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Rainforest Cafe was founded in the year 1994. The company has been active for almost 25 years now. The founder of the company was Steven Schussler. The first store of the company was opened in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States. By the year 1997, the company already had six restaurants under its name. The first international location of the company’s restaurants was opened in the year 1997, in London, UK. In the year 1998, the company had planned to build 12 additional restaurants in the USA, followed by seven in Mexico and five in the UK – which would bring the total to 22 restaurants by the year 2008. In the year 2000, the company was taken over Landry’s Restaurants. The company also has its restaurants established in the UAE, Japan, France, Canada, etcetera. The headquarters of the company is based in 5015 Westheimer Road. The name of the place is Houston, while the name of the state is Texas, United States. The pin code is 77056.

Rainforest Cafe is an American restaurant company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers around the world. The current chairman, president and CEO of the company are Timan J Fertitta. As of the year 1997, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $108 million. As of the current date, the company has more than 6800 employees working in it.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company itself. The food recipes sold by the company include seafood, pasta, salad, sandwiches, desserts, etcetera.

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  • Ashawnta says:

    Grapevine, Texas location.

    Called ahead to make sure they will be able to serve us, when we arrived, my family, and I arrived before our friends. we go to get our table only to be told that they are closed and I can see other families that has not been served food yet sitting down and just receiving their drinks. So I turn around to leave and my friend is walking in.(white) and she asked me where I was going. I told her I was told that they were closed and I will have to come back. Super upset because they just told her to give her a second and they will get the table ready for my friend and her family, when they realize we was together the look on the lady face, knowing what she just did. I told my friend it was OK. My family is leaving. I don’t want them to serve me food if this is the way they’re gonna act. my friend demanded to speak to a manager and which the manager offered us to come back the next day with a reservation and we will receive free dessert(I don’t think that was enough, because who treat their customers that way according to their skin color is 2023) so me being nice and wanting my kids to visit the café we gave it another shot (big mistake) the food was low class everything seemed like it was premade and then when I went to redeem my souvenir cup, they wrapped my friends cup up all nice for her and put it into a bag and hand it to her, and when I told them that I also have a cup, the lady grabbed the cup, and just shoved it to me and once again, my friend looked at me and I told her not to say anything let’s just get out of here. I have tried to reach out to the corporate office, which seems to be impossible. I think y’all should re- train your people, and also remind them that they are also minorities and should not treat other people different than themselves.

  • Tami says:

    4 teenager girls, 3 persons of color, enter the location in Atlantic City, NJ. They are well dressed. They order- they pay, they sit for nearly an hour while every table around them eats and leaves. Finally they demand their food. They are told it’s being “boxed up”. It was never offered. They have already paid. They now must go back to their rehearsal hungry and maybe get eat their $20 bacon cheeseburger cold in a couple hours. You took their lunch stipend so they couldn’t go somewhere else. No apology, no explanation. I’ve got one. Want me to guess? They took their money and had no intention of serving these customers! I want an apology and a refund. How dare you leave these young ladies to sit hungry for “whatever reason” that no one bothered to offer. Retrain your staff.

  • Yvette says:

    The San Antonio location sucks! You can’t make a reservation online because it shows every other city but San Antonio and when you call NOONE answers. I called one day for 2 hrs straight and got no one! I’ve been wanting to try with my family but after this experience I’m over it! I’ll take my money elsewhere!

  • Kristi Poche says:

    Rainforest in Galveston has horrible employees never again will we give them our hard earned money

  • John Lynn says:

    Last Sat. We dined at the Atlantic City Rainforest Cafe Location..Very, Very disapointing..My wife hamburger was undercook, my Chicken on Chicken dish was Bland..The service was so slow..We won’t be returning any time soon..

  • jessica says:

    The Rainforest Location in Galveston Texas has horrible Service/ Managers (Lacey).

  • Steven Claus says:

    Our family had the experience of having lunch at The Rainforest Cafe located at the Animal Kingdom Resort, Orlando.
    Now retired, I spent the majority of my career in the food service industry from dishwasher to Executive Chef. From the awesome service to the outstanding food, your team went above and beyond and I must commend you all on a fine job! Now I realize it was lunch, but every detail was perfect. The minestrone soup was made with real stock, the burgers were cooked and seasoned to perfection. It was no doubt the best meal of our trip. Again, thank you to the whole team at The Rainforest Cafe, Orlando!!!
    You have set the bar!!
    Steven Claus
    East Northport
    New York

  • Monacelle Wilkins says:

    The rainforest in Katy mills mall is horrible, the white lady manager is super prejudice against Black peoples, i spent 84.00 and tip the waitress 11 dollars on food i didn’t get.. so i call the manager and she told me her cook swore up and down he put all my food in the bag and told me i was lying that all food was sent out.. she basically told me i want something for nothing, why would i tip the waitress if that was the case and she hung up in my face.. if you people of color please be weary eating at the one at Katy mills mall

  • Jennifer Branco says:

    Today I visited your Menlo Park, NJ location in Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ with my husband & 2 young kids. A young boy got up to go to the bathroom & fell to the ground going in & out of consciousness. I jumped up & screamed to the restaurant asking if there was anyone in the medical field to please help him. The staff just stood there. I then screamed to the employees that were standing there staring at him to call 911. Two of them did but it was disturbing that they had to be told. I then ran out into the store area which connects to the inside of the mall yelling for anyone that could help this boy. The girl at the register told me to calm down because 911 was called & continued her conversation with another employee. The lack of concern was disgusting. As my husband was trying to keep the mother calm, the manager Sanjay came out & looked down on the ground at the kid & didn’t say a word. He then asked ME if we were okay. I said “no, I’m not. There was absolutely no sense of urgency to help this kid so we are leaving & the fact that the girl at the register told me to calm down when I tried to get someone to help, I think your staff is disgusting.” He said I understand, I have a child. I said & still you’re just standing here. We left & I can assure you I will never go back there. I can only hope something will be done about this but I’m doubtful.

  • Maira Morales says:

    I need someone to assist me in contacting the headquarters to Rainforest Cafe. I have a very serious complaint to file. On Saturday July 30, 2022 me and my family experienced a horrifying event that took place at Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, California. While we were having dinner at the Rainforest Cafe inside the Ontario Mills Mall, all of the sudden crowds of people started running claiming there was an active shooter. It was very scary but the worst part came after. Once me and my husband reacted to what was going on we grabbed our 3 children, one being a baby that I had to carry and run towards one of the emergency exits in the restaurant with other people all pushing and shoving each other to get to the exit, tell me WHY when we finally got to were the emergency exit door, my husband could not find the door. Everyone started screaming and pushing me and my kids because we were stuck in a corner. Finally one of the employees said it’s behind that thing. My husband did not know what he was talking about. So my husband saw this big metal box looked like an AC condenser that was blocking the emergency exit. He hurt his shoulder trying to push it out of the way and was only able to push it far enough to get one person through because it was heavy, he opened the emergency door and chaos started. Everyone was pushing each other to get out, my son got scratched on his stomach by the ac condenser. It was a horrible experience! I cannot believe this equipment was blocking the emergency exit, it was very irresponsible and a liability for the restaurant to have put that their, it made the situation worse when were desperate to get out. My kids have had days of crying and nightmares, anxiety.. If anyone can provide me with information to corporate I would greatly appreciate it. Thank God we are all ok and but this thing should have never been placed their, its an emergency exit and that was an emergency.

  • Melissa says:

    After waiting for 75 minutes to be seated at the San Antonio location on a Tues evening, we were sat at a tiny (and dirty) table for the 6 of us. We were here to celebrate my son’s 7th bday, took 20 min to even order drinks. Took another hour to get food. All in all we were there for 3 hours to get dinner. Insane. It was dirty, and my son ordered pineapple with his kids meal… it was ALL core. Our server would not get us new pineapple, nor would they sing happy birthday to my son. I work on social media, and will be sharing this experience with my MANY followers too (but wanted to give Rainforest Cafe a chance to make it right first). I am beyond disappointed in our visit.

  • John James says:

    Went to the Rainforest in Atlantic City Nj. Aside from being ignored for 20 minutes we finally ordered food and drinks. Drinks came 30 minutes late and although we also ordered water . Another 20 minutes for water . Waiter comes with the main course we never got an appetizer. No more Rainforest cafe ever again anywhere . The food itself has no tastw

  • Rolanda barry says:

    Worst service I’ve ever had took an hour to get an appetizer, waitress served a table of four with full meals that came in after us! Things happen I understand but, it was her attitude behind everything also ordered drinks in souvenir glasses 15.00! Never offered to wrap them up and when she brought to go boxes she placed the bill/envelope inside like I’m really suppose to put my food in there? Bad very bad would probably never go back again

  • Lynn Caliendo says:

    Terrible service. Had to ask for all the basic needs just to eat and had to constantly wait for it which include silverware.. They didn’t bring all our meals out at once. It took additional 10 minutes to get 2 of 6 meals ordered. The absolute worst service I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

  • Maryellen Van Atter says:

    I recently tried to secure a lunch date at Rainforest Cafe for Special Needs High School Students (110). Sadly the best price I could secure was $19.99 per head plus 21% gratuity which included staff gratuity of 17% and a 4% tax for Banquets department. I do understand that the resturant needs to make a profit and recieve gratuity, however I suggested the menu of; Chicken Tender, Sliders, Grilled Cheese, Pizza, Grilled Chicken w Ceasar Salad, unlimited soft drinks and an ice cream sandwich for desert. That is a lot of food for a group of students who will never consu,e all that food. I requested that the menu be scalled back to Sliders, Chicken Tenders and Grilled Cheese ( all with FF), bottomless soft drinks and an ice cream sandwich for dessert for a lower rate of $17.00 per head. I was told this could not be done and the menu must be what it is via corporate. It is very sad that our budgetary constraints do not allow us to spend approx. $25.00 per head- that is what we allow for their “PROM” event. Is there any way corporate could approve a better budget option to fill our needs. We simply wanted to bring our students to AC for a day to enjoy the boardwalk, perhaps visit Ripleys and enjoy a lunch in a beautiful, interesting and fun environment like the Rainforest Cafe. I thought I read something in the past about Rainforest commitment to Special Needs Population. These kids do not all get to experience such a treat with their families for reasons related to finance and mobility. Would it be possible to help us help our students with a better rate or even a complimentary lunch visit?

  • Kathy Bailey says:

    We ate at Rainforest cafe animal kingdom on thanksgiving our food was extremely cold. Our bill for just 4 of us was $180.00 plus there was 3 more at our table plus another table of 7!! They said nothing they could do about it ??

  • Gary LeVan says:

    Me and my wife visited the Rainforest Cafe in Niagara Falls tonight. I don’t usually complain about service but tonight was not good. We were seated and sat for 15 minutes before we ask another server who our server was. She had to go find her. She finally came and her name is Jamila B 434. We ordered an appetizer and drinks. They brought the appetizer but did not bring utensils or plates. We had to ask! The food was okay. She only checked on us once. Nobody picked up our dirty plates but she didn’t forget the check! We waited 15 minutes again to pay but she did not come back. We ask the manager if we could pay through her and she said sure. Well, all she did was go give it to Jamila. We had to wait again. She was not happy when she came back, very unfriendly. My tip showed my unhappiness and I left a note about the super slow service.

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