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  • Address: 1770 Promontory Cir, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 970-506-8000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 35700

  • Established: 1946

  • Founder: Lonnie

  • Key People: Bill Lovette

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President and Chief Executive Officer


President, Pilgrim’s USA


Chief Financial Officer


President of Pilgrim’s de Mexico


Head of Food Safety and Quality Assurance


Head of Human Resources and Performance Management

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  • Kathlena says:

    Why was my daughter wrongfully fired today for a boy bumping her.

  • T.W. says:

    I’ve worked 9 1/2 yrs at PP and I have pointed out b excuse of medical I can no longer perform my job and I have been trying for a month to get my 401k but I can’t because the plant still has me on active status I’m so far behind on my bills and I get get anyone to respond to my calls to straighten this out I put in for fmla but was pointed out before I turned in the papers…I can’t perform my job any longer and they wouldn’t find me anything easier to do even though I asked several times…my pilgrims plant is a joke my department had so much racial favoritism it wasn’t even funny..ty pilgrims for causing me even more stress in my life ..causing my anxiety to go full on into high gear….

  • Chris king says:

    Corporate should talk to employees about management cause I’m honest with a record to prove it.plant manager is a registered sex offender and the maintenance manager has multiple felons for money laundering paid salary working 24 hours a week.

  • Chris king says:

    I was employed at the feedmill in wingate nc.The maintenance manager had me sent to the hr office in monroe nc.. he stated I cussed him out threatened to beat him up and take his job plan making shop door left out spending tires everything was on camera I never even went inside the maintenance shop HR investigating proved he was lying I got fired for leaving and not clocking out after being told to do so by the plant manager he would not step up and take up for me for fear of getting himself in trouble I cannot find anyone who will talk to me about it and nothing happened to the maintenance manager for lying when cameras prove my innocence..He thinks everyone is after his job so finds ways to have them terminated.3 very experienced men in 1 year.

  • pam says:

    Pilgrim Pride really needs to stop the point system and erase everyone points especially with everyone getting sick with covid

  • Teresa Sikes says:

    I resigned my job with the company in Athens GA. I’m very upset they didn’t pay my bounce pay after my 30 days of employment like they said who can I speak to they will not get away with it.

  • Jacqutta Marshall Engram says:

    I’m look for a new job I work at Pilgrim pride in Enterprise Al come this feb will be 2yrs,I have all worked hard on all the jobs I have worked. I never had low blood pressure working I have medical papers due to the fact I also let the lady know that was in I have a learning disability which is reading I never had a problem in the beginning because they put me on the gizzard and liver table it’s in my file too and that’s an EV is none of they’re not letting my department run which is the gizzards and liver table they send me the fast food and deli beyond the only one in my department that goes I have been to HR several times I have talked to Matthew about the situation than I go in the office with HR an William to ask once again while I’m on the only one that goes to fast food in Delhi because of the gold hats can’t go to the back they have to have a white hat but when they get the white hat they never go to the back I’m still the only one finally they decide to tell me because I can’t read they have no work in my department for me to do I never been on a job like this before I am a certified CNA I had to do my test on the computer been certified for 23 years no one ever told me anything like that if you was on the football team and you thought you was doing your best but come to find out they only put you there just because you was not a good player at all how would you feel. And your HR she was a lot worse by saying that we have tried to accommodate you with your reading disability I’ve never had that said to me before I guess Pilgrim pride is accommodating her too when she feel at home and broke her leg and she thinks she’s entitled to a handicap parking spot she didn’t get hurt on the job so why she entitled someone that’s a diabetic the job didn’t give them diabetes so why should they be compensated for them cancer you can’t work in the cold because you had cancer the job didn’t give them cancer but you accommodate all these employees my learning is something that I live with day after day but I will put in a two weeks notice after I find something different I thank you for your time

  • Colena Austin says:

    I tried 4 times today trying to get my printout info on computer, even talked to a representative by phone.
    I NEED MY W-2 that i have not received yet! And why do you have to go on website to attain it, i don’t have a computer, nor transp to be able to get a library or workforce that’s not in walking distance every time i need to use a computer & still no luck!

  • Sandy says:

    I purchased a box of your chicken strips from Sam’s but the box got soiled and I threw it out now I do not know how to cook them…Can you help me with that? Thanks

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