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Where is Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Corporate office Headquarters

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 100 North St #802, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 225-383-7400
  • Fax Number: 225-383-7404
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 2986
  • Established: August 28, 1996
  • Founder: Todd Graves & Craig Silvey
  • Key People: Jennifer Simler

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Headquarters Location & Directions

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Headquarters Executive Team



Jennifer Simler

Director of Marketing

About Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, History and Headquarters Information

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers was founded in the year 1996. The company has been active for almost 122 years now. The founders of the company were Todd Graves and Craig Silvey. By the year 2008, the company had its presence across almost 50 locations in the USA. In the year 2009, the company had opened its second restaurant in Texas, USA. By the year 2011, the company had opened its 100th restaurant. In the year 2013, the company had opened its 150th location. The 400th store location of the company was opened in the year 2018. The company also started expanding internationally as well, by opening its first restaurant in Kuwait. By the year 2019, the company had almost 19 restaurants internationally. The headquarters of the company is based in 100 North St #802. The name of the place is Baton Rouge, while the name of the state is Los Angeles, USA. The pin code is 70802.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers is an American company that focuses on providing various types of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers all over the world. The company currently has its presence across 442 locations around the world. As of the year 2017, the total revenues generated by the company is more than $1 billion. The current director of marketing of the company is Jennifer Simler. The current number of employees working in the company is more than 2900.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes that are produced and served by the company itself. The food dishes sold by the company include chicken fingers, french fries, cane’s sauce, texas toast, soft drinks, tea, lemonade, etcetera.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Headquarters Photos

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Company Resources

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  • Cindy says:

    I am attempting to contact someone responsible for the ne Rio Rancho New Mexico site to see where you are building. I work for the power company and do not see any recent deeds. Please advise

  • Steven Gill says:

    I would like to know whom can I speak with. Or how I can go about getting a Raising Cane Chicken fingers in the Monterey Bay area. Seaside California on Fremont st.they closed a Church’s Chicken. In the city of Marina California on Resorvation Rd.and Del Monte blvd they just closed Burger King. Can we please get a Raising Cane Chicken fingers 😫 😩 in the Monterey Bay area. Thank you in advance for

  • Chris says:

    We so need a Cane’s in Orange Texas.

  • Mike Farmer says:

    I have tried several times to get orders at your Greenville, NC location located inside of the ECU Student center. You can’t order online, they are not set up. They never answer the phone and when you go into the store the people are always rude. Today they closed claiming they were out of chicken. The cook came outside and refused to place an order in two different boxes. Was told to place two different orders or not at all. They different have time to divide them up. Had to take my order in one box. Your eople at this store are very rude and disrespectful. Reading the comments seems like it is an on going thing with your company.

  • Karina Reyes says:

    Hello I am sending this email to complain about your gurnee illinois location. They are very unprofessional don’t greet customers are not frie day and don’t pay attention. Two times I have been here in 1 month and both times have been upseting.

  • Brent says:

    Are all Cane’s restaurants trained and provide naked tenders? I went to one where I live and they have no knowledge of them. We see on line that it creates a GF option. thanks

  • Ken La Rive says:

    At the restaurant in River Ranch, Lafayette, LA. Have not been to canes for quite some time. Have some real creepy kids working here. Passive aggressive, fake smiles, like a blank face then a two second smile, then a blank face again. It’s creepy. Not coming back here. The one with the snake tattoo seems to be the boss.

  • connie soliman says:

    Last evening I drove 10 miles to and back to buy a Box Combo+extra sauce and ice tea at Raising Cane’s.
    When I got home my extra sauce was missing and the French fries were ice cold and old. That is not what I paid $10.00 for. This has happened many times and I would like to be compensated. The manager’s suggestion was for me to drive another 20 miles to come and get some sauce.

  • Des says:

    Hello we have a Raising Cane’s in Stockton. What I noticed is that they are cutting back on French frys. My combo had 10 frys and the rest of my orders too. The bread is half the side as it uses to be.

  • Rich says:

    I have noticed over the last couple of months in Texas (San Antonio and Houston) that chicken tenders are smaller and apparently the cooking times have not been adjusted as the tenders are overcooked and drier. I do appreciate that you are trying to keep prices steady, but I probably won’t be eating at Raising Cane’s as frequently anymore until the situation changes.

  • Nick Eissa says:

    My company Name NNE Enterprise, I own a Building on the address:1015 N Brindlee Mountain Pky, Arab, AL 35016, Parcel # 130614-3-003-031001
    Was before Hardee’s Restaurant, it been closed
    Because I like Cane Restaurant, I can Lease it for your company with three months free rent if your company agrees to lease for 20 years triple net, the monthly rent I will discusses when you do your research and agrees to lease it, I hope I will hear from your company after do your own research
    My email address: nickeissa@hotmail.com
    My Cell# 626-841-0952
    Thank you
    Nick Eissa

  • Barbara says:

    Not happy today went to the one on Las Vegas Blvd . overcook chicken pieces look like nuggets . usually very good but if your cutting corners and higher prices .

  • Shelley Faber says:

    We love Canes but it is not in our new home state, so we seek it out when traveling. We found a location in Greenville , NC so we detoured to be able to have some tenders. But it is not there! The website states there was a drive thru store but there was nothing. Maybe it was inside the student center of ECU, but no drive thru. Could you update the online listing of this location? Also I tried to call but no answer

  • Stephen says:

    Been trying to reach someone from Raising Cane’s corporate office so that someone can see the wood piece I burned for them and hope that they would appreciate it. The piece is on my website at:www.artpal.com/art4r

  • Ronda says:

    Alvin, Texas needs a Cane’s. We have a Churches Chicken that just closed on the 35 Bypass that would be a great location for Cane’s.

  • Teresa says:

    East side of Delaware Ohio desperately needs a Cane’s! The line for the one on the west side is always wrapped around the builing twice!! We frequently opt out of Cane’s when the lines are that long.

  • Jj says:

    Im very disappointed with raising Canes kapolei hawaii…I usually buy a combo meal when I visit but tonight I just wanted to order 5 chicken fingers and 2 coleslaw…when I received my order “that cost me more than a combo meal” there wasn’t any sauce…I asked “where was the “1” sauce that they give with the chicken fingers then I was told I could eat ketchup with my chicken fingers because it didn’t come with sauce….so I said …when I order a combo meal it always comes with 1 tiny sauce, why would you not provide “1” sauce for my chicken fingers …isn’t that the point of raisin canes???” To eat the chicken fingers with that specific sauce” he said no and that I could pay .52 cents for a really small cup of sauce…I searched for loose change in my wallet couldn’t come up with .52 cents so they swiped my card …I couldn’t believe raisin canes swiped my card for .52 cents when my meal cost me almost $12…Raisin Canes you gotta do better than that…when people order your chicken fingers, it should at least come with 1 sauce…the cup is so tiny u wouldn’t feel it in your pockets…..aloha from a disappointed customer

  • JAGJIT KAUR says:

    Cane’s Crew Members come to work just to kill time to make free money and talk about Not work related and problem solving skills but causing problems by getting into people personal life, Sonaya Crockett, who is crew relationship worker with company contacted me to interpret my Personal Life. I am a independent worker and don’t allow random people cause disturbances.

  • Stacey Milton says:

    I reside in Detroit,Michigan,and would love to see you bring your business here to Michigan.

  • Stacey Milton says:

    Can you do mail order from cooperate for chicken fingers

  • Marc says:

    Hello, I am a fellow Cane’s lover, I love your Chicken and complete menu. I frequently go to the establishment on Dixie hwy, Louisville KY. I have recently missed a very pleasant employee by the name of Chloe. This young lady unknowingly made my day with her polite service and friendly attitude. I hope she is ok.
    Marc Brown

  • Tayo says:

    Hi Heather, my daughter had the same experience at their new location in Orland Park, Illinois and the manager added her to the “do not hire list” so she is not getting call backs for jobs she has applied for. She is in high school (senior) and they knew this when they hired her, the manager apparently wanted the job to be priority over her school. She had school obligations in November and gave her manager two weeks notice prior to taking off her regular weekend schedule and yet the manager did not find coverage and ended up taking her completely off the roaster, firing her without any notice and to top it all, added her to the “do not hire” list. I have been advised to reach out to the Department of Labor in our state which we will do this morning. While she can be fired, you cannot block her from seeking employment elsewhere as the state of Illinois is an “employment at will” state. I will be seeking legal advise.

    • Shirley says:

      I work at Raising Canes and the manager do not run the restaurant the employees done because the one I work at the employees who have’s the training certificate run the restaurant not the manager.it is run so different the it was in the old days.they only care about they self now days.

    • Tayo says:

      An update……I just found out that it is against the law for raising cane to share their internal “do not hire” list with other companies looking to hire their past employees on the list. I am currently working with an attorney to know the next step.

  • Charlotte says:

    You do not have any heat in your Humble and Kingwood Texas locations. I have gone there when it is freezing inside. I will not go there again until the weather gets warmer. You are a glutton for profits, and should be ashamed, but you are not or you would be providing your customers with some degree of comfort. I know that you do not care or you would be providing an easy way for customers to make a complaint. You will be getting a lot less business from me.

  • Carol Schafer says:

    Raising Canes use to be a wonderful place to eat. Not anymore. The chicken use to be nice large chicken strips. Now you can not even call them strips. They are so tiny they are just pieces, small shreds fried. I took my grandchildren to eat there last night and paid the same price as before. Prices have not changed, yet you get less than half the amount of chicken. You are basically paying that much for french fries.

    Very dissatisfied former customer!

  • Steven Kirchhofer says:

    Why are you showing violence against a boy by a girl on your commercials ? Would it be acceptable if a boy pulled a football from under a girl trying to kick a football and she launched into the air and cones crashing down ? Would THAT be acceptable ?! Why is it ok that a girl does that to a boy evening it is an old cartoon …. It would not be acceptable if it was Charlie Brown causing Lucy to go flying after pulling a prank on her ….

  • MATT says:

    From San Antonio TX, southside. I’m a regular customer but seen too many drug users in store, in rest rooms andceatingcarea in and out ,using in restroom, complained to mgmt and still see the same users there. I went in one time drug user with syringe in restroom, couldn’t even use the restroom, over an hr or so. had to go else where and again addressed mgt and not any use. It’s safe I’m concerned with they come in and not even wearing masks, I need to have this fixed. Not going again

  • Frank says:

    Got charged for 2 fraudulent orders this weekend at Lakewood, CA on Saturday and Bakersfield, CA on Sunday 10/17/21. I talked to the manager at Bakersfield immediately upon receiving a cell notification “thank you for you order” and the $ 56.07 charge. I live in San Diego County, CA., and did not do those purchases. So to all Raising Cane customers, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR DEBIT CARD ORDERS.

    Asking for an ID or card at pick up takes 30 seconds and can protect your customers from fraud. And, the “managers” should provide their names as a courtesy when requested to know who we are talking to and report the problem correctly to corporate. Just a thought.

  • Riordan West says:

    Just ordered food from your store at 5301 w Indian School Rd in Phoenix,Az. I know we live in 110° degrees here, but, do we have to eat your cold fries?

  • Heather says:

    My daughter was just fired from the Oakley location in Cincinnati. We recently relocated from Sandusky, OH and had to return twice for a family emergency the manager called her a liar today on 8/27/21. Her first week there I was already disappointed because she doesn’t drive and wanted to call me in advance due to the distance I drive to pick her up which is 15 – 20 minutes depending on the traffic. Each night I speak with my daughter and ask her about her night at work she literally wants to cry. Last week she put in a request to go down to 3 days a week no more than 25-30 hours but they still have her working full-time and she couldn’t start her other job, she spoke with a manager and they just don’t care if it doesn’t benefit them. I will not suggest anyone there for employment.

  • CRobertson says:

    Hello, I live in Texas and have noticed that the chicken fingers are getting shorter and thinner when i order chicken fingers and spend $10.00 or $12.00 per person i expect fingers not nuggets if you are going to serve nuggets the price should be the same as nuggets prices

  • Jan Melgaard says:

    To whom it may concern:
    We had placed a order on the Queen Creek Az. Website
    We purchased a tailgater, and that store did not include the gallon of tea we had ordered. When I called the store to ask what they would do about that. Now I would like to let you know that the store is about a 15 to 20 minutes to go pick up Caine’s one way, so needless to do the we are big fan of you company. I was offered to come back and get it, bring my card in to get a credit back and the last offer which the best is to give them my and address and the would give one next time I was in. I told the young man that all of these were unacceptable, he told me that was all he could do. I can think of several things that could have been offered. My family loves the food, I may have to that twice about spending my money at your store in the future.

  • Richard Driggers says:

    To: franchise management team
    About: your Fort Worth, TX location on Hwy 377, Benbrook.
    Please so something about the manager at this location and how they communicate with one another in the cooking area!
    We will not go back because of the very loud, painful shouting orders back and forth. It was beyond distracting and irritating. Surely you guys can figure out system to accomplish order information between the crew in a way that doesn’t alienate your customers?

  • Glenn Haddix says:

    Was at your restaurant in Chillicothe Ohio on 6/2/21 was very disappointed, in the service, First an probablylast time their,Had to eat outside on the patioan it was raining, food got wet as my wife an I did also, some of youremployees was standing around like they were lost,

  • ramelle agujar says:

    Hi Maam/Sir Good Day Please send me in email i want to join your team im here in Philippines how to Apply to your company, i worked before in Mcdonalds Saudi Arabia as a Second Assistant Manager at 6yrs. please sent me a email how to apply, my email is ramagujar29@gmail.com

    respecfully your’s
    Ramelle Agujar

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