Where is Pittsburgh Steelers Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 3400 S Water St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 412-432-7800
  • Fax Number: 412-432-7878
  • Email: ticketoffice@Steelers.nfl.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: September 20, 1933
  • Founder: Arthur J. Rooney
  • Key People: Rooney family, Art Rooney II

Pittsburgh Steelers Headquarters Location & Directions

Pittsburgh Steelers Headquarters Executive Team



Arthur J. Rooney II


Jim Plake

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brian Chiera

Senior Director of Marketing

Dennis DaPra

Senior Vice President and General Manager of PNC Park

Tony Quatrini

Director of Marketing and Director of Media

John Russell


Mike Tomlin

Head Coach

About Pittsburgh Steelers, History and Headquarters Information

Pittsburgh Steelers was founded in the year 1933. The organisation has been active for almost 86 years now. The organisation’s history traces back to a regional pro team that was established in the early 1920s and had joined the NFL as the Pittsburgh Pirates in the year 1933. The team was owned by Art Rooney and taking its original name from the baseball team of the same name, which was a common practice for NFL teams at the time as well. The ownership of the Steelers has remained within the Rooney family since its founding. Art's son, Dan Rooney had owned the team from the year 1988. In the year 2017, Dan Rooney had passed away. The organisation’s team currently play their home games at Heinz Field on Pittsburgh's North Side in the North Shore neighbourhood - which also hosts the University of Pittsburgh Panthers as well. It was built in the year 2001 when the stadium replaced Three Rivers Stadium, which had hosted the Steelers for almost 31 seasons. Before the Three Rivers, the Steelers had played their games in Pitt Stadium and Forbes Field as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 3400 S Water Street. The name of the place is Pittsburg, while the name of the state is Pennsylvania, USA. The pin code is 15203.

Pittsburgh Steelers is an American rugby playing organisation and team, which mainly plays professional American football as well. The current president of the organisation is Arthur J Rooney II. The organisation is the oldest franchise in the AFC or American Football Conference.

The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing viewers to enjoy various types of professional American football matches, that is played by the American football team established by the organisation itself.

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  • Brian Leslie says:

    Dear Mr. Roonie II,

    I am a Pittsburgher, joined the military at 17-years old, straight out of high-school, & retired after 22-years as a Senior Chief Navy Diver.

    When Villanueva walked out of the tunnel alone that day for the National Anthem I was floored that he was standing there alone. Not one other person in the Steelers organization thought it was important enough to go stand with him. Wow! The Steelers took a hit with me when that happened.

    You and the NFL have allowed Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling, with pig socks on may I remind you, to contribute to the decline of the Steelers & the NFL as a whole. By aligning with people who will kneel during the National Anthem you have positioned the Steelers against America, against It’s Greatness.

    I will never watch another NFL game until I see some team take a stand against this non-sense. Stand Up For America. Stand Up For The Police. Stand Up For The Military.

    When & if that happens then I will watch that team. I’d love to see You Be The One!

  • Ernest Parisi says:

    Mr Roonie II,
    Being fan of the NFL and Steelers Diehard since 1962 I want to weigh in on the latest announcement from Mr Goodell. But first let me just add that what I have to say is very difficult and extremely bothering.
    Mr Goodell has stated in fact that the NFL is now a platform for political speech and further that the NFL has chosen to support a position viewed by only a small population of Americans and football fans? Huh!
    To bad an all American sport Comprised of Professional athletes paid by privately owned clubs, who are supported by sports fans who represent a number of differing views on politics have now forced to participate or witness a narrow view. Political coverage is 24/7. Should athletes wish to voice their opinion they can become active in the process that Mr Roonie is what makes America Great.
    Roger Goodell could care less about the fans he continues to show his disdain. Please don’t surrender this great American past time to people to lazy to make a difference by getting into the process. Lord knows there are already numerous avenues they choose.
    Keep Politics out of the NFL!

  • David Joseph Oravec says:

    I’m 66, former die hard fan. Last several years the NFL has turned me off to football. I have only watched Steelers games. Now I’m done completely. I can’t support a racist organization. A bunch of rich white old men controlling mainly black lives. Now the NFL wants an anthem for blacks and one for whites. I thought the star spangled banner was for all Americans. What’s next separate drinking fountains, separate sitting sections, or separate leagues. This is segregation. I don’t want division I want unity. You call this progressive. I call this regressive. I kneel only for God and have no respect for those that kneel for any other reason.

  • Larry Ebel says:

    Dear Mr. Roonie II, I have been a Steelers fan for over 45 years and I know that they are the greatest franchise in the NFL. With the upcoming season right around the corner I would like to say GO STEELERS. Now to my point of this message. The NFL Commissioner has stated that the players can now kneel during the National Anthem to show their support for racial equality. I am a military veteran, my father, and grandfather were a military veterans [may they both rest in peace]. I feel that it is disrespectful to kneel during the National Anthem. I know that players will kneel and that’s their right. But, how about this: as a team why not kneel on the first offensive play of the game. Get the entire team to kneel including the complete sideline. Take the delay of game penalty. Afterwards, during the post game interviews, you can say we stand for our National Anthem for respect for our veterans and flag and we kneel for total racial equality. Please. I think it would make such a big statement. If you feel like this is possible or have any comments you could e-mail me at [ebellarry@yahoo.com].

    • Mike Ceoffe says:

      I agree brother! No Kneeling during the Anthem. Honor our flag! Protests can be made elsewhere! 101st Airborne Veteran as well! 3/327th Infantry!!!! Steeler Nation must rise above! Its who we are!!!!

  • Steeler Fan says:

    Mr Roonie II,

    [In Jacksonville, word is the Jaguars want to go with Gardner Minshew II as their starting QB and, ideally, find a trade partner for Foles. Could a reunion with former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich in Indianapolis be a possibility for Foles?]

    Man if the Steelers could go out and get this SB winner would be sweet. In that they can grab him at discount and don’t have to worry about a QB for some years!!

    That would be ideal even with Big Ben still here. Keeping Foles behind BB give Steelers optimum possibilities for 2020-2021 and further into 2022 and on.

  • Cynthia Merryman Over says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Please fire Mike Tomlin!

  • Amy says:


  • Danny Spencer says:

    To whom it may concern-  I came across your email thumbing through the Steelers media page. I hope you receive this email and somehow get it to Coach Tomlin. I’m a diehard Pittsburgh Steeler fan (1971), as well as my parents. I played little league football and my team was the Steelers where my father was my coach. Both of my parents were killed in a horrible car accident the weekend of the Colts game. My mother passed first on Sunday morning at 12:04 am , November 3rd.. My father fought for his life until 3:19 am Monday morning November 4th. During his courageous fight he had not moved and barely responded to any treatment. But, when I put the Steelers game on he had a smile and began moving his right side of his body. Listening to the game & having it on really seemed to help him out. Well when the Colts moved to kick what was going to be the game winning field goal, a timeout was called. It was me & my brother-in-law (Cory) inside my father’s room where Cory says, “Well the Steelers are toast & Vinatieri is a first ballot Hall of Fame Kicker.” He left the room and it was just me & my father and of course my mother’s presence was felt. So I asked my mom & dad to find some way for him to miss this kick because we knew what would make me happy! Well, I’ll be dog gone if he didn’t shank it & my dad had a smile on his face. Supreme intervention or just a couple of angels looking out for us? I truly believe my parents are my angels above. For those few hours my angels were looking out for the Steelers. May God continue to bless & be with us both. Somehow, I hope Coach Tomlin is able to receive this. God Bless Us All,    If possible could you let me know that you have received this email?

  • Lori Taylor says:

    Hi I’m trying to reach someone to help me with a 23 yr old female from Morgantown wv her name is Holly Hamrick she was diagnosed July 3 with stage III terminal brain cancer giving 11 to 18 months to survive I’m trying to raise money to help offset her cost of living for the next year possibly are trying to raise at least $25,000 to pay off her car and have a place for her to live it’s a shame I’ve talk to over 3400 cancer societies and not one has money for this poor childIf you could call me at 304-376-5051 I could give you all the information I have formed the Holly Hamrick foundation So I can continue on to help a single person over the age of 21 that needs help financially in the years to come thank you Lori Taylor

  • Susan Rose Sibert says:

    Good Afternoon. My ” chemo-buddy” is a perfectly delightful young woman who is now receiving treatment for her 3rd cancer relapse. 3 weeks of 48hr treatments with drugs that leave her weak and quite ill. This time she will need life-altering surgery when chemo is complete. She remains determined, courageous and positive…..an awesome woman to say the least. She and I both live in Cincinnati but Tracey is an avid Steelers’ fan. Cuddled in her Steelers blanket, adorned in Steeler’s sweats, socks, shoes, cap and jacket. She is a sight to behold in Bengals country. Ben Roethlisberger is her “fav”. I am writing to ask for any help you can offer me in obtaining an autographed jersey, hat, football, anything (signed by Mr. Ben Roethlisberger) to give this wonderful friend of mine a gift that will make her smile even wider and brighter. Please respond asap. Thank you, God Bless and good luck with your most recent injury.

  • cheryl hippensteel says:

    hi I am writing this on behalf of my aunt Maggie who was diagnosed with leukemia cancer and had under gone chemo and now has been on blood infusions she has had her last blood infusion tonight and will be transferred to hospice home in Hershey pa off route 39 were not sure how long she will able to keep fighting to live. hospice told us maybe one to two weeks but only god no’s. she used to go to all of the pgh’s football camps and will be getting buried with hine wards football jersey. I no he has a busy schedule and I wasn’t sure how a wish foundation works and aren’t able to come thru with a short time period. I would appreciate it if there was any way to contact him and explained to him an advant fan she is of him and the team. I was trying to lift up her spirits a little and told never to quick fighting for her life.

  • Ann Schmidt says:

    My name is Ann Schmidt I am the Fund raising chairperson . We are a non profit organization that specializes in housing and working with special needs clients . Our goal is to help them live an independent lifestyle . We raise funds threw donations and a verity of events . I am asking for a donation that we may raffle off in our upcoming October / November event . Thank You for your consideration

  • Nina P. says:

    Thank you for signing Chris Nelson from the Texas Longhorns. You have added several new fans from the Tampa area.

  • Dave Friend says:

    Time to let Ben and Tomlin go and maybe Colbert NOW!! We have great and team players who CAN play together and deserve the opportunity to prove it. Been a fan since 1965 and really fed up with the special treatment for Ben, Time for A Change Mr. Rooney! The Chief deserves it!! and so do the fans. I’m ready to switch to the AAF or just go with College. New QB and New Coach NOW Please!!! Here We Go Steelers Here We Go

  • Lavern Gardner says:

    I am looking for 3 tickets for the Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers game in New Orleans on the 23rd of December. I rather get on the lower level around the 100 line row 23-25. I love the Steelers and have been a fan for a long time. I asking for 3 tickets because I can not afford the tickets because Christmas is just around the corner on the 25th. If I can get 3 tickets before Christmas. My child also loves the Steelers. Mom just can not afford the tickets at that time. Could someone help me. Excited about this game. Never been in the Mercedes Benz stadium at all. This will be my first time.

    Sincerely Yours, Lavern Gardner

  • Royal Walker says:

    Give bell the bag the Steelers are trash rn break the bag open the time is now there’s no more excuses fire the defensive coach along with some players wtf happened to the old Steelers this organization looks bad pay bell stop being cheap he’s worth it no back is better then juice. if tomlin can’t get it together fire him to no one should be owed loyalty fuck the rings from the past let’s get into the future and think about now we suck and the change starts wit the coaches and bell bag ???

  • Mike Carrasco says:

    Mr. Authur J. Rooney II are you going to stop the coach less staff actions of your team. People are getting very sick of it. There is no excuse to blow a 21 point lead in one quarter of a game and no one trying to stop them. You might need to change your coaching staff soon.

  • Doug Thomas says:

    I am a native Pittsburgher and lifelong Steeler Fan. I’m also a retired Police Officer. For years I have travelled nationwide to support the Steelers and always enjoy coming home to Pittsburgh to cheer for the Steelers. I have no plans to do so this year because of the disrespectful behavior of some players who kneel during the National Anthem. I also will discontinue to watch on TV, purchase Steeler products, patronize Steeler advertisers or offer any financial support until the Steelers Organization decides to act affirmatively to manage their business.My apologies to the airlines, rental car companies , the hotels and their staff, the restaurants & bars and on an on..you get the picture.I realize I am just one voice and my earmarked thousands once spent on travel & tickets is peanuts to you. But, and it is a BIG but, I can’t support the Steelers who can’t control their employees who thumb their noses at the fans.

    • Dave Friend says:

      God Bless you and Thank You and your loved ones for your services. I agree time for changes I been a fan since 1965 and I also believe time to let Ben and Tomlin Go. Let the Future begin NOW. We have what we need to win Super Bowls got to let it happen!! Rid of the Drama and back to having fun and winning ways, The Chief would Approve!!! AMEN!!!! Good Riddens Brown and Bell….. Let the Future Begin

    • Larry Anderson says:

      I am a retired US Army Sergeant Major and a Steelers Fan since the early 1970’s and have not watched the Steelers or anyother NFL teams play for 2 years. Until I can watch the National Anthem being played and ALL the NFL players standing with their right hand over their heart then and only then will I let the NFL back into my home…… NO BODY neels during the National Anthem……Oh and I have not watched an NBA game since those over paid, uneducated, racist, players who think because they are rich people should listen to them……If you do not like the USA leave and take Hollywood with ya……. I am so gratefull for our local NCAA Div III Football Team, they look really GR8T standing with respect hand over their heart on the sideline during the National Anthem……

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