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  • Address: 3814, 11340 Blondo St, Omaha, NE 68164, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 (888) 288-8889

  • Fax Number: 402-498-5090

  • Email: service@radisson.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1909

  • Founder: Pierre-Esprit Radisson

  • Key People: Trudy Rautio, Denise Estefan Litten

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Denise Estefan Litten

President of Radisson Hotels Latin America

Shelly Irrgang

Vice President of Sales for Radisson Hotels and Resorts

Nancy Johnson

Executive Vice President for Midscale Development – Americas

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Radisson Hotel is an international hotel situated in Minnesota, United States and was founded in 1909 by Edna Dickerson. It is one of the largest and dynamic hotels in the world. The hotel is named after Pierre-Esprit Radisson who was a French explorer. 


Curt Carlson acquired the hotel in 1962. Radisson Hotels has its branches and franchises mostly in the United States. Radisson Blu was one of the main brands of the hotel which was previously known as Radisson SAS hotels. First, ever Radisson Blu was inaugurated in 2011 in Chicago. Another brand Radisson Red first hotel opened in 2015 in Brussels. HNA Group is a major part of the hotel since 2016.


Radisson Hotel headquarters are located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States. The hotels are expanding day by day and they have set a target of 60 locations to achieve by 2020. The staff is committed to building meaningful, personal relationships with the guests and provide them with the best hospitality. 

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  • Melissa ford says:

    White marsh Baltimore Radisson location has TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE…they answer phones hang up then answer phones put u on hold for 30 min which is discouretous service 🤔 then on top of that called the next day about 12 noon no one answered the phone if I had of known about this hotel BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE I NEVER WOULD HAVE BOOKED so what I will due is since the ceo or headquarters can’t train there employees correctly they need to look for other jobs its a small world and u don’t know who knows who its Always somebody higher up. Either u hire experienced customer service people or fire them its a shame people business go up in flames because of discouretous employees ..

  • Blake says:

    Nothing but a horrible experience in Vienna. They lied about the room we booked and tried to convince me that the worst standard room of the two I booked was a junior suite. The room was beyond filthy, with the last guest feces wete still in the toilet🤮. This experience was the worst I ever had in Vienna. Back to the Hotel Imperial. Big mistake!!! Won’t ever stay in this mismanaged, awful 💩 hole again!!!!

  • Barb Gaines says:

    I stayed at one of your hotels almost a month ago. The conditions of the room were not healthy. I went down and complained about both rooms and they told me they did not have the ability to move me. We slept with the windows wide open because of the toxicity in both rooms for two nights. We were there for a wedding. I took pictures. I described the smell to the front desk who said they would pass on information once I got home I started what is now a series of phone calls to both the hotel and to your one 800 number. I cannot get a response from the hotel manager. The 800 number keeps telling me he hast to settle this and that there is nothing they can do. They tell me they are encouraging him to call me back, but I am at a loss and I’m ready to call the New Hampshire Board of Health the 800 number will not let me speak to a supervisor and I am at a loss. There is no response, nor does anybody seem to care about the health condition. Going on at one of your hotels waiting for a response.

  • Martin Brenner says:

    I parked my car at the Philadelphia Radisson for 5 days. Upon my return, I called at 10:40 PM to be picked up at the designated spot at the terminal. After 4 calls to the provided number, I was picked up at 12:04 AM.The first next day I called customer service and given a complaint reference number. I have subsequently called 4 more times over a period of 3 weeks and have NEVER received a return message from your customer service or the person in charge of the airport shuttle service at the hotel.
    Complaint reference number provides on request.

  • Penny Maroldo says:

    June 27, 2023

    My name is Penny Maroldo, a 76, white haired retired RN, and I drove from Oberlin, Ohio to Rochester, NY June 23, 2023 for my grandson’s Brighton High School graduation party. My son, Dr. Anthony Maroldo, treated my Significant Other, Francis (79, white haired retired teacher) and I to a three night stay at your Country Inn and Suites by Radisson on E. Henrietta in Rochester. We were thrilled and enjoyed our first two days and nights. I really loved the pool, that my son knew I would need, where I could do my arthritis exercises, and the delicious full breakfasts. Everyone we met on the staff was helpful and friendly and I told each of them what a good experience we were having. I was told repeatedly by the staff that any problems would be fixed when Hilton renovated the motel and turned it into a full Hilton entity by this coming September.
    But then, suddenly, everything changed on Sunday night, June 25, 2023.

    We had watched TV in our dry suite living room that afternoon and then went to dinner at Delmonico’s restaurant 2 doors away with my son who had a 5:30 reservation. Came back to our room 122 at about 7 P M or so and found the some of the floor of our room was soaking wet. I had put on soft slippers that became wringing wet just crossing the floor. We went down and told the young woman Tatiana, who was alone at the front desk. She called her manager and told him. The TV and lamp next to it in the BR had been dead all day (we were told several times they had been fixed, but never were) and I was afraid of the wet floor and the electrical problem combined.

    I then Went back into the living room of the suite and discovered the floor in front of the couch was so wet that  all six towels for our room became dripping wet when I tried to dry it. The water seemed to seep in from behind the couch. I left the towels on the floor to show the manager, but he never went into room 122 with us at all.

    Francis went out into hall to try and discover where the water was coming from, and discovered the door was open and light was on in room beyond ours on the left at the end of the hall. He heard water running, so he stepped in just enough to see into the bathroom very near the door and saw water was flowing over the top of the toilet and all over the floor. We went and told Tatiana at front desk that there was a real flood from an overflowing toilet. (She was very concerned and helpful and had tried to bring old towels to our room to try and dry the floor earlier, but I told her that was useless, as there was so much water they needed a wet vac).

    She called the manager again and told him about the flooded room and overflowing toilet. The desk clerk Tatiana and I walked down to the room to see the water and she took a video of the room with about an inch or more of water on the floor, the bathroom, and the overflowing toilet, and then quickly turned off the water to the toilet.
    She gave us a new suite, 422, like our own, and said the manager would call us when he arrived and might reimburse the room for our inconvenience. I said that should be automatic.

    We packed up and moved all our luggage and belongings and moved into 422 and unpacked everything and put it away. We received no call, so about 8:30 I tried to call the desk and discovered our room phone was not working at all.

    Then Francis went down to the desk to see if the manager had arrived, and clerk said he was down the hall.
    Fran could see a man at the end of the hall. He walked down to him and asked if he was the manager and he said “yes”. Fran asked if he had seen the water all over the floor and the bathroom and he answered “there’s no water on the floor”. (but there was a machine like a wet vac in the hallway right next to the room, and another man in the bathroom.) Fran said, “there WAS water in this room, I am the one who reported it” and he stepped on the entrance to the door to show him. The manager said angrily, “if you step one more foot in, it is trespassing, and I am going to call the police!”. Manager kept repeating angrily “there is NO water in there!” And Fran is now out in the hall saying forcefully “but there WAS water in there and I think that is how the water got onto our room (122). The manager said that he was told there was “no connection” between our wet floor and the room he was in then. Manager told Fran that he was trespassing and he was calling the police. Fran was angry now, as he felt that the manager was calling him a liar and denying any problem, and asked why he would do that when he was the one who found the problem and reported it, just to be helpful, in the first place. He asked him not to call the police.
    Instead, the manager told Fran that the police would be there in minutes and “if you are not out of here, they will probably take you out in handcuffs”.

    Fran came up to room 422 shaken and almost in tears and told me we were being kicked out of the motel and the police had been called. I was shocked, asked him what happened, and immediately went down and talked to the manager. I apologized for any misunderstanding and told him Fran had some mild dementia and might have acted angrily and gotten in his face when he felt he was being called a liar, but meant no harm and was just trying to help. And I asked “did the police have to be involved?”. He said it was “out of his hands now”. I said “ How about if we wait for the police to come and I talk with them. I really do not want to leave, as we just spent time moving all our stuff to a dry room and we have no place to go”.
    Then he said ”it is not up to the police, it is MY decision”. He said that once the police were called we had to leave immediately. So he seemed to be giving me exact opposite explanations. I told him I was very sorry, but this was just all wrong. He did say, when I asked, that he would reimburse that night’s stay, and we could use a phone to call for other accommodations. I called my son from the desk, who we would now have to put out, as he was already in bed by that time. I am now not even certain he did call the police, as it took us about 20 minutes or so to pack our belongings again and take them downstairs. The manager had already left the building and the police had never arrived.

    I gave the keys to both rooms 122 and 422 to the desk clerk Tatiana, who was always very  nice, friendly, helpful and capable, and told her I was so sorry that she had to handle this mess for so long alone, while welcoming new guests and answering the phone. I also told her I would be reporting the very nasty manager, who obviously was trying  to pretend there had never been any toilet overflow or room flooding.

    We then left and will never return to this location or any of your properties unless Hilton, who is the new owner, does the right thing and removes Josh Blancke, the manager from his position. He has no business being a hotel manager, as he is rude, belligerent, uncaring, unfeeling and he never once apologized to us for our carpet getting soaked, or all our inconvenience and us having to change rooms.. He never acted appropriately in the least.

    Now a couple days later and thinking back on why anyone would act the way he did, I am of the belief that we and the desk clerk were the only witnesses to this overflowing toilet and flooded room, and he was trying to pretend that it never happened. Why he felt he needed to do this I cannot understand.

    My daughter, who also stayed at this motel for Friday and Saturday nights, called and spoke to Josh Blancke who flat out lied to her, saying that our “room, 122, was barely damp and in no way did towels get soaked trying to sop of the water!!” That is another flat lie. Now I wish I had taken photos of me wringing out those towels and the water filled carpet in front of our couch. That suite living room wall behind the couch faces the direction of the flooded room. And I believe that there is another room between ours and the flood, but no one ever opened that door that I know of. Makes sense that the water flowed through to our room, but Josh Blancke insisted that was impossible.

    The question is why did this horrible, rude man wish to cover up the flood and then make us some kind of scapegoats and insist we leave the motel?? I am willing to bet that he forced the desk clerk to delete the video she made of the flood and the toilet overflowing so that there would be no record of the incident. I was right there when she made the video, even held the door open for her as she did it. He just wanted to remove us as witnesses. Why??

    In the hall as we were leaving, we met a young couple who had to change rooms when their toilet did not work, and they said they would never be back, either. As we walked outside we met a man standing, waiting for a cab in front of the motel who overheard how the manager treated us, and had decided to call a cab an go to another Country Inn and Suites in another part of Rochester. So this horrible manager lost our night’s stay and his by behaving so abhorrently.

    I would like to believe that a company with the reputation of Hilton, would read this, and look at the many other complaints about Josh Blancke on the motel web page on Google and other rating sites, and then make sure that this man no longer is employed by Hilton. I saw others online who stated in their review that “the manager Josh was a terrible liar”. I hate to think that he would be allowed to continue to treat customers like this.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that there will be an appropriate response to this very unnecessarily unhappy ending to what had been a delightful trip.

    Sincerely yours,
    Penny Maroldo, RN, BSN, SW

  • tejsingh says:

    hello sir main radisson lonavala main job kart hun lekin yaha par kuch bhi thik nahi chal raha hai staff ki salary par time nahi dete hai aur khana bhi acha nahi hai aur staff ki salary hold karte

  • Karen Soliz says:

    I had the worst experience at one of your hotels in Kansas City, Kansas last week I’ve written a letter detailing the dirty conditions and how poorly the Manager treated me. When I asked for information to contact you she refused. After a heated discussion she relented and gave me a phone number. I have had to do my own research to contact you. I’m giving you a gift in that I believe this is something you would like to correct. There were health code violations, as well as blood transfer from one of the pillows. I hope you will take this seriously. I did take pictures if you need proof.

  • George Varon says:

    I booked a room at the Country Inn Tampa/Brandon on Saturday October 15, 2022.
    I was charged $173.00 plus $50.00 deposit by a Mr Julio at the front desk. My family and o proceeded to our room #308 only after asking for another room on a lower floor and he stated he did not have any other rooms available in the entire hotel. We proceeded to the room and found the condition of the room disgusting, stains on bed covers, mold and broken tile in the bathroom, water stains on the ceiling, and a layer of dust everywhere. We immediately came down and I requested a full refund due to the poor condition of the room. My Julio stated “I can’t give you a refund.” I then requested a manager, he then replied “I can’t give you his phone number.” I then asked how do I rectify the situation? He replied, he’s not here, but you can call the hotel Wednesday, October 19,2022 between 3pm-11pm.
    I couldn’t believe I had to wait 5 days to speak to someone. I contacted the corporate office and filed a complaint (3681583) and now I am waiting on a response. Wow!


    Radisson Country Inn & Suites Macedonia Ohio new Franchise owner, “Mike” has implemented a policy which not only specifically violates the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act but also encourages staff to badger, harass, menace, threaten, trespass and commit theft against guests. I was prevented from departing the hotel by the manager, Sadie Sutton, who threatened me both verbally and physically as I was trying to pack my car AFTER I checked out an hour before the prescribed check out time. I attempted to escape with the aid of local police but apparently Sadie had one of the detectives private number because my 911 call for assistance in preventing her from further escalating against me was overruled by them which resulted in her falsely accusing me of pulling a gun on her. Her friends then vandalized my vehicle and stole several valuable items out of the car, I was arrested based on her false statements and now all video and audio taped evidence from your corporate surveillance cameras has somehow ‘disappeared’ so when I go to court tomorrow it will be their word against mine. Bad experience? Put yourself in my shoes and you decide. My reputation IS my career and this thieving bunch of pirates flying the Radisson flag may very well have just destroyed my life all because I pointed out that they couldn’t require additional fees or restrictions against me because I have a service dog. I have been a decades long, dozen times a year repeat customer of this corporation but NEVER AGAIN. Again, the manager’s name is SADIE SUTTON. I will happily send all documentation including my affidavit statement of fact that includes Mike’s discriminatory determination to steal from guests to whomever at the corporation is responsible to make guests whole. Get in touch.

  • Michael Orman says:

    I don’t expect my comments to be read or acted upon. My wife was trying to use our company card to stay at Country Inn & Suites By Radisson, at QUAIL Springs at 13501 Memorial Park Drive, Oklahoma City. Rosemary Morgan, Director of Sales, CTA, was very condescending and emailed me a contract to fill out. We had just used the same card at JW Marriott in Tampa and various other places across the country. Ms. Morgan was rude and it appears very discriminating. If it were not for the fact my wife was taking a class there, i would have suggested to move to a Marriott.
    This is not how you conduct business.

  • Ilene T Iskoe says:

    Radisson Blu Amsterdam- Worst hotel experience ever. BED BUGS . Desk person, Angelina, did not care. They said manager, Christian was on vacation and would not be back until 5 days later. They said hotel was full and nothing could be done.
    Toilet was dirty. Nothing was done to clean after bringing it to their attention.
    This was a recommendation from Viking for a post cruise. DO NOT PICK THIS HOTEL. HAVE REPORTED TO VIKING.

  • mary says:

    We stayed at the Radisson in Covington Kentucky. We were there for two days. The room itself, the first one was so filthy there was giant blood and vomit stains on the mattress no mattress pad cover no duvet cover bathroom was disgusting and the carpet was filthy. Was traveling with my 86-year-old mother not sanitary and not safe for her to stay in the room. When I was going downstairs to alert the desk of the situation, I was approach by a young man wearing no shirt and asked if I would like to hook up !! He followed me down the hall and kept soliciting me. I told the front desk we needed a clean room and they gave me another room. went back up to collect my things and my mom, was again approached by the same boy. this time he followed me to the room telling me he had a special room we could go to !!!!! wow really. the housekeeping guy was in the room with my mom and witnessed this hustler working the hall. i went back down to tell the management what happened, and they said they would handle it. you do not need a key card to operate the elevator and the front door is wide open so hello anyone who wants to shake down the guest or take a nap in the hall. the second room was dirty too. blood on cover mattress falling apart no duvet cover no mattress pad, dirty carpet, told mom no bare feet. We slept in our clothes after traveling all day ! Got up in am to shower, yes you guessed it. NO HOT WATER !! I went down to desk after cold dirty shower to ask if the room could be cleaned while we went to breakfast. They said they would try, I said I will toss all the dirty things in hallway. I asked what happened with the boy prostitute and was told they located him in the hotel and asked him to stay in his room !!!!!!!!WHAT last time I checked soliciting was against the law. Room was cleaned , new sheets. Went to baby shower and dinner got back at 10, found a large group of adults screaming in hallway and smoking pot….. really. I went down to desk asked for the same manager he used his “DAD” voice with the boy man the night before. He came up and was handed a large roach, the bug kind, from the pot smokers and he asked them to please be a bit more quiet. Then he came and told me everything was ok. Oh for the love of God. No not really. We tucked in for the night and left first thing in the morning.
    I travel for a living and this was by far the most disgusting hotel I have stayed in. SHAME on you for opening the doors to this rat trap. Never again.

  • Caroline says:

    I have been trying to get in contact with someone at the Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast for the past 1/2 hour. I am on my 6th call. Nobody can give me a bill for a company guest. On this 6th call I was able to talk to CATERING who is jumping through hoops to get me a bill (folio). WHAT PLANET AM I ON?

  • a says:

    BAIT AND SWITCH and NASTY ROOMS- We booked the most expensive room available King Size with Brunch for a stay at the Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront 668 west 5th street Covington KY.

    Immediately after booking I called the hotel to ask if I could pay more for a room with a river view. I was told that they don’t books rooms with views as the policy is always first come first serve but I could come down early before check in to get a room with a view.

    I showed up at the desk at 1:30 the day of my reservation and heather said we are still cleaning rooms but we have king rooms that face the city so we will see what we can do. 90 minutes after waiting in the lobby I was given a room overlooking the highway with NO view.

    When I asked why I was told well all of our premium rooms were already booked. I told her I was told you don’t even book rooms with views as both times I called I was told first come first serve. Even Heather the front desk manager continued this charade of pretending I was going to maybe get a room with a view when she KNEW already that all those rooms were already sold out. I WAITED 90 MINUTES IN THE LOBBY WHEN HEATHER ALREADY KNEW NO ROOM WITH A VIEW WAS AVAILABLE! I am not upset that there were no rooms with a view I am upset that not one employee told me that premium rooms were booked and not available. They actually said WE DON”T BOOK ROOMS WITH VIEWS…

    This is a LIE and I was told this lie on 3 separate occasions by 3 different employees (2 phone calls and then in person).

    I asked Heather is it so hard to say “mam we don’t have rooms with a view as they are all booked” ????? TELL THE TRUTH PEOPLE….THOSE ROOMS AREN’T AVAILABLE

    I am not upset that there were no rooms with a view I am upset that 3 employees have been TRAINED to pretend you will get a view when they are booked up by saying they don’t offer rooms with views it’s first come first serve.

    I asked to book a room with a view and pay more when I called but they never said all those rooms are gone what they said is that they don’t offer rooms with views ever you can’t pay more it’s first come first serve.

    This is a complete bait and switch scam to get people to book rooms. Had they said we don’t have any rooms available with a view as we are BOOKED then of course I wouldn’t have booked and the staff KNOWS that and they have been trained to LIE. Do not stay here. The rooms are gross and the carpet has stains. Its not nice even for the money.

    RADISSON YOU LOST A $600 SALE I WALKED OUT BECAUSE YOU LIE. Reporting to Better Business Bureau in my area.

  • Anthony D HOLMES says:

    I stayed at Radisson hotel in Santo Domingo August 3-8 it was the worst stay I ever had I got married August 5 ,2022 walked into the room water on the floor ceiling was leaking the room wasn’t clean at 4 pm the safe didn’t work the air conditioner didn’t work I even purchased another room for my 2 kids . The breakfast was bad every day we stayed there . The only good thing was good was dinner also the house keeper stole my wife translator out the room . I didn’t want to raise no hell because we just got married but once I arrive home I called Apple vacation and made a report to them . Apple vacation tried several times to contact Radisson hotel no reply back. I was told today from Apple vacation that Radisson hotel hasn’t replied back to there emails so Radisson hotel isn’t going to accommodate us for our stay I have photos as well . It was so sad for us because we just got married and all these things happen. We’re not happy at all

  • Terese says:

    My sister and I stayed at the Radisson Hotel Duluth-Harborview and were treated very poorly. The room was absolutely disgusting. We were told that we would have to wait until the next day for human hair on our sheets to be changed when we had arrived and not even used our room. We were belittled by the front desk staff when we addresses the situation. Then we were assigned another room which had not been dusted for who knows how long. The bathroom complimentary amenities had been opened and used. Many other things could be added but I just would not recommend staying here. I was offered $75 off my stay for the most stressful stay I have ever had at a hotel.

  • Shannan Cutley says:

    I am only having one problem an need to get in contact with Radisson rewards to see about my points that there giving me a hard time on returning..

  • Dean Mason says:

    The Radisson of today doesn’t respond in any way. I had a terrible experience in Lincoln Ne. (No towel replacements, no sheets changed, dirt everywhere etc) And the corporates tell me to take it up with the locally owned hotel, and the locals don’t respond at all. WTH… thieves stay somewhere else.


    Well, how do I begin? July 10, 2022, my sister and I stayed at the Radisson Grand Rapids Riverfront Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Here is my story. First, we were attending a concert in town that night. My husband could not go, so I took my sister. I usually book ANYTHING I do by calling the business directly, so I don’t go through a third party. We needed only one night,
    July 10, 2022.

    I received an e-mail confirmation, October 11, 2021, when the reservation was made. The hotel name was in large print across the top of the e-mail. Imagine my surprise when I arrived, giving the printed e-mail confirmation to the desk clerk, to find out it went through Expedia! Not ANY part of the confirmation did it say “Expedia.” Because of this check-in issue, I looked closer to the document. It did say ReservationDesk.com, but I thought it was from the Radisson reservation desk. Apparently, it went through a 3rd party anyway (Expedia.) It took an HOUR to get the reservation corrected to my name, due to my husband’s credit card and name on the reservation (although I was the one that arranged it, my phone number, and my e-mail.) That is an issue that I am handling with Expedia directly.

    While we waited in the lobby, I commented to my sister about the awful chairs. Torn so badly that some even had to be covered. (Photo) I could not believe a Radisson Hotel would have nasty-looking chairs in the lobby. I even commented about writing the company about them. I didn’t realize this was just the beginning of an unpleasant experience.

    The very nice desk clerk, I believe her name was Wendy, helped in resolving the problem and got us checked in. I believe the room number was 217?

    The first thing my sister saw was “the Wilson – Castaway” handprint on the window. (Photo) Then, trying to find a light, she noticed the lamp, chair, and table pushed together into the corner. (Photo)

    The first thing I saw was the closet door looking stained or just plain “unclean.” (Photo) Then I noticed no TV remote and the night stand between the beds was unclean. (Photo) I also seen the bathroom counter, having stains on both ends of it. (Photos) I will say the beds were nicely made and the toilet was clean.

    We dropped off our things and called for a ride to the concert.

    As we walked down the hallway, we noticed the stairwell door looked disgusting and unclean. (Photo) The elevator door also. (Photo) The trim on the corners of the elevator were chipped and old. (Photo) The fire extinguisher door gaped open. (Photo) The floor numbers above the elevator door looked a bit nasty, like they don’t ever get cleaned. (Photos)

    We left for the concert. When we returned, we called down to the desk clerk, now a man, and asked about the TV remote and to have night stand cleaned. He asked if we wanted another room. We said we did. So, we moved to another room. Room number 209?

    UGH. This room really wasn’t any better! I noticed right away the night stand in this room also looked uncleaned. (Photo) We called the desk clerk to have it cleaned. He came personally and cleaned it. Apparently, it was stained so badly he could not get it to look any better! Also, we showed him the carpet that had obviously not been vacuumed! There were hair pins still laying on the carpet in front of the night stand. (Photo) Again, the beds and toilet were clean. He told us he would be talking to the cleaning staff about it. Did he? We will never know.

    After he left, my sister spoke to me and asked me to sit on the toilet with the bathroom door open and look at “the hole” in the closet. WOW!! Under the bottom shelf was a hole. A BIG one. (Photos) YIKES! We tossed about the idea of someone could actually be spying on the bathroom with a hole like that! It was a DIRECT SHOT into the bathroom! How many people in a hotel bathroom shut the door? Then while we were climbing into the beds, she mentioned the thought of even having bed bugs. Just the thought!

    I mentioned I could not BELIEVE a RADISSON hotel would be so neglected and disgusting. But after staying there, I have to say, it may have been nice in 1992 but certainly not now!! I will never stay there again.

    In this day of Covid, when EVERY public area in hotels and restaurants, etc. should be explicitly cleaned and cleaned again, I cannot believe the filth in this hotel! Lack of staff, yes. But, just making beds and cleaning toilets are NOT ENOUGH! A health inspector may shut this place down if they knew about these things (and what about the things we did not see.) I read some of the reviews before I wrote this letter. Radissons everywhere have declined. Even the Grand Rapids, Michigan hotel was in the comments as being awful.

    These hotels do not just run down overnight. I feel the decline is the neglect of the corporation, the commercial management, and the individual franchise management. You can blame it on Covid. You can blame it on the supply chain. You can blame it on the lack of staff. But that has only been the case in the last TWO years. It has taken many more years than that to get these hotels in a state of derelict.

    I will NOT stay at a Radisson Hotel again. Even a Super 8, Motel 6, or America’s Value Inn is better! You better believe I will be leaving reviews on any media outlet I can find.

  • Alan R Bialeck says:

    I was subject to a scam run out of the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm Sweden. When I arrived on July 4th I requested a car for July 5th at 3 pm to drive me to the pier where my cruise was leaving from. The morning of the 5th I reconfirmed my request. At 2:50 pm a hotel employee introduced me to my driver in the lobby of the hotel. The driver drove me to a local ferry landing and insisted I get out. When I asked to be taken back to the hotel he refused. I left the cab and went to a nearby restaurant who called me another cab. The same driver showed up. My choices were limited. I got into the cab and he drove me to the wrong pier. I argued with him but to no avail. I went to the cruise line at that pier and they showed me where my cruise was leaving from; it was about a half mile away. I got another cab waiting nearby and he drove me to my cruise line; for a 5 minute trip he charged me close to $50. As my cruise was leaving I paid the amount. It is quite clear that a scam is being run out of your Stockholm hotel and the scam involves a hotel employee, a cab driver, a restaurant employee and possibly a second cab driver. The hotel should have tapes of me being introduced by the hotel employee to the cab driver. When I called the hotel and told them of the incident they said it was not their problem. When I asked to speak to a manager they said there was none. It is a disgrace for this type of activity to occur at a major hotel.

  • Mindy R Schlagal says:

    I just thought you would want to know I had the most horrible experience with your hotel here in Fort Worth Texas it was the most disgusting experience all the way down from the room to the food down to the hookers and the pimps and the bum sleeping outside of my door in not being told I was being charged a 100 extra dollars on top of what was promised that I would pay whenever I checked in because they needed to make sure nothing would get damaged I really do not appreciate that there was black people here in my bed I’m doing it say everything else we’re seeing going on This was very bad for yall’s name

  • Phil brat says:

    We stayed at your Radisson hotel in Central Denver Colorado we brought 15 families we spent $1,500 a week it was the worst stay from the toilet falling off the wall to the exhaust in the bathroom not working and coming down hitting Us in the head and our phone not working for 7 days and your maintenance crew couldn’t even fix it I our team will never stay at your facility again we should have got it for free there was theft in your parking lot it looks like a junkyard dump site in the back of your hotels we would never stay there again out of three floors two floors ice machines didn’t work and out of two other floors your laundry facilities were out of service I don’t know how you guys run an operation like you do
    We will do our research before we waste the 5 to $10,000 on the event at your facility again

  • Sandra Garrison says:

    Stayed at the facility in Jonesborough, TN for two nights last week. Woke the first morning and my husband thought he saw bed bugs. He called the main desk and informed them. They told him they’d check on it during our outing during the day. When we arrived back at the end of the day, he was informed that Terminix had been called and they had found nothing. They had not cleaned the room and/or replaced used towels, etc. Had not even emptied the garbage. Stayed the second night. Upon being home for 3-4 days, I woke to strange bites on my arms. Guess what?? My bed was infested with bed bugs!!!

    That was the worst part. The carpets were filthy. The breakfast attendant spent her talking to the front desk clerk. Only one of the four cereal dispensers actually worked. There was barely any milk in the pitcher. They had NO FRESH FRUIT. There were a few slices of French toast, some scrambled eggs and one sausage link.

    On top of all that, I paid $144.00 per night, per room.

    That’s the last time we’ll ever stay at a Radisson property. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael says:

    We stayed at your Comfort Inn in Helen, GA and were shocked and disappointed how unkept and run down the property was. I have photos. Comfort Inn is your name and represents who you are. It is your responsibility to force your franchisee to clean up this mess. If this does not happen, remove your name and sell it. I will never return and have doubts about Radisson Hotels. The Comfort Inn disaster did not happen overnight as it has been going downhill for years which is obvious by the condition of the property. Don’t you have an employee who inspects your properties? The condition of the Comfort Inn in Hellen GA is inexcusable. Return the property to livable conditions and we may return.

  • Rod says:

    After being on hold with the corporate number and reading the said below comments seems like we got off lucky. I guess never again at Radisson. I used to work for them in Bloomington MN, thought they were a stand up company then guess things have gotten worse for them. Too bad. I will tell anyone who will listen from now on.

  • William C Jacobson says:

    I stayed at the Radisson Hotel in West Sacramento June 10, 2022. Bates Hotel would have been better. Here is the list of substandard conditions:

    Bathtub had scummy adhesive covering the bottom
    Huge crack in the shower soap holder
    Shower curtain rod moved 10 inches up and down (Wouldn’t have showered in there anyway – even on a bet)
    Toilet tank covered with paint and leaning against wall
    Sink plunger for stopping water in basin was broken
    Sink faucet sprayed as much water sideways as it did down toward sink
    Patched areas of walls were left unpainted
    Hole above entry door knob was partially covered with masking tape (security – ha!)
    Electrical socket would not hold plug in place (it would fall out)
    3/4 inch hole above one electrical socket
    Baseboards were disgustingly dirty
    Rug had 3 foot rip
    Air conditioner/heater was held together with tape
    Fire alarm was missing (mounting bracket was on wall). If the fire marshal were aware of this, he would shut the place down.
    Shuttle service to airport was operational from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm according to the front desk. This was not my understanding when booking.
    Obviously, we made other arrangements to get to the airport early the next morning for a flight to Europe
    We were planning to stay at the Radisson on our return from Europe on June 20. Slam dunk, we canceled the return stay.

    If management is interested, (and I would hope they are) I have photos verifying the aforementioned deficiencies. I would love to hear from them

  • Gloria Jones says:

    I checked in 5/11/22 at country inn & suites Radisson Ontario CA. Once arriving in the room I noticed the tv was not working. Also shower wasn’t clean and linen on beds had staines. The room I ordered was a two bed queen room. I went down to the front desk to notify them of the tv not working. The staff explained to me that it was and outage and it would be out for a while. Not a big deal to me but I did have a guest staying in the room. It was a concern for my guest who would be in the room more then I.Once I dropped my guest off to the room later on that night. Samual changed my room per my guest request due to the tv still not working. without my notice or even verifying with me If that’s even what I had requested. From my understanding the conversation between my guest and Samuel the room was switched and my guest and I was allowed to keep the first and have the second room due to the circumstance and inconvenience. Unbeknown to me I then was charged for 2 rooms. I received a call from Araceli at 6 am telling me I would be charged for two rooms and I had to move to one room after being charged for two. That her manager Yani Lopez had authorized the charge to my card. Upon speaking with the manger Yani Lopez who was very smug and not understanding to the miscommunication. Of the whole ordeal and still charged me for two rooms even though I was abruptly awaken an startled out of my sleep and asked to leave the room. I’m unsure as to why Samuel changed my room without my consent or as to why Yani Lopez was so condescending of her approach to the solution. I just hope that this issue can be resolved.

  • Michel Bisson says:

    I travel all over the world and stay in lots of different hotels but when I’m in Toronto The Park Inn Markham is the hotel I normally stay at.
    My name is Michel Bisson am a platinum member with your hotel and I have stayed loyal to your hotel in the Toronto area unless my client paying for my stay and they choose the hotel. I travel all over the world and stay in lots of different hotels but when I’m in Toronto The Park Inn Markham is the hotel I normally stay at.
    I realize your Markham Park Inn hotel is going through new management. I tried to renegotiate a new business deal with your manager Sara Brar with zero success, she told me I have to guarantee 50 days a year. If you look at my record pre Covid I approach the required days quite a few times over the years.
    I always enjoyed staying at your hotel it’s very well situated for what I do plus your restaurant Manager Iresh is fantastic and she go’s out of her way for me every time.
    Unfortunately I will be taking my business to another hotel chain as you’re fully aware there’s lots of them around.
    Again thank you for the wonderful stays at your hotel, thing I will miss the most is the restaurant staff and the old Park Inn management and staff who knew me by name the minute I walked in.

  • Donna R Morris says:

    This comment is regarding your Country Inn & Suites in Vallejo, CA. We spent two nights at the facility, April 15 and 16, 2022. There were a number of issues that could be reported (no toilet paper, kleenex, glasses, or cups in the room at check-in, A/C would work only when set at 90 degrees, no housekeeping and no way to hang towels to dry for reuse, etc.), but the reason for this comment is a safety/code violation which should be brought to your attention. Around 11:30 or midnight on April 16, we noticed that the smoke detector was covered with plastic wrap – we removed it and the detector began to chirp. We call the front desk for assistance. We were instructed to return the plastic wrap to the detector so it would stop chirping. We protested this saying a working smoke detector was a requirement to assure our safety while we were in the room. The person at the front desk said he would try to reach the manager for guidance and call me back, but for future reference we should not remove plastic wrap from a smoke detector, that the facility was still getting things together and the wrap may be temporary. We said that would be a code violation and if necessary we would call the fire department. At that point we were informed a maintenance person would arrive soon. He arrived and removed the battery, the chirping stopped and he declared the problems solved. We again objected saying it was not safe to sleep in a room without an operating smoke detector. He finally went and got a new battery, installed it, and the detector worked properly. This obviously requires corrective measures from corporate level action. Thank you for your attention.

  • John F. Glasner says:

    Accommodations: Country Inn
    Where: Paducah, KY
    When : Saturday check inn April 9
    Room: 312
    Attempts to contact Mgt. Vick Patel Vick@starglobalhotels.com and phone numbers 270.442.2201 & Quality 270.442.2080
    How many times: 7 phone call and 4 emails TO NO AVAIL.



    The room upkeep was terrible
    – hall door squeaked
    – hall door did not seal
    – carpet condition was terrible, DIRTY
    – sofa was DIRTY
    – light in kitchen area BURNED OUT
    – light in bathroom, burned out
    – desk and wood cabinets well used, look terrible
    – bathtub was chipped around drain
    – bathtub floor was in need of REPAIR
    – was basin in bath was chipped
    – drain in kitchen area was in NEED OF CLEANING SCUM
    – air filter cover either was full of rust or filled with mold
    – shower head was in NEED OF BEING CLEANED, MOLD AND DIRTY
    – dark spots in bed – PROBABLY BLOOD

  • Johnny Carson says:

    Sound like it is time to teach these mother fuckers a lesson country wide.

    When in a Radisson property just totally fuck up their public restrooms, trash the fuck out of them.

    Then trash whatever else you can on the property, do this nation wide until they get off their corporate fucking whore ass and fix the shit.

    What else do you expect when you have useless fucking cunts running the corporate office.

  • Dave Brennan says:

    Country Inn and Suites in Chandler AZ is a dump!

  • Suzy Pliler says:

    Staying at the Casa Grande, AZ hotel. Breakfast is an embarrassment.. it’s cold. No one is there- no attendant. They don’t want the abuse from a guest. They actually have uncovered food with no heat underneath. More than likely should be reported to the health department. No one in the breakfast area. It was empty. I guess all the other guests have experienced this and do not come again. Please do something Raddison.. totally a very bad look for any hotel no matter what changes of making it better the property is in. Treating ‘ paying guests’ like this is bad business. I can’t believe I am being charged for this totally unacceptable food. I definitely would blame the local management for this – employees do what they are told.

  • Art Ridgway says:

    I made a reservation on 16 Nov for a 17 Nov check-in (check-out 18 Nov) at the Jonesborough Tennessee location. I was NOT informed that this reservation was interpreted at your end to have been already considered non-cancellable. Earlier today, while enroute to Jonesborough, we received a call telling us the party we were headed to see (a terminal lung cancer patient) was being taken to the ER, thus our visit was not sustainable. I called your 800 number to cancel and was told “No you cannot cancel”. I expressed this situation constituted a legitimate emergency but was told “Nothing I can do”. I asked to speak with (her) manager and was then spoken with by another agent. I again stated the request was based on a legitimate emergency but she flatly and rudely said “Nothing I can do”. I confess to having decried “This is BS!” (which it most-certainly is). My Confirmation Number (was) XJ628RK. Please communicate with me regarding this situation promptly. Thank You

  • James Wynn says:

    Charged my account for a reservation already made thru a third party now I’m short funds to move into my apartment Today because of this mistake. Asked to be compensated until I get my funds back a room for the night. No answer at all. So I have no place to stay the money I saved for my apartment is no longer…what should I do?

  • Podgorny says:

    We are at the Radisson Riverview in Grand Rapids. The hotel it’s self is run down. The elevator is missing the floor lights. The tub is dirty. The halls smell. The restaurant and the bar is closed. Even though Your rate is the same as if they were open. Hotel staff are rude. We have a room with a River view and the building next doors roof for this we paid extra. We will never stay at a hole in the wall like this again

  • Reginald Knight says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I recently stayed at the Baltimore Inner Harbor property. I was scheduled originally for three nights but I couldn’t stay because of unsanitary conditions and plumbing problems.
    Upon check in, I was assigned room 1206. I learned it was infested with roaches when I when to the bathroom at 3am. Roaches were crawling all over the floor and countertops. I killed two, put them in a napkin and went downstairs to report. I was assigned another room 1614. It was even worse with more roaches and zero water pressure (video included). I couldn’t shower nor use the toilet as it would not flush. When I returned to the front desk to complain I was told the hotel was booked solid and they would not fix anything that day . I called corporate in the hope I could get some assistance. I explained in detail the issue(s) and corporate called the hotel. After 30 minutes on hold they hung up with zero action taken. I’m sure the phone call was recorded. I packed my clothes in plastic bags as I don’t want to import vermin into my home.
    I can’t recall having a worse stay anywhere in my 40 years of travel, including military service.
    I assumed Radisson was a great hotel and brand; now I know that it is no better than bargain budget cheap motels. I would like a response before I consider the next steps. A hotel has a legal obligation to provide safe lodging that is pest free and plumbing. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Reginald Knight

    Sent from my iPad

  • Eileen says:

    Made reservation from 9-20-21 thru 9-26-21 in Fitchburg Wisconsin, made this reservation 2 weeks ahead of travel and told them I had a service dog, when I checked in the lady at desk wanted me to sign I would not smoke in room nor would I have a pet, I explained I have a service dog do you want to see papers, no I will put note in computer, next morning the manager wanted me to move from 3rd floor to 1st floor because I had a dog, but didnot have a room with king bed available and the room he had was a whirlpool tub and did not want dog hair in tub, I said well the dog is not going to bathing in tub, so he responded we could check out because my dog was not a service dog, he had my husband so upset I ask him not to keep doing this he my husband had a brain injury and stress could cause seizures and he was breaking the law, I was going to call corporate so his reply was now I am going have police remove you from my business and we had nothing packed, so I begged him to call I wanted a police report to sue him, so he went into his office and checked us out of motel, this was the worst customer service ever and corporate has not responded/ never again

  • John Bussey says:

    I checked into your College Park Ga, Radisson Suites and was promptly charged a $45.00 early check-in fee and the to rub salt into the wound, I was charged a $12.00 parking fee. What is more disturbing is that these hidden charges were not mentioned when I booked the reservation.(This smacks of being underhanded and dishonest)
    I understand the Covid issues but it appears you are profiting from less staff, less services, and these hidden costs.
    It might be well to be careful, the customers that currently think of Radisson when they are traveling may lose faith and trust and begin to look at other chains.

  • Kenneth Roquemore says:

    Is this Raddisson hotel in Buena Park, California a part of your franchise.? It’s a disgrace to your name. Why are you letting your name be abused like this?? I checked in to this piece of crap hotel because it was a Raddisson, and to my amazement the place is a joke. TV’s not working in a number of rooms, Air conditioning dripping, the pool is filthy, no phones in the room leaks, The blinds are broken and won’t close , A coffee maker and coffee but no coffee or cups in the room, no ice machine this can’t be a Radisson. What is this. Why are you letting people get tricked into staying at this fleabag hotel using your name. Like I said, it’s a disgrace. I asked that you please respond to this complaint.If it’s not a part of your chain, then take the name off of it. A lot of people are being tricked and it’s giving your Raddisson name a black eye. Truly disgraceful.

  • Ks says:


    The MD country inn hotel jammu

    Subject –compliant against Mr neeraj mishra (General Manager country inn by Radisson Jammu J&K +91-9610333444)

    Sir ,

    Its is to bring into your notice that we have a corporate account with your hotel having an average occupancy of the 50 room in last six months and we have a pending contract till 31 march 2022.but your GM mr neeraj mishra rudely refuse to book rooms for us and also ask the other staff not to book rooms for us for no reasons .we had also taken an office space on rental within feasible hotel premises on a monthly rental 16000per month however , our staff was accommodated in a room along with your hotel staff .which was a clear violation of the verbal contract on the part of your hotel . mr neeraj also rudely asked us not to sit in the lobby premises or coffee shop at the hotel to attend to our guests .which is absolutely illegal and unethically since hotel is a public place and any one can use its lobby and restaurants for attending to their guests without interference of the staff and despite the fact that we are regular and paying customers of your hotel still mr neeraj asked us not to attend our guests over there .which deserve prompt and strict action on him and also unconditional apology from us . we reserved our rights to raise this issue at an appropriate from and before tourism department J&K case of of enhance on your part

  • Kristeen Latino says:

    My husband and I had the misfortune of staying at one of your property hotels, The Country Inn & Suites by Radisson in Smithfield-Salem North Carolina. We checked in on August 2nd and checked out on August 6thof 2021 in Room 419.
    During our stay we encountered a number of unsatisfactory service levels that I think you should know of and hopefully do something about.
    First of all our room was NEVER CLEANED during the 4 days we were there! Given the COVID & Delta Variant how can a hotel NOT be sanitized under the CDC safety guidelines. I have attached your Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols which were not put in place. What does your housekeeping people exactly do in your hotel all day?
    Secondly, we had asked for clean towels and the response was due to Covid we don’t have any! How is that possible there are NO CLEAN TOWELS for your guests!
    Third, there was supposed to be a continental breakfast and access to the pool. Again, the response was we don’t have it due to the Covid.
    The last encounter that put us over the edge was a huge water bug that crawled under our bed!!!!!!!
    That was it! My husband said were packing up immediately and getting out of here…..
    I hope you agree with me that this type of service is completely unacceptable at so many levels. I would of expected a better stay from the Radisson. I am very disappointed from this horrible experience.
    I was supposed to receive a FULL REFUND which the hotel advised it would take up to 7 days, we are now going on 14 days and no one at the hotel will call me back.

    I am requesting the entire refund as soon as possible to our original payment.
    Thank you

  • Jen Joss says:

    Stayed at Radisson in Iowa City/Coralville. One of my worst stays by far anywhere. You would think that being near a major university hospital where a lot of people go for medical treatment, it would be clean. Nope. Not clean, there were fire hazards in our room, the faucet in bathtub was sideways and the shower head hadn’t been cleaned in months. Hair in every corner of the room and bathroom, personal products like shampoo and such were expired over two years and Had been opened already. I asked for new ones and they also were expired. They smelled like vinegar. There were also fries under the bed. There was no liner for the ice bucket and it was dirty inside. The pool was dirty and people were eating and drinking in there while posted signs said not allowed. Someone also did a farmer blow in the pool and it floated right towards me so I was done. I was so sore from my doctor appointments and wanted a little relief which I didn’t get. That’s plain disgusting regardless but during a pandemic? Wow. He saw me see him too and no apology. People are disgusting which isn’t the fault of hotel but the rest is. I don’t know if the department of health even cares but I will be sending a copy of my letter to hotel to them as well. What a complete joke and waste of money. Going to be very unhappy if I get sick.

  • JF says:

    Radisson’s Best Rate Guarantee is a hoax. Turns out it only applies if the rate you book is still available whenever the administrators get round to checking it, which in my case was four days later and the hotel, — and booking,com where I had found, and documented, the $200 cheaper rate —had sold out of the room category. So no go on the match. After two long emails, they offered me a paltry 7500 points as settlement- for a guarantee that in this case is worth approx $800. This completely destroys my faith in Radisson, and I I will therefore be going back to Hilton, whose rewards program is unsurpassed.

  • Brian says:

    I stayed at Country Inn BWI near Baltimore MD and they charged my debit card $30 for incidental for the first day. Wait for it….the next day the hotel charge $51…wait for it….the next day $83….wait for it…the next day $80. This hotel charged me an extra $210 for incidentals that I did not authorize. I am homeless and I go to hotel to hotel. I need my money. No help from the Bank of America or this hotel. I waited for a week to get back my money that I did not authorize and still have not received it. I will never go back here ever again never.

  • Starla Anyansi says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    On July 22-24, 2021, I reserved (via Priceline) a room at your Radisson Hotel @1775 Parkway Place in SE Marietta, Georgia for $120.00 per night.

    Upon arrival, I noticed the hotel’s age. The lettering for name of the hotel had obviously come off the front of the building. The building appeared to be crumbling. I gave it the benefit of the doubt. The front desk attendant initially had me booked for two rooms. She told me she credited and corrected it. I asked the front desk attendant about their pool and she informed me that their swimming pool was closed for reconstruction. This was not stated on your website and if I had known that, I would not have made a reservation.

    The bathroom sink was extremely clogged with a nasty slow drain.
    The carpet was filthy with red stains and I discovered previous child’s toy was left under the corner of one of the beds…indicating the floor had not been vacuumed.
    All the
    equipment in the weight room were broken.
    There was no breakfast available for the guests, only coffee.
    Entering the hallway on my floor, there was musty stench.

    With the exception of the location of the hotel, I was very disappointed with my stay. I spoke with the hotel manager, named Antonio and expressed the negative conditions of the hotel. He apologized and told me that it is an older property and he could offer me a discount on a future stat. I told him that the website photos and amenities is misleading and deceives the public. I informed him that I will never stay at this hotel again or recommend anyone else to stay.

    I feel my stay there was NOT worth $320.84 and I was actually overcharged! & I should have only been charged for the price that was quoted by Priceline of $120.00 per night.

    Please advise.

    Starla Anyansi

  • Susan says:

    I stayed at Raddison Sebastian Hotel in St. Augustine, Fl. Everything was wonderful, clean, great staff and free WIFI. After checking out I started receiving over 150 email spams per day!!! This has never happened to me before. Wondering if anyone else out there has had this experience? Other than that, a Great stay!


    horrible radisson in Brooklyn center in mpls.mn.Walked into hotel it was so filthy.Got yo our room, NO HAIR DRYER,ICE BUCKET OR ALARM CLOCK. I would not sit on the 2 chairs in the room.THE rooms were bad we checked out .They should be shut down !!!!!!!NEVER AGAIN

  • Melissa says:

    Fond Du LAC WI. RUN RUN RUN Worst service and definitely not clean. They seem to take no pride in cleanliness the rooms common areas or their work station. No manager on duty. Tub stoped up shower curtain just nasty infested with different type of bugs. Carpet so Disgusting left my sons feet looking like he had been outside all day with no shoes. Wasn’t willing to refund my money and thankfully they were all sold out ( as if I wanted a different room) . I packed up and hit the road.! Never again will I stay at another one.!

  • Mike Jelsone says:

    The Radisson in Novi Mi. On Haggerty rd. Was filthy ! Room we booked was not cleaned, pool was cloudy and dirty , carpets in room and hallway were stained,
    Hallways stunk from someone smoking weed !
    No manager on duty or contact available ! Given another room which didn’t have the bed we requested.
    The air-conditioning barely cooled. Person at front desk
    Was not experienced. Reported a baby roaming the hall crying for it’s mother.
    He said “what am I supposed to do “?
    I wouldn’t recommend this hotel to anyone.
    Called the manager Andrew on Monday and was told the best he could do was give us a 25% discount.
    Don’t waste your money or time with this Hotel Chain !!!

  • William Martin says:

    This is by far the worst hotel I have ever spent getting

  • Nia Martinez says:

    They need to be shut down completely!! Such a health hazard 🤮!!! I reserved a room on 4/23/21 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in downtown Chicago for my husband’s birthday. I made it clear that we were celebrating a special day and how important it was that this was an experience for the both of us. I mean, I paid $400 for the room so I expect nothing less. We were there no more than 15 minutes. The room was DISGUSTING to say the least. You could literally see the dirt on the floors and walls. Sticky stuff the toilet and chairs. Hairs on the floor, dirt caked up on the table and the phone. The curtains were filthy and the windows were so dirty, you couldn’t even enjoy the view if you wanted too. I had the manager come up to the room because I needed them to see this for themselves. She didn’t seem surprised at all. She told me they had no other rooms available. I made it clear to her that I wasn’t looking for another room here. But the kicker out of this whole experience was that she told me they didn’t have housekeeping at the hotel. That they had left for the the day. Really??? During covid??? How unsafe. They should not be open and I am reporting them. We left and had to drive all the way back home almost missing our reservations for that night. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before. I RECOMMEND UOU STAY ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE!!!

  • Michael Clyce says:

    My mother and I attempted to get off of the elevator to go to our room. We couldn’t get off because there were two full grown mastiffs and another dog there barking and starting to come towards us. One mastiff was being held against the wall to keep him from us, another mastiff roaming free in the hall, and yet another one that lunged at us as we walked by.

  • Jesse Bibbs says:

    If I could rate this hotel no stars I would!!!!
    My husband and I decided on a spear of moment trip to take a ride from philly to B-More just for one nite. Well guess what where back home within that same nite😕.
    The first room we was in the toilet wouldn’t flush and there was no remote control ok hubby called to the front desk and they gave us another room. The second room smelled of cigarettes the lounge chair had stains on it and the fitted sheets was put on backwards. On to the bathroom there was pubic hair on the toilet paper roll and in the corners of the bathroom floor, the sink knobs was rusty and mildew was growing around the faucet, as I was wiping the toilet off there was old stains on the toilet seat that couldn’t be removed the toilet was loose and needed to be replaced. After walking to the Harbor we decided to not stay the outside of the hotel traffic is unsafe there was weed Smokers and from the looks of it girls tricking… Not a good look for a Hotel!!!!


    Hello my name is Paul Carpenter This past month, August11th or the 13th I made a reservation at the hotel located in Menomonee Falls for August the 27th thru 1 September 2018 Unfortually I did not realize at the time of booking that I had in fact had done an advance booking without any possibility of canceling if needed. This however is exactly what happened After completing this booking I had a death in the family which takes priority I have spoken to a representative at your HQ and the hotel in question and have been advised THAT THERE IS NO RESOLUTION TO THIS MATTER I can’t even get a credit to use later on I find this type of corporate attitude unacceptable Do you really think that Radisson is going to miss my money I think not Seems to me after my conversation with your representative that there is absolute no leeway at all and no compassion either Am I wrong Please let know My e-mail address is mpstation@yahoo.com and you can call ne at 305-799-6853

    • Jeff says:

      Hey Paul sorry to hear about your loss……….I recently stayed at a Radisson in Manhatten this February 16 to 17 shortly after chking out I realized that I had left a pair of Sneakers behind I double back told the frt desk a half an hour later Lady at tu he frt desk said that Housekeeping ‘Threw them out”…looks like we will be staying at other Hotels..

  • >