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  • Address: 151 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 415-441-1787
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1949
  • Founder: Paul Secon and Morris Secon
  • Key People: Douglas A. Diemoz (Chief Financial Officer)

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Kim Terry

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About Pottery Barn, History and Headquarters Information


Pottery Barn was founded in the year 1949. The company has been active for over 70 years now. The company was founded by Paul Secon along with his brothers as well, located in West Chelsea, Manhattan, USA. The founder of the company had discovered almost three barns of pottery from the factory of Glidden Parker, located in Alfred, New York, USA. Paul Secon, with the help of his brothers, had built up a chain of almost seven stores. Then in the year 1996, Paul Secon had sold off his share of the company. Two years later, one of his brothers named Morris, also sold off his share percentage as well, to an outsider. The new owner of the company had expanded the chain to nearly 13 stores, and then afterwards selling it to The Gap, in the year 1904.

As of the year 1986, the company was sold off to Williams Sonoma. The mail order list catalogue of the company was first published by the company in the year 1987. As of the year 2017, the company had released its first augmented reality application for iOS mobile users, that helped users to virtually place pottery barns all over their rooms and therefore save the design ideas for buying products later onwards. One of the company's sub-brands, known as PBTeen, was the first home to focus mainly on teenagers. The brand was launched in the year 2003. The first store of PBTeen was opened in the year 2009 in Georgia, the USA, which was followed by stores in Chicago and New York City, USA. PBTeen also has a sub-brand as well, known as PB Dorm, for young people who are starting their college lives. The company has also been referenced to as well, in various favourite TV shows, known as FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld. The headquarters of the company is based in 2100 Chestnut Street. The name of the place is San Francisco, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 94123.


Pottery Barn is an American company that focuses on the designing and manufacturing of various kinds of products for home furnishing needs, for its customers, all around the world. The current CEO of the company is Douglas A Diemoz. As of the year 2015, the company has its presence in over 198 locations all around the world, including the USA, Mexico, Australia, Perto Rico, Canada, etcetera. The company is currently a subsidiary of Williams Sonoma Incorporated.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of home furnishing items, manufactured and developed by the company itself. The company also has speciality stores as well, known as Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen and PB Dorm. The company also sells its bed and bath line products as well.

Pottery Barn Headquarters Photos

  • John Kinney says:

    Your company should just close and discontinue operations. We just had a horrible experience with a committed delivery day that was never honored. I read all the other nightmare reviews. Customer service is the hallmark of a successful company. Pass this on to our executives if they really care about your customers.

    • Disappointed Customer says:

      Had the same issue. It was over a month wait, reached out to every entity of Pottery Barn and NOT one individual replied back regarding my complaint and poor service given on the Pottery Barn behalf and name. Horrible company- I have never had such poor service and have purchased many times from here and due to this one extremely horrendous debacle I will NEVER purchase from here again.

  • Charles Coker says:

    My wife and I experienced horrible service in the Fresno Pottery Barn store. We thought the store was left unattended until we saw what we thought was an employee.

  • Sims Connie says:

    I’m a designer and you owe me money.
    I have waited months and no one calls be back.
    Please help!

  • Bethanny King says:

    My husband ordered a glider and ottoman for our daughter’s nursery on 06/01/22. It was expected to be delivered the beginning of September, which was perfect since that is when she was arriving. The ottoman is in a warehouse in North Carolina, but they won’t deliver it to me until the glider is also there; even though each item had a separate shipping and delivery fee. The ottoman expected Delivery was delayed to October, November, and then December. Since October I was told the glider was stuck on a trailer in Georgia. On 12/01/22 I called (as it had been 6 months since the order was placed), and finally received the truth. They don’t know where the glider is and there had been no updates on its tracking since 09/24/22. They refused to refund me until I have the products in my home, so I was told we could order another one OR wait it out and see if the lost item ever showed up. We went ahead and reordered. I was verbally told it is expected to be to me on 01/07/23. I just received an email letting me know the product is back ordered and I can now expect it on 05/01/23. That is exactly one month shy of a year since the initial order was placed. I wanted to be able to rock my newborn daughter in that glider and she is no longer a newborn. I wanted to read books to her in that glider as an infant and at this rate, she will be out of infancy before we actually have the product. There was no issue on their end collecting our hard earned money, but it seems to be impossible to get quality customer service regarding the missing products. I can’t vouch for the quality of the products because I have yet to see them. Their lack of communication, honesty, and care is disgusting. Many marriages end in divorce for the same reasons. I’ve tried “divorcing” this company, but won’t get my money back until I have the products they lose, won’t deliver, and/or can’t actually produce.
    Shame on me. I’ll NEVER shop with any William’s Sonoma based company again and should’ve supported local from the start. Do better!

  • Julie Call says:

    I recently ordered a Balboa chair and received it a month ago. The seat cushion fabric is not right. I have contacted the store where I purchased it Eastview Mall, Victor, New York several times. Each time they tell me the same thing that the information has been forwarded to the appropriate individual and they will contact me. Well it’s been over a month and no one has contacted me. I am totally disappointed with how my concern has been handled. When ordering the chair I was readily reassured that if there was a problem when it arrived it would be promptly addressed. Now it’s a different story. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of furniture from your store and had actually planned to buy an extensive selection of outdoor furniture in the near future. Based on this experience I can tell you I won’t be ordering anymore furniture from Pottery Barn. I hope that you can change my mind by resolving this matter promptly. I can be reached at 716-474-1442. Sincerely, Julie Call

  • Kathy says:

    I had a very bad experience at the Monterey Pottery barn. My question is: are you more interested in selling what is in your stores or getting products out? There was only one sales person who was trying to help someone which was taking a very long time. She couldn’t find the price of the products the lady was trying to purchase because there were no prices on your products and we’re also not on your website .

    Two visual people working who didn’t know about your products . I waited over 1/2 to have someone who could help I finally had a enough I asked for a manage that person know much I left.

  • DMilans says:

    I have spent the better part of my morning making phone calls to Pottery Barn about an order for the Clarence Apothecary Vanity, Mini, in matte black. I placed my order on September 29, 2022, with an expected delivery between October 12-24. The online ordering said the item was in stock, so we expected our item to be delivered within the proposed timeframe. In the meantime, we were charged the full amount (nearly $2,000 incl. tx. and del. charges) for an item that had not even shipped yet. Now the timeframe for delivery is showing November 7-25. In making my calls this morning to get some more information, I was put on hold 3 times, disconnected once, and given inaccurate information (i.e., one person at the delivery center told me the marble top was in and they were waiting for the base, while another person told me the base was in and they are waiting for the marble top and basin. No one I spoke with could give me an estimated timeframe of when the other pieces were expected. In my opinion, it is unacceptable to be showing an item in stock – then claim that you cannot ship the item because all of the pieces are not there. It is MOST unaccecptable to be charging someone for an item that isn’t even available to ship!!! Because this bathroom vanity is considered “furniture” we weren’t even given the option of how our items would be shipped, but told we must pay for the “white glove” delivery fees which amounted to another $259. While the customer service agents I spoke with were all very nice, not one of them were able to provide any real information on why my order was taking so long, when parts could be expected or why we were charged so far ahead of our expected delivery (which I was told should not have happened). We are now at the mercy of Pottery Barn and in a “holding” pattern for remodeling our powder room. We cannot order other items (faucets, mirrors, lighting, etc.) without knowing when the vanity will come because if the other items do not work with the vanity, we may not be able to return them if there is only a 30 day return window! So much for getting this done before the holidays. Disappointed and frustrated does not even begin to describe how I feel.

  • Heather Evans says:

    This has been the most frustrating company to deal with. I placed my order June 2022 for the baby cribs and toddler beds . I figured it was more than enough time for items to arrive based on PB lead times on the items. To present date have not received the cribs. Babies are here!!! NO CRIBS!!!! I am tired if calling! Ryder Transportation is placing all of the blame on PB, PB is stating Ryder should not have given me any information. I just want my order!!!!

  • Ellen Sheridan says:

    I will be following this up with a phone call to your corporate office.
    Very very frustrated customer here.
    Given run around, no call backs,
    Order not filled despite ordering months in advance.
    Baby due in 2 weeks crib hasn’t arrived!! Please please please contact me asap to resolve.

    • Bethanny King says:

      Good luck. We are in the same boat over the glider and ottoman for our baby’s nursery. She is 3 months old now, the order is 6 months old. They lost the product, reordered, and just informed me it’s out of stock. I can expect it on 05/01/23, which is a year shy of the initial order date. So frustrating!

  • Mary Carroll says:

    Disappointed with customer service is an understatement! Order bookshelf on 9/3/2022. Paid for indoor delivery. Received notice to be delivered 9/30/2022. Called by delivery co. that shelf damaged, would either be repaired or replaced, and I would be contacted regarding situation. Haven’t heard a word, customer service has put me off after numerous calls, and very frustrated! And, to “add insult to injury.” The shelf is now on sale, was told by customer service rep that I couldn’t get a difference in price because I hadn’t yet taken delivery of the shelf! When I check delivery status online, the message reads refund process begun or complete. Again, customer service rep has no information on that message regarding the shelf order! You have +$600 for purchase item never delivered or refunded.

  • Md says:

    Worst customer service ever, sleeping on the floor for a month because your company lost 2 parts of my bed. Getting different answers evey time I call. Never ordering from you guys again!!!!

  • Maria A. says:

    I order in the store spired webs.(2) Since August 2022.
    Twices they moved my shipping day,I call this morning and they toll me I will get them until January 2023.
    WHO’S CELEBRATED HALLOWEEN IN January?? I am a very loyalty customer,because I love those items.
    But I want to order something I like to gave them soon don’t get them until 6 months.
    I would like some one answer me from the corporate and tell me the business are SERIOUS Are you care for your customer’s??
    I would like to have the items I been paying for,I want to decorated my house this Halloween 2022.

  • Susan Montgomery says:

    The absolute WORST customer service and furniture scheduling I’ve ever experienced in my life! Ordered outdoor furniture, spent 7800.00 took 4 phone calls and ended up getting half my order. Waiting over 3 months! On the phone waiting for over an hour for scheduling the delivery. First they took my work order number after waiting for someone for 35 mins. She puts me back on hold 30 mins later I get a scheduling lady in NEW JERSEY!!! I live in NORTH CAROLINA. I’m currently still on hold waiting for another moron. I will NEVER buy from PB again!!!!!!!
    Writing to BBB and corporate next

  • Paty DeCamp says:

    I am really surprised seeing how your customer service has gone down badly. Not only that but since you switched to Capital One as your finance institution, things have been worse. I think you pair perfectly because both of you are providing a horrible customer service. First you are selling items that you do not have in existence. Then you promise a day of delivery and charge my account. Then you keep changing the delivery day not only once but 3-and more times, but again you already charged my account and I am paying for furniture that I do not have at my home. I contacted your customer service, and they keep denying my right to speak with a manager, they hang up the phone on me not only time various times. I contacted Capital One and they said they cannot do anything because of you and your customer service are not confirming or processing the returns. I ended cancelling all my pending orders. I really do not want to do anything with you anymore. It is illegal to made me pay for something I do not have, and it is so embarrassed that a store with the reputation you have built, it goes to the drain because you are not capable to help your customers. I will be taking this issue directly to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and the Bureau for them to help me to obtain the credit back to my account. I hope someone from your headquarters office, preferable management team, can help me to resolve this issue.

  • Jason Mosley says:

    I have had the worst experience with this desk and customer service. I will file complaint. I placed an order and they took my 800.00 with no product.

  • William Holton says:


  • William Holton says:

    WORST CUSTOMER EVER!!! I was on the phone 44minutes & 18 seconds. I was put ON HOLD 4 TIMES!!! TO ORDER A CATALOG!!! She said she had to get “PERMISSION” TO DO THIS!!! She had NO IDEA what a catalog WAS!!! HOLD. New agent came on. Had to REPEAT and SPELL EVERYTHING 4-5 TIMES. Put hold TWO MORE TIMES!!! FOR A CATALOG REQUEST!!! NO WONDER THE CALL TIMES ARE INSANE!!! Got thru in about 10 minutes to first agent. DOWNHILL FROM THERE!!! THE WORST SERVICE EVER!!! 😡😡😡

  • Kristi Fletcher says:

    Pottery Barn is so GREAT😃
    I LOVE Pottery Barn😃

  • Martha Edwards says:

    My daughter, Deborah Walter, 26 Oyster Rd, Urbanna, Va, been trying to get her table from you since last October. She received one in April that had a broken piece on it. After a couple of months, it was picked up. She was told earlier this week that the table would be delivered today. This morning, she was told it was not “up to quality” and would not be delivered. This is ridiculous! Where is your quality control, and don’t blame it on supply issues. I would never buy anything from you.

  • Rachel Ingenito says:

    Your customer service is awful. All I wanted to do is make a purchase and apply my $160.00
    Rewards. I was unable to apply online so I decided to call in the order after 3 different calls and long hold time they were unable to apply and told me I can call to apply after. I didn’t want to loose the sale so I placed the order.
    Called in with order # and was told it can’t be applied.
    Horrible customer service. I have never had a good experience when I call in. I shop plenty by pottery barn. I would appreciate someone getting back to me.

    • William Holton says:

      ME TOO!!! WORST EVER!!!

    • Lily Mc Carron says:

      I too have the exact same problem! I decided to forfeit my $60 rewards just because service is SO bad! Never again…or any store run my the same people! I’ve been filling my new house with PB! They don’t care about you! Boycott these companies!

  • Amber Jones says:

    Currently filing BBB and FTC complaints and contested my charge with my bank because your online customer service reps have zero reading comprehension – even when the issue seems like it’s close to being resolved – and I’ve already been on a phone call for an hour and fifteen minutes that resulted in me being disconnected with zero follow-up, and this has been over the course of 5 weeks at this point.

  • Kristen says:

    Ordered water bottles for my kids. Paid a ridiculous amount for them, even had their names engraved on them. My son dropped his the other day and the lid broke. Figured I could just call and get a new lid, nope. Pottery barn doesn’t offer any replacemt parts for their water bottles. Wwhhhat. So now I have to trash a perfectly good stainless steel water bottle because I can’t find a top to fit. Wonder how many of these are floating around in a landfill d/t no replacement parts being available. Way to help in saving the planet Pottery barn kids.

  • Edward wright says:

    How long are your gift cards good for?

  • Lannie says:

    I am having the worst day ever and I have been on hold 3 times at over 40 minutes each and then I get either disconnected or I help! Second guessing my 30,000 order!!!!

    • Lily Mc Carron says:

      It’s their practice these days. I too was decorating my new house with PB! No more! Can’t hire good people to do a simple job!!!

  • J. KELLY says:


    I’m frustrated with the overall service, or lack there of, along with the poor follow up that was indicated by numerous PB associates. Without writing an epistle, I will try and break this down. My only concern is the correct products and on a timely basis.

    2 Orders both ordered 6/12/2022:

    1) Order # 321633244504 – 2 items in this order, teak side table and teak ottoman/cushion. Received the side table within days, no problem. The ottoman has been another matter. I checked on a couple of times. The last lame response I received… “they are making each cushion individually so that’s why taking so long”. We all know that PB or their vendor is NOT going to custom sew each cushion to order on a small ottoman as they receive. I’m quite sure there is a small stock pile even with supply -chain and personnel issues. After, that received tracking that the order is coming….guessing because of my persistent inquiries….FINALLY, I receive my order Friday and lo and behold….it’s only the cushion, No ottoman! I’m pretty frustrated at that point. After well over a hour on the phone with your CSR, Natasha, which by the way, was pleasant and trying to be very helpful, we elevate to Tabitha (supposedly a supervisor) on the call. She did acknowledge the website was wrong and PB would be correcting regarding the description. However, No one can seem to locate how to find the vendor as I don’t want just a cushion, I want BOTH. Why would your website indicate an item but the main component is “not available” which the website did NOT indicate and if that is the case, do you not have inventory control that would show in a retail store?? Tabitha says she is going to elevate to next level and assured me that I will hear from corporate or her with 48 hours. I requested her contact info and she said would send me an email at the end of call. It is now Monday a.m. and no contact. I realize her timeframe was business hours but, since she did not send me her contact info, I don’t know if she even “elevated or did anything”.

    2) Order # 321633844188 – One item on this order. Since it was coming from California by horse and buggy, it was going to take 3+ weeks. I checked tracking and was set up with a delivery appointment of 8/15 but no one ever contacted me. I did inquire why was the shipping/handling so high as my husband purchased on his card and did not realize the added cost. I never really received a viable answer but indicated this was “white glove” and PB would deliver and assemble for me. At this point, I went with it since the ottoman order has been a pain, the order delay on this item seemed somewhat minor.

    The delivery time on this has changed a couple of times last time on tracking website to 8/15. I inquired with your shipping/appt scheduling if there was any way to deliver earlier. I was advised it was an outdoor coffee table and didn’t really need assembly as that seemed to be the scheduling delay. This CSR advised there was no assembly and was just a drop off. So, 3 times I was told there was a special PB service and PB would assemble when, in fact, this is just a drop off. This CSR advised I would be notified in “2 hours” If they could change the delivery date. Never heard a a word! I checked and now as of this a.m., 8/3 the new schedule, again, no contact with me at all!

    When I started this email, I was trying to make it “simple” and “direct” since this is how I typically handle business and confrontation but I have to tell you this experience has been the worst I have experienced with online ordering and believe me, I have ordered many things especially since Covid.

    BOTTOM LINE – I would appreciate someone, with good business sense, locate an ottoman and forward the frame so I will have somewhere to place the cushion that I would never have ordered it the website was correct AND I receive my coffee table as promised no later that’s 8/3.

  • Terri Myers says:

    I have been trying to reach someone in corporate since I’ve not had any satisfaction from customer service. I have been a huge customer for years but not anymore. Can’t reach anyone to get my issue solved so I won’t be a customer anymore

  • Lynette says:

    I am soooooooo glad I read about the horrific problems receiving orders and the total lack of customer service BEFORE I placed a substantial order with Pottery Barn. Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences. It is most helpful to know not to purchase from this ineptly managed company.

  • Susan says:

    Pottery Barn cancelled my order without even notifying me. The only way I found out my order was cancelled was because I was trying to see if the shipping date had been narrowed down at all.

    Customer service was no help.
    They just kept saying the editing department cancelled it. I asked to be connected to them only to be told they contact me, to which they never did.
    No phone call, no email, no explanation.
    The shipping and billing address were different but had they checked the name for both were the same. This furniture was for a second home we purchased in Florida.

  • Linda says:

    I ordered a simply white serving platter on 4-11-22. A month later I called and they said it would arrive the first week of June 2022. We it’s now the second week of June and no platter. I went on line to check the status and now it says out of stock and that it would be babk ordered. What happened to the first week of June when I called and they said it’s in transit and expected to arrive then. I am so upset with the constant run around. My suggestion don’t order from Pottery Barn unless you want your order a year from now

  • Ava says:


    Warning: we ordered a couch and two arm chairs custom made in early September with an expected delivery date November. The order ran us more than 5000$$. Since then, the delivery date has been pushed forward countless times. Every time I speak to a rep I receive false information and promises about my order. No one can seem to tell me where this order is and my calls end up going nowhere. I have called at least twenty times and pottery barn has not even attempted to make the situation right or even provide me with an ounce of meaningful information about where our items are. One rep said the items were at a distribution center but this might be false information.

    At this point, I am moving forward with filing a claim with the federal trade commission and the relevant state authorities. I recommend that everyone who is experiencing similar fraud do the same.

  • Anthony Manzo says:

    Ordered 2 night stands and a dresser (White glove delivery) All 3 pieces came very damaged, I spoke to manager who put in for reorder. No reorder was ever issued! Received email that delivery for reorder was going to come on May 24th no delivery showed up. Called customer service for the past 3 days spent 3-4 hours each day on phone dealing with customer service reps who did not put in reorder and lied in the notes stating I was keeping damaged furniture. Pottery Barn is NOT a loyal company and I want there damaged furniture to be picked and I want a full refund. I will now send this the Better Business Bureau.

  • D Dawson says:

    I ordered 2 items. At the time of the order, I was provided a ship date that was not accurate and when I received confirmation of the order was provided a final ship date 3months later than needed. I immediately tried to cancel the order. I also contacted customer service and they shared that a cancellation was not possible. None of this info was presented prior to ordering. I am extremely upset about this policy and the lack of ability to cancel the order. My next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau. I will share this lack of clarification of order status with everyone that I know and will no longer be a Potterybarn customer. I request a response from corporate to make this situation right.

  • Shirri cirino says:

    Order #320992540114. I need this vanity promptly…it has been “stuck” since end of April. Please respond to email asap with expedited shipping date. Bren was able to be of the utmost help several years ago on a previous remodel. Shirri cirino 9202795895

  • Gina Sheridan says:

    I purchased a slip covered Townsend sofa in January of 2020 and received it in June of 2020 . The sofa fabric started pilling a few months after using it. I contacted customer service and was told to send photos . I did and received no reply . Worse than this , about 1 year after owning the sofa, it started creaking every time someone sat down on it, got up from sitting, or even just adjusted positions. It is embarrassing when family or friends sit on it and it creaks. I am a 56 year old and weigh 125 pounds – the sofa does not get that much use . I called customer service and was told their warranty was only 1 year on the frame ! They gave me the name of a furniture repair company , who has a 1 star rating online , and told me I would have to pay for a repair . I asked to escalate it and was told I would receive a call within 24 hours and – you guessed it – no call. I’m going to try to go straight to the corporate offices . It is UNACCEPTABLE that a sofa lasts only 1 year . I had my last slip covered sofa from Macy’s for over 20 years . I raised 3 children on that one and washed the covers dozens of times and had zero problems. I wish I had not gotten rid of it- preferred that 20 year old sofa over Pottery Barn’s 2 year old one. I am not sure if I received a lemon during covid manufacturing times or what , but regardless , they should provide a fix. I will never step foot in a pottery barn store again . I am looking at Homemakers for a sofa as there is no Macy’s near me now , They provide 10-15 year warranties on many of their frames . Shame on you Pottery Barn .

  • Connie says:

    I placed an order in January 2020, Pottery Barn charged my card in July 2021. They have my money but here it is 16 months later and I still haven’t received my order. The order status is changed weekly to show delivery the following week. How can a company charge for products they aren’t able to deliver? Customer service is a joke. Every time I call, they promise a supervisor will call me back. There is no response to e-mails sent to customer service.

  • Lenora Fleming says:

    Been trying to get my furniture delivered for a month now. Due to internal mistake, my $18k order was shipped to the wrong hub (LAK) address and needs to be transferred to the ATL hub, in order for them to deliver to my Florida address. Funny, as the furniture is sitting in Lakeland Florida!! No one can tell me when it will be delivered as they seem to not want to take ownership of the problem. This issue is costing me rental income every week it’s delayed and Pottery Barn doesn’t care! Mangers won’t call you back either, nor will B2B support team, or the concierge department.

  • susie bowden says:


  • VA says:

    Pottery Barn does not own up to or take responsibility when an issue of an order is their fault. Misleading delivery dates, misinformation, policies that are asinine and seem to be made up to get customers off the phone. Items made overseas “cannot be canceled” until the vendor responds to an email sent by pottery barn to verify they have not started the item. I find it hard to believe that pottery barn’s only means of communicating with their vendor is via email – I was told this over the phone. 2022 and they only communicate with a major part of their business via email? Then told we had to have made the cancellation within 72 hours. Oh ok, my request was made within the 72 hour window – but guess what, the response I got was that it’s not an exact 72 hours. This is unacceptable. Is there anyone in the entire company that can actually ensure that this matter is taken care of? I would have never made the order if I knew the items were on back order, you’re not told it’s on back order until after check out. I don’t accept this, common sense tells me this is a poor way of doing business & “policy”or not – something can be done. No one there cares enough to make it right.
    Pottery Barn

  • Sylvia Don Carlos says:

    I too am writing to inform the public ordering from Pottery Barn is a RISK. I am awaiting a sofa which was ordered in August and should be delivered by Dec. 10, 2021. At this point it doesn’t appear as though the custom build has even been started according to the tracking map provided on the order. The map states: Custom Build Scheduled and the next icon after that is Custom Build In Progress. My order is remains on Scheduled only.
    I contacted customer service which was a waste of time. I told customer service in an email I expected them to find out if the build has started, no reply.

    Then I contacted the designer and instructed her to call the manufacturer – she sent an email informing me Premier Retail would call me within 24-48 hours. I asked the designer to call and inquire as to whether or not the build has started. The designer too didn’t follow through in what I asked of Pottery Barn. It’s currently 28 hours and I haven’t received a call from Premier Retail, I don’t anticipate I will receive one at all. With that being said, Pottery Barn may cancel my order, as I will dispute the $2400.00 + expense on my credit card.

  • Grace Kiernan says:

    I am finally writing to tell ALL that ordering anything from Pottery Barn is a huge mistake. I spent $7000+ and regret every purchase I made. Please please please learn from my experiences. My nightmare began in January 2021 and stills haunts me eleven months later!
    A brief summary of order details:
    * 3 lamp shades (2 damaged, used and contained “return” reason from past customer)
    * All delivery dates 3-8 months delayed
    * 1 Queen bed ordered (2 delivered)
    * 2 Counter stools ordered (2 barstools delivered instead)
    * Sofa delivered (5 months later with NO LEGS, ill fitting cushions, wrinkled fabric)
    * Armchair delivered (6 months later…seat cushion cracks in half. Have had to place two wood planks under cushion so as to not feel springs)
    * Tapered legs finally delivered to raise sofa off floor (2 months later)
    * Replacement couch delivered (3 months after 1st sofa)

    Please understand that this happened to one customer. Can you imagine what others have gone through? You cannot make this up. I spared you the unpleasantness of customer service and/or phone calls that had to be made. My bill was paid in full almost immediately with no recourse in trying to ask for rewards $ to be credited. I will never order from PB again!

  • Larry Brooks says:

    Pottery Barn has to be one of the worst companies in the United States. Let me explain. A few months ago my oldest grandchild bought their first house. As a housewarming gift I agreed to let her select a dining room suit. Unfortunately, she wanted one she saw at Pottery Barn at a cost of $3,400.00 (which included $400.00 delivery fee). I made the transaction which was months ago. Since then, the dining room suit has been delivered pieces at the time over these months. The crowning blow was when my granddaughter called and told me that four legs were delivered yesterday but there was no table top. What the hell is going on? She spent several hours on the phone and as far as we can figure, no one is really sure when the remaining furniture pieces will be delivered. Had we known this up front we would not have had any dealings with Pottery Barn. I’m sure we won’t hurt your business but we can certainly tell everyone we know not to shop at Pottery Barn.

  • Lori says:

    I am offended that pottery barn wants it’s customers to donate for the children. Feed the children. How much more can you get political from nancy pilosi’s bandwagon?
    Close the border and I will happily donate to children’s lunch program for “ legal” American children.

  • L. Brewer says:

    Screwed billing!! Spouse bought $1,200 furniture and paid to Pottery Barn address. PB claimed bill not received. (COVID excuse: changed billing address. Huh?) So someone corrected by crediting money back. So then PB bills again with penalty!! SS PB Titanic! Anyone at helm?

  • Holly Mighdoll says:

    This the very worst customer service in history. You can never speak to the same person twice.No one ever knows whats going on. Continuously transferred to the wrong departments, many many promises to call you back that never happen. There aren’t enough words to say the bad things about pottery barn that need to be said. In addition, the furniture is NOT worth the price. Made in China and poor quality to say the least.

  • Sally Berlin says:

    I am very, very unhappy customer. I have been waiting for a new cushions for my 7 month old $5K couch. I am ready to explode with the customer service I have NOT been receiving. My phone is 203-496-2438.

    I expected a response ASAP, I am soooooooooooooooo unhappy. Here is my order details below.

    Williams Sonoma Inc / PB / 082268920982 / BERLIN, SALLY

    Sally Berlin

  • Kathleen Taylor says:

    I am an author/ illustrator and wanted to know if you use would books in your advertising and or how to be considered for your Summer Reading Challenge?

  • >