Where is Planet Fitness Corporate office Headquarters

Planet Fitness Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4 Liberty Ln W, Hampton, NH 03842, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 844-880-7180
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 1,500
  • Established: 1992
  • Founder: Michael Grondahl, Marc Grondahl
  • Key People: Chris Rondeau (CEO)

Planet Fitness Headquarters Location & Directions

Planet Fitness Headquarters Executive Team



Christopher J. Rondeau

CEO & Director

Dorvin Donald Lively

President & CFO

William Bode

Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations

About Planet Fitness, History and Headquarters Information

Planet Fitness was founded in the year 1992. The company has been active for almost 27 years now. The founders o the company were Michael Grondahl and Marc Grondahl. In the year 1993, the Grondahl brothers hired Chris Rondeau, Planet Fitness’ current CEO, to work the front desk. Planet Fitness then became known as the ‘Judgement Free Zone’, which was aimed more at the average user than the bodybuilder type of fitness enthusiast as well. In the year 2015, this zone was expanded to include trans women as well. In the year 2003, the company had opened its first franchised location in Florida, with Eric Dore and Shane McGuiness. As of the year 2016, the franchise was added to the Franchise Times' Fast and Serious list of top franchises as well. The company was also ranked at number fourth in Fortune 500 companies list in the year 2017. Then in the year 2013, TSG Consumer Partners LLC became an equity partner in the Planet Fitness franchise. The headquarters of the company is based in 4 Liberty Lane West. The name o the place is Hampton, while the name of the state is New Hampshire, USA. The pin code is 03842.

Planet Fitness is an American company that focuses in providing various kinds of fitness centres to its customers living in the USA. The company currently has its presence in almost more than 1700 locations around the world. The company also has its presence in other countries such as Canada, Dominican Republic, Panama and Mexico. The current CEO of the company is Chris Rondeau. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 1500.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of gym or fitness services and facilities, that are provided by the company itself, via its fitness centres.

Planet Fitness Headquarters Photos

  • julia Adams says:

    All I want is to cancel this membership. I have not stepped into the facility – I have diverticulitis and gastro issues. They want me to go in but bc of financial reasons I do not have a car. Is there any way I can speak to someone who can help me – I literally do not know where it is – julia Adams

  • Crystal l says:

    I was charged $120
    To cancel my stupid membership after being fat shamed at my local club by staff. My membership was over but yet kept charging my card. NEVER will I recommend such a horrible place to anyone!

  • Lu says:

    Planet Fitness Battleground Ave Greensboro NC is the worst site I have ever seen. Every employee is rude, lazy, stands around. I had an issue with my account and the guy literly said my personal business in front of other members and embarrised me so bad I almost ran out the door. How dare them use the No embarrisment statements. Then the so called assistant manager called me to appoligize and said manager would call me next day .. Its been a week and no communication. So there’s your Planet Fitness that is suppose to be a no judgement free zone but they can embarris you in every other aspect.

  • Karen Sikora says:

    I’ve been a member of planet fitness for at least 12 years plus now I called my local planet fitness because I broke my ankle in two places and had a question regarding my membership. the phone rang numerous times and finally was answered. “planet fitness,” and I said hello I’d like to speak to somebody about my account… dead silence I had to say hello 2 more times and the guy said yeah? Explain the situation..dead silence.. I had to say hello again. he responded all you can do is come in. I said well I’m in a hospital bed right now. How can I come in? Well that’s all I can tell you. I said is there someone else I can speak with? Is your manager there? No, I said may have your name.. silence he wouldn’t answer me I said hello. may I have your name please? finally he rattled something off and I said you don’t understand I am in a cast up to my knee and I can’t come in. “Well that’s all I can tell you”, I said when can I speak to your manager? He’ll be here Monday. What’s his name? No answer I’m like hello. Can you please tell me…CLICK.. the employee hung up on me. I called back and a different employee answered and I said HI an employee just hung up on me and he said yes we’ve been instructed by our manager here at Georgetown Kentucky, planet fitness that if a customer gets upset on the phone we are to hang up on them immediately I said that’s not very professional I just wanted some information about my options. He said well you were getting rude, mind you I never raise my voice, never swore or spoke out of tongue. I was just being frustrated that nobody could answer any questions. immediately I’m in tears now, and I can’t talk anymore so I handed the phone to my friend who is acting as my caregiver Oh, now this other employee by the name of Benjamin or something was rude to her and told her again they’re instructed to hang up on people and that I couldn’t do anything but come in. She asked about emailing and he said well I guess you could write a letter. She asked for the managers name, and he was very reluctant to give it to her. She had to ask twice. He finally gave it to her. She said we will write a letter or be in on Monday and he promptly hung up. I have never been treated so rudely by any employee in my life I worked for Macy’s and other retail organizations in customer service for years and never have we been instructed to hang up or be rude to any customer this really questions whether or not I would want to even continue a membership at this club and paying for these employees to work there that are so cold and rude. I think somebody needs to speak to their manager regarding The meaning behind customer service. From the gecko, neither one of these kids really want to be bothered talking on the phone and it was so apparent they just couldn’t be bothered answering questions. Planet fitness should put these kids through some sort of customer service training. The behavior was so unacceptable. It’s bad enough I’m incapacitated for the next six weeks and to be treated like this by two immature children is just absolutely ridiculous. My friend who is helping me out then called the Lexington, planet fitness, and the girl who answered was so lovely. Nice and friendly the difference between Georgetown employees and Lexington employees is drastic. I just might go ahead and cancel my membership after all these years.

  • William A Gooch says:

    This message is to Headquarters of Planet Fitness

    There are those who criticize and those who provide constructive criticism and feedback to help improve deficiencies and lack of transparency, therefore, you may take this negatively or positively and understand that it is an observation of occurrences.

    If you use any form of public conveyance for transportation, it is clearly posted that there are to be NO audio devices played openly which disturbs another person. And you have a sign posted that tells people NOT ago use their cell phones in the club workout area and to go to the lobby.

    Delta Airlines, United, etc. who are in the exact same business presentation as you are, do the same thing to establish a sterile and NONE bias environment, because if they play an intrusive music, it doesn’t suit everyone and causes criticism and loss of patrons and revenue declines.

    Therefore, you have a sign posted that says NO Criticism, and criticism is derived from BIAS, and in that, you posted the LGBT Rights Movement during June. But in light of this, no one complained and enjoyed the club. Therefore no criticism witnessed.

    This report of events began in earnest in early July 2023 and has continued through the drafting of this notice.

    1. I witnessed earlier over a dozen people running to the Staff Door banging on it, demanding that the music be turned DOWN. Now, when you consider this, think of sitting at a traffic signal and someone pulling up next to you with their genre of music so loud that you can’t even hear your own music. It’s rude, offensive, disrespectful, and intrusive which then creates criticism which you post as not allowed, and illustrates BIAS.

    2. I noticed then, that almost every person in the gym wears headphones or ear buds and listens to THEIR own particular music, or they tune in and listen to News, etc as they workout and adhere to the same principles as public conveyance systems do. Why? Public transport does NOT want a lawsuit, they don’t want criticism, nor do they want to drive customers away.

    3. In your locker room, I have witnessed and overheard men ages 40 plus saying that whoever runs this place has to be HARD of hearing because it’s all way too loud.

    4. And again, I was up at the front desk asking for access to the Hydro Massage system and heard a lady asking for the music to be turned down, and the answer she received from staff was that the storm messed up the audio system and we can’t.

    Now it’s not going to be much longer before you witness either an argument, or someone storm out of this club and it’s due to BIAS, and telling clientele that THEY must listen to YOUR selection of music or leave.

    Now for me personally, my iPhone tells me to lower the volume or sustain damage to my hearing and the device transmitting that audio signal is a mere millimeter away from my eardrum, but volume is the ONLY way to drown out what you perceive as the genre the CLIENTELE must listen to, and therefore, by presenting this to the public, you are BIASED.

    Now, I frankly don’t care what you do with this information, because I am expecting transfer orders shortly out of this area, with expectations of overseas duty, and in accordance with the Solider’s and Sailor’s Act by Congressional mandate, my contract with Planet Fitness will be legally terminated.

    Therefore, this issue now rests upon Executive Management and perhaps, if someone there has time to view this as any other business serving the public, soliciting for membership, the Volume of intrusive audio signals will be LOWERED by Directive before 40 years of age clients walk away.

    William A. Gooch
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Vince says:

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that the Winchester Virginia Planet fitness still doesn’t have hot water for showers. Months to fix it and nothing has been done!

  • John Michael Perry says:

    This review is based on opinion, communications, and leveled experience as a previous club member at the Planet Fitness location: 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA
    -What atmospheric flaws are within a fitness establishment that claims No Judgement in their mission statement, you ask?
    The Location: 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, Virginia has a multitude of professional flaws. (Main Flaws listed below)
    1/ Agist Staff, Management, and Members: Seniors will be treated as a bygone era, looked down upon by the millennial and generation Z community peppering the staff and members at this location. (150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA)
    Suggestion: Utilize your Silver Sneakers & Rally One Pass elsewhere in an establishment that has regard and value to what it really mens to be a Senior & Human
    acac Fitness & Wellness Downtown 111 Monticello Ave · (434) 984-**** Open Closes 10 PM acac Fitness & Wellness Albemarle Square 500 Albemarle Square · (434) 978-**** Open Closes 10 PM acac Fitness & Wellness Adventure Central 200 Four Seasons Dr · (434) 978-**** Closed Opens 9 AM 2/ Money over Matters:
    The entire Staff and Management at this location, and their interests are primarily sales, lack the experienced mind and knowledge within the area of fitness health.
    Example: Test the staffs knowledge of body anatomy, and a member will be surprised to hear when asking a staff of where the Funny Bone & Back-Bone are located the response from the staff will be: The Back-Bone & Funny-Bone are located on a cable TV network!
    3/ Disregard to Health and Wellness:
    An establishment that offers a Fake & Bake Booth clearly does not understand that Indoor tanning can increase the risk of developing the two most common types of skin cancer squamous cell carcinoma by 58% and basal cell carcinoma by 24%. 4/ Knowledge
    -What does Fitness really mean, you ask?
    one’s ability to execute daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength with the management of disease, fatigue, and stress and reduce sedentary behavior.
    **This description goes beyond being able to run quickly or lift heavy weights.
    The Staff and Management over-all conduct located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA will increase a member’s stress level and intentionally create fatigue.
    The Staff and Management located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA could not even understand how to define: (1) body composition, (2) flexibility, (3) muscular strength, (4) muscular endurance, and (5) cardiorespiratory endurance.
    Suggestion: Bypass Planet Fitness located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA
    Suggestion : Try another facility:
    acac Fitness & Wellness Downtown 111 Monticello Ave · (434) 984-**** Open Closes 10 PM acac Fitness & Wellness Albemarle Square 500 Albemarle Square · (434) 978-**** Open Closes 10 PM acac Fitness & Wellness Adventure Central 200 Four Seasons Dr · (434) 978-**** Closed Opens 9 AM –
    How is one valued as a member of Planet Fitness located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA, you ask?
    A member is not valued at the location: 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA
    -How will Planet Fitness located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA handle problem solving a member’s concerns, you ask?
    A member trying to problem-solve concerns over the phone- call at location 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA will be greeted by a staff member hanging up on the member even as this location records all incoming phone calls.
    A member in-person at location 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA trying to resolve concerns will be greeted by a staff member not ever communicating or addressing a resolve but will direct a member to their Third Party company located in India!
    -If a person’s values incorporate respect, honesty, and accountability without Judgment then by all means bypass the Planet Fitness location: 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA
    -Always remember: Quality over Quantity!
    The more quantity a company expands the lesser the quality, as this holds true to the Planet Fitness location: 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA Facility
    acac Fitness & Wellness Downtown 111 Monticello Ave · (434) 984-**** Open Closes 10 PM acac Fitness & Wellness Albemarle Square 500 Albemarle Square · (434) 978-**** Open Closes 10 PM acac Fitness & Wellness Adventure Central 200 Four Seasons Dr · (434) 978-**** Closed Opens 9 AM
    -What is the mission statement of Planet Fitness, you ask?
    Our mission is to enhance people’s lives by providing a high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, which we call the Judgement Free Zone, where anyone and we mean anyone can feel they belong.
    Through the doors of Planet Fitness located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA after a staff establishes a signed contract, a member will sacrifice all rights listed within the Planet Fitness mission statement.
    The Staff and Management at location: 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA will intimidate and violate the companies mission statement.
    If a person decides to become a contracted member at the Planet Fitness location at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, Virginia then ensure that one protects your rights by bringing another individual as backup and witness to the conduct of staff.
    ( This location at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA subscribes to the He said, She said approach)
    If a person decides to become a contracted member at location 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA then protect yourself!
    ( Virginia’s wiretapping law is a “one-party consent” law. Virginia makes it a crime to intercept or record any “wire, oral, or electronic communication” unless one party to the conversation consents.)
    **If the color Purple with flecks of Yellow peppered all over a fitness center is your dish, then Planet Fitness located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA is the place to sign-up.
    ** If one values their health and well being then Planet Fitness Located at 150 Wegmans Wy #500, Charlottesville, VA is not the fitness center to contract an agreement.

  • Richard Washington says:

    Good Morning Friend., since COVID money has been withdrawn from my bank account after I canceled my membership as of COVID.!!!
    10.00 every month., RICHARD WASHINGTON #3832., 215-681-6996. 5443 HUNTER STREET.!!
    Phila. Pa. 19131

  • Club member says:

    I am a member at the 24 hour Planet Fitness at the Baltimore National Pike facility in Baltimore, MD and since late May, the facility is messy and there are weights lying all over the place. The paper used to wipe down the machines and benches are on the floor. The bathrooms are a mess. There were two employees who kept the place spotless and now that there are new attendants, the place is a mess while they stand at the front desk, or in some cases, stay out of sight. Finally, the last time that I went in, there was a female attendant and it appeared that she was alone and she stayed at the front desk, when normally there are two people on at anytime. Just FYI

  • Lynn says:

    I feel like the planet fitness in Columbus indiana is directing its shelf to the right wing organization as they have the tvs (4out of 16) turned to Fox News channels and after asking many times for different viewpoints they have continued not to air CNN or MSNBC. I’m asking at least one of these channels be put on and stop the judgement in this non-judgment zone. At least stand for what your slogan.

  • Sallie says:

    Why are the massage chairs limited for 10 minutes?
    Twenty minutes would be nice.

  • Theresa Vidi says:

    I do not understand why Planet Fitness does not have corporate customer service. I think it is a ridiculous policy that to cancel my membership I need to go to my home gym, write a letter( snail mail) but you can use technology to get my money monthly. Your policy should also include notification that the “yearly fee” is approaching would be wonderful customer service. But I don’t think you are concerned with customer service at the corporate level. I tried to send an email about my concern of canceling membership and a got an automated response. Made me think you really don’t care about me or changing policies to keep customers happy
    My home gym Brick NJ is wonderful-the employees go out of their way to assist their customers. The gym is very clean. That is what their job is-running a gym not managing situations out of their control. I understand that some issues can only be resolved at each individual location. But corporate policies should be a corporate responsibility. For example-outdated machines have nothing to do with the employees-unless they can order what they think the gym needs-not possible I left a comment about treadmills and it was then reflected on my local employees-how can you hold them accountable? Also, billing, cancellation and other financial issues-they are not able to assist with.
    I would love to get your feedback as to your reasoning for your policies

  • kaila says:

    I have membership in the glen oaks gym , corona.ca. on July forth I showed my phone to Ariel as she was checking me in, there was someone behind me that she looked at them and said without shame, “What the fu***KKK!” I said, WOW no filter, what a shame! I feel this is not professional! Not acceptable!!
    can you PLEASE bring it to her attention as she is a young girl and need to be aware that this is not professional!

  • Gene Barton says:

    Hello. I had a problem at my Planet Fitness at 12725 Tamiami Trail E, Naples FL 34113 on 6/30/23. I arrived around 3 PM. I quickly realized alot of loud talking and laughing at the Front Desk area. I l figured it would stop but after 10 minutes it did not and I found it very distracting . It was two employees behind the font desk and another in front of the desk. I asked them nicely to lower their voices and they apologized. But they went right back to it. Later I asked a different employee if I could speak to the GM. He said the GM( Sowena) was one of the people I spoke to earlier. She did not come to speak to me . Just blew me off. When I finished my workout I saw that guy and asked him why she didn’t come speak to me . He rudely said shes in the front. Go talk to her if you want and walked away. What is the point of the cell phone rule ( which I am in favor of) if your own Employees and Manager are going to be distracting and then disrespectful ( by continuing). Thank you , Gene.

  • Dennis Spillman says:


  • Carl Arnold says:

    You guys are a joke. Totally false advertising. No need for you guys to have all my information credit card fine the credit card bank account Social Security number. No I will let everybody know that you guys are a rip off. Thank you.

  • Gregory La Fontaine says:

    I’ve been a member since 2017, I’ve been totally harassed by the owners family and employee. they told me that I couldn’t talk to females in the club and threaten me. Corporate even called me to stay a few months away but keep the membership which I did. I stayed away for 8 months, the renewed my membership for $5.95 reactivation fee. then the very next day, as a black card member, got the green light as I checked in. as I was working out the club for an 1.5 an employee comes to me and said I was band not buy corporate by personal reason from management who didn’t like me! they had the police called on me as a black card member and had me band with trespassing. Planet fitness had violated my cilvil right and had slandered me and i’m looking for good lawyer to sue them. in Deland Fl

  • David Cashell says:

    Don’t appreciate your of facility blocking FOX news, then lying about major water leak over that monitor (be going to that facility for years and know where they place buckets to catch leaks during a rain) plus monitor is plugged in, power on, screen blanked…..when has it become the responsibility to block what little news we have…..I have posted pictures and complaint on fb…….planet fitness and it’s franchisees either need to remove all tv monitors or make sure the FOX news channel and monitor is turned on for us to decide which news media we support

    Plus air handler filters are impacted with dust and dirt making this a very unhealthy facility to work out in

  • Conner says:

    My wife went into the new planet fitness in fountain colorado to receive a membership for a few months before we move. We were shocked to see their was an annual fee and cancellation fee. If we wanted to keep the membership for the 12 months to complete the commitment we, we would be forced to pay the cancellation fee and start a new membership at our new location we were moving to. Would not be worth the fees for a few months.

  • Anthony Nicotra says:

    I gave my American Express card number for billing and you still wanted my banking routing number! Why?

    • Lu says:

      I was told you could not use a credit card. They would only take banking cards. That is because if you dispute a credit card you get your money back. If you dispute your bank card it does not let you have money back immediatly.

  • Diane Fallaha says:

    I am so disappointed the only way to pay is by giving you my routing bank number. No cash allowed, no credit card allowed. Then your people tell me it is safer this way. Is this what you teach them?

  • Meriam Knopp says:

    I live in Kalispell, MT and we have grown greatly this last year. We have fitness clubs in our area but most are unaffordable. It would be so great to have you come to our area to give many more people a chance to be able to start a new year being able to afford to get into shape this year. Really hoping you will consider opening a Planet Fitness in our area.

  • Lena says:

    Good evening, just want to share my thoughts about your Planet Fitness in Wilmington DE at the Riverfront area. I miss see a young man name Victor, I believe he was a shift lead , he was so helpful and understanding when my family and I came in and as I watched him assist his co- workers when they needed assistance was so grateful to see a young man work ethic so profound. I just want you to know that this new person that may have took his place during the day , doesn’t do as much as that young man Victor was doing. I pray you are valuing this young man because he is a hard worker that needs to be rewarded. I’m an individual that observes quality and this young man is a valuable asset to your company. I will be checking to see if anything will come out of this encouraging message.

  • Ondray Pearson says:

    Question: I am Ondray Pearson, and I run ODP Media Group, a business and digital marketing company. I work with a client who lives in the Washington, DC /Maryland area and is a personal trainer.

    I’m writing because I feel she would be an access to your company working as an independent trainer. I know you have some in-house trainers, but I think intensely she could add value to the program. A partnership, if you will. Can we talk more about this? Please reach out to me to talk more.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope we can talk soon.

    Ondray Pearson

  • Kathi says:

    I’ve notified the gym at north Beneva in Sarasota about several tanning booth bulbs being out. I’ve been back several times since and they’re still out. I now go out of my way to the south Beneva gym and told them as well. This is terrible service but at least all the bulbs work at south Beneva. Plz take care of this. I don’t share the good news anymore. Sad.

  • Fernando Ascencio says:

    Love your Gym

  • Eric Wesson says:

    Hello my name is Eric Wesson I attend Delran nj.gym location, while visiting Burlington nj location gym I was told the channel me TV Was not available for viewing while exercising I asked y not they the people on duty told me the corporate decided not to air that channel I would like to know if the customer of PF has a say in the matter because no one asked what channel I would like to see I’m just saying being a customer and all. You can reach me at watchman@email.com and 609 332 0339. Your feedback would appreciated.Thank you

  • Michael says:

    I do not have an account or membership with you and never have had one. I will not give you my info just that this phone number was given to me two weeks ago with my new phone. Thank you, Michael

  • virgen moreira says:

    I’m a member of planet fitness in forest hills queens NY 11375 and have pf black card membership
    and would like to complain because when I go to the gym and exercise after I finish exercising I like to use the hydro massage or the massage chairs noting was working not even tanning and the body enhance machines even a small table with a chair was broken something has to be done this gym is new and they are not keeping up with a gym I hope that all the members with pf black card get credit for this month this why I pay 24.99 for the perks if not I could only 10.00

  • Tabitha Becker says:

    I wrote a letter to the owner of Corvallis, Oregon’s Planet Fitness. After receiving a call from PF’s to reassure me they received my letter and would get back to me in a few days. I never got a rsecond response from Corvallis Oregon’s PF. I am disabled and I do not appreciate being “blown off” or “ignored” by management at Corvallis Oregon’s Planet Fitness.

  • Andy Rivera says:

    the gym I am a member in is 208 W 125th St, Harlem, NY 10027 the showers are never cleaned properly it smells like urine there is a total of five showers two which is always out of order also the remaining showers are barley fictional since I first became a member showering at the gym is very important for me I go to work from the gym also the lockers are mostly broken cockroaches in the lockers it’s disgusting who must I complain to see some improvement or should I just cancel my membership and look for another gym ?

  • Tamara P says:

    I sent in my letter for cancellation at the middle of August 2022 , and you all are still taking out payments for this membership. I have called the Tonawanda , NY Club numbers 2917 multiple times in September and now in October 2022 . Now the general manager is on vacation and they are the only person that can help me . HORRIBLE!!! And I keep getting the run around, why is it so hard to get my membership cancelled if I did what is expected of me

    • Rudolph Wimmer says:

      My son lives in Shanghai China was in the US helping his mother joined PF for the time he was here he is back in China Now. they won’t cancel membership.

  • Bryan Herrera says:

    I have a membership in El Paso, Tx. I have not been able to use it since covid started since i am high risk. I have been battling cancer and don’t have time to go in much less write a letter since i have no printer or means to have it delivered SINCE IM FIGHTING for my LIFE. Just cancel my membership please. i cant even use the extension over the phone anymore. You are not my employer, my mother or wife! You shouldn’t need my blood, written consent from a doctor to leave the gym. You’re just holding onto my card information in order to keep charging me even though i physically can’t go and cancel. Ridiculous.

  • Alexandro Domenech says:

    I love planet fitness because of the accepting, positive, and encouraging atmosphere that is created at all of the locations that I have been able to visit. I used to attend a location in Riverview, Florida which I loved. After relocating, I started to go to the location at Peachland Boulevard in Port Charlotte. At that time, it was clean, the front desk staff was so friendly I even made friends with them because they were so personable. I’m the same way so I can appreciate this in a customer service environment. Over time, the service just has not been the same. The front desk staff rarely greets people, and by this time I know who I can expect a friendly Hi from and who I can expect to be on their phone. It is increasingly concerning how many times I walk in to no greeting, and sometimes up to five different employees standing at the desk in pajama pants all the while the locker rooms have urine on the floor accompanied by a filthy sink. The weights can be left unracked by members (wrongfully so) and left unracked for the entire day. I was willing to get over this because its a pretty cost efficient gym so I can’t complain, but today really ruined my experience and perception of what I thought planet fitness was. With the recent hurricane, I understand the gym is scheduled to close by nine and by no means do I send this with a complaining karen undertone– we get a friendly reminder that the gym will be closing at nine at 8:36. That was okay and I even appreciated it, but it was when five minutes later the gym’s lunk alarm was left ON and BLARING for the remainder of the gyms hours, a healthy but extremely annoying way to get members out of the gym when they have over 15 minutes left to workout. I was finishing up and then the lights literally shut off. This confused me because we were just asked to leave when the power went out two days ago because it was unsafe, so was is it actually unsafe or did the employees consciously create an unsafe gym environment in order to get members to leave way before closing? When I went up to the desk to confirm if they closed at nine, the worker said yes. At this point I’m like??? Ok. What is wrong with this picture then? I would have happily wiped my smith machine and left at 8:55 like a normal person. I never write to any business about anything because honestly I have to have lost a limb in order to even want to inquire with a manager. I hope this message reaches someone who can make changes at this planet fitness location because it feels like its been let go and not the same environment I agreed to join when I initially came.

  • Ayla says:

    Absolutely most disgusting company I’ve ever encountered. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Disgusting excuse for a company. Pathetic. None of you deserve to be in business and I’ll make sure everyone knows how seagulls you all have been. Disgusting

  • cgillen@miami-airport.com says:

    Good morning I work at the miami international airport and we have a set of keys for member 608000000005672639 if you would be so kind as to advise the member and have them call us at 305-876-7379 thank you.

  • Wilma Lekan-Gustavus says:

    Is it possible for Planet Fitness to open a fitness center in the Bethany Beach area. This is a growing area with lots of building going on and since Covid a number of people have relocated to this area and are here year round. You have opened one in Ocean City, Maryland. However, that is too far for the Bethany Beach/Dewey Beach crowd to go to work out. Plus the traffic going down Coastal Highway is terrible. Bethany would put you right in the middle of Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Dewey Beach and Rehoboth.

    Please consider

  • Alexandra and Anthony says:

    Planet fitness makes it very difficult to cancel a membership. I joined the gym and added a membership for my special needs son. Then we both got sick and was unable to go to the gym, I went in person and took a written letter of cancellation for both memberships and returned back within a week to follow up and ensure the memberships were closed out – staff told me everything was taken care of and my bank account would not be charged any more. Well planet fitness continued to take money from my account fraudulently for both memberships until they drained my account and caused overdraft fees. Doing some research I have found that this has happen to many other people and no one gets their money back because you can’t fight a big corporation. And as a corporation planet fitness refuses to own up to it and they refuse to make it right. I personally know some people who have passed away and planet fitness continues to take fees and planet fitness makes it so difficult for surviving family members to cancel the membership. As a member of the community I am disgusted with planet fitness’s behavior.

  • Alexandra and Anthony says:

    Planet fitness makes it very difficult to cancel a membership. I joined the gym and added a membership for my special needs son. Then we both got sick and was unable to go to the gym, I went in person and took a written letter of cancellation for both memberships and returned back within a week to follow up and ensure the memberships were closed out – staff told me everything was taken care of and my bank account would not be charged any more. Well planet fitness continued to take money from my account fraudulently for both memberships until they drained my account and caused overdraft fees. Doing some research I have found that this has happen to many other people and no one gets their money back because you can’t fight a big corporation. And as a corporation planet fitness refuses to own up to it and they refuse to make it right. I personally know some people who have passed away and planet fitness continues to take fees and planet fitness makes it so difficult for surviving family members to cancel the membership. As a member of the community I am disgusted with planet fitness’s behavior.

  • Lenny says:

    There’s only one up right bike that works downtown Salt Lake City, let’s get a witness of some improvements, for many many members, thank you

  • Ann says:

    I have emailed my club 5x asking to cancel (Escondido). I tried calling 1st and was told to email escondido.ca@planetfitness.com, but they emailed me back to say that’s not the correct email. I asked 4x for the new email & haven’t heard back from anyone.

  • Tony says:

    Fix the water heater on Nifong in Columbia Missouri some people do shower!!!! Cute answers from the staff about work orders isn’t getting the water heated!!!

  • Christy says:

    They’re he letting a guy live in the gym. He’s there 24/7 he is loitering the gym, begging for money in the parkinglot (begged me) And I hes made me and my friends extremely uncomfortable. We won’t be coming back to the Jasper AL location.

  • Jenna gray says:

    This is in regards to Grace Potter at kentwood 54th st, Michigan location.
    I realized I was being charged after my free month trial was over. I had a 25$ charge and a 40$ charge, when I called I spoke to a male manager who told me I Would NOT be charged anything else that he cancelled it correctly but they could not give me a refund even though this was not my fault as I thought an employee already had cancelled it. So now im out $65 and hadn’t used your gym. Today I was charged another 25$
    When I called I got Ms Grace Potter who already told me in emails prior they would do nothing to fix the issue and then was told again today she would not be giving me a refund even after her manager told me I would not be charged anymore!!!
    She refused to give me her last name but I had it in emails already. She was extremely rude and doesn’t offer to fix anything
    I need my full $90 back that your company has fraudulently taken from my account.

  • cassandra says:

    Pass my contract date of a year, informed of Deployed and with gas and food high I requested refund of 2 months. Told I don’t give refunds and you need to come in . Fighting for the team players behavior of this lady is a dishonor. #RUDE #LORRAINE Desoto Texas

  • Roció says:

    I spoke with the manager of the planet fitness is located in salt lake city and I told her that one of her employees is not very friendly I gave her a complaint from the employee, she told me what the policy I understand her job I agree with it that, but what I did not know that it is the customer’s job to look for the employee when he is not in front to help…..I has to wait 15 minutes to get scan to walk in plus 10 minutes to wait to get my parking validated to be scanned to

  • KRR says:

    I understand, that each particular gym has its own ownership. I began my membership at the beginning of april 1st 2022, member number 0938832281, shortly after joining this particular gym, I began having a situation of a bully man, whom in about 6 occasions, up until a week ago, I had to call the police and file a Harassment report, providing the License plate number of the person, whom would walk near me, while working out in
    the Gym , and call me(quote) Homosexual, Queer, You make me feel unconfortable” (end quote)..This hispanic guy, with the appearance of an Xconvict, whom wears heavy gold chains, with Ak47 symbols on his necklaces and clothing type of a thug(loose clothing) heavy tatoos…About a month ago, i reported his name calling to One of the workers of this Gym, whom addressed the issue and the “bully guy’ apologized to me..I have a police report, from 2 weeks ago or so..when after once again, bein called the above names, I made a police call, to document such activity and have records of his constant, word name calling.. Today, I decided to get out of this negative environment, at the gym and cancelled my gym membership..I am wanting reimbursement for the Initial fees I paid , plus the monthly dues that where scheduled to be taken out of my credit card…The Gym, staff may say that I have a free membership, which is almost accurate..due to the fact that I provided my insurance information, Just yesterday, July 5th, 2022. and my free membership, would have been scheduled to take place until August, 2022>>I am not wanting to provide my personal information on this form, due to having to guard my self from the Obvious Subject of this notice

  • Mike says:

    Why are there not more of your gyms in California, there are only two in the Bay Area, I feel you would give 24hrfitness and other a run for their money !!!..

  • Joan August says:

    I joined planet fitness and had been very happy until recently. I go to the one in Rocky Point NY. There are never any paper towels in the holders by the upper body machines and quite a few of the other areas. I complain every time I go. Therefore no one wipes anything and the place is dirty and full of germs. I don’t mind the place full of young teens but the germs are not acceptable. There is a blonde woman with braids I always talk to. She does take care of it but they should be checking.

  • Robert Dickson Jr says:

    My home club is in Chesterfield, Michigan and I am emailing to complain of the number of machine out of order! There are currently 5 or 6 machines not working, some have been down a month others a couple of weeks. How is it that you offer free memberships to teenagers that increases the number of users about 50% but you do not have a repair person to fix the equipment?? This is frustrating since I pay for my membership but can’t use the equipment because it’s either filled with the teenagers or broken. I like the idea of keeping kids busy and out of trouble but I suggest while the free membership offer is in effect that you should have a designated repair technician on site.

  • Juan Vasquez says:

    I walked into Planet Fitness in Oxnard, CA. At approximately 6:17pm I spoke to Jonett at the front desk. I asked about either canceling my member ship or lowering my contract back to $10 a month. He then said that I was on a non-cancelable contract and I replied that the contract I remember signing was month to month contract. I then asked him if he could print out my contract to verify the details of my contract, he said that he could not, but he said I should have a copy of my contract in my email. I checked my email and I did not find the contract he was referring to. I then decided just to go to the $10 a month contract. Most gyms I have gone to regularly print out a copy of the contract that you are signing. I signed the new contract going down to $10 month to month and I told him that I wanted a copy of this new contract and the previous contract I was on, and then he did not hand a copy of the contract he said it would not be available for at least 1 hour if I wanted to wait. I found that to be very suspicious and unprofessional. I felt I like I have no idea what I was sign into at this point especially if no one is handing me details of the current/previous or new contract. I feel like I am being scammed.

  • Midge Dosch says:

    The new 14-18 yr old pass is harmful to my health and others. Florida has a high risk rating and I doubt if the children are all vaccinated. I have paid my membership all thru covid shut down and now at risk just trying to get healthier.

  • Renee says:

    I went in to my Planet Fitness to cancel my account because I have not been using the gym – only went about 5 times in the past year. I went to cancel after the annual dues were deducted from my account. (Dues taken out of my account on June 1 – I was in the gym on June 6) I was told I had to cancel my account 7 days before they deducted the annual dues in order to get a refund. I received no notice that annuals dues were going to be deducted on June 1 – how was I suppose to know. I would have canceled my membership within the required 7 day notice if I had been given a notice!

  • Sade says:


    How are you? I am a prospective customer who called a planet fitness located at 13839 Breck Rd 832-446-6395. I enjoy working out and wanted to see what would it take to join your gym. Ive passed by this location daily and was tired of thinking about it so I called. I happen to call this gym at 4:13pm on a Saturday( today). A young man by the name of Charlie answered very monotone voice. I greeted him and explained what my goals were and was very interested in knowing how your gym plans work. First off he seemed as if he was on vacation and I called him at a very bad time. I had to explain myself again so he sounded very very bored and I could tell he was reading from a paper . I asked him again if he could tell me about your plans because there are other Gyms who has competition and would love to have a new customer. Mr. Charlie stated very dry monotone and mumbled about a black membership I heard him say its $10 and all the perks that comes with it he also mentioned about a July yearly membership for $39. So I heard him say another price and couldn’t make out what he was saying so I ask and repeated back what I heard. I asked him if I come in today how much am I looking at? His response was I dont Know cuz they didn’t write it down today for him then said just go look online. I stated well is it possible if he could look it up because I don’t want to hang up look online not understand then have to call back. His response was well you just need your debit card and or s check I stated That’s understood the question is about the charges . I asked if me was new and if there is someone I could speak to. He seem to take that personal that I ask if he was new and how he been working there and he is the only one there. I stated that it may help your company and position to look better if he was to go online himself and learn what you guys offer because there are so many other gyms that will be happy to assist me. His attitude his engagement was just horrible. It will forever be printed on my brain when I pass this planet fitness or any other fitness of how bad the customer service was. How one person can make the entire company look really bad. I am a Nurse, imagine how many nurses who loves working out and I happen to mention planet fitness has the worst customer service do not go there. I truly hope you can reach out to this employee he gave me the name Charlie and stayed he the only person who works there. I’m very big on customer service Im also big on human beings having just a bad day and not to take it personal but this guy I expressed my frustration how he was not willing to help me and how he seemed to feel like I was bothering him while on vacation or something. Please if someone can reach out to me I would appreciate that.

    Sade K.

  • Manuel cano says:

    Prior comment from Manuel cano we belong to the Daytona beach planet fitness 1435 nova road I believe that we are having a problem with the lies about the arm bar weight missing or not allowed anymore .. comment prior than this I believe

  • Manuel cano says:

    Been a member of planet fitness for years I have noticed some of the weights missing or stolen . Whichever may be . But we get excuses everytime that there is now a weight limit . Which makes no sense .. our arm bar weight of 70 pounds is missing and a team member puts it this way that her manager is following policy and that’s too much weight so they had to take the bar away … we’ll if that’s the case I think that’s why many are cancelling their membership and going some place else because how can thier be a weight limit when you always use that weight .. building muscle is impossible with less weight … I would like answers before I cancel mine as well and go to a gym with no weight limit … makes no sense that the gym takes a bar weight of 70 pounds away but you have dumbbells of 75 there that would make you
    Lift 150 on two hands .. can someone explain this and maybe bring back the 70 pound arm bar back so I can continue my muscle build the way I am used to for all these years and stop the lies

  • Mark says:

    Hey Team,

    I’m a member at Tuggerah, NSW Australia. Can’t find a way to contact a head office in Australia. Not a fan of this type of feedback but kind of over the amount of machines that are out of service at Tuggerah.

    Counted this morning 8 cable/weigh machines out of service with one of these machines out for the last 5 weeks.
    Have spoken with quite a few member this morning & strong feeling of cancelling or asking for membership payments to be frozen till the machines are fixed.
    Leave it with you.


  • Amarillo Club says:

    Worst company ever when they will allow a franchise to continue to operate limited hours after our city has been back to normal for months. It’s a slap in the face of a loyal customer when you realize ‘hot zones’ for Covid have had their PF facilities back to 24/7 operations. But, our city that has been operating normal for months because of low or no Covid cases, is still on a 5-10 schedule during the week..and even more limited on the weekend. It’s obvious now our facility is cutting corners to save money by not having to hire additional employees. They’ve taken my money and won’t respond to inquiries.
    May karma hit you all square in the a** for using loyal customer’s money but not delivering the product.

    • Amarillo Club Customer says:

      I 100% agree with you. The employees have made every excuse under the sun why they aren’t opening back to 24 hours. After being a loyal customer since they opened this facility, I finally cancelled my membership. There are other options that deliver what they are peddling. What’s even worse is the corporate offices as well as the owner of this club won’t respond to emails or phone calls. May Karma deliver the same to them.

  • Andrew Plagakis says:

    Was at planet fitness at east Sahara in Vegas and there was a homeless person passed out in the middle of the locker room for 2 hours, told the person at the counter..Did nothing..

  • Mary Jo Verissimo says:

    Why does Planet Fitness only accept transactions from your checking’s account and not credit card. I find that odd and fishy.

    • JD says:

      Likely so they still receive payment directly even if you change or cancel your card.

    • Wanda Mullen says:

      Trust me it’s real odd. But when you attempt to cancel one they will continue to take out of your account by submitting ACHs monthly even after you request to cancel membership. This is the WORST!

  • Mark Carven Olds says:

    My name is Mark Carven Olds. I have eligibility through the Silver Sneakers membership with Humana Insurance. Planet Fitness has opened a new facility near me in Wesley Chapel, FL 33544. I was told that this new facility, which is five minutes from my residence, will not participate in the Silver Sneakers program until it has been open for at least one year. I was also informed by a customer service representative that as a new member, even with a regular membership, I could only use the facility ten times per month.
    Please help me with clarity as it relates to this particular facility.
    My wellness program ID# is: 2300 1030 7516 0852 – Silver Sneakers Program
    My phone number is: 216.389.4340.

  • Carolyn Sandlin says:

    email sent to my gym 2xs. no reply.
    they dont care if you keep your membership or lie to you outright. no type of reply or help other than Mgrs. literally laughing at their broken equipment and you!

    Background: I left for Maryland a few years ago, cxl my membership when i left.
    I got back to VA several months ago and wanted to combat my weight on a regular basis. Churchland/Portsmouth area is right next to me.
    I had to finish up with Norfolk they said. I drove there. Paid over 200 for fees even though i wasnt there and called and canceled in Maryland when the gym was 40 minutes away/nearest. NO big deal.
    I paid the start up, monthly fee, no problem with Churchland.
    A week later I was told I have to pay 65 that month for fee/maintenance. I JUST signed up. Cool. NO big deal.
    A month into the gym, I got tired of carrying my stuff in and asked if i could use the locker daily. They said if i dont want to pay the ones at front and keep my things safe, use their locker room and buy their lock. So i did. Ridiculous price, but it was convenient if i could keep my stuff there.
    I caught cv right after i started going to the gym the first 2 weeks! Im a recluse. I dont leave my house. I work here and order everything to my home. I was hoping getting out daily would help. I recommended my gal pal sign up with me. She caught CV the first week she started there and Churchland shut down ‘without warning’ overnight. I couldnt go or see her to keep my word to be a partner due to CV. I stayed home for 3 weeks. so did she. Both of us up and running again.
    A few weeks ago, i got really tired of all the broken equipment staying that way for a couple of mionths or a few weeks. They had a wet floor sign under the bench press for 2 months. smh.
    Then the Express workout equipment didnt even have ‘broken’ for a sign. I have screenshots. The equipment was terribly unsafe.
    Fine. Okay.
    I go in a couple of weeks ago and the abductor machine was broken without a sign. I asked the Mgr at the front desk if i was doing it wrong. She said no its broken. I asked if it had an ETA, its my fav machine. IM SMILING STILL. I detest horrible customers who are rude and hateful. She literally shook her head, rolled her eyes and said “Who knows”.
    I started laughing, left and didn’t come back for almost 3 weeks.
    I wanted to give the gym time to fix their equipment and lower my frustrations.
    I go in today and they cut the lock on my locker. I had TONS of things in there. Even a 100 bottle of thermo-boosters for my workout. Water, tape measure, leather bound hand crafted workout journal etc. Allot of personal items were gone, but its awfully funny they found ‘a journal & lotion’ yet nothing else? I got the standup locker due to having so much stuff, the small ones couldnt hold it. I got TWO THINGS BACK.
    That? Is employee theft.

    They told me I couldn’t keep my things in the locker and it wasnt their fault. I said okay, why did they guy at the counter sell me an over priced lock and told me i could use the ladies lockers if I dint want to pay the daily fee for the ones in front and i would be fine.
    Okay. Fine. I asked if I could just cancel my account. I’m out HUNDREDS in just as few months. You offer 24/7. The gym doesn’t open 24 hours. Okay. Fine.
    So I asked if i could just drive farther and start a membership at another functional Planet Fitness.
    The manager said i would have to pay the start up, monthly and maintenance fee again to drive 27 minutes there to a new one because their gym is always broken, i was lied to outright and have all the receipts.
    I sound super angry right? No. I am not.
    If I didn’t want Planet Fitness I would not keep jumping through so many hoops.
    I am not going back to the location. I did not scream and yell, curse or get irate in public, nor will I.
    The Mgr proceeded to tell me about how your gym runs for their maintanence repairs. Who you are with. They have to service all gyms etc. If i did come off rude, it would have been fort one comment. I told her hey, i respect it. But, that is your business. Im a customer. I dont need to know all that. I just want you to please find my things.
    Only half was recovered. The journal. The most important part. A bag with lotion and the journal was found. Great! I will pay for the boosters and other items I had again.
    No big problem.

    So my question after all of that? What are my options here?
    I did find a location on Victory Blvd I can go to. But, i am worried this will happen again.
    I am not going to ‘show out’ in public. I even asked the Mgr if we could talk in private so other people didn’t hear me and get ‘turned off’ your business. That is crazy rude to do to a company no matter how unhappy you are.
    Your Mgr told me that she cannot retrieve my items as they throw everything away after a couple of weeks. It has not been very long. I was waiting until you had functional gym equipment in the last couple of weeks. Your corporate website says items will be stored at the front desk until returned to the owner. There is no time limit on your site. But, your Mgr said otherwise.

    My apologies for taking up so much of your time. I just dont know what else I can do to stay loyal after all these years.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Sandlin

  • Anne Lawton says:

    Could you cut ties with Russia? would you?

  • Julia says:

    Planet fitness in Brownsburg, IN. Is operating without supplies to clean off their machine and tanning before. They should either close or purchase locally. Very unprofessional

  • linda says:

    worst ever…I closed my account in 2015. They made me go in person cancel in writing, show my CDL and told me my account was closed. It is now 2022 they are still taking money out of my account, Every time I call I get the run around!!

  • Wilma H Lekan says:

    Planet Fitness needs to do an assessment of the Bethany Beach/Fenwick Island Area in Delaware. That area is growing in leaps and bounds and Covid has caused a number of people to relocate to that area. This is Sussex County in Delaware and the latest census count shows that area grew faster and bigger than any other county in Delaware. We need a Planet Fitness in that area. Won’t you please have a study done of this area and give us a Planet Fitness?

  • William Kechkaylo III says:

    Discriminated for being a Sigma Empath from Henry street Muskegon, MI 49441. The manager put confidential information out that everyone could read. My account was accessed repeatedly to find out where and when I was going to the gym. Fitness trainer was so worried about my where I was even tho we were never together. I never got my refund either

  • Stefanie Rodrigues says:

    Worst Gym EVER!! I joined in Nov 2020 and quit after the spike of Covid 19. They must’ve frozen my account and while having Covid and Not working due to Covid, they charged my child support account and put it in a Negative!! Most Fraud gym around!! The people at the front desk and Management handled it like hoodlums! Worst experience ever!

  • Lysle Shields Jr says:

    I would like to terminate my daughters Planet fitness account. I think she was a member through the Antioch, TN gym. She passed away 16 Dec 2021.
    931 200 1774

  • Angel River Diaz says:

    I dont recommend planet fitness to anyone. Due to the reason i cancell my membership before i moved out of state and i still getting charge. After cancelling my member ship in tamarac florida.

    • Stefanie Rodrigues says:

      I Am Total Agreement with you! Worst gym ever!! They charged my account while having Covid and I joined 11/2020 and quit two months later due to Covid

  • Amy Lee says:

    I have complaints about the Planet Fitness In Hesperia California. Is this the right platform for this? I’m not sure. I’ll complain anyway. I’ve been a member a few years now. This location seems to be poorly managed. It’s getting terribly run down. Nobody sees to care. I do though. The staff are really nice, but seem to not be motivated to do much. The gym itself needs some repairs. It seems when things are rundown, the members care less. The manager always seems to be distracted. Their seems to always be a problem with the hydro beds. Their are many other things too. Little things , but I still notice. I’m dissatisfied. Thinking of joining a different place to work out.

  • Warren Wolf says:

    Our Planet Fitness has a wonderful manager named John.He is an excellent guy in every way.Keeps the gym running smooth.Always friendly and helpful.Gym is in Foley Al.Excellent asset for your company.Super nice guy and really runs the gym excellent.

  • J Demmons says:

    A “member” came into the Orlando, Florida location (Turkey Lake Road) with a pair of bolt cutters hidden in his gym bag. He cut the padlock off my locker stealing my wallet, cell phone and cash. He then walked out of the facility with all of my possessions in about four-minutes time! Police contacted and report made. But we all know I won’t see any of my possessions again. Not to mention the lines of credit he ran up in minutes after leaving the facility!

  • Christi J. Vanover says:

    My PF is sorely lacking upright exercise bikes. There are 40 treadmills and only 3 upright exercise bikes, which are constantly breaking from over use. At no time are even half of the treadmills being used at one time. I cannot use a treadmill, eliptical or recumbent bike due to physical problems. Please, get some more upright bikes! My PF is on Riverside Pkwy in Tulsa OK.

  • Van says:

    You need to enforce your mask mandate. I just came back from the Philadelphia Pennypack Gym. I saw 5 men without a mask or wearing a mask below the nose or wearing a mask below the chin!!! Please enforce your mask policy. It is very important to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

  • Andrea says:

    You are making money from people that cancel and still take money from their bank accounts. Your company has no morals at all

  • Andrea says:

    You guys stole my money. I want it back. You guys are stealing from ppl that cancel. You are not a good company at all

  • Kevin Toohey says:

    Have paid hundreds over the years of membership, now my son was told couldn’t transfer locations unless 3 months at previous. If this is true,please explain. Thank you

  • Kenya says:

    Good day I’m aware that we have to wear mask but if we are social distanced and on treadmill or other equipment why do we have to have our mask up if it’s hard to breathe. I get walking around or if we’re around someone we don’t know.

  • Vynisha Richardson says:

    It would be courteous to email your customers of the upcoming annual fee. I’m not sure how inclined you are to remember a date a year away, but the average person doesn’t recall a future date of year coming. My account was overdrawn because I didn’t remember nor was I reminded of the annual fee that would be taken out of my account without notice. I could have prepared had I known. I had no choice but to cancel my membership as this transaction was not expected. It’s not you guys fault. But if you can and it would be very courteous of you, to send out reminders that the annual fee will be due soon. You may just maintain customers if you can do that. Didn’t want to cancel but the $39 fee cost me $69 because I didn’t remember the date from a year ago. With covid and other life issues, I forgot and now have to re-arrange my finances accordingly. I day all this to say, it would be nice if your customers were given notice that the upcoming fee will be deducted from the account on file.
    From a lost customer,


    Vynisha Richardson

    • Stefanie Rodrigues says:

      I Agree 100%%!! They did this garbage to me while I was sick with Covid and caused my child support account go into a negative!! I signed up in Nov 2020 and left after Covid spoke, a year later, out of no where, charged my account!! After 25 years I am leaving my bank because of this Criminal company!!

  • Melvin guardipee says:

    Could u have gatorade zero put into 122nd street office in portland oregon.

  • Ron says:

    I am in the same boat as so many others here with this cheating corporation. I went to the club in person to cancel my membership but fraudulently they continued to debit my bank account. I would never join such a terrible health group. They are plenty of others who do a much better job.

  • Rick Grix says:

    Customer service is bad I called they never called back I was charge annual dues 41.83 after I canceled my membership went into club manager was rude saying there nothing he can do because I didn’t cancel 2 days earlier think was wrong to do to member was coming back after I was cleared from doctor not now they loss my membership

    • Stefanie Rodrigues says:

      They are sooo criminal!! Zero integrity! And have trashy people taking care of Nothing!

    • Carla J PRIDEAUX says:

      I have a similar thing happening and why I came here to call the corporate office to get my money back. I canceled my membership before my renew date. They said annual fee of 41.93 would still come out of my account. I can understand maybe an auto draft can’t be stopped but still you refund that money to the member. Why do they get to keep my 2022 annual membership fee when I will not be a member in 2022. Time to call the attorney Generals office if Corp doesn’t call me back or refund my money

  • Myself says:

    I’ve been a member at PF for sometime & very much enjoy the club, Prescott AZ. My area of concern is regarding health & public safety. Since the club has re-opened I’ve inquired several times about sanitation procedures. I have not seen ANY employees or staff abide by these safety measures of spraying, sanitizing, etc. I request these procedures be implemented for the well-being of our community & everyone at the club Thank You

  • Debra F. says:

    I’ve been a member of Planet Fitness for 18 years. I have asked several mgrs. why they charge the full monthly fee to be a black card member to those that have their regular membership fee paid by their health plan. I cancelled my black card membership because I don’t think it is right to charge us the full amount each month, instead of the difference between the two. I believe that the company would get additional revenue, because you would see an increase in black card members. I have NEVER been able to get an answer to this question, other than some mgrs. telling me that Corporate is looking into this. I would like for corporate to please reply. Thank You.

  • Francis M says:

    I’m an “active” member at the Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) PF centre. The staff is outstanding I might add. This location is currently closed due to the pathogen (CODIV-19 virus) outbreak. This closure cannot be good for revenues, quality staff retention, membership retention, or for new potential members visiting the centre for the first time and experiencing (locked doors). As I member, I feel compelled to let Planet Fitness corporate know that my company Grok Energy Services (based in Cambridge) provides Active Airborne Virus Control systems (AAVCS) for your existing HVAC system, the attracts/kills/and permanently removes mould, bad odours, bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, and other fine particulate matter (dust, dander, 2nd hand smoke, etc.) from the indoor air (IAQ) environment and on surfaces of any commercial facility. With such a system in place and on 24 x7, Planet Fitness centres can remain open regardless of location, and will have the proven scientific lab-test evidence proof to back up this action. This is an obvious competitive advantage for sure. We would be happy to host a virtual presentation of our AAVCS for PF Corporate per your earliest convenience, or socialize our technology brochure with you for your review, if an email address can be provided. Thank you.

  • TBrown says:

    Bowling Green Ky
    Waiting for bikinis to be acceptable workout attire. Some occasions females might as well just have bottoms and pasties on nibbles. No top required, only a bra and who cares if it fits. Sad!!

    • NW Native says:

      Maybe it’s the local standards? You do realize Kentucky is the state most widely laughed at by most of America, right? (Except, of course, for Alabama and Mississippi.)

  • Linda Salituri says:

    Hello, to whom this may concern I have member ship at plaint fitness for about 4 years in Medford n.y Long Island.Now I have never seen a man come into our lady’s locker room we’re they shower dress and undress.But this year 02/19/2020 I noticed a male worker cleaning in the lady’s locker room while women are Coming out of the shower 1/2 naked then trying to get dressed.I went to the front desk expressing my concerns but they said they go in first say a cleaning guy is coming in and they said no one says any thing mean while I seen a women coming out of the shower in her towel trying to get dressed fast so the man don’t see her.Their should be a woman cleaning the woman’s locker room.And a male cleaning the men locker room.I will never take a shower their again unless this situation changes!

  • Louise says:

    BRICK NJ Planet Fitness is where I go for the past 1 1/2 years now. Debbie is very helpful, dedicated and has been teaching me all the machines and how to use them correctly every week. She is so nice and helpful and always makes herself available to help or any questions. She takes her time to explain everything. She is one of the best trainers and Planet Fitness should be thankful to have an employee like her at their facility. I would give her 10 stars if I could.

  • paul says:

    I’m away and would like to cancel our two memberships how do I go about doing that…all I have is our names and the club in Canada we originally joined. I can’t seem to find a way to cancel on line

  • Max L says:

    The lack of quality from the management to the clerks behind the desk is so pitiful and disrespectful. The management hide from the clientele so they don’t have to mix with the public. Zero ratings for the entire staff in Pasadena Texas location. Just guessing that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Suggestion to owners, find out who you have hired to run a company

  • Rayford says:

    Planet Fitness in Texas wouldn’t let my family and I sign up with the gym unless I gave them my debit card number and bank routing number. (we didn’t sign up) since when does a business tell it’s customers how they are going to pay them. maybe the corporate office will respond as to why they run their business this way.

  • Dr. James P. Crivello says:

    So between your corporate paradigm with Life Fitness you are limiting what the public can workout on. They think your keeping up with new advances in machine design to help them stay fit.
    All the equipment you have at your clubs are decades old in design that has been repackaged in a different color or control counsel. How many times can a riding bike be presented or a treadmill or an elliptical over the last two decades. You have a duty to your members since you claim to have their fitness goals taken care of when they show up at a Planet Fitness Club. Applied Motion is coming whether Planet Fitness makes them available to the public or not. Look for us on Facebook and social media and YouTube.
    Applied Motion is a full body workout, not half a body like an elliptical, very weak upper body exercise, arms just along for the ride.

  • jim says:

    I do a fifteen minute workout on my Applied Motion. I do a warmup first, then stretch and then get into my workout routine which includes an upper body workout and a lower body workout and I use aerobics, isometrics, and plyometrics and HIIT, all on one machine and I decompress my spine with deep decompression stretches. There is nothing like this for the public to use at any fitness club. Planet fitness needs this for the public.

  • jim says:

    Planet fitness needs to add a new machine for the public to use, its called, “The Applied Motion. I understand Planet Fitness uses Life Fitness machines only. I designed the Precor Stretch Trainer which is used at Planet Fitness. Corporate should contact me about this new machine and get Life Fitness to do a license with Workout Technologies and add this great new machine for the public to use. See it at

  • Jill says:

    I would like to request that news channels be turned off! This country is in a shambles and news networks like PNN (Propaganda News Network) also known as CNN is filling people full of inaccurate news! Can we have a place to go to improve our mental health as well as physical health? I went in to use the massage chair the other day and there was a big screen with CNN…. I didn’t use the chair 🙁 Also, I visited another gym yesterday and they were not running news channels 🙂 They were running sports channels, food network, remodel shows… it was a breath of fresh air. It would be nice to get a corporate response 🙂 Thank you, Jill

    • Bill says:

      There are different channels to watch. Exercise your right to watch a different channel. I happen to like Fox news and enjoy the time on the treadmill while watching. You can also listen to music. Use some common sense!


    I would like to see the issue in the rocky point Planet Fitness Ny addressed to us loyal customers… As of Last week… September 18th. this planet Fitness shut its doors with a sign” closed until further notice”. now I get the we are renovating aspect of it all..Though I think it should’ve been done at nite to eliminate the aggravation for customers who do not want to go elsewhere!! But for allllll of us who were expecting a e-mail notifying of that fact that you were closed…. you really must think we will put up with that lack of professionalism ..I asked 3 times of the employees “will we be notified” and 3 times I got lied to! Well you dropped the ball on this one..To be treated like crap and a I do not care attitude Puts your company in a real low class gym….Regardless of all you are doing to “make it better for us”!!You have our money so I guess you think you can do this to us!!!!

  • Judy says:

    I’ve been a member at the Oro Valley, AZ gym for 4 years now and it has been a great experience and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. The staff is great and they are very welcoming.
    One thing I would like to see PF get on board with is eliminating plastic bottles. It would be so great to see your franchise make a move to stop the PF water bottles and other drinks in the coolers they have. Do what other businesses are doing, switching over to cans. Since this country does not recycle plastics, less than 20% of plastics are recycled.
    I bring my own reusable water bottle but I do see other members and usually the very old who use plastic bottles.
    It would be so great if your Corporation would be willing to take a big step. You would be highly respected. We need the big Companies to head start this to clean up the plastic problem.
    Thank you

  • Tim says:

    Why does Planet Fitness want my bank information when I want to pre-pay? In order to get the promotional price you advertised I was told I could not have it unless I gave you my bank information and a routing number. Sounds like you are selling this information. You just lost a loyal customer.

    • Rayford says:

      I went with my wife and daughter to join the gym last week and that wouldn’t let us sign up unless I gave them my debit card number and routing number. needless to say they didn’t get my business because that is my bank account and no business is going to tell me how I’m going to pay them. I wish everyone would get this attitude but people are so lazy now days that they like it when a business takes the money out themselves so that they don’t have to, until they take it out after they have canceled their membership or they take to much.

  • employee says:

    I am interested in opening a gym myself. How do I go about this. Is it possible to get in touch with Christopher Rondeau? Thanks

  • RUBEN PALOMO says:

    Unfortunately, I had to cancel my membership because I have been very busy in this past month and what surprised me that in 30 days they charge me on my bank card the equivalent of three months of membership. I had taken the black membership because it seemed better but after seeing that kind of arbitrariness I will definitely change gym and I will discuss this robbery with my friends and family.

  • jimmy Warren says:

    Have member ship

  • Roberta Wykoff says:

    I have been a member of the Kent, Ohio gym for three years. I joined because I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the variety of machines available. In the three years the “ground rules” have changed. I can no longer only use the steppers and some of the machines in the circuit, though others seem to ignore the rule because it is not adequately monitored. Meanwhile, most of the machines (along with those in the Abs Circuit) are sitting mostly idle. How can that be a profitable business model??

    Now, the spray and cloths previously located at each machine have been removed and a few (and I do mean a few!) area barrels and spray cloths have been placed around the gym. Very few clients are actually walking to get the spray. So much for the cleanliness aspect of the gym! I object to having to use so much of my gym time just walking back and forth to get the cloths/spray. This is not working! At the very least there should be at least 4-6 more “stations” available.

    There are more than several gyms in our area so I hope Corporate will reconsider some of the policies they have implemented in the past couple of years. I, for one, will consider changing gyms, though I know I’m not alone.

    • Bill Hill says:

      you will get zero results my friend from anyone, that is if anyone besides the two of us read this.

      • NW Native says:

        Do you think that might be because this web site is owned and published by a third party, NOT Planet Fitness?

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