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  • Need more time; 45 minutes not long enough. says:

    I was at PetValu today to give my dog a bath. The baths were very clean. I understand the social distancing. The only problem I had is that you only get 45 minutes to give your dog a bath. That might be good if you have a small to medium dog, but it’s not enough time for a large dog. I think when you make an appointment to wash your dog, they should ask you what size your dog is and give you more time for a large dog. Even if you have to pay a little more for an extra 15 minutes it would be worth it. I literally left the shop with my dog still wet since I could not finish drying him. It was an inconvenience. I was told that my 45 minutes was up and that they had more people coming in.

  • Tresa Thompson says:

    I was a Pet Value customer until today. During a global pandemic the employee at 630 Euclid Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky could not be bothered to wear a face covering of any kind. With customers wearing masks, and lots of us are seniors, Pet Value clearly has no concern for its customers. If you choose not to respect the actual LIVES of customers, I shouldn’t be shopping with you. Today you lost me — and I’m following up with friends and social media. #NoMaskNoMoney

  • Nancy Rickard says:

    I made a purchase at the store in Harrisburg Pa in the Colonial Commons today and as I was exiting the store there were several cats in cages at the front of the store. Since I am a cat owner I stopped to talk with them. I noticed they had very little room to move around. There was a large litter box and the poor cats (I saw 3 of them) were either laying at the end of the litter container which put them right up at the side of the cage. One was laying on the back edge of the litter box and the other was laying right in front of it and there was no other place for them to go. I don’t know how long they stay in these cages without room to move but I thought it was unhealthy for them to be so constrained for long periods of time. I am just letting you know my personal feeling regarding these conditions and hope they will be considered and some action taken for these cats. I don’t know about you, but for myself if I was that constrained for any length of time I would become agitated and frustrated.

    • guest says:

      The cats are owned and cared for by a separate foster agency. They send someone in twice a day to care for the cats and get them out for playtime.

  • Marge Durdack says:

    I am more than alarmed that the Pet Valu location in Galloway, NJ has only one young female employee scheduled to work the night hours from 5pm until 9pm daily, apparently because they do not want the extra expense of having a second employee to pay a salary to during these hours. The safety risk forced upon the young women scheduled to work this shift alone is shocking. No professional and intelligent business person in their right mind would tolerate a young female alone for that amount of time, in a retail establishment at the lonely end of a poorly lit strip mall, with a cash register, and a large store front filled with retail product; the perfect set up for a robbery or worse. I, myself, have recently visited this store three times in the early evening hours, only to find a young woman alone. This ignorant and nonprofessional tactic to save money is no longer even tolerable to me, and I will now consider shopping at another place for my dog. In the meantime, I pray for these young women’s safety, and hope that someone in this Corporation who has put money before the safety of their employees, has the brains to take immediate steps to correct this unbelievable situation, and have at least two people per shift for every single hour that these pet stores are open for business. And — if this is financially impossible, then the franchisee must either work it themself, with the young female being forced to work alone, or close the store down altogether!!

    • guest says:

      Pet valu (and any large chain pet store) will cut corners and morals anywhere they can. You should see where they get their animals from (Sunpet). And they will only hire children who lack the capabilities and critical thinking skills to actually care for the animals they receive.

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