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Pilot Flying J was founded in the year 1981. The company has been active for almost 29 years now. The founder of the company was Jimmy Haslam. The former name of the company was Pilot Truck Stops. In the year 1993, the company had entered a joint venture with Marathon Petroleum Company, and all Pilot Truck Stops were renamed Pilot Flying J. At its inception, the number of stops was around 60 - however, that was to be short-lived as well. Marathon converted many Speedway truck stops, wholly owned by Marathon, over to the Pilot Travel Center moniker starting in the year 2002. In the year 2008, Pilot bought out Marathon's interest in the business and entered into a new partnership arrangement with CVC Capital Partners. During the year 2009, Pilot agreed to purchase Flying J's travel centres, as a part of Flying J's efforts to remove itself from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of the year 2014, the company had announced they would borrow funds to provide a $750 million dividend to shareholders and facilitate a buyout of its private-equity partner CVC Capital Partner. Then in the year 2016, the company along with Speedway announced a new joint venture between the two companies. The headquarters of the company is based in 5508 Lonas Drive. The name of the place is Knoxville, while the name of the state is Tennesse, USA. The pin code is 37909.

Pilot Flying J is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of truck services and stops, to its customers and clients in the USA. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Jimmy Haslam. As of the current date, the number of locations the company has a presence is more than 650. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $21.2 billion. Also, the number of employees working in the company is more than 24,300, as of the year 2017.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have a retail presence in order to obtain various kinds of truck services along with convenience store, petroleum, restaurants, etcetera, that are established and maintained by the company itself.

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  • Bob says:

    Need to educate the pilot flying J employees on oversized loads I’m in Evanston Wyoming at the flying J they busted on my door twice wanting me to move I’m wide and no safe place to park, so it takes 2 parking spots and they tell me I can’t be here, 10:30 PM at night and have to leave at 5:30 AM in the morning at sun up I purchase $1600 to $3000 a week in fuel on the average, or less now I’m stirred up and very aggravated I guess oversized loads are not welcome at pilot and flying J, It really sucks working for a major trucking company and get treated like this by a vendor, if I’m not welcome to park at PJ’s it’s the same as being told dont stop her for fuel or anything else, dont park- dont fuel- dont eat-dont spen money here,dont you think? I’ll be making phone call i the morning about this

  • Lori Gardner says:

    I want the lady at flying jays that works at Kingman AZ on Andy devine fired.she had one customer in front of me she had another employee sitting on a crate behind her. I told her I’d like to get something out of the glass case that is over by Denny’s inside.
    Then I waited because the smart ass u have working told me I could go over there and wait by the case.
    I was going to ask another question and she told me she didn’t like me standing there watching her.i needed to go over there mean while she is still talking to the other employee that’s just sitting there doing nothing .
    Then I asked who the manager was and she said she was I said I doubt that
    I turned around she tells me just to leave then she tells me to go to the other truck stop T A truck stop she said .she was very very ruid as she was laughing then I had some one call to find out her name she hung up on them 3 times and then didn’t even answer the phone.
    Iv never ever been treated so nasty at one of ur stores I could understand if she was busy or something but there was noone else and u don’t treat customers like that I want that girl fired .my husband worked for flying jays in Idaho I know for a fact they do not tolerate that kind of crap there why is this store going to be different.
    My sister just found out she has lung cancer I wanted to get her one of your glass flowers with the humping birds on it. She’s got 6 months to live .I want a letter of appoagie if u don’t fire her or something I’m just sick to my stomach how I was greeted by your employee what is this world coming to .
    Thank you Lori

  • Annie says:

    Had reserved a spot in Sheperdsville Ky. When I arrived there was no parking spot available for me. Was told to leave. Prime spots were full with cars and dollied trailers. Not acceptable that spots were being held with cars for locals. Did get a refund from Pilot/Flying J – but that was not the point. Was out of hours and told sorry – too bad for you. Not the service I expected. March 03, 2021

  • Dr. Bill Mishoe says:

    I go to the Pilot store on Fairfield Road in Columbia, S.C., every day. There is a clearly visible sign on each door telling guests that there is a city mandate requiring that masks be worn in the store. I have been in the store several times when people came in without masks and one of the employees would challenge them very kindly and sometimes even offer them masks. I am an 81-year-old customer, so I appreciate this consideration. Today, however, when I went in, I saw four people not wearing masks. I mentioned this to one of the employees and she said they were no longer allowed to require masks for some reason. If this is a policy it is very obliging to people who are inconsiderate of others, but it shows a great lack of consideration for the 95% of your customers who are trying to abide by the rules and respect others. Personally, I hate wearing a mask, but if it is a city mandate or if I think doing so will protect me and others, then I am willing to do so until I feel safe in public. I think you should reconsider whatever your guidelines to your employees are out of respect for the many customers who frequent your stores, especially the one just down the road from me.

  • Kevin L Emory says:

    pilot in Cartersville GA. In on illegal cigarette trafficking.

  • Kevin L Emory says:

    Pilot knowing sales cases of Newport cigarettes to customers to take out of state for resale after being told by management to restrict sales to 2 cartons per customer.I sat at the fuel pump this morning and video recorded two guys making a dozen two carton purchases by changing shirts loading up their vehicles. So when I went inside to tell the employee she replied sarcastically (oh really you don’t say) as the guys continue to buy more right beside me. Can you say( report to ATF!) Got to love video recording on cell phones.Looks like I will take my business elsewhere. Thanks

  • rosalielemon5@gmail.com says:

    The snowville utah location, on july 3rd at 10:30 p.m. man working yelled past 5 customers to tell my daughter(after asking her name) that he would’nt wait on her because she said he robbed her house. She said that sounds like a personal problem, so get someone else to ring me up…nobody came so she put her purchase on the counter and left. This is terrible to attack a customer in line, arguing in front of a store full of customers. Also, how often donyou drug test your employees? Just wondering.

  • Bobby Gasser says:

    11 pm , mt sterling pilot. Payed for a parking place hours earlier. Arrived to find no open reserved spots. Employees in the store say they are not allowed to go out and chase off the driver who stold my parking place, but thanked me for my 15 dollars. Pilot SUkZ big time. From now til i retire its loves petro or ta. At least petro and ta makes sure your spot is there for you.

    • Ron says:

      sorry to hear about your issues with regards to that particular pilot store i can assure you however that the one in elkton goes out of its way to make sure that drivers who pay for prime parking get prime parking

  • Jeffrey Maddock says:

    I worked at store 715 Foristell mo. I left February 17. I turned in my uniforms and two months later still no final check ?

  • Julie says:

    Thank you to flying j #61092 Rick Bodine and Travis Rineheart for helping us out of a jam.

  • John Eckl says:

    Dec. 8 2019

    To whom it may concerns

    My daughter sent my wife and I tickets to go see her and the grand kids in Washington state. She is in the army and soon will be deployed for some time. She wanted to see us before she is deployed . Since we lost our son 9 years ago in a boating accident , she wanted to make sure we saw her and the kids.

    I informed Rick Wiles four weeks before I was to go and he said no. I said I was going that family comes first. The girls at my store covered for my four night shifts.
    When I came back I was not on the schedule last two weeks I called Rick Wiles but he didn’t return my call.
    I am a good worker no sick calls , in on time for work and come in earlier when needed.

    John M Eckl

    Store # 1180

  • Terry Lenney says:

    I am a professional truck driver was planning a 450 mile trip. So I used the pilot app to reserve a spot at my destination. I’m like great I’ve got a spot reserved and don’t have to worry about finding a place to park when I get there. After arriving and fueling my truck and refer for the night going in and getting my paperwork for my reserved spot. I go out to the truck drive around the parking lot only to find no available parking what a joke. Went back to store told management they said I could call a towing company and have the person who didn’t pay towed. Wrong not my job yours you call. I wish to have a credit given to me for the inconvenience. Thanks

  • Tom Keiper says:

    You can talk all you want about corp. accomplishments, skirting bankruptcy etc, but the bottom line is your regional managers have 0 integrity… The harrisburg Pa location RV dump has been broken for 1.5 months, and personnel say “It will be fixed next week. All your adds are bullshit. Reality… high fuel prices, high food prices, lots of excuses, service sucks. I would fire the manager at this location…and the maintenance person. They are overpaid @ $10.00 per hour……..Yikes

  • Amjad says:

    Hi there, my name is Amjad and I am the electrification engineer for the electric company Ameren Missouri. I would like to speak to someone in regards to adding electric vehicle charging at your location in Wayland MO. I have called few different numbers and was hoping this will reach somebody faster. my contact number is 314-554-4639.

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