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  • Address: 150 Price Pkwy, Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 631-843-4300

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 000

  • Established: 1909

  • Founder: Alfred J. Richard

  • Key People: Gary H. Richard (CEO)

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Gary H. Richard

Chief Executive Officer

Gregg Richard


Peter Richard II

Executive Vice President

About Pc Richards, History and Headquarters Information

Pc Richards was founded in the year 1909. The company has been active for almost 110 years now. The founder of the company was Alfred J Richard. Between the year 1995 and 2003, the company had opened fifteen new showrooms in New Jersey, Westchester County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, USA. As of the year 2009, the company had opened 6 new stores in former Circuit City locations, including its first in Connecticut, USA. The company continued to expand through the year 2010. The company added mattresses to its inventory in the year 2014, featuring Sealy, Stearns & Foster and Tempur-Pedic brands in almost fourteen stores. As of the year 2016, the company had begun an exclusive retail partnership with Beko, one of Europe’s leading appliance brands. The headquarters of the company is based in 150 Price Parkway. The name of the place is Farmingdale, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code is 11735.

Pc Richards is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of electronic appliances, to its customers in the USA. The current CEO and president of the company are Gregg Richard. As of the year 2012, the total revenue of the company is more than $1.5 billion. Also, the number of employees working in the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 2700.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of appliance, television, electronics and mattresses, that are marketed and sold by the company itself.

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  • Pamela Berry says:

    Gregg Richard please read my e-mail I’m not happy how your company is handling my problem I had a extended warranty on my washer now they say it canceled because they are giving me a new machine. I’m a disabled person that really need he machine an your company played games for over a month lying I would like to be accommodations your this matter please help me

  • Pamela Berry says:

    Hi I finally got a good response I brought a LG WASHER DRYER COMBO IN 2021 It broke on November 30 For week the service department gave me the run around on Jan 3 I spoke to a representative name Mr Al who informed me they would be giving me a new machine an someone would be calling me. Today 1/4/2024 I had to call back again now they give me the order number to get a new machine at the time I purchased my machine I got extra warranty now he tells me that it’s no good I don’t think this is fair to me I would like to be accommodated for my 3 years I have left plus the month your team played games telling me they ordered the parts an that never happened I ways like your company but this time I’m very disappointed

  • Kenneth Lurie says:

    I purchased a Samsung television on line (Invoice # 70-507969). They matched the price of BJ’s Warehouse of $747.00 but BJ’s was offering a 5 year service agreement for free. When I received the receipt PC Richard brought the price of the TV to $520.00 (the price was747.00) with a 5 year service agreement to 229.00 to match the price. This is not the same because if something went wrong with the television I would only get back $520 replacement value. The manager I spoke with was extremely rude and said nothing can be done, this is ridiculous. I thought you should be aware this is terrible customer service and I will never purchase anything ever again from PC Richard.

  • Richard Geminski says:

    I purchased a LG frige/freezer, died and was replaced after a month. New LG, 7 years old crapped out, replaced 2 compressors after 5 visits. One lasted ONE day. After many calls, supervisor was to call back 4 times, still waiting. Can’t find complaint # for PC.

  • lydia karyotakis says:

    I purchased a front load Whirlpool washer in June of 2022.
    I have had service twice. Now they say I need the computer panel.
    This is a little over a year old, I have to take off from work, and wait long hours. The service of your company is terrible. I also want to state that if I have one more issue I will report your company to the better business bureau.

  • Archie poladian says:

    Is Todd Costello still with company

  • Gloria Miller/Brandon Felder says:

    I called for service on my Refrigerator where the bulbs keep going out. I called for a Tech to come look at the problem. I was told that the Tech will come today December 13th between 2pm-2:30pm. I stated getting calls from the Driver about 12:30pm. However when I called back it kept going to the Customer service dept., never to the driver. Then I get a call at 1:09pm stating the driver was at my house and no answer. He has a pic of the house. I advise MOREEN that my Mother at the house and she states nobody was their and she was expecting him at 2-2:30pm. MOREEN had her TV so loud and her kids was watching cartoon in the background….I asked her if I could speak to a manager she stated she is the manager and the person higher then her cannot come to the phone. I hug up on her since she was acting like a was bothering her. I called back spoke to AN GELA who also had her TV loud, I asked her was she working from home, she said yes. I informed her that the customer is the first priority. She said “WELL WE HAVE OUR PERSONAL THINGS TO DO AT HOME ALSO” I was flooded I said you telling me that your personal business comes first. ANGELA never answered my question and by this time I just want to hang up. . PC RICARDS has to do better. this is HORRIBLE AND IM BEYOND pissed off.
    INVOCIE# 2-2437579 listen to the call if you think I’m not telling the truth. This customer service needs training an MOREEN especially need to get a clue.

  • Michelle says:

    I purchased a home and had done a complete renovation…I needed every new appliance in the house and bought 2 of everything for a mother in law suite…the sale person was a very nice and patient man as I had order almost 18k worth of appliance…my items were delivered and when they took the washer out of the box to install it and it was damaged and I declined delivery. They delivered all my appliances and were left in boxes because I was still having work done in the house and didn’t want any of my new appliances to get ruined until my contractor was ready to install….my contractor took my microwave out of the box and it too was badly damaged…we spoke with manager at the store and he wouldn’t refund or replace the microwave. He said it was more than 30 days…i called it was literally 2 days past…Very disappointed..after all the money I spent they should have at least given me a new one and taken back thier damaged product and im out 380 for my microwave..

  • Veronica Bizzaro says:

    Pc Richards techs left my house with my gas dryer vent broken and not attached properly leaving carbon monoxide to enter my house. I’m livid

  • Webster says:

    Wow !!! I wish I looked here prior to my Purchase !!! Techs came to hook up our Gas stove – We paid 250$ for a professional install, Techs after 15 minutes said – They can’t do a bad gas line and I need to call ever source to fix it, Which I did and they said no – A professional does this – I called PC back and the Guy says Maam, You misunderstood you have a Gas Leak !!! That is when I said – You left me and my family here with a gas Leak and he says that’s not his problem – Eversource out as an Emergency call, And no leak… Their words You had an unqualified tech at your house and your lucky they didn’t blow you up.

  • William says:

    I will never Buy another product from PC Richards. My Dryer broke and my extended warranty has met waiting for their repairman to show up but he never does. Twice they stood me up !!! I’m so mad because I had to miss work twice for their incompetence. If this is the way PC Richards does business with me God only knows how they conduct business with other loyal customers. Never again. Beware the extended Warranties they sell. Its a scam !

  • Darlene says:

    Having serious issues with pc Richard service and they refuse to answer my calls also called corporate and no help there either. I want to speak with one of the owners.

  • Barbara Marrapodi says:

    I need to get ahold of Gregg the CEO I waited three months to get parts to fix my GE washing machine on Monday I was told by GE that they would send me the parts in three days on that very same day Pc Richards warranty department told me that they could not repair my machine and were giving me a credit however I had to downgrade because the cost of the new machine was much higher than what I paid back in 2018 so I took the downgraded model and had to pay for a new service contract on Wednesday they brought me my new machine on Thursday my parts arrived for my old machine to be fixed I immediately contacted the store to get my old washing machine back my manager was not available on Friday I called and spoke to the district manager who is quite rude to me and basically felt that by giving me a credit and offering me a better model for $50 on top of the service contract that they had done right by me well I feel I was swindled out of my washing machine that I had that could’ve been fixed and amount money for a downgraded model for the service contract when it should’ve costed me nothing and I would have the machine that I wanted that I waited the three months to get fixed because none of your models compare to my machine from 2018 so if you would kindly direct me to the CEO to get my situation rectified because after 25 years of being a loyal customer I am very unhappy I even asked the district manager to get me my old machine back and he said he would do a courtesy and try to find out if he could that was at 1 o’clock on Friday, July 29 it is now Saturday morning at 6 AM and I have heard nothing in this response and basically he has made me feel that in the 25 years and the mini purchases that myself and other family members have made wasn’t worth upgrading my model And forgo the $50 that they were going to charge me for it which is still a downgrade from my model that I bought in 2018 but On And I have felt that after 25 years of being a loyal customer that it meant nothing and I will no longer nor will my family shop at Pc Richards and support this local business

    • Darlene says:

      Barbara I feel the same way. My husband continues to lose time from work because they have a bunch of idols that work for services. Been having issues with my washer for a good year. They came to fix it not that long ago and did more damage. Now the moron send one person today after they noted we need two. He leaves with part. And again no washer. My husband is outraged. I called service and they refused to get on the phone. Than I called corporate and they refused to give me contact for one of the Richards. Something needs to be done. I spend a lot of money in their store. No more if they plan on treating their customers like crap.

  • Tom sarc says:

    I need an email or fax for pc richards corporate.

  • William poole says:

    I bought a very expensive tv in march 2021 it has shut off several times repair has been to my home twice I cannot keep taking off of work nor is it fair that I’m out of a tv for days and days and ur employees are mostly rude and very dismissive on the phone if ur tech had diagnosed problem the first time I wouldn’t be angry but now I have to wait for them to order a part this is ridiculous I’ll never shop here again 😡😡😡

  • Lou Puglia says:

    P.C. Richard & Son – Corporate Office & Warehouse
    150 Price Pkwy, Farmingdale,
    NY 11735,
    Attn: Gary H.Richard, Chief Executive Officer

    Dear Mr. Richard.
    On May 16, 2022 I called your service center about a concern I had about a Whirlpool washing machine I purchased from you in December of 2019 with an eight year extended service contract. I have purchased a micro-wave, electric stove and a dishwasher from you all with extended service plans.
    I received an e-mail from you that identified a repair appointment with a named company. (copy attached) The service was scheduled for today. Yesterday the repair company called to report that the repairperson was ill and they needed to reschedule the appointment for Tuesday June 1 next week. The repairperson was seriously ill?
    I was somewhat taken aback that a repair company associated with PC Richards has a staff of one. A check of the Better Business Bureau reports that this firm “G & G appliances” as an “F” rating – another question as to what you would refer my repair to such a firm.
    I am concerned that if a serious issue arises with any of the kitchen appliances I would have to deal with an extended wait time. I fully recognize that there is a severe product and parts shortage however, the need for apart requires a repair person to at least identify and order the part.
    Please look into your service repair policies. Although the washing machine does operate but I have a concern about the door seal – there is no immediate problem but, I would like to hold off what could be a serious issue.

  • gg says:


    • Rich Stewart says:

      Hello, we are sorry to hear that. We would like to know more about what happened, so we can better assist you. Please send us an email with the invoice number of your purchase to customerservice@pcrichard.com. We will look further into this and help you find a resolution.

  • Paul 4/27/22 says:

    I’ve purchased many appliances from PC Richards. I just received a dryer. It was delivered by the rudest driver on record. The devil is in the details. The problem is not the driver, it’s management. There is no accountability or supervision.
    The dryer was delivered unboxed. I’ve never received non packaged merchandised before. It makes me think that this product is not new. Reading the comments on the webpage makes me think that Gary H. Richard thinks he is to big to fail. If PC Richards wants to contact me, they can refer to invoice 26-1531965 on 4/25/22. I can’t post the comment without my email. Your email is noted as N/A on your website. Why?

  • Pat says:

    horrible warranty dept, they outsource to third party – A& E the worst,. buyer beware.. They do not keep their appointments not even a call. I call ask where the tech is. There response is i don’t what happen i will rescheduled . Have to wait another week.

  • Eileen Phelan says:

    Mr Gary Richards, My husband and I are beyond aggravated with your company. We purchased all of our appliances in 2018 for a new kitchen. the Samsung refrigerator that I bought the ice maker continuously breaks!! I have had a repair technician numerous times, at least 4 times. It’s the same story, set appt, have to take a day off of work, repair guy says need new part, orders part, day off from work to have it replaced, works for a month or 2 then breaks again and we start the same nonsense over and over again. I am NOT asking for anything that I did not pay for or is not due me!! I want an ice machine that produces Ice everyday!! Not only have I called to complain but my husband and I have gone to the Nanuet location to discuss this problem. This past Sunday we went to the store once again and spoke to the manager AROD-he actually remembers us because this keeps happening over and over again and I know from the technicians that have come here that this IS A KNOWN PROBLEM!! AROD tells me that he will replace the refrigerator and Oven door ( Black stainless steel is peeling). I have tried to get my stove fixed since Sept, and I’m either ignored or told cosmetics is not covered!! PROBLEM I DONT PAY FOR THINGS THAT PEEL!! tonight I get a call from Daniel telling me that technician has to come out again and assess the situation. Again requires time off from work. I told Daniel that this is absurd, this is the same rodeo that has been going on for years!! look at your technicians notes- the ICE MAKER DOES NOT WORK AND ORDERING A NEW PART FOR THE 5TH TIME DOES NOT I REPEAT NOT FIX THIS AGGRAVATING PROBLEM!! and I add tells me that cosmetics on my stove are not covered!! Now I ask you Mr Richards, would you happy if your hard earned money bought you two appliances that are faulty and you spent more hard earned money for service contracts and I cannot get these appliances fixed!! I truly believe PC RICHARDS is a total scam company. We went there because it is family owned and we thought that we would receive better service!! BOY WERE WE WRONG!! we are not unreasonable people we are customers that paid money and received faulty products from your company. Mr Richards, you must do the right thing and please provide me with a refrigerator with a working ice machine and a stove door that is not peeling!

    • Rich Stewart says:

      Hello, We apologize for the negative experience you are having with us, and we would like to look into this for you in order to make things right. Please send your invoice number and the information you shared here to customerservice@pcrichard.com. Our corporate Customer Service team will resolve this.

  • Dissatisfied customer says:

    Awful Customer service and products. Ordered a refrigerator to be installed. Delivery men were rude and broke our copper wiring – didn’t install said they couldn’t complete the job. No refrigerator 3 weeks later I canceled the order.
    PC Richards has lowered their standard in customer service and will never buy from them again.

  • .Janice pabon says:

    I am totally discussed….PC RICHARDS SERVICE IS HORRIBLE ….warranty taken out. There service company Aid is the worst I have been waiting for over a month for a part. They do not call back..and my microwave has burn marks inside from the rack. And sparks. The hooks and each corner of the microwave has burn marks. So they ordered me a new rack. What about all the burn marks. I have a Frigidaire. I am so upset right now. PC Richards needs a new service company

  • JACKIE says:

    Purchased a Whirlpool Refrigerator from the Lakewood NJ Store January 2020 with a 5 years repair warranty. Called for service January 2021 due to loud noice the appliance was making. They gave me an appointment for almost 3 weeks later. I waited patiently hoping the refrigerator would HOLD up. The day of the appointment they called me to cancel out telling me they could not come until February ( 2 weeks later). Of course I was upset. They told me they could try and get a third party contractor, but I still might have to wait. I asked if I could try and get someone on my own, they said if you did that your contract with us would be null and void. So they had me backed up against the wall. I told them I would call them back to let them know what I was going to do. I called a local appliance store and he came out the next day. By then the refrigerator was not working at all. The compressor went, after only two years. Now I have to deal with Whirlpool. PC Richards is the worse company to deal with as far as their repair service. DO Not BUY FROM THEM….YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED IF YOU EVER NEED SERVICE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN NJ. THEIR REPAIR MEN HAVE TO TRAVEL FROM NEW YORK…….THEY SUCK!!!!

  • Mary says:

    Ordered a TV online that was listed as being in stock for 1 hour curbside pick-up in your Yonkers store (I think delivery was listed as Dec. 6). They said they would email when the product was ready to be picked up (I live 20 minutes away and could have been there well before the store closed). The order was placed Dec 2., no email or update received by Dec 13. I was on hold for 20 minutes when I called the store and hung up out of frustration. I cancelled the order and purchased the TV elsewhere. I want to support small businesses, but your online listings are deceitful and your communication to customers is nonexistent. You’ve lost several customers after this unprofessional and frustrating experience.

  • Sa san says:

    Terrible customer service experience my family have been customers for over 15 years, today my 6 month old tv took a crap on me , fine it happens called customer service and explained that I asked for some help since I have my wedding this weekend and have many people throughout week stay over and be at my home, was told I would get calls back multiple times throughout the day didn’t receive call, I called back once got put on hold for 28 minutes to find o it the rep just decided to hang up , and the night has passed no call. Unacceptable for loyal paying customer

  • Elan Schy says:

    Yonkers assured me my Dishwasher will be installed. It’s not secure with brackets. It almost fell on my 5 year old twice. Installers came to my home 3 times, with no brackets. No one calls me back. I lost 3 days pay. Installers say this is normal.

  • Kloud says:

    Bought a Bertazzoni fridge last year and it’s already falling apart… p.c richard said they can’t do anything about it… the worst place to shop for appliances for .. I definitely don’t recommend anyone to shop from them

  • Mary Piscani says:

    Waiting for 1 year for PC Richard to complete my wall oven installation numerous calls made. I will never buy another product from PC Richards I’m not giving up they ARE going to finish the job. PS. I purchased my wall oven and other appliances from Route 59 Nanuet store.

  • Bill chacona says:

    I need to speak with a manager or supervisor ASAP.
    I’m having a major problem with service and suffering a major loss of food.
    Please contact me ASAP.
    Thank you.

  • Sophia Simpson Clarke says:

    I purchased a stove from your store in 2018. Recently I smelled burning. I purchased the warranty once the representative came out. He realized the third party that installed the stove incorrectly connected the wires together. Almost causing a major home fire. I will know bewitch a stove for 2-5 days. I called directly into the Manchester location on 10/20 around 5pm spoke with Kat. She said she would give the store manger my number. It’s 10/21/21 I still have not heard from a manager. Very disappointed and dissatisfied customer.

  • Salvatore Consiglio says:

    From the look of your Combe TD below your founders are rolling over in their graves for the way you’ve turned their business to shit. I’ve had the same problem with the north haven ct store. Then I complained and got a call from the district manager who left a message and when I responded he never called back. That’s the type of morons who work there. The just don’t give a shit about the customer or their jobs. My advice stay away. I give them two years and they will go the way of crazy eddies and Sears. And the rest. Too bad they used to be a great company. Time to close the doors. Your customer service sucks. Sal Consiglio NHFD. Retired. 203 562 0603. 9/18/2021.

  • Nicholas Argyrou says:

    I took Friday September 17 th off from work because we had an appointment to service my brand new Samsung dryer that broke . One day before my appointment the they leave a message that they don’t service shelter island on a Friday. Unbelievable!!!

  • Debbie says:

    Good Luck with customer service. I purchased a Beko refrigerator freezer 4 years ago. Paid over $2,300 paying extra for a 10 year warranty where I would get a new refrigerator if mine broke. My refrigerator just stopped working losing all the food I had inside. Called to have it serviced they told me 2 WEEKS. Family of 5 with a baby no refrigerator. They told me I could have a dorm size loaner refrigerator. When I told them that I had a baby that was breast feeding and stored the milk in the refrigerator I did get an appointment the following day which was great. But that is where the greatness ends. The service man said the compressor was burned out and also the starter. Said parts are months out and that he would have to break a seal to fix which is not good. He submitted a “ticket” with this information on it for approval for a new refrigerator. Well three days later and I have yet to get approval. Nobody had any information for me. The refrigerator that is in my house now has mold in it and I want it out of my house. But I guess I am at the mercy of PC Richards to see how long this game is going to be played. Purchase your appliances at another store with a better customer service track record.

  • Che says:

    The Warranty service is horrific! So far we have had 3 repair persons out and each time they have to order new/different parts! When will this end! When will the washing machine work properly! Now it is leaking on my hardwood floor! Are they going to pay when we need the floor replaced, because they keep on creating new problems each time the repair guys come out! And the service center that one calls to make an appointment is also awful. Everyone is rude, and you can’t get an appointment less than 3 weeks out! And the repair guy said the parts will take 2-3 weeks to come in! And they won’t make an appointment until the parts come in. So now we have to wait another 6 weeks for the fourth guy to come and “fix” the washer.
    PC Richards, you should contact/reply to me. PC Richards is who we paid for the Warranty. They need to fix this issue. It is deplorable!

  • Lori Raymond says:

    I too bought a extended warranty contract and have called the service Dept 3x to get an appointment. Each time I am told the best they can do is a appt 3 weeks away! What am I supposed to do in the meantime with my family’s laundry? I live on a island with no public laundry facility. Who is going to reimb me for my time, ferry costs and laundromat costs? When I called the second time 8/16, Renee, customer service said she would try and do better and call me back that day. She did not call back. When I called the second time at the end of the day 8/16, Eugene, customer service said he would call back within 24 hours. It’s now 8/19, 72 hours later and no one has called back. Eugene suggested the problem was I lived in a island! Well, the the sales person who sold me the extended warranty knew where I lived when he sold it to me. I have been a PC Richards customer for over 30 years. First in Queens and then 24 years Riverhead in the various homes we have owned over the years. I am really upset about the lack of customer service satisfaction. I cannot wait 3 weeks to do laundry and then what happens if they need to order parts?!!
    I too challenge anyone from PC Richards management to call me back/contact me.

  • William OCONNOR says:

    Have been waiting over 2 months to have my washing machine fixed service man came in July 12th reset computer worked for one day came back 15 days later and said he would expedite new computer still waiting August 18 th was told it was on the managers desk waiting for parts

  • Sal Harari says:

    I would appreciate if management would get in touch with me as soon as possible thank you my number is no 9178605771

  • Arnold Ross says:

    Your advertising is a fraud and the FTC SHOULD shut you e
    You do not service what you sell
    And your phone system is insulting

  • DLD says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM PC Richards. They do NOT service their clients. I bought 10K worth of appliances. The fridge cost $1800 and door had to be changed from one side to the other – they sent a guy who barely spoke English – he dropped the door and scratched it and broke one of the rubber filler button holes opposite the handle. He shrugged said he couldn’t do anything about it. I wouldn’t sign his receipt and called the store manager and raised holy heck. Long story short I’ve been waiting 9 freaking weeks for a replacement door. Called Friday, yesterday and today and finally got a call back – “don’t know what’s happening. I’ll order another door.” OMG – the absolute worst service! Do NOT go there – go anywhere but PC Richards.


    I recently had a delivery of a refrigerator. Upon removing the old one and putting in the new one, same size, the driver damaged my wall. I called PC Richards to complain and spoke to someone who told me to send an email, which I did. I then received a call from a customer service agent saying “no problem we have people who know how to fix the damage and can do that specific paint job” (Venetian Plaster Paint) But she was going to set up an appt to have an inspector come out and look at it. The day he came I left work to meet him. Immediately he said it was not the drivers fault and the opening was too small and the Fridge is bigger than the handtruck. I showed him the other 8 foot entrance to the kitchen 10 feet away and also said if they thought they could not make it they should have said something before going thru the doorway. He started to explain he reasoning of not their fault to me again as if I were an Idiot. I said to him obviously you are blaming the damage on my house and not the drivers who do this for a living and i would think they know better…but please leave as i have to get back to work. Long story short, PC Richards is not taking responsibility and denying the claim but “out of Courtesy” they offered me $200. Courtesy? Give me a break, this is a custom paint job. I am not looking for a whole new house I am looking for the damage to be fixed. Very Poor Customer Service Practices. Now they are ignoring my messages on Facebook that they asked me to send messages to. NOT HAPPY AT ALL…..

  • Angela Brigante says:

    I have a warranty on both my a/c & it has been a month & no response regarding my a/c. It is very hot & I am a senior with no a/c. U stand by your products but I do not think so.

  • Lisa says:

    awful- The Lawrenceville Manager, Jonathan is rude and patronizing-We tried to buy a propane grill Three different grills delivered- two were damaged third did not work- The manager Jonathan was argumentative and unapologetic- I have to fight to get my money back – theives

  • Lana Leonelli-Kutch says:

    Mr. Greg Richards you advertise during the on hold message that you stand behind your products as well as customer service!! so I challenge you to respond to this comment! I need you to prove it by emailing me so you could rectify a problem since 2019 that no one employed by you has been able to!!

  • Kathy says:

    I purchased a LG washing machine on June 16, 2020. Machine is not spinning out water is left in machine and clothes are still wet that it takes 3 hours to dry in my dryer. It took over a week to get a service tech. to come to my house and all he did was adjust the drain hose. That did not solve the problem. Called right away to have the service tech come back and i have to wait an additional 8 days for another appointment. That is unacceptable as I had an appointment and because the service tech did not do his job i am with out a washing machine. Can’t get a PC Richards manager to call me back. Most likely when the service tech does come a part will need to be ordered which will take another couple of weeks then i will have to wait another couple of weeks for a service tech to come to install and hope that solves the problem. What do I do in the meantime. I have a brand new machine I can’t use, PC Richards and LG are the least bit concerned. The soonest LG can send someone is October. I am sick and tired of hearing because of Covid they do not have the staff. If you do not have the staff you should not be selling extended warranties that you can’t service. I am at risk for Covid so I can’t go to a laundromat to do laundry. LG refuses to make an exchange and PC Richards won’t do anything except put me on a cancellation list. Over the years I have been a good PC Richards customer, they just lost a customer. I have a brand new washing machine that is defective and it will probably be 6 weeks before it will be fixed, will you give me a loaner in the meantime. I can go to any store and have a new one delivered in 3 days but it takes a service tech over a week to come and then he does not do his job.

  • Kevin says:

    My late son’s killed April 25 2020 dishwasher was broke the warrantee expired approximately a month prior Before his death he was trying to call but I guess was not able to report due to the epidemic. He was very busy himself being assigned to the NYPD covid19 task force. When I called the salesman in New Hyde Park ( in which my family has been customers for 30 years and spent 10tens of thousands of dollars in that store ) said there was nothing he could do and referred me to service. I called spoke to a very cold person I requested that the company honor warrantee although expired by less than a month due to the circumstances. He flatly refused and told me that the service department was open and that my son should have called ( this person should be fired on the spot my phone call should be traced back to see who this individual is ) He said for me to call the manufacturer of the dishwasher. I then called the credit card and closed the PC Richard account. I have not called the company. Now I am looking to replace 2 wall unit AC’s that I purchased from PC years ago ( Fredrich ) because they are very loud. I would have gone back to the store but will not give them any future business. Do you see the problems that one insensitive idiot can cause all because he wanted to stand on policy and not make an acceptation to it. PC Richards has all the information in their system about models and the replacements made for the sleeves. So more delay finding that out that is if even if Best Buy has the replacements. All this inconvenience due to one idiot in their service department.

  • david Enders says:

    Dear PC Richard’s;

    Three weeks ago, our refrigerator was having problems; it wasn’t working and it was still on PC Richard’s warranty, sales receipt 66-532274.

    We called PC Richard numerous times; three people showed up and none were able to fix it. One service person did over four thousand dollars worth of damage on our floor as he attempted to change the compressor, which did not work and he made numerous burn marks on our floor.

    It is overwhelming that PC Richard didn’t pursue this issue with any positive prescriptions…it is very wrong and very troubling. If you can’t fix it, replace it, but that didn’t happen and I don’t think it will happen.

    We are extremely disappointed and annoyed at PC Richard, we thought, that they would be extremely thoughtful and process the warranty in a proper way, but that didn’t happen and we still don’t have a refrigerator, which makes absolutely no sense relative to the conditions stated in the warranty.

    This situation is serious and needs immediate action, but that doesn’t seem like it will happen.

    Please help us ASAP

    David and Barbara Enders
    167 Thomas Street
    Staten Island, NY 10306

  • Paula Penner says:

    O stars for me!!!! 6/8 I purchased a wachmachine for 6/10 delivery, I still have not heard from them!

  • Mayra Valdes says:

    I recently purchased a Samsung stove and refrigerator. I am complaining about the time frame given for delivery. I made an appointment date but that was all they give you. No time frame. I then received a call 3 days later thinking I was going to get a time of delivery. No I was told to call a number on the receipt so they could tell me to call after 8 pm to get a delivery time and here it is the day before the delivery. So I have to call after 8 pm so I can then make sure my schedule is cleared for them to come with the delivery. I work I need to set appointments ahead of time. To wait until 8 pm the day before the delivery to get a time of delivery is ludicrous! I have to find someone last minute to stay at my house to wait for delivery! I’m loosing a days pay for this! NOT HAPPY!

  • Sue Arnold says:

    Does anyone know if they would donate a Tv for a school fundraiser? I’ve heard in the past that they are good like this.

  • jim iller says:

    I purchased my stove and fridge from the deer park location and was helped by a salesman by the name of wayne who has been there about 2 years, anyway my experience was great thanks to Wayne who is an excellent salesman and person, I understand he was transferred to the Bayshore location I feel he would better serve pc Richards and there customers in the deer park location . consider keeping him in deer park thank you

  • Frank Ur says:

    I purchased over 6000 dollars worth of appliances in July. I was fortunate enough to find three of these items cheaper elsewhere, so I tried getting the “price match” guarantee and well I got nothing. I tried contacting the sales person and manager of the store and got no response. When I went there I got the run around. Yes, I know its only 400 bucks, but 400 bucks is 400 bucks. I am about to return my whole purchase cause its not delivered yet, yea not yet and its Sept 16th. I have always used PC Richards, but I no more.

  • Mary Ann Marino says:

    I purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher for my daughter in September 2018 at the Merrick stor. It no longer works after 11 months. Service informed us in needs a new motor. It is presently under the manufacturers warranty as well as the 5 year warranty we purchased. They want to replace the motor and I want a new dishwasher not an ll month old rebuilt machine.

  • MARY WARREN says:

    The Forest Hills store has terrible customer service, terrible handling of customers in general. I was told that they wouldn’t take an order over the phone and to come into the office. I am disabled person -who cannot come physically to the store. When finally transfered to sales, was not give a receipt over my email, was suppose to be called back with deliver and installation time. I called 4 times to that store and I am still waiting for an installation time for my purchase. WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOD OLD FASHION CUSTOMER SERVICE? PC RICHARDS USED TO BE KNOWN FOR GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. GARY RICHARD- BETTER GET IT TOGETHER.

  • Ramon Alicea says:

    My name is Ramon A . I’m commenting on the deplorable conditions that a sub contractor for your company employs with his help . My son home from college worked installing AC’s . He was made to work a 17 hour day without lunch or break , he was told if he had to use the bathroom to piss in a bottle , this they did for 3 days before i called the boss (Brendan) & told him my son would not work under those conditions ! He then insulted my son & me on the phone & now has refused to pay him for the 3 days he worked & has threatened me & him via text . I have purchased plenty of items from your company refrigerators , washer , driers TV ‘s etc . I cannot believe that you would condone the type of behavior this individual subcontractor has exhibited ! Please look into this issue for me . Raluanca@ Hotmail. Com

  • Chuck Hayes says:

    Our old refridgerator stopped working this past Fathers day evening. Went to PC Richards Stonybrook Monday evening and purchased a new one and we were told it would be delivered 6/21/19. This was ok for all 7 of us at that time. But now the refridgerator is not scheduled for delivery as promiseddoubtful and no exact delivery date yet. PC Richards did not call us to let us know it is not coming. 7 people living out of a cooler, not happy with this situation. Maybe a loaner from PC Richards will help ease my stress with this. Hopeful but doubtful.

  • Lorraine Gibson says:

    I was having a problem with a refund of a product I had been returned. I reached out to the Corporate Office. I was contacted and given an apology for the delay. My refund was then promptly returned. I was also sent a gift card for PC Richards. I put that towards a new gas grill. My gas grill was delivered fully assembled and it works great! Thank you so very much!

  • TD says:

    I am complaining about the quality of service Pc Richards has given to me. I have a GE Range stove that is still under warranty with PC richards that caused a gas leak in my home. GE is saying its going to take 2 weeks plus to get the parts leaving me and my family 2 weeks plus without a stove! And we are coming up on Thanksgiving. No one except 1 representative named Kelly was able to help me. Kelly unfortunately couldnt do anything. Not one manager would get on the phone to speak to me regardless of how may times I have called. I will NEVER buy anything from PC Richards again and neither will my family who has bought numerous appliances. I will make sure to let everyone I know that PC Richards ha the worst service ever and does not care about their customers.

  • >