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Priceline Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 203-299-8000
  • Fax Number: 203-299-8918
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 6,47,500
  • Founder: Jay S. Walker
  • Key People: Brett Keller, Matthew Tynan

Priceline Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Priceline Corporate Office

Do you have the intention of having your company listed on Priceline.com, and would like to speak with an executive from the company? If so, contacting the headquarters should be the best option. On the other hand, you might, as well, wish to reach out to a Priceline.com official to lay a complaint about unfulfilled and/or unsatisfactory services you got from your recent transaction with them. You needn’t look any further as to where and how you can get the contact details as I provide all these and some other significant information in this article.

Ways to Contact Priceline.com Corporate Headquarters

Address: In case you are considering a visit or sending through a letter, the headquarters is located at 800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States.

Phone Number: +1 203-299-8000. You can dial up this number right about now and speak with one of the management personnel at Priceline.com headquarters about your concerns.

Fax Number: Your message can also be transmitted by fax using 203-299-8918

Email: Again, if you will find it more convenient, you may choose the email option by filling the form provided at this link

Priceline Headquarters Info & Photos

The RiverPark Building that houses Priceline.com headquarters was completed in 1983 and is owned by KH 800 Connecticut Avenue LLC. The building has three office wings that extend from a central atrium – all making up a cumulative floor size of 412,231 square feet. The Class A edifice has undergone multiple renovations to make it a befitting modern office complex.

Priceline Group consulted TPG Architecture to design its space to promote operational efficiency. Inside Priceline headquarters, you have the reception area/welcome lounge, coffee bar teleconference rooms, huddle rooms, conference rooms, and workspaces that encourage effective collaborations among employees.

Priceline.com – along with its parent company – is the major tenant, occupying over 21% of the entire floor size, in the RiverPark Building. Other tenants in the building include Hitachi Capital America, Marsh & McLennan Agency, Media Horizons, Omega Engineering, and Remedy Partners.

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Priceline Headquarters Photos

Priceline Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States

Priceline Headquarters Executive Team

Brett Keller

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Keller has been with Priceline.com for over 21 years, he joined as a Director in the Marketing department and rose to become the CEO of the company in 2016. As the CEO, he has been leading Priceline.com’s strategic directions and overseeing its operations to sustain profitability drive. Brett has an MBA from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, and he is among the Board of Directors of Broadridge.

Matthew Tynan

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Tynan was recruited by Priceline.com as a Financial Analyst in charge of Corporate Development in 2000 and served as a Senior Vice President in the Priceline Group between 2008 and 2016. He assumed office as the CFO in 2015, and in this role, he supervises every activity that is associated with financial, accounting and taxation. Matthew obtained a BS in Finance & Accounting from New York University Stern School of Business.

Liz Dente

Chief People Officer

Priceline.com engaged the services of Liz Dente as the Chief People Officer in 2016. Prior to this, she had worked with Avon Products Inc. and ITT in key human resource positions. She is saddled with the responsibilities of formulating and implementing strategies towards efficient human resource functions and also manages the company’s talent base while implementing a sound performance management system. She has an MBA in Management and Decision Science from The Wharton School.



Martin Brodbeck


Phyllis Wallitt


Kevin Heery


Brigit Zimmerman


Bill Jose


Ben Harrell


About Priceline


Priceline.com started its operations in 1997, with Jay Walker being the founder. Jay Walker would later leave the company in 2000 thus conceding the leadership/ownership of Priceline.com to Richard Braddock – Braddock also exited Priceline.com in 2004. It was under Braddock’s leadership that Priceline.com made its initial public offering in 1999 and the company crossed the US$1 billion revenue mark within the first five years of operation.

Priceline.com created and popularised the ‘Name Your Own Price’ model which is designed to allow customers to name the price they wish to pay for hotel rooms, car rentals, airline tickets, and vacation packages. Other strategies have, however, been developed with time.

The company entered into a partnership deal with eBay in 2002, as the latter got the license to list ‘Name Your Own Price’ travel option on its platform. The company has completed several acquisitions, and this has boosted the propagation of its business in one way or the other. Some of these acquisitions include PriceMatch, Hotel Ninjas, and Woomoo. And, just for the mention, Priceline.com is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings Inc.


Priceline.com is an online travel agency that connects customers (travels) to hotel reservations, car rental, and airline booking services at discounted prices. The company has three products in the pipeline from which customers can select from – the ‘Name Your Own Price’ travel system being one.

Another popular one is ‘Express Deals’ which is designed to allow travelers compare prices – and choose (from) – of various hotels that are not made known before a deal is struck; the customer only gets to name his/her price and communicate preferred geographical location. The last product is the ‘Pricebreakers’ which allows travellers and/or vacation goers to see 3 top hotels from which the agency would eventually pick one on their (i.e., the customers’ behalf).   

Priceline.com also has different VIP packages [with varying benefits] for customers that might be interested. Travelers can access the services offered by Priceline.com through the Priceline app available to people using iOS and Android devices.


  • Priceline.com once ventured into loan offerings, sales of automobiles, groceries, gasoline, and telecommunication services – all these were available under the ‘Name Your Own Price’ model.
  • Priceline.com can provide its customers with access to any of more than 600,000 properties across 220 countries, and car rental connections in over 21,000 locations across the globe. The agency can also link travelers to more than 300 airlines with planes touching down on airports in 200 countries.
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  • Ieshia collymorebey says:

    I booked a hotel for 2 nights that I have stayed at b4 a week ago when I got to the hotel the wouldn’t allow us to keep the reservation but to insignificant i.ds with are the same i.ds I used a week b4 then I booked the room literally 2 hours b4 I arrived I called explained to the rep that would not allow me and my family to stay the rep asked for permission to cancel my reservations she then put me on hold called the hotel for the refund the amount I paid for the hotel been pe di g on my card for 4 says and now there are no pe ding transactions and they still charged me for the stay you representatives are rude and nasty don’t wanna look up anything I’m telling them nor did they want to help me with my problem after telling them that my bank confirmed the payment they are still telling me that my money will be refunded in 5 to 10 business days WHERE IS MY MONEY we are in a pandemic and your company wants to treat its customers this way just give me my mo ey for the services I’ve never received that simple I also sent my bank statement provided that I payed for the hotel cause it seems to me that every agent I talk to dont believe the companies took my money that they put the mo ey on hold my statement says Transaction post 4 day after the cancelation…make it make since

  • Denise Kusmit says:

    No service the worst ever i paid fro first class and then my ticket change and could not talk with a person . to get it fixed . so i had to have a layover for 8 hour. why would i want that when i paid first class money.this company is no good!!!!!!

  • Joanne Serio says:

    Priceline is the worst! We flew to Hawaii only to be told that the state no longer accepts negative COVID tests from CVS. We had to leave Hawaii and fly back to Chicago. Priceline is refusing to give me a refund on my rental car even though I was not able to use it. We were not allowed out of the terminal, there was no way to get the car. I immediately called and was told that as soon as they verified that I did not pick up the car, I would get a full refund. Well, after speaking to numerous agents who all promised a refund, I was denied!
    This is customer service!!! It was horrible enough not to be able to go on vacation let alone be out so much money!! DO NOT USE PRICELINE !!

    • Ljh says:

      Hi Joanne,
      I’m sorry to hear this happened to you as I’m presently dealing with a similar issue with Priceline. I went to the rental agency to pick up a car based on my rental agreement but was told there were no cars available, after I waited in line for an hour. Priceline is telling me that they can refund my money until they verify I don’t have the car. I think the I only way to address this form robbery is through media and a class action lawsuit as we can’t be the only ones who have been impacted by this conduct. This is not just a lack of service but also criminal!

  • Shawna says:

    This company is a rip off. Be aware of their specials as it will cost you more in the end. No respect, poor customer service. This company will not work with you even when their website is misleading. Never again

  • Isaac Robinson says:

    A total nightmare. I have booked with this site twice in the last 2 weeks all involving airfare rental and hotel and both times as been a total nightmare. The dates changed on my itinerary by no fault of my own and all any rep rep can say is my apologies for this but we can cancel the booking which is totally inconvenient. I even tried to reach out to the Corp office and the prompt gave me the exact same rum around. Never again will I shop with your company. And I will make sure no one in my family does either.

    • RyeNisha says:

      Exactly!!!!!!! I’m goin through this right now as we speak I’m so LIVID !!!!! I will never use there service again n I’m getting my lawyer involved to start a lawsuit cuz this 3rd party is a joke n BULLSHIT !!!!!!!

  • Kathleen Andrade says:

    In my entire life I have never seen a company such as yours blatantly defraud their clients. On August 30, 2020, I was searching Priceline for First Class ticket prices to take a last minute business trip from Santa Barbara to Virginia. I was only searching for First Class. During my search, one of your Express Deals popped up. The Express Deal read that the fare was $867.99. I looked over everything and the notice at the bottom of the Express Deal stated “First Class. Carry-on bag and advance seat selection included!” It does not read Mixed Class or Economy Class. In fact, when a customer clicks on the deal to get more details, there are no details about the class of the ticket either direction so the customer is left to assume that the class is the class advertised on the Express Deal. WRONG! I booked one of your Express Deals and was duped! Sure, I got First Class on the departure but Economy Class on the return. There is a very specific reason why I wanted to book first class. Now I am stuck with this ticket that was not even what I was searching, not what was advertised. My only choice is to dispute my CC bill right now and rebook through someone else. Shame on YOU! I will be posting this comment on the BBB and with the Attorney General’s Office because this is clearly a bait and switch tactic – FRAUD.

  • JLB says:

    Priceline commits fraud.

    Stole our money and no services/products were rendered and they won’t give us our money back.

    Everyone needs to contact their State Attorney General’s Office to file complaints. Also, contact new media, blast social media and file a complaint with the BBB.

    We get to get the word out that people should be aware and leery of doing business with Priceline….the do not care about their “customers” or “customer service” and are only out to take you money and run away laughing while they do.

    Priceline sucks!

  • Ileana Pagan says:

    I recently purchased two tickets to ROme (July). 5 days before leaving I requested an update in our last names in order to reflect the same info as our passports. I spoke to 20 agents which was very frustrating in order to make the changes in our airline tickets. Changes were done, but your company was unable to resubmit our tickets again. Some of your supervisors even suggested to cancel our tickets and get some kind of refund without going the extra mile. I explained that we had our cruise reservations made and that we needed help, but it was useless. I was on the phone with 20 of your reps the entire weekend with no results. Thank God, we flew to New York and were able to fix this situation in a Delta counter. Your reps and even worse your supervisors, are totally helpless. I could not believe that you had technical issues and could not resubmit our tickets. The experience was extremely frustrating and we almost lost our planned trip. Nevertheless to say that I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN.

  • >