I seen business suicide like I see at the current El Dorado Hills Raley’s Store. Never have I see a store which narcissistically believes it can bully people into buying a lifestyle which they, the “big” corporation, believes is more healthy. Safeway is now doing great business in EDH with two stores while your store is going to die. Even the pharmacy sucks now. You don’t get a second chance, as people move on.

  • Sonja says:

    Dear Mr. Knopf,
    I have grown up being an avid Raley’s fan. As a young girl, when I joined my mom on multiple shopping trips to Raley’s I remember enjoying the outing and feeling like it was somehow ‘better’ than the other grocery stores we may visit. My mom had told me many times growing up that Raley’s had the best meat, fruits and vegetables. (At an older age, knowing that she was a Food Science major and worked in the food industry, I knew she was knowledgeable in this topic.)
    As an adult, when I moved to Pleasanton, CA I was extremely pleased that Raley’s was my local grocery store. During our 20 years of living in Pleasanton, I told my kids multiple times that Raley’s is the best place to buy meat, fruits and vegetables. In 2020 we moved to Reno, Nevada and was thrilled that a beautiful Raley’s store on Wedge Parkway was located less than 10 minutes from my home.
    Recently, my local Raley’s went through a ‘transformation’. I was excited about the updates and was curious to see what the changes were all about. Upon my first visit after the updates, I was surprised to see that many of the basic food items were no longer available. Or if they were, it was only one brand and it was the most expensive option; for example, whipping cream. There was only one brand to choose from and it was almost double the price of my typical option! For the fruits and vegetable, it seems that most of the options were only organic. During this visit, I was desperately hoping to get a small bottle of chocolate milk to revive me after an extremely long day of outdoor physical work. However, to my shock and great disappointment, I was unable to purchase basic chocolate milk.
    I am a healthy eater and prepare healthy meals for my family using basic simple ingredients. We consume grass-fed and finished beef, free-range chickens with no hormones, cage-free eggs, etc. I make my own pasta sauces, roast vegetables and make salads from organic ingredients. We rarely have pre-packaged foods and often choose organic. HOWEVER, I want to be the one to select the food to purchase. I want options. I do not want to be limited by what you select is “best” for me. Sometimes I want to purchase Svenhard’s bakery items for a Sunday brunch. I would be happy to be further educated by your nutritionalist but I don’t want to be dictated to and limited in my choices. AND based upon the mostly empty parking lot on a Wednesday at 5:30 pm, I am guessing this is what most of your customer’s desire as well.
    I am extremely sad, frustrated and angry to say that if we do not revert back to a grocery store with options, a life-long customer will be gone forever. I am more than willing to drive three times the distance to Whole Foods for fresh meat and vegetables and the new Safeway opening May 18 to get the selection I desire.
    A sad and disappointed customer.

  • E Adams says:

    Why on earth did you try and model the Whole Foods Market?
    I went to the El Dorado Hills Raleys today and was extremely frustrated by the lack of name brand items such as cereal post Kellogg’s , cold cuts hot dogs jello products etc. I prefer to make my own dietary decisions and not have Raleys do it for me. I was not the only person in the store frustrated and who left to go to Safeway down the block where we will now be shopping, if I want a speciality “organic” product I can go to Nugget or as we call it Whole Paycheck. You have lost a customer

  • Peggy L. Guernsey says:

    Dear Mr Keith Knopf, PLEASE KEEP #710 in Hayward, CA open. None other grocery stores are near here. City Councilmember Francisco Zermanio is wanting you to stay and like me, favors expanding into a multi service market, Bakery, coffee bar, etc. There is nothing from downtown Hayward to Fremont along Mission Blvd to serve us. Hundreds of new homes, apts, condos and townhomes have and are being built and you want to leave. Advertise you are there, I’ve lived here 50+ yrs and always shop you. Safeway and Lucky’s Costco are miles away and NOT even on a bus route.

  • Jenny says:

    I’m writing to complain about an incident that occurred at one of your local Raley’s store’s located on 1407 Fulton Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

    My daughter Vanessa Ramos who has worked in the deli department for several years. A coworker has been making comments to Vanessa regarding her appearance and breast (recently my daughter had a breast augmentation), Vanessa questioned if the mistreatment she endured at work by her coworker would even be considered sexual harassment, when comments were being made about her breast. When she came to me and told me I immediately told her she needed to say something to her coworker and management. She was hesitant because she did not want to lose her job and she was embarrassed. My daughter has never encountered this type of behavior at work, with that said she was unsure on how to handle the situation and what steps to take. Vanessa spoke to two superiors at work who recommended she talk to Brian King the store manager. I was not there nor do I know what transpired, what infuriated me was when my daughter stated Brian King told my daughter if she was not happy she should just quit and placed a resignation form on the table.
    Needless to say I was appalled, and in no way does this fix the problem, it seems as though my daughter is being punished for coming forward with the harassment.
    Vanessa states she has made it clear that she does not like her coworker behavior.
    It seems as though Brian is not taking my daughter seriously, your store manager has failed to make Vanessa feel safe at her workplace by not addressing her concerns by providing work safety, instead she’s asked for resignation (totally against the law). On June 18th my daughter came home in tears feeling as though she’s being punished for filing a sexual harassment complaint and, in fact my daughter has been demoted to a lower-paying job and will no longer be assistant manager at Rayly’s deli dept. I’m speechless and in disbelief that my local grocery store is unable to properly train store managers to handle these types of situations.
    No one should tolerate any type of harassment in the workplace, Vanessa should not have to tolerate sexual slurs and demeaning vulgarity.

    I personally have not spoken to the store manager, as it would be hard to keep my composure, but I’m writing this letter to inform your Human Resources department and to let you know that Vanessa’s mental anguish and embarrassment at work it continues home as tension and stress about going to work the next day also affecting her performance at work and relationships with her coworkers.

    I request that your company kindly act on this matter and take the necessary actions. My daughter has filed a complaint over 5 days ago and she has yet to be contacted, but her manager was contacted of the complaint my daughter filed.

    Jenny Alvarado

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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