Where is Public Storage Corporate office Headquarters

Public Storage Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 701 Western Ave, Glendale, CA 91201, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-688-8057
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1972
  • Founder: B. Wayne Hughes, Kenneth Volk Jr.
  • Key People: Ronald L. Havner, Jr., (Chairman of the Board and CEO)

Public Storage Headquarters Location & Directions

Public Storage Headquarters Executive Team



Ronald L. Havner Jr.

Vice Chairman, CEO & President of Public Storage Inc - General Partner

Edward John Reyes

CFO, Principal Accounting Officer & Senior VP of Public Storage, Inc. - General Partner

Mark C. Good

COO of Public Storage Inc - General Partner & Senior VP of Public Storage Inc - General Partner

About Public Storage, History and Headquarters Information


Public Storage was founded in the year 1972. The company has been operational for 42 years now. The founders of the company were B Wayne Hughes and Kenneth Volk. The company was started with a capital of just $50,000. The former name of the company was Private Storage Spaces Incorporated. The founding year, the company's first warehouse was also established in California, USA. The same year, the name of the company was changed to Public Storage. The company started making profits within three months, and by 1974, the company had established its warehouses in 20 different locations.

By the end of the 1980s, the company had almost 1,000 warehouses under its name. During the 2000s, the company started growing steadily. Then in the year 2006, the company had acquired Shurgard Storage Centres for almost $5.5 billion. The company also began establishing its warehouses in Europe as well. By the year 2010, the company also had taken over warehouses located in 30 different places from a company known as A-American Self Storage. The headquarters of the company is based at 701 Western Avenue. The name of the place is Glendale, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 91201-2349.


Public Storage is an American company that focuses on providing storage needs for both commercial and also household needs as well, to its customers. The current CEO and chairman of the board are Ronald L Havner Jr. As of the year 216, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $2.5 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2016, is more than 5,500. The company is currently a public limited company and has 2,200 self-storage facilities all over the USA and Europe.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to use the warehouse storage space facilities offered by the company for any kind of household as well as commercial purposes as well. The company also provides its services in the real estate business as well, via investment trusts.

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  • Derek Arnold says:

    Public Storage Concord, NC, Harassment is considered a crime in the state of North Carolina, and will not be tolerated.

  • Joseph barth says:

    I’m not gonna waste my time leaving a comment on here it’s clear very clear how sad and lousy your company is and the people that run it I will place mine on social media and I hope that someday the founders of this company get robbed the same way they do their customers

  • Craig says:

    On or around Dec 15, the elevators failed me at about 8:30 at night. They close at 9pm. I am aware of this and was aware because I’ve been a customer for nearly 3 years. Because of the elevator incident, I clocked out at 9:02 and received text messages, emails, and voice messages the following day while working because I was late. The voice mail made it out to seem like they were concerned about safety and wanted me to confirm that it was indeed me that was there.

    I phoned back in to confirm and explained what had happened. The manager proceeded to threaten me that I face eviction due to this violation. I asked them to review the footage about the elevator and you would see that I was having issues. He told me that I should have either left to get out on time or show up earlier (as if I can account for faulty elevators) and threatened me again. I also pointed out that there are 0 signs anywhere after hours (after 6 when the office is closed) for anyone to know what to do in the event of this happening so I was forced to “deal with it”. This is what caused me to be late.

    I ended up filing a complaint at corporate. They were understanding and appalled at his behavior at the site and assured me that a district manager would look into this complaint and reach out to me. Here we are today, Jan. 2, 2-3 weeks later roughly, and nobody has reached out.

    This experience has forced me to vacate this month and take my business elsewhere. I feel like you (corporate), the management, etc. couldn’t care any less and basically have the “whatever” attitude. I suggested that before you start harassing people, you might wanna review the video footage. This whole conversation would have/could have been a completely different situation had you guys known what was going on before you start harassing customers that were late due to your equipment failures. It would also be a good idea to post signs and/or phone numbers to reach out in this event. Instead, nothing.

    Anyway, if you are considering Public Storage, I would reconsider. If this is how they train their staff and then the corporate offices makes promises that they don’t keep, well….that says all you need to know in my opinion. Good luck to all reading this.

  • JW says:

    I would like to express my disappointment from your unsatisfactory of service. I have expected much more from a prestigious and reputed company of your standard. Unfortunately, I can’t help but submit this letter of complaint hoping for a fast and adequate resolution. I have been a faithful customer presently for almost 2 years at your location residing on 9742 Reisterstown Rd. Owings Mills, Md. 21117 and am writing to complain about a reservation that I had set for 10/30/22 at one of your other locations at 11333 Owings Mills, Md. 21117, when today, I learned that my reservation had been cancelled by the Property Manager, Tierra at the Reisterstown Rd location, where my things currently reside. I learned of this via email, then immediately called. I explained to Tierra that I had received an updated reservation for a much larger storage and much higher rent, and wanted to know why. Tierra then went to explain that the new storage that I’m relocating to does not include climate control and that she cancelled my reservation because she was doing her due diligence. I asked her, was she serious? I told her that she had no right to cancel my reservation without my consent. I think what made matters worst was Tierra’s lack of empathy. I received no apology, just smart undertones. I asked for the District Manager’s phone number and was given the wrong number. At that point I no longer engaged in conversation. I quickly got off the phone, immediately got online to get a new reservation. I hope that you agree that this behavior was very unacceptable. My reservation for my Uhaul had already been scheduled and I was all set for my move on 10/30/22 and this cancellation could have created a domino affect. I trust that you will deal with this issue in a top urgent fashion, as well take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening in the future. Such behaviors not only claim the rights of consumers, but also basic ethical and moral standards as well. This attitude discredits the head management of your company in the eyes of renters and is unacceptable. I liked mostly everything about Public Storage, but this problem made me feel cautious about recommending this Company to family and friends. I work for the Government and would never treat people this way. Please, take appropriate measures against this Manager to avoid such situations. I will wait 48 hrs before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. I look forward to hearing from you.
    J W

  • Erin S says:

    In February 2022, I requested to rent a storage unit. Our move-in date came and I was unable to move in. My whole family had tested positive for COVID. I called and explained my situation and told them we likely couldn’t move in for another month and was told that I still needed to pay for that month. Then, received notification in July that my monthly rate was going from $269 to $363. I hadn’t even been in my unit for 6 months! This is outrageous and I feel that Public Storage just views their customers as money pits. I have written letters and never receive a reply. When I’ve called, I was told that the corporate office in California makes those decisions based on the market. I call BS!

  • Jean says:

    The employees are never there they don’t answer their phone call you can’t get through the gate they’ve been working and doing remodeling for two and a half weeks they will not refund my money nobody knows where the corporate office is or who their district manager is or who the GM is or any phone numbers to give anybody information. So they want is your money they don’t care about customer service or responding to anybody everybody passes the buck and nobody knows what the heck’s going on Unforgivable

  • DB says:

    This fuckin company sucks so bad , your Houston employees are never in the office . They call and hang up only to leave a voicemail and not pick up when you call back immediately after. No one can ever give me information, now my account states my unit being auctioned off when all the manager had to do was notate my account with a promise to pay on the specified date but all she stated was no matter how many payments you make if you even have a $1 balance left it’s getting auctioned off . I should’ve stuck with cube smart because y’all are trash , the worst of the bottom of the barrel when it comes to storage companies !

  • Gina Rasmussen says:


  • Tammy Smith says:

    I have been trying to my refund, which i paid $140 and only getting $111 back,, I didn’t need the storage unit after all because I got my apartment,, how long do I have to wait for my deposit,, I hate to go on social media with my issue with my refund.

  • Walkow says:

    I am writing to ask for a reduction, it is very difficult for landlords and you have raised your storage. I have been paying for 10 years and at this point i hope i could atleast get a discount, and also another person in my party also is paying as much as I am and it is hard to pay this much. Its a hard time I know, but paying this much, I never thought I will be paying this much. These prices are almost as much I am paying rent.

  • Freddy says:

    These people are frauds and snakes. They worked with my father and I for months to pay, everything was good. Then out of nowhere they tacked on fees and sold our unit without our knowledge, lying to us about how much we owed. Their staff is rude and when you show them proof of payment they get defensive and mock you. They didn’t even give us a chance to get our photos or documents like their website guarantees. They also own Storage Treasures, the auction website that they send your stuff to. They take advantage of vulnerable people in times of crisis. These monsters will resort to anything to make a quick buck, even stooping so low as to selling our medical equipment and my father’s wheelchairs. Absolute scum of the earth. I hope you all get investigated for your Ponzi scheme.

  • Donna Lee says:

    PUYALLUP WASHINGTON 4015 S Meridian… What a cluster f—-!!! My son a disabled Veteran stored his stuff here after been run out of the state he was born in due to the rising cost of rent. We took took most of his belongings to the dump! Moldy, bug, rodent infested!!! My husband and I moved to a nice storage facility and salvaged what we could fight before they were going to auction off his two units for being a couple weeks late. They would have had better luck putting all of their stuff in a pile outside and covering it with a tarp. I was never so creeped out in all my life being stared at and watch by the people hired to do half assed work (spray painting the doors so you cannot have access to your unit, spray painting the gait while you are trying to drive through it, workers blocking the key pads so you have to get out and walk around their vehicles to use them. I HAVE A BAG OF SCREWS, NAILS, STAPLES AND OTHER SHART METAL OBJECTS THE HAVE BEEN SREWN ABOUT ALL OVER THE PLACE IN FRONT OF MY SONS UNITS!!! NOT TO MENTION THE 3 INCH (NEW) SCREW IN MY TIRE FOR THE HALF ASSED JOB THEY WERE DOING HANGING NEW GUTTERS!!!!

    Watching the homeless tweekers climbing the fence made me feel like I was in a scene from the Walking Dead. I cannot get the smell of mold and mildew out of my nose!!!

    Every tenant we spoke with was pissed!!! Some people with internal units had belongings covered in spray paint.

  • JackieCassatt says:

    I am SO PISSED I rented a unit in Colorado Springs and in less than a year these thieves raised my rent from 85 a month to 185.00 without notice. I work for myself And sometimes I’m late On payment because clients don’t pay me however I do pay it . I inform the manager every time on 8/23/22 I called and told them I I would be late. She said you have til Friday or it’s going to auction . I was just in there to pay it and she told me it sold this morning . How in the hell can she say you have til Friday and then sell my unit without notice . It is Friday and I did pay my unit in full. So these thieves not only stole my unit but also stole $500 that I paid for the unit public storage needs to be stopped

  • Lynell Hopkins says:

    I have been renting my storage unit since May 2021. I less than two years my storage unit has changed prices. When I first rented my unit in May of 2021 I was paying $77 . From May to August it changed from $77 to $95. From August to June it went from $95 to $126. This is absolutely insane!!!😡😡😡 … We can’t even afford the rent to keep a roof over our heads. Now the storage places are robbing the poor blind😩

  • Mark Raymond Adams says:

    I just got hit with a 25% increase in my monthly rent after several years with normal adjustments. This is blatant price gouging. They do not have significant impact from inflation as

    1) they have few employees
    2) Utility rates are regulated
    3) their facilities have been built for years, so mortgage rate increases are inconsequential
    4) my particular facility is half empty, so claims of a decreased supply of units in my area is a lie.

    Terrible company taking advantage of see you customers during such a difficult time.

    • Shan says:

      Same here. I rented a storage 4 months ago for 199. Now I bring charged $267. With zero explanation. Then I get another email last week about getting a discount but the math not mathing. I’ve been calling the property for days and no one answers or return voicemail. Even customer service can’t explain it. Definitely not pleased.

    • Larry Baldwin says:

      I went from $110 to now $170 for a 10×10 unit and they are advertising the same unit now for $83 WOW!!!!

  • Marriott Vacation Club says:

    My company rents two big units at 1301 Dade Blvd, Miami Beach, FL 33139. The guy that was working today on the morning shift (He told me he was a manager), was super rude and acted obnoxiously ignorant. Myself and a coworker arrived at 9:28am and we didn’t know that they open at 9:30am. Since the codes didn’t open the gate, I approached the big glass wall and knocked just to ask why this was not opening, this guy who was inside facing the glass ignored us during the 2 or 3 minutes we were trying to get his attention. At 9:31 he opened the door like no one was there waiting outside. He didn’t even said good morning, he opened the door with a bad attitude and walked away. We were so shocked by his rudeness and attitude that I asked him to provide me with a Manager number to complaint, and he says that he was the manager. I will follow up with Corporate about this incident, I cant believe that a Manager can act this way with customers… there was no sense of service at all. Hopefully there are security cameras that recorded this incident and can be reviewed as a proof of what exactly a Manager should no act with a customer that arrives two minutes earlier than the opening hours. Hopefully this guy can be replaced with someone that truly cares about customer service and represents the values of the company.

  • Glenn P. says:

    This company is taking all DEPOSITS on all AUCTIONS, CLEAN OR NOT CLEAN!!!!!!!

  • Manual Sanchez says:

    I need help, My name is Manual Sanchez I’m 65 and my wife Anita is 50 I’m currently renting a unit #4027 1880 camelback Rd Phoenix Arizona 85015 we had a insedent on 3-09-22 and 3-11-22 well on the 9th I was at the storage unit when the manager came to me and said this is not a hang out place I told him why I was there to get some paperwork and he said that this is not a hang out place I told him ok then on the 11th my wife and I went to the storage about noon or so when the manager came to us and told us that this is not a hang out place I explained to him what I was doing and he kept on I had to leave for about 20 minutes and when I got back my wife told me that she caught him spying on her and he got mad he then started harassing her he told her that he was watching her for 3 hours and she wasn’t doing anything well my wife has epilepsy and sezuires and we’re sorry she couldn’t move fast enough for his satisfaction then he came after me yelling cussing threatening me it got so bady wife called the police and then he said that I abandoned the unit but I didn’t I was still there h pylori t a lock on it and told me he was putting a no traspassing thing on us so I can’t get into the storage and to me if I’m paying anyone to spy on my wife for 3 hours well that sounds alittle perverted rather him find something else to do and he doesn’t represent your company very well he could have handled this matter a different way any way I need to get in the storage unit for my wife’s and my medication’s I would be so great full if you could please help me sincerely

  • Cassandra Warren says:

    I have been trying to get an update on my insurance claim for 1 month and have left 10 voicemails and no respond. Pubic Storage know this insurance company sucks and they still them. This is very sad I will never use this insurance company again if I see Sagewick I will run. Can someone give some info on how to resolve this matter.

  • Louis says:

    Do you cut locks off units for a fee.

  • Naomi weidner says:

    I am a customer at your facility in Austin Texas located on victor st and have been for a year.I did not have roaches when I moved in and here recently am now infested with them.I pay too much money a month for this to happen.I spoke to the manager and she stated she’d put a note in my file!what kind of shit is that?what she should’ve said was I’ll call the pest control people right away!I expect y’all to fix this problem immediately-today by 5pm!or I will be forced to call 7 on your side!and google and Facebook etc.my unit is 3056 and my cell phone number is 737-336-2224.thank you

  • Lisa M. Garcia says:

    How does this place stay in business I mean come on these fees they add on to your account nobody ever calls you back from the district office people talk to you like crap they don’t care

  • David says:

    I have been trying to reach someone in regards to concerns that I am having with my storage.
    I am getting no cooperation from the District Manager in my area.
    I am requesting a return call or email.

  • Virgie Lynn Jones says:

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience at the corporate office?


    • Mj burger says:

      Where you ever contacted back I’ve experienced so many problems dist supervisor,corp officess won’t help not even returning a call property mgr being totally useless

  • Public Storage says:

    PS: Easily, They could become proper American Stewards, but they choose not to be- even in their home town of El Cajon, CA they are known as perpetual slavery. That’s what they do to their workers and patrons. Keep them in perpetual slavery.

    • tod johnson says:

      let me say this there is an employe who is about to get her ass kicked named jessica who works off 45 jthin denver colorado because no one cares how she treats your pepole your compamy is a fuckin joke and when she gets fucked up cause of her mouth im going to laugh and know that street justice was handled

  • CLAUDE . BETHUEL says:

    ~ P . R I . O . R . I . T . Y BY JUNE 30 ~

    *JUNE 15 2019 CORPORATE FRAUD / INEFFICIENCIES By Corporate Hdquarters & 2940 NE 188 St Aventura Florida 33180
    *** Storage 006 : SOLD @ AUCTION 4/25 – Without Notice – Collected $ 160
    *** $ 500.000 – 47 Yr GLOBAL Company : Awards – Files – Furniture – Items For Sale
    *** 2018 : SEPTEMBER Thru DECEMBER – ORGANIZING N E X T 47 Years
    SEVERE HEALTH ISSUES Caused several LATE Pays
    *** 3 Days AFTER AUCTION : On 4/28 –
    Regional Manager John Saunders & VP : Lowered Rate & ok’d LATE Fee CREDITS
    *** JUNE – ADVISED OF April 25 AUCTION
    *** IF D A M A G E S Are Not RESOLVED By June 30 :
    (1) Federal / All states / Local Agencies Notified
    (2) National SOCIAL and MAINSTREAM M E D I A
    (3) D O J | S E C | COURTS
    Hospitality .& Tourism Associates Inc 305 788 . 1112

  • Diana Wade says:

    Run! Run! away from Public Storage complexes. I rented a space a Pantego. I got a $1.00 first month promotion which turned into a admin fee for 20 days which is OK, and they tried hard to push off worthless insurance. They got the billing wrong for the first full month and every number available leads you to circles where you cannot speak with anyone. The office manager claims she doesn’t deal with billing and gave me her bosses number Ryan Graft 469-808-0732 who never returns phone calls. I tired numerous number and they all lead to an endless VM tape where you never have the opportunity to straightened out the billing. I also rented a space at Secure Care which is wonderful. Great service at Secure Care and easy to communicate without wasting my time.

  • Bill says:

    I need some help I got scram out off some money and I need help

  • jennifer chambers says:

    false advertisement

  • Sharon Scrivens says:

    I was told that I could pay my storage unit next week and now I get a call for them saying that I have to pay payment the end of the month I want to pay the balance on Sunday and pay my rental on the 6 of September I was out of town helping my mother cause she have breast cancer and she was talking chemo and I was there for her cause everything I own is in there and I just want to pay my storage can someone please call me at9548561225 Thank you Sharon

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