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  • Address: 610 Ryan Ave Unit 4, Westville, NJ 08093, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1992

  • Founder: Nicholas Papanier

  • Key People: Rocco Fiorentino (CEO)

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About Primo Hoagies, History and Headquarters Information


Primo Hoagies, a casual dining restaurant is situated in Ritner Street in South Philadelphia and was founded by Richard and Colleen Neigre in 1992. Since then they have been providing people with one of the finest Italian foods.


The current CEO of the restaurant is Rocco Fiorentina. In 2002, Primo Hoagies started spreading its franchises. Eric Bonner has been an important part of the company for the last 17 years and served here at many positions. Primo Hoagies success has been based o the hard work of the staff which has worked day and night to serve people with a combination of quality, originality, and consistency.  is Rocco Fiorentino.


The headquarter of Primo hoagies is based in Westville, New Jersey. The restaurant’s franchises are based over 95 locations in 7 states of US. They serve some amazing Italian food and one of their popular sandwiches are Italian with prosciutto and provolone cheese.

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  • Jay Pettus says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say that the Galloway, New Jersey Primo hoagies is great. The people are great except whoever is running that store doesn’t really care too much about the safety of his employees. I went in today and they had asian woman apparently working alone. Unbelievable, how great her work ethic is and how hard of an employee you guys have I hope you guys do the right thing and take care of employees such as this woman and for the owner of this establishment shame on you.

  • Christian Clark says:

    Primo hoagies in Fort Lauderdale in Florida are the best in customer service.
    I checked this app on 101.5 lite FM and when to see if the Italian Hoagies were the same as I remember in jersey; to my surprise was even better, and the best part was to meet Eddie and his team that doesn’t provide regular services in set provided Hospitality. They let us feel at home, and Philly steak was a unique flavor best part was the Peroni beer…OMG perfect combination
    Thank you, and keep up the flavors and taste Hoagies.100% satisfaction is tightly recommended

  • Yelp Follower says:

    Primo’s service sucks. Go to any other hoagie shop near you. Check to see if they can make those same sandwiches with seeded bread. You would be amazed how your local restaurants treat you with respect. Boycott them for bad service….

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish to compliment Linda at Primos on 3rd Street in Philadelphia. She was very helpful in getting an important hoagie order to U Penn NICU, though it was out of their usual delivery area. Her kindness will be remembered. Thanks!!

  • CC says:

    I am livid about my experience on September 18th, 2021! I’ve made phone calls & I’ve left messages & I am STILL waiting for a reasonable response. We have been ordering from Primos for a LONG time! We order for 6 so we easily spend $60 or more every time on hoagies. On September 18th, I walked into the store & the energy from the employees was HORRIBLE! I want to know the name of the guy with the mustache & beard who was there that night at 7:30pm. He was very rude about me ordering. He was huffing & puffing after every sandwich I ordered. After the last sandwich, he abruptly stopped & said “well wait I gotta see if I even have bread since we were about to close before you came in.” I thought to myself excuse me! But I let it go & I ordered & I paid for the food. Meanwhile, another employee was on the phone still taking more orders so why was I a problem? The store was open! The food was not correct by the way. It was rushed & all the sandwiches were wrong except for two. Anyway, this isn’t even the bad part. My son politely asked if he could speak to him & said “next time we come in could you please not be rude to my mom otherwise we will just have to leave” & the employee threatened my son! He said he would “slap him up” & after thtreatening to put his hands on my son he then said to “get out of the store before he calls the cops.” So this guy threatens to hit my son then threatens the cops? The guy who is working with customers threatens a MINOR then threatens the cops?! My son is 15 years old! He was 14 at the time of this incident! He did the right thing. We shouldn’t have had to deal with the rudeness to begin with & at 9 months pregnant! I demand answers & a reply with compassion & justice. My 14 year old son was threatened by your employee & this is unacceptable! I read recent reviews about employees being rude at this particular location & something needs to be done about it! I’m sure it’s the same employees! UNREAL! I just wanted a break from cooking & I dealt with this instead!

  • M.S.S. says:

    The phone number on this page is disconnected.

  • Mark Mcquaid says:

    I just started as a driver was told I get $1del $2 for online order nownrhey saying I get a $5 or more tip I dont get that.

  • Patty Birchenough says:

    Last week i received a message on my Facebook from Jersey Food Buzz. It was for a buy one get one from Primo in HamiltonNJ. I don’t have a smartphone but I printed out theflyer and I had gotten text messages on my phone fromJersey Food Buzz. My daughter took my phonewhich clearly had all of the informationabout this buy one get one offer to the Hamilton location and the person working there said he couldn’tValidate it. WHAT! it was clearly on my phone which she showed him or her and they said and I quote”it didn’t have a green check mark” WHAT!!!!! it was onmyphone, i had the flyer what else was i supposed to bring. not everyone in the worldhas a smartphone. I was really dissapointed that I couldn’tget what I was entitled too. Guess they don’t wantthe business! I shouldbe compensated for wasting mytime having my daughter go there for nothing. REALLY???? A green check mark????? WTH is that????? I waited all week till i had a littlebit of money fora treat but itwas pointless.

  • john A shepard says:

    Saturday I tried to purchase a Primo sub and was directed to lightins.com… I entered the info needed including Credit Card. I tried to order food but the Primo site would not open. This morning i noticed 2two seperate charges on bank statement (under pending) for $1.02 .. One under lightins.com and the other lovrime.com. Googled same and found the lightins.com in a billing servece and their sister organization was for “romantic” literature… I also found out my account would be charged a monthly fee for the ability to order a sub from you. I cancelled all and am upset that you would allow your website to direct potential customers for someones financial gain.

  • Joe says:

    I will never wont anyone to go to the primo hoagie in lewisburg service is very slow and very rude

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