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  • Address: 4555 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 404-201-6935
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,500
  • Established: 1972
  • Founder: Al Copeland
  • Key People: Al Copeland

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Alexandre de Jesus Santoro


Andrew G. Skehan

President of International

Jacqueline Friesner

Chief Accounting Officer

About Popeyes, History and Headquarters Information


Popeyes was founded in the year 1972. The company has been active for almost 47 years now. The founder of the company was Al Copeland. The company had first opened its doors in the year 1972, named as 'Chicken on the Run'. The founder of the company wanted to compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, but his restaurant failed after several months. As per the company's history states, it had sold 'traditional mild fried chicken', but the company's business was slow, and the chicken team realized the company have to sell a spicier alternative to their standard chicken recipe if they wanted to impress flavour-seeking customers.

The founder of the company had reopened the restaurant four days later, renamed as 'Popeyes Mighty Good Chicken'. By the year 1975, the company was again renamed as Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken. The company founder started franchising his restaurant in the year 1976, beginning in Louisiana, USA. The chain had expanded to Canada in the year 1984 and reopened its 500th restaurant in 1985. BP Newman had acquired several franchises in Texas, USA, and surrounding states as well. Two hundred more additional locations were also added during a period of slower expansion. In the year 1990, Copeland Enterprises was in default on almost $391 million in overall debts, and in the year 1991, the company had filed for bankruptcy protection. During the year 1992, the court had approved a plan by a group of Copeland's creditors that had resulted in the creation of America's Favorite Chicken Company or AFC, in order to serve as the new parent company for entities like Popeyes and Church's - which another fast-food chain specializing in chicken as well. AFC had become a limited public entity in the year 2001 with its IPO or Initial Public Offering. Then in the year 2014, the company had announced it had re-acquired full control of its seasonings, recipes, and other proprietary food preparation techniques as well, from Diversified Foods & Seasonings - which had remained under the control of the company's founder and his estate after the creditor sale of Popeyes to AFC. The company had continued to license the seasonings, recipes, and techniques from DF&S for a yearly price as 'spice royalty', before buying them outright for almost $43 million. DFS still remains the leading supplier for Popeyes, until the year 2029. The headquarters of the company is based in 400 Perimeter Center Terrace NE Suite 1000. The name of the place is Atlanta, while the name of the state is Georgia, USA. The pin code of the area is 30346.


Popeyes is an American chain of restaurants that are focused on providing various kinds of fast food recipes and dishes, especially its simple meal of fried chicken, along with biscuit and honey. The company has over 3,100 restaurants under its name, across 40 states in the USA and also 30 different countries across the globe as well. As of the year 2013, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $206 million. Also, the number of employees working at the company is more than 2,100, as of the year 2015.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, manufactured by the restaurants of the company itself. The products that are sold by the company include fried chicken, vegetables, biscuits, Cajun cuisine, seafood, etcetera.

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  • C S Edwards says:

    I attempted to make a purchase at Popeyes Chicken located at 20919 Eight Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48219, on Monday, January 9, 2023. I entered the location at approximately 5:40 P.M. After waiting for the person in front of me to receive their order, I was told “just a minute” by the lady behind the counter. After approximately 7 minutes, the lady left from behind the counter and entered the lobby and I inquired if they still had family meals, as I noticed that there were none showing on the menu signs. The lady advised me that they did have family meals but they were not on the sign. She continued to exit the door and another lady came to the counter and said it would be just a moment. Approximately 3 minutes later, the first lady returned and returned to the counter. By this time there were 2 other patrons behind me in the lobby, a man and a woman. Again I was told, “just a moment”. I observed approximately 8 to 10 employees behind the counter seemingly milling around and not caring about the patrons in the lobby. Another lady came to the counter and said something to the effect of someone will be with you in just a moment, as she exited the counter area and came into the lobby. As she passed us in the lobby she shouted to the other employees something to the effect of “somebody take care of the customers”, and exited the building. About a period of approximately another 4 minutes, another employee came to the counter and said just a moment. After waiting another 7 or 8 minutes, I left the store and drove to a Kentucky Fried Chicken approximately 4 miles away.

    At this location, there were a total of approximately 4 employees. I was in and out of the location in approximately 7 minutes with my order. At this location, there were also vehicles in the drive thru being served.

    This is terrible service. Your employees want to be compensated at $15.00 per hour but they cannot even do the job.

    I don’t want to hear their excuse of, “they are just complaining because I am Black”, trying to play the race card. I am a Black man also and this type of service is ridiculous. If you do not want the job, just quit.

    If this is a corporate store, it should be closed.

  • Popeyes new hater 12/26/22 says:

    2825 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

    As a business owner I would never go or recommend Popeyes to any one I don’t understand who interviewed their manager at that location its like walking into the ghetto while I wait to order with my family manager tinkbell and employees enjoying their conversation after 5 mins I said excuse me would you mind taking our order she got rude and said I don’t think I wanna take your order today remember lose one customer a day is equal 365 customers a year KFC is the way to go atleast. Don’t mind Popeyes I will pay my customers to visit your location i been serving west palm beach residents for 36 years now they dont deserve that kind of management and leave more honest review to get the attention of the area manager
    I own Table 26 palm beach and grato do come and check us out to what is customer service

  • Greg Matott says:

    Really Hope a corporate person reads this.the owner operators of the Oswego NY location Liberty restaurants.should be looked at for unsavory business practice’s.
    Contact me for more details please.

  • D. Pottle says:

    Just left the location on Atlanta Highway in Athens Georgia without any food. I was refused service at the drive through. I pulled up. Listened to a man’s voice list some specials and then he said “You may place your order.” So I started giving my order when a woman’s voice asked me to repeat my order. I thought she couldn’t hear me so I raised my voice and started to order again. She immediately interrupted me and said; “Mam, you don’t have to shout at me.” I said something like I’m not shouting I am trying to order. She told me she would not take my order because I was shouting. By that time, I figured out the man’s voice that told me I could place my order was probably a recording. I tried to explain what had happened and she just kept shouting over me to leave the drive through – that she would not take my order. I told her I would report the incident and she said “Go ahead. My manager is standing right next to me”.
    I left. Very angry. Won’t ever go there again. The worst customer service ever!

  • Harvey Gulledge says:

    I’ve been to Popeyes several times I am a customer forever and you guys your app off or something you know they order two chicken sandwiches but they say you have to order it on the app and the app will not let me and I was in the Cornelia location and they had no idea how to work the app And half the stuff that was on the menu said they didn’t have it but when I went to the windows they didn’t have it. I am so disgusted with Popeyes. I love your food but your service stinks. Please give me a call and we can discuss this my name is Harvey Joe Gulledge and my phone number is 706-768-2735. If you want to keep me as a customer, please call .

  • Carol says:

    Dec. 19, 2022, 3:16 PM I purchased a 10 pc big bundle from the 9121 E Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale, AZ #11732. It included chicken, Cajun fries, biscuits & Beans & Rice. I paid $31.32 for cold food. The chicken was over-cooked, stringy, dry, had no flavor and was made up of mostly coating. The legs were smaller than the wings. The biscuits were also over-cooked, hard, dry, could not open without a knife; the fries were way over-cooked and the rice & beans tasted bad. It was the most awful carry-out chicken I have had. I have had good Popeyes meals in the past but this was very, very bad. I don’t think this store will make it.
    You have a real quality problem – I don’t know if they are not getting enough traffic to keep the food fresh and the food had been sitting in your bins for days or someone just doesn’t know how long to cook the food but whatever it is, you are ruining your reputation in that store.

  • Amy Perkins says:

    I would like someone to contact me in reference to an incident that I had at the Popeyes in Rockingham, VA 22801. I was eating a blackened chicken sandwich when a clear string came from the side of my mouth after one bite. My son thought it was cheese and I said it’s no cheese on the sandwich. I took the pickle off one of them were slimy the other was not. I returned the sandwich I asked him what type of pickles do they use I got no answer they remade the sandwich. I thought about it so I went back in I said did someone spit in my sandwich. I got them to show me the pickles and the pickles were not slimy. Someone spit in my sandwich there. If I get sick I will be suing this company for everything I could possibly get. I would like a call back in reference to this incident. My name is Amy Perkins. I would like someone to give me a call back as soon as possible . I am also requesting a refund for my purchase.

  • James Alexander says:

    My name is James Alexander 6317 cornfield Road in Matteson Illinois I often patronize your store located in Richton Park Illinois today I purchased a meal for $11 and a $21 charge was added to my debit card I went back inside later did not receive any satisfaction it’s not about the 10 bucks it’s about some shady people that they have working over there thank you

  • Diana Bly says:

    I was hired at the Popeyes in Lake Charles, La 7011 & the phone is not working. I nee Devin to contact me. They had me spent 75$ on pants & shoes. I completed everything on line w2 everything. I need to know what’s going on, if she didn’t hire me why tell me I got the job & completed paperwork

  • Diana Blair says:

    I need Devin to call me. The phone is not working at the Popeyes in moss bluff lake Charles, la 70611. Ms. Devin mad get & by work clothes but the phone is not working. My phone number is 8324071154. Or iloveGodfor45yrs@gmail.com please help someone needs to contact me

  • George McConnell says:

    Trying to find when your new location on Lebanon Pike in Nashville Tn will open. I’ve asked 3 of your locations and they are in the dark.

  • Sylvia says:

    I have always been a fan of Popeye’s chicken. I was in the military and it was during that time that I had my first piece of Popeye’s chicken, ( (1984), South Carolina I believe). I live in a small town in Massachusetts. We have fast food chicken restaurants, but none with that true southern taste. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got the news of an upcoming Popeye’s within 10 miles of me. I could hardly wait for the grand opening, driving home a different route just to check to see if it had opened yet. Much to my dismay, like many of the other remarks, it was very disappointing! I had a initially planned to go into detail about this store but after reading all these other remarks it’s basically the same, rude staffing, dirty tables, lack of certain sides, such as the jalapeño peppers which I truly love with the chicken, and the worst thing of all the chicken itself was nothing like I remember. It was hard , flavorless and like another person remarked below they were very rude when I asked for specific pieces and I agree with the price that we pay we should have a choice with the pieces. I had planned on saying much more but just about everything I was going to say in my has been said already throughout the remarks below so I hope that if they truly read THIS remark that they will finally take some action because it’s coming from all parts of the United States, the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, we all cannot be wrong…..someone needs to look into this! Sincerely, a very disappointed Veteran 😔

  • Marlana walters says:

    I need help receiving my last checks. Please contact @ 3862858067

    • Raechel Warnock says:

      My husband is having the same issue with his check and the general manager quit shortly after we couldn’t get his check

  • Jeff Solner says:

    Just tried to call you on a complaint. Call you please call me, Might help you on sales
    My name is Jeff 608-577-8078

  • Monica says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the Cajun rice in Missouri!!!!!!

  • Tucker Greene says:

    Your commercials claim that you are a Louisiana inspired company. With herbs, how about you bring back a Louisiana Specialty, The Po’ Boy. I haven’t been back since I learned you removed it from the menu. I believe you have the best fast food chicken around and I would like to return and order a Po’ Boy, Chicken or shrimp. You could even release it as a yearly special like the McRib, (which I have never tried).

  • mariah says:

    Please contact me at the email address below.
    I have an excellent location at I-75 Sarasota, Florida! Perfect for a Popeyes. Member of ICSC

  • milton shafer says:

    I truly love popeyes chic I have had it from New Orlins to Cincinnati and never had a bad experience but the one in eastgate in Cincinnati is the worst.I don’t know if it is a company store,if so you should do something about it or if it is privately owed that should close it. It is giving Popeyes a bad name

  • James says:

    Wtf is going on with this company no one answer the phone they stole my credit card money thus company needs to be investigated

    • Beandra skith says:

      I know the same thing happen to me in November 2022 in cincinnati . I called the corporate office twice to complain to, and got the same response, like they are reading from a script. The other corporate office phone listed no one picks up . I advise anyone to stay clear from. Popeyes chicken

  • Patrick Minor says:

    Got sick on your food been going through run a round say the insurance going call me it been a month
    I will protest in front of the store next call my lawyer next.

  • Mechelle moore says:

    I went to 2of.your local Popeyes restaurant to get a.cajun turkey just to be told at one store we.have.a.big.church.order.and couldn’t not help us and.one told.us the.lobby.was closed but doors were open and didn’t want to let.us.to.get a turkey there.eithet this is very bad to treat customers will never go to a.popeyes.ever.againthe.employee.are.very.rude

  • Cynthia poole says:

    I see the reviews that everyone has been issues with Popeyes not be just here in Anniston, Al. This place has been unreal for along time. The staff has no idea what’s going on. Another horrible attempt to get some dinner.

  • Dorothy says:

    I have always loved the food when u first opened and now since we are some what pass the pandemic, service has been real shitty at both locations, when u call u r not able to leave messages that mailbox is full? When u go to drive up they don’t even acknowledge u are there when ur saying hello thru the drive up to order? I think u need to come and see for yourself what is going on in your kitchen……really someone needs to investigate…..would be a shame to loose this chkn’ place cause not very many good chkn’ around here.
    Racine , WI
    Washington Ave
    Durand Ave

  • Loraine says:

    Hello my name is Loraine I don’t know if you guys at headquarters read’s your comments from customers but I do have some things to say and I hope that you do read the consumer comments you have a very very good product your flavor is off the chart it’s so good that I wish that you had more restaurants in Wisconsin on my side of town there’s none on the southside of Milwaukee,WI I really wanted to let you know it’s not your product that’s bad it’s your workers that’s giving your company Bad reviews Popeyes chicken have always been my’s and other customers go-to I don’t just love Popeyes chicken I love love love Popeyes Chicken but I had to stop going on the other side of town they was not being sanitized enough and that’s one of the things that could bring a restaurant Business down and the other thing is personality some of the peoples that works at your restaurants are not working because they like working there it seems like they only working there for the food and the money but mostly the food and that’s not a good thing so it all boils down to they are not a people person so a lot of the customers don’t want to come to your restaurant especially on the other side of town So by saying what the issues are if you guys can fix the issues that I have mention it would be wonderful to have you’re restaurant on the southside of Milwaukee Wisconsin we have Franklin,WI we have Oak Creek,WI and Cudahy,WI it will be a privilege to have a good Popeyes Chicken on our side of town thank you Sincerely Loraine.

  • Unk says:

    Employees working in food place spitting food is very unprofessional should be working in your place of business and management should be given more training there self to target employees behavior in food settings 75 stony island never set foot that place again to eat anything

  • Debora Lynn Yaeger says:

    Store number 11772 needs to be shut down no one works half the time cashier cuss you out. Throw your food in a bag up side down n give it to u I will never go to another one n I will tell everyone what a terrible n rude place it is. Even got over charged never got everything I ordered n cuss out really ur company sucks

  • Guest says:

    Do you even read these comments cause nothing is happening

  • Guest says:

    Your store on Warrensville Center, Road in warrensville Hts Ohio omg your workers suck friend parties in the restaurant mean behaviors terrible

  • Guest says:

    I cannot believe that you would let such unexperienced people destroy Popeyes, which is very good chicken. I just can’t believe that you would allow these people to work in your facility and treat people the way that they treat people and cook the food half cooked and your lines drive-through is so long extremely long and they are playing in the store, inviting their friends in there and having social gatherings right in the mist of working. I cannot believe that you don’t have somebody secretly come around and view your stores before your business goes out of business because we are not as consumer is going to keep tolerating this mess. This behavior sucks.

  • Angel gray says:

    I’m very very disappointed in your store at 809 highway 51 north covington Tennessee 38019 since when do your customers are not allowed to order dark meat only and since when are ther no consumer allowed in the store it self to order or sit and eat with prices of 43 for a 16 piece family dinner I wanted all dark meat it’s not cool that I couldn’t order what I wanted nor go inside to do it I would like a call back my name is angel gray 901-574-3087 THANK YOU


    Popeyes 1299 N Arizona Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85233
    Stopped there about 5:10pm for a 2 can dine meal (5pcs, 2 sides and biscuit) and the drive through was completely empty. Pulled up to the window and waited and waited and waited. I ask the cashier what was going on and he said he didn’t know. He did say the order was 10 minutes and 47 seconds on the timer and that it was “RIDICULES”.
    Well, I finally got home and found they gave me the wrong meal. They gave me a 2-piece meal and one of the sides was wrong. Took them over 11 minutes and they still got it wrong.
    I called the store and the phone was answered then hung up, answered, and hung up, answered and hung up. Over the next hour it was answered and hung up 28 times according to my call log. Eventually a person did answer. At this point I was very frustrated, and I asked to speak to the manager. He said the manager was on break. I said I would hold, and he said the wait would be over an hour because they get long breaks.
    I have never experienced such negligent customer service 1. How can an order take over 11 minutes at 5pm with no customers there? 2, How can you take 11 minutes and still mess up the order? 3, How is it possible for a representative of Popeyes hang up on a customer, without even speaking to them, 28 times? 4, Do managers really have breaks lasting over an hour?
    I can tell you how. Gross mismanagement and a total disregard to customers. This is not an issue of a few missing pieces of chicken. This is about the inherent corporate culture of this franchise or its franchisee.
    I am requesting a thorough investigation of this stores practices as they relate to the corporate standards for customer service. In this highly competitive industry, food is rarely the recipe to success. It is the customer experience that builds or destroys a company. Those who defecate on customers, fail.

  • Georgia says:

    Lemon Grove, California Popeyes absolutely horrible service.

  • Georgia says:

    Popeyes the worst customer service experience ever. The app sucks, take your money and have you wait about hours for your food. Low level , unintelligent staff, who is rude to the customers. Sully Patricio says she is the General manager but I don’t think she can have an intelligent interaction with anyone.

  • Chef Versace/ Jose mendez says:

    First off let me begin by saying I am a Serv safe manager certified chef and I stopped in today at store number 10907 in Camden,nj.
    Let me list the plethora of issues here in this to say the least most disgusting establishment I’ve been to in the nation.
    1. Every table was dirty
    2. I witnessed no one there wash their hands
    3. The bathroom had urine and trash everywhere
    4. Under cooked food
    5.employees had no hair nets or hats
    6. Employees where out of uniform including the person behind the register dressed in a Nike sweat suit outfit
    7 .no ice in the soda machine
    8. No napkins or condiments in the dining area
    9 .cold food
    10. One of the managers was just standing around talking and hanging out with the employees
    11. No flavored syrups in soda dispenser
    12.crumbs all over the floor and seats
    13.grease and crud on the frozen drink dispensers
    14. Obvious to myself and a fellow guest that the oil isn’t the correct temperature
    15. The outside if ever has been cleaned
    16. Wait time to receive the meal was way over the time to even call it a fast food establishment
    17. The manager only offered to make me another batch of breaded shrimp but did not offer the option of a refund
    18. Employees were seen drinking soda while on the line
    And the list goes on to say the least I’ve seen prison kitchens that are more to serv safe guidelines then this place it is a total slap in the face to even call it a food establishment it is more like a animal feeding ground !

  • Kathy Vieira says:

    just spent $ 25 . On the worst flavorless chicken I’ve ever eaten from Popeyes. Popeyes was my favorite I’ve eaten it since my 20’s when I lived in Vegas I’m almost 62 and I vow never to buy it ever again, back in September we purchased a dozen tenders while up in Layton UT and that’s the first time it was flavorless , I thought it was just that restaurant but today in St George UT it was so bad, no flavor again what happened to that Louisiana flavor it’s known for?

  • AgustinClemente says:

    I been trying to get ahold of you guys so I would appreciate if you guys did call me call me is its about your restaurant you have in grand island im concern for them you have a manager here that I’m not doing the right thing I mean just want you guys give me a call so we can talk more about this and this is cause confidential right hope you don’t want to tell everyone in Omaha about this I’m going to wait until I’m going wait till u call me backgrand the phone number is 3088333967 you can ask for Augustine thank you

  • Kathleen Dejesus says:

    Went to popeyes in bronx 60 metropolitan ave bought a 2 can dine meal and was told we could not get any sauce have pay one dollar for it I’m struggling to name ends meet this a treat for me and my husband very dissapoinyed

  • West Houston says:

    I would like to know why Popeyes is allowing a Republican candidate to put up their signage in the entrance of all its locations in Harris County, TX. Is Popeyes endorsing a Republican candidate? The candidates name is Alexandra Mealer.

  • Mike says:

    Today at 5:30 pm we were deciding where to get supper,Popeyes at top of list! That faded away as one car in the drive thru was waiting to place order,we were still waiting after 20 minutes,the car still hadn’t moved! There was no one in front of them,so across the street we went to KFC! You can see each of the restaurants ,that’s how close they are to each other. As we pulled into KFC, we could see the car still sitting at the order screen at Popeyes, We got a 16 piece extra crispy,we had our order inside of 10 minutes and on our way home! As we pulled out of KFC, we saw the car at order screen still! This store has gotten a bad reputation! No more Popeyes! This store of yours is in Griffith indiana,on ridge road!

  • TIMOTHY HAIR says:

    I ordered from the restaurant through Grubhub in Los Angeles and i was trying to call to make a few changes to my order but nobody picked up and all of a sudden it just started to go to voice-mail. I called back and the phone kept ringing and i was sent back to voice-mail. i really didn’t know who to contact

  • Joe says:

    Get treated like garbage for supporting a local business. Thanks but no thanks. Lost my business.

  • Tillford Thomas says:

    I stopped into your restaurant in Tuskegee Al on Sunday and was inform that eating there was a privilege and they did not care if I never ate there again. These comments were the result of the manger’s frustration over me changing my order. Poor customer service is not a privilege that anyone should have to pay for.

  • Barbara says:

    Popeyes in Dunkirk, MD is the worst at paying their employees. The manager pays minimum wage $12.50 hr while the employees in Prince Frederick, MD make $15 hr. My son James has been working for the Dunkirk location for over a year and no raise. Rose says that the payroll cost is too high. But makes empty promises. He has worked without taking breaks almost every other shift. Maryland State law states that employees working more than 6 hours get 1- 30 min lunch and 1- 15 min break. Also he found out that everyone else makes more than him and she isn’t trying to give him a raise??? I believe it’s age discrimination because he’s 18 and everybody else is older than him. Please investigate this location.

  • Sandra Baird says:

    I love popeyes chicken but the service in warren, Michigan is really bad. I waited in line for an hour and wasnt up to order. Drive thru. Other times they make people stay back by a pole before you get to the window. That way it looks like they are getting customers thru quicker. I rewlly wanted chicken
    Will you please come and visit this store. Im not the only customer that drove away tonight. I was here around 6 pm

  • P Hill says:

    The time I visited Popeyes was 11:30 A. M. September 14, 2022. The internet stated it was open at 10:30 A.M. This applies to the previous comment.

  • P Hill says:

    All the Popeyes in the area have opened their dining area except for the one located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts near drum hill shopping area. Could you please open that location as stated on the website. I was there today, September 14, 2022 and they will not allow anyone inside the facility although the website states indoor dining.

  • Jan says:

    My wife and I have not been to Popeyes since you got rid of the Cajun Rice, because we love it! When we saw an ad that the Cajun Rice is BACK we went to the Popeyes in our town and got 3 Chicken Sandwiches, and a 10 piece chicken with 2 large sides and 5 biscuits for the whole family. We were VERY DISAPPOINTED in the VERY SMALL SIZE of the LARGE SIDES! Our 2 LARGE CAJUN RICE SIDES were approximately the size of 1 old container of Cajun Rice! The old styrofoam containers that the large Cajun Rice used to be in were WAY larger than the current paper containers. Thanks, but do to your corporate greed, my wife and I will no longer patronize any Popeyes any more. The large sides are SMALL AND WE ARE NO LONGER PAYING THESE RIPOFF PRICES!

  • Cathi says:

    I expect to hear back from corporate. I tried calling major complaint about the popeyes in Baltimore Md. on Merritt Blvd. I-ordered through drivethru. didn’t get what I ordered ask for money back employees got ignorant gave me wrong amount told them he mumbled and then the female told me to move my car. I said when I put my money away. Then when I pulled off something was thrown at my car. I will also report to better business bureau.

  • Harold Bunch says:

    Popeyes in Allen self destructing already. We have been there 3 or 4 times since they opened . The first time right after they opened and they’re were busy and did pretty good. The other times not bad at all but….tonight different story all together. There was nothing but kids running it and we witnessed arguing with each other in front of customers( and they were very busy) . One kid had grey shirt on we’re thinking manager or assistant managers had his bushy hair hang down with a pair of glasses stuck in it. We saw the same kid walk out side with a pair of tongs and return a few minutes later and started using them again. Then there was a girl working with hair way below her waist and she had her back toward the lobby with her hair laying on the counter. We saw several kids doing NOTHING AT ALL. One kid couldn’t stay off his phone long enough to get any work done. No one had hair nets few had hats. While we were there we saw 4 angry customers come back with order problems. We decided last time for this place. That’s a shame because we really love Popeyes . One of the problems was no respect from the other employees for the other kid in a grey shirt (we think he was the manager) trying to work.

  • Sick and tired says:

    Chico California’s Popeyes is okay for the chicken. You have to check to make sure they didn’t miss anything Anything else is horrendous and cold. the wait is At least a hour for anything over a single meal. Management does not care if there is poor service and I’m guessing because of how hard it is contact corporate this is why. This is unacceptable Popeyes! DO BETTER! Don’t forget consumers are the ones bringing in the money…. if you don’t have customers you will not have a business

  • Damita says:

    HIRAM, GA STORE #11281- 9/3/2022

    Today I went to Popeye and had the rudest experience from a Latino female manager and light-skinned young lady-crew member. The most nastiest attitudes & customer service I’ve ever experienced at Popeye . The energy of the light skinned Latino manager & young lady who was a crew member gave me was not provoked nor did I have any prior exchange with these ladies for the customer service I encounter.

    I pulled up in the drive through and placed an order. My order was taken by a very pleasant black young man with an accent. When I got to windows the young man with the accent and a young lady were doing an awesome job. I had two separate large orders, I was asked to pull up, and they said they would bring my food to me. I responded with an okay and pulled up. This is when my experience went from heaven to hell.

    I waited in my car 30mins before one part of my order was brought to me. It appears there was a shift change because a light-skinned young lady approached me with an a nasty- nonchalant attitude as she brought my food before I ever asked her where was my 2nd order and 5 drinks. Her response was “what was your order?” I’m was baffled, my thought was “Why are you asking me what my order is when you brought me 1/2 of my order plus it’s on the order screen. Anyway, I repeated the order and asked where were my drinks for this order. She said I made them, Okay! Where are they I asked? Again, she had the most nastiest attitude, nonchalant foul response and walked off. She went back in the restaurant, then proceeds to entertain her friends or family members eating in the lobby. Instead of going back to check on my order- she hugged one little boy seated at a table and looked me straight in eye from the window to send me a subliminal non verbal message, “Forget-U” (I’m being respectful) That is how ugly her attitude was to me. Again, unprovoked and no exchange until she brought me 1/2 my order.

    At this point I was very annoyed and went in the restaurant. Only to be greeted by a Latino woman who appeared to be the manager having an even worst attitude than the crew member. I told her, I’ve been waiting 30mins for my food and I still don’t have my drinks or second order. Her attitude was just as unbelievable. The crew memeber come from out the lobby with her friends or family members and fixed my drinks in the drive-thru station. But wait a minute- I thought she fixed my drinks from her earlier statment. (Please note my family did not drink our drinks.) When I got home we poured them in the garbage disposal. I didn’t trust her at this point especially because I couldn’t see her fix my drinks.

    The reason I went in the restaurant to watch my food because of how nasty the attitudes were I had encountered, I did not trust them handling my food. Back to the manager, she turned her back to me and rolled her eyes. She started filling other orders after mine and I waited another 20mins before she give me my food. Another non-verbal subliminal “Forget-U” (Again, Im being respectful) customer service move. I looked to find the store number so I could report them to the customer service line but I’m not satisfied with the customer service level. This type of rudeness is Corporate level. I’m not seeking free food or a discount. This is about the nasty treatment I received that was unwarranted and unprovoked. I am owed an apology and an acknowledgments for undeserved treatment from that manager and the crew memeber. Probably won’t get it, but I’m owned an apology nevertheless.

    They acted as if I was bothering them, did something wrong coming to their place of employment during operating hours, on their working shift- very backwards!!!

    The last and final insult was the immature young lady-crew memeber, locked the door so I couldn’t get out. Why? If the lobby is closed to customers, then why were her friends (4) sitting there eating. The manager came to let me out but I told her I didn’t want anymore of their help, I’ll let myself out. However, I couldn’t open the door. The manager thought it was highly funny and proceeded to let me out. That’s the only smile I got for the whole experience her- how sad and unprofessional. The MANAGER was happy I was frustrated and annoyed by the service I received.

    I’m not advocating anybody lose their jobs but those two ladies DO NOT need to be in customer service and definitely not in leadership position. Even when I was in the store waiting, the atmosphere of the team was divided: noone was communicating, chaotic,, and overall miserable negative experience. I have never in my life received this type of blatant ugliness from Popeye’s but this visit will forever be unforgettable.

  • Jesse montes says:

    Restaurant located at York blvd Los Ángeles california it’s not fair that managers have their family members working at the same restaurant and giving other peoples hours away just because of personal preferences especially illegals

  • Terri Smith says:

    Very unhappy with the Paducah Popeyes on Clark 13479 we purchased $47.27 today approximately 5pm in food and when we got home found that about 10 piece’s of mild chicken and one side of red beans and rice were not in the bag. We don’t live close but called multiple times and were hung up on twice and now they are not answering the phone. What type of service is that? We had ti cook food to feed the family because we did have enough because half our order was not in the bag. And I cannot reach anyone directly to fix it. We will not go back there. My cell number is 618-522-4105. Thanks for the downer on the beginning of our Labor Day weekend.

  • Kimberly Knutson says:

    WHY DON’T YOU JUST CLOSE ALL YOUR STL LOCATIONS!!!!!! I’m literally in the St. Peter’s location it is 5:36pm on Friday 2nd of September…… EVERYONES PAYDAY!!!!!! So I’m oh ok this should be good I’m in a nice area NOPE! I’M NOT PREJUDICE. My spouse is black and my kid’s are mixed. EVERYONE OF THESE POPEYES IS FULLY RUN BY BLACK CREW. They’re out of chicken, red beans an rice, biscuits ect…! LIKE WHAT THE HELL? THEY ARE LOOKING AT US LIKE AAAAAANND! CORPRATE KNOWS AND YALL DO NOTHING! I mean why are the sitting area’s STILL CLOSED?

  • Concerned customer says:

    Close Bloomimgton Illinois store..it has been a joke for over a 1yr now. First time being back in few months because they kept screwing orders up or out of everything and today the lady at drive thru asked if i had sonething smaller then a $20 bill they had no money an the manager was sitting at register on her phone an all employees were just standing there listining to music ..what a joke.

  • Debbie Ochwat says:

    The worst service/ food I have ever eaten at Popeyes.

  • Robert Bucklin says:

    Was at the Popeyes in Cabot Arkansas ordered a 16 piece meal for $54.38 at 4:52 PM on 08/28/22, got home with my order and discovered that my Large side dishes were 3/4 to 1/2 full , i do have pictures. This will cause me not to go back to Popeyes we have a KFC in the same little town. and We tried to call the number on the receipt and it is none working number 501-606-1540.

  • LaWanda says:

    My husband and I recently visited your Popeyes restaurant in Cincinnati, OH. We placed a big order for our big family. Our order was over $50. After we paid for our order, the manager told us that we would have to wait 15-20 minutes for our order because they were cooking the chicken. We did not mind waiting so that was fine for us. As we were leaving the restaurant, I saw a roach on the door inside the restaurant. I showed my husband and he immediately notified the employees and the manager. We wanted our money back. The manager said to my husband, “All Popeyes restaurants have roaches”. Needless to say we will NEVER go to another Popeyes. This was very disgusting.

  • Melanie says:

    I work next door to the Popeyes in Moline Illinois utter filth!!! Water heater laying outback on sidewalk for month grease and garbage everywhere, bug pest control truck there 2x in 1 month employee’s always fighting, the worst food very very poorly ran store owners should be embarrassed to claim this store also the one in Davenport Iowa both the dirtiest I’ve ever seen !!

  • Kathy Kelly says:

    I am commenting for myself and several other customers in the Cumming GA area.
    All THREE of your locations are poorly managed, rarely have chicken items that are on your regular menu, have extremely long waits for food, food that is subpar but most of all customer service at these locations is deplorable! We all know that staffing is a problem at all restaurants at this time. However, that is no reason for employees to speak badly to customers.
    The locations in Cumming GA are as follows; Market Place Blvd; Castlebury Rd; and state route 141.

    If you can no longer provide the food that you advertise on your menu – you need to close these locations. AND speak to all employees and managers regarding POLITE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • Toryanno charity says:

    Need to close all the Popeyes in Cleveland Ohio and get new people that want to work is horrible service all the time

  • Joy says:

    I had a bad experience at Popeyes 8100 Manchester Rd St. Louis, Mo in July. When I complained to the toll free number, they told me to get the popeye’s app on my phone, I will get a 10.00 coupon. I did the app, got the code, went to popeye’s on Manchester Rd today, ordered food total was 9.96, the app asked for my credit card info, I asked the employee on the phone why my card info, she said they wouldn’t charge my visa, they was just for info to place order, no worries (she said). I get my order total 9.96, they said since it wasn’t 10.00 or ABOVE my visa was charged. NO ONE said the amount HAD to be 10.00 or above, or I would of ordered one more thing. PLEASE CREDIT MY VISA. So discussed with this, and hope you credit my visa. I cannot believe how you treat a customer. Also you have no email address to corporate office, where I hope this comment goes to, so they see what is going on.

  • Mat says:

    When are you going to bring back the original recipe for the Cajun Rice.
    Or do you sell the recipe for the original Cajun Rice that you had before you changed it up?

  • Thelma says:

    I visited your store #2489, at 2:39 today August 13, 2022, I ordered three kids meals, two apple pies, a med sweet tea the cashiers charged me $21.89.
    The itemization of the receipt is
    2 kids meal 1 pc tender $7.98
    2 reg mashed potatoes & gravy $2.20
    2 Minute Maid apple juices
    Kids meal 1 pc tender $3.99
    Reg Cajun fries $1.10
    Two apple pies $2.49
    Sweet tea $2.49
    My question is if a side is if a regular side order comes with the kids meals, why was I charged extra money for the side?

  • Daive B. says:

    Popeyes in 9200 reading road Cincinnati Ohio the customer service in the drive thru is extremely bad. Rude employees and poor manners for the customer. I will not buy anything there or in other Popeyes. I no recommended to anyone go to that fast food. Employees enjoy to offend people. We are paying for a good service especially when is about food. Owners need to do something with that store and the manager in charge. I will put in all of the social media reviews a bog 0 …. really bad and rude service.

  • Marcus Rye says:

    The Popeyes on S. Pickett st in Alexandria VA has to be the worst managed store in the country. I visited that store on 8/11 approx1:00 pm. Attempted to pay cash $13.37. The employee couldn’t provide any change from a $20 bill. The manager didn’t offer any assistance and was very unpleasant. This is not not the first bad experience I’ve had at this store.

  • Shamika Knighton says:

    takeia olgetree my experience with her how she came in wanting me to take over the store then started hiring all the new people an let the whole day shift go an tashara isn’t rehirable but she’s there running shifts an she’s not safe served . the managers are nasty to the employees an nothing is ever done about it an this company sucks and she has hired other managers an gave them
    my spot an i’ve been there so long an put that julio casiano fired me the day my uncle passed away an told a prior general manager i was lying that i was lying about my uncle passing away an tell about wensday i’m was off only covering for another employee kennis that had an emergency an i couldn’t cover his shift because i had one an takeia fired me i never been written up for anything, and u just fire someone like it’s nothing I need my job that has mouths to feed . And your Regional manager james isn’t a good asset to your company or Julio casiano they don’t care about the small people. because the people in these positions don’t care about every day life an their employees situations until their jobs are on the line well
    there on the line now . i have contacted my lawyer for lost wages an being wrongfully terminated. Their going back hiring people that are terminated all ur companies in Tampa Fl have money an safe issues cause the General managers are the ones taking the money . The stores are disgusting and needs to shut down. This company been stealing hours from employees so they can’t go into overtime. Employees haven’t been receiving their pay checks . You have a few employees that will like to speak to You about them loosing their jobs by the hands of the the wrong managers.
    Careless managers not caring about anyone but them selves . firing people that have never been written up . playing god playing with people job the way of eating an how they pay their bills . Tenisha Kelly fell out in there yesterday because of no air conditioning that’s a lawsuit

  • Dennis cox says:

    Yes my name is Dennis I’ve tried five times to get a hold of these people at corporate because they give me the wrong chicken they never put my biscuits and they screwed up my order twice big time and I live 30 miles away and I’ve called the corporate office for the fifth time today and they say they’re going to do something to talk about my refund and this and that but they never do anything

  • Merici Pope says:

    Hey my name is Merici Pope i worked at popeyes in athens ga well on highway 29 i was bullyed on tuesday 26 of july i havent be back because i felt disrespected mangemeant on night shift its a hurting feeling knowing you cant be at work in peace i feel like it was planned and set up to get me out and to be pushed out door like trash im not happy at all

    • Denis says:

      I have a family member that works for popeyes. The said family member is getting the run around on hrs. Being told they will get a call when many people call out and my family member dont get hrs.

  • Tami says:

    I will NEVER eat at, accept a delivery from, or recommend Popeye’s Chicken, York St, Sioux City IA. Poor customer service and guest treatment to an extent I have never witnessed in my lifetime! After an hour of waiting for a GrubHub delivery and multiple excuses and, for one store employee, 3 trips to the restroom, I was able to deliver a cold meal to my customer. This occurred all while the store GM watched from the back for half the time and disappeared the other half of the time. She is the lousiest excuse for a manger I have ever encountered. Poor training and lack of manners. One customer came in after receiving the wrong order in the drive through and felt compelled to apologize to the counter personal for bothering him, because he was treating her with such disrespect for an issue that the restaurant caused…not her. Oh I could go on and on about what I witnessed at this location!

  • Tanya Wilson says:

    My order was incorrect. I went inside to get it corrected. The manger was very rude. I asked for a refund and was told since I ordered online I have to request a refund online. When I ask how do I do that. He could only say I don’t work for the website. When I told him my gallon of tea was missing. He said ,”We told your door-dash to tell you we were out. I told him I did not order by door-dash. He gave me six empty cup to take care of the missing gallon of tea.
    I asked for a cup holder they were out. I asked him to replace the three boxes of fries I did not order. He said”I will replace one”.
    The he proceeded to hand me a container. I said do you have mac and cheese. He said we are out. I asked do you have mash potatoes and gravey. His reply, “we are out”. Now this is about 3:00 p.m. They are always out of something. No one could give me a phone number to someone who was over him. When I asked for a refund he said you ordered online you have to ask for a refund online. He could not tell me how to do that. He said I don’t work for the website. This manger need to be demoted and retrained on customer service.
    This is the second Popeyes in my area that I will tell everyone not to service. It is sad that I have to go outside my neighborhood to get good service.
    I live in Florissant, Mo.

  • James Crowe says:

    I went to the Popeyes in palatka Fla @ 645 and attempted to place an order once order was completed at the window we were told to pull around. We were greeted by less than friendly cashier. My wife asked if her meal came with a drink and the female said sharply no it only comes with a combo. My wife then tells her that’s what we ordered. The cashier told us that it the soda could not be added to the order at the window that we had to drive around with great attitude. We left this store and drove across town to the other Popeyes and went inside to eat. I was greeted by a manager with loads of attitude. I asked her who owned the store back in palatka she said they did. I asked her how I’d go about filing a complaint that that store sucked. She said you can’t just go on line. We attempted to place another order which my order was different from the menu (I wanted 2 breast instead of mystery piece) I do not eat dark meat. They the manager tells us they are out of half their sodas so after she totaled my order I asked her to read it back to make sure I was getting two breasts. She then got smart said it was in the computer slammed the cup down And began being disrespectful. I started to walk away when she said something smart and provoking. I stopped and told her I hope she looses her job because of her attitude. She cussed me I cussed her as I was leaving. This is a terrible way to represent your store your brand and in such a small town just not a great idea. I think the palatka manager needs to be retrained and the east palatka manager needs fired asap. It’s weird how the attitude of both stores was horrific this day. I will not be going there nor will I let any of my family go there and I will not be attending or eating with the motorcycle group.

  • Eric Dixon says:

    I’m looking at all of the bad comments posted. I guess the corporate employees are just as bad as the Frontline workers. The amount of bad experiences should be alarming. Apparently, not!!!

  • MJ says:

    The Popeyes in PG Mall the Spanish girl served all the Spanish people and never got my order together. The other girl with braids had to put my order together. Just evil and racist. I will never go back.

  • David Caster says:

    I can’t sign into my account.Popeyes says it has my email,but when it comes to signing in Popeyes NEVER send me a validation code.Send me a validation code. David

  • nabeel azmat says:

    Hello popeyes team. We love your delicious chicken. A very professional and dedicated franchise. It’s been a while that there is no more hot sauce at all the locations in canada. Restaurants says that shortage from suppliers. Please do something. Hot sauce is the main attraction for some customers. Thanks and keep up the good work. GOD Bless

  • Zonya Tantype says:

    I purchased 10 piece chicken meal at Popeyes at East 10th St. in Sioux Falls, SD. I did not receive a receipt or my credit card back. We had to go back an hour later to get it. One worker told his coworker that you know you are going to get fired. Then I had to shut down the card and have to wait a week to receive a new card.

  • Bill L says:

    Lied to. Overcharged. Blamed. Given $0.90 change in nickels. Then to add insult to injury, I’ve contacted customer service 3 times in 10 days and still no contact from store or anyone in corporate.

    The store is owned and operated by Ashish – Amish Parikh, Moulaye Komanji in Poukeepsie NY.

    So much for “we value humanity” and “we are personally accountable.”

    Alexandre de Jesus Santoro, Andrew G. Skehan, Jacqueline Friesner, Amish Parikh, and Moulaye Komanji should all be ashamed of themselve and the service their company DOES NOT give.

  • Lynn says:

    V top office refuses to put location wadsworth and jewel as one if there locations denver and won’t respond to communication about this issue 3 rd request

  • KD says:

    The worst ghetto service in Washington DC is on H street NE
    Employees threatened to beat up an elderly woman

  • Nune YA says:

    You need to demand that all Popeyes have their Indoor dining rooms open. It is way past time for your stores to not be catering to customers. The Popeyes in Altoona, Iowa is blaming the headquarters on why they are closed indoors when the real reason employees are scared little bitches!!

  • Janice brown says:

    I have pictures that you need to see how they are running your Popeyes in millen ga

  • Lynn says:

    When Are you going to include the restaurant located at Jewel in Wadsworth in Denver Colorado amongst your other Popeyes We’ve been waiting forever forward to open and now it is

  • Jamesnobles says:

    Just like to know why I was charged that much it seems to be wrong but just wanted to check cording to your face page it should be in nine dollars in a few change for the meal without the rice but when I added the rice it went up to 1586 before tax and that was Popeyes 12643 order number 802

  • Jamesnobles says:

    Yes I’m curious why I was charge $16.86 for a three piece meal and a Cajun rice with mashed potatoes and Middleburg Florida location I don’t think I have ever been chores that amount before seems to be a little higher just curious have your prices went up that much

  • Angela Stallworth says:

    I was served old bad chicken smelled bad from Popeyes store #11105. 202 Airtex Drive Houston,TX 77090…my kids got sick and I’m angry. I have had multiple problems with this location. This was the worse case because I believe it was intentional. I have pictures and receipts . I would like this matter addressed asap.

  • Ladie Thomas says:

    My complaint is concerning the drastic increase in prices. I understand that the costs of everything has gone up to the consumers disadvantage, but why such a huge increase? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a coupon or decent deal at Popeyes to make it worth purchasing for a family of 5. There used to be long lines at the drive-thru and now barely a line because, apparently, charging more is better for business than getting more business. How long will it be before the offers get better? Are you planning on going out of business?

  • Ricky Sinclair says:

    I’ve been in line at Popeyes here in Baker Louisiana for an hour and 20 minutes and then when I order she tells me not to pull up to the window but wait back a car link. Really really really poor service. My name is Pastor Ricky Sinclair and my phone number is 225-603-7568

  • Elana Solnick says:

    Just wanted to praise you for a wonderful employee you have at your Tacoma, Wa. 6 th Ave. Store! His name is Jordan! Had a problem with order going thru drive thru last night and as frustrated as I was, Jordan solved issue and problem immediately!! With , I might add, kindness, and helpfulness. He was so nice and I thanked him profusely for his help in solving problem!! . I hope he gets some kind of recognition for being such a great and valued employee!! Thank you!!!

  • Vickie says:

    Good morning my issue has been ongoing since June 21, 2022. To date I have not been contacted by the Elkridge location. This was not a minor issue. I can’t believe this is how you handle your issues.
    I hoping someone is concerned enough about the issue to contact me

    Hi Vickie;

    I’m sorry that you haven’t been contacted yet, we allow the location to contact guests within 3-5 business days for the case being sent to the location.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help and thanks for being a valued Popeyes guest!

    Popeyes Guest Services

    Vickie Brownley
    Jun 23, 2022, 3:02 PM EDT

    I still have not heard from the Popeyes in Elkridge Maryland. This is totally unacceptable! I can not believe this would happen and nobody from the location has the curtesy or concern to contact me! I definitely will never eat at a Popeyes again if this is how your customers are treated. Something serious could have happened if my granddaughter would have eaten the metal object.
    This need to be sent to the head of Popeyes to see how your customers are treated when something like this happens.
    This should have never happened in the first place if your quality control did their job.
    I’m very upset and angry at this point as no one seems to care about the situation. At this point I want to be compensated for the meal I spent $38.23 on.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Adi (Popeyes)
    Jun 21, 2022, 12:17 PM EDT

    Hi Vickie;

    I’m sorry to hear about the foreign object inside your meal at our location. We take this kind of feedback to heart and appreciate you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    I have created a case regarding your concern, and it has been forwarded to the restaurant owner and management team. I have also requested that they follow up with you about this.

    It is through feedback from valued guests like you that we are able to continually improve our level of service, quality and cleanliness.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help and thanks for being a valued Popeyes guest!

    Popeyes Guest Services

    Vickie Brownley
    Jun 21, 2022, 10:26 AM EDT

    Issue: In-Restaurant Issue – Other

    Order Details: In-restaurant issue – other

    Comments: I went to the in Elkridge Md yesterday June 20 @5:00 pm. I placed an order at the window for 10 piece meal and 5 piece tender and an extra large mashed potatoes. The total was $38.23. My order number was 13355. I got home and we began our dinner with the family. In the 5 piece tender meal it came with a regular coleslaw which I began to eat. I then came upon a metal object in the coleslaw so I immediately stopped eating the coleslaw. The metal object looks like it may have broken off the machine that makes to coleslaw. I took pictures of it and I saved the coleslaw with the metal object. Obviously our meal was ruined after that. I called the restaurant location 5 times and received no answer and no voicemail. So I’m writing you today.


    This email is a service from Popeyes. Delivered by Zendesk

  • Sharee H. says:

    Palatka, FL location has the best customer service and the best food. I have been to a lot of different Popeyes and this location is excellent!

  • Marsha says:

    We need a Popeyes in Raton NM. There is not a single fried chicken place here. Please investigate the possibility of getting us a fried chicken restaurant.

  • Stephanie says:

    Last night I was n drive though at one of your stores here n Houston Texans off of jensen as. Tidwell. I arrived there at 9pm got to the speaker the car before me was told that it would be a 20 minute wait on regular chicken when I got to the speaker I was on the phone with one of my family memebers whom also works at a Popeyes. And the manger by the name of romona said that it would be a 40 minute wait for my order which was only the one 11.99 special 5 pics mice and two regular sides I said why so long when u just told the car I front of me 20 minutes. I was spoken to rudely and was told she was not going to serve me and have a nice night I said wat she said u heard me. I said where is your manger she said I am the manger I said who is yjur Gm she wouldn’t tell me but my niece knew who she is. I said you she a good one she then said not knowing My window was down bitch I said no you have the right one bitch this is unacceptable never have been here n spoken to like this I can be reached at 7137489910 I need a Gm to contact me

  • Jim Edwards says:

    I love Popeyes, but the store in DeKalb Il should be shut down. Terrible service every time and they are often out of things on the menu. Today they were out of chicken sandwiches, Dr Pepper and change if you paid cash.

  • Tillerson says:

    Popeyes indicate senior discounts online but do not honor. Evansville IN

  • Helmuth says:

    I just moved from Louisiana, and went to the Popeyes in 8th street store in Miami FL, and the people were smoking weed (I could smell it from a mile away) outside the girl in the front had a bad attitude. I asked for the manger and the General manger was outside smoking weed as well she didn’t wash her hands but touched my food. the food was great but they need new management there. If the founding father that owned Popeyes (I was his close friend) was still alive everyone there would be fired. I don’t know if the General manger name is Sally or Pot head Salí but she has an attitude just like the girl at night time. New people needed there especially new general manger. What a shame that this Popeyes is responsible for me not ever touching a Popeyes ever again. Everything from the worst, rudest, and disgusting employees to the same thing for the food. SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN ASAP!

  • tommyrancher23@gmail.com says:

    Why don’t all of you guys stores honor the specials that are
    mentioned on the radio. The store on 1999 Sibley in Calumet City never honor any specials why?

  • Alliah says:

    Boaz,AL us so understaffed that they are not getting off days and having to close early every night. I went tonight and they said that the gm quit due to the environment. The manager that was there said she had only been there a week and had 3 employees including her and they had another interview later this week. That store needs to be closed and reopened when it can be staffed this is ridiculous. Not had a good experience there and I keep giving them a chance and it seems to get worse and worse. I’ve yet to go back and see the same people working.

  • Rose says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with Popeyes but every Popeyes in Houma Louisiana except for the one on grand Caillou Road it’s slow I came to gray y’all new location I’m sitting here now I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes in line with cars behind me in order to get chicken and this is not the first time this is all the time y’all need to do something about this this is ridiculous and the time is 11:24 I’ll got here at 1104

  • Melissa Allen says:

    I received the worst service I have ever had at a restaurant at the Popeyes in Conway Arkansas. I ordered a doordash order in the Dasher called me to tell me that they were out of almost everything is that I tried to order. He was trying to talk to the workers there and they told him to go to the back of the line he stood in line for a very long time and ended up just leaving. I was on the phone with him the entire time he was attempting to speak with one of their employees. I attempted to call the restaurant to see if I could just have my item substitute for something else I attempted to call the restaurant six times every time the phone continuously running nobody ever answered. After 15 minutes they finally canceled the order allowing me to order from another restaurant. I have attempted to call the restaurant nobody ever answers the phone nobody has tried to reach out to me about this situation and I have left my information on the website. I will never eat it another Popeye’s Chicken because of this horrible experience

  • Dedy And Gary McReynolds says:

    We need a Popeyes in St Augustine Florida. They are building a New Publix on Hwy 207 with a lot of out property. As it is we have to travel 28 miles to Palatka, fl for your chicken!

  • David Higgs says:

    I went to the store in Austin Texas on Ben White Boulevard which I have been a couple of times really more than a couple. But the last two times I have been I have been overcharged today they have a sign on the window two piece and biscuit for $2.89 I ordered two of them and two pies and four jalapeños. They charge me $16 and some change I have it on my credit card statement this is the second time I have been overcharged there in the last month their phone number does not work and I’m very disappointed. We have a business in Austin that has over 300 employees which I quite often go to Popeyes and buy them a group lunch for up to 50 people at a time. It sure is a shame you overcharge and lose this kind of business that you’re about to lose from me.

  • Natasha says:

    This is about one of your establishment in Detroit Michigan located on East Warren Street and Conners I really don’t know why they are still open it’s bad service they don’t have food there this is the third time that I’ve been there and they don’t have any chicken so I’m not understanding if you don’t have any chicken or shrimp why are you even open but they keep being opened because they want to sell the rest of the chicken that’s there that’s not fair if I can’t get what I want what is the purpose of it on top of that the weight is extremely long they need to get better with the services their cleanliness and their attitude with their customers along with fresh food

  • Darrell m. says:

    These negros at #13259 are very disrespectful in Cleveland oh and the food was hard and cold I told that little girl that the juice was leaking out the cup she took the cup and started shaking the cup outside the window and got in on my car after I washed it for three hours then the manager broad told me to Google Corp number never coming back there again.

  • Brian says:

    The store in Millbrook Al sucks!!! Never had good experience!! Was gonna give them a try tonight went through the drive-through sat there For 20 minutes waiting on one small mashed potato and gravy and when I get to the window they say they’re out. They could’ve told me that at the speaker. I will never go back

  • Randy says:

    My wife and I just visited your location on Canal St. in the French Quarter in New Orleans at 6:30pm, Saturday May 28th. The restaurant staff were very indifferent to waiting customers. Once seated with our order, my wife and I noticed that a previous customer had left their hip bag on the floor next to the adjacent table. We stopped a passing employee and advised of the left item. We did not get a response or acknowledgment. A few minutes later, a different female employee came to the table and examined the contents of the bag and walked away with it on her shoulder like it was hers. Odd…

    When we attempted to exit the restaurant to Canal St., with a fire exit sign designating it as a required exit way, the door was locked and did not have panic exit device installed creating a dead end corridor marked as a fire exit way in a public retail space. You may want to review this issue, before the Louisiana State Fire Marshal does.

  • Smdh says:

    Guess I’m not getting my money reimburse. Will never ever refer or patronize again. Hope all go out of biznizz stealing my last to feed my family.. Unprofessional Popeyes #2574 . Zip 60628. Dam prison gates all around the whole dam restaurant. Ignorant employees nd dirty dumb manager Brian. The thief. Do not know how to work gift cards or debit . Had me swipe twice. Waste my time nd took my money. Pls stay away from Popeyes they steal money. Corporate support this behavior.

  • Go to hell Popeyes says:

    Stolen my last off my debit card. Pray all Popeyes close down permanently. Corporate gives no concern. Greedy bastards. Dirty trifling dogs .

  • Gail Patterson says:

    Went to the Popeyes on Broadway in Chicago. The manager of this restaurant cursed me out! They were short staffed, chicken tenders were old. I just wanted a refund! Got nothing but attitude and then cursed out! Unprofessional, under staffed, and incapable of ever getting me to eat there again.
    I would like someone to contact me concerning this matter.

  • Victoria Baccus says:

    I have had multiple bad experiences at a couple Popeyes locations but the Popeye location in Sumter, SC does not close until 10pm but if I order from Doordash at 8:40pm they will tell my dasher they’re out of everything. Once I went at 8pm they told me they stopped cooking because we’re about to close and this is constantly happening. I know it may have little effect but Popeyes lost me as a customer due the lack of professionalism and customer service.

  • Ms Thompson says:

    The Popeyes in Kokomo in is terrible. We have been there 2 times & they have nothing. They have no food. How does this happen? We will never go back

  • Arlyss says:

    Will you PLEASE open a Popeyes in Bend, Oregon…..ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ike malone says:

    I have a solution that would work throughout the usa. I can not only spearhead Wisconsin but the rest of the nation as well. please call if interested.

  • Love says:

    After a month of trying to get a refund for something I didn’t even eat, I’m counting this place a loss. I use to enjoy eating Popeyes but the TERRIBLE employees they hire and “train” aren’t IT! I’ve worked many customer service and food service jobs and have NEVER been treated the way the ladies in the Starkville,MS do folks. They are rude! I witnessed with my own eyes, then take chicken that left the restaurant and that came back partially eaten, witnessed them put it back with the other chicken they were serving!! That HAS to be a health violation.

  • Love says:

    After a month of trying to get a refund for something I didn’t even eat, I’m counting this place a loss. I use to enjoy eating Popeyes but the shit ass employees they hire and “train” aren’t IT! I’ve worked many customer service and food service jobs and have NEVER been treated the way the ladies in the Starkville,MS do folks. They are rude! I witnessed with my own eyes, then take chicken that left the restaurant and that came back partially eaten, witnessed them put it back with the other chicken they were serving!! That HAS to be a health violation.

  • Connie Taylor says:

    Need to speak to someone in the corp office.

  • Logan McMinn says:

    I just came from the Popeye’s at 2496 Wabash Avenue in Springfield Illinois. I really like your chicken –especially the sandwich — but good lord! The service is terrible. Sine the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the store has not offered inside service at all, and the drive through line was excruciatingly slow; but until today, I was willing to suffer because I liked the food. Tired of waiting in my car for twenty to thirty minutes just to place my order, this time I tried ordering online, with the intention of picking my order up at the counter; but when I arrived, the entry door was locked and the lady inside said they had closed the counter because of they didn’t have enough workers, so I was once again forced to wait in line for more than twenty minutes. Then, when I announced that I was there for an online order, they couldn’t find it, and since I had ordered on my desktop, I had no receipt to show them. It turns out that they had the order under my first name. I’m sorry, but Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen and I are not on a first-name basis.
    The worker shortage concerns me because the Chick Fil-A across the street offers inside service and their drive through line moves quite rapidly, and other drive throughs are far more prompt than the Wabash store. If I were the manager I would start wondering why it is so hard to attract decent workers, especially when other places in Springfield seem to be coping well.

  • Jerolyn Jernigan says:

    Popeyes locations in Madison , Ms. and Oxford, Ms. are horrible!!! We love your chicken but your employees lack the needed skills to work in these locations. We go to these two locations often and they are rude, our orders are never correct, they close before closing times, and lately the Madison location only takes cash!!!!!
    We were in Oxford and they never answer the phone and we knew how they would close early so I didn’t want to pay online and get there and not be able to get my order so I didn’t pay. Called, called, and called at least 30 minutes before scheduled closing time and never got an answer. Got there at 7:45 and they were closed !!!! Glad I didn’t pay for the order’ It is a known fact in both of these cities that they are run very very poorly!!!
    After we didn’t get Popeyes…. We went to Chick-fil-A where we were greeted with a smile , orders taken, and delivered to our car in drive thru in record time!!!
    I don’t know who makes your decisions but someone needs to up their game!!!! Like your chicken but not enough to put myself thru the agony that Popeyes gives out!!!!!

  • Katrena says:

    Last night, at your establishment in Texarkana, AR, I was told the manager could not take orders inside due to the cashier left for break and did not come back. I used to be able to operate a drawer of my own, or out of an employee drawer, if busy at another large restaurant chain. There was a box fan on the inside I guess because the air conditioner had stopped working. The side door by the drive thru was propped open with a chair, letting all kinds of flies in. She also said there was only three employees and they were short handed. I went outside to prepare to go through the drive thru but there were 11, I counted, 11 vehicles in line. I decided to go somewhere else because it was also close to closing time and the line wasn’t moving. They usually state they’re out of so many things around 30 minutes to closing. As I pulled around and looked into the lobby I saw that same manager sitting on her ass not helping for them to be so short handed! On her phone, no less.

  • Joelle Hansen says:

    Hi my name is Joelle Hansen I always pick up orders at Popeyes in Joplin MO How to talk to someone about the Popeyes in Joplin mo that really needs help and better management I work for Grubhub as a delivery driver and every time I pick up an order they take over an hour just to make the order and give it to me please help me

  • Charla Hayes says:

    Hello my name is Charlie Hayes and I visited your store 11340 Macomb Street El Paso Texas new location I ordered the butterfly shrimp tackle box instead of eight butterfly shrimp got four small ones and four batter covered tails the strawberry drink is terrible tried calling the store at 915-313-4992 on my receipt it seems like it belongs to an individual did not mention that it was a Popeye’s location and did not give you the option of talking to anybody or leaving a message tried calling your other location on Dyer Street in El Paso and no one ever answered the phone and no one took a message you couldn’t tell anybody anything I was going to see if there was another phone number I wanted to speak to the manager and let them know that there is a problem I will not be going to your locations again until you try to fix this problem my number is 903-422 6938 call me if you have any questions thank you

  • Ausilene says:

    From Seattle Washington went to the white center location waited 1hour in line got too window and watch employee set my food down and tended to other things when asked about food sitting for 10min he tried passing the buck on another employee when I checked him he Apparently didn’t like what I said so he gives me the food and throws my change at me this is poor customer service never go back workers
    Need better training they need to go out of business

  • Shelley A. Buchanan says:

    Store at 5782 W. Sunset Ave. Springdale, AR. Most disgusting food I have ever eaten. French fries cold, ordered mild chicken strips, got spicy, biscuit was like eating a cracker, no honey, no butter and I had the choice of only two sauces. The young man at the window never spoke, took my money handed me the food shut the window. NEVER will I spend my money in one of your stores again!!

  • Alberta says:

    Why is Popeyes not getting their restaurants any change? I have been there twice now and NO CHANGE! Can’t someone in the buildings go get change or is this so your employees can get a tip? I like the food, but I guess I will have to get my chicken somewhere else from now on. I am going to post this on Facebook so EVERYONE will no not to go to Popeyes.

  • La Tonya Brown says:

    I went to store #12523 in Warren, Michigan and was completely dissatisfied with the service. Surprisingly the line was not long, however when I get to the speaker to place my order, I was immediately told, “ we are out of sandwiches, nuggets and coleslaw.” I placed my order, but then I was told I had to wait on my tenders which was not really a problem, but even that turned into a 12-minute wait. When I finally received my order, they forgot my large mashed potatoes and apple pie. I tried calling the phone number on my receipt regarding the missing items and three time and three times I was hung up on. My order was over $50, is this how you treat your customers? HORRIBLE service!!!!! There is no way workers should provide that type of service to those patronizing their business and keep them employed.

  • Sam Barnett says:

    It is real bad when you advertise on TV and every place about your new Shrimp Box cause I went to Popeyes here in Goodyear, AZ. store number #12120 and purchased at the drive through a Shrimp Box and when I got home I had 8 bite size shrimp and that isn’t what you show on TV. Well I called them as soon as I opened the box and told the duty manager what I received and her reply that the way it is, but also she said butterfly some times. So what are you people trying to sell?

  • Rose Carter says:

    New store #13820 in Albany New York. Went thru drive-thru at 1110, 40 minutes after opening and was told they had no nuggets, so I took tenders. When I got to the window to pay, I was asked “do you want to tip me”! Why would I tip when they did not even have what I wanted. And I’m glad I didn’t tip because the tenders were not good, next time I will just leave. Besides how much do they get paid now to pass food out a window??

  • Billy E Rowles Jr says:

    Store in Lumberton Tx
    I have been there 4 times and they have been out of the spicy chicken sandwiches. Very poor management

    • Shaw says:

      Our apologies Mr Billy I am Popeyes manager one of the store due to heavy demand and last min some stores are out of capacity due to lack of demand therefore they ran out which is very rare appreciated your concern.

  • Gloria Gaines says:

    Address 3236 west Huntingdon street Philadelphia pa 19132 i want money back i had put food in trash.

    • Shaw says:

      Really , apologies Gloria did you speak store manager it’s a great store always friendly never had any issues you should try it again will see a difference.

  • Gloria Gaines says:

    GloryGaines French fries bag and fries cold whole bag is greasy. Please call 919-523-4631. This is one around 14 chestnut Philadelphia. Very disappointed, i order fish i got cold chicken sandwich. They didn’t give fresh hot food. Man said i wash hands which weid ,

  • Gloria Gaines says:

    Hello my name is Gloria gaines i went to Popeye downtown in Philadelphia. Around 14 chestnut street. My french fries was greasy ass Floyd chicken sent a fish sandwich they gave me a chicken sandwich and that was very soggy messed up I literally got sick though everything was cold. The Jamaican guy said what looking at , I washed my hands.

  • Jonathan Gazarian says:

    When is the Popeye’s Ghost Pepper Hot Wings making a comeback?
    Please. For the love of God and all things chicken related, your Ghost Pepper Hot Wings blew KFC’s and any other establishments concoction OUT-OF-THE-WATER!! lol
    Seriously, bring them back.
    Flavor, Size, Portions were above and beyond excellence.
    Thank you.

  • Annette says:

    Worst place ever with the most untrained, disregardful, disrespectful and dishonest individuals employed there. They hate their job and they hate people. Located at 2825 N. Military Trail in West Palm Beach, FL.
    The most appalling is the manager is watching it all with no regard.

    • Shaw says:

      Extremely sorry your experience I wonder why manager was not responded well Popeyes is good franchise they respect and love their customers may some personal issues not related to the store

  • Samuel says:

    I would like to give you a heads up I live in Port Richey Florida. There is an empty fast food restaurant. On US 19 Port Richey Pasco county. The address is 9010 US 19 Port Richey. I think this place will make a perfect Popeyes. Since there is not one around here and we have everything. I hope that you will consider this spot to open a Popeyes. Since I think it will be perfect for this neighborhood. Thank you Samuel lover of Popeyes.

  • Armando G says:

    How can you operate a restaurant with so many complaints about horrible service?


    Popeye’s Golden State Blvd, Turlock Ca

  • Latitia says:

    Worst experience ever at Popeyes… in Highland park, Michigan #8596

  • Jerry says:

    I wish you would put a Popeyes here in Moultrie Georgia. It would definitely do well here.

  • Shannon DaSilva says:

    I was at the Westgate mall in brockton MA, and the service is very very horrible I waited 40 minutes before the line started to move because of the lack of workers n the service at that store. The manager or supervisor that was on definitely didn’t have any type of respect to the 20 people that was waiting to order food.

  • Lynn hutchins says:

    I have visited Pop Eyes chicken camden sc twice and for the last time. First time waited at drive thru for 15 minutes to be told they were changing shifts at 2 in afternoon and couldn’t take an orders. Second and last. Went inside to order two sandwiches at 2:30 in the afternoon and was told the chicken had to be thawed out and cooked It would be At least 10 minutes. Are you kidding me. The mist unprofessional dysfunctional fast food experience I have ever had. I plan to tell everyone and will never go back. Absolutely pitiful

  • Veronica Blake says:

    I went to the drive in at Popeyes in Chicago at 114th and Halsted. Never have I ordered anything remotely that was despicable as the newly introduced fish sandwich. It was just batter against batter no fish and fried to a pint where I couldn’t distinguish what it was supposed to be Tarter sauce slapped on so think till the bread was soggy with it and grease. The fries were just dumped into the bag without a container. I also ordered a chicken tender dinner that was a combination of chicken nuggets refried and were in hits. I did not receive a receipt so I couldn’t get my money back. I called my bank to dispute the charges. I will never go to that Popeyes or any in the Chicago area. What a mess that franchise has become. Awful!!!!!

  • Steff says:

    There is a popeyes chicken in Renton, Wa.. The chain doesn’t allow customers to come inside to place orders.. It’s either door dash or drive thru.. the drive thru is always backed up to the main street, u cant even turn into the parking lot.. Also u can only use one coupon at a time thru the drive thru! Both of these methods are always an inconvenience..

  • Carlos Morales says:

    I’m a US service military men living in Spain. I was very happy to see Popeyes chicken, however this isn’t popeyes is a very poor Imitation, I’m very disappointed, this is a insult to the real Popeyes chicken

  • Mario Davila Jr. says:

    Been trying to get my W-2 form been a month in a week please contact me at 5128 to 6 59 48th

  • Mario Davila Jr. says:

    I’ve been trying for a month and a week to get my W-2 form can you please send it to my home by mail please call me at 512-826-5948 my name is Mario Davila Jr.
    Please thank you…

  • Jimmy Ngo says:

    02/23/2022 – Decided to go to Popeye’s for my 30 min lunch. Placed a mobile order for a Spicy Chicken sandwich with no pickles, fries, and a large coke at 1:40pm and arrived at 1:45pm the Popeye’s located on 2420 Scott St, Houston, TX 77004. Waited in the drive-through line for about 30 mins (2:20pm) before finally getting to the window. The employee at the window, gave me a small coke which I corrected her that I had a Large coke and then told me that they had to make the sandwich and for me to pull around and park in the front and they will bring it out to me. Against my own judgement that I should have just waited at the window, I parked in the front. But after 15 mins of waiting(2:40pm), I decided to walk in and I asked the cashier if my food was ready and she didn’t know what I was talking about and so a manager came up and asked what was happening and I told her that I placed a mobile order and so when the manager asked the crew about the order, no one else knew besides the lady at the drive-through window. I was fuming at this point, but I am already way past my 30 min lunch break so I grab the bag and all I got from the manager was “Sorry for the mistake, have a nice day” and she walks away. Normally, I would have complain but like I said I had to get back to my office but lo and behold, they couldn’t even get my sandwich right, it was a chicken sandwich with only pickles no sauce when I had ordered a spicy chicken sandwich with no pickles. I am allergic to pickles and so I can’t even eat my sandwich.

  • Patricia Mondragon says:

    Our daughter bought a Popeyes gift card for us for Christmas. The local store, and ONLY store within 30 miles, will not take it. The phone number on the back of the card goes to Burger King. I have called 6 different numbers including Corp. (which does not answer).
    We want our money back for this. $30 does not seem like much but for a single mother of two it sure is. If you have bogus cards out there with printed bad information, that is fraud. Someone needs to contact me ASAP and resolve this. Name and email below.

  • Melanie Akins says:

    Also I’m white and there were all black workers when I went yesterday and when I was standing in line a black lady came in and said she didn’t get a couple different things and no questions were asked and she wasn’t asked for a receipt he gave her what she said she didn’t get and also gave her a dessert for the mistake

  • Melanie Akins says:

    Yes I ordered myself and my kids meals on the 16th when I got home and we went to eat it was something that we didn’t order. I called to let them know and was told I would have to call back on Monday when the GM was in. I did and was told that if I brought my receipt when I came back it would be no problem. I live 20 miles from there so I didn’t get back that way until yesterday and had my receipt and went by there and was told by the manager on duty that I would have to come back when the gm was there

  • Pam says:

    Drive through is always so slow. . New Albany, In 4715

  • Tiffan cox says:

    We went to the Joplin Mo store. Got there at 4 pm. Waited all the way til 5:30 without getting our food. Others who ordered after us continued to receive their food. I checked on our order a few times, still never received it. Finally we asked for our money back. Manager was rude and I am not happy. We were really patient but now I’m angry because of how we were treated.

  • Karman says:

    I want to start by saying I love Popeyes fried chicken. Popeye loved spinach, creamed spinach would be an awesome side.

    It saddens me to say that I have yet to go to a Popeyes that can get the order correct. I wish the corporate office would work on that. It’s depressing that I have to tear open the bag before I leave to make sure I got all that I paid for.

    I haven’t purchased your chicken since the virus outbreak due to bad service. No one can go inside, kind of hard to rip everything open in the car just to see if the order is right.

  • Lagwentric Frazier says:

    I need to talk to someone asap about the popeyes here in Minden, La

  • John Kirchharr says:

    I purchased a family meal today in Bay Minette, Al. The chicken was unedible. Tasted like rotten chicken. I had purchased chicken a few weeks ago and it was the same. Thought it was a one time occurrence but same thing this time. I have been a big fan of Popeyes for years but this is the last time I go there.

  • John Piazza says:

    Once again I head to my local Popeyes for dinner and then I can’t buy their advertised special, BOGO CHICKEN SANDWICH combo, a mainsail of the restaurant chain. Fortunately the manager was friendly and accommodating and honored the ad but as a franchise, she explained that they didn’t have too! How does a consumer know? Poor business practice from Popeyes corporate.

  • Samantha says:

    Blairsville Ga. The customer service is horrible. The food has been old several times I have went. Would love to send someone a photo of last chicken I got! I had to throw it away!! There will be absolutely no one there and at driver though they say be right with you and no one there. I sat once 10 minutes and pulled to window and they was standing there talking to each other. I understand employees are hard to find right now but REALLY!! They would get a lot more business if the customer service was good and the food wasn’t old.

  • Evelyn hasty says:

    What made Popeyes to decide to take Cajun rice away from the menu, please put it back on the menuI’m sure I’m not the only one that loves it thank you

  • Don says:

    I ordered a 4 piece combo and got home I had 3 pieces(not the ones I ordered). This is becoming a constant issue with Popeyes, no matter where you go….order incorrect, don’t have this, don’t have that,etc…

  • karen says:

    i went to roxbury store and i was treated every rudely the girl was rude and was every disrespectful calling me out name she acted like she was going to fight me and the manager still has her there i come in the store every afternoon if she’s not being rude she’s aruing with other employee this one girl she every nice she was taking my oder the other girl starts aruging with her and then told her to clock out cause she was the boss i need someone to look into it cause that girl is every rude and her customer service is every bad she should not be working there

  • Lynne Baxter says:

    I have tried unsuccessfully to reach anyone at corporate.
    I visited the Popeyes in Fayetteville TN on February 3, 2022.
    I spent $27.35 for 8 pieces of leather that was sold as chicken. The red beans and rice were burnt and the biscuits were hard as rock.
    I understand that COVID has things messed up but this is ridiculous.
    Waited for 30 minutes to get my order from start to finish and nobody else was there.
    Every number that I call is either disconnected or just rings and rings.
    I drive 45 minutes to get this horrible food.
    What has happened to the excellent food y’all used to make?

  • Kim davis says:

    I order food in the Popeyes’s app and it charge my card twice called them because I didn’t receive my product or my money they tell me they can not refund my after they took 18.99 twice off my card because they not receiving the money so where is the money going and if that’s the cause you need to discontinue the app people work hard for our money I feel y’all just stole my money and said f me I will spend my money here again and I am posting this all over my social media

  • Serita Crowley says:

    I didn’t want to complain but I thought you should know how horrible the service was at your Alpine St. location in Grand Rapids Michigan was on 2/30/2022. I ordered the exact same thing that I did the day before at a different location and it was very good at that location. However the Alpine location charged me two dollars more for the same thing and when I asked was prices different at different locations, the young boy lied and said that’s what it was… He also short changed me for my change too. He acted as if he didn’t know how to count. When I got my two pieces of dark meat chicken mash potatoes and gravy on the side, the thigh was amazingly tiny and the leg was the size of a wing ding without the flat. I didn’t notice until I had nearly gotten home. I thought maybe they purposely did that because I said that I didn’t want a drink or the meal just the chicken with gravy on the side with my mashed potatoes? I don’t know how to put the picture on here but I have it. Unbelievable how tiny these pieces of chicken were and that I paid $6.00 and some odd change at one location and 8.00 dollars at another for the exact same thing and then when I stated that I had given too much change the kid just looked confused and was not about to give me my correct change. It was only some change so I said not to worry about it. This is unacceptable. I choose not to go to that one ever again. They’ve messed up my order there several other times as well. This does not make your place of business look good at all.😡 When you contact me at my email address I will send you the picture of this miniature chicken because I don’t know how to upload it here. I’ll look for the receipt too.

  • Chad Taylor says:

    Cedartown Georgia Popeyes has to be the worst place. Chicken was dry and no taste. The lady gave me a handful of honey and every single packet had honey all over it everyone in Cedartown tonight eat at Popeye’s in vote to get this place closed down this is a disgrace . This is not the first time. It’s sad when you can get better Fried Chicken at the grocery store then I’ll eating fast food restaurant

  • David Martin says:

    On 1/26/2022 at about 7:30pm. I went to the Popeyes in Moncks Corner, SC. and purchase an 8 piece of chicken only. The young lady said the only chicken they had was spicy, they didn’t have mild. They ran out of oil to cook the mild chicken. I said ok. When I got home to eat the chicken, the chicken was burnt and it tasted burnt. Now, I like Popeyes food, but this was unacceptable. I paid close to $20.00 for some burnt chicken. Please have a talk with restaurant. I have heard other complaints too. I would still go there, but they have to do better.
    Thank You.

  • Coleen schmidt says:

    Very upset. I paid $28.51 for 2 three piece combe meals. I wanted all theighs in both boxes. They said i had to pay and up grade for all theighs $6.76. Then i didnt get biscuits in either box and they gave me all breast which we dont eat white meat. And the mashed patatoes couldnt feed a mouse. No gravy and i can say wheres the patatoes can you spare them? Really $28 for this. Idk if i will ever go here again

  • Nicole Abrom says:

    I have been trying to get my money from you guys concerning my experience with one of the locations 860 colony rd walingford ct Me and my mom was assaulted by the General manager at the store he spit in our face in the driv thru window and I have never been through anything like this in my whole life I paid for my items 41.70 and I had the police involved and I never received my food I was told to get in touch with you

  • Pat B. says:

    I visited the camp springs location #4242. I ordered a 3 piece meal with Mac and cheese and a sprite but was charged alacarte. When I bought it to Ana’s attention she only over charged me 50 cents. What I don’t expect to happen when I’m patronizing a business is for someone especially management to argue with me. If an error is made I expect accountability and resolution. While I don’t buy into the theory of the customer is always right I do believe we should be respected. When I tried to call the corporate office the numbers are all out of service. No customer service skills were displayed with this incident.

  • Jen G says:

    Buyer beware!!! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT at Popeyes. Check your receipts, make sure you are being charged the correct amount.
    Here’s my story
    On Monday, January 10, 2022, I went through Popeyes drive-thru at 3925 38th Street, Moline, IL, and ordered an 8 piece Box Meal. On the drive-thru menu, the price for the meal was $19.99. When I got up to the window I was charged $24.19 after taxes, $21.99 before taxes. That’s a $2.00 difference. I questioned the sales associate about the $2.00 and she stated that the prices have gone up and that they were waiting for their regional manager to come and change the menus. I gave my name and number to the sales associate and asked her to have the regional manager contact me. After 24 hours, and no phone call, I called the store and spoke with the on-duty manager and she stated that corporate changed the prices and they were waiting for corporate to send them the new menus. She also stated that they were not allowed to put a sign up stating the price differences. I again gave my name and number for the regional manager to contact me and asked for corporate’s phone number, which she stated she didn’t know. After another 24 hours, I contacted Popeyes corporate office to file a complaint. The young lady I spoke with on the phone apologized and sympathized with me. She stated they would get in touch with the regional manager and contact me with information. I gave her my name, phone number, and email address. It’s been 1 week and I have not heard anything. This price discrepancy is false advertisement at its finest and the managers, regional managers, and corporate does not want to do anything to fix this.
    I personally will NEVER spend my money at Popeyes again.
    ANDDD.. I just tried to email the CEO of Popeyes and the email address came back as a bad email address. jcil@rbi.com
    What kind of Sh*t show are they running there. If the leadership is this bad from the top… Can you imagine how bad each individual store is run, just saying.

  • Leo says:

    Might as well close the one in Grand Junction , Colorado the lobby is never open.

  • Robert Jackson says:

    I ordered $40.10 worth of food online went to drive through just to be told they were out of everything I ordered was told to call the customer service people to get a refund this was done December 18th 2021 at 1430 berries parkway Kennesaw ga. I’m still waiting for my refund. I was told by customer service that it was refunded on the 18th but my account shows a hard post on the 20th of December. Try to contact someone about it and all I get is grief with a side of I don’t care. I’m not in the habit of just giving money away and i sure don’t want the attitude of someone who just don’t care . So I would like a response and my money back. I will be posting this response on every media outlet I can do not go to the popeyes on barret parkway in Kennesaw ga they are horrible truly horrible. The food is always cold can never get a order right constantly playing games while people sit in the drive through this is sad and very poor customer service

    • Eddie Stanley says:

      I bought Chicken at Popeyes that was fit to be raw hide for my German Shepard Tried to contact headquarters but no response or reply. filled out survey no response People stay away just a bad place

    • Migdy says:

      I’m from Wisconsin and they did the same thing to me , this company steal people money like nothing and it doesn’t matter who you talk to they don’t do anything about it, they did the same thing to my husband too. People needs to stop buying from them.

  • Bobby Watson says:

    Good morning. My name is Bobby Watson, and I was planning on applying to work at this Popeyes establishment this morning. Until I had the most unprofessional, unethical, and down right rude incounter with your employees and manager included. I arrived at 760 Eastchase parkway Fort Worth, TX this morning at 10:06 AM Eastern Time, January 3rd, 2022. I noticed the door was slightly open, and I let myself inside to ask “what is this Popeyes store number ?” Because I couldn’t find the store number. After standing there for 5-7 min your employees final decided to acknowledge me and say we are close. I responded the door was slightly open and I’m just trying to get the store number. One of your employee replies” it’s on the front door. I go back to the front door looking and still don’t see it. Another employee came to the front to close it and I ask again I don’t see it on the front door, could you show me, I’m trying to apply to work here, just in case they ask me for it I can have the correct information. She replied with an nasty attitude: you can find it on Google. So I pulled up my cellphone and show her myself pulling up goggles and typing Popeyes and it’s address and I still can’t find the store number. I ask well you work here do you know the store number ? She replied I don’t. I said okay, does anyone here knows the store number? Her response is no again. I say can you ask the manager?
    She preceive to walk away. Finally the manager come to the door attempting to close and saying you have to move. And I replied again: can you please give me this Popeyes store number. She finally tells me but rudely. After going Through that unnecessary, unprofessional, and rudeness. I certainly don’t want to apply for this Popeyes location, or would refer anyone to work for this rude establishment.The funny thing is the the sign on the building say that this location is hiring, but was rude, unprofessional, and poor customer service to an Black man who wanted to work for this establishment. Something need to be done. Thank you.

  • Bryant Nolan says:

    I really need to talk with someone about one of the stores located here in Milwaukee Wisconsin and consistent problems we’re having with the entire crew over here and the quality if the food the crew is producing

  • Juan Velez says:

    My son went to the Popeyes at 4455 Nelson Brogdon Blvd, Buford, GA 30153 on 02 Jan 2022 and after paying for his food via phone app, he waited for over 1.5 hours and the food was never delivered. After asking one of the employees that was working there about the length of the wait, the employee said that he did not know how long it was going to take. I told my son to leave the place and that we will dispute the charge on his card. This is unacceptable customer service, and the app does not offer a way to cancel the order. I will take this all the way to the top if need be. I will be calling the HQ tomorrow to talk to a corporate representative and if possible with the CEO. The people that this company have working there have no customer service experience, no sense of urgency, and no manners. Perhaps at no fault of their own, but it does reflects the lack of proper training that this company has for his employees.

  • John H says:

    Went to Popeyes tonight threw the drive thru window and the woman at the window took my money and gave my change not once did she say thank you and then handed me my food again know thanks have a nice night just closed the window. Then I get home and have no biscuits. This is not how you take care of customers.

  • Marquee says:

    I’m soooo angry right now I can literally scream. I’m a very patient person and when I say I won’t be eating Popeyes in a long time I truly mean it. I just left Popeyes in Oak Park Michigan. I sat in the line for 30 minutes and then when I ordered my food which was a 12 pc all white meat meal the cashier said 11 minutes wait so I waited for another 11 minutes and I got my food went all the way home and I got chicken tenders for $31..I’m soo upset for one I don’t live close to the restaurant and for two I spent over $30 for something I didn’t even want smh. And what makes matters worse the whole time I was waiting for my food they were in there playing and horsing around. This is one disappointed customer for real.

    • Mrs. C says:

      Yes, I believe it. They were in there laughing when we drove up to the window tonight. Manager had a nasty personality which I will be bringing to the attention of the corporate office.

  • Sharon Rios says:

    To Mr. Santoro…..I live in Orlando Florida and love Popeye’s chicken. Your onion rings that have been unavailable for many years were my favorite and the best onion rings ever. I still miss and crave them. Is there any chance Popeyes’s will bring them back even if only for a limited time? Thank you!

  • Ashley says:

    The location (store #6107 in Charlotte, NC) used to be a good location until they got a rude staff and started closing early at different times. This location is always frequently out of chicken as well. I came there 12/18/21 around 8:30 and they told me they were closed. This location closes at 10:00pm. The reason they claim to close early was due to not enough staff and was very rude and hateful about it. I was talking to one person about how it’s always an issue there and someone else butts in and says rudely “ Ma’am we don’t have have enough people!!” And then I said “okay but you don’t have to have an attitude?” “You have a goodnight.” And then what sounded like 3 or 4 people chimed in thru the speaker “ YOU HAVE A GOODNIGHT!!” Very hatefully.. As I pulled around the drive-thru they all came out the window and yelled out something loud. I don’t know what they chanted but it was very disrespectful and makes the company look bad. I’ve never been to any restaurant that pretty much gang up on their customers when they get mad.. like they’re threatening you. I hope the right person sees this review and reports them. I honestly feel like they close the place whenever they feel like because abnormally frequent. This location was great when it first opened and they had a nice staff but now rude people work there now. I won’t be returning back to that location ever again.

  • robert says:

    i really wish they would open a location in my home town of Moundsville, WV we only have a KFC that sucks and after moving back up here from Florida this is all we have to get chicken from and its horrible.
    open a Popeyes up here please.

  • Disappointed & lied too says:

    If @ all possible, I would NOT recommend Popeyes in North Port, FL due to there speaker is always broken down, they give you blank receipts & when your missing food, they give you the excuse that you have an old receipt. Then when you reach out to there corporate office, you get told that someone will call from the management team. In addition offer you coupons that WILL NOT EVER ARRIVE! Popeyes is NOT worth losing money when they do not give you your entire order. Then there corporate office, gives you a bunch of lies. KFC is better!

  • Tim Jones says:

    The phone number listed no one answer and there is no voice mail.

  • James Cox says:

    Your restaurant on univ.blvd. in jax. Fl. Sucks.I wait in line, when I get to window to pay, because I don’t have exact change, the girl says I don’t know what to tell u.It was 4.29 I had a ten.She was willing to let me give up the rest of the dollar, but not willing to give up the .29 cents.That’buullcrap! Y’all suck!

  • James Belanger says:

    Pathetic branch they opened in Palm Coast Fl. They advertise chicken but twice i went to order from drive through and they stated they don’t have chicken.

  • Craig says:

    I am trying to contact someone from the corporate office of Popeye’s Chicken because of inconsistency in prices within the same neighborhood. I go to a particular Popeye near my house I get charged $8.81 for a classic chicken sandwich and a small order of fries. My concern is that I was charged this after giving them my credit card to pay for it they did not state ahead of time how much I will be charged for this meal. The employee told me it was a combo. I told him the combo comes with a pop I did not order that. I was highly concerned because I do not know of any place that charges you $4 for a small fry. My meal for a classic chicken sandwich which is normally $3.99 + a small order of cajun fries came out to $8.81. the chicken sandwich as a whole is a deal but to charge $4 extra for such a small amount of fries is piracy. I am wondering if this particular branch is supposed to be charging these prices. This branch is located and Chicago Illinois it is store number 2384 located 9516 South Vincennes Street Chicago Illinois 60643. I desperately wanted to talk to someone about this and I have the receipt to prove that I was charged this inconsistent amount. I was charged at another Popeyes a total of $7 and some change for both of these items but on this day I was charged a whole amount more. I would like to speak to someone concerning this situation this is ridiculous. I am sure that there is something wrong and Popeyes did not authorize these prices.

  • Vivian Hayes says:

    I visited the Popeyes location in Grayson Ga on 11/15/21. I seldom go to this location because there’s always such a long line! Customer service is zero; no consideration in providing efficient friendly service, do the employees have a clue? On this particular evening, I was in line for at 50 minutes prior to arrival at the speaker to talk to the young man when I was informed there “they only had chicken strips & sandwiches”! No chicken!! There was no prior indications to let customers know this issue Or I would have left! After arriving at the window, I waited at least another 15 minutes. My purchase for the chicken sandwiches was $22.00, this was my families dinner instead of chicken with sides! Without saying anything else, this is my last time going to this location. This was the worse experience I have ever encountered with Popeyes! I’m Totally disappointed!

  • marg wheat says:

    I think your commercial for hot sauce is degrading to women

  • MG SINY says:

    I am totally outraged at the local Popeye’s store located at 1351 Forest Avenue in Staten Island, NY 10302 that I have been going to for many years now. I almost always buy a bucket of Chicken plus other sides and used to always receive several dipping sauces AT NO EXRTA COST! I haven’t been there in a couple months but went there tonight and was absolutely surprised and very angry! I bought a bucket of chicken again plus some sides but, I was told I had to pay 25 cents each for a dipping sauce! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I just spent 24 plus dollars, and you cannot give me a one or two dipping sauces!? They probably cost you about 5 cents and you have the audacity to charge 25 cents per sauce! The funny part is that there is a sign on the plastic partition stating that if you buy a 2-piece tender you will get one sauce and if you buy 5 tenders you receive 2 dipping sauce BUT, IF YOU BUY A WHOLE BUCKET OF 11 PIECES OF CHICKEN YOU GET NO DIPPING SAUCE! ZERO DIPPING SAUCE BUT, YOU CAN PAY 25 CENTS PER DIPPING SAUCE! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS AND RIDICULOUS! On another note, I usually get the 11-piece chicken deal that was $11.99 for the longest time. I understand with this moron in the presidential office is screwing the entire country but, to jack the price up to $16.99 is also crazy expensive! You are going to lose many customers I can tell you that and this will be the very last time I go to this Popeye’s unless these things are changed!!

  • Dexter Murray says:

    I visited the Popeyes in Kansas City MO, location at 31st an prospect. At 6pm they the doors locked. I went to get in line.this was at 6 .there we to car Ahead of me I call the store to find out what the delay was she told me the doors were open! Now mine you lam in between cars! I didn’t get my order until 6:30! And the red beans and rice was cold! I WONT BE RETURNING!!!!!!😤😡😠

  • T says:

    I went to the Popeyes in Clewiston, Fl today November 10, 2021 at 6:27 pm. The lady on the intercom was huffing and puffing the whole time I was trying to order, was giving me attitude and was rushing me. Name on the hat is Leo. She needs proper customer service training.

    • Annette says:

      I second that emotion, all the way in West Palm Beach, Fl. We need to call Contact 5 news and shut them down. Captain Hooks in Belle Glade is better.

  • Bj says:

    Please shut down Governor Highway store. Problem after Problem’s getting worse . In line 20 mins, placing oder there out of nuggets, however I’m stuck in line. Nasty attitude. Today can’t tell me shrimp price. I live 2mins , and left when no one including manager was not wearing a Mask!!!

  • Kris Conner says:

    I’m so sick of the damn commercial with Megan the stallion, I threw up. What a waste of money for a commercial! Please take it off. She’s horrible and the music playing is not relevant to so called chicken!

  • Daniel A Davis says:

    Went to the Popeyes location in Winter Haven, Fl yesterday and ordered 16 pieces of chicken tenders and a large rice and red beans. Young lady rang it up and the total came to $45.45. Needless to say that will be the last time that I will darken a doorway to any Popeyes. Your food is WAY overpriced.

  • Sandi says:

    I used to go there for chicken often. Service is horrible and food quality is really poor. But since the commercial with the half naked woman started I will never go there again. So disgusting.

  • Justin says:

    Using Megan the stallion in your commercial to sexually promote chicken is absolutely disgusting. Having her tits flop around in your commercial and using her song hands on her knees is despicable at best. We don’t need trashy horse on our TV to promote your fucking chicken. You should all be ashamed of yourselves using sex to exploit food.

  • Morton Altman says:

    My wife and I had take out last night order #57, from store #10500 in Tacoma, WA.
    We where terribly disappointed in the quality of the food.
    I ordered a 3 piece Dinner, all dark meat and received 2 dark pieces and a wing for $10.39 and no drink that was supposed to be included.
    The size of the leg and thigh was an embarrassment. The leg as about the size of the wing and the thigh wasn’t much bigger.
    If I didn’t know better I probably
    wouldn’t have been surprised. My wife and I have eaten there or taken takeout many times and have never experienced any issues.
    Morton Altman

  • Scott Walker says:

    I had to wait 30 minutes in the Popeyes Drive-through today October 29 at 1:00PM then had to wait 30 minutes for the to bring my two chicken sandwich’s to my car. This was at your Popeyes in Hemet California. Please look in to this!

  • Karen McConnell says:

    I want to know why you would use a disgusting song from Megan the Stallion on your TV adds.? You should be more responsible for your advertising. Have you ever looked into the words to this song? Totally disgusting.

  • Brett Davis says:

    I just watched Ryan Upchurch on YouTube as 2.5 million other folks do….In Cheatam County Tenn. Popeyes chicken Has a Child Molester working for them…with multiple offense….I’ll no longer give Popeyes my business…EVER AGAIN…MY GOOGLE REVIEWS HAVE OVER 30K VEIWS… SHAME ON YALL POPEYES!

  • Timothy C Barta says:


  • Holly says:

    I’ve called the number listed also and it’s a joke just like their restaurants. Just go out of business already. Save the rest of American from another heart attack or stroke.

  • Holly says:

    Popeyes has obviously gone in the toilet. They never refunded me $40 for food I never received in 2019 and now in 2021 my husband went to 4 different locations around town to pick up food late one night to quickly feed our family and there was some ridiculous reason why he wasn’t able to order food at each of the 4 locations at 8pm at night. How are they still in business. Never was like this when I was growing up when Al Copeland owned it. Not saying he was a great person either but his restaurants were managed better. It’s really gone down hill a lot over the years. Sad when a food you enjoyed growing up in NOLA is now nothing but a memory. If I include the past 5 years, it would be a bad disappointing memory.

  • Me says:

    I stopped working for Popeye’s in Fort Payne, AL because the managers are not doing their jobs right. My problem is that they don’t have enough employees to run the business and they have the employees working 6 days a week with one day off and the managers get 2 to 3 days off. On weekdays they close at 10pm and the employees don’t leave until 3am. Everyone on different pay with no experience. I had experience and was doin Frontline and backline only to be paid $9.50 with no employee discounts or anything on meals but the the managers can eat for free. They putting anyone in these manager positions and they don’t know what they’re doing and that’s why they can’t keep any employees.



  • Nancy says:

    Food was miniature portion for the price and a few of the workers was serving food with their face masks tucked under there chin in the Stamford Ct Popeye’s very unsafe!! One of them was manager. Makes No Sense….

  • Bob Montoya says:

    I would like to suggest adding the potato gravy as an add on item to your popeyes menu. Thank you!!!

  • Lee Herald says:

    My food has and was terrible 2 different locations in 3 weeks and awful when u call they say bring in receipt and get fresh order my ass same ass shit u got first time …. rediculous

  • Michaeldeese says:

    E Franklin site. Gastonia NC store is a complete joke. Food not being prepared with so may employee s they were running around playing on cell.phones. total caos. And total.BS.

  • Willie Sauls says:

    To The President of Popeyes Chicken, your company should look in Hobe Sound, FL too build a restaurant. This is an area that’s worth looking at.

  • kirby jestes says:

    Why did you abandon plans for a store in Bartlesville OK?

  • Mrs. Johnson says:

    I’ve called this number 1-404-201-6935 several times and no answer or voice mail.
    Does anybody even answer or look into what customers write?! Especially pertaining to higher up management or customer relations!? This is ridiculous! I use my hard earned money to spend at Popeyes only to be disappointed and disrespected! It’s unfair and out right unsatisfactory!!

  • Mrs. Johnson says:

    I had 2 separate incidents at the Popeyes in Woodbridge Station Way in Edgewood Md. I contacted the customer relations number 1-877- 767-3937. I was told by 2 different customer service representatives that I’d receive 2 $20 gift cards. The first representative was on the phone with me as the incident occurred and was very apologetic about the manger taking my food back after I asked for a refund and giving it to another customer. Covid 19 is still very much out here and that was very unsanitary. After several failed attempts at customer service relations I asked to speak to a supervisor and I spoke with Jeremiah Stowenn the supervisor of customer service relations and he was extremely rude, yelling saying there’s no one above him
    And that he has the number for corporate but he wasn’t going to give it to me I asked again for his supervisor or manager and he yelled at me again and hung up on me. I’m vexed!! This is unsatisfactory! Can someone please contact me about this incident. I received a call from
    Harnett she didn’t disclose her last name but she went on to say to me that she would reach out to Jeremiah’s manager about the incident she was very apologetic but she’s also the person Jeremiah stated to me was out and wouldn’t be back for a few days. So I found it ironic that she called me. I pray no one ever has to encounter this kind of customer service as it is very demeaning and horrid. The run around and horrible customer service I received is ridiculous and unheard of to say the least. I’m not a child or a dog to be talked to that way and I don’t appreciate it.

  • Alisha says:

    The fact that my mother and son were the ones assigned with picking up food after a high school game and returned with garbage was beyond disappointing. My son spent $40 waited in line for over an hour and was told they did not have anything they ordered. They were handed 2 boxes of breast one mild and dry, one spicy and appeared to be at least all day old. A bag of small sides he did not ask for and nothing he actually ordered. This location (12545) is the newest location in the area and has been poorly managed since it opened. At this point, what does it take to open a Popeyes bc I would manage one myself just so this area can stop being treated like no matter what they serve we will spend our money.

  • Juan says:

    Good evening I have an issue with a location at Kingston ny Popeyes you have will trained employees but you cut there hours because you hire family members that doesn’t now English and speaks Spanish and is drinking alcohol and beer in the kitchen also you have an 19 yr old cook cooking and wasn’t trained at all then not given the 15 mins break I feel that’s and abuse and labors issue can someone resolve this before legal actions be taken for discrimination on gender and race

  • Bob Coston says:

    The worst experience ever! First, there was a long line at express drive through( ok that happens at lunch time). Second, you’re out of coleslaw (this happens…sometimes?). Third, out of fountain drinks (what??!!). Finally, our order was wrong???!!! The young lady who took our order repeated our order correctly. (What’s the difference between white meat and dark meat?) Where’s the customer service? This is worst McDonald’s. Should we rename the company “McPopeyes!!”. (Oakley, CA) why not, the signage colors are pretty much the same.

  • Ms. R Barnett says:

    9/14/21 Seffner FL./MLK location, Let me start by saying I waited for over 30 minutes to order. When I placed my order there was one RUDE manager acting like she doesn’t like her job. I ordered a 3 piece meal and after the order I asked her what pieces come with the order she very rudely said she didn’t know and kept talking after I asked her to wait. After she was so rude to me even the person on the phone waiting for me noticed how rude she was. When I get to the window she had to nerve to say she refused to serve me. (really)(she was the rude one and that intercom need to be serviced. Seems like to me you people would train your managers in good customer service. I guess that location is swimming in money… Like I can’t go to another restaurant to get better service. This is the reason people don’t like going there because these people have poor customer service. She is suppose to be the manager at this location ..(WOW) that’s how you treat a customer. Hopefully she isn’t training your staff like that. I will never go to that Popeye’s again. I’m sure your company don’t really care but, know that if you’ll keep treating paying customers like that this location will not do well at all. Signed a VERY unhappy customer

  • AnnMarie says:

    I called Popeye’s that just opened up in our town in Lacey NJ on Aug.27 and spoke to Sue…I told her I would like to order 3 16pc. buckets of chicken for the next day…she told me that normally they don’t take phone orders but for me to call her back the next morning at 10 AM….I called till 12 noon and no one answered!!! I had 35 people coming over for a BBQ….I called Shoprite in town and ordered 60 pc.of chicken which they gladly took my order and turned out to be the best chicken we all had….will never go to Popeyes again….for a brand new store your service stinks!!

  • Nina says:

    Hey im a regular customer . September 9 2021 . Popeyes on Fulton and Brooklyn ave . They have all the customers there working with no lights no ac NO nothing . The workers appreciated me for standing up to the boss . It’s always something wrong in this specific location . Someone needs to go and find out what’s really goin on . The employees are hot & frustrated. That is UNACCEPTABLE

  • D. W. Akins says:

    Yesterday a couple of lady friends of mine went to the Popeyes at Coulter and hillside in Amarillo, to return 4 teas that tasted like water , the Manager ( hymie or Hyman) treated them with disrespect and slammed the window on them after finally, reluctantly giving a refund. These are elderly Christian women that were spoken to as if they were common thieves. I will not do business with Popeyes because of this , they were worried about making a complaint due to fears of retaliation.

  • Tj says:

    I have visited the popeyes in covington tn 3 times on the last3 weeks. I have not been able to order either time because they say the system is down or they have no chicken. This store will soon be out of business due to a new competitors that just opened here. I give this location zero stars

  • Tammy Bush says:

    Gallatin, TN Popeyes cannot understand orders apparently. We specified a plain 8 piece tender combo and they sure enough gave us SPICY tenders. My mother could not even eat them and we had no time to wait another hour to remedy the situation with the store. We even tried calling the store and no one would even answer the phone. Why have a restaurant and if you can’t provide what the customers pay for?

  • Carmen Sutton says:

    I am complaining about a bad experience I had at y’all popeye’s in Lafayette La. 1300 W. Pinook Ed on 08/24/21. I spent $45.39 I called one of your office and spoke to someone and they said that they was sorry for what happened and they wanted to give me a $20 gift card and I told them no because I spent over $45 so he told me that he was going to have someone else to call me and the next evening a girl called me with an attitude and I told her that I wanted my money or another order and she said that someone will called me and now today’s date is 8/27/21. Me and my family eats to the popeye’s in New Iberia La.on St. Peter St. All the time and I have never experienced nothing like this before. When we ordered the food we had to pull on the side and wait about 15 to 20 minutes and when another worker came to the car things were missing the manager had to go back and forth 3 times.I have been a shift manager at y’all popeye’s in Franklin La.and mangers at many other restaurants and I know that the food shouldn’t have went out like that so I really appreciate if one of you guys can give me a call because $45 is a lot of money to give to someone when the food wasn’t good Thanks Carmen 337 940 2466

  • Dennis says:

    Store#11759 W. Broad St Columbus, Ohio. The staff here are fantastic! Pleasant- Quick- Efficient… thanks for great meal! DB

  • Carla Sims says:

    August 8 at Popeye’s in Crosby Texas. All signage says they open at 10 am. Drove up at 11 am no chicken is ready because management could not get their act together and person on drive through said manager was late. Not the first time this has happened. Also had had problems with attitude and service in the past. Third strike you out. Will be buying my chicken so where else. Enough!!

  • Amy Colston says:

    Rome ,ga Popeyes on Shorter Ave us nasty and the manager hires all family members that’s why she can’t keep any help



  • Jerry Sampson says:

    Why do senior citizens discounts only apply to certain purchases.

  • John says:

    I went to buy Popeyes Tuesday Specials and found out that the price went up. So now that the price is $2.49. I suggest that this should be a every day special just as you have your new nuggets out.
    Thanks for my comments.
    A regular Popeyes customer

  • Nyd says:

    Store #11417
    On 07/22/21, We ordered a 4PC MILD COMBO and received a 4PC SPICY
    On the same order a LG RED BEANS & RICE that was dry Asa stalk of old corn. I immediately called to inform the store and was told to keep my receipt and come in to the store. So when I got there the MGR says to me:
    “I told you to call the number on the receipt” She was somewhat harsh, but I overlooked that and when I got home I looked up the Corporate number (no answer). Maybe this will get someone’s attention. We spent $32.02 through Door Dash….SMH

  • Disgusted Customer says:

    Store 13131 – Discrimination behavior, rude cashier, and no manager available – White privilege at its finest at this location!
    First, I stood in line for the “mobile order pick-up”, the white cashier decided to greet all other customers except me. When the regular “ordering” line was done (10mins later), the white cashier walked away until I said “HELLO MOBILE ORDER HERE”…He then looked at me while playing with napkins in his hands, turned his back on me, proceed to walk away, and started playing and talking to his co-worker like I wasn’t even there…then finally he turn around and rudely asked for my receipt. I showed it to him with no response or acknowledgement from him. He began to once again turned his back on me, again no response or acknowledgment. He went and grab my food from the station placed it on the counter which I then grabbed and proceed to walk away because again no thank you or anything from this cashier. While walking away the handle broke! I turn around to ask for another bag, he then proceeded to raised his voice and stated “you snatched the bag”! My response was NO, I took the bag off the counter and proceeded to walk away when it broke! Instead of saying “oh sorry, here let me get another bag for you” he instead raised his voice at me and claiming it wasn’t his problem! When I asked for his manager his response was “oh she’s in the back and its on camera”….I still asked for the manager and no one responded to my request. At the same time all the employees were standing there talking and laughing. This kid kept repeating and raising his voice at me then a white customer told the white kid “oh don’t worry, I saw the whole thing”…..All throughout this process no manager showed their face and the other staff members just stood there laughing like I was some kind of joke! I don’t normally ask for management but for a kid/cashier to raised his voice at me instead of acknowledging that mistakes happen was not right. Maybe because I’m a small Asian-American woman he felt he could do that but its just NOT RIGHT! This popeyes should be ashamed of this kind of behavior from their staff and this kid should be fired! But I guess nowadays there’s no such thing as good customer service or the requirement for good customer service! It is his job to provide good customer service…and by raising his voice at a customer is NOT customer service!!! I’ve always done mobile order because the service is extremely slow; however, this is the first time that I’ve been treated this way. I know this kid was new because I’ve been to this location before. The manager that was on duty should also be fired because at no point did he/she came out to see what was happening. And to allow a staff member to raise his voice to a customer is unacceptable!!! That cashier was lucky that I’m not a violate person because if he had said to someone that was then it would be in trouble!!!

  • RT Morgan says:

    I’m a 70 year old Army Veteran that has eaten around the world. When Stateside my go to Chicken fix is and has always been Popeyes. The best damn chicken in the States. I have retired and moved to Arizona and was so happy to see Popeyes was near my location. I have ordered delivery from our local Popeyes several times. Each time the quality of the dinners, sandwiches and delivery have made me swear that I would never order from Popeyes again. But, as you can see I keep going back to my favorite place.

    Well, this time sir I need to say something. It’s National Fried Chicken day and we ordered a 12 piece dark meat dinner with biscuits, slaw and mashed potatoes. After we found or delivery on the stoop (don’t know how long it had been there) we set to enjoy supper only to discover that once again the order was wrong. Two slaw, no potatoes. 11 pieces of chicken in which 5 of them were wings (not a dark meat) one breast (not a dark meat) that was as small as a thigh. 3 thighs and two drum sticks.

    I’m so upset! I WILL be looking for a different chicken restaurant, at least until something is done with the piss poor service at your Popeyes located at:

    2203 W. Camelback Rd.
    Phoenix,Arizona. 85015

    Thank You,

    RT Morgan
    (602) 380-2433

  • Bettye hicks says:

    Store #12364 in Santa Clarita, Ca 91387. On 6-29-21, purchased chicken sandwich combo, no Mayo, but bbq sauce. There is a charge for bbq sauce or a charge for a bbq packet. I’m allergic to Mayo, so why do you think everyone like Mayo? You shd Make subs without charge. Next time, I’ll take my bottle of bbq sauce with me and share it with the other customers in the restaurant.

  • Frank Balderaz says:

    I started working at Popeyes in April 28 2021 they had me working 3 hours a day, will I worked 16 hours but I did not get paid.
    Now it’s going on 3 months I talk to my attorney to take y’all for small claims that would be bad on y’alls company.
    It seems that y’all can’t pay.

  • susan thompson says:

    Store # 13114 has the rudest employees, horrible service. Order on App to pick up never got correct order, blames the customer on how they ordered. Went there
    for pick up two times this week, never going back!



  • Nellie Garcia says:

    Nellie, I bought the 12 peace family meal.
    1st I wind down Then Wanted to have dinner.
    Open up my bag mashed potatoes for all over. Call the store and the manager’s just says I’m sorry. She said come back and will give you a new one. No! My Dinner was ruined. When I had paid full price. $33.55 that’s a lot of money for me to open the bag and have Mashed potatoes all over.

  • Kathi says:

    I am really tired of sitting in line for an hour before I can even order. Please start having more people working and getting the food out faster.

  • Michael J Porcaro says:

    I had the Flounder sandwich yesterday for the first the and it was absolutely delicious! Please keep it on your menu. Also, I buy my Popeye’s products at the store on Irving Park Road and Ashland Avenue in Chicago. The service there is outstanding with courteous employees and fast service. I love that chicken from Popeye’s!

  • Jim says:

    When your store in East Peoria first opened, it was fantastic…now it’s turned into a shithole. The workers are rude and the food is nasty and tasteless. My family will never darken the door again.

  • Renee Sommer says:

    The Popeye store in East Peoria Illinois is the worst place to eat. The staff is RUDE and the service is awful. You never get what you ordered thru the drive up window and they don’t care. The managers avoid talking to you in person and in the phone. They lie and tell you they are closed in the middle of the DAY and tell you they have ran out of chicken. I will never go back to this place again. I will be sure to spread the word not to go to there or to any Popeyes!

  • Mickey sweatt says:

    Your East Peoria ,IL store has got to be the worst of any restaurant I’ve ever been to. Service is horrible and the food is old.Everyone I talk to says the same. What shame. Won’t be open much longer I guarantee.

  • Robert Jetton says:

    Went to Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, FL location today, ordered two spicy chicken sandwiches, pulled up to window asked to add a sweet tea. Was told nothing could be added to order, looked behind me and no cars were, Was told to pull around to handicapped space and wait. 15=20 minutes my food was brought to me. Upon arriving at home, 30 miles away, I found both sandwiches were regular sandwiches, not spicy. Tried to call location and found that there is no phone. Sorriest service I have ever had a Popeyes, the food was horrible. If this is what you call “Service” I suggest you close the location down!

  • Letitia Douglas says:

    On 8/24/20 I went to the 31st and Prospect store here in my city. I love spicy chicken and this franchise is the only place left to get spicy fried chicken. I love the Porpeye’s brand, but lately it’s not been living up to its name! I spent $22 and change on this day and my order was totally screwed up not to mention the food was horrible! The chicken was dry, I had a 2pc w/fry and a side of red beans/rice, w/cole slaw I didn’t get my slaw, my son had a popcorn shrimp dinner they gave the top of a biscuit, my daughter had a chicken sandwich meal they her to bun tops, the drinks were watered down. I wrote tell them about it they only apologized I want it made right I spent my money and I deserve to have what I paid for. You can’t call the number at the bottom of the receipt 816-921-3035, there is a recording so it’s useless, I never go to this piss poor store again. Kitchen #2843, I wasted $22.64, check #330. I want this made right I am going to take it higher than Popeye’s they should have character we are trusting them and they are taking advantage. I am not one who will sit idle and wast my money I work too damn hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Whitehead says:

    I was in your location in Birmingham Al (Arkadelphia Road) today and It was the worst service I have experienced in my 74 years. They would not let you pull up to the window until they motioned you forward and then after placing your order they told you to back up I was pulling a trailer which made this impossible. So they told me to pull forward. When they brought the order out it didn’t have the drinks and only one sandwich vs 2 and it was the wrong one. We had to go inside to get our order right.

  • Eva Purcell says:

    I live in Coatesville Pa. I just discovered the chicken sandwich the best. But Popeyes in Caln the people that work there are the nicest , friendliest people. Even through all of this Covid that’s where we went. Always very nice and polite. I can’t say enough about this group of people.. I just need to give them a shout out

  • Teresa Conlan says:

    My last experience with our local Popeyes, located at 1817 Glynn Avenue, Brunswick, GA (912) 267-0641 was absolutely TERRIBLE. The employee at the window kept her back to me the entire time. I was wearing a face mask so she couldn’t use that excuse to keep her back to me. She was rude, abrupt and made me feel like I was bothering HER and she was doing me a favor by taking my order and money! She never had a single smile to me throughout the entire time I was there. She kept her back to me and her attitude to me was absolutely horrible!!! This is not the first time I’ve been treated badly by the staff at this Popeye’s location, and I’ve never complained before, but this last encounter was the worst! I sincerely doubt anything will be done to improve this but employees such as this person is driving all of us away.

  • Jackie says:

    worst experience ever order was mis priced not once but twice. incomplete order missing cole slaw asked for it got home biscuit and Sause missing employees were young and undedicated could not count change team lead or manager fixed the price and had no words for the customer NO CUSGTOMER SERVICE district manger needs to release these people from their position as customer service is number one Discusting over all experience store number12658 needs to be totally closed until you can hire employees that do not close window on you and turn their back

  • Donald Heller says:

    how come none of your employees in your Eustis Store in Florida are wearing mask 2 days been there no mask

  • Kathy Stebelton says:

    Popeyes Chicken 1928 Brice Road Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068 ..7/25/20 2:16pm ..host Samar a #10013. walked into the store, 2 people @ counter being waited on, was asked by manager(Black) to wait outside the door, ONLY 2 people can be in there at a time. fine, no problem. 2 ladies left and advised we(2) could go in. Meanwhile there was a young lady that came in(BLACK) and told her only 2 at a time, she waited were we did. Meanwhile a “black” gentleman came in and was in the order area, yep 2 at a time and manager said nothing to him about waiting. When my food was ready, I mentioned to the employee that the young lady was next, not the gentleman waiting inside with us(3). the manager asked if there was a problem and I told him I was letting her know that the young lady was next, that’s all. He got smart, saying she said it was ok for him to be next…OK. real snooty …then thought I have something to say then, smartass, when we came in there were only 2 allowed in the order area, so I asked why we had to stand outside, but it was ok for the Black gentleman to be in there, that was 3, thought it was only 2 allowed. words were exchanged and the manager said i will call the police, i told him to go on and call. As we were walking out the door, manager smartass, said, well you did get our chicken, told him never again, they will not refund your money…I WILL STARVE TO DEATH BEFORE I WOULD STEP INTO POPEYES.

  • N. Brunson says:

    TELL THE TRUTH WHAT YOU CUSTOMERS SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • N. Brunson says:

    WARNING DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SERVING YOU?????????????????????????????

    I stopped at the store in Indianapolis IN, Located at 3128 E. WASHINTON ST, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46201
    I ask If they had unsweet tea and way told {yes} so I ordered a sandwich & a Large UNSWEET ICE TEA and confirmed the order and the fact that they had UNSWEET ICE to which they say yes they had UNSWEET ICE TEA (3time) again I confirmed they Had UNSWEET ICE TEA!
    At, the pickup window I confirmed that they had UNSWEET ICE TEA (3 more times)
    after receiving my sandwich and tasting the tea I told the YOUNG BLACK WOMAN that this was sweet tea, at which time SHE became very CONTFRONTATIONAL and told me ” VEVES U UNSWEET TEA” while others in the background were laughing! NOW this OVERWIGHT Person had her face mask down under her her CHINSSSSSSSSSSS! AS did the other work!
    What else did they do to my food did they SPIT are RUB their ass on my sandwich, so I tossed all of it out!!
    And will NEVER STOP AT A POPEYE’S STORE AGAINE. AS LONG AS THEY HAVE NASTY STUPIED PEOPLE WORKING, And yes that is, any color , race, HillBilly and BLM members and are white TRASH


  • Jax says:

    I went to the Popeye’s on Collier Blvd in Naples Fl. There were approximately 8 cars in front of me at the drive thru and it took forever just to get to the order taker. Once I got there, the girl told me to hold a minute. That minute turned into 20 minutes. Yes, that’s right. I waited 20 minutes at the order taker. In total I waited 58 minutes to go through the drive through. This is absolutely ridiculous! I wanted to complain but didn’t for 2 reasons. The first being, I didn’t want them to mess with my food. The second being, I didn’t want to hold up the line any more than it already was because unlike Popeye’s, I do value the time of others. This was not the 1st time this has happened so I thought I would go out to the corporate website to complain since my local popeye’s would not pick up their phone. After reading some of the reviews from different parts of the country, it seems that this is the trend for this corporation. As much as I love the food, I am giving up on going to Popeye’s anywhere. It seems to me that because its a country wide issue, it truly starts with corporate and just trickles down. You’ve lost me as a customer and I will make sure that everyone is warned about going there and expecting standard service.

  • JD says:

    Like the food, Managers not wearing masks working the line. I spoke on the phone with the Mgr and just before she hung up on me she said it was too hot to wear them.

  • Laura Carson says:

    We just (7/16/2020 3:30 pm) went to the store at 3461 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43224. The service was horrible, the wait was long, the only decent thing was the cashier taking the order. My daughter had her rice and beans just thrown into the box and it spilt everywhere, my son asked if it could be remade and was told very rudely that he would have to wait. One employee was not wearing gloves but was handling food. When we got home, one of the tenders that my daughter ordered was not cooked, it still had raw batter on it. Two days prior this, my son ordered $50.00 worth of food to be delivered through door dash, we never received the order and we had no contact information for the person that was supposed to deliver our food and I had to drive up to this same location to get our food remade and it was still messed up. Everything was supposed to be spicy, but none of our food was spicy. Not to mention that on both occasions the store looked dirty like nothing had been wiped down, floors not swept and mopped. I am a really unhappy person right now… I am thoroughly disgusted with this location.

  • Ron says:

    Love the biscuits don’t change recipe. The chicken coating is a bit too salty but very tasty.

  • Jodylynne Jordan says:

    Surfside Beach, SC location is a nightmare!! They either don’t get your food made right, out of items on the menu, rude staff, or the best is CASH ONLY because the card machine is always broken. 90% of people use debit/bank cards/credit cards and no longer carry cash. Ridiculously long lines and tonight I waited 45 minutes to get to the drive thru speaker box since the inside is closed, to find out they’re out of half the menu and cash only. I tried calling because I wanted to speak with a manager and no one answer the phone!! Wow!! Chick-Fil-A wins for dinner tonight and I will get my chicken with a blessing. Better get this Popeyes fixed it’s the only one anywhere near Myrtle Beach!

  • Vanessa Morris says:

    I swear for goodness, I’ve tried, tried and tried again to give Popeye’s located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota a chance. Well, after today, I’m DONE!!! The drive thru experience is the worst. After sitting in the line for close to a half hour to place my order, the person taking my order just couldn’t get right! He was knowledgeable on the menu, so it took extra time to place my order. Once I thought we was both on the same page, I realized I forgot part of my order. My thought, oh I’ll see if I can add to the order. Once at the window, they were non-conforming and indicated I couldn’t do that. My thought, don’t you cook the chicken in batches? How is it that I can’t add to my order if I’m paying my money. This was after I asked to speak with a manager (Lord only knows when the last time he washed his uniform, geezh!!!). He was just as difficult and needless to say, I left without my order.

    I cannot believe this is how the franchise conducts business!!! The staff was making negative comments in the background toward me which was highly inappropriate and there was no professionalism to say the least. And, did I say I was speaking with a manager after the young lady at the drive-thru window refused to add to my order (mind you, she wouldn’t give me her name either) I believe the manager’s name was Luis, but I’m not sure. I was so upset by that point, I didn’t care. I did inform them all I would be contacting corporate about the issue because it was truly unacceptable service!!!

    Please note, this incident happened at 5:06 pm, Monday, June 29 – today. It should be easy to determine who was on staff at the time. As a franchise, this really should be addressed and someone really needs to pay this particular location a surprise visit. I’m sure you won’t be happy with how your franchise is being portrayed to the public and my community (large African-American population). All I can do is shake my head…..SHAME!!!

  • Scott Smith says:

    Me and my wife went to the Popeyes restaurants in Southington Conn on west st. The manager was on her break and was arguing with someone on the phone and was swearing and being very loud. When I confronted her she basically told me to get out of her business and no one else was being annoyed with her. So she told me to be quit n to just mind my own busses. Very rude n unprofessional of a manager to say n to be like.

  • De says:

    Why are the popeyes in Dallas, Texas not serving BUTTERFLY SHRIMP anymore???????

  • Sheri says:

    The Rockford and Loves Park, Illinois always has a 45 minute wait to get out of the drive-thru, they are also always out of corn on the cob, leave out items, and tonight the Bourbon Fudge Pie was also out.

  • Susan P. says:

    I went to 251 Dominion Blvd., Chesapeake, VA, took me 1 hour in the drive through (inside closed). One car at a time so everything was backed up at the speaker. I waited to be addressed for 5 minutes, then the kid says “hello”. What kind of way is that to address some one! While sitting at the window waiting, I look in side and see the paper towel holder hanging by one screw and the sink below it is filth and the wall was even dirty. I think a call to the health department is needed for this location. I took a picture to send them.

  • Terry Boyd says:

    I tried ordering 3 times on the online order but it kept saying that the store wasn’t accepting orders and I called to order the order and pay but they denied me to do so .
    It seems that the Popeyes on Saunders street in Laredo , Texas is open but not wanting to work!
    I called the Delmar store in Laredo and after four calls @ 20 rings each I finally gave up and went out to order and wait in person for 20 minutes in my car for 3/4 s of our order we found out after arriving at home !!
    $60.00 again and not all the order was there and the chicken was all dried out!!
    Who’s in charge now that my friend Mr. David Newman has passed away?
    I would like to make contact with them , IF not replied to I will go by the headquarters on Arkansas street here in Laredo
    I have been going to Popeye’s since they opened here in Laredo and went many times to visit the Local Owner David Newman , I normally spend @ $60.00- $70.00 per visit.
    I also must add the store located on San Bernardo Street in Laredo was so nasty a few months back that I walked back out due to fear of getting sick or setting in something dirty while attempting to go back in after paying at the window I was still missing several items and went in but decided to go home with what I had.
    What a shame they conduct themselves this way. I also had trouble at the same location getting someone to understand English!!!
    Thank you ,
    Terry Boyd

  • Bob says:

    Popeyes refuses to serve truck drivers after working a long stressful day . You think we’re all in it together?? I guess not them I will spread the word everyday I can so everyone stop going there if they can not serve people who is out here trying to replenish the food shortage. I even emailed them with no reply back so I take it as a they don’t care

  • glindia says:

    I went to Popeyes in Norton Shores mi when I got home and open up the potatoes we had a halve of teaspoon of gravy on our potatoes. Could not not eat it. Gross.

  • Ana Guardado says:

    13194 Popeyes at
    2835 Gallows Rd, Fairfax, VA 22031
    (571) 378-1235

    The order was incorrect and I called the number 571-378-1235 to let them know and the person who answered me was very rude When I explained that I was missing the rice with beans, he didn’t even apologize

    he said he was the manager when asking for

    his name he hung up on me.

    This was last night on 05/14/2020 at 09:33 pm I SPEND $30.60 SO THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME EVERYTHING I HAVE ALREADY PAID is so SAD .

  • rochelle says:

    I went to popeyes #5303 in virginia beach and i order the ten piece special with 2 large size and 5 biscuit. I only received the chicken. i didn’t get anything else and i paid for it. the manger was rude an the employees was not even trying to help they was just walking around eating and laughing. when i went to let them know that i still didn’t receive my fries they said coming now and they just left me there sitting waiting for them. so i just pulled off . but i think that i should get reimburse for my food. cause i am never going to popeyes again for that experiences. . you can call me and reach me at 6319339936. My name is rochelle Davis. I will let my family know to never eat  there We will take our service to Bojangles because of that experience.

  • Danny E White says:

    EVERY time I visit Popeyes #12545, Saint Petersburg, FL, the service is at best chaotic, inordinately slow, and inexplicably without any sense of urgency. Leadership is severely lacking on the front line. Employees seem to not care if customers wait up to 20 minutes for seemingly simple orders. Today, May 4, 2020, I visited for perhaps the fifth time since the location opened. I opted to use the drive thru for the first time. I only wanted sides. Boy, did I make a HUGE MISTAKE! I was in line at ~4:50pm. Unable to escape the drive thru to go inside, I was at the mercy of the line. I placed my order (order #70) at 4:59pm per the receipt. I FINALLY got to the pick up window at 5:15pm, to a cashier with an apathetic attitude… no thanks for waiting or thanks for visiting, no NOTHING to let me know my business was appreciated. This location has earned a horrible reputation in the city and needs immediate CORPORATE LEVEL attention to train the in-house leadership on CUSTOMER SERVICE and customer retention.

  • Vinny says:

    I have ate Popeye’s chicken since the later 70s. Today is the worse meal I have ever had. The chicken looked like a pigeon. Over cooked and the biscuit looked like a small hockey puck, and about as hard. I spent $18.04 on something my dog wouldn’t eat. Made my last trip today to Popeye’s

  • Randy says:

    You need to edit that lady that is experiencing something on your commercial I’m sorry but it sounds like she’s having an orgasm eating a chicken sandwich that’s sick I like Popeyes but I’m not going to buy any if I get to see that commercial ever again thank you

  • Vonetta Raines says:

    I was charged $14.05 on my debit card today and I never received my food. Not only that but Popeye’s emailed me and says that my card was declined. This is false and I want a refund.


    Went to the newly opened Popeyes in Marlboro N.J. I waited on the drive thur take-out line for about 30-40 minutes and watched the attendants at the window put their masks under their chins continually while one other person had a kerchief around his mouth. This person laughed when I reprimanded him about what he was doing, I told him there was nothing funny about it. I saw that another person also posted on their website about this same issue. And to make matters worst, I was short changed Ten dollars which I do not notice until I got home, needless to say, there wasn’t a receipt in the bag! Why isn’t management on top of required mask protocol. I can definitely assure you, me and a lot of other people who witnessed this will not be going back to this franchise for a very, very long time.

  • Philip coumbes says:

    My visit to the popeyes in the town of Ulster was very on management management came from behind lady working the Windows and grabbed her from behind she looked so embarrassed because the person that grabbed her had a orange shirt that said general management i will never visit their again when I call1the store ronni burris answered the phone stated he was general management and didn’t care to hear my side unless management and worker’s are changed i will never use popeyes again thank you for you’re corraperation

  • Katrin limbach says:

    Your commercials about free delivery are completely false.Just paid delivery as well as service charge for our order in san francisco for dinner.Two unemployed chefs milked for wanting to eat great chicken after a month of cooking ourselfs.Tha is for the extra cost

  • Robert Martin says:

    I absolutely love Popeyes Chicken and eat there often. However I eat at the Johnson City Tennessee location just now and the experience was terrible. When I ordered I told the window perso to make sure the food was hot because the last 2 times we had eaten there it was cold. Not only was the food cold but there was no napkins given , no spoon for red beans and rice and hardly any fries. (This was all take out window because of Corona 19). We went back and told the person at the window and a manager came to the window and started arguing with us that the fries were fresh and that the chicken was fresh ( the food was not warm). The manager had an attitude. I’ve been in management long enough to know you correct the problem and apologize for a bad experience. I will continue to support and buy your product because in my book it’s the best (far superior to the chicken/cow…lol). However if your going to do just window service it needs to be done right and don’t argue with the customer when positive criticism is give. I want Popeyes to succeed. Again I will always buy your product wherever I am I guess hot or cold but I do prefer hot. And I need a spoon for that awesome red beans and rice and napkins. Thank you for your time and for making the best chicken sandwich there is. Robert Martin

  • popeeyes says:

    9:19 PM


  • Debby Johnson says:

    Madison Mississippi has the worst customer service and management. They never have Spicy chicken and have waited 25 minutes. It is the worst run Popeyes ever. I love Popeyes and sweat I will never go back but eventually I do and it is never any better

  • Ken says:

    I had the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant or drive-thru last night. The wife and I had gone to the new Popeye’s restaurant on 2203 W Camelback Road in Phoenix and had received are order at the takeout window and found that we had received on part of the items that we had ordered upon returning home. We called the restaurant to inform them and spoke with a Kevin who was acting as manager, Kevin informed me that he would “make good” on the missing items when we returned to the restaurant and that we were to speak with him when we arrived. The wife and I drove all the way back to the restaurant and met with Kevin at the drive-thru window, this guy had the worst manners imaginable and refused to rectify the order in any way telling us that we needed to come back tomorrow and talk with the other manager in order to fix the order, both Kevin and his staff were standing at the window sneering and laughing at us the whole time while we were talking to him. Don’t go to this Popeye’s unless you like to have your money taken from you and have the staff harass you.

  • KK says:

    Sunday March 15 was my husbands & my first visit to Popeyes at 26170 Lorain Rd, North Olm., Ohio
    I was so disappointed, first the clerk behind the counter had no gloves on, a dirty ripped shirt, please can’t the manager give him a new shirt! Also he had no help we waited at least 15 minutes in line with only one person in front of us. We were disappointed with the shrimp, but the chicken was good. We asked for a plastic knife and butter, said they had none, I don’t understand. I will not be back this store was unprofessionally run and by the the time I left there were at least 10 people behind me. Please send a district manager to view this store, yuck!

  • davidwoll1948@gmail.com says:

    Yesterday place and in-store order at Popeyes’s location on Carmel Drive and Keystone. The staff was ill-equipped and not trained. One staff member had an attitude problem. Six staff members reflecting poorly on the location. The quality of food was mediocre at best. This is not the first instance of poor service.

  • Tom S. says:

    We had lunch recently at the Popeyes in Eatonton, GA. We ordered a chicken sandwich with sides and drinks. I asked for a plastic knife to cut the sandwich, so my wife and I could share. I was told they did not have any plastic knifes. I asked if they could cut the sandwich in half when it was made. The employee was very rude and said “They don’t have a knife either”. Will someone at corporate please take them a knife. Also, while you are there you may want to talk with them about customer service. Just wanted to let you know why we will not going back to Popeyes.

  • Robert Phelps says:

    I just had one of the most vile visits to one of your restaurants. I am not a young person so I have been around and I never complain, this situation has driven me to not only complain by I will be taking appropriate action.

  • Averil Joachim says:

    I am not sure my grievance will ever be viewed but I will submit either way. I visited one of your establishment on 12/21/19 at around 4 – 4:15 pm located on 2691 Windy Hill Rd, Marietta GA, after we came out of the military base in the area. It was an experience as a person who also deals with customer service don’t want to ever experience again at Popeye’s. I believe the person who took my order for myself and my sister was new, his name Chico. Now he never read the order back to us one, which I took for granted he got what we said, but when my receipt was printed(order#351), I draw to his attention right away, the order on the receipt was incorrect. He took it back to the manager, I believe wearing a blue uniform her name Karen and the manner in which she took over the situation was so unmannerly. I will expect that from the workers if so, but the manager…wow. Anyway you know what they say about people like that, not to take it personal because they might be going through their own emotion, but again, when you are a paying patron, you expect to be treated with respect. She took my receipt and when I ask her for a copy she insist that I was not getting it back. Chico before I even got her name to file my complaint I ask him what is her name, because there was no name displayed on herself for me to see, he said I don’t know and then she shouted Karen. Again from management you expect a whole lot more, being a manager/supervisor myself. The establishment was unkept as well, looked like the sitting area was not cleaned since. Sometimes I wish undercover BOSS will visit these locations and see for themselves the people who carry the Popeye’s name. I definitely will not be visiting this location ever again as much as I love my Popeyes chicken. My sister and I should have stuck to going to Bojangles, but because both she and I love Popeyes so much and the we were so far away from our normal location we visit in Lawrenceville, to go visit this location and get this sort of rude service is really heartbreaking. But believe me I will be visiting Popeyes again just not that one, you could believe that.

  • A Keefe says:

    Popeyes Lake Saint Louis Mo. Stopped to get a chicken sandwich 11:30 am 12-21. Lady on counter said
    did not have. Spoke to the gentlemen in back said have to come back in 2 hours chicken not thawed out.
    Told me I have to come back and keep trying to get it. When this restaurant gets busy lock lobby doors said
    you have to go threw drive in window. Poorly run will not make it in our area.

  • steve says:

    I just purchased Popyes chicken with hair in it.Store #2023

  • s.scott says:

    I live in Orlando Florida and visited Popeye’s on Orange Blossom Trail yesterday which was December 12, 2019. My total was 21.92. They charged my card 211.92. I’ve called everyone there is to call but my money haven’t been reimbursed back to my card. I will never eat at a Popeye’s ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vicki Grier says:

    I have eat at Popeyes many times since the open store in Charlotte. I ordered an 8 piece chicken only and they give me all wings. Am very pissed off that I paid 13 dollars for wings. No thighs no breast no legs. Store #13076. Don’t know if I will go back very disappointed

  • Denny says:

    I travel from Naples, Florida to Tampa Florida once a week and have stopped at the Popeyes Chicken located in Arcadia, Florida / In Riverview, Florida / And in Golden Gate, Florida. Interestingly enough, all 3 locations might as well be located right next door to each other as they all have the exact same issues. They never have enough (spicy) chicken prepared – I am always told it is always 15 to 20 minutes until spicy chicken will be ready / They always run out of medium cups / The one person assigned to the front cash register will go 10 to 15 minutes without taking an order / And now with their app, people “pre-order,” walk inside and basically take all of the chicken so you continue to wait and wait. Nobody is cleaning the lobby / tables as you have to clean up after yourself, trash container are overflowing, and condiments are always out. As a suggestion to whomever with upper management might read this, it would be a really good idea to periodically stop and visit just about any location so you too can experience this most unpleasant opportunity. Commercials are great! The problem is in time, poor service and management / day to day operations will eventually catch up and people will eventually get fed up with no return visits. Sad because the chicken / mashed potatoes are so good! Happened years ago in Ohio with Sister’s Chicken & Biscuits. Over time, the same will happen here as well regardless of supply / demand. Would seriously suggest making internal changes by visiting numerous locations to see for yourself.

  • Bernice Hatton says:

    Today I was at Popeyes Chicken(80th Ave)Merriville, Indiana 46410. It was my lunch hour. It was the worst experience I have ever had to encounter. It didn’t look as if there was a manager there, if so she was as stupid as the other people working in there. No one could get the orders correct. People had large orders and the wrong food was in the bags etc. People got so mad they just walked out. All of the employees were just standing there as if they didn’t know what was going on. Some man said he had been waiting for 45 minutes and still had nor food. Finally she had to refund him his money.My entire lunch was gone with all the confusion going on. So I had to get back to work with no food. In my opinion everybody working in there should be FIRED!!! Todays event happened today(11-27-19) 1:00 lunch. Please, please help this place. Not a happy customer.

  • RJ says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone at various locations in Phoenix, Az for several days now. No one ever answers the phone(s)…it either goes to VM or the message says mail box full. I even called the phone number listed for your corporate office & once again no on answered & I was also unable to leave a message there as well!! I’m very disappointed & I usually don’t contact a “fastfood” restaurant but one of your stores that was close to me was urgently closed. I’m not sure the reasons at this moment, but that’s why I tried calling other Popeye’s stores in various locations in the Phoenix area. “Once again, like most businesses…there anxious to take your money, but don’t want to provide at least a decent customer experience!!”

  • Stephen Leibowitz says:

    Who can I speak to about selling you the best refrigerated pickles on the planet since 1897. I would appreciate the contact data. Thanks Steve Leibowitz United Pickle Products Corporation 718 933 6060 sleibowitz@unitedpickle.com

  • Pat says:

    The new Popeyes located on Barrett, Pkwy In Marietta, GA has really gone downhill. The last three visits have been terrible to say the least. I stopped by yesterday to try the new chicken sandwich. My ticket number was 51, and I waited in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes. There was only one register that was open, and at least 8 employees walking around and bumping into one another. The employees seemed very confused because they would call customers numbers in the 30’s, then jump to number 46, then 50, then back to the 30’s again. the coke machine for the customers and the coke machine behind the counter was out of coke, and they were out of sweet tea. They only had water, they were out of spicy chicken and they were out of gravy, also the manager by the name of King is very rude.

  • NC says:

    “Deriance Ra’Shaiel Hughes”

    You continue to hire ignorant, low life thugs which is why I will never go back to any of your stores. I thought my experience was just an isolated incident. I guess it’s what the company is willing to tolerate.

  • Barbara Collins says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone in the Charlottesville, VA store ALL day & the call goes to VM & the message says mail box full. I would like to order a fried turkey for Thanksgiving. I called a store in Roanoke VA & the girl I spoke with was rude & not able to give me any information. I called the telephone number for your corporate office & unable to leave a message there as well. This certainly doesn’t make a good customer experience! I don’t feel at all confident that I will get a reply to this message-very disappointing!

  • Stacey says:

    The good—your chicken sandwich did not disappoint but the Popeye’s experience did. This is where Chik-filet will always own y’all. Tampa Fl, Store #8534 order #72. Ordered 2 #8 combos exactly the same + 2 pumpkin pies. My sides were missing and I had to pull each sandwich out of the bags and hold the bag upside down to prove to the drive in lady that I was not trying to get extra food. I was so excited about being able to finally try the sandwich, I totally missed that my 2 pumpkin pies were not included until I got home. Also, one of the chicken sandwiches was missing mayo and the pickle. Honestly, I have no confidence that if I called the store to report the problem, it would be welcomed with superior customer service response. Again, quality and customer service is where Chik-filet will dominate— even though I think your sandwich is way better. Here are some other numbers on the receipt, not sure what they mean. T=10L I=1 C=8447. Would love to hear from someone at your corporate office.

  • David Nagy says:

    your store #11582 forgot how to fill my tender order with 6 tenders when I got home only 5 tenders was in the bix. I called the store and told them only to tell me they could replace the one tender. and i told them I wanted a full refund for their mistake.Driving back to the store for a tender wasn’t worth the drive.I said at least replace the tender box or my Ten dollars,which he said he couldn’t. I will not make anymore purshases from here without restitution…
    Popeyes 1839 E. Lincoln Hwy, Coatesville,Pa.19320
    order #45// id 334322924880 reciept

  • J.Aldrich says:

    The phone # shown is a franchise in Atlanta.Why are they hiding? The store here in Sun City Center is awful. Slow, cold tenders, barely warm rice and beans ,and no biscuit!! The car behind me got so fed up he pulled out and left!!! I will never go back —3rd strike and your OUT.

  • J. Bower says:

    Well, today is Oct 11,2019 and there have been no recent post on here since Aug 28,2019?????? Looks like the problems with Popeyes starts at Headquarters and trickles down!!!

  • Cametrice Walker says:

    I live in Savannah Ga and went to a Rincon location me and my family tried your chicken sandwich it had a good flavor that exploded in my mouth it was the Best chicken sandwiches I ever tasted ! This is a sandwich that makes you want to dance. It is a party of flavors going on in your mouth a sandwich you want to rap or make an video about this tasty sandwich it is so good,” take one bite the flavors and seasoning in the sandwich fights in your mouth.” your sandwich deserves 100 ” Take one bite it makes you want to fight!” ( A joke)It is sad people fighting about it, we have to continue to love one another…. the sandwich is so good.

  • Aaron Coston says:

    This Chicken is so hard until i can’t even eat it. this is most horrible chicken i”ve ever had. Please help me. thanx

  • Aaron Coston says:

    store # 3271 is the one that is horrible

  • Aaron Coston says:

    I need a phone number to speak with the Corporate office manager asap, Please comply. 1-513-873-6586

  • Aaron Coston says:

    The popeyes store on Reading road in Cincinnati, ohio has the nastyiest, rudiest people working there. And instead of them getting your order correct, they comming to the window to see who’s there and what you are saying, or getting free drinks. I had to repeat myself 3 times before they could get my order right and then I got very small pieces of chicken that were hard, old and over fried. I’m very disappointed in this store because this has happened 4 times this year and I didn’t have the time to complain about it. My phone # is 513-873-6586. I believe I deserve a make-up order or coupon for a free meal or something , this is very disheartening and rediculous.

  • TERESA says:

    I visited the Popeyes in South Bend Indiana “which is 90minutes from my house,” I arrived right before the doors opened, and I was the first customer. I was told they were out of pickles for the new chicken sandwich, I said that was ok, I purchased 4 of the new sandwiches, only to get 45 minutes away and decide to try one and find that not 1 sandwich had a breast fillet on it!!! are you serious!!! they all had what amounted to a chicken tender sitting in the middle of the bun.. I tried calling all day, no one would answer the phone, I called the 877 #, was kept on hold..I made a video of what these chicken little sandwiches look like because I felt this had to all be some type of nightmare!!!

  • ftotie says:

    I am not sure how much the people that work here are making but they are unorganized, mean spirited, they lack professionalism, and they never have menu items ready. Today was the last straw for me and I will never eat at a Popeyes again in this life. I went to the Popeyes on located on 10545 Page Ave, St. Louis, Missouri and the doors were locked when I arrived at 7:15 p.m. I decided to go through the drive-thru and there were at least 9 people in the drive-thru (including myself) all nine of us left without purchasing anything. When it was my turn to order they had a note saying no chicken sandwiches and so I asked if they had any other items available only to find out it would be a 40-minutes wait. I then commented that they provide poor service and the person taking my order got smart so I pulled around to ask for the corporate office number and to speak to the manager only to be told by the manager to look it up. She also went on to say they had been there since at 8:00 a.m., that morning and didn’t I care about that? As a customer, I will never know or understand the logistics of Popeyes nor is it my responsibility to understand or know. What I expect is to place my order, pay for my food, and received a correct order and professional customer service. Today, this location lost a lot of money and several customers. I will no longer give this company my time or money. Each time I have visited this location they never have what you order, the service is bad, and the managers lack professionalism and the ability to handle the employees or customer issues. I do not expect for this location to be there long especially if they continue on this path. If I go in that direction I will go to Kentucky Fried Chicken or Lees.

  • JAMES KRAMER 1-763-234-7458 says:


  • Dhani says:

    Good Morning! I wanted to complain about the Popeyes located at 16th & Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia, PA. The staff (manager and cashiers) are simply horrible. I went after work one day last week and my stay was about 45 minutes. When I placed my order it was incorrect (I asked for a 3 piece dark meat and received a 3 piece white meat). When I took it back to the counter for a replacement, the young lady was very indignant with me and wanted to know who took my order. (Did it matter at that point?). I received the meal that I asked for and in the space of the time that I was there, the staff was in THREE different arguments with the customers. I’m talking yelling and almost in fight mode. One of the cashiers came from behind the desk and argued with this customer and followed her to the door! Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Popeye’s chicken but I will not go to that location again. Whomever is the manager/district manager for that area really needs to go into that location incognito and see what is going on. Are not these people trained properly? Will the manager let the cashiers talk to the customers in a rude manner and not stop the nonsense before it goes too far and someone gets hurt? I don’t want to see any one in this day and age lose their jobs but this has got to stop. If this happened in the 45 minutes that I was there that day, how many times a day/week does this happen. I assume it would be worth the time and effort to investigate. Thank you.

  • Ken Valt says:

    Football season is on its way could you test your stores to have chicken wing with bone in it you already have with out bone it which is a big hit try the one with the bone in it just during football season an see what happens Im near Haledon nj Please lets see what happens thank you Ken

  • Nilda Rivera says:

    Please De Jesus Santoro take a minute of your time to have the Clermont, Florida restaurant, new to our area reviewed by one of your site managers. In my opinion the owner of this location is doing the minimum when it comes to making sure that his restaurant is fully staffed and has sufficient food.


    Good afternoon , I have tried on a number of occasions to contact someone at the corporate level to no avail;i am a consumer as well as a customer at several of your establishments located in the Cleveland OHIO AREA TO start off your establishments are nicely decorated for the most park clean, However , across the board I have noticed the customer service is not very pleasant . this is a problem that starts with the management team and the trickle down effect makes my self as others very disappointed. the closes Popeyes to my home is approx 7-10 miles can you imagine the number of eatery places i have passed only to get to Popeyes, It is very upsetting to know your are going to travel this distance only to get rude service from counter personal and if you ask to speak with a manager what you get is another version of disappointment with a title as well possibly told you can get hand laid on you if you do not leave the premises.this is what i endured today at ONE OF YOUR ESTABLISHMENTS. WE OR YOU ALL MUST DO BETTER THAN THIS.

    • Diane Douglas says:

      Dear Millicent, the same thing happen to me here in Lithonia, GA. I believe that it is an epidemic of disrespect and companies who don’t care about customers service whatsoever, all they want is the money. As I noted to the manager of the location that I visited on May 11th, it’s poor management and you are so right, it trickles down. After I asked for a refund I was told to leave the premises as well and it was not necessary because I was already outside the door walking towards my car when the police ran upon me! No matter how much we complaint or write in you’ll never get a response or any action because upper management doesn’t care. The workers don’t even wear gloves and some don’t wear hair nets, it’s bad all the way around.

      It can only last but so long eventually it will be the restaurant’s demise. It may take another 10 years but it will go under just like Payless, Sears, KMart and many other large companies.

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