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  • Address: 1100 E Garfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 414-374-8621

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 20000

  • Established: March 25, 1975

  • Founder: William Zimmerman

  • Key People: Christine S. Wheatley

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Christine S. Wheatley

President and Director

Timothy M. Terrell

Vice President and Treasurer

Stacey M. Heiser

Vice President and Secretary

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  • Janine Adkins says:

    Can you please install stickers or signs at the self-check out lanes that show the proper order for checking out with more than one food assistance card.
    For example, if I use a UHC first, my Quest card is declined, and the customer service personnel don’t know how to reverse a card swipe so either I have to take my entire order over to their register and redo the process, or I have to deplete my fixed income checking account to save them the trouble of redoing my order. It would also help to train personnel on how to reverse a card swipe.
    This has happened to me at three of your stores now and it leaves everyone frustrated which is unnecessary since a simple sticker could avoid the entire problem.
    Thank you,

  • Molly Newberry says:

    Pick and save in Cudahy WI is in need of better management and an intervention.

    Just read the reviews from your customers on the Cudahy pick and save site. All true.

  • Greg says:

    I want to acknowledge the employees of the pick n save in Wautoma Wisconsin they hard working polite and always willing to help.

  • Marilou Minke says:

    Earlier this year I moved to Appleton for chemotherapy. I started shopping at Pic n Save. My daughter accompanied me. I also received the shoppers card for special benefits. On checkout my daughter gave her phone number for the card without my permission. I have been trying to get it changed to my number 920 266 6640 as her number is fraud please respond: Marilou Minke shopper at Calumet P & S Appleton

  • Sue S says:

    Menomonee Falls Wisconsin East Appleton Avenue store……
    Manager in frozen food, Jeremy, was not helpful. He told his frozen food stocker that he was too busy to help me with a price. How he became Manager I have no idea. He should be fired. Customer Service at pick n save’s really needs to be addressed. It will be hard to shop there in the future

  • Deana Bigley says:

    I have never written a store complaint but the way we were treated in Eagle River was heartbreaking. We are Sr. Citizens and are trying to keep up with technology. We were having difficulty with your App codes. We asked for help and a worker tried and said there seemed to be internet problems. When our cashier took those items, I explained we were having difficulty using the system. She called “Kaye”, manager in charge to help us. My app was not working and my husband could not find his. She was very disrespectful, rude and loud and said “I will not be fired for selling you those items without the working app.”

    I returned to the service counter for help and she yelled at me and walked away. I wanted to cry. This was where we do all our shopping. Trigs here we come!

  • Bailey says:

    Pick n save on holt in Milwaukee Wisconsin has terrible customer service. The customer service representative, Dee, was extremely rude and made me feel bad about using an ebt card. I have never in 35 years had customer service as poor as there. Been going to that location for 5 years and I will never go to a pick n save again.

  • Paul Bunck says:

    Where & how can an employee file a complaint about the management of a PickNSave store?

  • Alan bisenieks says:

    Hello, my name is Alan bisenieks and I work with chin American sushi llc. Reason I am sending this email is to see you if you are interested in putting sushi bars in any of your stores. These sushi bars are employed and insured by our company. We have a wide selection of sushi with over 25 items on our menu with more to come. If you are interestedin hearing more my phone number is 6416918189, or you can reply to this email with any of your questions. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Vickie Otte says:

    The produce in the FdL Pioneer st.store is absolutely horrible. Moldy berries, fruit flies, squishy avocados…very poor quality. I mentioned this to the produce Lead Jacob and he said” oh I’ll take care of it ” and walked away. I checked back before leaving the store and nothing was removed. He was casually talking with another employee….
    Not too invested in quality or customer service.

    • Eve S says:

      I have made the same complaint on multiple occasions. My elderly mother has been sick 2 times after eating rotten produce. Our sense of taste and smell is not the same. I have also let the store know about this and nobody shows any concern. This is disgusting and something needs to be done about it. Our community deserves better!

  • Carol Rank says:

    Absolutely hate your digital coupons! Spent an extra 45 minutes in your store on Ballard Road in Appleton Wisc. trying to clip them and then got to check out and they didn’t work! Only one person checking out. Horrible! Your prices are high too. This store is getting torn apart on the Next Door app because of this. Now I have 1st hand experience why. I don’t plan to shop here again until you get real people to check you out and you get rid of the stupid digital coupons!

  • Karen says:

    I would REALLY like you guys to do away with your Digital Coupons!! I just came from your local store and see where I was Chad $4.49 for the Cutie oranges after just calling the store I find out I had to have the Digital coupon. This is beyond frustrating!!!!! Please do away with these Digital Coupons immediately!!!!! IT’S FRUSTRATING. Thank you for listening to 1 of your regular shoppers.

  • Morgan Bailey says:

    Trying to reach the president and or the corporate office.

  • Cecchini Kathleen says:

    Pay Sam Ceechini! My child is still not being paid! Pay now!

  • john paulson says:

    I have shopped at shopko dr. pick n save in madison for over 30 years. The store opens at 6 am on saturdays why are the item that are on sale in the flier rarely stocked at 8 am mainly fruits and veg. and their are no checkouts open only self serve i am not spending 175.00 weekly to check myself out. Please take care of this or i will shop at some place else

  • Patty L. Osowski says:

    My husband and I go to Senior day at the Marshfield Wisconsin location. In the past year I have noticed a significant change in the produce department, particularly in the organic section. The lettuce is either gone, wilted, or frozen, carrots are old, cucs are wrinkled. Your meat department is not very good so we usually go to festival foods for meat. Why is Senior day on Tuesday, to get rid of the old produce? I think I have decided to quit shopping at your store.

  • Yvonne thomas says:

    I was treated very poorly 68 and National (Milwaukee) told I needed to stop talking to her or she wouldn’t help me turns out she was the manager! She’s to young and snotty to be management I wanted to know why she closed a check out and didn’t open another then she took the young man that was helping me to open a check out cause other people were complaining, if it hadn’t taken me some time to get my $55 groceries I would have let her put them back at least I know what to expect at Walmart

  • Kevin Looby Sr. says:

    I’ve been using my PicknSave pharmacy in Sheboygan Wisconsin for years. Now they won’t accept my SingleCare discounts. No one can tell me why.
    I have since moved all my pharmacy meds to Meijers, which does accept my discounts. I will not be grocery shopping in your facility any more as well. The management of this particular unit on 25th street , Sheboygan Wisconsin is horrible.
    Store is dirty, and the produce section is horrible!
    Fresh Perks customer # 48207207673

  • frank koss says:

    Frank Koss
    I’m a loyal Pick-N-Save customer for yrs. I’ve been trying to buy my favorite Ice Cream for the last 5 weeks — Kemps “Chocolate Malt Shop” 1.5qt size $5.99 UPC# 0004148303838 at both the Mc Farland and Stoughton, WI. stores with no luck. Talked w store management at both locations and neither do not know why when they order it’s never delivered. Tried talking with your Customer Service at your Headqtrs and got nowhere!
    Can you help me?
    PS: The Headqtr PH# on your site is the # of a Milw store (414-374-8621 vs 414-231-5000)

  • Dee T. says:

    Went to the Watertown store around noon. They had ONE checkout open. The lines for it and the self checkout were down the aisles! This is not unusual! I go as little as possible.

  • Cynthia Rejholec says:

    Poor selection on items in your sheboygan wis store. And it pretty crappy that your deli isnt open longer. Also when go to your store it really sucks when you cant have the same savings as anyone on your app. That is not fair at all. Also everytime i go there your out of green peppers that arent ready for the trash can.

  • Victor says:

    I was woundering if there is any dress code in the two rivers pick and save found hair in my salad from deli , looks like nobody where nets or hats, cashiers are showing alll kinds of explesit tattoos, no long sleeve shirts. Satanic star neck chokers , and more bling on there faces then a jewlery store. I want to feel like im shopping in a supermarket not a dark alley night club. Please help this store with some decent attirre. Thank you.

  • Robert Dick says:

    I really dont care for your in store signage I bought a 12 pack of coke that said $5.99 but was charged $6.99 had to go back the next day the very small print reads buy 3 to get the deal. Improve that copy and make it more legable . I’ve been a nation winner in the point of sale as a designer now retired.

  • Jill Schmeling says:

    Pick n Save has good on the go items for people such as sandwiches or wraps. I have celiac disease and cannot have gluten. I really think that it would be a good idea to have quick on the go gluten free items. My husband was able to get a sandwich to eat in the car but all I ate were chips. Many people have celiac, wheat allergies or just gluten intolerant. I think this would be really nice for us that cannot eat gluten.

  • Jennifer Tweeden says:

    You advertise fresh produce. Today I picked up an order with wet and spoiled baby spinach, over ripe bananas and Mexican red grapes that were soft and mushy

  • Elaine Unger says:

    The Pick ‘n Save Ad App is discrimination. I do not have a computer, and I own a flip-phone. Why was I denied a sale price because I did not have a way to access your app. Again, this is discrimination to those of us who do not have computers or cell phones. I would like the courtesy of a prompt reply. I am considering alerting the local news media to inform them that this “App” practice is wrong. I see no reason why a sale price is valid for only select customers. Discrimination.

  • Deb says:

    The store on Bridge Street in Wausau has made incredible improvements in customer service and it was a pleasure to shop there this morning. The produce is fresher and more reasonably priced than other local stores. I had complained to corporate and started shopping at a competitor, but I’m happily switching back.

  • Lois kramer says:

    Why aren’t we getting the mail coupons for the month of may

  • Russ Loniello says:

    Why do you play that TERRIBLE music at your store on Century Ave in Middleton. It’s so ridiculous and annoying. Like being at a college Bar.
    Others have also complained when I asked them. I can only tolerate it for 10-15 minutes, then out the door. When I go to Metcalfs store the music is most appropriate for shopping. I can shop there for an hour and enjoy the music. I suggest you go there and see for yourself.
    No offense. Please reply.
    Thank you!

  • Mark Servais says:

    The water refill stations at both Kenosha locations have been out of service for months now. I’m elderly and take my bottle to refill by city bus, because your water refill stations are down I need to transfer a couple times to get to a refill location. It’s been months since your refill stations have operated.

  • James Dries says:

    Yesterday we bought popcorn for the Pick and Save in Franklin wi. (On hwy 100). The due date was 2/22/22. Also, the potatoes we bought were green inside which can be a real health issue. I have returned many things in the past for various issues. (Your ads on tv for your items being a fresh are just a joke. We wont will be shopping at pick and save any more.)

  • Sherry Wigboldus says:

    I can’t help but wonder if anyone in your executive offices realizes that they are discriminating against every person that does not have access to a computer for their digital coupons. There are many senior citizens and other age groups that don’t rely on digital information to live their lives. Your program of using digital coupons targets many people that probably need to save as much as possible on their groceries, especially with the current economic situation. Please carefully consider the ramifications of this practice and address these concerns.

  • Gary Young says:

    To whom it may concern(To whom Cares). After many years shopping at your stores, I have concluded you need to change. 3 out of 4 last shopping trips, I have been over charged. Today was in access of over $4.00. This now will change. I will shop elsewhere. Gary Young-Appleton Wisconsin

  • Deb says:

    The Wausau Pick n Save was once again short staffed and many of the employees working were obviously very ill. The shelves were bare as usual which is hard to understand when other stores aren’t having this problem. I don’t feel it’s a safe place to shop at this time. The cashier told me that new hires quick after training. If they don’t start paying a living wage and treating their employees with a little respect we’re going to lose that store.

  • Bill says:

    The Johnson Street Pick n save is not accommodating to the shopper that doesn’t want to Self check out ! I saw 15 people in line and only 2 tellers ! When I have 35 -50 items I don’t want to self check out.Not the first time! Why open the doors at 6am if you don’t have anyone that will take care of you till 7am. Not good service!
    Signed long time shopper considering other options!

  • Lottie Evans says:

    This store is the worst store I have ever see. The manager does nothing for this store and should be fired! I have heard and see it from to many people! Time to get people in there that can and will care about the store but also loves working for you all!

  • B says:

    The store in brewton, Al has rats and sell rat urine drenched food. The coolers are always going out and meat going bad. Deli leaves their food out all day. The employees, mostly teenagers, are in the office doing the banana challenge, which is disgusting. The 18 year old manager on night shift is drinking on the job. Worse grocery store I’ve ever seen. No wonder they keep losing good employees.

  • Boycott Pick n Save says:

    Was just at pick and save in Stoughton. #1) Why does it reek like fish?
    #2)Scanned a coupon I found at the checkout. Turns out the coupon was expired, I specifically said I didn’t want the coupon validated since it was only a dollar. They still insisted on rescanning the coupon to give me the dollar discount, then after I paid they told me they weren’t supposed to do that and went and got their manager. Their manager proceeded to scold me for the expired coupon (THAT I DIDN’T WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE) and told me that I was making her employee uncomfortable. Her employee then proceeded to give me a compliment, so I guess they weren’t that uncomfortable. AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I just walked away as she kept talking. NEVER going back, good thing there’s more options. Pick wisely and Save your time, DON’T GO THERE.

  • georgio says:

    This is not the corporate office, stop calling this phone number for corporate shit. It is just the phone number for a store located in Milwaukee. This website sucks. Go find a number from kroger’s website.

  • Jack Thomas says:

    Hi there, We were in your pick n save in oconomowoc this afternoon. I just want to say that your app for coupons is super unfriendly for senior citizen use. It’s very difficult to understand. It took someone in the store to download an app, but once downloaded it was discovered that my significant other was also using my phone number for coupons. It took me about 45 minutes to go through a process that I have no patience for. I am use to paper coupons and dont see myself changing in the near future. It’s extremely frustrating. It’s frustrating for your customers behind me in line. It’s frustrating for the employees trying to help me. Do something about it. Have a coupon code at the cash registers for folks like myself. Thank you. Have a great night.

  • Jackie says:

    Phone number to corporate

  • Lindsey S says:

    Middleton, WI. I have complained & complained about buying MOLDY FOOD & YOURE STILL (MONTHS LATER) SELKING IT & STILL HAVE NLT EVEN COBTACTED NE OR MY FAMILY KET ALONE GIVEN US A REFUND & this is now around $100 in MOLDY FIID THAT I GOT SUCK FROM!! It JUST happened AGAIN, TONIGHT! My other half even COBTACTED about this through the Krogers feedback & they haven’t responded AT ALL HIGHKY DISSATISFIED & downright just angry now. They obviously need a new manager & somebody NEEDS TO CONTAXT US, ASAP!!








    IN YEAR 2021 TO YEAR 2040


  • Vickie Nelson says:

    30 days is bull shit

  • H. LOVE says:

    I was shopping at the store on Silver Spring in Milwaukee the pick ‘n save while standing in line to purchase my food there was a horrible smell in the aisle I could not detect where was coming from but it smelled horrible like rotten meat after purchasing my food I asked to speak to the manager I let him know what my concerns were and he showed me off with a I’m working on it and walked away this is unacceptable not a happy camper.

  • Susan Wetherald says:

    I am returning today at the Waterford store a all natural frozen dinner that expired a year ago. There is no excuse for this. Can you imagine how sick we could have become if I hadn’t noticed the the date.I have the receipt. My 94 year old mother has a compromised immune system to begin with.

  • lucille seroogy says:

    I did not get my flyer today so I will shop at Aldi I guess.

  • Nicole Gray says:

    they have changed the alcohol sales law for okaloosa County Florida yet your store is still not selling before 1 on Sunday due to the registers not being updated. Your losing sales to other establishments due to this.

  • Lisa says:

    I was at your store on Miller Park Way on May 9th. Dirty, your employees not wearing masks, not cleaning machines, not staying 6′ away from people, touching are I.D.’s, half of them don’t even know what a shower is. Nobody going by the CDC regulations at all. I wonder what does one do to report your stores to the CDC and or health dept.? Guess we will find out because this isn’t the first time at this store or any of your stores. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe you should go and visit them yourselves, OR ARE YOU AFRAID TO GO THERE YOURSELVES AND DEAL WITH YOUR NASTY STORES AND AFRAID OF CATCHING THE VIRUS FROM THEM YOURSELVES. FOR F*** SAKE DO SOMETHING.

  • Lance Billman says:

    Today I ( 65 Years old) was shopping at the store in Oak Creek on 27th Street. The employees in the meat department had face masks but not one of them had the mask covering their mouth or nose. These employees were handling meat and interacting with customers (including me). They were also very rude in those interactions with me! I took the time to stand in line to relay my concerns to the service desk (whom also did not bother to cover her face with the mask she was wearing) She told me that she would let the manager know. When I began to walk away I heard her say something to the affect of these “old farts” I turned to look at her and found the she was laghing about the situation with another employee whom I can not see. Apparently your employees would rather that older more vulnerable customers just stay away or at the very least just shut up. It is not funny that I am in the most vulnerable group. Neither do I feel that anyone in the corporation will feel that it is funny when people like me look for another plac e to shop. I have been shopping at Pick-N-Save for 25 years and am seriously thinking I will go somewhere else now.

  • Greg Beranek says:

    With everyone trying to maintain social distancing, I cannot understand why your policy is to ask to see my ID when I purchase beer. I am 68 years old. When does common sense come in to play. Your policy is endangering the health of customers and employees.

  • Lois Sneed says:

    Today I shopped at your store on 35th and North Ave in Milwaukee and was greatly alarmed at your employees were not wearing face masks and were standing around together laughing and joking with each other. When I asked where were their masks they replied that only old people were dying not them.. I spoke to the manager and she didn’t seem interested they were very disrespectful. The Security Guards were also engaged in their folly. I will not shop their anymore until you enforce some safety measures.

  • MB says:

    This is for several Pick N Save stores in the 53058 area – Hartland, Pabst Farms, Pewaukee, WI. This is an ongoing problem. My husband and I both request this and pretty much get the same response with the rolling of the eyes and the look like do I really have to do this – not professional! When we are at the deli counter we ask nicely to please wipe off the slicer before slicing our product. We ask this only because we have more than once ended up with other product on our sliced meats and also feel cross contamination is not sanitary. I never get sliced cheese at the deli since we have someone who is a vegetarian and would get quite sick if ingesting meat that was leftover on the slicer. I ask this at various stores and it seems like Pick N Save is the only one who makes it seem a burden. I understand that all the stores are short handed but to retain customers its important that the staff understands the customer should come first.

  • Florence E Regge says:

    Pick and Save, 3010 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, Wisconsin
    Dont buy Kemps 1% half gallon milk from this Pick & Save. It spoils before the sell date. This has happened to me before, more than once.
    Also, the prepackaged sliced deli meat in the grab and go display case, labels are upside down. Have to flip each package around to read what it is, weight and price. Why isn’t it displayed right side up?

  • Jacqi Levy says:

    The new deli containers are awful. The covers do not close. My food is traveling around in my cart with open covers. Uck. I will stop purchasing from the deli until this is resolved. Go back to the old containers.

  • norma Johnson says:

    At 8:30 am at the Fish Hatchery Pick n Save there was no customer service. it was closed. There were no check out lines. All blocked. People had to use self checkout. One woman said “if I didn’t need these groceries right now I would leave them and walk out” People including me were very unhappy. When I called the store the asst. manager blamed two employees who called in and finally hung up when I told her I didn’t want excuses I was trying to give her feedback.There needs to be a Plan B when employees dont show up. I will not self check out ever. I shop at your store several times a week. If this happens again I will be one of those that leaves my cart and walks out. And your asst. manager should never hang up on a customer.

    • Angel says:

      I am a 64 yr old woman who is house bound I do all my shopping on-line thought instarcart I had to replace my food like alot of people in Milwaukee because of the power outage, I received a gift card to shop at pick n save and when I went to use it it was declined. So I called instacart and they tell me they are not taking any EBT OR GIFT CARDS. I dont like shopping at pick n save for alot more reason then just this I have to say this put the iceing on the cake for me. Bye and good riddance pick n save has well has instarcart.

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