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  • Address: 800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 203-299-8000

  • Fax Number: 203-299-8918

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 6,47,500

  • Founder: Jay S. Walker

  • Key People: Brett Keller, Matthew Tynan

Priceline Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Priceline Corporate Office

Do you have the intention of having your company listed on Priceline.com, and would like to speak with an executive from the company? If so, contacting the headquarters should be the best option. On the other hand, you might, as well, wish to reach out to a Priceline.com official to lay a complaint about unfulfilled and/or unsatisfactory services you got from your recent transaction with them. You needn’t look any further as to where and how you can get the contact details as I provide all these and some other significant information in this article.

Ways to Contact Priceline.com Corporate Headquarters

Address: In case you are considering a visit or sending through a letter, the headquarters is located at 800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States.

Phone Number: +1 203-299-8000. You can dial up this number right about now and speak with one of the management personnel at Priceline.com headquarters about your concerns.

Fax Number: Your message can also be transmitted by fax using 203-299-8918

Email: Again, if you will find it more convenient, you may choose the email option by filling the form provided at this link

Priceline Headquarters Info & Photos

The RiverPark Building that houses Priceline.com headquarters was completed in 1983 and is owned by KH 800 Connecticut Avenue LLC. The building has three office wings that extend from a central atrium – all making up a cumulative floor size of 412,231 square feet. The Class A edifice has undergone multiple renovations to make it a befitting modern office complex.

Priceline Group consulted TPG Architecture to design its space to promote operational efficiency. Inside Priceline headquarters, you have the reception area/welcome lounge, coffee bar teleconference rooms, huddle rooms, conference rooms, and workspaces that encourage effective collaborations among employees.

Priceline.com – along with its parent company – is the major tenant, occupying over 21% of the entire floor size, in the RiverPark Building. Other tenants in the building include Hitachi Capital America, Marsh & McLennan Agency, Media Horizons, Omega Engineering, and Remedy Partners.

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Priceline Headquarters Photos

Priceline Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

800 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States

Priceline Headquarters Executive Team

Brett Keller

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Keller has been with Priceline.com for over 21 years, he joined as a Director in the Marketing department and rose to become the CEO of the company in 2016. As the CEO, he has been leading Priceline.com’s strategic directions and overseeing its operations to sustain profitability drive. Brett has an MBA from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, and he is among the Board of Directors of Broadridge.

Matthew Tynan

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Tynan was recruited by Priceline.com as a Financial Analyst in charge of Corporate Development in 2000 and served as a Senior Vice President in the Priceline Group between 2008 and 2016. He assumed office as the CFO in 2015, and in this role, he supervises every activity that is associated with financial, accounting and taxation. Matthew obtained a BS in Finance & Accounting from New York University Stern School of Business.

Liz Dente

Chief People Officer

Priceline.com engaged the services of Liz Dente as the Chief People Officer in 2016. Prior to this, she had worked with Avon Products Inc. and ITT in key human resource positions. She is saddled with the responsibilities of formulating and implementing strategies towards efficient human resource functions and also manages the company’s talent base while implementing a sound performance management system. She has an MBA in Management and Decision Science from The Wharton School.



Martin Brodbeck

Chief Technology Officer

Heidi Garfield

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Kevin Heery

Chief Product Officer

Brigit Zimmerman

Chief Commercial Officer

Bill Jose

Senior Vice President, Rental Cars

Toby Korner

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

Lesley Klein

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Brand Marketing

About Priceline


Priceline.com started its operations in 1997, with Jay Walker being the founder. Jay Walker would later leave the company in 2000 thus conceding the leadership/ownership of Priceline.com to Richard Braddock – Braddock also exited Priceline.com in 2004. It was under Braddock’s leadership that Priceline.com made its initial public offering in 1999 and the company crossed the US$1 billion revenue mark within the first five years of operation.

Priceline.com created and popularised the ‘Name Your Own Price’ model which is designed to allow customers to name the price they wish to pay for hotel rooms, car rentals, airline tickets, and vacation packages. Other strategies have, however, been developed with time.

The company entered into a partnership deal with eBay in 2002, as the latter got the license to list ‘Name Your Own Price’ travel option on its platform. The company has completed several acquisitions, and this has boosted the propagation of its business in one way or the other. Some of these acquisitions include PriceMatch, Hotel Ninjas, and Woomoo. And, just for the mention, Priceline.com is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings Inc.


Priceline.com is an online travel agency that connects customers (travels) to hotel reservations, car rental, and airline booking services at discounted prices. The company has three products in the pipeline from which customers can select from – the ‘Name Your Own Price’ travel system being one.

Another popular one is ‘Express Deals’ which is designed to allow travelers compare prices – and choose (from) – of various hotels that are not made known before a deal is struck; the customer only gets to name his/her price and communicate preferred geographical location. The last product is the ‘Pricebreakers’ which allows travellers and/or vacation goers to see 3 top hotels from which the agency would eventually pick one on their (i.e., the customers’ behalf).   

Priceline.com also has different VIP packages [with varying benefits] for customers that might be interested. Travelers can access the services offered by Priceline.com through the Priceline app available to people using iOS and Android devices.


  • Priceline.com once ventured into loan offerings, sales of automobiles, groceries, gasoline, and telecommunication services – all these were available under the ‘Name Your Own Price’ model.
  • Priceline.com can provide its customers with access to any of more than 600,000 properties across 220 countries, and car rental connections in over 21,000 locations across the globe. The agency can also link travelers to more than 300 airlines with planes touching down on airports in 200 countries.

  • Laura Barnhill says:

    I have been a priceline user for years. I am currently a Gold member. I recently was booking two separate trips through priceline – flight, car and hotel for both trips. I accidentally booked a hotel for the wrong dates. I instantly rebooked through priceline using the correct dates. When I completed all my bookings, I went back to cancel the incorrect hotel and the website stated it was non-refundable.

    I used your chat service and chatted with 3 different reps who seemed to all be reading from a script and weren’t able to make a judgement call. I then called your customer service line and to my surprise, I received the same type of customer service. I was even hung up on over the phone and disconnected via chat when I asked for a manager in an effort to get a live person who could make a judgement call.

    I am a former Client Services Exec for various Fortune 200 companies. I must say that as a priceline customer – this is highly frustrating. One – how can I not get some empathy and understanding. It was an honest mistake that has never happened before. Is a refund possible? This experience has made me question if I will ever use priceline again. I just spent close to $1500 booking hotel, car and hotel for both trips. I would hope that retention is important to priceline and should be right up there with customer satisfaction. Please make this right.

  • Laura Barnhill says:

    Does anyone ever respond to these issues? I see no comments by anyone at priceline…..

    • Eric Johann says:

      Good evening I feel your frustration because I did the same thing 2 days ago and I called Priceline they were very rude. Did you ever get ahold of someone & if you did please let me know..I asked the customer service representative what good is being a platinum member. All I got was sorry you feel that way here is my email if you could let me know if there was a person directly

  • Scott Barnes says:

    I was asked by Priceline to bring my Travel business to them, so i tried, got the Priceline Visa, joined VIP and thus far what a mess and no help from this company at all, what a waste of 23 calls, emails and more could not ever get a proper English speaking person in the USA and no one knew what to do ? so long Priceline and your companies .

  • Vickie Meeks says:

    I have never been so disappointed in Priceline than now.
    I booked two rooms through Priceline. One for myself and my husband and Room two for my elderly father and mother for Windgate by Wyndham at OKC airport on January 17, 2023, for one night two rooms. When my father and mother arrived the hotel would not let him check in saying they didn’t have a reservation for him. I called Priceline and was told I should cancel the room for for my parents since they wouldn’t let them check in, but they were on the reservations. While I was on phone with Priceline the hotel talked them into buying directly. Priceline rep said he would issue a partial refund of $62.80 for room 2. I was assured my room was still booked. I did receive that refund but when showing up at Hotel at 11 pm, the hotel said both rooms had been cancelled. I called Priceline and they said no only one was canceled and refunded. After conversations with the hotel, Priceline Rep and Leonardo with the third party Priceline booked my room through, I was told no one knew what happened to the reservation but the hotel would not give us the one room I had paid for. They said they had no payment from Priceline or third party. The rep I called that night with Priceline said they would give me the full refund and $10.90 credit for the hassle we went through but was told the hotel was full by the Priceline rep so they could not get me another room. (I had my phone on speaker and the hotel front desk guy said they were not full). So before I hung up I asked the Priceline rep who was talking to Leonardo with the third party that Priceline had booked our room through said yes we would get a full refund plus the 15% for the troubles amounting to $10.90. Since they couldn’t get me a room and the hotel front desk wanted way more for the one room than I paid. I got online with Priceline to find another hotel when the same hotel came up and so I booked another room for that night and paid for it. I wanted to stay where my parents were. The next day I found out I never got my refund for the original room one. I have spent over 4 hours trying to get that refund. Tonight a Priceline manager said he needed to get okay from hotel and they wasn’t answering and after 45 minutes asked me to call back tomorrow to get my refund. I have already spent so much time trying to get my refund of a room I did not cancel!!! I don’t know who did but I had to pay for a second reservation, spent many hours trying to find out who and why it was cancelled, over an hour loss sleep trying to get a room I never canceled and still fighting to get my refund on my first reservation I never canceled room one on. I did not sleep in this room I paid on the reservation! I had to pay for another room after booking another reservation. This is a horrible business practice
    My next step if I don’t get a refund soon is contact better business bureau!
    So disappointed and frustrated!
    Vickie Meeks
    1800 Tomahawk Rd
    Dodge City, KS 67801
    Confirmation number 256-8630265

  • April Desloover says:

    My flight was canceled from Tampa to Detroit 12/27/2022 spirit airline refunded, my money for my flight. I booked a car rental from Priceline and was told by the car company in Detroit (thrifty rental at airport)Priceline had to cancel it since I would not be in Detroit to use it however, you can’t get a hold of anyone at Priceline, and all their information says you’re stuck with paying for a vehicle that you can’t even use this place needs to be shut down it is out and out thievery. K34707666056 conf #

  • Derrick Haver says:

    This company is full of shit won’t help people with changing flights or rebooking. Never ever in my life spoke with people that won’t help people

  • Kei S. Dillard-Thomas says:

    I’m pretty frustrated with Priceline.com. On December 16, 2022, while on business travel, my rental vehicle malfunctioned, and I was stranded over 600 miles from home. Because the rental car company couldn’t provide reasonable accommodation, I needed to stay overnight in the city, far away from my family. I contacted Priceline to book a hotel room. I told the reservationist that I required a clean, safe room for the evening because I was stranded in an unknown town. I was pleasantly surprised with the reservation quote for a room at the Hilton Garden Inn at a very reasonable price, the caveat, as always, was that the rate and room were time-sensitive based on availability. Therefore, I paid for the room immediately upon booking. When I arrived at the Hilton to check into the room, I was informed that my reservation had a check-in date for the following day. Thanks to the extremely helpful Hilton employee, I could check into the hotel without hassle or extra charge. I called Priceline, and they told me that I couldn’t cancel or change the reservation, or I would lose the money I paid just 15 minutes earlier. I was frustrated, tired, cold, and emotionally exhausted. A tow truck picked up the rental car the next day. I then asked a friend to drive me home. It was a 10.5-hour drive back to my home due to the heavy fog and multiple accidents.

    The rental car company agreed to reimburse me for the car rental and hotel expenses I incurred during the trip. I requested the receipt from the Hilton and was provided a receipt that included my arrival and departure dates, December 16, 2022, and December 17, 2022. Unfortunately, the receipt did not include the cost of the room because I contracted with Priceline and not the Hilton directly. I contacted Priceline.com to get a copy of the receipt. I first used the chatbot and informed the virtual assistant that I required a revision to my receipt to ensure accuracy. I explained to the virtual assistant that I checked into the hotel on December 16, 2022, and checked in on December 17, 2022. I reiterated that the itinerary had the wrong check-in and check-out date. I tried to explain that, for multiple reasons, providing a receipt with false dates could create additional problems. After speaking with more than six individuals and supervisor Ms. Carmela, ID#5624229, I was emphatically informed that they couldn’t and would not provide me with an accurate itinerary and payment receipt. I requested the number from the corporate office, and the supervisor, Ms. Carmela, stated that she couldn’t provide that number either. When I told her that she shouldn’t be comfortable with the company giving customers receipts with inaccurate dates, she told me she couldn’t help and would be getting off the phone. I pleaded with the supervisor, even explaining that a receipt could be used as a piece of legal evidence in a court of law and that, for that reason, validity is very important. She told me that she had already told me she could not help me. She was very condescending, sarcastic, and insensitive or empathetic to the customer, who only asked that she be provided a revised receipt with the accurate dates.

    I am reaching out in this forum, hoping that someone from the Corporate Office has a better work ethic and customer service skills. Another issue is that I’m supposed to be a VIP member, but I cannot successfully request and receive a valid payment receipt for the actual dates I stayed at a hotel that Priceline booked on my behalf.

    Priceline trip #:
    trip # 213-156-845-16

  • Get help now says:

    Priceline has stolen my money. I payed Priceline for my flight and they paid frontier airline who is being finned for bad customer which cause delays. I have been hung up on by 6 csr rep trying to get a new flight book or a refund

  • Katie says:

    Still waiting for a refund. I’ve been contacting Priceline for days and several hours. I’ve tried all forms of communication from text, chat, email and phone. They purposefully hang up or disconnect you from communication as I’ve been through 6-8 agents. I’ve been kind and patient and this is absurd. Bait and switch. I paid for a large room and received a smaller room. They claim to be “calling the hotel” but, they never really are. It’s not the hotels fault, it’s Priceline. Why can’t Priceline refund their customers?

  • John says:

    In August I reserved a room offered on the priceline website. The room that damp had visible mold on the walls, cigarette burns on the sheets and a condom wrapper in the bedside drawer. I have pictures. Neither the hotel or Priceline offered a refund. Instead I was given a 15% off hotel reservation on my next hotel. When I tried to use this coupon the would not honor it. Horrible customer service. You have lost a costumer with me. I would rather pay more at another company then give you any more of my money.

  • Andrew says:

    Priceline quoted me $534 over the phone while their website said 426.98. Priceline refused to honor their price on their own website. Also, explained I couldn’t book my trip online had to do it over the phone and pay $100+ for the extra call. Bait and switch online with false advertising. This is NOT a reputable company.

    • Katie says:

      Agreed. I paid for a room that was 610 sq feet and they booked a 410 sq foot room and my brother had to sleep on the floor. I’ve been on the phone for days and they claim they can’t get in touch with the hotel and keep you on the phone for hours. I got in touch with the hotel in just minutes. The company lies on purpose and pretends to call the hotel she it’s not the hotels fault anyways. I’ve spoken to 6 agents and no one has remedied or refunded me.

  • Jaison William says:

    I have really really bad experience I am saying this bottom of my heart I can’t get intouch with customer service every time I call my call end up in Phillipines or India I am in America need here they really don’t know how to help customer

  • Aby Dominguez says:

    This is the first time and last time I use Priceline. I scheduled a flight for myself and two granddaughters that graduated from high school. For this reason we planned a once in a lifetime trip to Japan. This was scheduled before COVID hit. On March of 2022 we were not able to go because COVID was out of control. I was able to get American Airlines to approve a refund. I then rescheduled the trip for June 2022 but could not fly out because Japan’s border were closed. To this day I have not been able to get Priceline to refund my money, $4700 (Japan still closed for regular tourists) nor for them to extend the end date to use credit. I have called a million times and always get different replies. Bottom line still going to see how they don’t steal my money. Priceline says I need to contact American Airlines and they say I need to deal with Priceline. Customer service is horrible!! They don’t understand nor do they care. Hopefully I will hear from yet another try with AA to give Priceline approval for either a refund or an extension of travel dates. I hope this doesn’t get to me hiring an attorney. Wish me luck. Is there anyone else having this issue due to closed borders?

  • Daniel George says:

    Worst experience I ever had. I recently booked a dream vacation to San Diego. Upon arrival, Priceline booked a rental car but the office was closed. They closed at 4:00pm, the flight did not land until 4:52. Once I realized this, I had to rent a car out of pocket and I paid $634. I did not want to do this, but my family and I were stranded at the airport because of this mistake. Priceline refuses to help and will only refund the cost of the original rental, $108. That is not fair!! I didn’t want to rent a car and pay top dollar because it was the day of, but I had no choice. I don’t want anything extra, but Priceline should have to pay the difference if the rental or at least give me a credit for the difference.

  • Alanderson says:

    I have tried to resolve a matter with Priceline, the associate who answered the phone. Her name Elizabeth does not qualify as professional, I had purchased a reservation through their website and parchase a hotel reservation with insurance, that stated the full refund in case of any situation, I got to hotel and I couldn’t stay cause the it was completely infested with roaches, I went back to front desk stated the issue and the I want to cancel they told me they cannot cancel or refund me cause it was done through a third party that i have to cancel through Priceline to get my refund and they apologize for the inconvenience, i explained all this to the young lady in the phone Elizabeth she place me in hold few times to reach out to hotel and she couldn’t get a respond from them, she told me that she cannot refund back my money that she can do a consolation discount, to the entire conversation she uses the “oh well” statement which is very unprofessional and not showing empathetic feeling at all, I politely ask her if she can’t resolve the refund that i don’t need to talk no more if she can pass her supervisor, at soon i ask for supervisor she feel treat and I ask her for her operator # and she tell me she cannot provide that for her safety like I am sore type of criminal, and I apologize and emphasized that I am just following protocols and I have call before and associate has provided that information, but the that’s ok that obviously she does not follow her compliance or rules and also express I have friend that work with same company and they provide that information, but I was not going to keep talking to her and to please pass me the supervisor she puts me on hold and the comeback that i have to wait 20 or more minutes because they have a high call volume, I did not ask for another representative I have ask for a supervisor , I also ask her for her corporate phone number and she stated that she cannot provide it for safety issue and that she do not have that information , this young lady obviously need to go back to training on how to handle this kind of conversation with customer also she need to re take her compliance practice test that company like this have to take every year. Because of all this waiting I never got a supervisor on the line to resolve the issue, but I will take it to another level and will go through compliance and also all the government entity that Priceline has to respond to.

    I will submit a letter to all the chiefs to take this handle is ridiculous that things like that happen in a big company like this and their own employees are not properly trained with professionalism or empathy is ridiculous.

    also, i see everyone is expressing their concern and they have not received a reply from none of this Chief or anyone who doesn’t care. People need to start putting their comment is the social media and google directly to get the attention to resolve matters.

  • Ian Eversley says:

    I have been trying to get in contact with someone in this company for over a week and all I am getting is the run-around from phone number to phone number with no end in sight. My situation is corporate related. This is not good for business. I hope someone would reach out to me. I have sent emails with no response.

  • Danny Villela says:

    I have had the most unreconcilable time trying to get some one to call me back, from this company, about a complaint. And mi d you, I am a VIP member. My name is danny villela and I would like the people to know that they allow the hotels’ employees and management team, to speak to guests with words like “stupid” and “bro”

    • Eric Johann says:

      I feel you on the name calling because I said to the one customer service representative you at Priceline are the ones that put me in a completely different city then what the express deal said. The customer service representative had enough nerve to say are you incompetent you can’t understand this is a no refund policy I was stunned that their employees aloud to talk to people like that

  • Misalina Figueroa says:

    I don’t even know where to start as I know that no one in Priceline corporate will read this and as a former employee of hospitality they deserve to know. Priceline should NOT advertise hotels in a rate level that are completely out of reality or be connected to hotel that are really bad, I had this experience before with another hotel and now here I go again, will have to unfortunately loose the money I paid because of a crapy hotel. it makes you look REALLY bad. REALLY REALLY REALLY bad, the fact that customer service cannot even make a change of hotel even when calling in advance, originally advertised two 3 stars hotels and then when you are ready to accept suggest that you might get a 3rd option, the crapy one, accepted and when look at the reviews on Priceline horrible 1/10, not clean or nothing, how the company does not review that and doesn’t even give the traveler the opportunity of change. The hotel is 200% OPPOSITE of what it purported to be online, and the reviews are as scary as they can be, why can’t be changed ahead of time.
    I’m allergic to cigarettes’ smell and that’s what everyone is talking about, the smell in the hallway, the bedsheets, people have found even blood on them, spots of paint chipped off the wall throughout the room, the carpet is filthy, among many other comments, it just reminded me a prior experience in other hotel booked thru Priceline, which I ended up settling to avoid loosing the money but I believe this time I rather loose the money for the week of stay than to settle for this horrible hotel. Really sad that no one can help and corporate will not read this. Customer service doesn’t help and no one seems to care when you have a bad experience or if the hotel is not what is advertised.

  • Diane says:

    I did not expect fraud dealing with Priceline. I’ve been trying to escalate to get my issue resolved but have yet to be contacted by “escalation”. I will be giving Priceline bad press whenever possible unless they resolve my issue and honor what was clearly advertised.

  • Katie McBrady says:

    Priceline should not be in business whatsoever. You may have a good experience once, twice, or more but all it takes is one bad experience and you will find this company Lacks customer appreciation and steals your money with how given a two shits what our consequences are when we have done no wrong doing. You might as well forget talking to anyone about a complaint because they have no one above one level of supervisor, they do not have information on the head corporate office or who even owns the company. They tell you you are screwed and that is that to the point of hanging up on you if you call back requesting a supervisor is denied the customer service representatives are untrained and unprofessional and carry no ethic professional code. This company needs to be held accountable for the impact they cause on people’s lives.

  • Cheryl says:

    I booked flights for 6 people on June 19th 2021for a trip to Maui. On November 24 priceline sent me a change of flight notification that stated my flight time had changed to 9:31 am. On May 2nd day of travel we got to the airport 3 hours early and was told that our flight did not exist and that the flight they put us on left at 6:30 am. The airline advised that they had sent priceline notification in November 2021 that the flight had changed, priceline did not send me the correct information util 2:30am the day of the flight. I live 3 hours away from the airport and the flight changed to a 6:30 am time. The airline had to change the flights since I missed the flight to one 6 hours later. I called priceline and was told too bad it was the airlines fault and nothing could be done. I spent hours on the phone with priceline trying to get some kind of compensation to no avail all I got was rude uncaring people. I then called when I got home and was told by a “lier” that she would cancel the flight which I asked “how she could do that since I had already taken the trip”, and was told, no problem. She then put me on mute for a long time and then told me I was going to get a full refund, I asked for a confirmation number and was told I would just get an email stating I was getting the refund. I never received an email so I called back on May 11 and was told that none of it was true and because I took the trip that I would have to contact the airline as it was their fault and there was nothing priceline was going to do. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND NO ONE ELSE DOES! I will be writing a letter to headquarters but doubt that they will do anything either.

  • Aaron Kahn says:

    You have stolen $200 from me and I would like to speak with upper management. I’m happy to involve either one of my lawyers if necessary. I can be reached at +14083686065. I know you will refund me this money as your market cap is 87,000,000,000. If you do not reply to this message, I will find a way to contact management.

    • Aby Dominguez says:

      Mr. Kahn, we’re you able to contact upper management? I have an issue and need to contact them because Priceline is not willing to assist.

  • Why do you want to know says:

    Good day, . Today on the 2nd of May 2022, eye reserved a reservation through your company, Priceline Corporation for a stay at Ramada by Wyndham Alpharetta/Atlanta North, from May 2, 2022 – May 7th 2022. My priceline trip #: . Confirmation#: Eye am so disappointed at the way how your agents run things. Eye booked thru your company, not thru the hotel. When eye arrived there the manager was very rude, you have crack heads outside of the motel shooting up, smoking marijuana, the motel look like it’s about to collapse, the room smell is unbearable, the ceiling have mold and water stain and eye am concerned about my safety. Eye called Priceline back to informed them of this horrific scene eye just witnessed, just for the agents to tell me the hotel manager will not refund me back my money. Eye never booked thru that motel, it was thru your company. If eye do not get my refund back eye will be reporting this corporation to the CID of the Internal Revenue Service to report this issue, as well as a lawsuit. This has been the worst experience eye have ever experience, especially with Priceline agents. It’s not even worth it to rate Priceline at this moment. Eye want my refund back the same way as Priceline took it when eye booked this unbearable hotel experience.
    Dear Valued Customer,
    Thank you for contacting the Priceline.com Privacy mailbox. In order to expedite the handling of your request, please review the information below.
    This mailbox does not accept or process data subject requests, such as “Do Not Sell,” “Delete My Data” or similar requests. If your request is related to a data subject request, please visit https://www.Priceline.com/dsarwebform.
    Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional information about our privacy practices. https://www.priceline.com/static-pages/privacy-policy.html
    If you have a question regarding your confirmed booking, please contact a member of our customer service team at 877-477-5807 or chat with us at https://www.Priceline.com/help.
    For all other inquiries, we have received your request and will respond as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.
    The Priceline.com Customer Service Team.

  • Matt says:

    Thieves…. I booked a room through Priceline that was supposed to have a king size bed with a bathtub and shower and received a room with a queen size bed that was handicap accessible.
    I called for a price adjustment and spent a total of 3 hours of being lied to and told it was up to the hotel to reimburse me and that the hotel manager denied my request as I was standing with the hotel manager. All they do is lie and give you the runaround. They never asked him for a refund or a price adjustment for the actual room I stayed in.
    The hotel manager felt bad about the situation and comped me with two free nights stay and suggested not to use Priceline anymore. He also stated that priceline does this to a lot of their customers. I’m not sure how they are able to steal money from customers and not have lawsuits brought against them.

  • Cheryl says:

    Horrible customer service. Unwilling to help. Refuse to let me speak to manager. So disgusted in the level of service. Will make sure I post reviews on every outlet I can and will go to BBB. I work in customer service and I would never be so awful and unsympathetic.

  • Accountability says:

    I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor after the initial agent could not give me a legitimate answer. The supervisor was rude and obnoxious, he told me he did not have any superiors over him.

    • Eileen says:

      How did you get to a real person?

    • Amila says:

      Exactly I asked to speak with a supervisor as well and was told I had to leave my phone number and that I would get a call back within 10 minutes from a supervisor. So I’m actually waiting in right now time 12:29 am so I’ll see what happens

  • Jennifer says:

    I use Priceline to book a hotel the was is disappointed and nasty it was a covid infested the room and location was nasty. There was the 800 number was not helpful very rude I have photos to back up all of the issues that I had. The bed was dirty use Pee stain blood stain semen on the sheets on the actual mattress feces on the wall. I’m going to share all the photos videos and I’m also going to file complaints to the Better business bureau

  • D searsewald says:

    I have been trying to speak with an agent about a flight and cannot understand the run around
    I used price for several bookings in the last month
    I am trying to have my daughter join me in Florida but three times now I pick the flight offered and while typing in the billing info, the price goes up by more than $100.
    Yet I am told this happens and there is nothing. I can do about it that Priceline does not control airfare
    This seems like false advertising
    Why all of a sudden is an issue please speak with your lawyers bc this is not right esp to people who have consistently used Priceline

    I will definitely voice this issue over your various social media sites if this is not resolved. I have photos

  • Stupid to think Priceline was human. says:

    I always choose Priceline and have been happy with the service. This is the first time I’m disappointed in Priceline. Unbelievable that you refuse to work with your loyal customer’s reasonable request. I’m looking at my account right now and it states, “Lower price because you are a loyal customer”. Not anymore, I’m not. Your chat agent needs to be taught etiquette.

  • Diana says:

    WORST company ever! first they didn’t tell me about the flight changing fee and second they charged me more than what it shows on their website!
    rip off all the way! I filed a complaint with FTC.. this scam needs to stop
    Not to mention how their manager Belle was so rude!!

  • Elizabeth Herrmann says:

    Worst company ever! Customer service representatives won’t give corporate number especially when they know it was a mess up on their end. Cost me $234 extra dollars to fly my husband home and a representative told me that while it was their mistake it was my problem not theirs. I will NEVER use Priceline again and will most definitely put reviews everywhere so that others know how shitty of a company this is.

  • D. Peacock says:

    I was charged twice for two different rooms when i only booked one. Then told there is nothing they can do and they won’t give me a refund. Will never use them again and make sure I let everyone I know not to use them also. If i break th refund someone for there miss up then its not a service i want to use.

  • Vic says:

    I been trying to reschedule my trip to TEXAS (storm in 2/2022) Now i have to call them and they are saying I have to pay more then the travel credit. I asked why? i already found a flight and is less then before, nobody ia giving me an answer? Corporate? The text message assistances all they do is sure will help you, and on the phone they just keep you on the phone waiting while they are at home finishing up cooking
    Priceline is probably worse then spirit airlines

  • brooke mittledorf says:

    I don’t even know what to say here. Priceline should NOT be connected to this hotel in any way, shape or form, it makes you look REALLY bad. REALLY REAL:LY REALLY bad. The hotel was 200% OPPOSITE of what it purported to be online, and the manager was terrifying ( A manager and a desk clerk were there when we checked in). I had previously emailed the hotel to confirm amenities and special requirements, and they never responded. That should have been my first clue, but I thought it meant everything was ok and good to go. It most certainly was not. I specifically chose this budget option because it had a hot breakfast and a whirlpool tub both prominently featured in the hotel information / specifics, and I mentioned both in my email to the hotel prior to my visit. They actually had no breakfast at all, and the whirlpool tub was full of bugs and did not work. Walking in the door of the room, there were spots of paint chipped off the wall throughout the room, there were odd colored smears of something disgusting looking on the walls throughout the room, all the furniture was stained, broken and falling apart ~ the furniture was SO BAD it looked like what did NOT sell at a garage sale ~ the carpet was filthy and falling off the walls at the floor, it looked like it had not been vacuumed … EVER, the upholstered furniture was stained throughout with what looked like red menstrual blood and there were bugs, hair and food scraps everywhere, and it was CRAWLING with cockroaches. They were EVERYWHERE. It was THE worst hotel I have ever been in in my life. We stayed the first night, then in the morning I called Jhoana at Priceline corporate and she said I would need to go talk to the front desk. I begged her not to call the manager, as he was terrifying. I worked up the courage and went to go talk to him, but the manager was not there and so I spoke with the same desk clerk who had been there the previous night at check in. The clerk said yes, they all knew the hotel was terrible as the owner / manager refused to even care a little bit about it, the desk clerk said the manager / owner would not fix or correct ANY of the problems because he didn’t care, he just wanted the money. He said they get LOTS of complaints ALL THE TIME, and there was really nothing he could do. I was shaking and in tears I was so upset, and I am even shaking now to speak about it again. We decided to stay, to try to manage for the additional nights we had paid for, we really could not afford to pay for ANOTHER hotel and go somewhere else. We returned to the room (#133) about 5 p.m., and decided we just could not stay there another night. so we left immediately and ended our trip early as a result. I would like to ask for a full refund, and am going to write Priceline corporate and Econo Lodge to relay the delays of our stay to both. This hotel should NOT be allowed to be affiliated with a reputable company like Priceline, and should NOT be allowed to continue to operate as an Econo Lodge, destroying THEIR good name as well. I feel like I have PTSD and am severely traumatized from the experience of even stepping foot in that room, much less staying there a full night, I cannot even breathe and am shaking in writing what we endured. It was truly traumatizing. Please refund every cent AI paid in full immediately. Trip # 457-217-152-79. Thank you.

    • Tomeka says:

      Hi Brooke, I’m a Priceline customer and am curious if your issue was resolved. I’ve been trying to get a refund from Priceline since 3/4/22 and have not been so successful. I would like to know if any one has contacted you regarding your issue.

  • Kathy says:

    I am currently 100% DISSATISFIED with Priceline and their lack of customer service. It is very clear from all the complaints listed here that they truly don’t care. I too wish I had seen all these poor reviews prior to booking a car through them. I wish there was a way to put all of these negative customer reviews on blast so people can see how poor the customer service is. I will share my horrible experience as much as I can, that’s for sure. It’s so sad that Priceline clearly does not care about giving a personal positive experience to anyone. Book the reservation, pay and that’s it. You’re completely locked in, no room at all for any conversation. They have your money and that’s where it ends. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

  • Michael L. says:

    I’ve spent over 3 hours on the phone with Priceline trying to use an airline credit. I was originally told (1+ hour call) I have to book through United (45 minute call) who told me I have to book through Priceline. After two calls (over 2 hours), Priceline is now saying I can only use the credit to fly to the same city as the original trip. Currently waiting over 3 hours to speak to a supervisor. I will never use Priceline again since I could have walked to my destination by now.

  • Melissa Davis says:

    What a disappointment! I have used Priceline many times and have always had good results. This time however I have had a terrible experience. I attempted to book a hotel in Sonora California, a best deal offer popped up and Priceline offered one of three hotels at a discounted rate they would choose which one and let me know what they had choosen After I booked the rate. Once I booked it they advised that I was staying at a comfort inn in oak hurst some hour plus drive time away from where I wanted to stay in Sonora! This would add an extra hour on to my trip in the wrong direction! I contacted Priceline and they said it was non refundable and attempted to blame the hotel who in turn advised it was Priceline’s policy not there’s. Bottom line is I had to pay for another hotel in Sonora and eat the money for the other hotel. I am extremely dissatisfied and will not be using Priceline again!



  • Rick S says:

    I called 6 hours after reserving a hotel room to report a lower price on the site, expecting Priceline to honor their Best Price Guarantee. After 1 text agent and 4 phone agents, I was sent to a “special” department. The agent there provided an email address for me to send my experience and the screenshots of the lower price. After one week and no reply, I sent a followup. Now, after two weeks, I still have not reply. Their “Best Price Guarantee” does not seem to be a real thing!

  • Brandie Hopper says:

    Mrs. Dente. I am writing to you about an experience that I had with Priceline on January 17,
    2022. Confirmation # 459656966. Country Inn and suites in Oklahoma City, OK. upon arrival,
    the hotel was closed. There was no furniture in lobby and coverings on the lights. The was a
    sign on the door for inspection contact number. I then called Priceline to report that there was
    no hotel open. I spoke to two different girls and a man who did not have a very good command
    of the English language. The second girl named Mia argued with me and put me on hold
    multiple times. I advised her that it was getting close to dark and that we do not see well to
    drive in the dark. She stated that she got a recording that the number was not in service. She
    stated that she would call the Main number and call us back. We waited for a call about twenty
    minutes. She called us back and said that this hotel is open. I told her she needs to call
    Radisson back and have them deep dive into the hotel. She said she was only allowed to make
    calls about the hotel twice and she had reached her limit of call backs. I insisted she call back.
    She had us on hold for about 30 more minutes not even checking back with us while on hold.
    My husband called Radisson and after 30 minutes with them, they made the statement that
    there was a note on the hotel from the General Manager that they were closed for renovations.
    Mia offered us two hotels by the airport by this time, it was already dark. I told her that was
    not acceptable and she said we would get a refund in two to three business days. We wound
    up staying at a hotel close by and had to pay After twenty minutes she came back and offered
    me a hotel 10 minutes away. She stated that she got a recording that the number was not in
    service. I had already told her this. She then called the rv number for general company. She
    told me they said this hotel was open for business. This after I requested a replacement hotel
    close by; as there were many in that area. After twenty minutes she came back and offered me
    a hotel 10 minutes away. She stated that she got a recording that the number was noI said no
    and she said I would get a refund. We wound up staying at a hotel close by and had to pay
    more for the room. The hotel was not clean and was not renewed. Fast forward to two days
    later. I called Priceline to find out about my refund. I had to go through three people and was
    given excuses. I was made to go through the experience again each time I called. I got ahold of
    a Tony on a Saturday she gave me the case number that had been started and email address to
    send pics of the hotel. I verified the email addy she gave me at least 3 times. I have sent the
    pics and email multiple times. I called back today 2-8-2022 and spoke to Shamadi. I went
    through the whole spiel as to what transpired. He told me that the email address I had was
    wrong. He backtracked once again and did not bother to read the notes on my rv. He once
    again called the hotel and got the not in service recording. Then called Radisson and was told
    that there was a note from the GM that it was closed for renovations. He then said he would
    give us a refund of 62.97. He then asked me to send the pictures that I took of the empty hotel.
    He said he couldn’t open a zip file. I told him that I am not good at doing some things by
    computer. Asked him why he still needed those pics if I am getting a refund? I have used
    Priceline over all others for years. At best; this was a traveler’s nightmare and as a former
    Customer Service Agent for AT&T in brick and mortar for eight years and Verizon at a work at
    home atmosphere, this was the worse example of customer service I have encountered.
    Adding one more item to this complaint. While I was initially on the phone with Priceline sitting
    in the hotel parking lot, two other women arrived in cabs from the airport. One had booked
    through Orbitz and I think the other through Kayak. I wonder how many others this has
    happened to that did not mind throwing away their money. Brandie H

  • Dr. K. Thyagarajan says:

    Looks excellent service

  • Trudy Medrano says:


  • Mike Hagan says:

    Rented a car through priceline. A1 or economy car rentals they charged me an additional 300.00 for car insurance even when I said I have coverage. Returned car clean and more fuel then they gave me. But they charged me an additional 100.00 for cleaning fees.
    Called priceline to complain but they did nothing about it.
    Priceline knows about this company but refuses to do anything about it and continues to use them as there car company rental.
    So sad that a billion dollar company would tarnish there reputation on some other company’s corrupt ways of doing business.
    So sad.
    President CEO
    Brett Keller.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Richard McCulloch says:

    Legal action will begin in a few days. Fraud was committed and reported to you three times. The manager of the hotel refunded money to you which was to be refunded to me. You have been notified two times by phone and two times by email. You are now guilty of fraud.

  • Mike and Claudia Wright says:

    I have contacted 5 people at Priceline for my refund for 2 excursions that we did not take. I want a reply with my refund.

  • Nneka says:

    It’s reached the extent that I’m considering going to the media or filing a lawsuit against Priceline for these fraudulent activities by Priceline agents. I have almost $5,000 in Ticket from Priceline that they either refused to refund or rebook. The agents got to the extent of blocking my phone that when I used another phone number to call, someone came to the line. I’ve made numerous attempts to contact the corporate office via phone number and it always routes me back to their awful agents and I tried by email and have not got any reply yet. I’m using all media to expose the fraudulent activities by Priceline!

  • Margarita FUENTES says:

    Priceline insists my. Credit card was issued refund due to a cancelled hotel during covid 2021 but credit card BANK ISSUED a letter stating PRICELY NEVER DID, now Priceline refuses to investigate further I’ve lost almost &1300.00 Priceline DOESNT WANT TO Investigate further TO Find what happened to MY $$ !!!

  • Laura C. says:

    I purchased a flight on Priceline.com from LAX to SEA on 1/4-1/12 for $410 that came with “Seat Selection” (I have severe claustrophobia & must sit by a window, so I only purchase flights that have this option) but after confirming & purchasing my flight, Seat Selection options never came up? My receipt said “seat assigned at check-in.” I tried to “Chat with an agent” & spoke to Vee who was rude & not helpful at all, saying my flight “did not come with Seat Selection.” So I sent her a screenshots I had taken to show proof that it did & she sent a number to call Priceline & said to call & figure it out with them. So I called & spoke to Alicia, who was nice & placed me on hold to try to get my seats selected. But after 45 minutes, she never came back, so I hung up & called again. This time I spoke to Bon. He was unhelpful, talked over me constantly & didn’t seem to care about my issue at all. He told me to “call the airline & discuss it with them.” (which American Airlines had a 4 hour wait minimum to speak to someone) & it was already past midnight. And then when explaining to Bon my frustration, spending hours of my night arguing, just to get something that I was led to believe, by their website, that I had already paid for, & at some point during that, he hung up on me. Unaware, I continued talking until realizing he had hung up. He called back after 20 min claiming he was “disconnected” but then just said the same thing as before & cut me off while explaining my frustration AGAIN for him to just say “I’m sorry you feel that way”, so I asked to talk to a Supervisor & he transferred me to Joy, who was also of no help & just said the same thing Bon had said. So she transferred me to Jade with Flight Protection. After explaining my situation again, Jade said the $410 I paid was not for my seat & that I will pay for my actual seat later with the airline at check in! I have purchased many flights with them & other sites & I’ve never paid more for my seat at check in? She said some airlines don’t allow Seat Selection. I told her that I knew that some didn’t offer that, which is why I ONLY choose flights that offer it, otherwise I would’ve chosen another flight or went to another site. I told her that what they did is False Advertisement. She very rudely said “we are going in circles” & told me to call the airline. My call ended after 1am, I got no help & wasted over 3 hours of my time. And by the way, I don’t think their agents even LIVE in the US considering none of them speak proper English & have noises & often children running around or crying in the background that you can hear constantly throughout your conversations with their agents. Priceline.com is a joke. So I did a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for them using False Advertisement to lure customers into purchasing flights on their site & their response was, in my opinion, rude & condescending. They refused to do anything for me & basically blamed me for their FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING.

    AND THEN, when I needed to change the date for my return flight back home & I sat on the phone for over an hour with one of the Priceline agents, Andrew, who was nice but (as usual) didn’t speak English well & was told that my flight was changed to the 5:30pm flight on Jan.16th & that I was good to go. He then gave me a confirmation code which 2 days ago on the actual day of my flight, didn’t even work!!! My parents drove me 2 hours to the airport in Seattle not even knowing for sure if I had a flight because when I called Priceline at around 3pm on the 16th & spoke to Ramie, he said they “couldn’t find any information with the Confirmation Code I was given by Andrew” !!!! He said that the only flight info they had under my name was for Jan. 12th (as if my return flight was never actually been changed). It was a 2 hour wait to talk to someone “higher up that would have more information”, I told Ramie that 2 hours was too long to get a call back because my flight was leaving in 2 1/2 hours! So we almost turned around & drove all the way back home! But luckily, since we were already well over half way to the airport, I figured that we should just go there anyway in order to talk to American Airlines directly at the desk. Because based on how Priceline.com had been with everything prior, I knew that if there ACTUALLY was a flight for me that day, then I could almost guarantee that I would be held responsible by Priceline for missing it & would not get my money back or be given a new flight for free even though it was THEIR mistake. I almost missed that flight due to thinking that I didn’t even have a flight & that I was going to have to try & book a new one, so I had my parents drop me off without my bags (I had 4 large bags with me, plus my purse & carry-on). Thank god for the agent at the American Airlines desk that helped me. She said that I did have a flight & a window seat. So I called my parents & asked them to come back to bring my bags. By the time I even got a call back from someone at Priceline, I had already figured it out with American Airlines & was about to go through Security, no longer needing their assistance. Priceline obviously doesn’t care about their customers anymore like they used to, which is clear even just by their response to my BBB complaint alone considering they basically blamed me for their FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING. You all at Priceline.com have lost a great customer 🙂 (and obviously many great customers considering your horrible reviews you all have). I have used Priceline.com for YEARS & I have never been treated as badly as I have been this time using them. I wouldn’t have even used them for my return flight but had no choice in order to not lose the money that I had already put into it. The point of my first complaint was because you all at Priceline are using False Advertisement to lure people into choosing your site to purchase flights. The reason why I chose yours over Expedia in the first place was because Expedia said that the flight I chose didn’t come with Seat Selection & Priceline said it did, for the same price. But then it didn’t come with Seat Selection after all, which is, correct me if I’m wrong, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT 🙂 This company should be shut down effective immediately. And everyone who wants them gone, please make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau because it goes against their score as a business!! 🙂

  • Lino A. says:

    Last time I called Priceline customer service I was informed that my refund will take 2 more hours to complete the process, It’s almost a month now and still waiting for my refund.

  • Kris Wilkins says:

    How can companies like this exist with such poor customer service. Just recently booked three hotel rooms in Williamsburg, Virginia. When I got there they gave me a lesser room type then I booked. The hotel said that Priceline booked the wrong room for me and my family. Unfortunately since we were from out of town we had to settle with a lesser room and would deal with it after the fact. After calling Priceline numerous times they said that there would be nothing they could do since I took the room that they gave me. They kept trying to blame the hotel but the general manager showed me the room they booked for me and it definitely wasn’t the one I paid for. They did finally offer me a 5% discount code for my next reservation. Wow thanks for the $10.00 credit. They should be ashamed of themselves for such a ridiculous thought of kindness. What’s sad is that the supervisors have no common sense decision making skills. All you hear is I’m so sorry you feel that way. Instead of being sorry, make a common sense decision and keep customers happy. I hope this helps anyone that is thinking of booking with Priceline. Just remember if they make a mistake they don’t stand behind what they did.

    • Cami says:

      I am in full agreement! I am trying to find a telephone number to speak with someone in corporate. We need to have a discussion about the quality of service and getting issues resolved, or NOT resolved. I can not think of one reason why I would EVER use this service again. They have some truly awful places on their site. I went in the room that I was told was one of their best, and sat on bed in shock and looked around wanting to vomit. Your shoes stick to the floor, my son says look at that bug, it was a cockroach! I immediately called Priceline and was sent to Booking.com. While on phone I went office and told them we were out of there, you have cockroaches, his response, “we know and are trying to get rid of them”. You have to be kidding! Trying to get my refund, been sent on a vicious circle of who to contact. Worse experience ever. Please contact me. That’s another thing, you get repeated emails asking you for your information including email address! What a joke.

  • Lino A. says:

    I’ve got the same experienced with all of you. Booked my son’s flight from Vancouver to Toronto last Sept and received an email from them 5 days ago (Dec 16) that the flight was cancelled by the airline. I’ve asked them to rebook the flight but the agent said they don’t have any flight that they can give us, so they will start a request to the airline for a refund. I’ve been calling them for 5 days now, spoke to 15 agents since. Agents name were (Ana Maria, Bryan, Steven, Excel, Marian Gonzales, Sofia, Rolly, Zeke and finally to one of their supervisor Margaret. She assured me that the refund’s okay already and they’re just waiting for confirmation code from the airline, she said it will take 2 days max to process with the refund. 4 days later, still no email, no calls from them.

    I’ve called Priceline again today (December 21) and spoke to 4 more agents (Anne, after waiting for so long, she hanged up, called again I spoke to a rude agent (Walter) and passed me to another agent Steven from Flight support and said he’ll pass it to the escalation department. nothing happened again. I’ve called them up again and spoke to Mimi and after waiting for her for an hour to come back on the line hanged up on me again. Called them again and spoke to Kevz and after talking to him for a while, he said all he can do is to transfer my call again (to someone who cares?) and hanged up even I’m still talking.

    Note: just to let you know that I’ve spoke to all of them in a civilized manner and with utmost respect to them but I think they are all tired of us calling them every single day with exactly the same story.

    I’ve got the same experienced with these people too. I should’ve check this travel agency’s (Priceline) feedback first before I booked with them.

    Goodluck to us all my friends, it looks like we’ve got. Btw, got an info that all agents name were not their real names (Call center’s company policy to protect their agents from being sued).

  • Terri Moore says:

    I am very disappointed with the way Priceline handled my reservation to Ashville, North Carolina.
    I booked with Priceline in November and they sent me a confirmation that everything was okay. Closer to the date, they sent me reminders. 2 days before my trip I called the hotel to confirm my reservation. They had no record of my reservation and had no rooms available. However, they did find us a room at a cheaper rate than Priceline. Also, when I called Priceline to to discuss this matter, I was hung up on 7 times. 4 in one day and 3 the next day. I will NEVER use Priceline again.

  • Rolanda yell says:

    Reading these reviews I wish I would have seen them before I booked a trip with priceline my flight was canceled and for the past 5months (August 2021-now December 2021) I have been told accounting is handling it please be patient and still I get the run around every time I call no one can tell me a clear direct answer this is crazy I will never book with you guys again it wasn’t this hard for y’all to take my money but It’s w war to get money back please some one contact me

  • Tara Campos says:

    Hi!! Yes I will never ever travel and use priceline again. MY status is s gold member I dont think so. American airlines cancelled my flight twice. The refund got sent to priceline on November 4,2021. Now they say they have it and then they dont. They have to trace it , and now they hang up and don’t even answer ar all. I have never ever experienced anything or seen anything like this. Yiu can vet I am telling my friends and family also to never book through priceline as well ti my coworkers..

  • Janet says:

    Someone PLEASE contact me about documentation on my refund. I am not even protesting anything. I simply need documentation on the refund. I spent four hours on the phone being passed from person to person who kept saying they couldn’t do it. They said they already sent an email, which did not happen. Someone PLEASE just contact me.

  • Jennie Peterson says:

    To whom it may concern. Over the last year I have been contacting Priceline customer service due to an error in Pricelines system on January 2nd, which left us stranded at an airport. At the time all we were offered was a credit towards other flights. I have called numerous times, escalading the claim to get our full refund back but I have not heard back from anybody. All I am told is that it is in the escalation process and somebody will contact me. I called today to check to see where our claim was and I was told the voucher or credit we were issued expired on 11/10/2021. This leave us in the situation that we paid you for a service, your company didn’t deliver and we requested our money back, which you did not refund us. I am at a loss as to whom I can talk to about this.

  • Wendy Simonovic says:

    I am SO disappointed with Priceline. VIP member and our company books (did book) all trips through them – LOTS OF BUSINESS. That will be ending TODAY. Our “once in a lifetime” trip to London is being ruined by them. First they change our flights (trying to make us come home on NYE)… I manage to get a different flight on the 2nd. NOW… they tell me my hotel will be closed that week and they won’t relocate me because of the flight change! WHAT??? THEY changed the flight. Absolutely NO customer service. They just lost a lot of business.

  • Quin and Carlus says:

    I would like for Brett Keller to contact me regarding my refund. American Airlines canceled my flight and sent my refund to Priceline. I have talked to 5 different people and transferred 5 different times. I waited 4 hours for a call back to be told nothing can be done because accounting is closed. Please contact me at 256-566-2338 Quin and Carlus Sanders.

  • Jodi says:

    I used Priceline to rent a vehicle through Green Motion out of Miami. When I arrived to pick up my vehicle, they would not accept my Liberty Mutual/SAFECO policy. This policy covers a rental vehicle anywhere in the US and Canada. I refused to buy their insurance at $40 per day and opted to Uber to my hotel. I never picked up the vehicle. I appealed to Priceline on 3 occasions for a refund and they refused stating it was the policy of Green Motion. Green Motion rental office states, I must contact Priceline. No one wants to take responsibility. I’ve rented many vehicles out of Florida. My insurance has never been a problem. Still waiting a response from Green Motion corporate on this situation. Do not use Priceline.

  • rissa says:

    I was kicked out of the airport because the airline screwed up my return flight. I called Priceline and the airline to verify my departure from Cairo Egypt to Atlanta Ga. I even called Allianz and spoke with a representative on 11/2/21, and he advised me that it was nothing you all could do. I felt so humiliated and asked what was my purpose in getting flight insurance. In tears in the airport, my baggage was wheeled outside of the airport with no way to go. As I sat outside looking like a homeless person. Embarrassed and humiliated. Priceline can pull my phone calls and messages. I’ve asked several times to speak with supervisors and I have been hung up on numerous times by different reps. On the phone holding for hours..


  • Roger Jones says:

    I recently purchased a ticket from Phoenix to Tallahassee and the flight was cancelled by the airline. After sever hours on the phone, mostly on hold, Priceline was unable to find another flight that would get me there in time for my event and other reservations. Several more attempts were made to reschedule the flight but I am constantly advised (again after being on hold with no explanation) that I need to speak with a supervisor. At this point, I merely want the flight to be moved to another date and time. I did not cancel my reservation, the airline did, so why can I not get a full refund, or in the least reschedule? When I called today, and received my call back, customer service rep Travis hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. Seriously, does this sound like good business practices and doing what is in the best interests of your customers? Yet, here I am fully responsible for a flight cancellation that was beyond my control. Thank you Priceline for properly training your reps to ensure the customer gets what was paid for. I truly appreciate having to pay double the fees, nearly $700, for a weekend trip. Mind you, I had to book and pay for another flight. This has been the worst booking experience of my life and I will never use Priceline again.

    • Lino A. says:

      Hi Roger, I’ve got the same experienced with you too. Booked my son’s flight from Vancouver to Toronto last Sept and received an email from them 5 days ago (Dec 16) that the flight was cancelled by the airline. I’ve asked them to rebook the flight but the agent said they don’t have any flight that they can give us, so they will start a request to the airline for a refund. I’ve been calling them for 5 days now, spoke to 15 agents since. Agents name were (Ana Maria, Bryan, Steven, Excel, Marian Gonzales, Sofia, Rolly, Zeke and finally to one of their supervisor Margaret. She assured me that the refund’s okay already and they’re just waiting for confirmation code from the airline, she said it will take 2 days max to process with the refund. 4 days later, still no email, no calls from them.

      I’ve called Priceline again today (December 21) and spoke to 4 more agents (Anne, after waiting for so long, she hanged up, called again I spoke to a rude agent (Walter) and passed me to another agent Steven from Flight support and said he’ll pass it to the escalation department. nothing happened again. I’ve called them up again and spoke to Mimi and after waiting for her for an hour to come back on the line hanged up on me again. Called them again and spoke to Kevz and after talking to him for a while, he said all he can do is to transfer my call again (to someone who cares?) and hanged up even I’m still talking.

      Note: just to let you know that I’ve spoke to all of them in a civilized manner and with utmost respect to them but I think they are all tired of us calling them every single day with exactly the same story.

      I’ve got the same experienced with these people too. I should’ve check this travel agency’s (Priceline) feedback first before I booked with them.

      Goodluck to us all my friends, it looks like we’ve got. Btw, got an info that all agents name were not their real names (Call center’s company policy to protect their agents from being sued).

  • Anthony T Windle says:

    Look at all these customers your losing. Smh. You call yourself a business, act like one. I’m going to try to contact each one of these people online and start a class action suit against your bogus company.

    • Noiva Santos says:

      They are not helping me cancel a hotel reservation. I am canceling a month ahead. 😡Please include me. Noiva Santos.

  • Anthony T Windle says:

    As a tem year customer I’m highly disappointed in your company. Not only am I unable to get clear answers from your agents on the phone who constantly pass the buck , and say to call this 1800 number, nothing ever gets accomplished. My refund was approved 22 days ago and I still don’t have it. I have bought so many tickets and hotels through your company, and I’m a Gold VIP member. Is this VIP treatment? Call backs that never come, emails I sent you never replied to. When does it end? I want my money. You approved it, keep your word. Covid19 caused this not done random change of mind. My Priceline ID number for this REFUNDABLE flight is 45084497338. You’ve already resold the seat and ticket, why can’t I get my money? I’m so tired of dealing with your staff on the phone in India or whatever country they’re from, I can barely understand half of the agents. I’m trying to be patient. Do I really need to contact my attorney and DOT, as well as the BBB?

  • tressa laroussi says:

    I am a disabled US Army veteran, I am mostly blind and have difficulty walking. I had a reservation from PIT to Istanbul May 2021 to April 2022. Due to the pandemic in India, where my husband was traveling from, I was able to cancel my flight, pay a fee, and had until April 2022 to reschedule my credit. I called in August 2021 to see the terms for making my flight. The representitive said I had no worries that I had to schedule my credit flight from anytime this year but had to return before April 2022. Today, Oct.,21, 2021 I am calling with my code to schedule my flight. Due to my disabilities, my husband has to receive me in Istanbul, Turkey. His flight is already paid for and scheduled. Now all of a sudden when I call to use my credit the agents are hanging up on me refusing to help me….and the customer care all of a sudden says my credit is expired!! I know that it is not, I wrote down what the agent told me in August. I think it is Clause and Ernest and their friends who changed my record. They keep hanging up on me. I have severe PTSD and all this is causing me to cry and I cant stop. There is NO ONE who can help me and I tried to call headquarters and it is just a loop with no real help.

  • Ivy says:

    During the process of my last stay, I was yelled at and hung up on by the owner of one of your hotel partners. I did not even get to successfully communicate my concern simply because a Priceline agent had previously contacted this owner regarding a refund, which I am assuming made this owner very upset. When I attempted to call her to explain my situation and tell her that her overnight staff person at the hotel had told me that they had approved the cancellation, the owner became irate, and proceeded to yell at me and state that I was a “liar and that everyone is trying to get refunds” and hung up on me. The only response from Priceline has been that our “ stay is non- refundable”, I have talked to two or three team leads so far. Our reasoning for not staying in the hotel was to mitigate a potential Covid exposure and a sick child, which we explained to everyone( except the owner that yelled and hung up). We thought we were doing the right thing, it was more convenient for us to stay in the hotel, as it was much closer than the relative’s home where we cared for her. Customer service has really deteriorated at your company.

  • Damita Atwell says:

    I booked a ticket from New York to New Orleans through Priceline. I have a credit. I would like to use my credit to purchase another ticket. The last customer service representative that I spoke with was very rude. I was trying to explain that I wanted to use my United Airlines flight credit. She talked over me and told me to wait. She then ended up asking me the same questions over and over. She was rude in her tone, like I was being a bother to her. She then put me on mute and left the call on, refusing to help me. I would just like to use the credit for the money that I spent on a new flight without a hassle. Thank you

  • Mae Cooper says:

    I had a reservation through Priceline for Holiday Inn in Valdosta GA.
    Confirmation # 434206618
    Itinerary # 435-310-772-79
    Transaction ID #
    My room was filthy. Alexandria and Alda, the managers from Holiday inn said they will process the refund approval. The customer service person I spoke with at Priceline lied and said they spoke to Holiday inn and were waiting for the hotel to confirm refund. I called Holiday inn and no one from Priceline had contacted them. Then I called Priceline back and the representative from that phone call put me on hold and said they called the hotel but no one picked up. I expressed when I called the hotel it rang for quite a while but did not go to voicemail and eventually somebody picked up. It sounds like a run around to try to avoid sending a refund. I didn’t even stay my whole trip. I have multiple pictures of how it looked like that hotel had been built around the dust in my room which is dead skin and horrible filth all over the fridge and the microwave and the coffee maker which is really unacceptable for any type of standard but especially during a pandemic. I really hope that I don’t have to keep contacting you guys to try to get my money back

  • Darnell jackson says:

    I have been waiting for a refund for over 90days. The contract Priceline has posted on their site and the one they give clients all day 10 business day resolution. This is ridiculous! I keep being told that the rental company downs answer calls or emails so there’s nothing that can be done. I need help resolving this matter as it involves a large amount of money

  • Tony says:

    Very rude unprofessional just want to take your money. 2 bad experience in a few months. Hotel was horrible and would not give me refund even though I never stayed in the hotel. Canceled right away after walking in… used to use them every time for my trips, I will never go thru priceline again..

  • Josephine Christie says:

    I am trying to get my money back on this car rental priceline telling me I can’t get my money back because I put in a deput with my bank I need to no who can help me get my money back asap

  • Wesley says:

    If I can have someone from legal contact me. I was quoted one price them charged double that. I will be talking to a layer if no one at priceline doesn’t care for the customer being robbed.

  • Edvardo Parris says:

    To Who It May Concern in January 2021 I had a flight going to Las Vegas due to covid and cancel. Now I called five or six times yesterday and I called earlier this morning now they are saying that I can’t get a refund. I would never use Priceline again

  • Deanna Harwood says:

    This is my first time use and promise this will be my last time to ever use Priceline services. It’s has been nothing but a very big headache for myself trying to get a rental refund on a car I didn’t even get to pickup.

  • Roberta Hernandez says:

    Good Morning,

    I am not sure if this is appropriate, however I’ve been in an endless loop. I originally purchased a flight for my daughter’s wedding in Italy. My trip#35280882345

    The flight had been cancelled through airline per my email. I called Priceline to figure the flight this month on the 3rd and the flight was cancelled and I was advised I’d receive a refund for the amount of $2400 for 3 tickets as the airline cancelled the flight. The day this trip was canceled so was my insurance.

    I thought I’d buy my tickets on a new flight and wait for my refund to be processed 7-10days. I called this morning to get the status of my refund as I wanted to be sure that the payment would be sent to my debit card or via check. I was hung up on twice and sent back into the que when I asked for a manager or supervisor. The information I received was that my cancellation had been completed however I had to call the airline for the refund. Fast forward because Priceline cancelled my insurance I am not entitled to a refund because the insurance was cancelled on the above referenced trip number.
    Please tell me how this is correct since the first agent who assisted with canceling my flight confirmed I’d receive a refund. Had I known this I wouldn’t not have used Priceline to purchase additional 2 trips to Rome for family.
    Having been in Customer Service for years and in training in one of the best Customer Service Companies in the US I can tell you that there is a huge amount of training that is needed in your customer support center. Using overseas companies may save money but it puts a bad taste in the mouth of the customer. Your agents need to connect and have some care for the situation instead of reading from a prompted message. It is insulting and just a lack of empathy to the customer.

    When I called to try and find a new flight I asked to have the agent find me a new flight with the money in order to elevate the stress of cancelling and repurchasing and was told no that was not an option.

    Does your company stand behind this guarantee?

    The Priceline Best Price Guarantee applies to Air, Hotel, Rental Car and Cruise reservations sold on priceline.com! … For reservations that are not pre-paid, we will either help you cancel your reservation so you can rebook at the lower price, or we will refund 100% of the difference after travel is completed.

    I’m interested to find out!
    Roberta Garza

    • Anthony T Windle says:

      I doubt any of us will ever see our money without having an attorney fight this. I’m going through exactly the same thing. The thing about corporations like this, they don’t give a damn about us whatsoever. They have so many customers and money they could care less. Do what I’m doing. Contact the BBB, the DOT, the Federal Trade Commission, and your attorney ASAP.

  • Josephine Christie says:

    Please contact me someone from priceline any of the head people of the priceline company Jay S. Walker, Brett Keller, CEO Matthew Tyson, Liz Dente, Bill Jose, AND SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT RENTAL CAR COMPANY OF PRICELINE. I am a single parent of 4 kids and do to Covt19 I am not working Please refund me my money asap to pay my rent and bills JC

  • Josephine Christie says:

    I Josephine Christie was on the phone with priceline today for hours trying to get my refund money back of $493.83 they took out of my bank account on September 2nd 2021 I don’t understand why would priceline line take money from me when I never pick up the rental car Dollars AWAY car rental at Orlando Florida Airport told my son Jahshier Bland Christie he need a credit car not a debit card to get the rental so when my son told me that I try to get my money back from priceline and they saying now because I put in a dispute with my bank I can’t get my refund please contact me Brett Keller CEO MY NUMBER IS 732-485-0427

  • Josephine Christie says:

    My son got a car rental from u guys with my bank card on June 20th 2021 and I am trying to get a refund and your company priceline will not refund me my money Brett Keller CEO of priceline please call me at 732-485-0427

  • Ash says:

    A nightmare. Your chat feature didn’t work for days. Never received emails they said were sent. Sent hours waiting to speak with someone in customer service. I was told I would be called back in about 45 minutes. It was more like 2 hours and 45 minutes. I was put on hold several times while they looked up the answer to simple questions. Each representative or supervisor I spoke with gave me contradicting information. It seemed they were just making up stuff, lying to me. I spoke with five different people and received five different answers for one question! That is unacceptable. Very unprofessional. Feels more like a scam than a business. I will never use your services again and will encourage everyone I know to try a different competitor.

  • Tamara L Burris says:

    They are crooks! Took my money and confirmed I had a car rental for my vacation but when I landed the rental company wouldn’t honor it and I was stranded at airport. Could not reach anyone at Priceline that cared, kept passing me on to rental car co. It was price line that took my $400 n confirmed my rental. My vacation was ruined and I ended up spending alot more money and I’m very frustrated an upset

  • Tamara L Burris says:

    Priceline screwed me over, took my money for services the 3rd party wouldn’t honor, and refused to assist me with any help. They kept passing the buck to the 3rd party, Sixt, who also refused to help me. So here I am out hundreds of dollars and our vacation completely ruined and I cannot get a hold of anyone at Priceline who seems to give a Damn. I’m very frustrated!

  • Pagona Dunn says:

    Very upset with Priceline charged me and my son which charge both of us for the same thing did not receive my refund on the phone for hours no one has answers or gave me my refund back

  • Anthony Presho says:

    Yes my name is Anthony presho. I have been using priceline for years. Until 6 weeks ago I have been a satisfied customer. Last year I booked a flight and it was canceled due to cov19 . I had a credit of almost $1100. I booked my new flights. And the charges were a little over $1900. I was told that the credit would apply to my charges. They charge me 1900 and it’s been 6 weeks and no credit. I have call 8 to 10 times and was told once that I would get it back 24 to 48 hours. That was on July 10th. Please if you can help with this. It’s been 6 weeks

    Thank u

  • Erik A Sanchez says:

    June 24, 2021

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I wanted to take this time to share my experience with Priceline.com. This is my first time utilizing your services. I have been an avid traveler with my family for a very long time and usually travel in large groups of 8-12 travelers. I have traveled to various places utilizing other travel services. My first and quite possible only experience with Priceline is very disappointing and I will explain why. I called Priceline on 6/22/2021 3:40PM to cancel one traveler from Priceline #405-494-553-38 and to change the Van from a 15 passenger van to a 12 passenger van on Priceline Trip # 405-497-103-44 and was on hold only to be told that someone would return my call via the automated phone line and my space in line was going to be saved and would receive a phone call later that day. I was finally called back on 6/23/2021 4:15PM by a Julio with a heavy Latin accent who was in the process of making the changes but then was disconnected and had to be placed back on the phone waiting list when I was called today at 6/24/2021 1:26AM only to be told that he can only credit for Alaskan Airlines but would lose the fair for United due to missing the cancellation window, with a corporation this big it is understandable that things happen but as a customer/consumer this is not acceptable. It is the principle that if I am in good faith trying to complete the transaction due to a change in circumstances that I should be allowed to complete it in a timely fashion. I attempted in good faith to try and remedy this prior to the 24 hour window of cancelation and due to the system you have in place with maybe limited staff either by design or due to the pandemic is something only you would know. I am respectfully requesting that I either be refunded in full or be provided with travel voucher for future use on a travel agency. Also, the agent never addressed the issue of reduction of transportation van. I do not believe that this is too much to ask with regards to my time wasted trying to resolve this issue that could have been accomplished if only my request was addressed when I called the first time.
    Additionally, I was instructed by the Priceline represented who made the changes that the best way is to write a letter to your corporate headquarters. Given that this industry is primarily online this is ridicules to have to write a letter to request the adjustment.


  • Cynthia Spalding says:

    Please contact me about several booking at hotels that were extremely bad, I need a refund, I need to speak with someone that speaks English that is a manager for Priceline or I am going to make this public!! 513-886-8738 we were charged for a doghouse room we didn’t stay at. Royal Palace hotel in Myrtle Beach

  • K Ellis says:

    Priceline had me in tears! Refusing to take responsibility for their lack of communication. I have asked several times to speak to management and they refused. I am needing assistance immediately. I called to say that I am having symptoms of Covid and they refused to do anything. I received my vaccine and I am having severe reaction. Today was by far one of the WORST customer service interactions.

  • Shawn scott says:

    I went on priceline the 13 attempted to book a flight, so my fiancee could go see his dying grandmother, picked outgoing on frontier from stl to vegas
    Picked return from Vegas to stlouis from spirit put in my debit card info pressed submit after a couple minutes it said oops flight not available please pick different flight. So I did, I tried but would never allow me to book a flight , so I went on united airlines and booked a flight.
    Ecsept guess what frontier and spirit both charged me. So I called priceline and asked why I was charged for flights I couldn’t reserve told I’d get a refund in one business day. Given a ticket number 892724905
    3 days later my bank has not received anything about a refund, frontier and spirit both say I missed my flights will not issue a refund and priceline is now unable to find any info on and she actually stated I’d have to get my money back from frontier and spirit . Spirit said I could get a credit but not a refund frontier said it was not their fault and I use lost that money and flight. Charged $300 for flights that were rejected and now cannot get a refund . This is fraud. I will be contacting the BBB .

  • Justwantavacation says:

    I have called Priceline eight times today alone due to a change in the status of my trip. They only allow “call backs.” Conveniently, each time they call me back, no one is on the line. I say “hello” 15 times and no one is there!!! Do NOT use Priceline!!!!!

  • Angiemadkins28@gmail.com says:

    Good afternoon my name is Angie Madkins I use your services on July 3 rd at the Baymount hotel due to me staying there my accommodations was horrible room 343 was NASTY BED HAD STAINS ON BOTH BEDS THE CARPET WAS FILTY STAINS AT THE FRONT DOOR THE BATH ROOM WAS FILITY FLOORS LOOSE TILE MIRRORS DIRTY AS HELL NO PRESTABLE COFFEE POT MISSING PARTS mind you I jut drove 4 1/2 hours we where tired I went down Staris to talk to whoever was available a young man was at the front desk he came up to the room and notice it was beyond dirty he said he would he couldn’t give me another room they where full leave a message for the manger so I waited 2 day she never called but I called here her a was Rude as hell basically she I lost out of money Patricia f ,Christina they was rude to me and my sister I would like to have my money return poor quality hotel MY Name is Angie Madkins 1118 creekwood ct perris ca 92571

  • Victor says:

    11 years that I’ve used price line, I would say that my last trip, Priceline left me hanging in Philadelphia airport with no options, i paid for a hotel that i didnt even stay at, in addition I also booked 2 hotels on the same trip, I paid for a 3 star, and what i got was a hotel that was rated less than a star.
    The properties at the Ramada Plaza by Wyndham in Albany and NJ were one of the worst that I stayed at. Hotels smelling like weed, toilets not working, door locks not working, slide card access not working properly, a non smoking room smells like smoke. The best way I can describe this was SLUMB LORDS properties. I got charged for a hotel that i didnt even stay at and i didnt even get a refund.

    This is the last time I ever use Priceline.

  • Kurt says:

    Priceline sucks we made reservations at a holiday inn express an turned out to be a days inn crack hotel with cockroaches everywhere we did not stay there an cant get our money back

  • Ieshia collymorebey says:

    I booked a hotel for 2 nights that I have stayed at b4 a week ago when I got to the hotel the wouldn’t allow us to keep the reservation but to insignificant i.ds with are the same i.ds I used a week b4 then I booked the room literally 2 hours b4 I arrived I called explained to the rep that would not allow me and my family to stay the rep asked for permission to cancel my reservations she then put me on hold called the hotel for the refund the amount I paid for the hotel been pe di g on my card for 4 says and now there are no pe ding transactions and they still charged me for the stay you representatives are rude and nasty don’t wanna look up anything I’m telling them nor did they want to help me with my problem after telling them that my bank confirmed the payment they are still telling me that my money will be refunded in 5 to 10 business days WHERE IS MY MONEY we are in a pandemic and your company wants to treat its customers this way just give me my mo ey for the services I’ve never received that simple I also sent my bank statement provided that I payed for the hotel cause it seems to me that every agent I talk to dont believe the companies took my money that they put the mo ey on hold my statement says Transaction post 4 day after the cancelation…make it make since

  • Denise Kusmit says:

    No service the worst ever i paid fro first class and then my ticket change and could not talk with a person . to get it fixed . so i had to have a layover for 8 hour. why would i want that when i paid first class money.this company is no good!!!!!!

  • Joanne Serio says:

    Priceline is the worst! We flew to Hawaii only to be told that the state no longer accepts negative COVID tests from CVS. We had to leave Hawaii and fly back to Chicago. Priceline is refusing to give me a refund on my rental car even though I was not able to use it. We were not allowed out of the terminal, there was no way to get the car. I immediately called and was told that as soon as they verified that I did not pick up the car, I would get a full refund. Well, after speaking to numerous agents who all promised a refund, I was denied!
    This is customer service!!! It was horrible enough not to be able to go on vacation let alone be out so much money!! DO NOT USE PRICELINE !!

    • Ljh says:

      Hi Joanne,
      I’m sorry to hear this happened to you as I’m presently dealing with a similar issue with Priceline. I went to the rental agency to pick up a car based on my rental agreement but was told there were no cars available, after I waited in line for an hour. Priceline is telling me that they can refund my money until they verify I don’t have the car. I think the I only way to address this form robbery is through media and a class action lawsuit as we can’t be the only ones who have been impacted by this conduct. This is not just a lack of service but also criminal!

      • LG says:

        I recently had the same issue. Booked a flight and a car. When I arrived, they didn’t have the car that I booked and tried to offer me a compact car. I never actually got a car and now they are also telling me that they have to verify with the car rental company that I never picked the car up before they can refund my money. Incidentally, the car rental company confirmed that they automatically cancel the reservation if the car is not picked up within a certain time frame, and provided me a reference number, but Priceline refuses to accept the reference number, citing safety issues. I agree that they probably need a class action lawsuit brought against them.

      • Heather says:

        I would like to be a part of that class action lawsuit. I had the same issue but instead the agency did not accept my form of credit card. Priceline is charging a $40 refund fee.

      • Heather says:

        Contact me through my email, hgharris101@gmail.com. Priceline needs to be sued

  • Shawna says:

    This company is a rip off. Be aware of their specials as it will cost you more in the end. No respect, poor customer service. This company will not work with you even when their website is misleading. Never again

  • Isaac Robinson says:

    A total nightmare. I have booked with this site twice in the last 2 weeks all involving airfare rental and hotel and both times as been a total nightmare. The dates changed on my itinerary by no fault of my own and all any rep rep can say is my apologies for this but we can cancel the booking which is totally inconvenient. I even tried to reach out to the Corp office and the prompt gave me the exact same rum around. Never again will I shop with your company. And I will make sure no one in my family does either.

    • RyeNisha says:

      Exactly!!!!!!! I’m goin through this right now as we speak I’m so LIVID !!!!! I will never use there service again n I’m getting my lawyer involved to start a lawsuit cuz this 3rd party is a joke n BULLSHIT !!!!!!!

  • Kathleen Andrade says:

    In my entire life I have never seen a company such as yours blatantly defraud their clients. On August 30, 2020, I was searching Priceline for First Class ticket prices to take a last minute business trip from Santa Barbara to Virginia. I was only searching for First Class. During my search, one of your Express Deals popped up. The Express Deal read that the fare was $867.99. I looked over everything and the notice at the bottom of the Express Deal stated “First Class. Carry-on bag and advance seat selection included!” It does not read Mixed Class or Economy Class. In fact, when a customer clicks on the deal to get more details, there are no details about the class of the ticket either direction so the customer is left to assume that the class is the class advertised on the Express Deal. WRONG! I booked one of your Express Deals and was duped! Sure, I got First Class on the departure but Economy Class on the return. There is a very specific reason why I wanted to book first class. Now I am stuck with this ticket that was not even what I was searching, not what was advertised. My only choice is to dispute my CC bill right now and rebook through someone else. Shame on YOU! I will be posting this comment on the BBB and with the Attorney General’s Office because this is clearly a bait and switch tactic – FRAUD.

  • JLB says:

    Priceline commits fraud.

    Stole our money and no services/products were rendered and they won’t give us our money back.

    Everyone needs to contact their State Attorney General’s Office to file complaints. Also, contact new media, blast social media and file a complaint with the BBB.

    We get to get the word out that people should be aware and leery of doing business with Priceline….the do not care about their “customers” or “customer service” and are only out to take you money and run away laughing while they do.

    Priceline sucks!

  • Ileana Pagan says:

    I recently purchased two tickets to ROme (July). 5 days before leaving I requested an update in our last names in order to reflect the same info as our passports. I spoke to 20 agents which was very frustrating in order to make the changes in our airline tickets. Changes were done, but your company was unable to resubmit our tickets again. Some of your supervisors even suggested to cancel our tickets and get some kind of refund without going the extra mile. I explained that we had our cruise reservations made and that we needed help, but it was useless. I was on the phone with 20 of your reps the entire weekend with no results. Thank God, we flew to New York and were able to fix this situation in a Delta counter. Your reps and even worse your supervisors, are totally helpless. I could not believe that you had technical issues and could not resubmit our tickets. The experience was extremely frustrating and we almost lost our planned trip. Nevertheless to say that I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN.

  • >