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  • Address: 500 Plaza Dr, Secaucus, NJ 07094, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 973-520-2700

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 50,000

  • Established: 1967

  • Founder: Paul Brown

  • Key People: Steve Rusckowski, (Chairman, President, & CEO)

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Stephen H. Rusckowski

Chairman, President & CEO

Mark J. Guinan

Executive VP & CFO

Jon R. Cohen

Senior VP & Group Executive of Diagnostic Solutions

About Quest Diagnostics, History and Headquarters Information


Quest Diagnostics was founded in the year 1967. The company has been operational for almost more than 52 years now. The founder of the company was Paul Brown. The former name of the company was Metropolitan Pathology Laboratory. In the year 1969, the name of the company was changed to MetPaath Incorporated. Then in the year 1982, the company was taken over by Corning Glass Works and thus was named  Corning Clinical Laboratories. In the year 1996, the company had become independent. The company had taken over SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories in the year 1999. Then in 2000, the company had launched the Six Sigma strategy, in order to improve various processes within the healthcare industry.

In the year 2007, the company had acquired AmeriPath, which was a diagnostic test equipment manufacturer. The company had also teamed up with UMass Memorial Health Care in order to purchase the clinical outreach laboratory of Philips Healthcare. Then in the year 2014, the company had teamed up with the University of California, in order to fasten up the process of biomedical research to advanced diagnostic methods, mainly in the field of precision medicine. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had also teamed up with the company in order to create precision medicine for treatment and diagnosis of cancer. The company had opened up a 200,000 square feet laboratory for testing in 2014, which also consolidated 1,350 employees from the other labs in the same region. In the year 2017, the company had teamed up with Walmart, and with United Health Care in 2018. The same year, the company moved its headquarters from Madison to Secaucus, New Jersey, USA. As of the year 2019, the company has released the 30th Annual Drug Testing Index of the USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 3 Giralda Farms. The name of the place is Madison, while the name of the state is New Jersey, USA. The pin code of the area is 07490.


Quest Diagnostics is an American company that focuses on various kinds o research and clinical laboratory testing, in order to diagnose different kinds of diseases and also their particular drugs as well. The current CEO, chairman and president of the company is Steve Rusckowski. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company, as of the year 2017, is more than $7.7 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 45,000.


The primary services provided by the company include diagnostic, medical and molecular testing as well as obtaining information on various kinds of diseases, drugs and medical technology, that can be advantageous for doctors and patients to use. The company performs testing on diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, etcetera.

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  • Brigitte Matzelle says:

    Quest Diagnostics in Stockbridge Georgia gave me a big black and blue mark. I need to cover it with concealer on my arm. It looks absolutely terrible.

  • Plano Resident, TX says:

    I’ve made multiple calls to have my secondary insurance billed correctly. Last week, my last call, transferred 3x and disconnected, and no one returned my call.

  • Lois says:

    Horrible company. After 4 weekdays still awaiting follow up phone call from management team member, Machette. I need calculation methods used for a lab result. No answer to corporate phone number.

  • Laverne S. says:

    How do I file a complaint concerning your 111 Whitehall Place. Suite D Alameda, CA 94501 Location

  • Linda Hook says:

    Looking for a point of contact that can assist me with processing a claim correctly. I have tried for almost a year to get a problem corrected, but to no avail. I just get transferred, get promised that a supervisor will return my call but they never do. I have repeatedly been told that they cannot help me.

  • Keith Bell says:

    If you ate gonna to accept apps. At your locations then maybe you should have people there to accommodate the traffic of people coming in your doors. This is ridiculous to be sitting here for more than twenty minutes. This company have lost my business.

  • Darryl Kirvin says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I’m Darryl Kirvin and I left the company in July. I haven’t received my W2 tax form yet. I’ve relocated to Maryland and this could be the problem.

    My new address is:
    Darryl Kirvin
    884 New Mark Esplanade
    Rockville Maryland 20850
    469 643 9236

  • Doris Martinez says:

    Karla and Judy work at the PSC on Southcross in San Antonio Tx. They are the most helpful and professional humans I have ever in counter in the medical field. They work so will together and that gives me so much relief whenever I have to take my mother there for her lab work. We have been going there for a very long time and their smiling faces are always on point.

  • Gaye says:

    We have been trying to set up an account for two weeks and have not been able to connect with anyone. We have sent emails.. and made calls ///. No answer no way to leave voicemail.

  • RosA says:

    On Monday, January 31, 2022 I went to Quest Lab. in San Carlos, Ca. to have a routine blood test. I watched as she inserted the needle in my arm. Immediately after inserting the needle I felt a extreme burning sensation at the site of the needle insertion and the feeling of a metal rod in my arm between my hand and elbow. I started yelling “it’s burning” several times. I told her I have had several my blood drawn several times over my lifetime and never experienced anything like this. She didn’t say anything.
    I have trouble with the use of my arm ever since. My doctor says she nicked a nerve and it will take several weeks to get better.

  • B Jan. 19, 2023 says:

    SANTA CRUZ CA. I made an appointment on their web site for mid Jan.2023. I printed their Appointment Confirmation form which had a QR code to be scanned at the clinic. The format on their self check-in kiosk had been changed since my last visit, and it was somewhat confusing for me. I arrived about 15 minuetes early, started my check-in process, which I found unclear and gave up after a few minuetes, sat down thinking somebody would come out, understand the situation and allow me my appointed time. Another patient came in a few minuetes later, fumbled with the machine and out comes my information??? subsequently she gave up also. The two of us sat around for 15 or 20 minuetes all the while watching phlebotomists walking around and occasionally looking at us. Eventually two of the people named; JESSICA and SHEILA, wouldn’t give me their last names, came out and told me that I was 6 minuetes late and that their cut off time was 5 minuetes and they will not allow me into the exam rooms. They said I was “SWEARING, ???, BANGING ON THE WALL”: ???,: and :
    They told me that the only recourse for me was to go online and re-register for another time and date. I don’t know why they took this position? Perhaps because of my skin tone?
    By that time there were other people in the waiting room that expressed dismay as to what was happening.
    This was not the same QUEST DIAGNOSTICS that I have known over the years.
    These two women were exceedingly rude, very unprofessional and went out of their way to be completely unhelpful.

  • deborah bass says:

    What is wrong with customer service at Quest??? been going to quest for years but now staff at quest offices are so rude so I will be taking my money and business somewhere else…Labcorp here I come

  • sandyshifflett says:

    GoodMorning!Trying to get in contact with someone that can make changes!Problem with a Quest Lab tech,all things can change with effective conversation and training and accountability so someone call me back or email. Left one message at a rerouted #.Would rather talk to the CEO though. Change starts at the top.
    Make it a great day everybody!

  • JHay says:

    I was trying to link my daughter’s account and verify her identity so I could get her lab results. They would not let me verify her because she is 14. But they would also not let her last 4 digits of her social security number suffice either. Said she had to call in herself and verify. MY DAUGHTER IS A NON-VERBAL CHILD WITH AUTISM!!!! When I told the lady that she asked if she went to school. I said yes. She said “well if she goes to school, I am sure she can verify her name, DOB, and address.” I was dumbfounded!!! Took me over an hour to get this worked out. Your policies and systems are crazy. Now I have been waiting for over a week for her results. No one can tell me what is going on. They can say they are in process, but that was 4days ago. No I can’t get a live person because of the hours I work. The website says you can see the results progress in my chart but when I go there I only see “no test results” EVEN HER DOCTORS DON’T HAVE THE RESULTS. IT HAS BEEN 11 days!!!!!!!!!! Un believable and unacceptable. I do t even get a response from customer service emails. Complete failure of a company only worried about their profit margin and not their customers.

  • Sue says:

    Quest in Valrico FL needs help! It’s been open today since 6:30 am it is now 7:10 and they have 22 people waiting since 6:30! This is ridiculous snd they have no clue what’s going on. Their entire system is down AGAIN. This is insane.

  • Lazo says:

    How do you allow long , dirty finger nails !? quest in seal beach ca. On Westminster , some ladies who work there ,collecting my blood have huge finger nails , , totally discussing and unsafe for patients . remember 1995 hospital in Oklahoma where newborns died due to infection caused by nurses long , dirty fingernails.

  • LG says:

    A visit to your Shiloh, IL office with a lady name Tanya Gowan AA woman short hair 1st office on the right was rude and stabbed my arm extremely hard. When I told her it hurt she got a attitude and said “well do you want someone else to do it?!” I just looked in shocked and said it doesn’t matter I just know drawing blood DOES NOT hurt. Her reply was “well I don’t know the vain is there maybe you just sensitive” She proceeded to stab my arm even harder again; it was AWFUL.!! After my blood work she told me grab a cup to do a urine test but wasn’t clear with directions just rude and seemed upset that I was there. She did greet when I came in. Bad customer service.

  • Ellen Johnson says:

    This is the worse business. I have called many times over several weeks. I get transferred and transferred again. Then the final straw last transfer closed for lunch. Why am I calling? A bill supposedly $7 dollar bill never received and now I’m sitting in collections, and now I’m reporting to the bbb

  • Vernell says:

    I went to ur office 11076 military trail Boynton bch fl n was turned away i have to go online since 3pm I’ve be trying make appt on my fone its now 6:07pm i told the young lady not good at could she help make appt NO❗SHE SAID I NEED TOGET SUMONE TO HELP. I FOUND DIS❓ THESE PEOPLE DISRESPECTFUL N DON’T APPRECIATE DEY HAVE A JOB OTHERS NEED JOB😔👵😷 ALL DIS STILL DON’T HAVE APPOINTMENT

  • Bobbi says:

    Worst company ever.

  • Jean Colvin says:

    I logged into myquest account online to make an appointment for bloodwork. There were no appointments available, however, the website indicted that the first hour of business was dedicated to seniors and people with compromised immune systems. The technician in charge said the website should not say that because it is not true. I am 67 years old with multiple medical issues so I thought if I got to the lab at opening time, I wouldn’t have a problem. I arrived at the 44-02 Francis Lewis Boulevard location at 6:50am and there were already 6 people on line in a very small hallway. Social distancing of 6 feet was impossible, and to make matters worse, the man on line in front of me sneezed into his hand. This hallway was not air conditioned and it was a very hot and muggy morning.
    At 7:02am the door to the lab opened and the technician said she was only allowing people in who had appointments for 7:00, 7:15, and 7:30. She began a rant about how she was not going to be stuck here until 6 o clock and everyone should have made appointments. I explained that I really needed to sit down because I didn’t feel well from the heat, she allowed me into the waiting area, but I was not allowed to sign in. There were two technicians already on site, and a third technician entered at around 7:15.
    The technician told me that I could now sign in, and I was called into have my blood drawn at about 7:20. When I asked the technician if she thought that it was wise to have people packed into the tight hallway with no air circulation when the waiting room provided air conditioning and much more space for social distancing, she disregarded me.
    I am writing this letter because this is a health concern.
    • Why is there no security to monitor the number of people allowed to enter the building?
    • Why is there no security to enforce social distancing?
    • Why is the Quest website indicating that preference will be given to seniors in the first hour of business and it is clearly not true?

    • Donald Tenn says:

      Hello Jean,
      I am not with Quest, I am much like yourself. I am a PHYSICALLY disabled human being. I just wanted you to know that I understand and concur with all that you have stated. I would further like to state that no matter what anyone at Quest or anyone, anywhere else on the planet should believe, I believe that when we see unprofessional behavior, especially within our healthcare, we must speak up, we must do so not just for ourselves, but we must do so for all human beings.

      I have an extremely busy schedule, I deal with matters of law and human rights 7 days a week and usually at least 12 hours a day. My pay? I am compensated by knowing when I lay my head on the pillow at night that I have done all that I can to make the world a better place for all. My focus is primarily on the health and welfare of our children, but I see injustice running rampant in too many facets of our life. When I see such matters, I speak up, I write letters, I align with others as we must be a united front in order to affect a positive change for all.

      With all of that said, I would like to close by saying, “Thank You Jean Colvin” you took proper and necessary measures which are in the best interest of not only yourself but all beings. Stay strong and Please, wherever you see any form of abuse or corruption, speak up!

      “Change through Awareness, Awareness through Activism” – Donald Tenn

  • MARVIN BROWN says:

    I’ve been to the Quest office at 9350 Turkey Lake Rd. Ste#200 Orlando Fl 32819 several times. Overall the service technicians have been professional and pleasant. I was surprised to have the very opposite experience this morning. I am a kidney transplant patient and require frequent blood test and I have a standing blood test that could be accessed via the computer. I arrived this morning (06-24-20) at 6am to be the first in line when the office opens at 6:30am. When the doors opened I was the first in and called at approx 6:41am an assigned to room#1. Before I could get in the room, Ovida, the technician requested by blood orders and insurance card. I explained that my orders are in the computer and were sent over from the Miami Transplant center as for my insurance card I had not been asked for it before, but it was in the car and I’d be happy to run out and get it for her she was very nasty asking whats my Dr’s name etc several questions in a rapid succession. I said I visit every week this is different from other visits. I said let me run out to get the insurance card. This literally took two minutes When I returned Ovida asked me to have a seat in the lobby and called another guest while I waited an additional 30 minutes for service. When I asked why she had done that she was very nasty and said I took someone while you went to get you insurance card I said but I returned before you even called anyone. Not to mention because of covid-19 many guest are waiting in their vehicles and would be walking in when called or text. Her attitude was very bad from the start and unprofessional. I believe she made me wait to prove a point. I definitely should have brought my insurance card in with me but it hadn’t been asked for before. Her behavior was inexcusable and I’m extremely upset. I never write complaint letters.

  • Marjenhoff says:

    Do not think you want Physicians to send patients to your lab. I am forced to send patients to TriCore.
    No Lab Request forms online. The Phone system hung up on me 4 times. Two more times I tried Customer Service and also Order Supplies, no one answered and hung up on. Picked random extensions where I get a human, and given the wrong extension twice! Tried to use company e-mail 4 times and refused to send.
    How does a Physician get lab work on their patients with this company.
    Starting to think this company is run by the U.S. Government.

  • Sarah Steinkirchner says:

    We need to be contacted by someone in corporate to rectify and issue that’s been going on for months. The wrong insurance (an insurance we’ve never had) was billed for my daughters bloodwork. We’ve been trying for months to fix this. And for someone reason no one at quest can understand why we don’t have an EOB…..well that’s because quest billed an insurance company we don’t have!!!!!! We’ve also gotten our insurance company involved. And they’ve attempted to fix the problem with Quest so they can bill the correct insurance and it still hasn’t been fixed. Apparently because our doctor has an office in NJ that means they billed an insurance carrier in NJ. But the lab work was done in PA. And we see the physician in PA. And regardless….we don’t have a NJ insurance plan. This has been so frustrating.

    • Donald Tenn says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I am NOT with Quest, just another person with issues within Quest. In my private life I am a volunteer, I help people, primarily with legal matters regarding the health and welfare of their children.

      I HAD an issue with Quest myself and spent my day researching the company, from its founding to date and all of the players all around the world. In doing so, obviously I have garnered a fair amount of knowledge with regard to this company so, if I may offer some guidance to assist you.

      I have seen situations similar to yours being resolved. Said issues were handled by someone by the name of Michelle, she works in Billing at Quest. It may be difficult to reach this one of 49,000 employees. However, if you do a little research on the Better Business Bureau(BBB) in your area, you will find some 704 complaints. The majority of these have to do with billing issues like yours and I did notice that someone named, Michelle L was handling and resolving these matters and/or at least attempting to resolve said issues.

      My issue was resolved, I believe yours will be resolved as well. There are some within Quest who do care and who are striving to rectify such issues. the key of course is in finding them. Now you know… Michelle in Billing and… I am not stating for certain but from what I saw, the issues were being resolved within the BBB. You have other options available to you as well. However, if I may, The key to resolving medical billing issues is always within record keeping. You must keep accurate records of all communications and documents. Insurance companies compile their documentation for those with at least a 12 years of education with a heavy emphasis on one’s ability to read and understand. However, when you yourself are communicating with these persons the key is to Keep It Simple so that even a 6th grader can read and comprehend.

      GOOD LUCK!

  • E G says:

    I am trying to get my job back with Quest Diagnostics. I had to resign from my job with Quest in 2009, my daughter was diagnosed with Glioblastoma so I had to leave to care for my baby. My old supervisor Antoinette Hudson in Houston Texas told me I could come back because I left in good standards. She told me to apply for a position and when they reach out to her she would like them know I was a very good worker. I have been applying, but no one has called and they have a lot of jobs in( indeed )and everywhere, so I just don’t understand why I can’t even get a call or anything. My daughter passed away in 2010. I not only lose her but I also lose my job with Quest Diagnostics.

    • Donald Tenn says:

      E G,

      I am NOT with Quest, I had an issue with them which I resolved today. I am terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter… When a parent loses a child, it is as if our life has also come to an end. My daughter was abducted, my heart has been broken for many years, the pain will never go away, I know that and, I know that I must have the strength to carry on with my life, that is what she would want.

      With regard to your job, do you have any of the comments made by your Quest Supervisor on paper? Anything like a recommendation? Even in an email? If not, I think you will need to start all over with the application process, outline your experience, all that you have accomplished with Quest on your resume and go from there… If that does not work, there are plenty of other opportunities out there, maybe this is supposed to happen. Maybe there is a better job in a field that would compliment your daughter and all that she brought to the world.

      Again, Sorry to hear of your loss and wish you the best in your future ventures!

  • Tracey Rinaldi says:

    Yes I agree with the above comments, sad customer service, I hope my physician can get my lab results that cost me almost 1000.00$ out of pocket, thanks Quest… what a joke you are, NEVER go to one of thoer labs, wish I knew!!

  • Anna Quartuccio says:

    I have been trying to reach Quest Labs on Old Hook Road in Westwood, NJ for the last 3 hours. No one answers the phone and I need to know what happened to my lab reports since my doctor has not received them. Can you help me?

  • Michael Elia says:

    If you want to be frustrated and treated like a PODS (piece of dog(enter a descriptive noun) **** … ) don’t go to these locations! Don’t call corp. headquarters (1-973-5202700) they don’t answer and the hold programming for the day ends at 9:30am, just like the politicians, you can’t really contact them unless they want you to, or they want money from you. Every avenue to them is designed to thwart you efforts to have someone listen to you … I’ve left numerous emails, surveys, messages all to no avail! lastly(and most importantly I went for testing at the 3000 Q St. Sacramento, calif 95816 on a walk in basis with a web site that states 3 min. walk in wait time- actual wait time 1.67 hours., cut short due to an actual Dr’s appt else where in the building. The staff lead (Jannel (SP) asked if I checked in (I did) or if my name ever came up on the board (it didn’t) or if I had been called to the desk to complete additional paperwork (I wasn’t). She told me I didn’t check in correctly ( the I-pad said I completed check in) I informed her (Jannel) after an hour forty min. of waiting I had an appointment up stairs. I thanked her for the service not received ( sarcastic) and left -The check in mistake on my part( after all who else would be at fault, certainly not them) bothered me so after my surgeon appt. I stopped back in to re-check in and I entered all my info and again it said check in complete. When I tried to inform the staff I was told the only other explanation was I didn’t answer the call of my name -again it must have been my fault. so I traveled 120 miles to get fasting blood work that I was unable to complete (man was my Dr. Pissed) To the company: This is not over after a few days I will shift my attention to blue cross and dignity health (two very large customers of quest) and start my efforts to sway their opinion of quest and the service they (do/don’t) provide my health care providers, one never knows they may be more customer friendly than quest! In any event we shall see what happens. PS if you doubt any portion of this expose’ then try it for yourself 1. call your congress person, see how far you get- next call quest, see the similarities- you can’t talk to quest either! Just in case your wondering- yes I’m mad and tired of being treated like a PODS (PIECE OF DOG SHIT) BTW my sample test kit was two days out of date and deemed(quest) unusable ! hello Dignity Heath and Blue Cross

    • Anna Quartuccio says:

      Mr.Elia, I am just as frustrated and may NEVER go back to Quest. It doesn’t matter what number you try to reach them at, no one answers the phone. Mailbox is ALWAYS full and you can’t leave a message. Why doesn’t someone check on these individual Quest locations?

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