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Potbelly Corporation Corporate office Headquarters

Potbelly Corporation Headquarters Address and Contact

Potbelly Corporation
  • Address: 111 North Canal Street Suite 850 Chicago, IL 60606 United States
  • Phone Number: 1-312-951-0600
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5001-10,000
  • Established: 1977
  • Founder:
  • Key People: Robert D Wright "Bob", President/CEO

Potbelly Corporation Headquarters Location & Directions

Potbelly Corporation Headquarters Executive Team



Adiya Dixon

Chief Legal Officer/Secretary

Scott Swayne

Chief People Officer

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  • Martha says:

    My husband love pastrami sandwiches and he fell in love with the pastrami melt you guys serve only yo be told it was a promotional product no longer available. It’s such a popular sandwich I can’t believe you all have removed it from your menu. Well you just lost 2 potentially loyal customers!

  • Sheila Watts says:

    Taylor Street Potbelly – ANOTHER BAD EXPERIENCE. The same unprofessional, rude, obnoxious, confrontational, ignorant woman is still acting the same ans is NOW PROMOTEDTO SUPERVISOR. Came to this Potbell on 11/3 got treated rudely again. Still waiting on my refund and a call. I WILL NEVER PATRONIZE THIS POTBELLY EVER. So Potbell reward bad behavior by promoting IDIOTS… Wow.

  • Sheila Watts says:


  • Annoymous says:

    Garett Ellenbecker one of the district managers is very unprofessional to the point where I had to quit working at Potbellies. He often would make very inappropriate sexual comments. He must be doing this as well to other employees

  • Rae Beverly says:

    Let me start by saying that this used to be one of my go-to favorite lunch spots in downtown San Antonio and I ate here OFTEN as I live a couple blocks away.

    This review is a reflection of this particular location and my most recent experience for which I will NEVER go back!

    I came to this location around 3pm for their pot pie soup with my service dog. (My dog is a extremely well-trained, well-behaved and mellow service dog) As I walk in a lady eating at a table informs me that I cannot have dogs inside. I stated he is my service dog and I am only getting a soup to-go. She walks up to me (I’m now realizing she is an employee) and tells me even if he’s a service dog he cannot be inside and to show her his ID. As I proceed to get his ID, I begin to inform her that, per the ADA he does not need a vest or tag but that I would gladly provide her his ID card. She then tells me that she doesn’t like my “attitude”!!! What?! My attitude????! I’m informing her of the laws, not giving an attitude.
    At that point I say “excuse me? I’m not giving you an…”
    She looks the the guy behind the counter taking orders and tell him to REFUSE ME SERVICE!!!

    I am in such disbelief of the situation that I leave. All this goes down In Approx. under 3 mins!

    I CANNOT even begin to express how absolutely DISGUSTING this treatment was! I will never eat here again or endorse this place to anyone I know!

    The manager is named Jennifer and she has a very obvious disgusting sense of authority to be able to treat customers (especially loyal ones) this way.

    We went to YardHouse instead and it was a muuuuuch better experience!

  • Tom says:

    There is no one a customer can contact at this company. I’ll have to take my age discrimination suit to the authorities. Why do they hide?

  • Michelle Leach says:

    I’m trying to reset my password, when I do, still get “invalid password”. Tried creating a new user, that isn’t working either. Somebody please help me? Need to place catering order for this Wednesday.

  • Tom says:

    I was just called “an ugly old fat fucker” by a cashier in Normal IL. There was NO MANGEMENT and I was refused a contact number.

    As I left she screamed across the counter that I had not paid yet that was lie. Quite embarrassing.

    She mocked me for my shaking hands, and my age and appearance.

    I either receive contact Monday or I’m filing suit with 7 different agencies that help the elderly and the disabled like me.

  • Hady says:

    I had a great experience at Potbelly restaurant on the 300 block of Wabash Street in Chicago. Waitress Annesha was so helpful, professional, intelligent and friendly, she made my in dining experience very enjoyable. Order was fast,food delicious and the entire staff was upbeat and professional. I will return and bring my friends .

  • Steve says:

    Good afternoon
    I am or shall I say I was the previous shop GM for the Burlington mass shop. I was recently let go for reasons unknown! When I took this job I let George Furness know I have a fiancé going thru stage 3 cancer and would need two weeks off down the road. To take care of her! This past Friday I went to my shop to do schedule and get my self prepped to come back to work and I found the shop door locks changed. I had the. Reached out to employees to find out why and I was told George said if he hadn’t heard from me I was coming of schedule! My fiancé had surgery and then complication after complication and two more emergency surgeries! At this time I was stuck with her at hospital and was not reachable ! And from that I was let go!
    A little history about my beginnings at potbelly
    Pulled out of training 5 weeks early ! Never had any support from George heard from him once a week
    And saw him if lucky once a month ! Took him 3 weeks Juat to get me any passwords to computer because he had no idea what he was doing ! I took store over with two employees and George never came to help us! I was lucking enough to bring staff from my previous job ! Hours were extended with out my knowledge hence multiple complaints and refunds this happen on numerous occasions
    At one point he told John b we were open on weekends which we were not and had over $600 in refunds and gave the store a bad rep! I hired night staff. I hired weekend staff I cleaned store up and I did this all on my own no support from George !!
    He lied after my round table interview said he would train me on what I missed out on and I never saw him after that week later I was promoted! He has no
    Knowledge on potbelly he’s always telling me to ask jen from one federal fur help because he didn’t have the answers, but yet went thru all the training!!!!
    He’s unprofessional and rude to managers and spends his week at airport! Census is he doesn’t have a car and is double dipping at another job. His previous employer was at airport which is now where he spends everyday supposedly helping them and not even acknowledging his other shops !!!!!
    He had a Gm interview show at my place for airport while waiting the candidate said George cancelled on him 3 times and said personal reason. If they are so short staffed why cancel
    I just want to be paid my pto time for past two weeks
    I never gave my notice nor Told George I quit!!! In reality if I was let go I should have a check with 24 hours we going on 72
    I just want to move on from this and be paid my time
    That man is the most Uncompassionate person I’ve met and worked for! He is not qualified for the job he’s in. Follow up with jen from 1 fed and Braintree Gm they will tell you!
    I’ll wait for My pay , not wanting to report to labor Board, I do not want to contact a lawyer but if need be I will , what he did was in called for He was in my shop and he couldn’t even handle working a day! My fiancés life was at risk and this is what I was treated like. Shameful
    Thank you for your time
    Steve s
    Shop 294

  • Devin says:

    I need to speak solely with a gm, two of your current employees called me a nigger, one employee is a manager, both employees called my phone over 20 times harassing me, made slurs about me and my mother who’s sick with cancer.

    I would much greatly appreciate if i could speak with a vp or gm as soon as possible.

    One employee is a jackson mi associate and the other is a southfield manager.

  • Mike Lira says:

    I put in for partime job as the restaurant Is close to my home the interview seemed very positive I have 3xsperience in the food industry and when filling out the app I was lead to believe they needed people I was not hired this potbelly location is in the forum I. Universal city the assistant manager Johnathan messaged me there not going forward with hiring me I feel I was discriminated against maybe uz I’m over 40 what reason would they m ot hire Me I even was told a hourly wage at interview and was told they were very flexible with my hours

  • Barbara says:

    Bad customer service at Richmond Va location. Employee obviously did not want to be at work. Projecting bad attitude towards customers. I noticed all the comments on this website are negative. Potbelly you need to get your act together—sounds like not hiring the right employees for locations. May need to increase hourly rate and hire quality employees. You get what you pay for!!!

  • Alicia says:

    The employees are always on there phones when the mgr isn’t there they are leaning on the counter on there phones between customers the only reason they have passed inspection is because the mgr does it all the employees are always on there phones

  • Karen says:

    Ordered two sandwiches on tax day (wreck) bought through the app always enjoy . I was so sick on Tuesday vomiting and diaherea my husband was very sick also. I bought at your Crestwood location. You might want to look into this before it goes further.

  • Chris Grider says:

    The (317) 423-9043 business phone number for your downtown Indianapolis has a disconnected number right now

  • Avi says:

    The fact that you can’t get help after 6+ months with an account issue is ridiculous. Automated emails are helpful. I need a live person to respond and actually attempt to help.

  • Sarah says:

    Had a bad experience at 1720 N Orchard Ave suite 100 AURORA IL, I was in line at 501pm and I was the only latina there everyone else was caucasian. I was in line with 4 customers and I was the second one to order. A lady with a small kid place her order where is did not say “order here” another employee female took her order. The guy making food told me I’ll be with you in a bit. So I waited I moved over still waiting and he instead takes the guys order behind me. Now I’m standing there for a moment no one acknowledges me. So I ask Angelina the manager where do you order she said there with the guy. I said I was standing there and he didn’t ask me what I wanted to order. I asked for the managers name Angelina she said. How does this work do you go by Caucasian first and Latinos second? Unacceptable. Please review your cameras and see what they did.

  • Laurie S Jordan says:

    We entered an extremely large order (135 lunch boxes) on Friday morning for a Saturday conference; only to receive an email on Saturday morning at 8a stating there was an error in communicating the order to the in-store system. However, the store was notified of the order details through a backup system but the system has not received confirmation that the order was received. When I reached out to the store they simply said, SORRY but we CANNOT accommodate you!

    Imagine receiving such a response on the morning of your conference needing 135 lunch boxes within 2 hours! with no phone call no assistance except figure it out on your own! What if I didn’t check my email I would have been expecting to receive the delivery!

    This was EXTREMELY unprofessional and truly disappointing … still as of today NO PHONE CALL

    I really would like to know if this is how the corporation organization is run? I look forward to a response. My confirmation # was 8179035760640001

  • Marc and Ellen Ziegler says:

    Dear Robert Wright,
    My husband and I have been customers of Potbelly restaurants for many years. We’ve been to many all over the chicagoland area. We moved into the city 2 1/2 years ago and were excited that one of the restuarants was next door to our building.
    However, we were not excited after eating there. It’s dirty, the service varies from not so good to worse and it simply does not represent Potbelly’s in a positive light. It’s a big disappointment.
    Another concern is that our building backs up to the restaurant and people park in the alley in front of our building’s garage doors ,to pick up their “to go” orders , while blocking in and out access to our building with their cars.
    Were writing to you because we would like to see Potbellys represented as a clean restaurant with good services that you don’t mind eating at. It would also be helpful to do something about the “pick up” parking that is illegal in the alley. We have sinage posted which people choose to ignore.

  • Marlene says:

    Still haven’t received an answer of any kind……. 5th time!!!!!

  • Marlene Yocom says:

    I have been trying for days to find out if my g/card has shipped……..4 tries. Haven’t received any kind of reply. Order # 6323, could someone help me……please

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