Where is Planet Fitness Corporate office Headquarters

Planet Fitness Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4 Liberty Ln W, Hampton, NH 03842, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 844-880-7180
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1,500
  • Established: 1992
  • Founder: Michael Grondahl, Marc Grondahl
  • Key People: Chris Rondeau (CEO)

Planet Fitness Headquarters Location & Directions

Planet Fitness Headquarters Executive Team



Christopher J. Rondeau

CEO & Director

Dorvin Donald Lively

President & CFO

William Bode

Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations

About Planet Fitness, History and Headquarters Information

Planet Fitness was founded in the year 1992. The company has been active for almost 27 years now. The founders o the company were Michael Grondahl and Marc Grondahl. In the year 1993, the Grondahl brothers hired Chris Rondeau, Planet Fitness’ current CEO, to work the front desk. Planet Fitness then became known as the ‘Judgement Free Zone’, which was aimed more at the average user than the bodybuilder type of fitness enthusiast as well. In the year 2015, this zone was expanded to include trans women as well. In the year 2003, the company had opened its first franchised location in Florida, with Eric Dore and Shane McGuiness. As of the year 2016, the franchise was added to the Franchise Times' Fast and Serious list of top franchises as well. The company was also ranked at number fourth in Fortune 500 companies list in the year 2017. Then in the year 2013, TSG Consumer Partners LLC became an equity partner in the Planet Fitness franchise. The headquarters of the company is based in 4 Liberty Lane West. The name o the place is Hampton, while the name of the state is New Hampshire, USA. The pin code is 03842.

Planet Fitness is an American company that focuses in providing various kinds of fitness centres to its customers living in the USA. The company currently has its presence in almost more than 1700 locations around the world. The company also has its presence in other countries such as Canada, Dominican Republic, Panama and Mexico. The current CEO of the company is Chris Rondeau. As of the current date, the number of employees working in the company is more than 1500.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of gym or fitness services and facilities, that are provided by the company itself, via its fitness centres.

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  • Rick Grix says:

    Customer service is bad I called they never called back I was charge annual dues 41.83 after I canceled my membership went into club manager was rude saying there nothing he can do because I didn’t cancel 2 days earlier think was wrong to do to member was coming back after I was cleared from doctor not now they loss my membership

  • Myself says:

    I’ve been a member at PF for sometime & very much enjoy the club, Prescott AZ. My area of concern is regarding health & public safety. Since the club has re-opened I’ve inquired several times about sanitation procedures. I have not seen ANY employees or staff abide by these safety measures of spraying, sanitizing, etc. I request these procedures be implemented for the well-being of our community & everyone at the club Thank You

  • Debra F. says:

    I’ve been a member of Planet Fitness for 18 years. I have asked several mgrs. why they charge the full monthly fee to be a black card member to those that have their regular membership fee paid by their health plan. I cancelled my black card membership because I don’t think it is right to charge us the full amount each month, instead of the difference between the two. I believe that the company would get additional revenue, because you would see an increase in black card members. I have NEVER been able to get an answer to this question, other than some mgrs. telling me that Corporate is looking into this. I would like for corporate to please reply. Thank You.

  • Francis M says:

    I’m an “active” member at the Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) PF centre. The staff is outstanding I might add. This location is currently closed due to the pathogen (CODIV-19 virus) outbreak. This closure cannot be good for revenues, quality staff retention, membership retention, or for new potential members visiting the centre for the first time and experiencing (locked doors). As I member, I feel compelled to let Planet Fitness corporate know that my company Grok Energy Services (based in Cambridge) provides Active Airborne Virus Control systems (AAVCS) for your existing HVAC system, the attracts/kills/and permanently removes mould, bad odours, bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, and other fine particulate matter (dust, dander, 2nd hand smoke, etc.) from the indoor air (IAQ) environment and on surfaces of any commercial facility. With such a system in place and on 24 x7, Planet Fitness centres can remain open regardless of location, and will have the proven scientific lab-test evidence proof to back up this action. This is an obvious competitive advantage for sure. We would be happy to host a virtual presentation of our AAVCS for PF Corporate per your earliest convenience, or socialize our technology brochure with you for your review, if an email address can be provided. Thank you.

  • TBrown says:

    Bowling Green Ky
    Waiting for bikinis to be acceptable workout attire. Some occasions females might as well just have bottoms and pasties on nibbles. No top required, only a bra and who cares if it fits. Sad!!

    • NW Native says:

      Maybe it’s the local standards? You do realize Kentucky is the state most widely laughed at by most of America, right? (Except, of course, for Alabama and Mississippi.)

  • Linda Salituri says:

    Hello, to whom this may concern I have member ship at plaint fitness for about 4 years in Medford n.y Long Island.Now I have never seen a man come into our lady’s locker room we’re they shower dress and undress.But this year 02/19/2020 I noticed a male worker cleaning in the lady’s locker room while women are Coming out of the shower 1/2 naked then trying to get dressed.I went to the front desk expressing my concerns but they said they go in first say a cleaning guy is coming in and they said no one says any thing mean while I seen a women coming out of the shower in her towel trying to get dressed fast so the man don’t see her.Their should be a woman cleaning the woman’s locker room.And a male cleaning the men locker room.I will never take a shower their again unless this situation changes!

  • Louise says:

    BRICK NJ Planet Fitness is where I go for the past 1 1/2 years now. Debbie is very helpful, dedicated and has been teaching me all the machines and how to use them correctly every week. She is so nice and helpful and always makes herself available to help or any questions. She takes her time to explain everything. She is one of the best trainers and Planet Fitness should be thankful to have an employee like her at their facility. I would give her 10 stars if I could.

  • paul says:

    I’m away and would like to cancel our two memberships how do I go about doing that…all I have is our names and the club in Canada we originally joined. I can’t seem to find a way to cancel on line

  • Max L says:

    The lack of quality from the management to the clerks behind the desk is so pitiful and disrespectful. The management hide from the clientele so they don’t have to mix with the public. Zero ratings for the entire staff in Pasadena Texas location. Just guessing that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Suggestion to owners, find out who you have hired to run a company

  • Rayford says:

    Planet Fitness in Texas wouldn’t let my family and I sign up with the gym unless I gave them my debit card number and bank routing number. (we didn’t sign up) since when does a business tell it’s customers how they are going to pay them. maybe the corporate office will respond as to why they run their business this way.

  • Dr. James P. Crivello says:

    So between your corporate paradigm with Life Fitness you are limiting what the public can workout on. They think your keeping up with new advances in machine design to help them stay fit.
    All the equipment you have at your clubs are decades old in design that has been repackaged in a different color or control counsel. How many times can a riding bike be presented or a treadmill or an elliptical over the last two decades. You have a duty to your members since you claim to have their fitness goals taken care of when they show up at a Planet Fitness Club. Applied Motion is coming whether Planet Fitness makes them available to the public or not. Look for us on Facebook and social media and YouTube.
    Applied Motion is a full body workout, not half a body like an elliptical, very weak upper body exercise, arms just along for the ride.

  • jim says:

    I do a fifteen minute workout on my Applied Motion. I do a warmup first, then stretch and then get into my workout routine which includes an upper body workout and a lower body workout and I use aerobics, isometrics, and plyometrics and HIIT, all on one machine and I decompress my spine with deep decompression stretches. There is nothing like this for the public to use at any fitness club. Planet fitness needs this for the public.

  • jim says:

    Planet fitness needs to add a new machine for the public to use, its called, “The Applied Motion. I understand Planet Fitness uses Life Fitness machines only. I designed the Precor Stretch Trainer which is used at Planet Fitness. Corporate should contact me about this new machine and get Life Fitness to do a license with Workout Technologies and add this great new machine for the public to use. See it at

  • Jill says:

    I would like to request that news channels be turned off! This country is in a shambles and news networks like PNN (Propaganda News Network) also known as CNN is filling people full of inaccurate news! Can we have a place to go to improve our mental health as well as physical health? I went in to use the massage chair the other day and there was a big screen with CNN…. I didn’t use the chair 🙁 Also, I visited another gym yesterday and they were not running news channels 🙂 They were running sports channels, food network, remodel shows… it was a breath of fresh air. It would be nice to get a corporate response 🙂 Thank you, Jill

    • Bill says:

      There are different channels to watch. Exercise your right to watch a different channel. I happen to like Fox news and enjoy the time on the treadmill while watching. You can also listen to music. Use some common sense!


    I would like to see the issue in the rocky point Planet Fitness Ny addressed to us loyal customers… As of Last week… September 18th. this planet Fitness shut its doors with a sign” closed until further notice”. now I get the we are renovating aspect of it all..Though I think it should’ve been done at nite to eliminate the aggravation for customers who do not want to go elsewhere!! But for allllll of us who were expecting a e-mail notifying of that fact that you were closed…. you really must think we will put up with that lack of professionalism ..I asked 3 times of the employees “will we be notified” and 3 times I got lied to! Well you dropped the ball on this one..To be treated like crap and a I do not care attitude Puts your company in a real low class gym….Regardless of all you are doing to “make it better for us”!!You have our money so I guess you think you can do this to us!!!!

  • Judy says:

    I’ve been a member at the Oro Valley, AZ gym for 4 years now and it has been a great experience and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. The staff is great and they are very welcoming.
    One thing I would like to see PF get on board with is eliminating plastic bottles. It would be so great to see your franchise make a move to stop the PF water bottles and other drinks in the coolers they have. Do what other businesses are doing, switching over to cans. Since this country does not recycle plastics, less than 20% of plastics are recycled.
    I bring my own reusable water bottle but I do see other members and usually the very old who use plastic bottles.
    It would be so great if your Corporation would be willing to take a big step. You would be highly respected. We need the big Companies to head start this to clean up the plastic problem.
    Thank you

  • Tim says:

    Why does Planet Fitness want my bank information when I want to pre-pay? In order to get the promotional price you advertised I was told I could not have it unless I gave you my bank information and a routing number. Sounds like you are selling this information. You just lost a loyal customer.

    • Rayford says:

      I went with my wife and daughter to join the gym last week and that wouldn’t let us sign up unless I gave them my debit card number and routing number. needless to say they didn’t get my business because that is my bank account and no business is going to tell me how I’m going to pay them. I wish everyone would get this attitude but people are so lazy now days that they like it when a business takes the money out themselves so that they don’t have to, until they take it out after they have canceled their membership or they take to much.

  • employee says:

    I am interested in opening a gym myself. How do I go about this. Is it possible to get in touch with Christopher Rondeau? Thanks

  • RUBEN PALOMO says:

    Unfortunately, I had to cancel my membership because I have been very busy in this past month and what surprised me that in 30 days they charge me on my bank card the equivalent of three months of membership. I had taken the black membership because it seemed better but after seeing that kind of arbitrariness I will definitely change gym and I will discuss this robbery with my friends and family.

  • jimmy Warren says:

    Have member ship

  • Roberta Wykoff says:

    I have been a member of the Kent, Ohio gym for three years. I joined because I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the variety of machines available. In the three years the “ground rules” have changed. I can no longer only use the steppers and some of the machines in the circuit, though others seem to ignore the rule because it is not adequately monitored. Meanwhile, most of the machines (along with those in the Abs Circuit) are sitting mostly idle. How can that be a profitable business model??

    Now, the spray and cloths previously located at each machine have been removed and a few (and I do mean a few!) area barrels and spray cloths have been placed around the gym. Very few clients are actually walking to get the spray. So much for the cleanliness aspect of the gym! I object to having to use so much of my gym time just walking back and forth to get the cloths/spray. This is not working! At the very least there should be at least 4-6 more “stations” available.

    There are more than several gyms in our area so I hope Corporate will reconsider some of the policies they have implemented in the past couple of years. I, for one, will consider changing gyms, though I know I’m not alone.

    • Bill Hill says:

      you will get zero results my friend from anyone, that is if anyone besides the two of us read this.

      • NW Native says:

        Do you think that might be because this web site is owned and published by a third party, NOT Planet Fitness?

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