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  • Address: 10850 Via Frontera, San Diego, CA 92127, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 888-824-7257

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click here

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1965

  • Founder: Walter Evans

  • Key People: Ron Coughlin (CEO)

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Ron Coughlin

Chief Executive Officer

James M. Myers


Michael M. Nuzzo

CFO & Executive VP

About Petco, History and Headquarters Information


Petco was founded in the year 1965. The company has been operational for almost 54 years now. The services of the company mainly started as a mail-order business selling various kinds of veterinary supplies. In the year 2000, the company was taken over by TPG Capital and also Leonard Green & Partners. Then in the year 2004, the company had taken over the naming rights to the all-new downtown baseball stadium of San Diego and therefore named it as Petco Park. The licensing fees paid by the company to the San Diego Padres was about $60 million, for a period of at least 22 years. During that time, it was the highest price paid for obtaining the naming rights to a baseball park.

The company’s chairman, since the year 2004, has been Jim Myers – who has been working at the company since the year 1990. In the year 2016, Jim Myers announced his retirement and therefore he was succeeded by Brad Weston, who was the company president and also the chief merchant as well. During the year 2005, the company was criticised for selling large exotic birds in their shops. The same year, the company had signed an agreement with PETA in order to stop the sale of large exotic birds. In the year 2008, the company also stopped selling rabbits as well. As of the year 2015, the company was taken over by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board along with CVC Capital Partners, for an amount of almost $6.4 billion. This move failed the talks between the company and PetSmart, for a possible amalgamation. In the year 2018, a veteran executive who had worked at PepsiCo as well as Hewlett-Packard as well, known to be Ron Coughlin, had taken over the post of CEO. The same year, the company had signed an agreement with Canadian Tire, in order to sell the products of Petco at the 500 stores owned by Canadian Tire. This move had brought the company with the Canadain market for the first time as well. In the year 2019, the company had donated almost $500,000 to the Animal Services Department, located in Texas, USA. The headquarters of the company is based in 10850 Via Frontera. The name of the place is San Diego, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 92127.


Petco is an American company that focuses on the manufacturing and selling of various kinds of products and supplies for pets, along with providing advice and services for pet owners too. The current CEO of the company is Ron Coughlin. As of the current date, the company has its presence in over 1,500 locations around the USA, Canada and also Mexico. As of the current date, the number of employees working at the company is more than 25,000. The Petco Foundation had raised almost $200 million since it was established in 1999 and spent $30 million every year to support the welfare of animals.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of products and supplies for pets, along with the securing of services like pet grooming and dog training as well. The company also sell live animals for adoption as well, like – hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, reptiles, fish, etcetera.

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  • lisa mishel says:

    i want to make a complaint on how i treated as a customer when i visited a petco location in las vegas nevada on 12/27/23 at 10:51 at store northwest number 01105 i went inside the store to purchuse precription dog food from vetco that moring i paid for the item at the vetco regester with cash after i was done i walk out to the parking lot and a min later a petco employee walk up to me and told me u need to pay for that that item i saw you walk out with out paying i said i did pay for it at vetco kelli was the the one that i gave the cash to at vetco i told the person her name is Brenda who is accusing me of stealing the food with not communicated first with vetco that i paid for the food brenda told me i need the proof that you paid for the item i showed her the receipt and she look at it and gave it back to me i told brenda i dont appreshate you accusing me of stealing when i paid for it with cash she said we have alot people that will take things from the store and walk out with out paying i said well iam not every one is that there and i said i want an apollogy brenda just walk away after she handed back the receipt and did she not apolliage to me which is very rude and inconsiderate this needs to be brought to petco corporate office and this person brenda at store number 01105 need a talk on how to treat people more professional u dont go and accuse a customer of stealing without getting information first brenda should have communated with vetco front desk kelli first before telling me i was stealing it does not make a customer feel very welcome in petco i want this look into asap

  • Rod fitzgerald says:

    I wanted to reach out to the Corp office of Petco. Petco reviews are terrible on multiple sites. As consumers we are quick to complain and quick to tell others. When we have a positive experience with a company we are terrible at reaching out and complimenting the company and their people. I am a successful retail activist. Effective at getting company’s/organizations to look at their poor or unfair policy’s and procedures.
    I want to share with you the incredible business/shopping experience I had today at the Clovis Ca store. Gabriel the store GM helped me select the perfect medical collar for my wife’s dog. When I returned the ones I selected, I met the DM Sandy. This DM does not visit a store and sit in the back office writing reports. She engages customers, employees and stocks the shelves. Would vote for her to be promoted to RM if I could. My wife had a poor grooming experience at this store. Sandy invited me to meet their certified groomer Steve when he finished grooming a Standard Poodle. Being a good observer, I watched him groom this dog. It was clear that he was proud of his skill and that he recognized, this dog is a member of a family. Talked with my wife about giving this store another chance. I hope this great staff can help Petco book more 5 star reviews.

  • Donna Kodssakowski says:

    Why are you selling ferrets for 400.00 dollars that is what they cost at my store in Mishawaka In. I have always bought my ferrets there, but I don’t think I will again because you are ripping people off. How dare you I use to get Ferrets for 150.00- 200.00 dollars.

  • Alexandria La Store says:

    Please don’t waste your money at Petco to only be treated with upmost disrespect. They will never get another penny of my hard earned dollars. I went to buy my granddaughter a very small turtle, 10 gallon aquarium and supplies, only to be told at check out that they refuse to make the sale unless I buy a bigger tank…believe me the 10 gallon tank was in no way to small for the tiny turtle…we told them it was temporary until the turtIe started growing(which would’ve been quite some many months away). I take a look around the store and see fish floating belly up from living in very tiny plastic containers, fish tanks with to many fish to be comfortable, to many lizards, rodents, birds etc in compartments per their body size and their tiny prisons…let’s not mention the cats in tiny kennels with full size litter boxes giving the cats next to no room to move…their isn’t one animal in that store with enough room to stay in day after day. The turtle tank they had turtles in, per body count of turtles in there didn’t have 10 gallons of space apiece. I went to another pet store that happily sold me a turtle with same setup I was going to purchase at Petco…

  • Linda says:

    I have been a Petco customer for many years, and recently adopted a cat from them. The fact that Petco partnered with our community animal shelter to showcase their cats, made me a loyal customer. Many cats who might not have been adopted, went to wonderful homes thanks to Petco. Recently, there were two older cats that were able to be adopted together, that wouldn’t have happened in the municipal shelter. However, they are no longer doing that in Largo, FL, when I asked why, I was told that “management didn’t want older cats, they wanted kittens”. This is unacceptable to me. It’s the older cats, the bonded pairs, etc. that really needed the exposure that they received at Petco. PLEASE call the Petco corporate headquarters to voice your disappointment. Thanks!

  • earl C sutton says:

    Not a place I will be spend money with after my last experience
    I have shopped with Petco but I didn’t know to have fish from here you have to prove to young reps
    That u have somewhere to keep them not only for the time being but also for long like yrs later or they don’t get them for you without the 3rd degree so I will be finding somewhere else to get my pets

  • Shanissia Derby says:

    I recently took my dog to be groomed at a Petco in Concord NC about a week and half ago. I specifically asked that my dogs anal glands be expressed as he is a Shih-Tzu mix and we try our best to stay up on this so it doesn’t become a bigger problem for him. I noticed days later my dog still had a fishy odor when passing gas…..and just yesterday I noticed he had some bleeding from his rear end when he was pooping. I called Petco to check if indeed they had expressed his anal glands as requested. I spoke to the manager (James) who told me his anal glands were not expressed and that it had not been requested. I specifically asked upon dropping him off that this service be performed. They charged me extra ( not what I was quoted) when dropping him off for some “matting” but completed neglected to do what was asked. I went back and forth with James and not only did he not offer to perform the expression if I bought him back in but proceeded to tell me they issue was probably too far gone at that time for them to do anything anyway. How he knew this without any further information is beyond me. My puppy spent 4 hours with them and this is what is to come out of it. I will not be returning to any Petco and now will most likely have incurred the cost of a vet bill as well, this is totally unacceptable.

  • Elsa G. Macias says:

    I’m presently living in Mexico City and rely on PETCO for all my pet’s needs.
    I’ve been bombarded with emails and now while making a grooming appointment at Petco Miyana, about my pet’s vaccines. I don’t understand why Petco is being so insisting on the vaccines since they are due in a month. I am required to take in proof of the vaccines which I will gladly due to prove that they are far from being due. This is very upsetting as Petco has the complete records or should have anyways. I hope something can be done about this as I am a responsible dog owner that would never do anything to harm my pet or the Petco staff.
    Thank you
    Elsa Macias

  • Raven says:

    Don’t try to get your prescriptions filled here. They have NO access to their own pharmacy. Vet faxes over scripts repeatedly, they can never find it and cancel the order. Have to place whole new order to maybe get them or not again. Crazy long wait times on hold 20-30 minutes and no one knows anything or can help. Go anywhere but here for your pet scripts. Petco does NOT care about the well being of your pet or they would have basic access to their own pharmacy.

  • Edith J Bechtel says:

    The Petco in The Dalles Oregon is horrible. We had an appointment for 8 this morning and the groomer was ill. Why would you not have a replacement ready. We ruined the whole morning for absolutely nothing.

  • John says:

    Your groomers at Yucca Valley store are awful

  • Shelly maloney says:

    You should absolutely be ashamed of your Medford, Or store! Not only are the fish always sick or dead but today we go in to find my son a lizard he has worked for all summer long! 7 year olds should not go into the store to see a decomposing lizard! Then when i bring it up to an employee they try and tell me they check them 4 times a day! Im sorry this lizard was rotting!!! Un- noticed right at the front of the tank and a childs eye level! This is sooooo sad! Sadly we left with a broken hearted 7 year old boy empty handed! I have photos but it will not allow me to post




    WHEN WILL I GET MY ORDER? 0MS91282U1711135S

  • Lynn says:

    I just saw that Petco is offering LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ????? Items for dogs and cats. Are you kidding me??? No way!!! Have you heard the saying yet? GO WOKE, GO BROKE!! This is the most ridiculous thing I hv ever seen. For what purpose???!!! So you can parade your pet to show everyone what gender you are?? WHO CARES!!! That belongs to the person. I don’t want to know!! Nor do the majority of the population. Whoever thought of this idea should be sacked immediately. I will never buy another item from Petco again for my straight boy Lab!!!

  • Jessica Brown says:

    I have been a customer with Petco in Sanford, NC since 2015. I adopted my dog in June of 2015. I have purchased my dog food, treats and toys as well as grooming services since 2015. I have always had the best customer service until today. When I arrived and opened the door to the salon, the salon staff member did not greet me, ask who I was checking in or give any notion of common courtesy. She told me that I shouldn’t have my dog on a retractable leash and that another dog could have bitten my dog. I then said, I hope another dog doesn’t bite my dog, the employee then said it wouldn’t have been the other dogs fault, some people bring their dog to socialize. She then asked for my dogs shot record, I told her the tag was on his collar, she said that wasn’t good enough. I then remembered I had his record in my purse because I had taken him for his check up on Monday. I then said I have his records in my purse, she them said with a nasty attitude, well that’s what I asked for. I then said you know what, you have a nasty attitude, were leaving, she said ok, bye. I walked to the front and asked for the store manager. I proceeded to tell him what had just happened. He said she was the salon manager and she had ben there for eight months. I told him I had never seen her before and gave him the names of his usual groomers, he said one of the groomers has quit and offered a free grooming session with the familiar groomer. I told him that was ok, don’t worry about it and left. I didn’t get an apology for the poor service, which was all I really wanted. I am writing this email to complain of the poor customer service I received with no apology or accountability for poor communication to customers. After being a loyal Petco customer for 7 years, this experience has left me in shock and I will never step foot in or spend one cent at a Petco ever again, and will be sure to let friends and family be aware of how I was treated.

  • Linda M says:

    My 17 pd deaf, blind diabetic dog was taken to the Port Richmond petco on Aramingo Ave in Philadelphia. Upon arriving to pick her up, the groomer told me she had a problem grooming her. She said, my dog was giving her such a hard time, she had to call for her manager n another groomer to “pin her to the table and my dog was being loud.” A block away, my dog was vomiting in the car, shaking and crying. It got so bad, I had to take her to the vet. Now, the groomer who could not control my dog is about 6’1″ and approx 200 or more pounds. So, it cost me $93.00 for grooming and $127.00 for the vet.
    I called the store and spoke to the manager to ask her if anyone gave my dog anything to eat. I was told no. That was obviously a lie. My dog’s vomit looked like some kind of hard treat. My dog doesn’t get any kind of commercial treats due to being diabetic.
    Stay away from this business. Petco is not a safe place for animals. The manager and the groomer should be fired. I, nor any of my family or friends ever patronize this horror chamber, again.

  • Chelsea J says:

    Today my dog was set up for a grooming appointment at Petco location 349 Perimeter Drive Midlothian VA 23113-7316. Very upset and very disappointed with the service at this location. My dogs appointment was at 3:45pm and he was there by 3:20pm I advised the stylist :Kristen H that my dog was very anxious and nervous as he always is when it comes to getting groomed. Kristen verified all of my information and contact information. The dissatisfying service from Kristen started when she waited and called me at 5:12pm that I needed to pick Nino up because she could not wash him note finish my fogs hair cut. My dog is a very small dog probably not near 20 lb he is a nut but has schnauzer/yorkie features. This location closes at 6pm. I advised Kristen that I would be sitting in my car during his appointment and at 5:12pm she decided to call me that she couldn’t finish the job at all. To me it sounded like she was lying about my dog “biting” her twice the reason why she did not want to finish the job and just wanted to be off work so she did not have to groom my dog. I will not be going back to this location thus far and would y advise anyone going to this location seems like they need a manager to be present to ensure all customers are being serviced and not lazy teenagers who do not want to work and just get off early. When I picked my dog up he was half shaved and not washed. When I walked in Kristen and other employees were laughing and seemly satisfied to just hurry up to get off and not finish a job. Very unhappy customer! I will not be going back nor do I believe I will be a Petco customer any longer the service from Kristen H at location 349 Perimeter Drive Midlothian VA 23113-7316 was HORRIBLE. IMAGINE PICKING YO YOUR DOG BOT WASHED AND HALF SHAVED!

  • Ronda says:

    I’m curious who to give a complaint to I understand upsell but you don’t bully a person trying to get them to buy what you want instead of what’s required at this moment as I was gonna get starter set up for a bearded dragon that was less then 7 inches and sales person refused stating she would only sell the I believe 50 gallon tank as they grow yes we understand they grow but not over nite so the sale for bearded dragon plus complete tank and food and anything else needed like the mite spray and tank spray didn’t happen at the swampscott store because a sales person so we will try Revere store again tomorrow and hope for better results

  • Anoymous shopper says:

    I was told today at the local Petco Store in Sanford Florida that I needed to give them my private phone number in order to purchase one small fish with fish food . They tried to tell me I was adopting the fish when I was purchasing the fish . I refused to give them my private information so they did not sell me the product. I will never shop at this store again .

  • Marc Carter says:

    Do you guys sponsor Dog shows ? I’m having an event where 100 or more dogs and owners will attend the is a free event. With petco being one of the best if not the best pet stores in California. I live in North Hollywood Ca. This is an attempt to bring unity within my community with a little help if possible from you guy at petco can help us both. Thanks MC

  • Tommy says:

    Horrible customer service at Petco location at Kennelon,NJ
    Three ladies at front counter all with lousy attitudes wouldn’t replace a $4.00 item because I didn’t have my credit card receipt.and my phone number was not in their system. They asked to see my drivers license and scanned it and still they didn’t let me exchange it. Because of this I will never go back to any Petco. Someone should fire all three of these so called customer service people

  • Linda Shovak says:

    Petco. I need help asap for my 8 month old puppy.. I’ve sent numerous request for an order to be filled and to no avail.. #8067116983571 Prescription needed and sent it to them this day less than 48 hours trying to find it in a store Green Oaks Center, Michigan… Please HELP ME!

  • Gary says:

    This is about your Petco in Stoughton Massachusetts it should be closed down the smell in there is horrible I don’t even know how the people work there I want in walk to the back of the store and had to turn around and leave it stunk so bad. Maybe you should have a professional cleaning crew come in and clean it

  • Manuel Rivera-Lebron says:

    Is it right Petco has a policy of not servicing any dog older than 10 years. So we were told by one of your staff in Brookfield WI when we tried to make an appointment for our 17 years old Golden Heller.

  • Manuel Rivera-LeBron says:

    Petco at Brookfield WI wouldn’t service our Golden Heller because she is 17 years old. Told owner over the phone it was a Petco policy not to serve any dog older than 10 years. Is this true? And if so why?

  • Donna Brissette says:

    Going through a nightmare with Petco
    Just to get a refund of 219.00 for training classes
    Went there twice now to get a refund with the receipt and credit card used…
    Spoke to Wayne the store manager….he should be fired…the way he spoke to me today…. I just couldn’t believe it
    Had card and reciept…. to get refund…two times…. I was told to come back after the training class was over…. The trainer is the only one who can refund the $219 back to my card…. Even though I had the receipt in the card it was charged to
    Wayne the manager should be fired for speaking to me the way he did and hanging up on me I will never go to Petco AGAIN

  • Nancy says:

    I have been taking my dog to Petco every 3 weeks for the past 2 years to get her nails trimmed and buffed. Today, I noticed that the fees have gone up 25 percent. They also have started to charge for a fee for materials used. This is just ridiculous and appears they are just trying to take advantage of their customers. I’m going elsewhere where I won’t be cheated.

  • Debbi Jahaaski says:

    Just want to say how disappointed I am in Petco. I’ve not been a fan of Pet Smart until now.
    Some time ago I purchased…online… an Every Yay slow feeder bowl for my cat. When I bought it, its china origin was not disclosed. That was discovered on the packaging only when I received the bowl. I contacted you to ask what materials it was made from since that was also not disclosed anywhere. China could care less what pet food containers are made from…I would NEVER have purchased this bowl had full disclosure been made on line. I have already requested the contents information from you…also some time ago. Of course no response. So today the bowl will go into the trash…and I will shop at Pet Smart from now on…and beware of products Petco sells on other websites

  • Jenny says:

    On New Year’s Day I went out to the Petco store at 3060 North Powers in Colorado Springs, CO 80923.
    I came into the store around 10:15AM and no one Welcomed me to the store and no employees asked if they could help and I walked around the store.
    It is so disappointing that most store these days have very little customer service and think they all should.

    I have been working in retail since 1990 and I am still working in retail.

    I was looking at cat trees and condos because many years ago I bought one for my cat and they love it.

    I have already called the store and talked with a lady named Shar and she was very nice and she said she would look to see who was there on Wednesday.

  • Ann Dick says:

    -1.0 star rating 10/14/2019
    There isn’t a low enough rating that I can select for Petco. Ever since they took the prescription business over from Drs Foster and Smith, their service has plummeted past the cent of the earth. They don’t know what they are doing. I have spent HOURS upon HOURS trying to get prescriptions filled for my dogs that amount to over $500, but apparently they don’t care.

    First I was told I needed PAPER prescriptions that needed to be taken into a Petco store…NOT!! Then they apologized and said that I needed to upload them to their site. Had trouble with that and spent hours with a supvervisor trying to get them uploaded. Turns out their site limits quantities but it doesn’t say that anywhere. I had to re enter the prescriptions for my 4 dogs over again. Then they cancelled the scripts for one of my dogs for Bravecto and TriHeart. Couldn’t give me a reason why. Have spoken now to 3 supervisors and am still no closer to getting this resolved, and of course, they claim it is too late to cancel my $500 order. They said Vet would not approve it, yet I sent them SIGNED scripts from the vet.

    So now I have to contact the vet to find out just what the heck happened. My guess is that there is a language barrier. I had trouble understanding the reps and they didn’t understand simple language from me either. I even sent them a DETAILED email of what I needed and what their system would provide, and still I sit here typing this review because they can’t do their job and process a simple order.

    Save yourself a MAJOR headache and order your pets prescriptions somewhere else that actually know how to fill them. They SUPPOSEDLY are using Express Scripts????? but I have never seen this kind of problem with Express Scripts EVER.

    Next step is calling the vet tomorrow as well as Petco’s Corporate Office.

  • Diana Wilson says:

    I have been a return grooming customer for many years (I have been dis-abled for the last 8 years). I have never had any issues, until now. I brought my animal “Scamper” into the store in Gresham, OR on Division Street, for the full Spa Day treatment. His appt. was on October 3rd. When asked I told them I wanted the same cut that he usually got. Usually it took about 3 hrs before he was finished, it took almost 5 hrs this visit. When I saw my dog I was shocked & upset. He is a Shih Tzu, which you can not recognize as one now!! His ears & tail are supposed to be fluffy & full, his cut completely took all of that away. I even could see his pinkish skin around his nose area. He basically was pretty whacked up…. I am not sure if I will be a return customer, am truly very disappointed.

  • Marianne O'Connor says:

    How can I find ANYONE at Petco in Customer Service that speaks ENGLISH? I ordered an item today and it’s become one big mess! I will NEVER deal with Petco again if this isn’t taken care of!

  • Mrs. Lichtig says:

    I want Petco’s executives, to know how great the groomers are at 24001 Chagrin Blvd., at Beachwood, Ohio, 44122 store. They greet you with a smile and talk to the animal with warmth, that makes me as an owner feel safe leaving my dog with them as I have for almost 5 years. They check my dog over and let me know if they see a problem that needs to be taken care of. I feel more like I am with family showing such kindness. The groomers are magnificent making my dog look so handsome when they are done taking care of him. Jessie, Jennie are marvelous and now Ashley has joined the group as well. These women have answered many of my questions about my dog. You are so lucky to have these wonderful groomers working for you.
    Thank you,——-This is my Service dog.

    Mrs. Jacqueline Lichtig
    16105 Fernway Road
    Shaker Heights, Ohio
    email: Luckylsabrina @ aol.com
    Telephone: 216-751-8980 (answering machine)
    Cell: 216-534-8614–it has voice mail
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