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  • Address: 3551 Plano Pkwy, The Colony, TX 75056, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 877-574-9924
  • Fax Number: 800-284-3466
  • Email: pi-rewards@pizzainn.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1958
  • Founder: Joe Spillman & R. L. Spillman
  • Key People: Clinton Coleman

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Pizza Inn Headquarters Executive Team



Flynn K. Dekker


Clinton Coleman


About Pizza Inn, History and Headquarters Information

Pizza Inn was founded in the year 1958. The company has been active for almost 61 years now. The founders of the company were Joe Spillman and R L Spillman. The first store of the company was opened in Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA. During the 1980s, the restaurant chain had a commercial deal with the Von Erich family - who were the icons in Texas at the time, with Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich and Mike Von Erich - all appearing in a series of televised commercials as well. In the year 2011, the company had launched a new sister restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, known as Pie Five Pizza - which specializes in handcrafted pizzas ready in five minutes as well. As of the year 2015, the parent company Pizza Inn Holdings was renamed Rave Restaurant Group as well. As of the year 2016, the company had its presence across 158 locations in the USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 3551 Plano Parkway. The name of the place is The Colony, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code is 75056.

Pizza Inn is an American restaurant company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers in the USA. As of the current date, the company operates 310 franchised stores and five corporate-owned stores in 12 different countries, with several new stores scheduled to open as well. The current CEO of the company is Clinton Coleman.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to enjoy various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are served and offered by the company itself. The food products sold by the company include pizza, salad, pasta, chicken wings, sandwiches, desserts and soft drinks.

Pizza Inn Headquarters Photos

  • G.Q. Gauvin says:

    Me and my wife go to this pizza inn every Wednesday’s for the dinner at the MesquiteTX location, I spoke with the owner about the app, because every time the 8th vist that was submitted, to get a free buffet then it goes back to 7?

    Another issue was that I asked one of his employee how come there is no hamburger pizza on the buffet, then he come to me STATED I WAS YELLING AT HER. not true, then I ask him to step out to talk it over he said No and kept on telling me how not to talk to his employee that way, I’m a grown man and his tone of voice was disrespectful to me. So, I asked him again to talk outside so there won’t be a seen in his store again he stated NO and kept going on about me, so I left with my wife. I want our money back, and will not ever go there again if he is there. He is rude, and many times I have heard him yelling at his employees in the past. I’m done with owner.

  • Dawn Hanson says:

    By the way, your phone number is worthless. When you call, after you listen to everything they say, you are given the option to dial ext. 151 for HR. Otherwise, you hold on for a list of company extensions. The catch there is, you need to know the name of the person you are calling. If you do dial 151, it tells you it’s not accepting messages. Some customer service that is.

  • Dawn Hanson says:

    I’m Dawn from Waycross, GA. Doesn’t Pizza Inn have a partnership with Coca-Cola? Our local is under new ownership and is now serving Pepsi products, which my husband has an adverse reaction to. We were under the impression that all Pizza Inns serve Coke. Can you clarify please?

  • Joyce E Binns says:

    This evening my friend and I decided to use the 10.00 deal. I called our pizza hut here in Winterset, Iowa 50273. They said we don’t honor the 10.00 ad but on YOUR ad it said right on there it was for Winterset, Iowa
    We decided to get a large with just three toppings for 10.00 FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! We finally got our order of which the crust was burnt. It was thin crispy. And we couldn’t eat the crust. Am so disappointed, we haven’t been there since this pandemic. I doubt that we will go back. We have five pizza places in town. We from now on will choose one of the others. The manager was about 15 looking. You folks should get it right. Or lose business. I am not the first to complain. Thank you for you time. I hope you will look into this matter.

  • Jeremy G Pratt says:

    My name is jeremy pratt from jonesboro arkansas I have be ordering pizza from the southwest drive location here once and a lot of times twice a week for I know 15 years but more like 20 truth be told and today I did the same as always but almost two hrs after my order was not ready I sent an email and not even a rude email asking when my order would be ready and even said please just so my email would be blocked by pizza inn employees so just wanted to say I will not be using that store anymore they finally brought out the order and told my wife she should have went through the drive through when she already had and they told her that they would bring it out for her to park and wait just all around unprofessional

  • Diamond says:

    I have to say we love Pizza Inn in Dunn NC and we travel a long way to get there. The food is good and the staff is awesome but your management is another story.
    Last night a coworker and I traveled all the way to Dunn for a night of good food. The entertainment for us was a manager totally disrespecting a young staff member by yelling, cursing and approaching him in his face. I commend the young man because he didn’t do or say anything back and the cashier stood beside him. We could see that hurt him. We heard someone from the kitchen say he only touched your hat why are you acting like that. Another guy (hispanic) came to push that guy to the back of the stove. When the waitress came back I asked the waitress why was that guy still in the kitchen after his actions. At that time I was inform he was a manager and his mom is the store manager.
    No that did not have anything to do with us but with that type of commotion we was getting ready to just leave. We were not the only customers concerned. The table across the floor from us was also talking about it.
    I just felt the need to inform someone because no staff should be yelled at or disrespected like that.

  • Lin says:

    I worked with salary administraton, in human resources.

  • Lin says:

    Searching for Dororthy Walsh. She was the supervisor of Human Resources. Bob McComasa was the manager of Human Resources while located on Stemmons and Inwood. I need to locate Dorothy to come of of retirement [Ebby Haliday] to sell me an estate…she deserves the commission.

  • Carl Colson says:

    Just ordered pizza and bread sticks from Pizza Inn, Greer, S.C and the bread sticks were plain and no marinara sauce included. They are in just to big of a hurry, bunch of young people who don’t care. Use to love Pizza Inn when I lived here 20 years ago, but this is just not up to par. Sorry about complaining, but what’s right is right. Hope this helps , it’s not up to par. Think management would check each order to make sure things are right before the order goes out the door. Hope this helps you improve your business.

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