Where Is Pet Supplies Plus Corporate Office Headquarters

Pet Supplies Plus Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 17197 N Laurel Park Dr #402, Livonia, MI 48152, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 734-793-6600

  • Email: service@petsuppliesplus.com

  • Number of Employees: 2100

  • Established: June 1988

  • Founder: Jack Berry & Harry Shallop

  • Key People: Christopher Rowland

Pet Supplies Plus Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Pet Supplies Plus Corporate Office

A company that is truly concerned about the well-being of pets should not just be about business alone. That said, an organization like Pet Supplies Plus LLC will readily be ready to attend to the inquiries raised by their customers – the pet parent(s). This means you do not have to overburden yourself with that concern – just put a call through or reach out through any medium that suits you. This also applies if you are nursing the intention of opening a franchise with Pet Supplies Plus LLC. Against these backdrops, this informative piece should be of value to you.

Ways to Contact Pet Supplies Plus LLC Corporate Headquarters

Address: If you wish to send a parcel, letter or maybe pay a visit to the company headquarters, here you have the (mailing) address: 17197 N Laurel Park Dr #402, Livonia, MI 48152, USA.

Phone Number: You could as well put a call through to speak with an official of Pet Supplies Plus LLC via +1 734-793-6600

Email: Transmitting your message through an email may suffice in certain instances, and this, you can achieve through service@petsuppliesplus.com

Pet Supplies Plus Headquarters Info & Photos

Pet Supplies Plus LLC moved its headquarters to the present site – Laurel Office Park III – in 2012 after initiating a lease agreement in a deal brokered by Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions. The company moved into this base from its former location at Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The building is a Class B type with five stories – Pet Supplies Plus LLC occupies the 3rd and 4th floors. It has a total size of 215,016 square feet and sits within a land span of 9.93 acres. Pet Supplies Plus LLC shares Laurel Office Park III building with other tenants; some of these include Market Place Home, Magdich & Associates, Michigan Urgent Team, NTG Air & Ocean LLC, Hexin Machinery, Broadspire, II Stanley, and Western & Southern Life

Pet Supplies Plus LLC’s headquarters has a cumulative size of 33,000 square feet and has been remodeled to conveniently support the daily operations of the employees who provide the necessary for the stores. Apart from the administrative areas, there are also several functional spaces around.

Pet Supplies Plus Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

17197 N Laurel Park Dr #402, Livonia, MI 48152, United States

Pet Supplies Plus Headquarters Executive Team

Chris Rowland

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Rowland is a veteran in the industry with experience spanning over 20 years. He had previously worked with PetSmart, rising to the position of President of the company’s Canadian operations before joining Pet Supplies Plus in 2012. He joined directly as the CEO and has been leading Pet Supplies Plus’s overall operations through strategic management. Chris has a BA. degree in Business from Western University.

Dan McNamara

Chief Financial Officer

Dan McNamara joined Pet Supplies Plus from Domino’s in 2019 and became the CFO in February 2020. In this role, he oversees the entire activities surrounding accounting, taxation, and general finance of the company. He also leads other management functions directed at projecting creditable franchising operations. Dan obtained his BSc. in Accounting from Clearwater Christian College and also has an MBA from Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Miles Tedder

Chief Operating Officer

Miles Tedder has been at Pet Supplies Plus LLC for close to years now. Prior to assuming the office of the COO in 2015, he was in charge of supply chain operations, bringing to the fore his wealth of experience in the industry. As the COO, Miles has guided the company into establishing strategies that promote improved efficiency and organizational performance. He graduated from Limestone University with a BSc. in Business and obtained an MBA from Stetson School of Business and Economics, Mercer University.



Heidi Char

Senior Vice President – Human Resources

Jeff Suttle

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

Nick Russo

Senior Vice President of Franchising and Stores

Stan Mac

Senior Vice President – CIO – Information Technology

About Pet Supplies Plus


Pet Supplies Plus LLC was founded in 1988 by the duo of Harry Shallop and Jack Berry. The company opened the first of its stores in the same year [it was founded] in Redford, Michigan, and the number of stores has since grown in leaps and bounds.

The growth trend was greatly impacted by the company’s embrace of franchising operations which started around the late 90s. By 2005, it was reported to be the third-largest pet food retailer in the US. Pet Supplies Plus presently has more than 500 stores across 36 American states. 

A major shift in Pet Supplies Plus as private equity firm, Sentinel Capital Partners closed the deal to acquire it. Again, there was another transfer of ownership in January 2021 with the acquisition of Pet Supplies Plus by American holding firm, Franchise Group Inc. Back in 2020, Pet Supplies Plus acquired 40 of Pet Valu’s stores in 2020 as the latter looked to wind down its operations in the US.


Pet Supplies Plus is a privately held firm that has its primary business interest in pet supply retailing – it operates a supermarket-styled retailing business. It makes available items for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and other small pets. These products – which entail pet food, toys, pet care formula/items, and grooming accessories – are provided under 27 different brands.

Pet Supplies Plus also has services lined up for pets through several programs. Some of these services include those aimed at providing veterinary care and consultations, grooming, etc. Additionally, through its franchising operations, the company presents individuals with the opportunity to become partners – as franchise owners.   


  • About 55% of Pet Supplies Plus LLC stores exist as franchises. Its franchise agreement attracts a royalty fee to the tune of 2% (of the total sales volume) in the first fiscal year of opening a franchise, and 3% for subsequent years.
  • The ‘You Click, We Fetch’ has been developed by Pet Supplies Plus to help customers make product orders online.
  • The company’s services and products cater to the needs of over 1.8 million pets every year.

  • Pete smith says:

    recently visited your saint clairsville Ohio location, a store I have visited before. Today I was blown away by what I witnessed. There was a young female employee working taller with I believe either red or pink highlights wearing daisy duke style shorts. Several times I witnessed her reach between her legs and pick her shorts out of her crotch, then! Touched merchandise. I do not understand how this could be allowed to happen!!!! She touched her crotch then product that people purchase for their animals! Disgusting! She was working with another male employee, he was wearing shorts and had a well groomed beard, he kinda looked like the picture of the manager as you walk into that store. If that was the case how could he allow an employee work dressed like this!!! Either he don’t care about his employees appearance or he’s to busy enjoying the view!!! After this I will never shop in this store as long petco will have all of my business going forward!!! I attempted to send this in an email but my attempts are blocked evidently you do. It care about what your coustomer opinion

  • NO ONE says:

    What kind of business is Pet Supplies? Not one of the below 27 comments have been addressed by PET SUPPLIES!

  • Ginny M says:

    Went to the store in Mooresville Ind. Store number 4089. I shop there often as I have three dogs. They have three little Ferrets that have been there a couple months. I always go back and talk to them and look at them. Today, November 28. 2022 at 10 o’clock I was there to get dog treats went back to see the Ferrets and the cage was beyond dirty. There was poop everywhere on the toys on the bedding in the food on the cage and the ferrets as well. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in days. The manager said that mess was from one day, I am no idiot and know it hadn’t been cleaned in a while. The mess was disgusting as well as stinky. You could smell it as soon as you walked in the store. The manager said she would get someone on it right away to clean it. I went back at 1:15 the same day and they were just cleaning the cage. The ferrets spent another couple hours in that filthy cage. I know a ferret cage needs to b cleaned at least once a day. They are messy. I read where the animals in your stores come first. Well somebody needs to tell the employees of this store.
    I almost wish I had taken pictures if the mess these poor babies were living in. The manager offered one excuse after the other but in my book there are no excuses for animals living in squalor. Even the water bottle had not been cleaned in a while. She knew it was bad so what was wrong with her cleaning the cage if the other employees were busy? Isn’t that part of the manager’s duties as well? Just concerned for the well being of the ferrets.

  • Denton Tx Loop 288-Brian says:

    Today I drove to the Denton Tx store to request price adjustment for items that I purchased at that store on July 17th, a little over 60 days. The manager Brian points out that my receipt is from July and that was beyond 30 days return policy. I pointed out that this was not a return, I was asking for a price match as per the store policy that states Pet Supplies Plus offers its customers a price guarantee. This is one of the reasons I have been a customer due to the assurance that the price is the best available. The total price adjustment would have amounted to under $5.00.

    After being told that my purchase was longer than 30 days ago, I decided not to shop at the store and pick up the items I was planning to purchase.

    I don’t think the manager, Brian was customer centric and as a result, a paying customer turned away from spending more at this Pet Supplies Plus store. Instead of considering that perhaps a happy customer who receives under $5.00 in the store offer of price matching vs the new purchase intended that day was not a good call. Especially since the fact that this experience has given me a reason to not shop at Pet Supplies Plus.

    Manager training might should include a little bit of leniency when it comes to paying customers who shop repeatedly at your stores. As a result of this, Brian not only costed the company an intended sale that day, but it also costed the company to loose a regular paying customer going forward. The way that Brian could have handled this might have sounded something like this: Our policy is 30 days and your original purchase is beyond that but as a one time courtesy I will approve this only this time as we value your business as a customer but it will be a one time consideration, in the future if the lapse in time is over 30 days, no consideration will be given.

    All for $5. As a result, I wont shop at Pet Supplies Plus again and I will share my experience with family and friends.

    There were two cashiers who I interacted with at the store that day, Lizeth and Levi. I thought the main office would appreciate knowing that Levi was the only helpful associate as Lizeth also pointed out to me that as far as she understood, price matches are not offered at this store. As I was leaving, Brian offers his best remark he could think of by stating “I hope your day improves…” My day was not in need of improvement based on the experience I had there. It remained a great day, prior to and after leaving.

  • Jason Babel says:

    The Steubenville Ohio store is in need of a general manager that has experience with all the different animals and the day to day operations they need some employees that are a little bit more friendly when it comes to customer service the store really need a good cleaning and the animal need to be properly taken care of like keeping the hamsters and mice and gerbils right in smelling distance of snakes because I have breeder and sold and trained reptiles for 30 years everything from Nile monitors to corn snake to bearded dragon if they smell there prey and you put your hand in to pick up a snake they are going to bite you in a minute not because they are mean because it’s there instincts to grab what moves when it smells like there food wow

  • Frankie L Crites says:

    Pleae Call me urgent.I have a complaint about a employee named Sue at your Pasadena Maryland store. She shoulden’t work with the public. She treated my wife very very bad today.
    I have discussed this matter with Capital One. I purchased the pet food on the 5th of September. I had to return the food on September 7, 2022 because it was making my dog very very sick. I am a long time customer there. She talked to me very rude. I believe she acted that away because i am Spanish. I am the husband American, i was born here in the USA.
    Please call me asap .I hope before i contact my attorney This kind of behavior has to stop!
    Remember customers first. Sue stated that she don’t care who we talk to because Sue diden’t care.
    My phone number is 410-212-6591.
    Please take care of this matter.
    Thank you

  • Beth P says:

    Went there yesterday to buy cat food. I tried to do a price comparison with Chewy. The lady at the register called for John to help her. He was in the upper office working on the computer. He didn’t even look our way, just kept doing computer work. After a while, I told the lady that I will just go somewhere else to buy the food. She went next to the wall and again told him she needed his help. He still continued to work on the computer. If he was on the phone I can understand why he didn’t acknowledge us but a person can step away from a computer. Maybe he was chatting with a friend or playing a game on the computer. Either way, he could not be bothered with work. So I thanked him for his great assistance and left the store without purchasing the cat food.

  • Carla says:

    I went to pet supplies plus to look at a banana ball and they pulled out a different snake, that was complete skin and bones. Had them since end of march / beginning of April and the snake hasn’t eaten since. I called them out on it and then the two girls helping were being complete assholes because of me calling them out. They then tired to switch their story and say that he ate. But the chart literally states he didn’t eat. I’ve never had a good experience at this location and I don’t think I ever will. I suggest you get this place under control. It’s not the first sick animal I’ve seen here.

  • Steve Ford says:

    The grooming department at the Irmo South Carolina was negligent and caused my dog to have a heat stroke. After tw0 and a half hours I checked on him the groomer said he was still under the dryer and she would grind his nails and he would be ready in 15 minutes when returning our dog was having a severe heat stroke. I rushed him to our Vet and he could of died If I had not gotten him their. after $3000.00 in Vet bills he probably will never be the same. Pet Supplies plus would not accept the responsibility for their actions and negligence it all happened on their watch. They refuse to admit their mistakes which almost caused our dog his life. Do not trust this company.

  • Young Female Shopper says:

    The manager is sexist and only denies my price match when I am alone. Your price match policy is you price match manufacturers your manager has been threatening not to price match products for me for several months now but ONLY WHEN I’M ALONE. I don’t know if he does not like me but as a small adult female I am now uncomfortable in your store alone, he watches me shop and then will personally see to it that my food is not price matched

  • G says:

    This company stole 80.00 from me! Said my order was delivered but it never showed up!!!!!!!

  • Sul says:

    This company FALSELY advertise for “Price Match Guarantee” to match any online retailer’s price but DOES NOT Price Match.
    I went to 2 stores and found the same issue, took a photo of the posted sign for Price match, and decided to record my conversation with the store manager and will report to FTC and Texas Attorney general.

  • Lesa says:

    Visited the new location in Conroe, TX today! Great and friendly service! I’m so excited we now have a pet store (other than the big box chains) in Conroe! I look forward to shopping here in the future!

  • Melissa stalkfleet says:

    Bought dogfood today and just happened to look at thr expiration date and it was june

  • Steven Gatto says:

    Went Shopping today 9/30/2021at Pet Supply Plus at the Spring Hill Fl. Store at 13120 Cortez Blvd 34613
    I had over $100 worth of product in my cart! I was told at the check out that they would NOT PRICE MATCH my purchase. I shop locally and try to support local businesses. Price Match was understood as Price Match. I have shopped at another store called Rural King. I was refused the Price Match stating they buy in bulk! Don’t most buy in bulk?
    I told them they have LOST A CUSTOMER. AND I WILL NOT BE BACK.
    I buy at least $100 of product a month or so!
    Why would you refuse a PRICE MATCH to a customer that shops and spends that king of $ a month/ yr!
    Totally disappointed in that level of customer service.
    They are a new store and I would think they would spread good will and honor the Price Match.
    I won’t be back shopping at Pet Supply Plus.
    I also use the pet grooming services the store promotes for my two furbabies.
    Disappointed in Brooksville Fl!

  • Jay Kasten says:

    Why doesn’t text message coupon #89596 work when it is printed good thru 6-30-21? I have tried several times.

  • Dorothy says:

    Pet supplies plus does not offer enough coupons through text messages for people to shop. The prices are high and not many discounts are offered. As a customer more discounts should be offered for frequent shoppers.

    • Sul says:

      This company FALSELY advertise for “Price Match Guarantee” to match any online retailer’s price but DOES NOT Price Match.
      I went to 2 stores and found the same issue, took a photo of the posted sign for Price match, and decided to record my conversation with the store manager and will report to FTC and Texas Attorney general.

  • pete palmer says:

    I go the the store in symmes twp Ohio I always find the people Helpful. Ellen at the store goes the extra mile and bends over backwards.going as far as calling you when something comes in.She should be told by her bosses how great she is doing and how she brings people back.

  • tony costa says:

    after seeing the other coments, no wonder i feel the way i feel, i guess it is not only in medford, ma. its everywere! unfit, unpleasant, don’t give a dam about who shops there! isn’t against the law, not to have prices on the display merchandise

  • tony costa says:

    Owner of Talegre kennel of 26 adult dogs

  • LouAnn says:

    I decided to buy my grand daughter a pet for her birthday. I visited 5 different pet stores in the Green Bay / Suamico area of WI to do my research on which animal to buy. I want you to know that only 2 stores gave me any sort of direction and help. Both stores were yours !! The one in west Green Bay and the Suamico store. Your employee’s are awesome !! I think they had just as much fun as I did looking for the best choice. I decided on a guinea pig and we purchased him from your Suamico store. You should be very proud of your employee’s….I have a business of my own and I know how hard it is to find a good employee’s. Wilbur ( the guinea pig ) is adjusting well and the grand kids are appsolutly in love. Thank you for this great experience.

  • Sean says:

    4650 Forsyth Rd. Ste 175, Macon Ga. 31210 #4105

    Every visit to this location has been an unpleasant experience. Yesterday 07/17/2020 was the icing on the cake. Every time I’ve been to this location, all the staff have been very short with myself and I’m sure as well with other customers. The staff doesn’t seem to care about customer service or the quality care of your pets. Yesterday I was dealing with an emergency situation with one of my fish. I called to see if they had an anti-parasitic. The lady I spoke to confirmed and said that it was in stock. I sent my roommate to get it.
    He got to the store and asked about it and where it was. Another associate said they didn’t have it. He called me and said they didn’t have it after I just got off the phone about 15 minutes prior. He went back in and got someone else to help and finally got what I needed.
    This is just one example of the poor quality of customer service received at this location. This is just one example.
    There have been other occasions where I have been looking at fish. I pointed out to one of the associates that a couple a fish were dead. I was told “Yeah, that happens”, and they walked off. I would just like for this to be known and hopefully some type of resolution for future customers. I, however, will no longer be a returning customer and would not recommend it.
    I am a manager of a business and know how customer service should be handled. This is unacceptable.

  • Sharon says:

    Walked into the Central Islip in Long Island ny the manager was very rude an cocky, they had sign up buy 3 get one free. I went to purchase 3 box of dog treats and one happy birthday treat for my dog since she was turn 3 yrs old today. The manager David was like we can’t do that for you, remind you the happy birthday treat was all broken up in pieces, I’m in this store every other week spending $60 or more on my puppy. I will no
    Longer be shopping with pet supplies plus. I’ll take my money to petco where they honor an price match to any store
    Or online

  • Jim says:

    I’m an “essential worker” in the food industry. My daughter happens to work for pet supply plus. This is her first job. I’ve been bringing her to work and watching your protocol on how to keep your employees safe and you’re neighbors safe. One thing I don’t understand is why are neighbors allowed in the store. They come in and touch everything. It’s impossible to sanitize everything you sell. They should call up the store order over the phone. Your team can then pick the order and have it ready all while wearing protective masks and gloves. I know you know all this so I won’t go on. I’m just a concerned parent and citizen. Thank you.

  • Jane says:

    Like for ceo come out of his mansion and be expoised to the virus like the rest of the workers here at pet supplies plus. Measures this company has not taken to protect its employees and their families is unexceptable. Time corporate step up take care the people thats making them money not hiding in homes and offices.

  • Frank says:

    Because your employees cannot keep accurate records, or put them in the computer I was denied service for my dog today. There are other neighbors that have said the same, 3 to be exact.
    You have lost another customer and I’m sure there will be more. Maybe you should look into the quality of your grooming salon in Montgomery, IL
    Personally I am never going to take my dog back. Young kid who could care less and probably can’t spell

  • Mary says:

    I have shopped at this store for 15 years, before your company bought it out. I continued to shop there after your company purchased them. I am there almost every week. I buy Canidae dry food for my dogs. I save the UPC’s. I tried to turn them in yesterday for a free bag and was told that you do not participate in this program. I will have to purchase my dog food now at Lee’s Feed in Lockeford. they honor these programs.

    Your store has had the best selection of cat food, wet/dry than any feed store I have been to. Now, the grocery store has a better selection of Friskies and Fancy Feast wet food. You seem to be bringing in high end cat food that none of my five cats will eat. I am very disappointed.

    I like being able to go to one store to purchase what I need. With your no free bag policy and a smaller selection of wet food for my cats I am no longer able to do this.

  • >