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Where is Portillos Restaurant Corporate office Headquarters

Portillos Restaurant Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2001 Spring Road
    Oak Brook, IL 60523-2032
    United States
  • Phone Number: +1 630-954-3773
  • Fax Number: 630-954-5851
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 4600
  • Established: 1963
  • Founder: Dick Portillo
  • Key People: Keith Kinsey

Portillos Restaurant Headquarters Location & Directions

Portillos Restaurant Headquarters Executive Team



Keith Kinsey


Richard J. Portillo


About Portillos Restaurant, History and Headquarters Information

Portillos Restaurant was founded in the year 1963. The company has been active for almost 56 years now. The founder of the company was Dick Portillo. The former name of the company was The Dog House. By the year 1967, The Dog House was in good standing, was upgraded to a larger trailer, and was renamed Portillo's. In the year 1970, the founder of the company had partnered with Harold Reskin and opened up his second location in a shopping mall that Reskin owned. Between the years 1972 and 1989, the company had opened up a second restaurant under the name ‘Barney's’ that specialized in BBQ meals as well. During the 1990s, the company had profited by more than $50 million with 25 stores around the Chicago area. In the year 1996, the company had brought the Key Wester Fish & Pasta recipes to Naperville, USA. During the year 2000, the company had opened another concept restaurant called Luigi's House. During the year 2010, the company again started to grow with the help of Honey-Jam Cafe. As of the year 2014, the company was sold off to Berkshire Partners. The headquarters of the company is based in 2001 Spring Road. the name of the place is Oak Brook, while the name of the state is Illinois, USA. The pin code is 60523-2032.

Portillos Restaurant is an American restaurant company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers all over the USA. The current CEO of the company is Michael Osanloo. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $339 million. Also, the number of employees currently working in the company, as of the current date, is more than 4,000. The company currently has its presence across 50 states in the USA.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy various types of fast food dishes and recipes, including casual dining as well, offered by the company itself. The company specializes in serving Chicago-style food such as hot dogs, Maxwell Street Polish, and Italian Beef.

Portillos Restaurant Headquarters Photos

Portillos Restaurant Resources

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  • Jeff Wadolny says:

    Do you plan to open a Portillos in Santa Fe, NM which is the capital of the state & we have approximately 5 million visitors every year. Rudy’s BBQ just announced that they are opining a store later this year in Santa fFe. What are your thoughts?

  • Guest says:

    Can you bring a Portillo’s to Louisville Kentucky we have so few restaurants and definitely hungry people

  • Lawanda Smith says:

    My Name Is Mrs.Lawanda Smith and I’m writing this about my Husband Mr.Jonnie Smith he works at Store 19 Very Faithful to his Job Loves His Job been on yall team for 15 years and He’s Trained People that have been there less them him and seen Them get Moved up and he’s been Promised to be Moved up and it never happens he always on call and shows up he’s 57years old and still have to work in the cold and he don’t complain he stay late to help people with there Job barely making money to pay our rent But He Loves His Job he’s work though this whole pandemic me being scared for him but he knew you all need him so who ever this concern Please Show my Husband Y’all Care about his Work. Thank you Very Much.

  • Andrew Gutierrez jr says:

    You desperately need to open a location in Nashville Tennessee

  • Dorene Robertson says:

    I have gone to Portillos in Oswego Il for ever but the last 3 times they have screwed up our order . This last times as 2 weeks ago the did again I ordered 2 lemon cake and one chocolate and hamburger and big beef and cheese fries, 2 reg fries and My salad was very wilted .
    They read it back to me that was on the bag but wasn’t in the bag I called and talked to the manager he took down my name and address supposedly and was going to send me free meals . Very unhappy with this place . I have never received any thing . Also when the pandemic started My husband went there they weren’t wearing gloves or masks he talked to manager about how careless they where being . He won’t go there any more . So I went there and this is what I had to deal with . I won’t be going back . They are going to lose lots of business. I know several people that won’t go back

  • Anthony brown says:

    Villa Park I meant

  • Anthony brown says:

    I worked at portillos and I have to say worst management ever this is also recently because I just quite yesturday or 2 days ago and I’m sorry portillos in cold park but get that act together because u lost 10 people and up

  • Brenda Corona says:

    I’d like to just say the manager at the portillos on route 34 in Oswego named Tim or Jim is the most disrespectful and disgusting human ive ever met he should never be allowed another manager position at any location EVER ! He has no customer service he yelled in my face and told me to get In my car and leave while I was trying to explain to him that one of his employees were being disrespectful. this is not the first time he’s been this disrespectful I really do believe he need to be removed and terminated for his actions .

  • Marsha says:

    Its time Portillos recycled. Awful. All the plastic that goes into the garbage in the restaurants!!!! Also take out. The paper bag receipt ! Think of the earth !!!! ?? the food is good but really. Its 2020.

  • Loves Portillo's says:

    Portillo’s cheeseburgers are the best of the best. They look exactly like they are pictured. We eat there almost every day. With that being said their fish sandwich is greasy, over cooked and horrible. I say this out of love. They did try to add a slice of cheese and lettuce to mimic McDonald’s but they don’t even come close to the Fillet O’Fish…………and I really love Portillo’s. Their fish sandwich sucks big time. Not even close to McD’s fillet O’Fish.

    Portillo’s hamburgers, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, onion rings, everything else is wonderful but someone there either learns how to do fish right or leave it off the menu.

    The secret of McD’s fillet O’Fish is in the plain simple steamed bun and the fish isn’t over done.

  • Bill & Lynn Saracco says:

    We’ve been frequent customers of the Portillo’s stores since 1973, beginning on North Av., Glendale Heights. Then everywhere else in the greater Chicagoland area, plus Indiana & both stores in Florida. We’ve had reunion parties, in Niles & Schaumburg.

    Recently we’ve heard of staff cut backs in the Minneapolis area – Woodbury, even w/extended hours. I’ve seen photos of empty stores at lunch hours. That’s pretty sad.

    Even so, we’d still love to have a store, & eventually stores, in Roswell, & the exploding greater Atlanta area.


    William (Bill) and Lynn Saracco
    Roswell, Ga. 30076

    678 344 3595 (I don’t text)

  • Donna McCullen says:

    We ate at Portillos yesterday in Woodburys MN. When the table was cleared (of a LOT of plastic utinsils) I asked if any of it was recycled? The young employee I asked said NO, wished they did. I was appalled. Even at days away from my 85th birthday in our home WE RECYCLE especially plastic. On my FB page I will post “buyer beware”. If you plan on eating at a Portillos and recycle as much as you can, you may want to check if your Portillos recycles.

  • K Cychosz says:

    Rockford location is in need of serious management and employee review

  • pamelaredmond2@yahoo.com says:

    *****This was an reply to an e-mail sent to me by one of your managers at the Homewood location. I also forward pictures for his review. I may also post my Experience online because of the way we were treated after our complaints. They treated us badly at the companies expense. Please read below******


    The order was three hot dogs with two large fries, with a large Lemonade. Portobello sandwich with large fries.

    The chocolate cake was supposed to be given by Kim, to my daughter as a courtesy for not getting the order right the first time and making her drive all the way back on her birthday today. She clearly stated to Kim, that it was her birthday and how much of an inconvenience it was because she had other things to do.

    However, She waited another 15-20 minutes in the drive up, just to get a sandwich that completely looked and smelled like garbage without the courtesy cake. So, If you cared enough to hear my full compaint, you would have know what my order was on today.

    The amount paid was a little over $27 dollars, credit card#3616. What should have been great sevice and only took a little of our time turn out to be a disaster on a special day.

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