Where is Pick n Save Corporate office Headquarters

Pick n Save Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1100 E Garfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 414-374-8621
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 20000
  • Established: March 25, 1975
  • Founder: William Zimmerman
  • Key People: Christine S. Wheatley

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Pick n Save Headquarters Executive Team



Christine S. Wheatley

President and Director

Timothy M. Terrell

Vice President and Treasurer

Stacey M. Heiser

Vice President and Secretary

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  • lucille seroogy says:

    I did not get my flyer today so I will shop at Aldi I guess.

  • Nicole Gray says:

    they have changed the alcohol sales law for okaloosa County Florida yet your store is still not selling before 1 on Sunday due to the registers not being updated. Your losing sales to other establishments due to this.

  • Lisa says:

    I was at your store on Miller Park Way on May 9th. Dirty, your employees not wearing masks, not cleaning machines, not staying 6′ away from people, touching are I.D.’s, half of them don’t even know what a shower is. Nobody going by the CDC regulations at all. I wonder what does one do to report your stores to the CDC and or health dept.? Guess we will find out because this isn’t the first time at this store or any of your stores. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe you should go and visit them yourselves, OR ARE YOU AFRAID TO GO THERE YOURSELVES AND DEAL WITH YOUR NASTY STORES AND AFRAID OF CATCHING THE VIRUS FROM THEM YOURSELVES. FOR F*** SAKE DO SOMETHING.

  • Lance Billman says:

    Today I ( 65 Years old) was shopping at the store in Oak Creek on 27th Street. The employees in the meat department had face masks but not one of them had the mask covering their mouth or nose. These employees were handling meat and interacting with customers (including me). They were also very rude in those interactions with me! I took the time to stand in line to relay my concerns to the service desk (whom also did not bother to cover her face with the mask she was wearing) She told me that she would let the manager know. When I began to walk away I heard her say something to the affect of these “old farts” I turned to look at her and found the she was laghing about the situation with another employee whom I can not see. Apparently your employees would rather that older more vulnerable customers just stay away or at the very least just shut up. It is not funny that I am in the most vulnerable group. Neither do I feel that anyone in the corporation will feel that it is funny when people like me look for another plac e to shop. I have been shopping at Pick-N-Save for 25 years and am seriously thinking I will go somewhere else now.

  • Greg Beranek says:

    With everyone trying to maintain social distancing, I cannot understand why your policy is to ask to see my ID when I purchase beer. I am 68 years old. When does common sense come in to play. Your policy is endangering the health of customers and employees.

  • Lois Sneed says:

    Today I shopped at your store on 35th and North Ave in Milwaukee and was greatly alarmed at your employees were not wearing face masks and were standing around together laughing and joking with each other. When I asked where were their masks they replied that only old people were dying not them.. I spoke to the manager and she didn’t seem interested they were very disrespectful. The Security Guards were also engaged in their folly. I will not shop their anymore until you enforce some safety measures.

  • MB says:

    This is for several Pick N Save stores in the 53058 area – Hartland, Pabst Farms, Pewaukee, WI. This is an ongoing problem. My husband and I both request this and pretty much get the same response with the rolling of the eyes and the look like do I really have to do this – not professional! When we are at the deli counter we ask nicely to please wipe off the slicer before slicing our product. We ask this only because we have more than once ended up with other product on our sliced meats and also feel cross contamination is not sanitary. I never get sliced cheese at the deli since we have someone who is a vegetarian and would get quite sick if ingesting meat that was leftover on the slicer. I ask this at various stores and it seems like Pick N Save is the only one who makes it seem a burden. I understand that all the stores are short handed but to retain customers its important that the staff understands the customer should come first.

  • Florence E Regge says:

    Pick and Save, 3010 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, Wisconsin
    Dont buy Kemps 1% half gallon milk from this Pick & Save. It spoils before the sell date. This has happened to me before, more than once.
    Also, the prepackaged sliced deli meat in the grab and go display case, labels are upside down. Have to flip each package around to read what it is, weight and price. Why isn’t it displayed right side up?

  • Jacqi Levy says:

    The new deli containers are awful. The covers do not close. My food is traveling around in my cart with open covers. Uck. I will stop purchasing from the deli until this is resolved. Go back to the old containers.

  • norma Johnson says:

    At 8:30 am at the Fish Hatchery Pick n Save there was no customer service. it was closed. There were no check out lines. All blocked. People had to use self checkout. One woman said “if I didn’t need these groceries right now I would leave them and walk out” People including me were very unhappy. When I called the store the asst. manager blamed two employees who called in and finally hung up when I told her I didn’t want excuses I was trying to give her feedback.There needs to be a Plan B when employees dont show up. I will not self check out ever. I shop at your store several times a week. If this happens again I will be one of those that leaves my cart and walks out. And your asst. manager should never hang up on a customer.

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