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  • Address: 9330 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92123, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 888-497-3622
  • Fax Number: 720-898-2396
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1995
  • Founder: Anthony Miller; Robert Hauser
  • Key People: Keith Guilbault (CEO)

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Qdoba Headquarters Executive Team



Anthony Miller


John Dawasinski

Chief Development Officer

Michael I. Speck

Vice President of Human Resources and Vice President of Training

About Qdoba, History and Headquarters Information

Based in San Diego, California, USA, Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill was founded in 1995 by Anthony Miller and partner Robert Hauser. They used vegetable oils, fresh vegetables, and herbs to make food and avoided the use of animal fats. In the first year, they experienced success, with revenues exceeding $1,500,000. The food chain was renamed to Z-Tech Mexican Grill in 1997. To expand the business, they started offering franchise options to entrepreneurs. Following which, their business flourished and spread over 21 locations in 9 states. Later in 1999, they named this food chain Qdoba. In 2017, Apollo Global Management purchased the Qdoba chain for approximately $305 million.

Qdoba owns, operates, and franchises a chain of restaurants. It services in the USA and Canada and has a focus on Mexican cuisine. Along with making burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chile con queso, and Mexican gumbo, it is also well known for its quick service and a higher quality of food. Qdoba Mexican Eats now has more than 740 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. Unlike other food chains, it serves breakfast. In addition to this, there are some locations which run 24 hours on weekends.

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  • Anthony says:

    I did not receive my pay check

  • jeff says:

    trying to call in an order to your Blankenbaker (Louisville, ky) store. Total order $135.00 called restaurant to ask for assistance as some options were not showing. also needed to pay individually for orders. Was told by person on phone whom would not disclose name that they didn’t offer assistance, you MUST place order online and do seperate orders and card only option, no cash! after explaining to him that I can start over and place individually after spending 45 minutes creating an online order, but how do I pay for the cash orders. He said I told you card only! then went on to say that they are extremely busy now and can’t process the multi order anyways!!! The last time was the last time I will EVER eat at your establishment again! full on supporter of all competitors. Get it together

  • Jeremy Turner says:

    I’m writing to inform you that you have recently hired a GM(Lisa Clark and a DM Bill Markovich who have no integrity. They both left their previous email employee with money missing. She is a thief who had her store set up and robbed then she put her notice in. You should speak to previous jobs. These are not the people you want working for you. She has little to no fast food experience. She is lazy.

  • Lavon says:

    I was at your restaurant July 6, 2020, at 10:55am to purchase lunch located in Union, NJ 07083.
    My issue today is that the service was terrible. Upon paying for my purchase with Joselyn Sanchez on the register, (alleged store supervisor) she repeatedly swiped my card multiple times claiming there is something wrong with my card.

    I advised her that this is an continuous problem with the register considering I purchase at this same location a week prior. I advised her that I also told the cashier this issue week prior. The cashier manually entered my card information for he maintained that the register card swipe is in need of fixing. Well Joselyn came off condescending and had a nasty disposition claiming that the problem was my card and maintained that I was not there the week prior and no one entered my card there to purchase meals.

    This store in question need be purged and giving proper training to better deal with customers coupled with replacing the register. If this is who you have to represent your a establishment, then I will never purchase from you again.

    Furthermore, she was without napkins, eatery utensils, and a lid to place on my large drink I purchased.
    Pissed customer

  • Natt says:

    It’s too bad the only notes I can see below are all negative. I’m not here to change the trend. It’s also too bad you don’t seem to offer a means by which to submit a complaint quietly, say by email. I have far more to say than I will put into this comment.

    I am truly disappointed with your points reward program. I’ve been a fan of Qdoba’s food for years, have been a reward member almost since the beginning. I currently have over 6,000 points on my card. Now, I cannot redeem my points when I present my card in the store.

    Every time I’ve presented my card I’ve been told I need to either redeem my points on the website or by using an app. Neither of these options being acceptable or perhaps even viable at the time of the order in the store, since I didn’t have any way to access the website while standing at the register and I don’t tend to use “apps”, I have not been able to make use of my points.

    Yesterday this came to a bit of head when the young lady told me I have no points on my account. It’s one thing for her to tell me she cannot confirm my point balance but to argue with a customer is really bad customer service. When I said I had enough points to cover my purchase, she just said “No you don’t!”. Not an appropriate response. Very argumentative and some customer service training needed.

    I still have no way to redeem my points. Why are they not available when I present my card? What’s the problem?

    Additionally, you have signs asking the customers to be sure to wear a mask when they enter, yet this young lady was not wearing one. The young man who made the food was wearing a mask, why wasn’t she? The Covid-19 Pandemic is NOT over.

    This took place at the store in Bridgeton, MO, on St. Charles Rock Road, on 7/4/2020.

    I’m retaining my privacy by putting only my first name, so if you want additional information to review my account, you will need to reply to me privately through my email.

  • Kathy Kinsley says:

    I was just at your Brooking S.D. QDOBAś yesterday to eat- I was quite upset that an employee in the front was champing on his gum and blowing bubbles while serving food and helping customers- I did ask him to not blow bubbles while he was around food- ( his manager was standing right there)-Lauren Nelson-
    I decided to eat in since I was traveling and found the store quite dirty- the floors needed sweeping/mopping- the employees only had one in a mask- and the bathroom were very dirty-
    I have enjoyed eating at QDOBAś but will not stop at that restaurant again-
    I Been in management myself before moving on to teaching- that young man with the brewers hat would have been fired on the spot-
    thank you
    Kathy Kinsley

  • Marcia Stevens for Joe Thomas says:

    Placed online order for deal dash delivery. One item was paid for but omitted from delivery. After $10 tip and $5 delivery charge plus the cost of the omitted item, store refused to accept their error and argued they had no record of the $69.71 order even though we provided online order number, time order was placed and purchasers name. Qdoba on Haggerty in Northville Mi. Two small children were not fed with the rest of the family and purchaser’s meal was cold after trying to secure omitted item. Very poor business.

  • James Andrews says:

    Victoria Hernandez at the Williamsburg, Virginia location should be FIRED for her Rudeness over the phone to your customers!

  • Adria L McCoy says:

    I was in your Mishawaka store today picking up a few Uber orders and the place was busy which is understandable. The young lady at the front(blue shirt/brown hair) was really doing a great job of taking care of drivers and counter guest while putting orders together, thank you! My only problem was the other girl that was there with her(in black) did absolutely nothing to help her. If she is a manager she is not a very good one.

  • Christopher craigmiles says:

    Hey I am a former employee trying to figure out how do I get my w’2 form it was sent 2 the wrong address

  • Shawn says:

    The manager in fond du lac wi has Neice and nephew’s working for her and she keeps giving me a attitude and last night I told her that I can not do split shifts anymore and she told me that I’m sorry, but according to the employee handbook, if you change your availability from what we hired you for. We can terminate if it doesn’t fit what is needed of you. and I have two kids and every time I do split shifts I’m there from 11 am to 1030pm with only a hour break and like yesterday she was sopose to be there till 8 pm and when I got there she was not there

  • First time customer says:

    The manager Joyce at the Sargent drive location very rude plus she tried to use my bank card n now my account is overdrawn 275 so now the bank is investigating but I’m also going to file a police report on her so she can’t do it to another customer

  • Catherine Chierotti says:

    Your HR department needs to launch an immediate investigation into the management and staff of your Qdoba location in Longmont, CO. This message, hopefully will not fall on deaf ears. My granddaughter, no longer an employee, was fired by the GM yesterday and accused of lying about a very serious situation she had been exposed to this past Saturday. At a “get together” of several employees at a family home, she was offered meth and prescription drugs. She made an excuse to go to her car and came home in hysterics. She was frightened beyond belief and we immediately contacted the local authorities. She was advised not to return to place of employment and not to have contact with these people. Two of the “guests” are currently working as managers and there were small children and other adults at this get together. When she tried to explain the situation to her GM, he called her a liar and a bitch and that she was fired. This was done by FB and she has been receiving threatening phone calls and FB messages from him and other employees; also, my other granddaughter has been receiving threatening messages from these people and extended family members. We intend to pursue this with the authorities and they should be extending their investigation. My granddaughter is only 19 and has been a loyal and conscientious employee, never expecting to be put in danger in this manner. This is a very serious situation and I implore you to act upon it as soon as possible. I guarantee if you asked the manager and staff to submit urinalysis testing, it would be evident that she is telling the truth.

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