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  • Address: 3111 W Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132, USA

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  • Fax Number: N/A

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  • Number of Employees: 20,000

  • Established: 1921

  • Founder: Maurice (Moe) Strauss

  • Key People: Daniel A Ninivaggi (CEO)

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Scott P. Sider

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Thomas J. Carey

Chief Customer Officer and Senior Vice President

Noreen M. Culhane

Executive Vice President

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  • Aaron Hanson says:

    I got one for y’all on April 3rd 2022 pep boys, truck on fire they took full responsibility for it start ordering parts how to get a new engine 10 months later obviously they can’t fix it you don’t need one more part they spent over $18,000 on my truck trying to fix it and I couldn’t fix it now they want to Total it for not even worth what I owe on it I asked for a little bit of money so I can get another vehicle so I have a way to work but no they want to leave somebody with nothing yeah they gave us a little bit of money earlier in the progress because we couldn’t work due to our truck catching on fire but now they want to say that’s all they’re going to give us because we signed papers which by law I know the judge can overturn that I’ve read up on it Pep Boys is the worst place to go to get your car serviced I will never go there again they want to take the rent all the way for us on Monday January 23rd 2023 so I won’t even be able to get to work I won’t have a job I will lose my land I will lose my house I will lose everything but this corporation does not care I just wish they were my situation maybe it might be different but I hope they can sleep at night knowing that they’re going to leave somebody without a vehicle to be able to go to work I make a living when I drove my vehicle in there my truck and a Pep Boys and they caught on fire I was at least expecting to come out a little bit hole but that’s not happening Pep Boys all it is is about corporate green so if there anybody else is having the same problem please get in touch with me never know we might be able to do something about it I know I’m going all over the news I’m going to bash them all the news let him know what kind of company they are but they don’t care about their customers at all all they care about is their self and the greed and the money that’s all they care about but I’d rather just leave somebody with no vehicle to be able to get to work so I’m probably going to end up homeless and that’s no lie and that’s not trying to get any attention and this is for real so please if there’s a God don’t go to Pep Boys because they will catch your truck on fire and not leave you with anything.

  • Little Anthony BILLUPS says:

    I am an employee waiting on my 1st check. I need to know if it is coming in the mail?

  • Juan Espinal says:

    Necesito conversar con el jefedepartamento de recursos humanos en español.sobre una aclaración bien delicada. Y confidencial.

  • Sora Bae says:

    I’ve had problems with my car since morning, so I stopped by Pep Boys(26881 Aliso Creek Road Aliso Viejo CA92656)near my house.

    But I was very offended by the behavior of a man named Anndy?

    He was very rude and offended me and he didn’t know his rudeness and told me to be nice to him…

    Is it okay for your staff to be rude and should I be nice to him? There is only one reason to do so!!

    He said that if you’re unkind, he won’t serve you…

    is this correct?? Should I continue to be rude and understand, but be kind to him? He was rude and tried to call the police because I was disrupting business.

    I just asked for his name and store number, is this disruptive?

    Maybe Andy is a fake name.

    The only information I have is his boss Rick Lyncy’s business card, and I’ve emailed Rick and Pep Boys customer service, but no response.

    I just want to know if Andy’s behavior is the right thing to do, and I want to get an apology.

  • Rich Kestner says:

    Outstanding service on a Saturday evening at 7pm (1900 hours) in Morrisville, NC (Raleigh area) for a flat tire. John and Dion Provided exceptional personal service! THANKS!!

  • Chris. T says:

    Very Concerned.. On 6/14 I got in my car to go get gas. On a side note; I have been unemployed due to Covid for over 1.5 years.
    My issue was- When I turned on the car and my brake light came on, my check engine light came on and my battery light came on. I knew my battery was fine as I had JUST replaced it a month earlier. I called Pep boys at 928 Spring Creek Pkwy and spoke with Kyle.O. I asked Kyle if there were any discounts or deals etc. He quickly said no. I said thanks anyway.. I found Kyle to be knowledgeable but rude and direct. Instead of talking WITH me…he talked AT me. He was too edgy and sharp. He said come in and I did immediately. It took just a little over 2 hrs to the tune of $649.07. I was then told by Kyle that it was the alternator, but he gave no explanation as to why the brake light came on despite my inquiries. When I looked at the bill, I saw additional charges that I wasn’t made aware of (Shop fee $36.00 & Pep boys limited warranty $27.54 etc.) At this point I had the car and said nothing… I was just happy it was working. I hadn’t driven the car anywhere but home and it sat for quite a few days. On 6/19 I got in my car and it was DEAD. Nothing turned over at all and the ABS light came on. Immediately, I called Kyle.O and told him I was concerned and that this wasn’t happening before. I asked him if the ABS light meant Air Bag? He said no and said to simply have it towed here. I told him I was very concerned as I was financially tapped and anymore funds would come out of my rent and I was being honest. He then HUNG up on me. I did not call them back as I was offended and afraid of being taken advantage of and waited a few days to relax about it and try to figure out what to do or where i could go and who I COULD trust. Anyway, that day my car actually started that morning. So I thought..Well maybe it was a glitch and I let it go. THEN TODAY 6/23…I went out to start the car and AGAIN- DEAD.. NOTHING..Except for my ABS light. I am at the bottom of my strength here. I just dealt with the death of my brother in Indianapolis. I am looking for work and need a car for interviews and then this happens to my car and then the people you TRUST are unkind, rude and untrustworthy and end up creating more issues and want more money? I did call Pep Boys headquarters and spoke with a wonderful young woman and she said someone SHOULD call me, but I have yet to hear back from anyone. I don’t know where to go or who to trust anymore. Leaving this message here is out of desperation. Guidance from anyone is appreciated.



  • Kelvin Jones says:

    10/29/2019 Pep Boys 4141 Greenbriar St Houston, TX 77098
    (713) 528-8811- The person who would NOT help is named Don. My daughter brought her Subaru in with one flat tire. We were sold a warranty for ALL FOUR tires at the store in Tampa. (8705 N Dale Mabry Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 336-3330). Don proceeded to tell my daughter that all 4 tires needed to be replaced. The warranty would replace the one but she would have to buy the other 3. What kind of warranty is this that you are selling? I spoke to him on the phone and told him to just replace the tire that was flat. He refused and said he would have to replace all 4 or none. He said that its company policy and I could even check with Subaru. My daughter took her car to Gillman Subaru a few miles away and we paid for two back tires. DON’T SELL A WARRANTY IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE HONEST ABOUT IT! I will never set foot in a Pep boys again.

  • Pep boys sucks says:

    Hello my name is Denise Bell, I brought tires from you company in July 2018 Michelin Tires ,The tires are coming apart, I went back there and they did not horror my warrantee in Union NJ on west 22, I’m very disappointed in Pep Boys, I will be getting my lawyer to handy this situation because I felt this matter was not handy in appropriate manner. I can tell the difference when a tire is balling or when a tire is no good, I had three mechanic look at this tire and they all said the same thing. if I do not get a response I will go to my lawyer, Thank you have a good day. Denise Bell, 862-224-4908, or neiceybell@gmail.com


    on 09-09-19 i went to pep boys in hiram ga, 4569 jimmy lee pkwy , had a radiator flush when the job was done it was dirty as before . mgr said it was done , i had the mech drain the radiator whichwas very dirty , because it was never done, so i ask the mgr what he was going do. he said his flusser must be be broke and said , what do u want to do , i said you know what u should do, he gave my money back. did not try to help in the matter. also had given me invoce that was wrong for a drain& fluss, then printed one for a fluss which was different. pep boys cant be trusted.

  • Phyllis Scott says:

    Phyllis SCOTT 4011 DOLOMITE ORLANDO FLORIDA 32839 407 422 1636
    BOUGHT A FUSE AT ATTO CENTER said I had to go the Pep Boys to have it installed.
    car dead state farm started it took it to Pep boys to be fixed.
    Very nice service people. going to run a test said I needed a new battery and some fuse problems.
    I gave permission to do what was necessary
    pep boys came to me and said there was bugs in my car and they would not work on my car.
    This is a 2003 ford excursion. This is Florida. can this be done. My car is now dead at home and Pep Boys refused to fix my car because of roaches. The car sits outside in the drive way for over 12 years.
    Pep boys on Orange Blossom trail on Orlando Florida.
    what am I to do? Senior widow alone and no car.

  • Steve Uber says:

    Sorry this is in Sacramento

  • Steve Uber says:

    This is the second time I’ve tried to get service at your Auburn Ave location . This time I set an appointment for 9:00am to have my a/c worked on. Went at 8:45am , sat until 9:15 am without anyone acknowledging my existence. Guy behind counter had sunglasses on inside the entire time (maybe he has eye problems). Went inside talked to manager about the problem, he directs me back to service area saying it’s their problem. I’m totally frustrated with lack of professionalism, and will never go to or recommend anyone do business with Pep Boys. Additionally i had same problem worked on in Casa Grande Az. 2 years ago now I’m back for more punishment!!!! I’m totally frustrated.Manager Christopher was only helpful person there

  • Barbara Moore says:

    I’ve going to Pep Boys for several years, along with family members. I went to the Bay Shore, NY location to order parts, were told they would order them and was quoted a price. I come in after calling several times, very hard to get any one to answer the phone. I come in and I am told only half the parts are in. Now they want me to purchase the parts not there, at a higher price and a different brand. I tell them to order them and I will wait for them to come in. Then I come into the store and after several hours, they tell me they can not locate the parts. That was after I called the prior day and told them to check they were there and I was coming in. They tried to blame it on the service department and said they sometimes borrow parts from orders. Then they tried to say that night crew put them away somewhere and can not find them now. Now they want me to reorder parts all over again. They were very unprofessional, uncaring, and insensitive to my needs. One person there was loud and even used bad language about the man who came in to check on the store. I think that there are several employees who are disgrace to your store and should be fired. Employees have friends come in while customers are waiting for assistance and instead of helping them, they are joking around and hanging out with their friends.

  • Nathaniel Davis says:

    To whom it may concern, store id 0017 service work order 2303845
    ON 08/23/2018 I purchased two tires from pep boys Falken Sincera a/SN 185/70R14 80.000 mile prorated. On January of 2019 I have the car inspected. I ask the service department at my garage to rotate the tires and put the new ones up front because of inclement weather that was coming.
    on March 26, 2019 I went out to start the car and notice the front tire was flat one of the new tires.
    I payed $245.00 I took the car back to the dealership because this is where I bought them to my surprise when I took it back I found out the tire had blown the tire was bad, My service time to have everything corrected was 6 hours no one came out and told me a mechanic never showed up for work. Not my Problem. When the work was completed I ended up with three tires two I was not ready to buy. And the one I think was to replace the bad tire. I wasted a complete day on this problem sitting and waiting. I will never go back again.

  • Alan Oleesky says:

    I went to pep boys on Sepulveda Blvd. in Van Nuys, ca. Your people were very rude and uncaring. All I wanted was an oil change on my 2017 Honda Accord. I saw an ad that there was a discount to seniors. They advised me the cost would be $74 . I said thank you and walked out and immediately called the Honda dealer about three miles away they quoted me $36 dollars. You can charge what ever you want but when you are twice as much as a dealer that’s too far. They were rude , uncaring, and no explanation! You know what you can do with your service department.

    If you would like to contact me and explain, alan7148@aol.com.

  • Helen M. Pauline a loyal rewards person says:

    This email is to a Mr. Sider, a Mr. Carey, and a Ms. Culhane. I have used Pep Boys for over a decade. In which I never had a problem with the services my cars. I had my daughter go to a Pep Boys in the Hampton Roads area, and a careless mistake of replacing a cap after the services rendered, cost $6000.00. The transmission is totaled. The customer service rep. in which I spoke with was totally understanding about this situation. He gave me a claim number, and a rep. in which I understand will call my daughter within the 24 hour time line. His name is Rosario, Jason. I have full coverage on her car and we are not looking for a hand out. Her car is a 2015 Honda in which I brought for her college graduation gift. We drove it off the lot in December of 2015 with 12 miles on this car. If I have to go to the dealership in which I purchased her vehicle from there will be no problem. Please help us and advise. I thank you all for this consideration. hmp

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