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Piedmont Healthcare
  • Address: 1968 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 10,001+

  • Established: 1905

  • Founder:

  • Key People: John Berger, Executive Director

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Danielle Fuchs, LCSW, CCTSW








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Piedmont Healthcare Corporate is a company that has been in the market since 1905 when it was first invented. It is estimated to have employees over 10,000 from the years of operation that it has in the industry. This nonprofit hospital has operations all over the United States despite being based in Atlanta in the States.

The business has its main headquarters in 1968 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States where its main operations are based. For customers that need to contact them, the following contact information could be ideal +14046055000.

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  • Janet Ruane says:

    Cant get medical, records requested June 10. 2023

  • P says:

    I still am at your piedmont Henry location. I got up to ask the nurse behind the counter about a breathing treatment. And the security told me that the doctor said I was not getting one. As I am setting as I type this with tightness In my chest. All I need is a simple breathing treatment. And the security officer also told me to sat down before my chest hurts even more. Which I took that as a threat. I had previously asked him did I look strange as he was looking at me in an awful manner. And he said something els smart to me. This made my anxiety bad and was absolutely uncalled for by this security guard. If he can’t talk to the public and patients in a better manner he doesn’t need the job as he is dilling with the public. I told the nurse that brought me out the oxygen what he said. And she replied he gets kind of jumpy when he gets excited. There was no reason for that. And it also makes the hospital look bad as you all have hired him. I’m setting here with probably a nasty infection in my arm. Waiting to get called back I have been here since 11or a Lil later last night and all I’m asking for at the moment is just a breathing treatment and I am being completely denied. The nurse up front informed me that respatory is no there in the hospital at this time. As I really think that is a lie. Your staff has been the most awful despicable staff that I have ever met in my life everyone in the emergency room tonight has been talkative Chatty Cathy and absolutely lazy they sat at the counter and talked about patience and you can hear them just don’t know which ones are talkin about they also did the same thing whenever I was waiting to get my blood drawn. So I guess I feel like I’m gonna be forced to leave without treatment due to the rudeness of uour staff and extremely long wait. When I got here last night there were people that had been waiting 10 and 11 hours before being called back. This is absolutely ridiculous. I just recently went to a hospital in the Atlanta area and there a level one trama center and they still managed go call me back in less than 1 hour and 45 mins and they were super busy also.

  • Chris edwards says:

    I just wanted to make a complaint that we went to the urgent care on Highway 29 for my little girls earache they had no patience that they was assisting and they said that they was waiting on the 2 o’clock hour to see if anything more urgent was coming in like Covid so they were going to see any patients for an hour and 30 minutes but they have plenty of time plenty of people and they was not assisting anyone else which didn’t make any sense to me
    If someone needs help and you’re available then wanna send them to the hospital where they’re covered up already just because you’re wanting to wait and see if any Covid or respiratory patients come in within the next hour and a half It just don’t make no sense I mean how long does it take to treat a earache and send you out the door

  • Betty G. says:

    I would like to know WHY all my upcoming appointments with ALL my Piedmont Doctors AREN’T on ‘My Chart’? For some reason ALL OF MY UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS AFTER JUNE OF THIS YEAR ARE NO LONGER SHOWN!! They WERE THERE BEFORE, thank God I printed them out for my records, but as of March of this year they’ve all gone missing. I have 2 Piedmont Doctor’s appointments in June and even one of them is gone! Who, in their infinite wisdom changed this and why? Plus why can I NOT CONTACT YOUR HOME OFFICE WITH THIS CONCERN?

  • Betty J. Gillespie says:

    I have a problem with ALL MY FUTURE APPOINTMENTS with Piedmont Doctors and them NOT BEING ON THE MY CHART SYSTEM. They were there in the beginning of March but ARE NOT THERE NOW. I would like to know WHY.

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