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  • Address: 461 Nott St, Schenectady, NY 12308, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 518-355-5000
  • Fax Number: 518-379-3515
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 30,000
  • Established: 1932
  • Founder: Ben Golub; Bill Golub
  • Key People: Neil Golub (Chairman), Scott Grimmett (President & CEO)

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Carol Cillis

Vice President and Corporate Comptroller

About Price Chopper, History and Headquarters Information

Based in Schenectady, New York, formerly known as Central Market, Price Chopper was incorporated in New York's Capital District in 1932. It was founded by Ben Golub and Bill Golub along with Joseph E. Grosberg. They changed the concept and changed conventional stores to superstores and food and drugs store, which are open 24 hours to serve its customer base. They introduced the very well-known S&H Green Trading Stamps in 1951. In 1973, they changed the way and followed the new strategy and got rid of Green Stamps and cut down prices. In addition to this, the chain was re-named to "Price Chopper." Their business experienced continuous growth throughout the seventies, following which they opened new stores and upgraded old ones.

Price Chopper is a regional grocery store chain. Their line of products consists of groceries, floral products, gift cards, produce, meat, health and wellness products, and general merchandise. Price Chopper owns and runs more than 137 stores in Upstate New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Price Chopper sells its products and services under its four corporate-exclusive private label brands: PICS by Price Chopper, Price Chopper, Price Chopper Naturals, and Central Market Classics. Currently, there more than 24,000 associates working for this company.

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  • Ikeane Coleman says:

    Hello this is a former employee and my name is ikeane Coleman I Worked for merit logistics for a few months and I was referred by my mother Keysha Williams who also worked here she ended up taking leave because of sexual harassment me treading right behind but that was one of only few incidents. The job was heavy labor and as a beginner/new hire I was supposed to be shown all proper equipment to complete my job safely by my trainer I was not aware of a “hook”used to pull heavier items towards you from a distance, Because of this I ended up overextending and damaging my left arm or tendon . Noting that I was a new hire but new hire or not an incident report should have been filed I do not recall being gaven the opportunity to fill one out this should have been my first time filling one out noting this is my first time getting hurt at work instead I was told “it would look bad on the company as a new hire getting hurt at work”something close to that and being young and being there for the pay and because it was my only source of income and having the fear of retaliation I went along to the hospital and lied telling them “I was lifting something heavy off the fridge “ they look at me like I was insane and looking back at this now makes me upset. They put “unspecified” on the note and I’m pretty sure light duty but that was only one of the incidents While still being trained I was left unsupervised and ended up bumping my forehead and gashing myself right above my eye, it was a pretty bad cut and I still have the scar and I almost forgot no incident report was made and I will not stand for such inhumane and such a disregard for employees something needs to be done or actions will be taken

  • Keysha L Williams says:

    I used to work for merit logistics and quit due to sexual harassment from a male janitor. This man kissed me on my face. This man kept making sexual advances made me feel uncomfortable so uncomfortable that I walked off. My son literally busted the top of his eye open and was encouraged to hide it and not report it. As a woman I felt like a piece of meat working as an order selector.

  • Debbie says:

    Your Spin the Wherl game was a big joke. For the past four days all I got was “Try Again Tomorrow” and now game has ended. Other people I know were getting 500, 1000 points, gift cards. I will take my business elsewhere. I don’t think it is right when a company cheats certain people out if things.

  • Timothy Conrad says:

    I put in for a new advantage card cause my was stolen. I haven’t received it.

  • Michele Borcsok says:

    Need to file a complaint. ASAP. Thank you.

  • Kathleen Ainey says:

    There is no other way to contact corporate except here publicly? Doesn’t surprise me. I definitely request someone in charge call me back immediately. The ridiculousness of the Montrose Pa store needs to be addressed and stopped. My daughter was wrongfully terminated and I want the answers nobody in that store would give. My name is Kathie Ainey and my number is 570-289-4987
    Let’s see if I get a response or how far I need to take this matter.

  • James Mason says:

    My young son and family live in webster massachusetts, yesterday, sunday,8/28/2022 we went to webster, ma. Price chopper, the total grocery amount came to $202.56 my son has a massachusetts dta card, the stores computer went down, half of the customers couldn’t get their groceries, I, 68 yrs, paid for his purchases, so much for helping my grandchildren with school supplies, clothes, etc. Sad organization. Disappointed.

  • Colleen says:

    For 6 1/2 months I have contacted Price Chopper several times regarding the e coupon app. This is totally ridiculous I’ve had many representatives assist me to where they could not solve the issue. Every time you log into your account on Price Chopper app, it comes up there was an error and it will not let you download any coupons

  • Ken Knoll says:

    Why won’t the price chopper in Platte city MO açcept Single Care pharmacy discount program? Pharmacist said not accepted. Asked what part of NO I didn’t understand. So what other corporate programs is not available?

  • Tim johnson says:

    I would like to know why you have to use e coupons. I have tried using them several times and have yet to get them to work. They are unfair to older people who don’t have computers and obviously I’m doing something wrong. Its very frustrating. The last purchase we made and we tried to use an e coupon which didn’t work was for 2 Pepsi product cubes. I took the receipt back to the store the next day hoping to be reimbursed the 4 dollars. But they refused to work for me. Stop it with e coupons and just
    Lower the price at store level so everyone can use them.

    • Colleen says:

      I totally agree. I have logged into my Price Chopper account seriously over 18 times having to change my password continuously and every time I do my password was changed successfully but then when I log into the app to download the e coupon… constantly comes up saying there was an air that breaks you back to the homepage. These e coupons are a joke And so agree that the elderly have difficulties doing this it’s not fair for those that find it difficult just to get a stupid coupon

  • Timothy Conrad says:

    How do I go about getting an advance card with no license. I lose my last year.

  • Christin penoyer says:

    Can you call Price chopper and ask him why they’re being mean to me and everything else I’m feeling uncomfortable going in there to do my work they’re making me really upset and scared and I don’t know why they’re doing it but they are Tiffany and Sarah both are making me upset and not I’m afraid to go in there right now Tiffany especially she’s making me upset she’s jumping on my butt and and I’m not going to centering I’m not going to have it with her again she’s making me very very uncomfortable

  • Lynn says:

    I am so disappointed that the Saratoga Springs Railroad Place store is closing! I am in there at last 3 times a week and it is always busy. This will cause a huge inconvenience to me and I’m sure to those that live right there! I am rethinking giving my business to Price Chopper – I’m sure you won’t care about that! I don’t think I’ll ever understand exactly why you are closing this store. The other stores are not convenient for me and are too loud.

  • Lawrence Bizzarro says:

    It’s 6:25 AM. I just got back from your Hudson Valley store. Last week me and 2 other men waited outside in 7 degree weather. The store didn’t open until 6:15. Today I wanted chicken breast split and sugar free cough syrup They had neither. I settled for other stuff. Went to cash out. No cashier and couldn’t use self check out. Worker near the front told me there wouldn’t be a cashier until at least 6:30. I’ve been a customer since day 1. Your store is in the toilet. Don’t advertise you open at 6 if you don’t. I’m heading for Hannoford after work. I’m sure nobody cares but you will someday.

  • Robert LeFleur says:

    I was interested in get the golfing card that was in flier in Plattsburgh NY 12901
    But when I went to the store no one knew nothing of it!
    The woman manger said she would get the information and get back to me! As of today 3/04/2022 I have heard nothing! Any information would be appreciated!

    Thank you,

  • Denise Sorbara says:

    I have been trying to use e coupons all week for the tutterossa tomatoes and the olive oil you have on sale and the coupons have not been working very frustrating I have gone to the store 4 times can I please get some kind of compensation for these items because sale is over today?

  • F. Grinberg, MD says:

    Will you continue selling Ben and Jerry’s products even after they joined the boycott against Israel? Even the state of Arizona has ousted them!

  • Isaac Matos says:

    I once again visited the marlborough ma store to return beer bottles and buy another case of beer.
    As in the previous three times, the machine would not accept that brand. All beer bottles were from purchases made at PC Supermarket in Massachusetts. I’m fed up with this incidents and I’m thinking of complaining to the State of Massachusetts because I don’t feel like driving to Shrewsbury Mass store. I live in Marlborough Mass.,less than a mile from the Marlborough PC.

  • Isaac Matos says:

    Went to PC marlborough ma to return beer bottles from beer purchased at Shrewsbury ma store. Machine refused to accept the bottles. After a lengthy runaround, the courtesy desk issued me a refund and I was told they needed to to scan that brand in the machine. That was over three weeks ago. I returned today to return same brand bottles and the machine still don’t accept that brand. I don’t feel like going another round. I put the bottles back in my car and will take the 20 mins. Ride to PC Shrewsbury ma. I don’t have any problems there.

  • Kenneth Stevens says:

    The new e-coupon system is terrible. Shopped this morning I got credit for none of the sale items. Cashier couldn’t help and agreed idea was a big mistake. Done with Price Chopper back to walmart. Lost a good loyal customer.

    • Colleen says:

      I feel your pain I go through the same thing it’s a joke, not that they will care but I agree with somebody else soon down the road as everybody follows suit, they will eventually care as I may start going back to Hannaford myself

  • Patricia Logan says:

    I believe that Price Chopper discriminates against people that do not have a so called I Phone , or computer so we can not get the discount on food that others can get. This is discrimination against those that are less fortunate.Why can we not have the option to have paper coupons?

  • Mike says:

    Since when the dog food is not returnable????. Why (NO RETURN SIGN) is at the customer service only???

    Customers touch every item in the store include fresh food, why It’s Okay we buy touched products from Price Chopper but Price Chopper doesn’t accept wrong dog food was picked up wrong back. I hope Price Chopper customer service tell us why ” no return or exchange”?????. I hope you got my point.

    Thank you


  • Carla Cahill says:

    The Price Chopper store in Malone, New York has deteriorated. Not only since the pandemic occurred but before. The rearranging of items is disjointed and the reduction in selection of brand names is less than desirable. The produce, meat department, etc., (border departments) are not bad but the rest of the store is not appealing and does not provide an adequate selection. I am seriously considering travelling 50 miles to shop at Hannaford where, I know, I will find an abundance of good selections.

  • CATHI Glanz says:

    I live in Essex Junction approximately 1 mile away from Price Chopper where I shop. I no longer get a Sunday newspaper because there’s nothing other than the PC flyer of any value. The flyer is available on the website but those three or four valuable coupons on the front page are not. Those coupons are not in the flyers at the store. I used to look forward to those coupons. My question is how can I get the PC flyer delivered to my house?

  • Susan Quigley says:

    What’s up with the gas rewards? Ever since this program started I received 3X the gas rewards. This time around I am only getting 2X. My sister who doesn’t usually spend much there is getting 4X. I have been shopping at Price Chopper for a long time and spend over $200 a week. What is the factor that determines the rewards?

  • louie james woodworth says:

    the attorney general says you guys can’t refuse entry into your stores to people or a judge is gonna walk in there and tell you guys that you can get sued and you will lose

  • Marilyn Robillard says:

    Very disappointed in shopping at the Great Barrington store #155 this morning. I am a senior citizen and they have no toilet paper on the shelves. The cashier said they had tons yesterday. You would think the store manager would keep aside some stock especially if they have senior hours. Thank you.

  • Tracy says:

    Was at your market 32 in newburgh ny cashier Kimberly m a very rude cashier .. complained to front nend about her hopefully she gets reprimanded very rude to customers!! Will call corporate when they are opened for sure!!

  • Daryl Jean Boyle says:

    Yesterday my husband and I went to the 6 AM early shopping for seniors. We wore hats with bills to protect our faces and face masks. Everything was fine until I saw 3 employees at the front end of the store, at the start of the produce aisle. They were standing about 2 feet apart, in a triangle pattern. They were close enough that they could reach out and touch the shoulder of the person next to next. I pointed that that they were not following recommended safety precautions and I was told ” We don’t have to do that, and to mind my own business. I replied that it was my business, my husband has 2 types of cancer and they were endangering him. Again, I was told to mind my own business. I was told ” We don’t need a lecture” and “Don’t lecture us”. All this was accompanied by laughter. I admit after being laughed at I said “you do need a lecture, because you’re idiots and that I was going to register a complaint, which brought more laughter. So, I went up front and asked for the store manager or whoever was in charge. Imagine my surprise when one of the women from the group of 3 turned out to be the person in charge. She saw me and LAUGHED. They will probably say they were working, consulting or some such. They did not appear to be working, they were laughing and chatting. But, even if they were working, it should have been done in private, an office or such. And, under No circumstances was their behavior and response to my concerns appropriate.
    All public offices, from the President, the Governor, the CDC, even the WHO, and down, are saying 6 feet for social distancing. Your workers are a danger to public safety.

  • louie woodworth says:

    that is how the department of social services works and the US Sate Senators and the Health department works but those people are going to say to them that no one is going to be able to order stuff online unless it is off of QVC or something

  • louie woodworth says:

    they also know that people have foodstamps also so

  • louie woodworth says:

    the Oswego County Health Department said they will go in with the US State Senators and Department of Social Services workers who are on food stamps and they are going to lay the law down about bags ok and they will say people can be given a plastic bag and paper bag but they are free and bags aren’t reusable unless they have a different handles on them and made out of something else

  • Michele Bianco says:

    Can someone please tell me when you will be getting Clorox Bleach in the Latham, Cohoes or Watervliet stores? I understand that we are in a national crises due to COVID 19, however, I have been trying to purchase a bottle for the last three weeks.

  • Scott Dubois says:

    At my local store an hour after the open . The item that was on sell was put in wrong place on self . There was several cases there and manger told me there was nothing he could do about it. His name is Don Wilcox at the Ottawa Ks store.

  • louie james woodworh says:

    the FBI the president of the united states and governors all said banning plastic bags is ridiculous and said tthat on Monday everybody is going to be arrested for letting people play this

  • Corey Pierre says:

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Corey Pierre from Upstate New York. I am the owner of 4C’s Condenser Coil Cleaning,
    I would like to share, if I may, some information on what my company does and can offer you, on your refrigeration equipment at your store locations here in upstate New York. I have attached a letter and literature with this email that includes the contact information if you may be interested in setting up an appointment with me to discuss this further in detail.

    Thank you for your time,

    Corey Pierre

    4C’s Condenser Coil Cleaning
    518-877-6300 (Office)

  • penny hough says:

    I was in my local Price Chopper this afternoon, and had an accident. I was coming around the corner and my feet went up and I slammed my back and head on the floor. I apparently slid on some spill from either whipped cream or even maybe some kind of cheese! well, as I fell the little basket I was carrying dropped and one of my candles fell out and smashed on the floor as I was falling. I had landed on my back, and my head, and as I was trying to get back up I must have hit a piece of glass and cut open the palm of my hand. there were two girls that came over to help me, and I was very happy for that because my hand was bleeding by then. they gave me band aids, which I really appreciated. I didn’t fill out an accident report only because I wanted to get home. I ‘m not a person who thinks of suing anyone, but I have been told I should go back up and do the report. I rather not, but I have some health problems with my hips and lower back and I really don’t want my health to become worse than it already is. Any suggestions? thank you, Penelope Hough my cell is 518 224 8058 my email is Penny12078@yahoo.com I have been shopping at my local Price Chopper for over 30 yrs. I never ever fell anywhere in my store. tonight I am having some pain in my neck and my hand that was sliced by glass. I am sorry to have to send this notice.

  • Tomas Amill says:

    I work for the University of Connecticut at the Storrs, Ct. campus. I like to stop in the price chopper near campus on my way home. Twice now I have tried to have the customer service people at the store put money onto my debit Visacard and they tell me that they do not do that. Is it that it’s a store policy not to charge the cards or is it that they do not know how to or worse, maybe they do not want to be bothered?
    That said, I really like the store.
    Thank You

  • Chris says:

    I live in Ballston Lake, Saratoga NY. I belong to Next Door a website just for developments like Fox Run, Clifton Knolls, Dutch Meadows etc. Many are no longer shopping at any of your stores due to constant mispricing, lack of costs listed even on shelves. Your organics are any customers guess where they are. When customers realize they have been over charged they not only have to make a trip back to the store but then have to deal with your customer service. Your weekly ads may say one price but it apparently doesn’t make it to the register. Not to mention a few on Next Door, due to your very small print, didn’t realize the alledged sale, you had to buy more than one. A bit deceptive, just saying. I myself no longer shop in your stores for ALL these reasons. To that end, being a fair person, this email is sent in good faith, for your company to address these issues.
    Thank you.

  • Kathleen M. Hunter says:

    Cicero Store 199 is the best. Management and employees are personable and professional. I’ve been shopping here for years and everything is always advanced to the better. I only do see a couple of items not being carried anymore. Otherwise, great products and personnel!!

  • robert says:

    worst web site i ever saw –tried for an hour to order –impossible to do

  • colleen says:

    YOUR BAKERY AT THE VAILS GATE N.Y. STORE STINKS!!!!!! every morning I go there to pick up newspapers and bagels again no bagels. Please tell someone there to get their act together.The newburgh n.y. store is much better

  • C.Shapre says:

    Regrding your North Utica store. For the last several months I have been inquiring why it does not carry 16 oz pepsi caffeine free. Two of the managers have told me they must not be making it anymore. WRONG….If you check the soda shelf you will see there are at least 5 other pepsi products. Please stock 16 oz caffeine free.

  • colleen says:

    your store in Vails Gate NY is a mess never have the items I need also that bakery is dirty I’m always there in the morning getting donuts etc. flys are always in the compartment this AM I saw 3 …please tell manager to clean up that store

  • Elizabeth says:

    Saratoga st 50 would not cash my compensation check today after it has done so in the last 3 years. That is where I go when banks are closed i have been loyal customer for 20 years

  • louis/louie james woodworth says:

    this is a former employee louis/louie james woodworth and there is asbestos in the Oswego location building and I will tell you on who you need to contact and that is a company that works with that kind of stuff and they will be licensed so if anything happens to them while working on it the company they work for are responsible for them not you guys

  • Mrs Manchester says:

    First of all , what I have to say , is to much to type.I would like a call back from someone in the corporate office.My phone number is 518 993 8031.,And my name is Mrs Manchester.Contacting me early morning would be best.8 or 9am . Thank you, and I will be waiting for your call.

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