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  • Tish Wright says:

    In Cleburne I took Sammy in to be groomed (week end groomer) I don’t know what your company uses to kill bacteria with in 3 weeks my dog is dieing since I have medical back ground I was able to save him but he is now blind. The store started to get defensive my goal was let them know that what ever your company uses does not kill bacteria. I still have my Sammy I have but pads because of his blindness

  • Rexeen A Davis says:

    Cant get a hold of the man in charge

  • Steve R Probstfield President Hell's Angels Washington says:

    Please tell your staff at the Aberdeen, Wa.location to stop the Anti-Trump bashing from the manager and her staff,it’s an everyday occurrence, Thanks Steve Probstfield.

  • Joann Combs says:

    I visited our local Petsense store today. My Biewer Terrier really likes Royal Canin Adult canned food. There was only 1 can in stock so I substituted 3 cans of puppy food. I was told the 4/$9 couldn’t apply since I had a can of adult food. So I paid full price for all of them. Bad customer relations, especially when Chewy will deliver to the door and PetSmart will have it ready when you get there! I feel like I “got took”. So much for supporting local business.

  • T says:

    Dear Sirs, 
    I am writing you because I am very concern with the grooming practices in the Cottonwood Petsense store. This was my first time at Petsense and I am very upset and will tell all about my experience.I brought my German  Shepard mix into have a bath and private area trimmed and feet trims, nail cut.My dog is  13 years old and I expressed all of the challenges that she has at a senior age. Bad eye sight, deaf and arthritis.  She does have arthritis in her lower back and  I let the groomer know this.  I went over that she was not able to jump and needs very gentle treatment. Mind you she was able to walk FULLY when I brought her into PETSENSE!!!
    I dropped her off at 11am appointment.
    120pm I was notified that she was done.  Groomer stated  on the phone , “I did the best I could” word for word.  As I arrived into the store, I overheard a  front end clerk talking in fowl language and sitting ontop of the registered desk.  Another employee acknowledged me.
    I went to the back where the grooming is back of store, I walk in.  I was acknowledged by the groomer but she seemed alittle apprehensive about engaging in conversation with me. Then I saw my dog lying next to one of the grooming tables.  The groomer stopped what she was doing and went to help my dog up.  She was in obvious distress,  Panting very hard and guarding her lower back.  She could only minimally walk.  I said she is not walking right??? What happened?  Groomer had nothing to say to me. The groomer gave me the ticket to pay. She offered to help me carry her out, but I though she could do it.  I tried to have her walk out but only got few steps out the grooming door.  The groomers were in there space just watching me.   I carried her to the cash register. There I talked to the clerk with the fowl language. He saw me carrying her and as I put her down he stated” you need to come around to the other side”.  I stated” My dog can not walk and I am not carrying her to the other cash register on other side.”  I said, “I did not bring my dog in like this and now she can not walk.”  He then said  very abruptly, ” No one did anything to your DOG!”   I paid with a $100.00 bill and he gave me back $40.00.  No one offered to help me at cash register to take her out as she is a big dog.  I carried her out my self. 
    She is still having trouble walking at home and I will need to take her to the Vet due to all of this.
    My questions:
    If they were having difficulty with her , they should have called me right away.  I feel that your pet is family and ANY change in condition should be TRANSPARENT!!!With that said,The Groomer said she did the best she could,Here’s the list:
    Anus covered in stool.afur around perianal area cut so uneven that I would have been embarrassed to sell this as a finished grooming appointment.Cut too close on one part of her leg.  “I did not want her shaved!”I am going to submit this letter to the BBB.
    This is my family.  Groomers should be trained to be transparent and call the pets owner anytime.  I would have been okay with her telling me she could not do it.  But my dog suffered and is in obvious distress as I sit here writing you.
    I would like my $60.00 back and a reassurance that this never happens to anyone else.  This is BAD BUSINESS!!
    The Front end clerk is rude and needs a hair cut!
    Thank you,
    Theresa Grothjan907 East Desert Jewel DriveCottonwood, AZ 86326.

  • Marian Sutherland says:

    I tried ordering the harness….could not get past Pay Pal…..Is this the only means of payment…..????.I kept clicking the Mastercard, nothing happened.

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