Where is Publix Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway
    Lakeland, FL 33811
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 863-688-1188
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 193000
  • Established: September 6, 1930
  • Founder: George W. Jenkins
  • Key People: Randall Todd Jones Sr.

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Publix Headquarters Executive Team



Randall Todd Jones Sr.

CEO, President & Director

David P. Phillips

Executive VP, CFO, Treasurer & Director

David E. Bornmann

Senior Vice President

Jeffrey G. Chamberlain

Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Facilities

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  • Ivan Bell says:

    There are so many reasons for Publix to take a leading role in protecting our environment. It is great for your public image. It is the moral, ethical, philosophical and most important, the economical best decision. Florida has by far the most coastline of any state in America. The state also derives most of its income from tourism and there is nothing more powerful than the image of a clean beach or clean shopping center.
    Our governmental entities, whether the state, county or local municipality, are slower to act to bring an end to single use plastic/styrofoam/paper. As a leader in the community Publix can be a leader in the movement to protect our precious environment.
    Right now you claim to save 45 MILLION bags each month. Would increasing that by a factor of 10 look good for Publix? Could you save many millions in dollars each month on purchasing plastic bags. Right now you have to purchase, warehouse and ship them to stores. Imagine all of that disappears when customers bring their own bags.
    Think of the Tens of Millions is profits from selling reusable bags to customer. You could easily purchase in bulk for about $1 and sell them for $3-5 each. Another huge profit center for Publix. Our country and our civilization are reaching a point where we all must face some realities and take significant action. I plead and urge Publix to address this critical issue.

  • Raymond Benoit says:

    I went to Publix for a flu shot and was turned down. They didn’t except my medicare card or my VA card. Who turns down a 100% disabled vet? I went to Walgreens and received a flu shot with no problems. Publix can keep their coupon. Lets stat getting better compassionate people.

  • DA glennan says:

    You can delete my comments from me I thought this was a private message. I am tired. thanks Doreen Glennan

  • DA glennan says:

    Hello again- I received a response. I understand corporate policy. I was so disappointed. I have been a Publix customer for many years and always have held your company in high regard. I guess I am old school but I keep and alligence to certain stores, and Publix is one of them. I do understand and my spouse loves your deli. Alright thanks for your time.

  • DA. Glennan says:

    Well, I always respected Publix, since they promote themselves as a empathetic fair employer type company. Unfortunately, since I have been working a Commercial Building Energy Study for the Dept of Energy and EIA. I have realized that they are a company I will no longer support as a customer. My contacts may have been professional, but I received no professional responses what so ever form Publix. They could not provide a 15 minute response of simple energy questions. Therefore as a customer I will starve before I purchase anything at Publix, ever again. The study is for the benefit of our country; nothing more, and Publix could care less. If they really are caring and proactive for th USA they would have responded.

  • Terence Flannery says:

    Mr. Randall Todd Jones Sr.
    CEO Publix.

    Dear Mr. Randall Todd Jones Sr.,

    My wife and I shop regularly at Publix – we like the convenience, the great products and the excellent service. We would like to be more “green” in how we purchase products.

    I am writing to you to ask you to try to influence how products are packaged. I’m sure that you are well aware of how much plastic is impacting our environment – Just today there was an article about a dead whale that washed ashore (in Indonesia)— it died because it had eaten 88 pounds of plastic waste. I feel that we are guilty in contributing to this problem by using the plastic bags (at the checkout) and the plastic in all the packaging on the products that we buy. We would like to see an end to this excessive use of plastic.

    I believe that you and those that you can influence or sway can bring pressure to bear on either the manufacturers, the politicians or both. I would like to see an environmental impact tax on packaging that is tiered – possibly bringing a tax credit to those that really use 100% recyclable packaging and those that make no effort to improve should receive punitive taxes. If you and your fellow merchandisers get together on this, there is no telling what sort of impact you can make. It will possible make the world a better place for our children’s children.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Terence Flannery


    • DA. Glennan says:

      Good Luck- Publix does not care. Publix could not even answer 15 minutes of questions for important data in an energy study. Kroger’s engineer however, answer 5 (buildings) at 30 minute each for the online survey. Interesting, to see what companies are sincere regarding their commitment to our environment. Regarding your comment- I agree we need to implement more feasible means for packaging. It is possible but you know what is king…..

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