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Julio Murillo

Vice President of Finance

Richard Stockinger


Daniel K. Meisenheimer

Chief Operating Officer

Timothy Polk Taft

Chief Executive Officer of Fiesta Restaurant Group and President of Fiesta Restaurant Group

Marc Mushkin

Senior Vice President of International Development

About Pollo Tropical, History and Headquarters Information

Pollo Tropical was founded in the year 1988. The company has been active for almost 31 years now. The founders of the company were Larry and Stuart Harris. By the year 1993, the company had eight stores under its name and was also transformed into a limited public entity as well. The company had opened 19 locations in one year including those in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Tampa. But, most of the new locations were closed within a year after opening as well. In the year 1998, the company was acquired by Carrols Restaurant Group. After a period of rapid expansion, the company had almost 69 company-owned locations and numerous franchisees in the Latin American and Caribbean regions as well. The company is currently a subsidiary of the Fiesta Restaurant Group as well. In the year 2018, the company began offering fried chicken in addition to their traditional fire-grilled recipe. The headquarters of the company is based in 7255 Corporate Center Dr C. The name of the place is Miami, while the name of the state is Florida, United States. The pin code is 33126.

Pollo Tropical is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers all over the USA. The current CEO of the company is Richard Stockinger. As of the year 2019, the company has its presence in almost 140 locations all over the USA. As of the current date, the company has more than 5600 employees working in it.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to enjoy various types of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company itself. The food recipes sold by the company include grilled chicken, black beans, yellow rice, yuca and other Caribbean-style dishes.

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  • Elena Rosas says:

    2710 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33133 visited 10/6/2022 around 8 pm thru 8 30 pm.
    This Pollo Tropical customer service lady at night was horrible. The drive thru girl told me to drive close to the door of the bldg, and they will give me my food after waiting 20 minutes outside and no one came out with my food. My daughter went inside to get her order, and the attendant treated her very unprofessional, and with attitude. Our food was given to someone else instead. Finally when it was replace most of the items were missing, and when my daughter requested what she was missing she was ignored. I myself went inside, and I asked for the Mgr. to request my money back and the same attendant was not nice to me either. I felt at this point it was better to get my money back.
    The objective here is if I go thru Drive thru is because I don’t want to deal with headaches such as this one I just described.Why do you tell customers to wait around, and ignore them, just because you want to clear your drive thru lane.This is not okay nor acceptable.The customer service need to improve, and that lady last night was not the example of friendly customer service and she needs to be told about it to change her demeanor. If customers feel this way they will not set foot in this place anymore.

  • DAVID CURRAN says:

    Dear Sirs, I recently tried to purchase a $100 gift card for my sister’s upcoming birthday through the internet at your site. The transaction was not “allowed ” to proceed. My credit card is valid, and I don’t know how to proceed. My sister really LOVES Polo Tropical and I do too whenever I visit from Pa. My sister lives in the Miami area and I live here in Pa. I wanted to order her the gift card and have it sent to me so I could include it in a birthday card. My phone number is 814 692 4316 if that will help. I do screen my calls through my answering machine so please leave a message and I will return your call as quickly as possible. I would really appreciate your help. A LOYAL CUSTOMER! DAVID CURRAN

  • CN says:

    A customer of Miami PT for 25 years at least, tonight At Jog Rd and Lake Worth, they required REQUIRED
    cash and refused yes refused after I requested, to give me a receipt.
    So I cannot return the wrong meal given to me, not that I would want to go through the line again in this rainstorm.
    What kind of business requires cash and refuses to give a receipt??????? Really??
    The (Incorrect)food was not great either , so disappointed after being your customer for more than 25 years.

  • Ada Perez says:

    I went to the PolloTropical in Miami the Tamiami area 122 SW 26 St, through the drive thru, Sunday 03/20/22 between 12 and 1 pm. I placed my order which was a big order, when I got to the window to pay, I remembered that I forgot to order a small soup, I waited for someone to come to the window, this man walked by and I asked him in Spanish if he could add a small soup to my order, his reaction was “What, what?” Like he didn’t understood my question so I asked him in English and he told me that “HE COULDN’T ADD TO MY ORDER, THAT I HAD TO GO AROUND GETON LINE AND PLACE THE ORDER “ He continued to say if he did it for me he had to it for everyone else I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked him for the manager and he said he was the manager, his name is Alexis Gonzalez, and he does speak Spanish. Terrible , horrible customer service. I can’t believe Pollo Tropical hires employees that are so incompetent, specially as managers. Very poor manager material. I will never go back to that place again.

  • Nikki says:

    2/10/2022 approximately 345pm EST. Went to pick up an order from Pollo Tropical at 15298 North Dale Mabry, Tampa. The order required 6x white meat whole chickens and numerous sides. The girl Casey inquired if I was there for a pickup. Advised yes and showed the order. She began to explain how the order cannot be fulfilled for 2 hours. Advised me to call customer. I began texting and while texting asking her anything else I should adv8se the customer. Casey’s voice and tone was angry and condescending and she Advised WE HAVE A BUSINESS TO RUN SO WE CANR PROMISE HER BEFORE 2 HOURS. I began recording prior to that comment as I could see she was angry frustrated and very unprofessional. Rick the manager was privy to her antics and did nothing to correct her. So I did. I told her I am picking up so no need to be angry at me. She stated she wasn’t turned around walked off and said Fuck it or fuck her. Rick came to handle the order apparently the GM Danny, 813.961.0379, spoke to the customer about the order earlier so the excuse of we do not have a way to contact the customer was a lie. I went above what I am called to do by reaching out and communicating WHAT YOUR RESTSURANT SHOULD HAVE COMMUNICATED. I see only voicemail and a litany of unanswered complaints are the par for course for thus restaurant. I do more than complain especially with a recording showing me being bullied harassed and spoken to in a condescending manner all because your employees were too unprofessional to communicate with the customer. Email tacked below. Black Twitter will love this recording as I am sure corporate will too

  • Adtian says:

    So I’ve already left name number and e mail. Food is good service horrible. Pls have someone call me 754-264-3695

  • Patricia says:

    My hispanic husband and myself went to Pollo Tropical on Dec 10, Friday at 6276 W Waters Ave Tampa. We both ordered dinners of dark meat. Once we got the receipt, we noticed that one of the orders did not state ‘dark meat’. So, we asked. The first person who answered us was the same person who took the order. She said, “Oh, yeah, don’t worry, you will get dark meat in both. That conversation was overhead by another person in the back who was preparing it. She spoke up and said, “We can’t give you dark meat!. She went on to explain why and it made no sense to myself or my husband. So we asked for a manager. We stood there quite a while and had to ask to speak to the manager three times before she came out! Meanwhile as we were standing there waiting to speak with the manager, a Hispanic man came in and ordered a dinner of dark meat. He was given his order in front of us, so we saw that he was served dark meat! When the manager finally arrived, she said that she was not low on dark meat, but we couldn’t have an order because she needed to save it for the customers who would order a whole chicken. But yet, the Hispanic man behind us got dark meat. I was really pissed and by now, everybody in the place has stopped working and are staring down the ‘white lady’ as if I was the problem! I reached for the bag to give back the white meat dinner that they tried to trick me with, but my husband grabbed the bag and started walking out because he didn’t want problems. That meal became dog food! I refuse to ever enter your restaurants again after being treated in such a horrible manner! I feel ripped off because that meal that was not what was ordered had already been paid for. And I will never, never, never, never step into your restaurant again. Even though I am white, I have the same rights as everybody else in that restaurant and I do not appreciate being treated in such a manner! Good-bye forever! My hispanic husband has been forbidden to go there as well!

  • Barbara Barnee says:

    I live in Deltona, Florida and I love your restaurant. But, wish you had one closer to me. There is a large community of Hispanic/ Latin population in the tri- city area which includes Deltona, Orange City, and DeBary, Florida so I know if you were to open a franchise in this area you would do very well. Could you please consider my request and thank you in advance.

  • Carlos Plata says:

    In August 30, 2021, I placed an order thru Pollo tropical App. For carry out in one of the stores located in Flagler street and 107 Avenue in Miami. When I arrived, my surprise was the they didn’t have chicken !!! and the estimate time for my order was approximately 2 hours. I requested to talk with the manager, but it wasn’t possible because she was really busy screaming and yelling the employees. It’s been a month and three phone calls to customer service to try to get my money back and they just get your information and states that someone from administration or supervisor will call me to refund my money but until now nobody has call me.

    What will happen if I go to one of the stores and grab food without paying ?

    Should I call the police to see if I can get my money back ?

    Looks like nobody over there care about their customers.

  • Chinka Hoult says:

    First of all WE LOVE POLLO TROPICAL. It is wonderful that you honor veterans with a free meal once a month and also give senior discounts. BUT, you offer points (which is nice)and then we cannot redeem them. Every time I try to use them, even the manager says they never work. On my account, it says that I have redeemed points and I HAVE NOT. Right now it says I used 10.00 on 7/27 four times -NOT. It also says I have 5.00 expiring in 8/8 which is already gone by. I have another 5.00 that expires 10/2 but it won’t work. Employees say IT NEVER WOKS. Why have points if we cannot use them. THIS IS NOT A BAD REVIEW – JUST A QUESTION

  • Ezequiel almonte says:

    Location 2140 gulf to bay blvd clearwater Fl 33765

    Store #10205

    Yuca bit burn I ask her employee #414801 name Nina not give me burn yuca bits they did the same thing yesterday and the fries both day full oil today chicken burn to

  • Jim Meiser and Donna BIGGAR says:

    I am a frequent customer at Pollo tropical 9321 Ben C. Pratt , 6 mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33966 is the store location! I have contacted your corporate office in regards to this matter, with no prevail……. I have tried to use these gift cards they are saying they’re blank…….. I am truly baffled by all this as we were taking avantage of your holiday Pollo tropical Christmas gift cards special ….(.with the five dollar gift card.) ……..,I shop here often and was so very, disappointed!!! I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt by making this right!!!!! If you could contact me in regards to this matter I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! Or forward the refund in regards to $200 in gift cards and then the five dollar specials that went with the gift cards at purchase!!!! Sincerely, Donna BIGGAR and James Meiser! 1-239-292-0301

  • >