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Where is Pilot Travel Centers Corporate office Headquarters

Pilot Travel Centers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5508 Lonas Drive, Knoxville, TN 37909, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-866-7378

  • Fax Number: 865-450-2800

  • Email: sales@pilottravelcenters.com

  • Number of Employees: 26000

  • Established: November 15, 1993

  • Founder: Jim Haslam II

  • Key People: James A. Haslam III, Kenneth M. Parent

Pilot Travel Centers Headquarters Location & Directions

Pilot Travel Centers Headquarters Executive Team



James A. Haslam III

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth M. Parent


Mitchell D. Steenrod

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Asa Hazelwood

Executive Vice President and Director of Facility Revenue

Whitney Haslam Johnson

Chief Experience Officer and Director

Brian Mosher

Director of National Accounts and Director of Sales for Midplains

About Pilot Travel Centers, History and Headquarters Information

Pilot Travel Centers was founded in the year 1981. The company has been active for almost 29 years now. The founder of the company was Jimmy Haslam. The former name of the company was Pilot Truck Stops. In the year 1993, the company had entered a joint venture with Marathon Petroleum Company, and all Pilot Truck Stops were renamed Pilot Travel Centers. At its inception, the number of stops was around 60 – however, that was to be short-lived as well. Marathon converted many Speedway truck stops, wholly owned by Marathon, over to the Pilot Travel Center moniker starting in the year 2002. In the year 2008, Pilot bought out Marathon’s interest in the business and entered into a new partnership arrangement with CVC Capital Partners. During the year 2009, Pilot agreed to purchase Flying J’s travel centres, as a part of Flying J’s efforts to remove itself from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of the year 2014, the company had announced they would borrow funds to provide a $750 million dividend to shareholders and facilitate a buyout of its private-equity partner CVC Capital Partner. Then in the year 2016, the company along with Speedway announced a new joint venture between the two companies. The headquarters of the company is based in 5508 Lonas Drive. The name of the place is Knoxville, while the name of the state is Tennesse, United States. The pin code is 37909.

Pilot Travel Centers is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of truck services and stops, to its customers and clients in the USA. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Jimmy Haslam. As of the current date, the number of locations the company has a presence is more than 650. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $21.2 billion. Also, the number of employees working in the company is more than 24,300, as of the year 2017.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence in order to obtain various kinds of truck services along with convenience store, petroleum, restaurants, etcetera, that are established and maintained by the company itself.

Pilot Travel Centers Headquarters Photos

Pilot Travel Centers Resources

  • Fargo says:

    Customer Service at the Fargo nd location going downhill! Never any receipts at the pumps so you have to go in the store and wait in line. Negates the use of a card! The 10 cents off never works. And there’s always at least 1 pump not working. Personally I won’t pre pay either!

  • Adeli Perez says:

    An employee (Dania Ramiro) at location 1132 Brawley CA 92227 Pilot Travel Center has been rude, and aggressive toward the customers and me and towards her work team in front of everyone. When I asked for the manager, she had refused to answer and laugh and I continued to reply I’ll be going to corporate and she still didn’t care. This isn’t the first time this has happened with the same employee so please something has to change.

  • Melissa Brown says:

    I was over charged for a bag of ice at Pilot Center in Primm, NV. I am a Driver that has never paid that much for a bag of ice.

  • Richard says:

    I’m and otr driver and have made reservations at numerous locations only to get there and find that someone else is parked who has not paid or reserved the staff refuse to move these drivers this is and on going problem at your location my resent was in Fort Myers’s Florida I counted 11 truck without paid tags in widows the night manager refused to move them the lot was over full and caused me to leave making me have a HOS violation this mater needs to be addressed across the nation

  • Marilyn says:

    No changes at this time, but will consider posting on FB if I don’t get a reply.

  • Marilyn says:

    Traveling through Kentucky on I65 yesterday and stopped for gas (approximately mile marker 120). We paid $3.49 a gallon. We drove about 5 miles further south (approximately mile marker 115) and go by a Pilot station where the gas was only $3.09.Obviously not happy that the gas was 40 cents cheaper per gallon only about 5 miles down the highway!! To make it even worse, at mile marker 85 the gas was priced at $2.99 per gallon. So within 40 miles your gas went from $3.49 to $2.99…….50 cents cheaper……ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!???!? Sure would like to hear how Pilot can justify this one!

  • Debra Hill says:

    The below comment was for the pilot travel center at 5570 travel plz way in Tucson Az.

  • Debra Hill says:

    The service is horrendous, so are the customers there. I watched an older white woman get verbally assaulted there as she was standing in line at the register. Management watch your interior surveillance video for 3pm today oct 8th and you will be able to enjoy your employees plus a crazy black customer act just like thugs. I felt sorry for her but I could not intervene as the white 70’s age woman was being screamed at by this big black gal and her husband- who was ignoring the entire episode was about 6.6. The black woman may have been armed and getting involved could only have made things worse. After she black woman left, the old lady went up to the register to buy cigarettes and the cashier refused to sell her any and told her to leave. i don’t know what was said but I heard the lady ask why and the woman bellowed that she can refuse service to anyone, then this young tattooed guy came up and yelled at the woman as well, probably because he overheard (as well as the entire facility) the cashier yelling I did not see him anywhere around this incident until then. The woman at the register had taken this woman’s card and cash and the woman asked for her card and cash back and the woman at the register told her she didn’t have any of her cash. I won’t say I know what happened here exactly but I do know the old woman was just standing there when the black woman just got in her face and started yelling that she was drunk so something – it appeared she was trying to start a physical fight and the ‘adult’ wasn’t buying it. I’ve never seen anything as crazy as this. Anyway after watching this I can tell you I will never enter another Pilot station again.

  • David Willaford says:

    Why want can’t I use a EFS code to get gas with?

  • Elle says:

    Please do something about this. We need our truckers and what they did to him was WRONG.
    You can’t even run your business without truckers!! So please, do the right thing and make this person give the man his $2500 back and kick him off your lot. Get another company that is honest.

  • Douglas P says:

    Customer service number is a joke!!! Can’t get to anyone at pilot for help in any way

  • Brian says:

    Braselton GA location is a joke it’s dirty your help is rude as all hell the shower situation is a joke if the little creep was busy cleaning the pure shit showers you have maybe we wouldn’t of been sitting there a hour then he had the nerve to start bitching at drivers an if your gonna have paid parking you should enforce it because many drivers who paid in advance couldn’t get parked an your help at the fuel desk pretty much said get lost this location needs much help from parking showers cleaning everything

  • Dan says:

    Stopped in at the baker rd Michigan store this morning and the women employee has her phone at the cash register watching a masturbation video and talking about finger your self in the butt hole with the volume at 10 this is the shit you hire raise your hourly wage and get some normal people in there working

  • david kiser says:

    Applied for a part time position, got there and they were unaware that it was scheduled, spoke to a nice but obviously overworked asst. manager was told would pass info on too the manager. Called back a couple of days later and my information was thrown into the trash. Left phone # again. nothing. Weird

  • Amedeo says:

    Kenly pilot decided not to have anymore shower cause the lazy manager couldn’t clean them….Love’s just got a new customer!!!

  • Dee says:

    I wish someone would check out the Pilot Truck Stop @ Rt. 93 Sugarloaf, PA. Filthy, filthy, filthy disgusting truck stop. Piles of garbage against the concrete barriers never picked up, barriers twisted all over the place. Trucks blocking residential road at times. Just a filthy dirty place outside. Very sad how it makes our community look. Tiny spot for a truck stop too begin with and it is a nightmare to get home.

  • Jesus urquidi 251509 says:

    Need check stubs and foodhanlercard

  • Jesus urquidi 251509 says:

    Need my foodhandlers card and mz checkstubs employee number is 251509

  • Evelyn Castleberry says:

    Was at Pilot in Albany, GA on Saturday, July 9, 2022. My husband went in to return a car phone charger that had been purchased there earlier that day. The cashier told him that the card machines had been messing up. She was having a hard time trying to reimburse on our debit card. Then she started yelling at my husband that it was his card. Well we had used it to make the purchase several hours earlier. Used it at the movie theater and to get gas so nothing was wrong with our card. He asked to speak with the manager. She screamed at him that she was the manager. He said well you are piss poor management and horrible customer service skills. She started screaming loudly in front of many customers for his to get out so my husband started walking out the door with her right behind him screaming at him and when he stepped outside the door she pushed him from behind and told him to F off with a bird finger. This is the WORST Pilot in the world. DO NOT GO THERE. We are in the middle of writing the company and getting a lawyer to see what can be done.

  • GI Joe says:

    On 30 June I pulled into your Pilot on Strawberry Plains Pike in Knoxville, TN. The sign read $4.42/gal but the pump showed $4.46. I politely inquired of Manager Dave and he replied ‘I guess we need to update the sign” and then commented to an employee (about me) “I do not like his attitude”……. I only today got back home with a chance to get online and report this.

  • rudolph says:

    Pilot truck stop Theodore Alabama is price gouging on CNG compressed natural gas vehicle fuel…$4.45 per GGE. The national average price is $2 per GGE
    …The national average per GGE for CNG compressed natural gas vehicle fuel across the USA is $2 per GGE,,,,,,$2 in Alabama at locations other than Pilot/Clean Energy Fuels fueling station…$2 per GGE…..$1.91 I’m Mississippi…..$1.86 in Louisiana………$4.45 per GGE at the Pilot/Clean Energy Theorore Alabama
    ….I have complained to Clean Energy Fuels ,,Pilot’s CNG fuel station partner…..Clean Energy Fuels says it is Pilot who sets the CNG compressed natural gas price at the Theodore Alabama location
    $4.45 CNG compressed gas price Theodore Alabama…….Price set by Pilot/Flying J….National average price $2 per GGE,,,,,,,very very obvious price gouging……..My next step is to file a price gouging complaint with the Alabama Attorney General office

  • Tien says:

    Beware of the unauthorized transaction & untruthful charging by the Store 179 in Hagerstown, Maryland. On 03/30/2022, at 3.35pm, my spouse tried to use his credit card. After a few failed swiping attempts of his credit card at the Pos or Pump #5, he went into the Store 179 & the staff did a PrePay $80.00 on his credit card. The actual final amount was $58.75 but the full $80 was charged to his credit card at 3.38pm which was over-charged cheating. On top of that cheating attempt, this Store 179 also tried to authorize another $150, which was notified by my Spouse’s bank via auto email at 3.37pm. This deliberate attempt (certainly not due to machine or human errors) for a petty cheat will be reported to his bank that issued the credit card for rejection of the unauthorized $150 & correction of the untruthful charged $80 to actual final of $58.75 (for 15.883 gallons). Could not print out a receipt at the pump but he took a photo using his mobile phone.

  • Terry Iwen says:

    Recently visited pilot truck stop at Billings Mt Johnson exit. Trucking today has a serious problem with parking, I find it absolutely ludicrous that I counted 32 dropped trailers in this parking lot!!

  • Dennis Poole says:

    Who is the sorry greedy asshole that decided to start charging us drivers to park? It’s pretty sad we haul a lot of your products on our trucks and buy expensive ass fuel from you and can’t park or take a shower for free. As much money as you make off us you could at least let us park for free like it used to be but no you are a bunch of greedy rich assholes. I hope you sleep good at night after you screw us truckers out of our money. Rich folks never change. You would think that it would be enough when we buy fuel but I guess not. You must need the money more than us.

  • Robert says:

    This maybe a wast of time, store number 398 Vienna, ga
    Manager is sorry azz he’ll
    Pumps for trucks don’t work , have to go in side to turn on pump, Manager it’s any help with customers. Or fellow employees, bad additude to customer, will not stop here anymore, get pumps fixed, no Def pump broken again

  • Veronica Huling says:

    Christmas eve and I watched a supervisor at the Biscoe tell a cashier she could not leave ten minutes early. Then the manager walked out and left ten minutes early for her shift. What bad leadership and a poor reflection on Pilot.

  • Michael Coulter says:

    When will western ave. Stations have kerosene available ?

  • Ella Robertson says:

    Pilot store #150 has an employee named Elisa who I’ve seen getting in and out of customers trucks and makes a 10 year old little girl come in a wipe stuff down and clean and work in the back with everyone else .

  • Rod Mcmullan says:

    I was traveling on 9/4/2021and I stopped at pilots 00238 and 00685. Someone tried to steal my credit card info and tried to make a large purchase on it. The card co called me locked the card. I know it was your company since I only used that card at pilots. I intend to give pilot centers all the social media you deserve

  • Cindy says:

    We just stopped at the Pilot at exit 89 on I24.

    They were playing the most disgusting music in the store. The song had the N word in it as well as the MF word repeated several times. When my husband mentioned it to the CLERK, her response was, What’s the problem? There were people in this location with children. I do understand that your primary focus is not families, it’s still unnecessary. I will be filing a complaint at the corporate level.

  • Juan says:

    Alicya the register is really bad whit the Latin people she tried to make me feel like a stupid because my lenguaje and I said i speck a litter but I do she said kiss my ass is really disrespectful and no professional to work or talk to a client lo that… is happens in… flying J in 1125 Bucksnort Rd
    Jackson, GA 30233
    United States

  • Kevin Gallagher says:

    I just my ass for this company and supervisors pick my work apart. What a deal company. I’m done. Will never recommend anyone to work there.

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