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Shahpour Nejad


Reza Kalantari


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Kim Bui

Director of Human Resources

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  • Kim parks says:

    I recentlyly order a delivery from the pizza guys on Winchester Blvd in San Jose CA. When the delivery guy came he took my money then called stupid. Told me my money was fake. I held me money in the light and told her l to look again and he said it was my neighborhoods fault and left. So I followed him to his store. Which is 2 blocks from where I live. So the same neighborhood he said my money was fake in feeds his family. So I go into get my food and they refused to give it to me. And even examined my money said it was real and then called the police on me and still never gave me my food. I’m ashamed of him. He called me stupid and I was just ordering food from his store. Turns out the delivery driver is the owner. I will never give my money to pizza guys again. I’m ashamed and I’m appaled and I’m hurt. I was profiled in many ways. For my age my race and my location. And my money was real. I’m shocked and will not let him makepney in a newer ghborhood he won’t even deliver in.

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