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Pennymac Loan Services Corporate office Headquarters

Pennymac Loan Services Headquarters Address and Contact

Pennymac Loan Services
  • Address: 3043 Townsgate Road, Suite 200, Westlake Village, California 91361, US
  • Phone Number: 1-866-549-3583
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000
  • Established: 2008
  • Founder: Stanford Kurland
  • Key People: Howard Cheng, Sr. Application Developer

Pennymac Loan Services Headquarters Location & Directions

Pennymac Loan Services Headquarters Executive Team



Ram Chittur

Vice President International Operations

Ross N.

Operations Executive

Pennymac Loan Services, History and Headquarters Information

PennyMac loan services corporate is an American mortgage company with headquarters in Westlake Village California. It produces and services United States mortgage loans and management of investments linked to the US mortgage market. PennyMac is a subsidiary of PennyMac financial services inc. the former countrywide president CEO Stanford Kurland made PennyMac in 2008 along with other investors Highfields Capital and Blackrock. The headquarter address is 3043 Townsgate Rd Ste 200 Westlake Village, CA, 91361-3027 United States. The website is www.pennymac.com. Company specialties are home loans, FHA loans, home purchase loans, multifamily loans, and ARM Mortgages among others.

Pennymac Loan Services Headquarters Photos

Pennymac Loan Services Headquarter Photo

Pennymac Loan Services Company Resources

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  • Angie Dailey says:

    I would like to know how to get a hold of actual corporate. I’m beyond pissed at this company and wish I could cancel my loan with them. 7yrs they have been good to me. But mess up with miss communication with home insurance and them and they want to charge me out of my escrow for their none payment. Pretty messed up. Will never recommend them again

  • John M says:

    PennyMac is the worst organization I’ve ever had to deal with. Their customer service is non-existent. I’m trying to do a simple VA loan assumption from me to my friend. We are going on 90 days in the process, little to no communication with the assumption department, we blew right past the closing date, and not a single word or advisement from PennyMac. Still have no closing date. Both families are military and currently living in hotels at our own expenses, racking up thousands of dollars due to PennyMac’s employee ignorance. Avoid PennyMac at all cost!!

  • G Jones says:

    I searched this site for the corporate office contact information to speak with someone regarding a recent loan that I established with Pennymac. The experience has been less than pleasing, from the application process, and now to making the monthly payments. There has been issue upon issue with the payment being processed. Instead of resolution or looking into the problem, Customer Service continues to say it’s my bank. After diligently looking into the matter with my bank, it doesn’t appear to be my bank. It appears to be Pennymac‘s processing system, but yet customer service continues to point to the customer and the bank, and then penalizes the customer as if no attempts to make payments were made nor were they received. When another method of payment was done, it actually processed and shows on my bank account, as opposed to the previous payments made through Pennymac online service not reflecting any action on my bank account. my payments have continued to be reversed yet there are two debits on my account for May and Jube payments. Because a of this continued issue, I received a notification that I can no longer do auto pay and have to use Western Union or a check for my payments. Unacceptable. I intend to speak with corporate and hope I get better customer service and and actual solution, as opposed to getting letters stating that I no longer can do automatic withdrawal, as if I am the problem. Epecially when I’ve been making my payments on time. It’s aggravating and disappointing. The only reason I used Pennymac is because my last home loan was Underwritten to Pennymac, and I had no issues with Customer Service or Autopay If I knew that dealing directly with Pennymac from the application to issues with making payments would be this bad, I would have never considered refinancing my home with you.

  • c c says:

    What does it take to get you Pennymac to go away and stay away. We have never asked anyone or any organization for refinance of any mortgage. Yet we get numerous phone calls, (to a number on the federal do not call list), telling us we can be approved. I though we had made it clear to remove our name and contact information from all your solicitation lists, even got a weak confirming acknowledgement from your management team to have this accomplished. Along with this we were to have been provided with the name and contact information of the source of our name as a contact. Nothing has ever been provided to resolve the unanswered questions. Will we ever receive any answers, remember Pennymac agreed to provide answers

    Now we are receiving letters from Pennymac signed by a Grant Mills executive VP. We have written this person a stern letter with same requirements plus one new requirement: do you have a license to do business in New Hampshire if so provide us with proof that document exists.

    Question: Does a Grant Mills actually exist at Pennymac????

    We have never done any business with Pennymac. Why would a person do business with a firm that can not accomplish what they agree to do????? Such performance does not enhance your image!!!

  • Denise L Tolliver says:

    Good Afternoon, I am a Pennymac customer and I was completing a modification agreement. However, Pennymac has the incorrect address on both the modification paper to be filed with the District of Columbia as well as my 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement. I have made several requests to correct this and nothing yet. Actually, I was told that the Mortgage Interest Statement could not be corrected. Therefore, I will be sending a letter to Pennymac corporate. It this matter is resolved within 10 business day, I will be contacting my former boss who is now the Secretary of HUD and retaining legal counsel to get this handled.

  • Kaylyn Scott Williams says:

    My name is Kaylyn Scott Williams and am the President of Interstate Professional Group Inc. We are interested knowing how to do business with PennyMac providing appraisal services. I will follow up with a letter.

  • Worthy K Keener Jr says:

    I am a Mortgage Loan Customer and I am experiencing very Poor customer Service from PennyMac. Please have someone contact me .

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