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  • Address: 2642 Michelle Dr., Suite 100, Tustin, CA 92780, United States

  • Phone Number:
    (949) 800-8314

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  • Number of Employees: 501-1000

  • Established: 2011

  • Founder: Carl Chang, James Markham

  • Key People: Jeremy Bonk, Director of Operations

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David Rubin

Restaurant Operations

Anthony Mejia

Vice President of Technology

Ness Balzano, PHR-CA

VP of Human Resources



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  • Cassandra Walker says:

    Hello I went to the Pieology in Lake Elsinore on Collier Avenue. I was being served by a young man and a lady came up behind him and told him that he was not making the pizza’s right. Then he wasn’t pouring the sauce right the whole time she was being very rude to him her tone, body language. I told myself maybe he was a new employee and he was being trained which was still rude because. You want to maintain maintain your current staff. You don’t staff turn over. Furthermore, she kept on telling me and my family. What else do you want on your pizza? What else do you want on it? Is that all is that all she finally said. I’m trying to look at the pizza in the oven, so you need to hurry up. My daughter told her that she wanted. A different person to serve her. She said he can help us and she said no that she could not do that. And my daughter told her well. You’re being rude to us and to him. And I don’t want you to serve me anymore. Then I looked at her badge. And it said district manager and I laughed. Because I am a program director I oversee sites, her name is Naty L. I told her that she needed to work on staff relationships and that somebody at Pieology should be giving some staff training’s maybe team building, harrassment training and how to handle situations especially when you’re serving customers. Because she could have addressed him after we were served if he was doing something wrong. But then I looked at his badge and it said manager. So I feel like she was just being rude with him. I felt she was discriminative to him and even toward me and my family. As were Mexican and she looked. Middle eastern maybe south american, but her name was n a t y and she thanks me for offering her Information on trainings. My check was number 32 and my order was ordered on 11 19 23 at 4:49 PM. I’ve spent $84.68 to watch. Some lady harass her manager and be rude and discriminatory against me and my children. This gentleman was so nice when my daughter walked up to the door he opened the door for her because she was holding her baby in the baby carrier. He was nice the whole time. He did not display any aggressiveness or any tone that was negative. He was positive the whole time while she made comments to him. We also watched her tell another employee who was wearing a mask to take off his mask and that he shouldn’t be wearing it and then she instead of putting him on the cash register moved him to making the pizzas. Because he had a mask on and I thought that was very discriminatory as well. Some somebody definitely needs to give Naty L. some more training or re-evaluate her position and performance as a district manager as she is an administrative leader. And she should be already aware of how to handle a situation away from Customers and how to talk with employees. How to talk with customers and how to be positive? And if you’re not giving those trainings somebody please give somebody some training.

  • Brian Crum says:

    first time i went to pieology was very impressed told everyone how good it was!!! i have been back about 6 times and it gets worse and worse every time they got rid of the wheat crust and the service that they used to have, today i went back the make or prep table was so dirty and under stocked and the two people working did not appear to have any desire to be there yet alone work i was told we are out of canadian bacon and asked me if i wanted them to look in the back if they had any more (stupid question) of course i said yes then she could not even figure out how to run the credit card reader. i see now why you can’t keep help and i can’t see why you still remain open. you have lost me as a customer, there are to many other good pizza places to go to for me to waste my time for more DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Salvador Andrade says:

    Dear Pieology


    Complaint: Horrible, Threatening and Hostile Customer Service.

    Complaint: Incorrect Order.

    On 09/12/2022 at or around 5:50pm, I visited your establishment for service and I experienced horrible customer service and your employees were extremely unprofessional with myself and with each other as co employees. Furthermore, while picking the ingredients for my pizza, a male employee, white, 5”11, 240 pounds with a blonde beard and long blonde hair and a female employee, white, 5”6, 140 pounds with brown hair were arguing and insulting each other. Moreover, after I paid for my meal and while my pizza was in the oven, they continued to fight and both walked off the job and left one employee to serve the restaurant. Fortunately, after they walked off for five minutes, they decided to clock back in (Extremely unprofessional). Out of concern for my order that I paid for and because it was still on the counter due the confusion, I inquired about my order and was meet with hostility by the white male employee I mentioned earlier. Additionally, I felt disrespected and threatened by his action. Fortunately, I am civil and mature person, so I swallowed my pride and respectfully requested him to give me my order that was getting cold on the counter that I have already paid for. It took another additional minutes, but I ultimately did receive my food. However, the order was wrong because I order thin crust and received regular crust. Further, I did not enjoy or finished my meal because of the traumatic experience and emotions I was feeling. With that being said, I am respectfully demanding a refund of $14.12 for my meal and a $100 restaurant credit for the major inconvenience I experienced. Additionally, I missed placed my receipt, however, I paid with my debit card, so I provided my bank statement as proof of payment. Furthermore, I normally enjoy your pies and receive good service. However, this experience is unacceptable and I demand to be made whole. I would greatly appreciate Pieology agreeing with my demands. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me anytime.

    Thank you

    Sincerely Sal A

  • Cyn woods says:

    About fed up trying to get problem resolved!

    I guess you really are as bad a company as your reviews say!

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