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Piercing Pagoda
  • Address: 375 Ghent Rd, Akron, Ohio 44333, US
  • Phone Number: +13308365420
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000
  • Established: 1969
  • Founder:
  • Key People: Christian Peterson, Retail manager

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Michael Tryba

Store Manager

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Piercing Pagoda Corporate is a business which was established in the year 1969 and has been estimated to have anything between 1001-5000 when it comes to the number of employees under its management. It is currently owned by a business that bought it called Signet Jewelers LTD and deals in top quality clothing and jewelry.

The business has its current headquarters in 375 Ghent Rd, Akron, Ohio 44333, US where most of its operations are handled. For communication with the main offices, you can contact them via their phone number +13308365420.

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  • Holly says:

    I went to your Banter store in Westmoreland Mall in Pennsylvania today. I was waited on by Ashley, assistant store manager. For the record, she waited on us before, and was completely rude last time as well. I have spent a lot of money at this store, not that it matters, but customer service is definitely below par when Ashley waits on your customers. I waited 20 minutes while she waited on someone else, which is no problem. She was also rude to the previous customers as well. When she gets to us, she doesn’t say anything but “what do you need!”. Not, hey. Sorry for the wait, how can I help you? She was rude from the jump. She told me I didn’t have as warranty, and I told her I did. I pulled it up on my phone, but then she didn’t need it. She then proceeded to ask me when I wanted my warranty to start. I told her to stop being rude. I can tell you this much… if I owned a company, and had an employee like that, she wouldn’t be my employee anymore. I want my warranty to start today. I’ve bought warranty on every iteM I ever purchased. I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a store employee in my life. If I treated someone the way she treated me , and continued the rude behavior, I wouldn’t have a job. The other employee acted like it was ok to treat customers poorly. That store needs a revamp of employees. If this is recorded and put out in social media, Banter would be extremely embarrassed. I hope u you talk to your employee. If she lies and tells u she wasn’t rude, send a secret shopper to that store, and see for yourself. She’s rude every time I go there.


    I attended the Christiana Mall store, I approached the kiosk with two young ladies working, one of the ladies asked me how could she helped me, I went to explain the issue I was having with the jewelry I purchased, looking to get an replacement due to purchasing the insurance. the lady take the jewelry and states she was going to print out my receipt, as the printing the receipt she says in mean arrogate way “you don’t have insurance on this” i stated yes i repurchased the insurance when it expired, in the process of me saying that she cuts me off and repeatedly say you don’t have insurance on this ( the charm) only on the necklace, in the process of me trying the explain to her she cuts me off and says ,” we don’t have this in stock (the necklace) so I’m going to call another store to see if they have it, as I am trying to get information from her in regards to the insurance I have purchased, she kept cutting me off wile on the phone and was talking very rude like she had an bad day, as she is still talking and keep implying they dont have the chain in stock she kept saying in a very disturbing and arrogate way we don’t have this in this store, so I stated to her, ” okay I will just go to another store because it seem like I’m bothering you, with me in the process of saying that she says” yeah that what you can do and throws the receipt at me. I did not like how I was treated and really was upset especially with being a valued customer. The manager that was standing beside never approached the situation until my husband and I got upset. the customer service trash and disappointing

  • S.Giddins says:

    Piercing Pagoda in Columbia Mall (Columbia, MD) did a second hole piercing on my daughter. Staff need to better trained on what earrings should not be used for a piercing. I was in the ER for more than 12 hours to get an earring removed from daughter’s ear because it was too small and got embedded inside her earhole.

  • Megan Stoner says:

    Does anyone look at these?

  • Erika Hunter says:

    Need corporate office to contact me in regard to jewel I purchase but all the pieces broke easily I need my money back

    • Diane Cerminara says:

      I am having same issue kiosk said they cannot refund an exchange but the exchange was bc it broke and the second one broke too. Been calling manager rings and rings then fast busy.

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