Where Is Petsmart Corporate Office Headquarters

Petsmart Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1745 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 602-841-2507

  • Number of Employees: 53000

  • Established: August 14, 1986

  • Founder: W.R. Ford Smith II & Jim Dougherty


Petsmart Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Petsmart Corporate Office

Having obtained some pet supplies from PetSmart, you may desire to have more information about the product you already have on hand and need someone who has a good knowledge of the item to put you through. If that is the case, then contacting PetSmart headquarters may be the perfect move to make. This is why I shall be shedding some light on the company as well as ways through which you can link up with the headquarters.

Ways to Contact PetSmart Corporate Headquarters

Address: You can write a letter to the mailing address of PetSmart at 19601 N 27th Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85027-4010, Maricopa, United States. You may also consider scheduling an appointment to meet an executive at the headquarters.

Phone Number: Alternatively, you can pick up your mobile phone and dial +1 623-580-6100 to speak with a PetSmart official at the headquarters.

Petsmart Headquarters Info & Photos

The site on which PetSmart LLC’s headquarters sits has a land span of 15.1 acres, with the major facilities being 3 blocks of four-story buildings – all having a cumulative space of 365,672 square feet. The two of these buildings were completed in 2008 while the remaining one was built in 1997.

The site also features ample parking facilities, a cafeteria, a fitness center, and a day-care center. These features, coupled with the design of the building, are set in place to ensure a smooth flow of operations/activities for the staff and individuals who may be visiting with their pets.

The property is owned by Portland-based firm, BPM Real Estate Group, and PetSmart LLC has an initial lease agreement that allows it to occupy the facility till 2022. The company’s headquarters was moved to the present location, in 1998, from 1000 N 31st Avenue, Suite C-100, Phoenix, Arizona 85051.  

Petsmart Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1745 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015, United States


United States

19601 N 27th Ave Phoenix, AZ

Petsmart Headquarters Executive Team



J.K. Symancyk has vast experience spanning 25 years in the retail industry. He has previously worked with Walmart Stores and Meijer. As the President and CEO of PetSmart, he leads the company through different operational performances to bring about its growth and expansion while seeing to it that the company’s structure is sufficiently sustained over time. J.K also makes sure that PetSmart has creditable relations with the customers – pet owners – with approaches taken to guarantee their satisfaction.

Lacey Bundy

 Lacey Bundy

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary



Stacia joined PetSmart in 2019 to immediately take up her current role. She has had stints with American retail company, Target and Abercrombie & Finch Co. where she held key positions. At PetSmart, Stacia is in charge of activities surrounding merchandising and branding, and map out strategies for improved/pleasurable customer experience for pet owners patronizing the store. She has a BA degree in Marketing from Buena Vista University.

Name Title
Greg Fancher Executive Vice President of IT and Chief Information Technology Officer
Erick Goldberg Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
David Redfield Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Alan Schnaid Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
John Bork Senior Vice President of Vet Health Services
Matt Byrnes Senior Vice President of Proprietary Brands and Sourcing
Bryan McCormick Senior Vice President of Store Strategy and Operations
Ed Oldham Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Supply Chain Officer
Cherise Ordlock Senior Vice President of Digital
Jim Persinger President of PetSmart Canada
Brent Schippers Senior Vice President of Finance and Strategy
Mike Schultheis Senior Vice President – Stores US
Kristin Shane Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer
Will Smith Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

About Petsmart


PetSmart LLC was established as PetFood Warehouse by Jim Dougherty in 1986 but began operations in 1987 when Jim acquired and opened the company’s first two stores in Phoenix. The name of the company was however changed to PetsMart in 1989 – with the rebranding that took place in 2005 came the presentation of “PetSmart”.

The number of stores run by the company neared 300 in 1996 on the back of the beginning of operations in Canada and the UK – although the UK subsidiary later became moribund in 1999, leading to the eventual sales of the business. The period between 2002 – 2009 was one of massive growth as the company opened 100 new stores every year – within that period. PetSmart has about 1,650 pet stores across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Plus, it also operates over 200 pet boarding facilities.

In 2015, PetSmart was acquired by a British investment firm, BCa  Partners in a deal worth US$8.7 billion. Then, in May 2017, PetSmart also acquired online pet food retailer, Chewy Inc. Chewy, however, spun off from PetSmart in August 2020 – although BC Partners still remains the parent company for both firms.  


PetSmart is privately held firm that sells a broad range of pet supplies and also renders various pet-related services to the customers in stores or online. You can find products for birds, fish, dogs, cats, etc. at PetSmart. Some of these (products) include premium pet food, pet bowl, pet toy, pet hygiene formulations, feeders, and many more.

The services rendered by PetSmart are majorly directed towards ensuring the well-being of your pets. They have designed programs for the grooming and training of pets, and also have boarding facilities, made available through the PetsHotel brand, for dogs and cats.

Furthermore, PetSmart provides veterinary care for pets whether at the in-store veterinary clinics or its specialist hospital, Banfield Pet Hospital. Again, the company runs charities for pets, and it is through this that the company caters to the (pet) adoption needs of prospective pet keepers. In order to actualize this, PetSmart partners with about 4,000 animal welfare organizations.


  • There are about 50 brands through which the products and services from PetSmart are provided. 
  • PetSmart went public on the NASDAQ exchange in 1993. It however ceased to be a publicly-traded company in 2014 as it became a privately held company.
  • PetSmart once had its business focus extending to equestrian care but had to shut it down in 2007 to dwell on other areas which were regarded as being more viable.
  • PetSmart has its mission statement as “we believe pets make us better people. That’s why we create more moments for people to be inspired by pets”. This shows why the company is more particular about connecting individuals with pets and helping to establish a stronger core between the pets and their owners (parents).

  • Ken says:

    Why does Petsmart feel the need to push LBTQ+ on straight customers by pushing pride month on us by pushing “queer “ pets on us. In nature there are no queer pets. You’ve lost a customer because of your stance. I’m tired of being pushed around and am making my stand starting with you.

  • Nameless person says:

    Why do you have a team works at exit 1 in Nashua saying women are better then men as a woman I find that offensive were both equal that person name is Kassandra Stancik

  • Fat cat says:

    I guess u have to be lazy and fat to work at any of ur location

  • Mimin Lynn says:

    I ordered items at the Brier Creek Petsmart, they were so rude. I could have ordered at Amazon or Petco or a dozen other companies but I sadly choose Petsmart. I got no apology no thank you for my order. I will definitely think before I order from Petsmart again. Very rude people no customer service what so ever!!!

  • Dawn Nolan says:

    Interested in hands on pet grooming training have certificate
    From Penn foster in pet grooming . Please contact me about
    classes available for training. My name is Dawn Nolan my phone is 410-655-5182 My email address is overload 4236766@yahoo.com and my address is 4903 Old Court Rd Randallstown Maryland 21133

  • ray leblanc says:

    Hello my name is ray leblanc I live in toronto Ontario Canada . I left two of my dogs at your pet smart hotel located at 225 high tech rd in Richmond hill Ontario on the date of July 30 of 2022 cause we were going away for the long weekend . We were called the morning of the 31 by your employee, stating that one of our dogs had wood and blood in his stool and that they were going to bring our dog to the vet , we were not comfortable with this and decided to leave our vacation and pick up our animals . Once there we picked up dogs and paid the amount owed and left . Once we reached home I noticed something on one of my dogs testicles and turned him over to find that his testicles had a severe chemical burn . So I checked my other dog and same thing . I immediately called the store and asked them what happened , there response was that they may have sat in the disinfectant they use to clean the kennels and that it happens and the dogs would be ok . To take them to the vet and they would pay for the bill . They also stated this had happened before . I asked why they would use disinfectant that could potentially harm an animal . The manager Katie told us it was a good disinfectant and it doesn’t happen often . Both my dogs three weeks after are still not healed from the burns they received under the care of pet smart hotel . This is totally ridiculous that this has happened . We went back to the store in question to pick up the check for the vet bill that was 828 dollars and some change , we were told to speak to the manager millissa but she was not in the other manager Katie refused to speak to us , totally unexceptionable behaviour on the part of a manager . We want this situation rectified asap . Please contact me at

  • Judy says:

    Absolutely horrible service from your groomers. One injured my dog and claimed the dog injured himself in the kennel. Within less than an hour after dropping him off, we were being called to pick him up from the vet. The vet was shocked from their story even stating that our dog was a gentle giant who stays put in his kennel so much so that they even sometimes forget that he was in there. The Vet ensured that we had a note from PetSmart stating that they would pay for any additional vet cost incurred because to the Vet, our dog didn’t deserve any of the brutality visited upon him. Fast-forward, this week and the same lady, who we expressly asked not to be anywhere near our dog, came out with her horrendous attitude to cause us more grief with no apparent reason. Corporate needs to investigate the behavior of their groomers because reading other comments below, there seems to be a trend in bad behaviors from your groomers because some are obviously not dog people.

  • Anita Giddens and Ruston says:

    I have a complaint with 3300 N Central Expressway, Plano Texas 75074 doggie day. I made an appointment on 07/29/2022 for doggie daycare. When I made the appointment over the phone, I explained Ruston will not use the bathroom inside. Ruston will only use the bathroom outside on regular grass. The person who scheduled the appointment said no problem. When, I dropped Ruston off at 9:30am, I mentioned again that Ruston will need to be taken outside to use the bathroom, he will not use it inside. That person said, yes, I see the notes.

    I picked Ruston up around 6pm. He was in distressed from holding his poop and pee all day. No one took Ruston out to use the bathroom. Ruston was crying and shaking tremendously. We made it out the front door where he was pooping, peeing, crying, shaking all a little blood in his poop all at the same time. Ruston stayed stress all night shaking and crying. He didn’t sleep which means I didn’t sleep. I took Ruston to his Vet on July 30th. He was given a shot and medication to help calm his stomach.

    On July 29th, I spoke with Amya at doggie daycare who were very insensitive to Ruston. Amya has a very smart mouth. She told me on numerous times to take Ruston back to the Mesquite, Texas PetSmart location for doggie day or take him someplace else. I thought that was an awful thing to say about Ruston. In other words, Amya did not want Ruston to come back to Plano PetSmart.

    On July 30th, I called and spoke with Eden who told me the same thing to take Ruston some other place or take him back to Mesquite, Texas PetSmart.

    I was under the impression prior to Amya and Eden that PetSmart would do anything for all pets. Ruston have been to PetSmart in the past. We have spent a lot of money on dog food and grooming services. Now, I am told not to bring Ruston back to PetSmart in Plano. I am appalled the staff is not cold hearted, insensitive along with lack to people skills and lack of dog care.

    Both Amya and Eden recommended not bring Ruston back to the store. Again, we spend a lot of money on food and other services throughout the PetSmart store. What happened to the Statement “We will do anything for your pet”?

    I am asking someone to investigate my complaint with a response!

    Anita Giddens and Ruston

  • Nancy says:

    You need to watch how you employ people. I hope you know what happened in one of your stores. Two girls killed a sweet little poodle they hung it . In a store close to Pittsburgh Pa. What were you thinking they let the poor little thing hang by it’s neck and they could care less about the poor doggy . The two girls should be in jail they murdered it. I don’t know if I have the right place I just want you all to know .

  • Betty says:

    The store manager at store 1594 in Danville, Va brings her bird to work with her and he is sometimes loose and sits on his perch on top of his cage. I think this is very unprofessional. I sometimes bring my dog in with me to shop and I’m afraid the bird could get injured by my dog or somebody else’s dog! I have said something to her about it and she doesn’t seem to care. Very concerning.

  • Bernadette Callazzo says:

    I have been a customer of Petsmart for well over 15 years. I shop mostly at your Brandywine Wilmington, De. Store. This is the second time in the last year that my cat has gotten sick vomiting all over after eating her favorite food, Fancy Feast Grilled can food.
    I reported this issue to the Purina Co. where they checked for any recall or problems with the product. It was suggested that possibly how the food is being stored in the store and/or warehouse.
    I asked this question to a manager and was told it is in a climate controlled building.
    I seriously questioned that but something has to be wrong somewhere along the line.
    I just bought the variety packed of Fancy Feast and have given her 4 cans so far and she has vomited all 4 times. She is a healthy cat but I took her to my vet anyway the first time this vomiting occurred where she was diagnosed with a stomach issue and given medication.

    So I’m just asking if you can check if this store or any other of your stores have reports of this problem. Thank you, Bernadette Callazzo

  • Lorri Lepore says:

    How PetSmart really treats their customers when they trying to hide obvious negligence & grooming incidents! https://youtu.be/oEpgujG0xDs

  • Rowena begin says:

    Your Joplin, Missouri grooming store needs attention! I had my 12yr old dog with hip dysplasia there and I asked if they could work with him since he couldn’t stand long they said yes. Lied complained he was aggressive cause they grabbed him under his legs to put on a little table. Please upgrade the table to wider and a little lower. Very upset did nothing but clipped his nails, no bath and somewhat trimmed his feet. Very upset customer don’t appreciate being lied to and putting my 12 yr old thru that . Plus they need better leashes!

  • FED UP! says:

    Seeing as you are now taking away my points due to YOU not having food stocked, you have now LOST MY BUSINESS! I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

  • Alicia witt says:

    PetSmart is a horrible place to work. They have not taken care of their employees during covid at all! They gave $150 hazard pay and a ridiculous “essential worker enamel pin” to wear since covid started in 2020. Extremely cost-saving for them…. And insulting to us. They don’t supply their groomers with the product they need to do their jobs safely And properly….because they are more worried about their budget! Even skimped on toilet paper for the bathroom. Unbelievable!! They are denying covid pay for employees that were sick between Sept and Dec. 2021 because they don’t get tax credits during that time. PetSmart can’t keep a cashier more than a few weeks. Miserable and underpaid seems to be theme at EVERY PetSmart. Don’t work here, PetSmart will always put their profits before their people. We will see what OSHA, the labor commission and a labor lawyer have to say about working at PetSmart.

  • B and R Word says:

    Not PET FRIENDLY and sick of treating animals the way they do. My Austrian Sheppard was getting groom and after an hour in the groomer called to tell me my dog bit her in the neck, and I needed to come get him…. They could no longer touch him. I get there and there story went from bite to nick….. really and I requested several times to see the groomer and her wound my DOG did to her…. They would not show me, their story changed 2x, They brought out my dog horribley groomed and already looked like he was on the table, left him wet in the face like they sprayed him down…… Just sick and will NEVER go back. I have pictures of how they left him, in case I need to contact my attorney. Lubbock TX store on slide is horrible

  • Brittany Woods says:

    Extreamly dangerous dog frisbees

  • Shelly says:

    I was extremely disappointed to find out that PetSmart grooming salons do not require dogs to have the kennel cough vaccine. After searching for a new groomer, I decided against bringing my dogs to PetSmart. Bordetella is so easily spread from one dog to another. It can spread by contact with objects that the infected dog has been around, such as food/water dishes, crates, bedding, and clothing. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that groomers take time to disinfect the kennels prior to their next appointment. In closing, would you willingly place your beloved dog into the hands of someone that could have groomed a pet 45 minutes ago that had Bordetella? No. . .no you would not.

  • Debbie says:

    Two weeks ago my 17 year old lasha had a stroke on a Sunday morning. I was unable at first to get my vet service on the phone and knew time was important. I called Petsmart in Bluffton, South Carolina, Dr.Banfield and explained that my dog was dying could they help. I was told they were booked and could not help. I was stunned with the attitude of the girl answering the phone. We were desperate and to be told they would not help was tragic. Our vet did call as he had several emergencies that morning. Our dog had to be put down. I feel Petsmart has standards and should be aware of this incident. I will never shop at a petsmart again . I feel the public should be aware of such policy. “If you are not a client we can’t help you , we are busy and full, does not matter if your dog is dying”.

  • C Paige says:

    Furious pet owners are demanding answers after 47 animal deaths were reportedly linked to PetSmart grooming appointments My dog died 1 week after she was Groomed at your Columbus Ohio Location….INTERESTING STORY found today

    • Lorri Lepore says:

      Same here! I was even willing to get arrested to get to the truth but they never did because obviously I did nothing wrong. And they can afford corporate attorneys so I can’t do nothing about the dog but I could do something about what they did to me! Check out my videos! https://youtu.be/oEpgujG0xDs

  • D and E Ford says:

    Please share with family and friends as we will as well

    D and E Ford

  • D and E Ford says:




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