Where is PlayStation Corporate office Headquarters

PlayStation Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo, CA 94404, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 855-999-7669

  • Fax Number: 310-981-1570

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: December 3, 1994

  • Founder: Ken Kutaragi

  • Key People: Shawn Layden

PlayStation Headquarters Location & Directions

PlayStation Headquarters Executive Team



Shawn Layden

Chief Executive Officer and President

James Bass

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Glenn Nash

Vice President of Operations

About PlayStation, History and Headquarters Information

PlayStation was created by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1994. The PlayStation 2 was launched in 2000. In 1999, it launched PocketStation, a miniature game console. In 2004, they released the PlayStation Portable (PSP), Sony’s first handheld console. Sony Tablets are PlayStation Certified Android tablets, released in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The PlayStation VR was introduced in 2016. PlayStation 4 Pro or PS4 Pro was launched in 2016.

PlayStation is a brand of video games. It has multiple magazines. as well as a media center, an online service, two handhelds, and a phone, a line of controllers, as well as four home video game consoles. It has an online service called PlayStation Network which has about 110 million registered users. Each console has numerous games. The Best (Japan and Asia), Greatest Hits (North America), and Platinum Range (PAL territories) are video games for the Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable consoles.

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  • pissed of father says:

    my son was bullied on the psn network. no matter how many times he reported the person or persons nothing would happen. soon as he responds his account gets suspended to the point to now his account is permanently banned. my son took his own life oct 17 2023. he complained and complained and psn did nothing but punish him. I BLAME PSN FOR THE DEATH OF MY CHILD. i cant get call back or even a email from psn on this issue. ive called every number i can find, as well as emailed all i can email with no reponse.

  • Christina Wallace says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I’m writing to you regarding the extreme frustration in regards to my son’s PSN account. It seems as though the scripted folks that answer your phones at the only number for your organization (800-345-7669) don’t like to assist customers in a prompt and professional manner, but only can regurgitate what’s listed on their screen!!!! Below are the events that have transpired on my son’s account, mind you who has been a long time customer for 10+ years…

    On 7/28/2023 my son’s account received a month’s ban due to improper communication, his account was unbanned on 8/27/2023 at 1:20 am, this same morning his account was breached and taken over by some unknown person. He found this only due to an email received from PSN stating his credentials had been changed. On this same day 8/28/2023 he contacted your customer service team who assisted him in getting his account back, this was around 1:00 pm the same day, 8/28/2023. During this phone conversation he was told by someone at PSN that they would escalate his case regarding the refundable monies spent on his account…. and you guessed it… no one got back to him!!!!!! About an hour later on 8/28/2023, his account was then permanently banned because whoever breached his account broke your code of conduct, he then contacted your customer team again and made an appeal. PSN team was able to assist and he was able to access his account again on 8/30/2023. Between 8/30/2023 and 8/31/2023 his account was breached again, he contacted PSN once more for an appeal on his account and his account was lifted. On the days of each breach on his account, this unknown person charged over 2500.00 on credit cards that were stored on my son’s PSN account.. the rep he spoke with told my son that this person used this money on v-bucks for Fortnite.. now how would my son know this if this was not conveyed to him by someone PSN, furthermore he does not even play this game!!!!!!!!…. my son’s account is now suspended due to account debt, stating he now owes this money back, as we claimed fraud on each of these cards used as they were not my son and PSN customer service reps know that as well as there have been multiple phone calls and multiple notes taken regarding this…. EVERYTIME WE CALL TO GET RESOLUTION BY YOUR TEAM MEMBERS THE SCRIPT COMES OUT AND ALL WE GET IS ” THIS WAS REVIEWED BY OUR INTERNAL TEAM AND THIS IS THE ONLY RESOLUTION”….. I would like to understand how this is the case considering the number of calls my child has made and the notes made on his account regarding this…. I have asked to talk to a supervisor but got no response, asked to talk to someone on the internal team who made this decision, and was told this is not possible… ALL OF THESE CHARGES YOU ARE TRYING TO RECLAIM I WASTED HOURS/DAYS TRYING TO GET BACK FROM MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY…. THEY WERE THE SAME CHARGES EACH TIME 85.39, ALL DONE ON THE SAME DAY MULTIPLE TIMES IN A ROW… I have read plenty of reviews on PSN regarding this same issue and the lack of assistance from your so called team… I want someone to contact me back asap regarding this and I want a FAIR RESOLUTION… THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

    To add to the above, I also have several emails that I received from Epic Games that shows that someone breached his account as they were trying to link and unlink the account!!!!!

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Shiraz Khan says:

    I have email the play station support about 7 times got no feed back as I purchased a game and it does not work , worst experience to have. I am sitting with a game that don’t work and paid for .

  • Daniel says:

    I will no longer use Playstation block my account because the person that started the argument reported me first and I can’t even login in to reported them after I spend hundreds of dollars a week will not let this go lightly I understand stand I agreed to policy but he did to and he’s still play then how can you suspension on a Sunday but I can’t call on a Sunday I am so upset at this point I’ll be at the front door monday with a lawer you can either unsuspend me are suspend both of us I feel treated very un fairly

  • Elliott mathews says:

    Every said they were cheating your system by using the Bluetooth and device option and join a network off the map the renaming it to appear as they are not

  • Vítor José Sousa Borges says:

    hello good morning I don’t have problems with the 2SV help please

  • Keeghan_2007 says:

    Its pretty sad how playstation haves to be greedy while xbox sales go up a ton and xbox is better than playstation. They playstation controller and console does not even have a sync button while xbox does.

  • Accused says:

    Mane please unban me I said some wrong stuff but cuh was threanting my router and y’all jus gone let that Happen

  • Josh says:

    I bought nhl22 on the app and I got charged but my game is not on the system

  • Andrew says:

    No workers do not know how to
    Call Thomas

  • Andrew says:

    You Your work is not working he still be working with PlayStation4 because he didn’t know that we cut the moon

  • Paul Walley says:

    Yes hello my name is Paul Walley. I have been a loyal customer since the Ps1and ending with my PS4. I have every single system still and every game I have bought. The past 11yrs have been a living Hates. I’ve had 4 maynor lumbar surgeries and I have a electronic nerve block in my back so I can use my legs with pain level of a constant 8 out of 10. Just last year I had to have a liver transplant but I never drank smoke or took illegal drugs. It is hereditary disease. I will be lucky to get another 10 yrs. But I’m choosing to be a DNR and I’m a registered organ donor. My kids will be grown hopefully by then or atleast get to see my youngest daughter graduate high school. Whish loves PlayStation as much or than we. Oh I’ve been a gamete since Atari and have every console since including Nintendo sorry guys. The reason I’m writing to say I want a ps5 but I can’t find one in stores but there is $100 being sold for $700-$1200 by people that buy them up before others can get them. I’m just asking for help to get to play the last PlayStation console I will most likely ever get to. I know my little 720p doesn’t even show what the PS4 has to offer. Much less the best PlayStation ever made. The ps5 in my dream and there’s nothing better than putting a disk in for the 1st time and hear the logo sound come on. I hope you can help. Thank You so much for atleast reading this

  • Shawn says:

    Up the events

  • Alexander Merced says:

    My PlayStation five was stolen. Is there anyway we can track where it is being used at. I feel like locate my ps5 should be an added feature.

  • Matthew says:

    What can I do about my psp catching on fire while I was sleeping and almost burning the house down

  • Sylas Frankin says:

    My PSN Account was hacked almost a year ago and still no reply back from PlayStation and still can’t answer the phone… I would like my 5 years worth of money back on that account or my account back entirely!

  • Robert Franklin says:

    For starters my card was beening charged with out my permission , called bank and cancelled card few days later they temporary supended my son account who is 10 yrs old , saying reason why he might of been suspended, tried to contact someone at play station no luck at all ,few weeks later they unsuspend the account,a week later they temporary supended it again, I’m wondering if this is because I cancelled my debit card. Play station is a joke can’t talk to any one They should be ashamed of the way they steal our money and the way they handle there customers, I would really like to here from Play Station ASAP 06/30/21 Concerned paying Parent

    • Danielle Weiler says:

      I had purchased a playstation for my son and my name and number aren’t even associated with the account I used my debit card to purchase V bucks and playstation automatically took 86.55 off my debit card for a year prescription and when I called custermer service they wouldn’t listen they kept reading a trained script.and claim I have to pay this debt to activate his account please help my son put a lot of his hard working money into this he is 11 years old

    • Danielle Weiler says:

      Did they fix it?

  • Giovanet Moreland says:

    I need an email address for someone at the corporate office.

  • Joe lampkin says:

    My debit card was stolen and used on your site I would like to know whose console it was used on since October they got me for $3,000

    • Brent says:

      We’re you able to find a resolution to this? I had the same thing happen and after two hours of sitting on the phone with them I was told they would neither reimburse or investigate the matter any further. Essentially take it up with my bank.

  • C & J says:

    One of their massive updates set us up for playstation NOW and set up the auto renew and now because we had the credit card company dispute that claim they shut off the entire network for us even though we paid for the playstation plus. Phones don’t work. Online chat doesn’t work. You can’t respond to the emails they sent to suspend our account. Too bad so sad. Piss poor customer service. they are hiding because they are afraid. I say if someone were to start a class action lawsuit I think we might actually get somewhere.

  • Betty Campbell says:


  • Malvo says:

    Does anyone know how to put a petition/law suit againts Sony as they offer no support to help their customers. We all have the same issues – banned, over charged, no customer support, etc….

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Malvo, I am seeing this late and I hate corporate bullies like Sony. Yes I can tell you how to make it really painful for them WITHOUT a Lawyer. Go to your local court house and take them to small claims court. Max out the amout you are suing them for and file like 50 dollars with the court clerk. Small claims courts usually dont permit a lawyer or its a BIG HASSLE for Sony to fly a lawyer out there for court date. You will definitley hear from them when they receive the papers for a court date. I think the max you can sue them for is 3000 or 10000, at least in the state of NJ. Gook Luck my friend, if you do it, Sony will need luck, this is easy money.

    • Danielle Weiler says:

      If you find out how please give me info Danielle 5092028517

  • Mike says:

    Not one living person to talk to this is just great no support to help me with its been one month and no response why did I pay for a year of bullshit no support unless I want to talk to a one sided BOT So when the ps5 comes out and I still haven’t heard from anyone from playstation and I can’t get on my account I will have to shitcan my ps4 all 4 of them and make the switch to XBOX you are a multi million dollar company and you don’t have any support for anyone you don’t even have anyone answering the phone are you that cheap you don’t want to pay anyone you just want to take our money and ignore the people who help you get where you are today well you are not going to get another penny from me you have pissed me off so much over the last month with no response or comment from anyone there You Really Suck I have 4 accounts for ps4 and I don’t want them anymore

  • Cindy says:

    Playstation charged my son twice for PSPlus and now they suspended the acct because I removed one of the charges. Now in order to lift the ban I have to purchase PSN card for $60. No supervisor. Agent Jose A. just left the chat, he would not respond to anymore of my questions
    . Frustrated

  • randy jones jr says:

    my wife and kids bought me a playstation 4 that was refurbished because at that point most of everything was sold out. it was bought on 06/20/20 and the total was $303.65. she had originally payed for 2 day shipping because they were trying to get it for fathers day or as soon as possible after fathers day. there started with the first problem. the order came as two separate packages and did not arrive until the 26th was the first which was two games and the second was the 29th and was the system and two more games.one of the biggest reasons we even bought that system was because of the game”the last of us” came with it and i wanted to play the first one before the 2nd.i have actually owned xbox most of my life and wanted to play that game and quite a few others that playstation offers including the last of us 2. i really wanted that system but there was not any available.but enough of the good stuff and so on for the list of bad stuff besides getting duked on the shipping. but the game the last of us does not work. the controller does not work right. only one of the usb charging ports in front of the system does not work.i have not tried any other at this point i have only played the system once sinse having it and it sucks. my wife has sent several emails to your company asking for answers ans some sort of resolution but has not even been answered up to this point. it is very upsetting to know this is how i and we are getting treated. we have 5 systems in our house and buy lots and lots of product from you but this is really changing how we feel about things. i really hope we can get this figured out sooner than later. thank you for your time. this is our email to gamestop and is our 5th to this point, we have tried to find away to get your help with this but everything that is available for help has nothing to do with something like this. I was really looking forward to owning a PlayStation again and we were planning on buying the next gen when it comes out. that and buying the vr system next weekend. but we ware getting very discouraged from buying into it if this is the treatment we will get

  • Ody says:

    Can’t get through any type of support. I want to request a shipping refund I paid express and didn’t receive the package on time?

  • WILLIAM LEE says:

    sold my playstation a year ago, now they charged my PayPal account $65 and I cant get it back.
    Wont answer phone … hiding behind the virus excuse … website is a big time wasting runaround.
    Dont ever buy sony products unless you like abuse.

  • WILLIAM LEE says:

    Cant contact them to cancel account that they keep charging me for.
    online account help is a joke.

  • Patrick Stults says:

    Yes I have a big promblem with your support not and also I need to talk with someone higher than anthony because he is nothing but a lier and I treated my customers like he did I would be wrote up and fired right on the spot. I bought a plus subscription on the PlayStation app which I can not do nothing with because I have the same if on the app as I do on the game console but I can not play the plus yet and it wants me to pay for it again which I have already paid for it and I am not going to pay it 2?

  • Norma says:

    I need to speak to someone in the corporate office ASAP.

  • Hurley says:

    I need some help over the phone I need a number to talk to someone please it only take five minutes of it time

  • MCPKahn says:

    You need to take a look at Mine Craft. Interestingly enough to purchase addon’s for it via the last update you have to make the purchase to Microsoft. I have liked PlayStation for versions 1 – 4. versions 2 and 3 were the best. The PlayStation Home app you had on PS3 rocked why’d you kill it? PS3 had a ton of games. PS2 had a ton of games. PS4 didn’t have a lot of games that were the genre I play. A lot of the PS4 games were sequels that in my personal opinion just were not there. I loveed PlayStation. I’m Thinking PS5 is going to be a flop. So what are you going to do to encourage development on PlayStation? If I gotta make and have a Microsoft Account to buy Addon stuff for a game on your system I’m thinking why PlayStation at all? — I don’t have a red ring of death machine in my home and have never purchased one. I guess I’ll just go back to PC gaming. Whatever you did between PS2 and PS3 was awesome. From PS3 to PS4 I don’t know what happened but the success you had with the other platforms just was not there in my opinion.

  • Concerned American says:

    I just want to say that after ten plus years of PlayStation gaming, never before suspended, I have never seen so much love for folks with online identifications referring to terrorists and fascist groups. I encountered a gamer with a screen name osama bin laden telling the lobby he would bomb America, jihad America, etc. only to message him then I get suspended. How can a billion dollar corporation be supporting terrorism? I’ve lost money from game battles this week plus am unable to even watch the countless videos I purchased through PlayStation store. The information was sent to homeland security, FBI amongst others. PlayStation is hiding something behind those doors. And yes, I have the audio of in game where this person was saying “jihad America, America should be bombed, death to infidels” PlayStation just doesn’t want anyone to stick up against terrorist supporters. I wonder why PlayStation .

  • Paul Plancon says:

    My Debit card was used last night for 8 transactions of $149.98 to Playstation network without my permission……
    can you please get back to me and resolve please?
    Thank You

    • WILLIAM LEE says:

      you can always go their joke of a help website and get a big run around with no resolution.

  • Paul says:

    my sons account was banned because someone else downloaded a game. They are basically holding his games hostage until he pays $50.00 for a game he doesn’t have. Apparently playstation doesn’t make enough off the games people buy. they can look and see he doesn’t play those kinds of games,but that doesn’t matter. another case of corporate greed. I really wouyld like this charge removed from his account!

  • Paula says:

    I am shocked by the way I have been treated by the customer support team at Playstation. I have never seen such a display of greed. They took my money in error and are refusing to provide me with a refund. Based on the service I have received, I would recommend staying with the XBOX platform. They should not be allowed to treat their consumers with such disrespect. Those higher in authority need to get involved and upgrade the level of support we are receiving. Very disappointed in them. You would expect so much more from Playstation.

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