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Penn Station was founded in the year 1985. The company has been active for almost 34 years now. Thefounder of the company was Jeff Osterfeld. In the year 1983, the founder of the company had opened Jeffrey’s Delicatessen at the Dayton Mall in Dayton, Ohio, United States. It was during a trip to Philadelphia, United States, that the company’s founder had first realized the popularity of the cheesesteak sandwich. The founder began selling a version of the cheesesteak sandwich at his own restaurant and it had instantly become a huge hit as well. In the year 1985, the first store was opened as well. The restaurant used to serve lemonade, along with french fries and also cheesesteak as well. By the year 1987, the company’s founder had opened several Penn Station restaurants in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The same year, the company had also started franchising as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 1226 US-50. The name of the place is Milford, while the name of the state is Ohio, United States. The pin code is 45150.

Penn Station is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, to its customers all around the USA. The company currently has its presence across 300locations around 15 states in the USA. The current CEO of the company is Jeff Osterfeld. As of the current date, the company has more than 5,000 employees working in it.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food dishes and recipes, that are produced and served by the company’s restaurants. The main recipes of the company is selling various kinds of sandwiches.

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  • Joseph Neal says:

    I was a loyal customer of Penn-Station for more than 30 years. Most weeks I used to visit Penn Station at least twice a week. At one point, I even talked to my family about possibly exploring a franchise of my own. Penn Station was consistently delicious and high quality. That all changed with the rebrand and new menu in 2020. I tried the “new” Penn Station 3 times after the changes were implemented and haven’t been back since. The steak used on the cheesesteak is NOT the same meat. Deny all you want, but the meat is inferior to what was used during the rebrand. The taste and texture of the meat is a dead giveaway. I could gag just thinking about the cheesesteaks I purchased after the changes were made. The size changes of the subs were ridiculous and unnecessary. Every location I had visited for a couple of years prior to the rebranding and new menu was filthy. Food on the floors, sticky dirty tables, overflowing trash, foul smells, and unsanitary employees. Unfortunately, all of those things remained the same after the rebranding and new menu. It was only the taste and quality that changed – changed for the worse. It is mind boggling how a great restaurant chain with an incredible product could be run into the ground by cutting corners and making poor decisions. I am NOT the only person that feels this way. Penn Station has truly lost thousands of dollar from me since 2020. I stopped recommending Penn Station to friends, family, and acquaintances in 2020 as well. It’s a damn shame. Leave a good thing alone rather than screw it up. Way to go!

  • Jaymen Brown says:

    Worked for a franchise in Monroe Ohio, quit the job and had my wages stolen. Currently getting a lawsuit together because my pay for hours already worked was reduced to minimum wage. Your company is a joke and the franchisees and general managers they hire are even worse.

  • Thomas Richardson says:

    Looking to get ahold of someone outside of the franchise I have .been with. I was at the Kettering Ohio location as a assistant manager and have sexual hate and unsafe work environment issues I need handled outside the franchise. Any help would be appreciated..

  • Mary Feinberg says:

    went to the one in west lake and the food isn’t worth the hassle. not enough meat for your buck in my opinion. also, the way that tall woman treats the staff is horrifying. im surprised they even have staff still!

  • Nicole Johnson says:

    Penn Station is a JOKE. It used to be the place to eat and get a great Philly. Not anymore. I went to the Penn Station on 56th and Georgetown in Indianapolis IN 46254 Store # 35. I got a snack Philly. What a joke?11 I thought Ashton Kutcher was going to appear. That snack was not big enough to feed a gnat. It had a teaspoon of meat, a splash of mayo, 2 banana peppers and 0 mushrooms. The small fry was old cold and full of crumbs. I am angry and disgusted. I paid 14.92 for some pure BS. Not five minutes after I ate I had to vomit and poop. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER ORDER PENN “AWFUL DISGUSTING, MAKE YOU POOP AND VOMIT” STATION AGAIN.

  • Would rather not say. says:

    I’ve got a comment about a manager that doesn’t enter all the hours that his employees work. I heard this from someone who use to work there.

    I also seen this you’ve got a lot of food walking out the door by your employees.

    It’s a store on the east side of Evansville, Indiana on Burkhardt Rd.

  • Bernardo O says:

    Steelyard cleveland pennstation is a Joke the supervisor there is extremely rude and making all in store customer orders before doordash orders. The disrespectfulness from a manager is unavailable and just the fact that she doesn’t realize online orders are customers as well. This store location needs new leadership

  • David McConville says:

    I went to the steelyard location today in Cleveland Ohio to pick up a grubhub order at around 12:15-12:30pm I was left waiting for a while and the employees were making only the customers who were walking in the store and not making any of the to go orders. Other dashers and grubhub drivers were leaving because the supervisor was rude and not making the orders. I was told my orders would be around 20 minutes when I noticed everyone else orders being made and not mine I asked the supervisor she was being very rude and disrespectful I asked her why and she informed me it was because she was in a bad mood. I love Penn station and know that this is not what you guys stand for. I can only hope this lady Is dealt with appropriately since she is in a customer service and management role and clearly doesn’t take her position seriously. This incident occurred on September 14th 2023 at around 12:15-12:30pm I was wearing a red shirt and black shorts please review camera footage from the store and address this problem so Noone else will have to experience this. Thanks for your time.

  • Dave Schmitt says:

    Why do you let your Employees at the Liberty Ave Location in Pittsburgh Pa Smoke weed all day and work? I See them everyday and smell it all day as thier smoke blows into my building. I asked the Mgr to let the employees to smoke in the restaurant. Please fix this problem before I let all your customers know that Penn Station Subs allow drug use on the job!

  • Cindra Broenner says:

    The grease pit behind the facility on the corner of rt#4 and Boehm drive Fairfield Ohio is a hazard..

  • Stephen Pointer says:

    Location: 9781 e 116th street Fishers, In 46037
    I have been a loyal customer here at this location for over 3 years. One day Jake, shift leader, shared with me how they want a Vortex mirror so they can see the tickets when they are working around the fry area
    Showed him the Mirror, he gave the yes so I ordered it. After delivering the Mirror in the box with all of the necessisties. Jake tells me that how excited they all are, and that I have to be restored for the money I paid which is $43.47 and to come to the store to receive my money
    I arrived…Death stares from the manager John Ayres…the same manager who was always telling me how great of a guy I am and so on…but that’s when he was getting my money for their service
    When it comes to them being people of character and Integrity, well you guessed it
    The sheep’s clothing disappears and the wolf manifests…so no I am not being paid as promised
    Nor will I return to the store or any other Penn Station…I hope this encourages the clients out there

  • Rocky says:

    Had a general manager tell me I am wrong. That they can’t serve a cold sub. When it’s literally this months featured sub. Then flatly refuse to make one as I asked. I won’t darken their door for myself for a very long time.

  • Chad meyer says:

    Cold springs location manager is wearing a baphomet hat. Good to see penn station approves of Satan child sacrifice pedophiles and the like. Won’t be supporting this franchise or any others. That guy needs fired a long with those who allowed it.

  • Ashley says:

    I went to the Owensboro Frederica store for the first time last night. And I will never go back. I have a food allergy and told the young man with white hair I could not have tomatoes on my sandwich because I’m allergic. When told this he made a smart comment under his breath. I didn’t say anything and kept telling him my order. When they brought it to my table it had tomato’s! So I kindly went back up to the front and told him I can’t have them on my sandwich he said well you should tell me that before we make it. I said I did and you got smart with me. And I asked if I could have it remade they did so but I heard them saying she’s a rude bitch. I never once was mean or rude. That really made me question what kind of employees this store has. I will never go to another penn station again.

  • Halie says:

    Hilliard, Ohio. Lisa Shockley. She called the cops on my co worker and I after she messed up our food 3 times and started cussing at us and her poor employee who was a sweetheart. She lied and said we threatened her but we never did. As soon as we walked in, she had an attitude. All because she kept messing up my sub. She got upset and she was cussing and yelling at us. She lied to the cops and wantes us go leave. Which we did after I got refunded for the food I didn’t recieve. This experience was the worst I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I was held up from my job and I am contacting a lawyer to contact Lisa shockley about lying to the police and defamation of character. I have suffered greatly because of her and her horrific treatment. I eat penn station all the time it’s the only place I like my subs and fries. I can no longer buy your food if nothing is handled with Lisa shockely. Thank you very much.

  • Mom says:

    My daughter works at a location one day a week, bc of school and other activities. She will work a double on that day, no problem but when she’s scheduled to “close” on that day it where I have an issue. She was suppose to be off at 930 and it is now 1010 and she’s just now leaving. She’s 15, she doesn’t need to work that late. I don’t know why I bother with this, corporate probably doesn’t read this.

    • LEON KULESZA says:


  • Kevin stover says:

    Penn station in cold spring Kentucky is disgusting! Tables aren’t clean at all

  • Zane Woods says:

    This company is a joke. It is operated like it’s 1955. There is a woman, named Cindy Stenger, who works for the corporation, that treats franchisees and managers like something she stepped in. She is rude, unintelligent and incompetent, yet desires to slander others to improve her self worth. The company lacks diversity and social awareness. I wouldn’t suggest getting involved in any business transaction with them.

  • Lisa says:

    I went to the location in South Euclid, Ohio on Warrensville Center Rd. The customer service is terrible. All of the employee’s we’re young and very rude. They’re not suppose to close until 10:00.I was there between 9:30 and 9:35 and the door was locked. I knocked on the door and the guy said they’re close. I told him the time and he said they closed. I asked for a manager and he said they’re closed. Another guy came from the back, I asked him for the manager and he said the guy I was talking to was the manager, who was clearly not. All while they they were snickering and laughing about it. I called the next day and a girl named Carrie answered, and she was very rude also. I asked for a manager and she put me on hold then came back and said she was the manager. I told her what happened and she said they had new store hours… not true.I asked for her manager, she said there was no other managers. I asked for a number, she kept telling me they were gonna tell me the same thing she did, and never gave me one. The workers attitudes are terrible, they’re gonna chase all of the customers away!

  • Katie and Steve Gordon says:

    Went to the Penn Station on Chaimberlain Lane in Louisville yesterday afternoon and had a great experience! All of the employees seemed to function like a team. Great service, and great smiles (finally nice to see after Covid, right?). The woman that took our order was so friendly and engaging, and patient as we decided. She also gave suggestions that were helpful (the cookies she talked us into were delicious). The younger lady that cooked made amazing sandwiches, and we will be back for sure!!

  • Steve Logan says:

    Went to PS crescent springs, ky, $ 38.00 for 2 foot long subs,large fry, 2 reg drinks, I got the steak sandwich was only 2-3 pcs of cheese, appx., 5 oz of meat( I butcher) 4-5 slices of mushroom & no food within 2 inches of each end of the bread, my wife turkey/bacon club, turkey pumped full of water, no taste & only ate a couple of bites, place has went way downhill, won’t go back $ 38.00 seriously?, money down the drain

  • Shawn says:

    When you email via the “contact us” on the website does corporate see/response to these emails? Or is it forwarded to the location to handle? Curious because the manager was over the top rude when my order was incorrect for the second time in a row (different days) and I asked for a refund. I am willing to discuss this further with someone higher then store level due to it being a manager who is putting PennStation’s image at risk.

    • Zane Woods says:

      A vast majority of the restaurants are franchises. If it is not a corporate store, it will be forwarded to the owner of the franchise. Keep in mind that every restaurant has its own policy in refunds; demanding a refund is not necessarily going to get you a refund.

  • Bobby lee says:

    Penn station in Parma Ohio. Fuckin sucks. They told me they was closed before closing hours. And did not want to service me. They fuckin suck

  • Deisera Sharp says:

    I just wanted to give a huge recognition to Store #34, 1704 Monmouth St., Newport, KY 41071 location. Gavin, Sunny, Neena,Joey ,and Mark we’re all phenomenal staff! The service was very fast and efficient. Everyone was extremely professional and friendly. The food met all expectations. I have not been to Penn station since the pandemic. And as soon as I came back, all of my needs were met times 10! I think this is one of the best store locations I’ve been to in the tri-state. The store deserves a huge five star review! Will also be posting an amazing review on Google! Thanks to the team members for handling my crazy order without any issues! And most of all thank you for their awesome personality and customer service! Will definitely be back! Shout out to Sunny for being so positive and productive. I really hope he is able to get his first car soon! He deserves it! Hey, maybe even Penn station can help him get there!

  • Christina says:

    Penn Station Louisville, KY on W. Woodlawn. Smells like sewage and the service is is done with a better than you attitude! Tried to contact corporate about the incident and its been nothing but crickets. The young girl that was taking our order was nasty and rude from the moment we walked into the door. We asked for 2 Lg sweet teas and she said lemonade. My man asked if she could make an arnold palmer and began to explain what it was and she cut him off and rudly asked if he was getting smart with her! Then she got even more pissed because I politely asked her 4 times to please repeat our order so that I coupd make sure she had it right before I payed for it. She asked, “Why? You dont remember what you just ordered?” With a smart ass attitude. I was done at that point and told her to cancel the order. And we turned to leave. She then got irrate with me and began to follow us out the door. A college of hers held her back and locked the door behind us.
    Peen Station is allowing children to run these stores unsupervised. That is unacceptable. If you cannot afford proper management, then shut down the stores!

    • Shawn says:

      Did corporate ever contact you? Curious because after reading other comments it does not appear anything is changing with this company.

  • Amber says:

    I have been trying to get in contact with someone about the fact I got a weed cookie from Penn Station. It’s been reported to the police. I’m told their is an investigation, but nothing has been done. It’s about to go to the news. This should have NEVER happened. This was in Evansville, Indiana on Burkhardt.

  • Ian says:

    10/10 wrong order every time. Won’t eat here again.

  • Jeff says:

    I wrnt to the store to order a take out order. When I got home it was wrong. When I went back to get it fixed, they gave me an attitude and when I got mad they told me to leave and they would come out and fix my order,, but they never came out.It was too late to go anywhere else after spending almost 2 hours with this. And I never got to eat and paid for a meal I didn’t get.

    I will never eat at Penn Station again. Worst experience I have ever had. My order gets screwed up half of the time I go there and I’m done with you. Never eating there again

  • Matt Hack says:

    Ordered Online and Spent over $50.00, when i got home the order was wrong and fries were ice cold. Call store and they said they were correct. Took them back to show they were wrong. It not worth sending this amount of money to go back forth over sandwiches.

  • Kendall Hill says:

    Every Penn station in Columbus Ohio answers the phone but the one on W. 5th Ave. you guys advertise call ahead orders but you can never call ahead because the phone is never answered it’s false advertisement that that store is practicing wonder why when I asked why and told the lady was bad for business she started yelling at me telling me she didn’t have to answer the phone they’re too busy every day then she kick me out the store told me never to come back after words was exchanged

  • 12/1/21 8:06PM Order #155 says:

    Penn Station East Coast Subs #34
    Sleazily kept facility. Slothful service. Bare-handed bread handling. No masks. Paid forty-four dollars for three “Large Steak” and a Large Fry. Paid for extra meat. Got home and opened each- dismally disappointed; there was not enough to meat to feed one, much less three people. Together with the scuzzy joint, foot-dragging service and subsequently measly product, the health department should fine the franchisee. The forty-four dollars scammed out of this order will pale in comparison….

  • Greg says:

    Never go to the Shelbyville Indiana location. I go there every now and then, and only half the time do they get my sandwich right, or put the proper amount of meat that i pay for on it. I have ordered many subs from there even without extra meat on them. And it seems like half the time they charge me for extra meet and dont give it to me. My subs usually cost 20 dollars or so just to get a good meaty sub. Today however, they charged me 33 dollars for a regular sub, medium fried, and a drink. When i get my sub, it looked like there was about 4 pieces of turkey, 3 pieces of bacon, and 2 pieces of pepperoni (it was suppose to be a turkey bacon ranch with 4 extra turkey, 4 extra bacon, and 2 extra pepperoni). I ask them why its so small and they proceeded to tell me they weighed it out. They stuck probably 2 extra pieces of turkey on it and gave it back to me. So, in front of all the customers in line, i took the whole tray and emptied it in the trash and called corporate. Lets see if they actually decide to do something about it or if they will just continue to let that store continue to disappoint customers till nobody goes there and they have to close down.

  • Billy says:

    Its dam sad the employees that work at your Kokomo restaurant won’t get paid until aug because fucked up at gas prices 325 a gallon you really don’t care about your workers wow that say what kind of company you are the attorney General office now knows wage a hour there not happy of Indiana

  • Dianne Brown says:

    Please open a pen station resturant in Mc Donough, GA
    Lived in Cincinnati, ohio and visited the stored frequently
    Moved to McDonough, GA and miss the subs.

  • Brenda says:

    Food hit floor and put it in bag

  • Brenda says:

    Just visit your store and they dropped my food on food didn’t replace it just give me what I order I will never go to your store and will not send anyone there no# 371

  • Sinclair says:

    My boyfriend and I walked into this location, everyone saw us walk in. We waited in line, placed our order etc. Right before my order was up one man told my boyfriend that he can’t be in there without a mask. Then again with much attitude SIR YOU CAN’T BE IN HERE WITHOUT A MASK. Quite embarrassing instead of just saying it politely and not trying to embarrass him. So the lady that took my order walked over and got the shift manager, who had a face covering/scarf on cooking food, with the mask below his nose. He told my boyfriend he needs to go outside/get out of the store. No one said anything to the cop that walked in with out one, or the young man who had his pulled down. But we were in there for 15 minutes and my boyfriend was drinking his drink and they single him out. It was embarrassing, discriminatory, and unfair. Instant attitude, Instant embarrassment and I will never in life come back. But please look on camera and tell your workers to wear real mask and cover their face fully before trying to discriminate or single someone out. My boyfriend felt as if it was because he was black with a hoodie. Because he was definitely drinking his drink and we were in there waiting for 15 mins or so. Definitely the worst experience I’ve experienced here and very embarrassing and it’s not right!!!!

  • Michelle Nicholos says:

    Delivery drivers are not allowed to use restrooms; we are out working out tails off on behalf of your company & our delivery company and this is how we are treated?! In comparison, Noodles not only lets us use their bathrooms, the welcome the drivers by offering a drink. STEP UP BOYS!!!!!!!!

  • Doug says:

    I was at Penn station on Mayfield rd. In mayfield hts. Ohio.There was a friend of the workers that was hanging over the counter right where they make the food chatting with the cook no facemask on and was chatting and laughing .I walked out and will not be back on there. I am also going to report this to the proper county health depatment.

  • Gael Spencer says:

    We ate at the Penn Station on 5400 Springboro Pike, Dayton Ohio 45449 this evening about 4:50 pm, July 3, 2019. My husband and I went there for dinner. Our order was taken by Tache, for two sandwiches. When done putting the order in, she turned and walk away, not looking at us, or saying anything more. We went down the counter and ordered two drinks. I asked her if I could have one pack of mayo, and again, all she did was look at me, and grunt “yeah”. We stood and waited for our drinks, and as she handed them to my husband, he asked if I could have a pack of mayo. Without looking at us, she stared straight ahead and told him in a snotty tone “She already asked me for that” and kept walking. I told her I was not going to take her nasty attitude, and agreed with my husband that we will not go back to that store.

    When we were done eating, I went up to the counter near the prep area for sandwiches, and asked this man if he was the Manager? He answered that he was. I asked him why he did not do anything, when he heard that I was unhappy about our treatment by Tache? At the time she did this, he had looked up, to see what was going on. This time, he lied to myself and my husband, and said he hadn’t heard anything going on. I told him to quit lying. He said he wasn’t….I told him I would report this all to Corporate, and he got mad. He told me to get out of the restaurant. Needless to say, we will never go to that store to eat again! It has gone down tremendously in service and food. To be treated like that tonight is too much. I need to receive a comment back from you please.

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