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  • Address: 4840 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 858-638-4724

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 500

  • Established: 1998

  • Founder: Jared Polis

  • Key People: John Walden (CEO)

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Adam Fischer

Chief Financial & Business Optimization Officer

Blake T. Bilstad

Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Greg Chapman

Chief Consumer Experience Officer

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Not everyone might be obsessed with flowers, but at some point, of their lives, I think everyone needs flowers, not for their selves maybe, but for them to give to others. And when the time will come for you to need flowers, Proflowers can help. They certainly has everything you need when it comes to flowers, especially that this business is composed of people who are obsessed with flowers.

Proflowers is headquartered at San Diego, California, United States and has been running since 1998. The passionate people behind this business can accommodate every demand of their customers. Whether you want bouquets that are personally arranged, or you want to pick the flowers yourself, they can give in to you anytime and you just give them a call.

Proflowers has flowers for all occasion. Not only that, they also have different types of plants like bonsai and so on. So, the next time you need flowers, just give Proflowers a call.

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  • Steve Wilson says:

    I am totally disappointed in UN-PRO FLOWERS! I ordered roses for my wife for our 44th anniversary and they never delivered. I called 3 times over 2 days and they assured me they were out for delivery. Still no flowers. You can barely understand the people on the phone. I went thru the same thing with the supervisor. So I told them to just refund my money. I’ll have to see if that happens. At the end of the day I will never do business with Un-PROFLOWERS again!!! Maybe you should just close your business down if you can’t produce what you say! Stop ruining people’s day!

  • Kasie says:

    This is the worst service ever. My mother waited at home (putting off things she needed to do) for these flowers to arrive Friday 5/6/2022. They did not arrive.

    Today she has things to do and can not stay home all day because this company can not deliver when it’s is agreed upon date for delivery (had it been a business it was being sent to. – she wouldn’t have gotten them until after Mother’s Day). How disappointing.

    The status states it’s been delivered – she never got them. I called the number given and Jeremy states it was a delivery issue. Well if the flowers were not delivered why are they marked as delivered. Jeremy with the customer service department states they are marked as delivered when they are put on the truck. I pointed out delivery to a truck is not a delivery to the recipient. It’s transport only. Flowers were not delivered – thus the status is incorrect still.

    I have asked the name of the local florist (to make sure they are never used as well) Jeremy refused to give that information. I asked for a supervisor. I was given Ren – who identified herself as a supervisor. She also refused to give the information. I asked for a manager. I was give Shenik – who identified herself as a supervisor. So who is the actual supervisor? I still dont know. She refused to tell me who the local florist was. I again asked for her supervisor – who she stayed was on another call and would have to call back. I wonder if they actually think people believe the line of BS they are putting out there.

    While waiting on hold for the manager – I did a little digging online to find the corporate information.

    The corporate phone # is: 858-729-2800
    Fax #:858-638-4724

    Address listed:
    4840 Eastgate Mall
    San Diego, Cali 92121

    The answering service said they were in Illinois but I couldn’t even understand Jeremy on the phone – except to know he was reading a script.

    Founder: Jared Polos
    CEO: John Walden
    Chief Consumer Experience officer: Greg Chapman
    SVP, secretary, and General Counsel: Blake T Bolstad
    Chief Financial & business Optimization officer: Adam Fischer

    Now, I am told these flowers (cost $102.00 before shipping, taxes) that my 70 year old Mother was supposed to get yesterday (and waited all day for) is supposedly on the truck for delivery today. I hope they did not put the same flowers from yesterday on the truck today. That would just add insult to injury.

    I am now waiting for a manager to call – which I do not have confidence will actually call.

    I am waiting to find out who the local florist is – so, I can never use them again. I can tell you will never use pro-flowers again after this experience. Especially since my options were to continue to wait for them to be delivered (at an unknown time) or cancel the order.

    My question – How can I cancel an order that is already on the truck for delivery?

    So what I am asking for @ this time:
    1) I want to know who the local florist is (I will never do business with them).
    2) when asked to speak to a supervisor – I don’t need a script being read to me stating “they are just going to tell you the same thing”. I didn’t ask you to tell me if they would say the same thing. I asked to speak to them.
    3) Properly identify your self. I seriously doubt Ren is a supervisor and Shenik is her supervisor. That is usually not how that works (a supervisor has a supervisor).
    4) when asked for a manager – actually get the manager. Do not give. Scripted answer of “they are on the other line and you need to take a message and they will call back” (we all know it’s a tactical move to get the customer off the phone).
    5) Follow your own company statement “ Proflowers is headquartered at San Diego, California, United States and has been running since 1998. The passionate people behind this business can accommodate every demand of their customers. Whether you want bouquets that are personally arranged, or you want to pick the flowers yourself, they can give in to you anytime and you just give them a call”. I gave them a call – only question I had was what happened and who’s the local florist.
    Nick – who identified as a manager – still will not give the name of the local florist. His suggestion was to ask not to use that florist again – As I told him… had they given me the name of the local florist (so I would know who not to use) they would probably still have my business in the future. Since I have had to go this route … and this many levels …. I will not use this company ever again.

    Nicks answer to the issue (I will refund the delivery fee – which is the very least he should do. And give another discount). He states if the flowers do not turn out perfect he “will have fresh ones made” catches himself and says fresher ones made. So, this tells me they are going to deliver the SAME flowers that were not delivered yesterday and that sat on a truck for God knows how long.

    The flowers were arranged to be delivered yesterday 5/6/22. Today is Sat. 9:39 AM and flowers have not been delivered. Those flowers were made at an unknown time yesterday, on the truck an unknown amount of time, taken back to the florist (I am guessing …. If not they were left on the truck all night) and again same flowers put back on the truck for delivery. I do not see these flowers delivered looking anything but wilted and a hot mess.

    So disappointed in this company. I would have just not used the local florist – in the beginning. Now I will never use Proflowers again and will contacting Corporate Monday.

    Such a disappointing shame!

  • Tom Sharp says:

    I have enter the same claim several times. Our table was damaged by a proflowers vase and I have not had any response from you. Please let me know why there has been no response since Mother’ s day when the flowers were sent. I have the names of the people I spoke with and they are not responding. I provided all the requested information months ago. PLEASE RESPOND!!
    PHONE 732-887-0964

  • Charis Whitnah says:

    We are greatly and deeply disturbed by ProFlowers policy of not disclosing the senders name, even the first name. This has been truly disconcerting and as a result we will NEVER use Proflowers again and we will also inform all our extended family and friends. n Additionally we are looking into contacting the CEO as well as our legal recourse~Order #990463539062-1 Will also go file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau

    • Kasie says:

      Same here! Awful experience – such a horrible situation and all I get is a lane script they are reading.

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