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  • Address: 6055 Parkland Blvd, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 440-210-4519

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 40,000

  • Established: 1937

  • Founder: Joseph Lewis, Jack Green

  • Key People: Tricia Griffith, (President and CEO)

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Progressive Headquarters Executive Team



Susan Patricia Griffith

President, CEO & Director

John Peter Sauerland


John Andrew Barbagallo

President of Commercial Lines

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  • mccoy says:

    you should be fired.
    call me 832-888-8810
    your commercials are horribel, acording to comps

    i have a crew out out of Houston that can add 3time retention of american hand shake..
    .your commercials are horrible…

    how does that happpen???
    how does that get on air????
    other than scam products that somehow get on air. we bankrupt youall in time.

    Illl tie your angle up for 20 years andtake it all.




  • Quinton Brown says:

    I have case we are trying to close. A Progressive Insurance policy owner hit 3 cars. My car, wife car and someone else. But it has been since July and the case isn’t closed yet. They have already admitted fault. Only thing they have to do is send our deductible back to us. The first one. There will be a second one. If it takes 3 months more to a second check, that will be crazy. I hope someone in the Headquarters gets on the claims processors in Peoria Illinois to get things done.

  • Mary Sperrazza says:

    I am a USAA insured driver on 10/26/16 a Progressive insured driver caused an accident and was found to be 100% at fault. Progressive has yet to reimburse my rental car expenses that were submitted to both insurance companies. I called to follow up and am redirected to leave voicemails. My latest follow up was today 9/10/2019 where Sade Jones (USAA rep) and I called progressive and we were yet again forwarded to a Melissa Carrasco and again greeted with a voicemail , which we left. Can someone from Progressive contact me regarding policy # 909659792 claim # 011034984-4. Amount to be paid $1,391.48. If you need any information please email me and I will gladly furnish requests. Email marysperrazza8587@gmail.com

  • Fred W Geren says:

    I have talked to many people at Progressive and so for they have all passed me off to someone else who did not have any Idea what was going on. My situation covers a criminal situation in which Progressive is the bad guy, They once told me that I was wrong but then I told her i told her I was a retired deputy sheriff and I know a little about how to find and follow a paper trail. Believe are not that is just happen and they left a lot of paper trail. I bought A car that progressive and insurance on it was in accident and Progressive on paper they say and showed that they had totaled the car at the tune of almost $20000 dollars the the fixed the car and somehow lied to the state of Missouri because I have the car with a NON BRANDON title showing clean title. So I paid retail on a wrecked car and progressive had the insurance on it. It was my policy and I had been with progressive for a long while and the bad thing some title search co. some show it as totaled the date and where it happen and when I bought when I sign the title low and behold progressive was the owner of the car. So now I have to go through are states attorney general and Missouri department of revenue Missouri division of the dot are state highway patrol and they all would like a copy of my paper work and it is over 111 pages. Its not like progressive is going broke but to do that to a customer is just wrong. And to date I have not been able to speak to a manager they still keep passing the buck. They get this and then I will go to the media u tube every place I can until I talk to someone that really has some authority. SO FOR YOU ALL WATCH PROGRESSIVE VERY CAREFULLY.
    Respect fully F W GEREN


    Thomas Arnold
    November 12 at 3:01 PM
    So today didn’t start off very well.. but having an insurance company who is complete crap doesn’t help the situation. I have been a loyal customer to #progressiveinsurance for almost 7 years, I have never missed a payment, and have talked great things about the company to others. Today is not the case. We called this morning to figure out our options for a rental car, they told Amber that we didn’t have rental insurance on our policy.We argued until we were blue in the face.We tried telling the customer care agent that we had not canceled our rental nor would we. The rep told us that it would be 2 business days until they figured something out, we said that’s not an option we need a car now. They said sorry there is nothing we can do. I got on twitter and called them out. They promptly got in contact with me and said they would figure it out. After an hour they called back and said that we in fact cancelled our rental on May 22nd at 6:00 am?? We asked the rep, if that seemed logical? Why would we wake up at 6am and decide that we no longer need our rental policy.. he basically said it’s not his problem, and there is nothing he will do any further. What happened to great customer service? What happened to the customer is always right? Instead I was basically told I was a liar..I told the progressive rep that no matter what, I will post on every social media outlet until my voice is heard. If you have a sec share my post, help me out. I’m tired of poor customer service and these big companies thinking they can get away with whatever they want. Also if you have sometime check your policy, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. You never know when something like this could happen to you.

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